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The Vice-Chancellor's Page 

Dr. McCrady and jamily: Waring, Sarah, Mrs. McCrady, 
and John, with Taffy. Ned, who will graduate from the 
College in June, is not pictured. 

No message is more important at the moment 
than an appropriate acknowledgment and a sincereh 
thanksgiving for the substantia! increase in the 
support which the owning dioceses of the Episcopal j 
Church have given their University. Last yearH 
at this time they had contributed $81,851,891 
against a quota of $80,000 in regular budgeted \ 
support. The recently completed total for 1954j 
amounts to $95,308 against a quota of $90,000. Im 
addition to this the Church gave $22,839.37|] 
through Theological Education Surday Offerings, 
bringing the total Church Support to $1 18,147.371 
or approximately 37 cents per communicant for, 
the year. 

This represents a remarkable step forward, and| 
I want to express my profound gratitude to Mr.l 
Hinton Longino, who has so triumphantly carried; 
on the high tradition established by Dr. Alex Guerry and Mr. Edmund Orgill. I also want to thank alii 
of the Dioceses, and to call special attention to those which have contributed more than 50 cents perl 1 
communicant for the year. They are Tennessee, Florida, Atlanta, Kentucky, and Arkansas, with aver- 1 
ages of $1.00, 66 cents, 66 cents, 59 cents, and 54 cents, respectively. 

Last year Tennessee at the suggestion of Mr. Louis Farrell, Jr., started a new movement by adopting : 
a goal of one dollar per communicant per year for Sewanee. In June the Board of Trustees recommended, 
this goal to all of the owning dioceses. In November the Synod of the Province of Sewanee, which in- 
cludes 1 5 of the 22 owning dioceses, adopted this same goal. Tennessee is the first actually to reach it. 

The significance of all of this is that The University of the South is no longer struggling for survival. (J 
The struggle now is for the highest possible excellence. I have always believed that if America really I 
valued education, it would pay its best professors salaries commensurate with their value to civilization; I 
and it would provide its universities with all of the buildings and books and equipment which they need ' 
for the best possible performance. We are making rapid progress, but we still have a long way to go. We i 
should put ourselves in the position where, without embarrassment or apology, we can ask the best pro- 
fessors in America to come to Sewanee. Is there any other way of making it the best school in America? I 
And is there any reason why we should set our goal any lower than that? 

Sincerely yours, 


E H/ A N E E 

^A L U M N I ^(j: W S 

New Commander 
For Air Force 

Lt. Col. Sam Whiteside will succeed 
Lt. Col. W. Flinn Gilland as professor 
of air science and tactics and com- 
manding officer of the Air Force ROTC 
unit in June. Col. Gilland will com- 
plete a four-year tour at Sewanee, 
having remained through the 1954-55 
session at the urgent request of the 

Col. Whiteside is commander of an 
air transport squadron ^t McChord Air 
Force Base, Washington, and has more 
than 7,000 flying hours to his credit. 
He has served in transport operations 
in India, Burma, Korea, and now flies 
missions to Alaska and the Pacific. 

Col. Whiteside comes to an Air Force 
ROTC urit which has a remarkable rec- 
ord. Concealed beneath the official 
language of formal reports from in- 
specting officers is an unofficial opinion 
that Sewanee's unit is in the strato- 
sphere of the nation's officer-training 
groups. Problems in the "grave" cate- 
gory on other campuses are not pro- 
blems at Sewanee. There have been 
no intra-faculty conflicts, no civilian- 
cadet demonstrations: rather there has 
been mutual admiration and genuine 
pleasure in association between the 
military and the non-military. His- 
torically, nothing less would be tenable 
at Sewanee. 

He is a graduate of Wake Forest 
College, where he earned varsity letters 
in football and track. He had graduate 
work in agricultural economics at North 
Carolina State College. He was a high 
school teacher, county farm administra- 
tor, department of agriculture econom- 
ist, and pilot for Eastern Air Lines be- 
fore being commissioned in the air 
force in 1944. 

Theological Education 

Theological education in general was 
discussed in many Episcopal churches 
on Theological Education Sunday, Jan- 
uary 23, and St. Luke's in particular 
was mentioned in many sermons. No- 
where was the response as dramatic as 
at the Church of the Good Shepherd 
on Lookout Mountain, Tennessee. That 
congregation has been served for some 
time by the Rev. V. O. Ward, profes- 
sor of homiletics in the seminary, 
while a permanent rector was being 
sought. On the Tuesday following Dr. 
Ward's description of the problems 
facing theological students, a check for 
$20,OOC for scholarships at St. Luke's 
was presented anonymously in memory 
of the late rector of the parish, the 
Rev. William W. Shearer, who died 
earlier in January. 

Building and 
Gifts in Balance 

With the completion of the Centen- 
nial Fund goal to increase the Univer- 
sity's endowment to $5,000,000, emphasis 
is turned to the building needs of the 
University, the completion of All 
Saints' Chapel, the expansion of the 
gymnasium and library, the erection of 
a Fine Arts Building, the renovation 
of St. Luke's and Walsh Halls, and the 
expansion of facilities at Sewanee Mili- 
tary Academy. 

Dr. Edward McCrady has said that, 
"Eternal vigilance must be used in or- 
der to maintain balance between an 
institution's building program and its 
invested endowment. Sewanee has 
been very fortunate in receiving funds 
for both purposes with a fair amount of 
the highly prized 'unrestricted money' 
to divert to either." 

The two largest gifts for the perma- 
nent endowment fund have come from 
Mrs. duPont (about $1,000,000) and 
from the General Education Board 

Eighteen building projects and their 
approximate costs are listed in order 
of their completion since 1951: pedi- 
atric wing at hospital $32,000. nurses' 
home $160,000; theatre $45,000; Emery 
outpatient clinic $15,000; laundry $97,- 
000; St. Luke's addition $44,000; for- 
estry building $11,000; Gorgas Hall 
(SMA dormitory) $460,000. Gailor Hal! 
(college dormitory and dining) $550,- 
000; four miles of road (paved by 
county) $40,000; airstrip (built by gov- 
ernment) $70,000; sewage disposal plant 
$235,000; deanery $45,000; Alabama 
House $25,000; two Florida Houses $50,- 
000. dry lumber kiln $15,000; and Hunter 
Hall (college dormitory) $250,000. 

Miss Johnnie 
Is Dead 

Miss Johnnie Tucker, matron at 
Tuckaway Inn from 1913 to 1945, died 
at Sewanee on December 9, 1954, after 
several years of failing health. Alumni 
served as honorary pall bearers at her 
funeral in All Saints' Chapel and an 
"S" blanket was used as her pall. Stu- 
dent members of the Red Ribbon So- 
ciety bore her to the University Ceme- 

In the words of Dr. Guerry, "Since 
1890 every Sewanee man has known 
Miss Johnnie. To many she was their 
dearest friend. . . . The stream of the 
University's life and the stream of Miss 
Johnnie's life have been so mingled 
that it has seemed the two always must 
flow on together." She came to Se- 
wanee in the 1870's with her mother, 
who became matron at old Palmetto. 
Miss Johnnie was matron there before 
the Cotten House became Tuckaway. 

The first Tuckaway burned in 1926 
and was replaced in 1929 by the pres- 
ent stone structure. There Miss John- 
nie was hostess to students, parents, and 
other visitors. She was sponsor in 1941 
for the fiftieth Sewanee-Vanderbilt 

Upon her retirement in 1945, she was 
guest at the Alumni Dinner, the only 
woman ever thus honored. The silver 
tray presented to her then is at the 
Alumni Office. Her scrapbooks are in 
the University Archives where she 
previously placed her invaluable files 
of the Sewanee Times, the Purple, and 
the Cap and Gown. A number of gifts 
for a memorial have been received by 
the University. 

She is survived by her sister, Mrs. 
Ellery Channing Huntington, who will 
continue to reside in the white cottage 
behind Tuckaway. 

At the head table with Miss Johnnie at the 1945 Alumni Din- 
ner were Nile? Trammell, '17, J. Albert Woods, 18, Vice- 
Chancellor Alexander Guerry, '10, and Chancellor Frank A. 
Juhan. '11. 

February, Nineteen Fifty-Free 

o^swanee ^Alumni Zh(ews 

Sewanfe Alumni News, issued quarterly by tn» 
Associated Alumni of The University or the 
South, at Sewanee, Tennessee. Entered as second- 
class matter Feb. 25, 1934, at the postoffice at Se- 
wanee. Tenn.. under the Act of March 3. 1879. 

FEBRUARY 15, 1955 
Volume XXI, No. 1 

Member American Alumni Council 

The Associated Alumni Officers 

John B. Greer. '08 President 

Michaux Nash. '26 1st Pice- Pres. 

]. C. Brown Burch, '21.... 2nd Pice-Pres. 

Moultrie Burns, '31 3rd Pice-Pres. 

Rev. Al P. Chambliss, '40. . . .Rec. Sec'y 
Douglas L. Vauchan, '35... Treasurer 
Arthur Ben Chitty, '35 Alumni Sec'y 

and Editor Sewanee Alumni News 
E. N. Chitty Associate Editor 

St. Luke's Alumni 
Rev. Robert F. Cowling, '50 ..President 

Sewanee Military Academy 
Edgar T. McHenry, '52 President 

Miss Johnnie Tucker 

The tone and temper of an institution 
come from the people who serve or di- 
rect it. By itself, the institution is a 
lifeless skeleton. One of those who de- 
termined the tone of Sewanee was Miss 
Johnnie Tucker. She had the instincts 
of a lady in combination with virility, 
frankness, and aggressiveness. She was 
a 20th century woman who shocked late 
Victorians. She was especially valu- 
able at Sewanee. 

The highly academic as a philosophy 
or ritualism as religion might generate 
an effete Sewanee, an institution ex- 
hausted in preparation, worn out before 
the point of production is reached. 
Miss Johnnie Tucker stood against this. 
Her mind was made up. She had faith 
in God and her lightness. That came 
first, and afterward she echoed John 
Bell Henneman, who pled, "Gentle- 
men, do something!" Miss Johnnie 
could be wrong but not quiescent. Her 
mistakes were neither of indecision nor 

Chips constantly fell around Miss 
Johrnie and she let them. Once, in her 
blindness, vituperation for her dog was 
taken by parents to be directed at 
them. Years later they could laugh at 
how they almost fled when she roared, 
"Get out of this dining room!" 

Students, using that intuition which 
so constantly startles their elders, came 
to call her "Empress." She was a des- 
pot but oh — so benevolent. She car- 
ried with her through life a big, gen- 
erous, wide open bundle of humanity 
and, in truth, that's what she was. 

A coat of arms of Miss Johnnie could 
have only one central figure, that of 
a female monarch, standing, feet apart, 
akimbo, challenging. Whether she 
brandished Excalibur or a table leg, 
her lips formed two phrases, "Come 
one, come all" — and "They shall not 

And what, ultimately was she pro- 
tecting? St. Augustine had his heavenly 
city and so did Miss Johnnie. Hers 
was Sewanee. 

Wheless Heads 
$100,000,000 Bank 

The consolidation of two banks in 
Shreveport, the Commercial and the 
Continental-American, has made N. 
Hobson Wheless, '13, head of a hundred 
million dollar institution. The banks 
merged in October under the name of 
the Commercial. Mr. Wheless was 
named board chairman of the new 
bank. He is president of the Whe- 
less Drilling Company, managing part- 
ner of N. H. Wheless Oil Company, and 
a director of the L. and A. Railway, 
Tensas Delta Land Company, the 
American Association of Oilwell Drill- 
ing Contractors, the Midcontinent Oil 
and Gas Association, and Drilling Re- 
search. He is a trustee of the South- 
west Research Institute. 

Mr. Wheless makes an annual award 
for character at the Sewanee Military 
Academy. He is senior warden of St. 
Mark's Church. His son, Nicholas H. 
Wheless, Jr., '37, came to the Univer- 
sity, as did his brothers, Roger E. Whe- 
less, '06, Wesley E. Wheless, '04, and 
Eakin L. Wheless, All. 

Sewanee Clergy 


When the 1954-55 basketball season 
was about to open, the usually opti- 
mistic coach Lon S. Varnell tearfully 
called his boys together. The team was 
without center Larry I c acksen, who left 
in his junior year to enter military ser- 
vice and who carried with him the high 
scoring record in the new Vanderbilt 
gymnasium. Coach Varnell could see 
only five possible starters — all midge's 
by current standards — but substitutes 
were nowhere to be seen. In the depth 
of his misery, Varnell told them. "If 
you win five games this season, I'll be 

On January 6 amid hysterical cheer- 
ing in a gymrasium packed to the 
rafters, Varrell's inspired team beat 
Georgia Tech by one point. Two nights 
later Tech's rambling wrecks defeated, 
also by one point, the national cham- 
pions, Kentucky. We leave our readers 
to guess where that puts Sewanee — by 
comparative scoring. 

Players pictured are Steve Green 
(15), Jim Dezell (24), Larry Heppes 
(22), and Joe McGrory (25). 

The Tigers HAVE won five games 
and maybe more by the time this mag- 
azine gets through the mails, but the 
victory over Georgia Tech will stand 
out in Sewanee sports history as a 
great occasion. It came in a crazy 
year. Joe Alligood, shortest man on 
the team, was high scorer. Three of 
the five wins chalked up by January 
30 were one point victories. Sewanee 
had not played a sirgle team which 
did not have an advantage in height. 
A crazy year, but fun — and oddly 
enough, fun is one of the primary ob- 
jectives of Sewanee's sports program. 

Bishop Louis C. Melcher, '25, lays the 
cornerstone jor a mission chapel in the 
interior of Brazil. At the left is Arch- 
deacon J. Y. Ho in charge of Japanese 
work for the area. No Sewanee alum- 
nus has a wider "domain" than the 
missionary bishop of Southern Brazil. 

Chaplain Cyril A. Best, '39, has the sil- 
ver maple leaf of a navy commander 
pinned on his lapel at Quantico by Col. 
A. F. Binney, USMC, who has since 
been promoted to general. Chaplain 
Best is now stationed in the Canal Zone. 

The Rev. J. Hodge Alves, '26, is rector 
of Christ Church, Little Rock. He is 
shown here with his children. 

The Sewanee Alumni News 

On The Mountain 

• • • 

McCrady Resumes 

Teaching Science 

This semester Dr. McCrady will teach 
the first course he has offered since re- 
turning to Sewanee as vice-chancellor 
in 1951. Entitled "The Philosophy of 
Science," it will "deal with scientific 
theory and its relation to philosophy 
and religion wherever appropriate." The 
one-hour course will be open to juniors 
and seniors. 

Other courses added to the curricu- 
lum will be astronomy, taught by John 
B. Dicks, '48, assistant professor of 
physics, one on classical elements in 
English by Dr. Bayly Turlington, '42, 
head of the classics department, and two 
courses in art by Alain deLeiris, new 
assistant professor of fine arts. He will 
continue the course on the history of 
art taught by Dr. Clarence Ward and 
will add modern French painting and 
a studio course in painting, drawing, 
and sculpture. Dr. Ward, who came to 
Sewanee in 1953 as John Hay Whitney 
Visiting Professor, will remain in resi- 
dence at Sewanee for some time. 

Kefauver Speaks 

To Students 

Senator Estes Kefauver of Tennessee 
spoke to the students on December 13 
as the guest of Pi Gamma Mu, social 
science honor society. He expressed 
his conviction that peace would come 
not through military might or power 
politics but by the United States' offer 
of moral leadership to the world. "The 
best chance of preventing totalitarian 
aggression, whether Communist or fas- 
cist," he said, "is to devise a means for 
the free nations of the North Atlantic 
to stand together with some kind of 

Kappa Sigma 

House Burns 

Fire caused by a faulty electrical 
connection resulted in damage of almost 
$20,000 to the Kappa Sigma house in 
the evening of January 8. The second 
floor, kitchen, and rear wing were se- 
verely damaged. The fire evidently was 
started by a short in the circuit-breaker 
or in the line leading to the electric 
stove and spread upstairs through the 
stairwell. Members of the chapter were 
in the hiuse when the fire broke out. 
They and the Sewanee Volunteer Fire 
Department battled the flames for three 
hours. The chapter room was partly 
saved, including the fraternity's rec- 
ords, and downstairs furniture was re- 
moved. Among the losses were photo- 
graphs of Jefferson Davis and Dr. Cary 

The furniture and house were fully 
covered by insurance. Rebuilding is 
expected to begin soon. Meanwhile, 
the chapter is occupying quarters in 
the basement of Magnolia Hall. 

Two Tragedies 

The two student suicides which 
shocked the Sewanee community in the 
first week of the new year were ap- 
parently unrelated to each other or to 
any condition at Sewanee. The SMA 
senior and the college senior did not 
know each other. Cadet James M. 
Veach of Augusta, Georgia, evidently 
came back from the holidays deter- 
mined to take his own life. He left 
no explanation of his action but friends 
said that he had previously spoken of 
suicide. The death of Boone Massey 
of Dade City, Florida, was inexplicable 
to all who knew him, though a note 
spoke of increasing depression. His 
parents have written Dr. McCrady. 
"Boone . . . loved (Sewanee) so much 
. . . that in no way do we consider that 
conditions at Sewanee were responsi- 
ble for Boone's death. . . . May the 
glorious record of the University of the 
South continue unbroken, and may its 
part in the molding of character in its 
students continue to be the wonderful 
influence we felt it to have been upon 
our son." 

Cadet Veach did not report to au- 
thorities upon arrival on Monday, left 
his suitcase in another's room, walked 
to Brooks' store and bought fifteen feet 
of rope as students often do for caving, 
went out past Hat Rock, and in the 
woods hung himself from a tree, pro- 
bably within three hours of his arrival 
on the Mountain. His absence was of- 
ficially noted at roll call Tuesday morn- 
ing as some cadets do not return until 
that time after the holidays. A thick 
fog and a false lead that he had gone 
to Lost Cove hindered the search, and 
his body was not found until Wednes- 
day afternoon. 

On Thursday, during the hour that 
a memorial service was being held in 
All Saints' Chapel for Veach, Boone 
Massey shot himself in the room of a 
friend in Gailor Hall. He had been 
seen at breakfast and on the campus, 
though he had not attended classes. 

In the words of the Purple, "The 
manner of (his) death could not have 
been more inconsistent with his char- 
acter as we all thought of it. Boone 
had an unflagging energy and enthusi- 
asm in everything he undertook, which, 
combired with an apparently indes- 
tructible self-assurance and a candid 
openness, made him a campus leader 
and a person of wide popularity." He 
was a member of Phi Beta Kappa, 
O. D. K., and Blue Key, and was presi- 
dent of Kappa Alpha. He was chair- 
man of the honor council and presi- 
dent of the ROTC cadet club. He was 
a major in the ROTC unit and was 
leader of the band — its chief sponsor 
and drummer in its Mardi Gras ap- 
pearances. Last year he sang a sen- 
sational comedy lead in The Village 

The talented editor of the Sewanee 
Purple. Leonard Trawick, faced frankly 
the tragic circumstances. Reprints of 
his editorials will be sent on request. 

The Sergeant- Major 
Goes to SMA 

Maj. Frederick R. Stimus went from 
the College to Sewanee Military Acad- 
emy as commardant of cadets in Janu- 
ary. He left the College as a master 
sergeant and assistant professor to put 
on the Academy's oak leaves as a ma- 
jor, and he took with him the com- 
mendation of the air force, the faculty, 
and the Air Force ROTC cadet corps. 
He has been at Sewanee since 1952. At 
SMA Maj. Stimus replaced Maj. Max- 
well Cornelius, who became executive 
officer of the academy. 

He received his A.B. at Rutgers and 
did graduate work at Columbia Uni- 
versity. Awards received during his 
twelve years of service include the Sil- 
ver Star for gallantry in action, the 
Distinguished Flying Cross for extra- 
ordinary heroism, the Air Medal with 
eleven oak leaf clusters, and 'he Pur- 
ple Heart. In World War II he flew 
eighty-one combat missions in the Eu- 
ropean Theatre. 

Col. Gilland has said that, "His teach- 
ing ability, competence, and perform- 
ance have been unexcelled in this de- 
partment." Maj. Gen. M. K. Deichel- 
mann, commandant of Air Force ROTC, 
described him as a "superior educator," 
whose "professional attainments, under- 
standing of and sympathy for people 
as individuals, together with a very 
high sense of duty," empowered him 
to make major contributions. He was 
one of two master sergeants in the 
national ROTC program holding a pro- 
fessorial rank. 

Mrs. Stimus is a fine arts graduate 
of Ohio State University. Maj. and Mrs. 
Stimus are both natives of Mt. Vernon, 

Popular Portrait 

The drawing above is the -cork of Mrs. 
Frederick R. Stimus. It woa the popu- 
lar award at the fall showinq of the 
Local Artists Show of the Sewanee Art 

February, Nineteen Fifty-Free 

With Alumni Chapters 

Band Plays at New Orleans 

Fifty members of the Air Force 
ROTC Band will march in the Rex pa- 
rade in New Orleans on Mardi Gras, 
February 22. This is the third appear- 
ance of the Sewanee band in the Shrove 
Tuesday procession of the Lord of Mis- 
rule. The band is directed by Charles 
M. Galbraith, a student in the School 
of Theology. Housing arrangements in 
New Orleans are being made by the 
Rev. Hugh C. McKee, '48, and mem- 
bers of his parish at St. Martin's. F. W. 
Sinclair, Jr., A'34, is president of the 
New Orleans alumni chapter. 

Sarasota Hears Roberts 

Regent Albert Roberts, Jr., of St. 
Petersburg will speak to alumni of the 
lower West Florida coast and members 
of the men's club at the Church of the 
Redeemer in Sarasota on February 16 
at 6:30 p.m. The Rev. James L. Dun- 
can, '39, trustee of the Unversity, will 
be present. Slides will be shown by 
Col. William G. deRosset, '06. The 
Very Rev. William F. Moses, '24, is 
rector of the church. 

McCrady Speaks at Houston 

Dr. McCrady was the honor guest 
at a meeting of the Houston alumni 
chapter on February 8. The dinner 
was arranged by Currin R. Gass, '42, 
president, and I. R. Walker, Jr., '47, 
secretary, of the chapter. 

Atlanta Entertains Students 

The Atlanta Sewanee Club held a re- 
ception at the Biltmore Hotel on De- 
cember 19 honoring current students 
at Sewanee and students from five pre- 
paratory schools who are interested in 
the University. Seventy-five persons 
were present to hear Dr. Ben Camer- 
on, director of admissions. Colored 
slides of the University were shown by 
Hinton F. Longino, member of the board 
of regents. Young ladies from the West- 
minster School were hostesses. E. Rag- 
land Dobbins, '35, is president of the 
club and Alan Yates, '44, is secretary. 

Shepherd Speaks in California 

On Sewanee Sunday 

Founders' Day, October 10, was cele- 
brated in California at All Saints'-by- 
the Sea, Santa Barbara, with a sermon 
by Dr. Massey H. Shepherd, director 
of the graduate school of theology held 
each summer at Sewanee. Dr. Shep- 
herd, an eminent scholar, teacher, and 
author, serves on the faculty of the 
Church Divinity School of the Pacific. 
Each year at All Saints' the Sunday 
nearest October 10 is designated Se- 
wanee Sunday and the offering is de- 
voted to the University. The Rev. 
George J. Hall, '34, is rector. 

New York Entertains Baker 

The John H. P. Hodgson Alumni 
Chapter of New York held its annual 
dinner on February 10 at the Harvard 
Club. Dean Emeritus George M. Baker 
was honor guest and principal speaker. 
John H. Duncan, '41, is president of 
the chapter. 

North Texas Alumni Meet 

North Texas alumni were the guests 
of Charles F. Bacon, '31, at chicken 
barbecue at his ranch in the mountains 
south of Abilene on November 3. Pres- 
ent at the Founders' Day dinner were 
Mr. Bacon, Maurice V. Brooks, '29, Dr. 
Willis P. Gerhart, 14, Earl B. Guitar, 
27, Godfrey L. Howse, '31, Lillo S. 
Munger, '05, Lemon G. Neely, A'37, 
Thomas L. Peacock, '32, and Reed 
Sayles, '52. Dr. Gerhart showed colored 
slides. Heavy rains kept visiting alum- 
ni away, but there was almost 100 per 
cent attendance from Abilene. 

Churchmen in Bennettsville 

There are only four Sewanee grad- 
uates in Bennettsville, South Carolina, 
but St. Paul's Church there couldn't 
get along without them. The Rev. 
Robert C. Baird, GST'53, is rector. Fred 
T. HoDis, '31, SN, is senior warden. 
Dr. Randolph C. Charles, '33, KA, is 
diocesan chairman of promotion. Ral- 
eigh W. Walker, Jr., '47, KA, is secre- 
tary-treasurer of the Pee Dee Convo- 
cation. And all four are active in Se- 
wanee's interests there. 

Chemists Gather in New York 

Alumni having a reunion at the last 
meeting of the American Chemical 
Society in New York were Dr. William 
R. Nummy, '47, group leader in the re- 
search laboratories of the Dow Chemi- 
cal Company, Dr. Rex Pinson, '48, 
chemist for Pfizer Company, Frazer 
Banks, '47, of the Hercules Powder 
Company, James H. Paul, '48, of the 
fertilizer division of Lion Oil, and Dr. 
Frank J. Ball, '41, research director of 
the development department of the 
West Virginia Pulp and Paper Com- 
pany in Charleston. 

3r lost 

plr -~H thega 

A faithful member of the New York 
chapter is H. E. VanSurdam, coach in 
1909, shown here with another friend 
of Sewanee, Freddie Russell of the 
Nashville Banner. 

Four Colleges 
Hold Services at 
Washington, ISiew York 

On National Christian College Day, 
April 24, four colleges of the Episcopal 
Church will be recognized at a service 
at the Washington Cathedral. President 
Allen Brown of Hobart College will 
make the principal address, with offi- 
cials of Kenyon, Sewanee, and Trinity 
taking other parts of the service. Alum- 
ni will march in the procession and the 
flags of the colleges will appear. 

On the same day a service will be 
held in the Cathedral of St. John the 
Divine in New York. Each college will 
be represented, and President Gordon 
Keith Chalmers of Kenyon will speak. 

President Emeritus of 

Washington Chapter Dies 

Mercer Green Johnston, '98, DTD, 
president emeritus of the Washington 
alumni chapter, died on November 21, 
1954. He was born a few months after 
the University opened and from his 
early youth he had heard about Sewa- 
nee from his father, the second bishop 
of West Texas. Like so many others 
of thoughtful turn, he sat at the feet 
of William Porcher DuBose, whose 
teachings guided his life. He had 
known personally all but one of Se- 
wanee's vice-chancellors. 

The Rev. Mercer Johnston's tempes- 
tuous enthusiasms carried him from 
Sewanee to Manila and back to New 
Jersey. There in 1916 he espoused the 
cause of some silk laborers jailed for 
striking. He investigated, thought their 
incarceration unjust, and "went to bat." 
He preached in their behalf, sought 
their release. His bishop warned. His 
vestry objected. After a sermon which 
sounds today not unlike what Christ 
might have preached under the same 
circumstances, he resigned his pulpit 
and devoted the rest of his life to the 
cause of the underprivileged. To the 
credit of the Episcopal Church be it 
noted that he was never deposed. 

He went to France with the YMCA 
and brought back a pair of gassed 
lungs, a Croix de Guerre, and the Dis- 
tinguished Service Cross — none of them 
lightly given to civilians. Later John 
Carmody enmeshed him in the ideal- 
ism of the Rural Electrification Ad- 
ministration. Mercer Johnston thought 
it a good idea to bring light, heat, and 
washing machines to the farmer's wife 
and he spent the rest of his life doing 

He wrote a half dozen books and left 
manuscripts sufficiently valuable to be 
requested by the Library of Congress. 
He also placed Sewanee — his truly be- 
loved Sewanee — in a will to receive 
everything that should be left after the 
life interest of his wife, the grand- 
daughter of U. S. Secretary of State 
John Forsyth of Georgia. 

The Sewanee Alumni News 

As Sewanee alumni complete their 
best year of giving to the University — 
in number contributing and in amount 
contributed — there is much for which 
to be grateful. For the first time more 
than one thousand alumni have, o'uen 
to Sewanee, and the total this year is 
three-quarters of a million dollars given 
by and in memory of Sewanee men 
and women. Mrs. Alfred I. duPont, 
H'45, has contributed more than any 
other person to the Guerry Memorial 
Campaign and the Sewanee Centennial 
Fund, and to her goes the gratitude of 
all who love Sewanee. 

Regents To Be 

Elected in June 

A bishop, a clergyman, and two lay- 
men will be elected to the board of 
regents by the trustees in June to suc- 
ceed the Rt. Rev. John E. Hines, '30, 
Rev. George M. Alexander, '38, Herbert 
E. Smith, Jr., '36, and Gen. L. Kemper 
Williams, '08, whose terms expire this 
year and who are not eligible for im- 
mediate re-election. Nominations are 
presented to the trustees by a Commit- 
tee on Elections to fill Vacancies, ap- 
pointed by the chancellor. Nomina- 
tions may be made from the floor. The 
present committee on elections consists, 
of the Rt. Rev. C. C. J. Carpenter, 
Bishop of Alabama, 2015 Sixth Avenue, 
North, Birmingham, and the Rev Ca- 
pers Satterlee, Church of the Advent, 
Spartanburg, South Carolina. A third 
member of the committee is to be ap- 

Meeting with the board of trustees 
this year for the first session of their 
three-year terms will be Rev. Moultrie 
Guerry, '21, Norfolk, Virginia, Con- 
gressman Armistead I. Selden, '42, 
Greensboro, Alabama, and Gordon S. 
Rather, '23, Little Rock. Other alumni 
trustees are the Rev. Grover Alison, 
Jr., '44, of Jacksonville, Florida, Alex- 
ander Well f ord, '35, Memphis, and Mal- 
colm Fooshee, '18, New York. 

Gifts By Classes .... 


Including Gifts to Alumni and Sewanee Centennial Funds, Bequests, Memorials, 

Scholarships, Emerald-Hodgson Hospital 


1875-1894 W. D. Cleveland, H. T. Soaper 15 $103,140.16 

1895 Rev. Caleb B. K. Weed, D.D. ._._ 5 504.00 

1896 Alex Blacklock 6 9,411.02 

1897 Richard W. Hogue .. 3 31.00 

1898 Judge Bayard Shields 7 755.00 

1899 Robert Jemison, Jr. 9 193.00 

1900 Lucien Memminger 6 71.00 

1901 Col. Henry T. Bull 9 746.00 

1902 Phelan Beale 3 245.00 

1903 Herbert E. Smith 9 5,667.00 

1904 William W. Lewis - 6 660.00 

1905 Rev. Prentice Pugh, D.D 8 1,636.00 

1906 Col. William G. deRosset 5 311.00 

1907 George L. Watkins 14 1,350.00 

1908 Rt. Rev. R. Bland Mitchell, D.D. 7 506.00 

1909 Judge Carey J. Ellis 7 332.00 

1910 Eric P. Cheape 7 85 00 

1911 Rt. Rev. Frank A. Juhan, D.D. 11 2,446.00 

1912 Philip B. Whitaker 10 2,395.50 

1913 Edmund C. Armes 5 1,095.00 

1914 Rev. Willis P. Gerhart, D.D. 6 270.00 

1915 William B. Hamilton 7 97.00 

1916 Rev. George Ossman, D.D. 8 2,391.00 

1917 Frederick M. Morris - 9 733.00 

1918 Malcolm Fooshee 9 801.00 

1919 O. Beirne Chisolm 5 108.00 

1920 Rev. William S. Stoney 15 785.00 

1921 J. C. Brown Burch 19 1,728.00 

1922 Charles D. Conway 8 1,190.00 

1923 Gordon S. Rather 21 1.118.00 

1924 13 351.00 

1925 Roland Jones 11 195.00 

1926 Coleman A. Harwell 31 1,063.00 

1927 Rev. Canon William S. Turner 13 2,862.00 

1928 Joe Earnest 13 901.00 

1929 Stanyarne Burrows, Jr 26 5,702.00 

1930 Dr. Thomas Parker 20 561.50 

1931 John M. Ezzell _ 21 454.00 

1932 Jay D. Patton .._ 18 208.00 

1933 A. H. Jeffress - 14 190.00 

1934 R. Morey Hart 16 1,418.00 

1935 E. Ragland Dobbins 17 486.00 

1936 Rev. David S. Rose 20 553.00 

1937 Augustus T. Graydon 21 621.00 

1938 William N. Wilkerson 17 520.00 

1939 Alex Guerry, Jr. 14 252.00 

1940 Theodore D. Stoney 15 235.00 

1941 Dr. Phillip deWolfe 20 505.00 

1942 Ashby M. Sutherland 16 267.50 

1943 Frank W. Greer 30 485.50 

1944 Rev. Grover Alison, Jr. 13 375.00 

1945 William Nelson 12 189.78 

1946 Rev. Charles E. Karsten. Jr. 7 143.00 

1947 James G. Cate, Jr 38 23.426.29 

1948 Blackburn Hughes, Jr. _ 14 247.00 

1949 John P. Guerry 37 472.50 

1950 Richard B. Doss 39 489.00 

1951 Allen L. Bartlett, Jr _ 36 368.00 

1952 W. Brown Patterson, Jr. 29 204.00 

1953 Bertram Wyatt-Brown 20 205.00 

1954 James W. Reaney 31 206.50 

1955-57 13 208.00 

SMA ._-. 106 1,347.00 

Honorary _ 35 562.253.00 

TOTAL 1,056 $748,505.25 

February, Nineteen Fifty -Free 

Classes Leading In Number of 

1950 39 

1947 38 

1949 37 

1951 36 


1926, 1954 31 

1943 30 

1929 26 

1923, 1931, 1937 21 

1930, 1936, 1941, 1953 20 

There Has Been a Slight Delay . . . 

(From the Charleston News and Courier, Nov. 20, 1904) 

Ground was broken for the new All Saints' Chapel 
at the University of the South, Sewanee, on All Saints' 
Day, November 1. The new chapel will cost when 
completed about $150,000, and will be finished in 1907, 
at the semi-centennial of the University. 

1056 Alumni 


* Donor deceased or memorial 

Maj. Gen. W. C. Gorgas* 

Edward C. Atkinson* 

Henry A. Jones* 

John H. P. Hodgson* Endow- 
ment Fund 
C. P. Mathewes 

Hon. Joseph B. Jones 

Dr. P. M. Hodgson* 

Sidney W. Jones 

A. Sessums Cleveland* 
W. D. Cleveland, Jr. 

Dr. Robert W. B. Elliott 
Joseph C. Fargo 
Dr. Dion A. Greer 
Henry T. Soaper 
James C. Watson 

Dr. Arthur J. Bird 
Spruille Burford, Jr. 
Very Rev. J. Wilmer Gresham 
Dr. R. M. Kirby-Smith 
Rev. Caleb B. K. Weed 

A. G. Blacklock 
Francis G. Hogan 
Rev. Thomas P. Noe 
Dr. O N. Torian 
Dr. William Weston 
Arthur R. Young* 

Rev. F. Harriman Harding 
Richard W. Hogue 
Charles J. Slack 

Dr. Robert S. Barrett 
Rev. Walter E. Dakin 
Mercer G. Johnston* 
Dr. Valdy C. Overton* 
Judge Bayard B. Shields 

Rt. Rev. A. S. Thomas 
Jasper Wooldridge 


Rev. Francis W. Ambler 
Harbert W. Benjamin 
Berkeley St. John Green 
Robert Jemison, Jr. 
Alfred N. King 
Frank K. Lord 
Henry G. Seibels 
Dana T. Smith 
Rev. Harold Thomas 


Capt. James A. Bull* 

Very Rev. Raimundo deOvies 

Dr. J. G. deRoulhac Hamilton 

Lucien Memminger 

D. A. Shepherd 

Dr. T. B. Yancey 

Ralph P. Black 
Preston S. Brooks, Jr.* 
Col. Henry T. Bull 
George P. Egleston 
Rev. Charles W. B. Hill 
Dr. Calvin D. Lindley 
Dr. Lewis Phillips* 
Dr. H. J. Savage 
Dr. James T. Williams, Jr. 

Thomas L. Connor, Jr. 
Charles P. Johnston* 
Rt. Rev. Walter Mitchell 

Rev. Dwight F. Cameron 
G. Bowdoin Craighill 
J. B. Daggett 
Thomas Evans 
R. L. Lodge 
Rev. R. M. Marshall 
Herbert E. Smith 
Dr. J. Bayard Snowden 
W. L. Souther 

Dr. J. Gant Gaither 
Raymond D. Knight 
Rt. Rev. Henry D. Phillips 
George Shelby 
Dr. John R. Sheldon 
W. E. Wheless 

William Joshua Barney* 

William Napier Gilliam 

Percival Elliott Huger* 

L. S. Munger 

Rev. Wilmer S. Poynor 

Rev. Prentice A. Pugh 

Stanley H. Trezevant 

Rt. Rev. Hunter Wyatt-Brown* 


Dr. Marye Y. Dabney 
William G. deRosset 
Dr. Frederick R. Lummis 
Dr. Robert L. Sanders 
Roger E. Wheless 
Bower W. Barnwell 
David R. Dunham 
Ford P. Fuller 
Rev. Joseph H. Harvey 
Rev. Lyttleton E. Hubard 
David Lynch* 
F. J. Murdoch 
Rev. George B. Myers 
T. W. Palmer 
Charles McD. Puckette 
S. M. Sharpe 
H. B. Sparkman 
Rev. H. W. Ticknor 
George L. Watkins 

John B. Greer 
John G. Hazelhurst 
Sorsby Jemison 
Dr. T. W. Martin* 
Rt. Rev. R. Bland Mitchell 
A. H. Wadsworth 
Dr. Joseph Whitaker 

Thomas A. Cox, Jr. 
Judge Carey J. Ellis, Jr. 
James L. Harris 
Kenneth McD. Lyne 
Rev. Newton Middleton 
Reginald I. Raymond 
Silas Williams* 

George W. Baltzell 
Eric Cheape 
George M. Feud 
Benjamin D. Lebo 
Edward A. Marshall 
Dr. William B. Sharp 
Henry J. Whitfield 

John D. Bowden* 
Ben F. Cameron 
Frank M. Gillespie 
W. A. Jonnard 
McClelland Joy* 
Rt. Rev. Frank A. Juhan 
Dr. Dudley C. Kalloch 
Dr. James T. MacKenzie 
Rt. Rev. J. M. Stoney 
Thomas P. Stoney 
Rev. Henry A. Willey 

John E. Beattie, Jr. 
Justice F. H. Gailor* 
Lt. Gen. Alvan C. Gillcm, Jr. 
Wilmer M. Grayson 
Frank N. Green 
W. Cecil Myers 
E. L. Scruggs 
Jack R. Swain 
E. P. Vreeland 
Major Phil B. Whitaker 


Edmund Armes 
John E. Puckette 
N. Hobson Wheless 

A. R. Williams 

Col. George W. B. Witterj 

Rev. Henry D. Bull 

B. J. Carter, Jr. 
Godfrey Cheshire 
Rev. Willis P. Gerhart 
Marion T. Meadows 
Harry N. Taliaferro 

Rev. Ellis M. Bearden 
Thomas H. Faulkner 
John J. Gillespie 
William B. Hamilton 
Rev. William T. Holt 
Rev. Clarence H. Horner • 
Rev. Henry Clark Smith | 

Rev. Paul D. Bowden 
Charles C. Chaffee, Jr. 
Henry C. Cortes, Sr. 
Gen. Joe N. Dalton 
Edgar L. Jones 
Arthur G. Murphey 
Rev. George Ossman 
B. R. Sleeper 

Merlin K. Bruce 
Leicester C. Chapman, Jr 
Elmer S. Holmen 
Frederick M. Morris 
Joe R. Murphy 
Rev. J. M. Nelson 
Joe M. Scott. Jr. 
Wilmer J. Thomas 
Harding C. Woodall 

John C. Bennett, Jr. 
Harry E. Clark 
Malcolm Fooshee 
Rev. Edward B. Harris 
Noel E. Paton 
Niles Trammell 
Rev. Joseph R. Walker 
J. Albert Woods 
E. A. Wortham 

George S. Berry 
O. Beirne Chisolm 
Louis S. Estes 
Julian K. Moore 
Edward M. Pooley 

John Bell 

Dr. John Chipman 
John G. Dearborn 
John W. Ellis 
Dudley Gale 
Dr. W. Cabell Greet 

Total in Gift! 

Alumni Fund for Sel 
Parents & friends, Sen 
Church Support, Sew.] 
Church Support Thn 
Living Endowment al 

A new record set byifl 


The Sewanee Alumni, News 

Hve $748,505 

k Howerton 
intard Joyner 

Charles K. Lewis* 

Dean B. Lyman 
/id L. Medford 

Virgil Payne 
• C. Rountree 
I B. B. Sory, Jr. 
I/. William S. Stoney 

brge K. Bradford 
iderick D. Brown, Jr. 
C. Brown Burch 

Rev. T. N. Carruthers 

B. Dossett 
•id St. P. DuBose 
/, Moultrie Guerry 
liam R. Hagan 
)inas E. Hargrave 
nan P. Hoge 
bt. E. Kirby-Smith, Jr. 
'i J. Knight 
'; Philip Lang 
In H. Marable, Jr. 
il C. Sanderfer 
i. Capers Satterlee 
vin K. Schwing 
mlton Wallace 
'. Cecil Woods 

;] E. A. Bancker 
■>ert A. Bonholzer 

D. Conway 
^Rorick Cravens 
; H. Helvenston 
tin C. Huffman 
\ A. Williams 
In A. Witherspoon, Jr. 

k. Wm. M. Brown, Jr. 
fistall Cobbs 
lighton H. Collins 
I F. S. Dixon 
I Majl Ewing 
l|3urton Frierson 
|j'. Edward B. Guerry 
Fpert E. Harwell 
| A. Hicks 
Evin A. Keeble 
■mas G. Linthicum 
' Marvin McCullough 
I irles Russell Milem 
Ijk A. Milem, Jr. 
lAllston Moore 
kurice Moore, Jr. 
IB. Nauts 
F ; nk H. Parke 
-don S. Rather 
w. Francis B. Wakefield, Jr. 
l|ord G. Wilson 
l.ton G. Bailey 
C'ene Benton, Jr. 

Ivanee in 1954 

tennial $702,101.21 

ennial Fund 95,248.63 
-Budget .. 95,308.00 
d'n Sunday 22,839.37 
friends .. 53,640.59 

i friends . .$969,137.80 

Hugh W. Fraser, Jr. 
Dr. Egbert Freyer 
Robert C. Friend 
Eugene O. Harris, Jr.* 
Rev. George H Harris 
John K. Hazlip, Jr. 
Rev. Eugene N. Hopper 
Rev. Ralph J. Kendall 
Marion W. Mahin 
Keith Short 
W. J. Wallace. IH 

Dr. John R. Eggleston 
W. J. Hamilton 
Thomas L. Hunt 
Roland Jones, Jr. 
Fred B. Mewhinney 
L. C. Minor 
Wilson Norfleet 
Rev. E. W. Poindexter, Jr. 
Edward B. Tucker 
John E. Woodley 
H. Powell Yates 

Rev. J. Hodge Alves 
W. A. Barclay 
George H. Barker 
Dr. Arthur N. Berry 
Rev. E. Dargan Butt 
Gilbert B. Dempster 
Rev James M. Dick 
David S. DuBose 
Robert F. Evans 
Elliott D. Evins 
Parker C. Folse 
Frederic H. Garner. Jr. 
E. C. Glenn, Jr. 
R. Delmas Gooch 
Postell Hebert 
Charles H. House 
Robert C. Hunt 
Van W. Knox, Jr. 
Rev. Alfred Loaring-Clark* 
George R. Miller 
W. Michaux Nash 
Alex H. Pegues, Jr. 
Curtis B. Quarles 
H. Taylor Riddle 
Holton Rush 
Daniel D Schwartz 
S. P. Simpson 
Walker Stansell, Jr. 
Dr. M. R. Williams 
Rt. Rev. Thomas H. Wright 
Rev. Charles F. Wulf 

Dr. Frederick H. Bunting 
Sydney Cameron 
William H. Davis 
Rev. Durrie B. Hardin 
Q. T. Hardtner. Jr. 
Dr. H. T. Kirby-Smith 
Ben H Parrish 
Brinkley S. Snowden 
Dr. James Robert Sory 
S. B. Spears 
Ralph J. Speer 
Charles Edward Thomas 
Rev. William S. Turner 

Robert M. Bowers 
James D. Brandon 
W. J. Britton 
Joe Earnest 
Kirkman Finlay 
John K. Freeman 

Classes Leading in Amount 

HONORARY $562,253.00 

1893 100,502.50 

1947 23,426.29 

1896 9,411.02 

1929 5,702.00 

1903 5,667.00 

1927 2,862.00 

1911 2,446.00 

1912 2,395.00 

1934 1,418.00 

Centennial Fund Two-Year Total 

Gifts for 24 months pass $1^ million 

The grand total for the Sewanee Centennial Fund, 
since its beginning January 1, 1953 (24 months) is 
$1,528,892.58. The goal is $2,800,000 to be reached dur- 
ing the Centennial celebration (school year 1957-58). 
The amount still to be raised is $1,271,107.42. 

Drayton F. Howe 

Rt. Rev. Girault M. Jones 

James A. Townes 

Rev. John C. Turner 

Gordon Tyler 

George Wallace, Jr. 

Henry O. Weaver 

Alfred T. Airth 
Charles Edward Berry 
Nat B. Birge 
William M. Cravens 
William H. Daggett 
Rev. Frank P. Dearing, Jr. 
William B. Dickens 
Frederick R. Freyer 
James F. Griswold, Jr. 
Rev. Jones S. Hamilton 
Rev. Roscoe C. Hauser, Jr. 
Ashford Jones 
Major Francis C. Nixon 
Dr. George D. Schuessler 
Robert P. Shapard, Jr. 
Dr. C. H. Sory 
G. L. G. Thomas 
Warren Way 
Dr. Leslie J. Williams 


Dr. William J. Ball 
Clinton G. Brown. Jr. 
Nash Burger 
Johnson P. Buzard 
William B. Craig 
Jackson Cross 
Charles C. Dudley 
Clarence Faulk 
Dr. Thomas N. E. Greville 
John M. Harrison 
Rt. Rev. John E. Hines 
John S. King, Jr. 
Daniel T. McGown 
Dr. Thomas Parker 
Dr. Lance C. Price 
Charles B. Smi.h 
Rev. R. L. Sturgis 
Dr. Francis Thigpen 
Dr. Roger A. Way 
James S. Webb 

Rev. Harold F. Bache* 
Percy C. Blackman 
Charles M. Boyd 

Maurice V. Brooks 

Franklin G. Burroughs 

Stanyarne Burrows, Jr. 

John H. Cleghorn 

Donald H. Clement 

DuVal G. Cravens, Jr. 

Dr. William T. Braun, Jr. 

Rev. .9. W. Brettmann 

Moultrie B. Burns 

C. W. Butler 

John H. Cobbs 

John M. Ezzell 

Rev. G. W. Goodson 

Duncan C. Green 

Rev. Charles G. Hamilton 

Alexander C. Harmon 

Charles L. Hawkins 

Rev. P. W. Lambert, Jr. 

Dr. R. N. Long 

Rev. Alfred St. John Matthews 

Edward C. Nash 

Jack W. Sayles 

S. Porcher Smith 

G. A. Sterling 

Milton C. Trichel, Jr. 


Frank N. Bratton 
G. Mallory Buford 
Stephen L. Burwell, Jr. 
James E. Butler 
Rev. James S. Butler 
Dabney Crump, Jr. 
Rev. Frank V. D. Fortune 
Julius G. French 
Col. Robert P. Hare 
William E. Leech 
Carlisle S. Page, Jr. 
William T. Parish, Jr. 
T. L. Peacock 
Royal K. Sanford 
Robert B. Sears 
J. Morgan Soaper 
Dr. Dick Taylor 
J. A. Walton 

Dr. Douglass Adair 
C. Carlisle Ames 
Rev. Olin G. Beall 
Robert L. Beare 
Dr. C. Benton Burns 
Bayard M. Cole 
Rev. Theodore P. Devlin 
Dr. DuBose Egleston 

February , Nineteen Fifty-Five 

Rev. F. Campbell Gray 
Thomas B. Henderson 
Rev. Duncan M. Hobart 
Henry F. Holland 
Rev. John H. Soper 
Fred D. Whittlesey 

John A. Adair 
E. R Anderton, Jr. 
John P. Castleberry 
St. George Cooper 
J. Fain Cravens 
Robert M. Gamble 
Joseph E. Hart, Jr. 
R Morey Hart 
John Hodges 
Preston Huntley 
D. Talmage Myers 
Andrew B. Rittenberry 
M. Charles Stone 
Rev. Thomas R. Thrasher 
Theodore J. Wagner, Jr. 
Alexander Wellford 

Dr. Croom Beatty, III 
Rev. Lee A. Belford 
Arthur Ben Chitty 
Jimason i, Daggett 
Dr. Robert W. Daniel 
Edward Ragland Dobbins 
Walter H. Drane 
Dr. Spencer Fast 
Rev. Edward H. Harrison 
John A. Johnston 
Quincy B. Love 
H. Lucas Mitchell 
Ralph H. Ruch 
Paul Tate 

D. L. Vaughan, Jr. 
Dr. Cyril T. Yancey 
Rev. Fred Yerkes, Jr. 

James D. Blair 
Hiram S. Chamberlain, III 
Rt. Rev. Alfred Cole 
G. Bowdoin Craighill, Jr. 
Richard L. Dabney 
Rev. R. E. Dicus 
John R. Franklin 
James D. Gib c on 
Robert A. Holloway 
James Coates Lear 
Alex H. Myers 
Julius F. Pabst 
Maurel Richard 
Col. S. L. Robinson 
Rev. David S. Rose 
Herbert E. Smith, Jr. 
Sam Speakes 
Rev. Louis O'V. Thomas 
Miles A. Watkins 
Rev. Harry Wintermeyer 

Richard W. Boiling 
Rev. Colin R. Campbell 

E. C. Craig 

Dr. William G. Crook 
Bertram C. Dedman. Jr. 
William S. Fleming, III 
A. T. Graydon 
Rev. R. Emmet Gribbin, Jr. 
Rev. Hiram Gruber-Woolfe 
Dr. Walter Moore Hart 
Theodore C. Heyward, Jr. 
Rev. Norman F. Kinzie 
Very Rev. C. P. Lewis 
Wylie Mitchell 
Dr. Charles F. Pearson 
Dr. Benjamin Phillips, Jr. 
Hugh Shelton 
Rev. George R. Stephenson 
Samuel B. Strang, Jr. 

N. Hobson Wheless, Jr. 
Rev. H. Wyatt-Brown 

Rev. George M. Alexander 
Rev. Lawrence Berry 
Jefferson D Copeland, Jr. 
Herbert Ephgrave, Jr. 
Frank M. Gillespie, Jr. 
Norwood C. Harrison 
Rev. W R Havnsworth 
W. W. Hazzard, Jr. 
Dr. Thomas V. Magruder, Jr. 
Hendree Mi'ward 
Ralph T. Phillips 
T T Phillips. Jr. 
C O. Prince. Jr. 
Rev. James E. Savoy 
Randell C Stoney 
William Wilkersnn 
Rev. Charles M. Wyatt-Brown 

Rev. Cyril Best 
Henry C. Cortes. Jr. 
Ruthe^'ord R Cravens, II 
Ben Philips Donnell 
Rev. James L. Duncan 
Gi'hert O. Edson 
Alex Guerry, Jr. 
P°v Aubrev ?* Mavted 
Walter L. MoGoldrick 
Maj. Leslie McLaurin, Jr. 
Edwin H. Fopves 
John G Riddick 
Rev. Robert W. Turner, III 
Dr. G. N. Waenon 

Rev. W. Pren'iss Barrett 
Walter Robert Belford 
Rev. Alfred P. Chambliss, Jr. 
W'lliam C. Duckworth 
Kenneth R. Gregg 
Joe Roy Hickerson 
Rev. F Newton Howden 
Rev. Alexander D. Juhan 
Rev. Richard A. Kirchhoffer. Jr. 
Rev. George P. LaBarre, Jr. 
Rt. Rev Tveson B Noland 
Dr. R. E. Seibels, Jr.* 
M. D Cooper Pto^kell, Jr. 
Dr. Ransom Varley 
James P. Willis 
Dr. Richard H. Workman 

David O Andrews. Jr. 
Rev. Richard S. Corry 
Frank J Dana. Jr. 
Dr. Phillip W. DeWolfe 
John H. Duncan 
Rev. Fordyce E. Eastburn 
Rev. Marshall J. Ellis 
Winfield B. Hale, in 
Rev. William L. Jacobs 
David M. Lide. Jr. 
Rev. Robert H. Manning 
Henry E. Meleny. Jr. 
Rev. George C. Merkel 
deRosset Myers 
W. H. Skinner 
Stockton Smith 
William M. Spencer 
William H. Steele 
Charles F. Wallace 
Francis H. Yerkes 

Theodore D. Bratton, II 
Rev. Paul Dodd Burns 
Roy Crownover 
Stanhope E. Elmore, Jr. 
Rev. Luther O. Ison 
Rev. Joseph B. Jardine 
Louis R. Lawson. Jr. 
C. Caldwell Marks 

Fred H. Phillips 
John B. Ransom 
Armistead I. Selden 
Dr. Bayly Turlington 
Ralph Vasquez 
T. B. Walker, Jr. 
E. N. Zeigler 


Robert F. Bartusch 

Rev. Alexander W. Boyer 

Rev. David B. Collins 

Paul C. Deemer, Jr. 

Robert W. Emerson 

William C. Grayson 

Frank W. Greer 

Berkeley Grimball 

Rev. Stanley F. Hauser 

Dr. Edwin B. Herring 

Rev. Irwin Hulbert 

Dr. Charles H. Knickerbocker 

W. Sperry Lee 

Dr. David A. Lockhart 

Glenn H. Massey 

G. Glenn McDonald 

Stephen Blake M- In tosh 

Rev. James McKeown 

Charles G. Mullen 

J. H. Peebles, Jr. 

Harvey C. Ragland 

Dr. E. Graham Roberts 

Rev. Henry F. Seaman 

William W. Shaver 

Fred R. Sprecht 

L. Fricks Stewart 

William R. Terrell 

Frank M. Walker 

James L. Williams 

Rev. Milton L. Wood 


Class of 1944, School of The- 
Rev. Grover Alison, Jr. 
Harry C. Cage 
Edward W. Carpenter 
Rev. Charles J Child, Jr. 
William C. Fillmore 
Dr. David B. Fox 
Rev. Laurence B. Hicks 
David P. Knapp 
Neil W. Platter 
Rev. Roddey Reid, Jr. 
Edward K. Sanders 
C. Hutcheson Sullivan, Jr. 
Rev. David J. Williams 

Kenneth P. Adler 
Rev. George D. Clark 
Dr. Frederick F. Converse, Jr. 
Rev. John W. Drake, Jr. 
'ohn A. Giesch 
Rev. R. Lansing Hicks 
Rev. Irwin Hulbert 
Douglass McQueen, Jr. 
Cary L. Noble 
Charles L. Patten 
Charles H Russell. Jr. 
Rev. Robert A. Tourigney 


J. S. Bigler 

E. G. B. Fox 

Rev. Mason A. Frazell 

Rev. Charles E. Karsten, Jr. 

Rev. Edward B. King 

Asa J. LaGrow, Jr. 

Ernst Rust* 


Rev. L. P. Arsnault 

John Coming Ball, Jr. 

Frazer Banks 

O'Neal Bardin 

Pierre G. T. Beauregard 

Rev. Charles H. Blakeslee 

B. Snowden Boyle, Jr. 

Albert P. Bridges 

William L. Carpenter 

James G. Cate, Jr. 

Rev. Charles T. Chambers, Jr. 

Rev. Kenneth E. Clarke 

Rev. Miller M. Cragon 

Joseph B. Cumming, Jr. 

L. P. B. Emerson 

Dr. John L. Hobson 

G. W. Leach 

Kenneth A. MacGowan, Jr. 

Lamar Y McLeod 

Alfred M. Naff 

Dr. William R. Nes 

Dr. William R. Nummy 

Peter O'Donnell, Jr. 

F. D. Peebles, Jr. 

B. Phinizy Percy 
William P. Perrin 
Jesse Martin Phillips 
W. J. Shaw, Jr. 
Rev. James Stirling 

Rev. George E Stokes, Jr. 
Dr. Robert P. Thomas 
William G. Vardell, Jr. 
Irl R. Walker, Jr. 
Raleigh W. Walker 
George R. Wallace 
Richard L. Wallens 
Dr. John F. Waymouth, Jr. 
Rev. Cecil Woods, Jr. 

Rev. James R. Brumby, III 
George G. Clarke 
Charles H. Doing* 
Rev. George C. Estes 
Dr. Allan D. Gott 
William Darden Hail 
Rev. Samuel R. Hardman 
Hiram G. Haynie, Jr. 
James T. McKinstry 

C. E. McWhorter 
Dr. Fred N. Mi chell 
William C. Morgan 
Dr. Wilson Searight 
H. Kelley Seibels 

Rev. C. F. Allison 

G. Dewey Arnold 
Robert M. Avres. Jr. 
L. Graham Barr, Jr. 
Samuel A. Boney 
Rev. William O. Boyd 
Walter D. Bryant, Jr. 
William Buck 
Lamar B. Cantelou 
John M. Corey, Jr. 
Rev. Lavan B. Davis 
Dr. Joseph H. Dimon 
Rev. Robert L. Evans 
John P. Guerry 

Rev. Robert B. Hall 

Wells Hanley 

Rev. George E. Haynsworth 

Edward W. Hine, Jr. 

Rev. Roderick H. Jackson 

Stirling A. Lipscombe 

Rev. Arthur J. Lockhart 

Rev. J. R. Lodge 

Ben Humphreys McGee 

Harry C. McPherson 

George R. Mende, Jr. 

M. Eugene Morris 

Dr. I. Armistead Nelson 

Rev. Edward F. Ostertag 

William F. Rogers 

Rev. Gregory A. E. Rowley 

Dan D. Scott 

Howard M. Smith 

Rev. John Speaks 


The Sewanee Alumni News 

Jack L. Stephenson 
Robert C. Thweatt 
Morgan Watkins, Jr. 
Rev. J. Philson Williamson 
Rev. Leslie E. Wilson 


John W. Arnold 
W. Alan Babin 

F. Clay Bailey. Jr. 
James M. Baker 

Rev. George C. Bedell 

Warren Belser, Jr. 

Rev. Jack Marion Bennett 

Dr. Wyatt H. Blake, III 

Rev. Fred J. Bush 

Rev. E. Dudey Colhoun, Jr. 

Rev. B. H. Cowger 

John David Crews 

Crittenden Currie 

Parker F. Enwright 

C. J. Garland 

Charles P. Garrison 

Smith Hempstone, Jr. 

G. Selden Henry, Jr. 
James Otto Hill 
Lewis H. Hill, III 
George T. Houston, III 
Walter Kennedy. Jr. 
Rev. Fred W. Kneipp 
Max W. Lawson 
Thomas A. Lear 

Rev. John H. Lembcke, Jr. 
Charles H. McNu.t 
Lynn C. Morehouse 
Leonard B. Murphy 
Alfred K. Orr, Jr. 
Walter B. Parker 
Thomas Francis Pickard 
Edgar Lay Powell 
Fitzhugh K. Powell 
Richard E. Simmons, Jr. 
Dr. William G. Webb 
David G. Wiseman. Jr. 
Emmons H. Woolwine, Jr. 
Rev. John Worrell 


Allen L. Bartlett 

Rev. G. P. Mellick Belshaw 

Lt. Fred H. Benners 

John G. Bratton 

Rev. Jack W. Cole 

James M. Cunningham 

Joseph C. Donaldson 

Rev. J. Powell Eaton 

George B. Elliott 

Rev. James C. Fenhagen 

Robert E. Finley, Jr. 

John H. Haggard 

Dr. E. H. Hamilton, Jr. 

Maurice K. Heartfield 

Thad G. Holt 

Robert ap C. Jones 

Rev. Charles L. Keyser 

James A. King 

Thomas K. Lamb, Jr. 

Richard W. Leche, Jr. 

G. J. McFarland 

Robert Milroy M^-Key. Jr. 

Rev. Robert A. McMillan 

Herbert A. Philips 

Harvey Pride 

Wynne Ragland 

Rev. William H. Ralston, Jr. 

Ralph W. Reed 

Dr. William R. Roland 

Philip H. Smith 

William L. Smith 

F. C. Stough 

Paul K. Uhrig 

John N. Wall 

David D. Wendel, Jr. 

Russell H. Wheeler, Jr. 

Rev. James W. Anderson 
Neill Boldrick, Jr. 
Lowndes Butler 
W. L. Cain 
Hartzell L. Dake 
Fred W. Erschell 
Rev. Sanford Garner, Jr. 
Richard W. Gillett 
S erling G. Gordon 
Rev. William L. Hargrave 
Rev. Lewis Hodgkins 
Ben Ivey Jackson 
Rev. Douglas M. Kierstead 
J. Howard McClain, Jr. 
James L. C. McFaddin, Jr. 
John R. McGrory, Jr. 
Albert N. Minor 
Edward M. Monroe, Jr. 
Joseph L. Orr 

William Brown Patterson, Jr. 
William E. Pilcher, III 
Rev. Milton A. Rohane 
Charles Reed Sayles 
Edward S. Shirley 
Hudson W. Stuart 
Edward B. Tucker, Jr. 
Kyle Wheelus, Jr. 
Thomas H. Whitcroft 
R. J. Woodson 


Rev. A. V. Anderson 
Robert V. Anhalt 
Samuel H. Bennett 
Robert J. Boylston 
John J. Brown 
Wiltie A. Creswell, Jr. 
Byron Gibson, Jr. 
William E. Hunger 
Donald M. Irvin 
Charles L. Jennings 
David C. Kippenbrock 
Robert C. Mumby 
J. L. Postel 
Charles M. Sample 
George Schroeter 
John E. Soller 
George Wagner 
Rev. Philip P. Werlein 
Homer W. Whitman, Jr. 
Bertram Wyatt-Brown 


R. Thad Andress 

Edward G. Bierhaus, Jr. 

Robert H. Bradford 

Rev. Thomas H. Carson, Jr. 

R. B. Clark, II 

Henri deS. Clarke 

Wade G. Dent, IH 

Charles H. Fulton 

Robert N. Hall 

Stanleigh E. Jenkins, Jr. 

Clarence C. Keiser, Jr. 

Robert B. Kemp 

Charles M. Lindsay 

Douglas Lore 

Hart T. Mankin 

John W. McWhirter, Jr. 

Rev. John S. Power 

Joel Wilson Pugh 

Rev. Jack L. Rhymes 

William E. Roberts 

James D. Rox 

William C. Rucker, Jr. 

James M. Seidule 

John T. Smith 

William H. Smith 

Rolf L. Spicer 

Ray G. Terry 

Charles Tomlinson 

W. Webb White 

T. Manly Whitener, Jr. 

John W. Woods 


Joseph D. Anthony 
A. E. W. Barrett, Jr. 
Mercer-Logan Goodson 
Robert K. Lattimore 

Lawrence D. Criddle 
John MacGowan 
Burrell O. McGee 
Albert W. Nisley 
Marquis Pope 

John Harvey Owen 
Arnold Rose 
Charles F. Russell 
George Williamson 


Contributions from V-12 alum- 
ni are listed with Classes of 
1943, 1944, and 1945. 



Dr. George M. Baker 

Dr. Wm. J. Battle 

Rt. Rev. Karl M. Block 

Rt. Rev. C. C. J. Carpenter 

Hodding Carter 

Hon. William R. Castle, Jr. 

Rt. Rev. R. R. Claiborne 

J. Kennedy Craig 

Rt. Rev. E. P. Dandridge 

Mrs. Alfred I. duPont 

Dr. James A. Farley 

Robert E. Finley 

Dr. Lewis B. Franklin 

Rt. Rev. R. E. Gribbin 

Rt. Rev. Oliver J. Hart 

Dr. Hugh Hodgson 

Rt. Rev. Everett H. Jones 

Rt. Rev. Hamilton H. Kellogg 

Hinton F. Longino 

Rt. Rev. Henry Irving Louttit 

Rt. Rev. George M. Murray 

Edmund Orgill 

Rev. William G. Pollard 

Dr. John Potts 

Rt. Rev. Noble C. Powell 

Dr. Horace Russell 

Dr. Charles M. Sarratt 

J. A. Setze 

Rev. James R. Sharp 

Rev. M. Bowyer Stewart 

Rt. Rev. H. St. George Tucker 

Mrs. George A. Washington 

Rev. H. W. Wells 

Victor R. Williams 


A. S. Agricola, '45 
Otto Agricola, '42 
Dr. Herbert S. Alden, '18 
James N. Allison, '20 
James N. Allison, Jr., '48 
Nathaniel H. Bailey, 17 
Norval S. Baker, Jr., '49 
A. S. E. Barnett, '04 
John F. Battaile, Jr., '40 
Stafford B. Beach, Jr., '47 
Richard A. Belford, '22 
Louis W. Bergman, Jr., '42 
Deryl A. Blackburn, '43 
Charles W. Bostwick, '42 
William C. Bostwick. '42 
Rev. H. C. Bowman, Jr., '38 
Charles L. Briggs, '37 
Lt. Robert Burns, '44 
Richard T. Bynum, '43 
John C. Christian, '47 
Fulton W. Clare, '50 
Sam R. Clare, '50 
Charles D. Collins, '21 
H. B. Crosby, '09 

Edward H. Culpepper, '29 
C. E. Daggett, '03* 
Maxey D. Daggett, '05 
Thomas C. Darst, '26 
W. J. Dissen, '18 
Mitchell N. Drew, '44 
William T. Elder, '48 
William C. Fillmore, '44 
J. F. Freel, '26 
Al C. Garber, Jr., '40 
John B. Greer, Jr., '34 
Alan M. Gump, '21 
W. P. Halliday, '16 
Gordon Hamilton, '26 
James W. Hargrove, '39 
R. Clyde Hargrove, '3'5 
Marcellus G. Harsh, '19 
William B. Harvard, '35 
Fred S. Hill, Jr., '42 
Carter Hough, Jr., '06 
Richard K. Howe, '52 
Lee O. Hunter, '45 
Martin K. Hyer, '36 
Albert J. Isaacks, '41 
Capt. James H. James, '41 
Philip H. James. '35 
Will P. Kirkman, '20 
Clarence Knowles, '04 
W. Philip Lang, Jr., 18 
Lt. Giles F. Lewis, Jr., '45 
Dr. Marvin K. Margo, '43 
Robert K. Mayo, '41 
Dr. H. P. McCuistion, 17 
Raymond A. McLane, '04 
James W. Menefee, '36 
William C. Merrill, '35 
G. Fayette Merritt, '48 
Don E. Morton, '52 
J. Balfour Miller, '09 
E. H. Monroe, '01 
Dr. R. J. Muelling, Jr., '43 
G. K. Pratt Munson, '39 
Stephen C. Munson, '05 
George M. Murrell, Jr., '46 
Lemon G. Neely, '37 
Elbert B. Nelson, Jr., '48 
Thomas A. Northam, '49 
Robert B. Parrott, '96 
Jack Passalaigue, Jr., '50 
Frederick W. Peel, '43 
William W. Pettus, 15 
Levitte L. Phillips, '07 
Louie M. Phillips, '26 
James C. Pickett, Jr., '41 
I. D. Polk, 11 
Thomas L. Price, '50 
William D. Pryor, '36 
John M. Raine, '34 
Charles H. Randall, '44 
W. D. H. Rodriguez, 14 
William B. Royer, Jr., '49 
John Schuber, Jr., '40 
Digby G. Seymour, '40 
Joe H. Sheard, '49 
Eugene R. Sidwell, '48 
John W. Spence, oo 
Richard P. Spencer, Jr., '01 
Alfred D. Stevens, Jr., '41 
Philip R. Taylor. '42 
Barry Thackston, Jr., '50 
Everett Tucker, Jr., '30 
Bryce L. Twitty, '46 
Samuel W. VanLeer, '52 
John A. Wall, '4-1 
Joe Wallace,'52* 
A. S. Weekley, Jr.. '46 
John P. Werlein, '40 
P. Ewing Werlein, 10 
Dr. A. W. White, '21 
William G. Winkler, '49 
George S. Yerger, '20 
David A. Yergey, '48 
Richard W. Ziegler, '43 

February, Nineteen Fifty-Free 


With Sewanee Classes 

• • 


In memory of Dr. Philip Morton Hodgson, 
SAE, his daughter, Mrs. Lorena McLeod, has given 
I lie University $500. Dr. Hodgson was a nephew 
of Vice-Chancellor Telfair Hodgson, and Mrs. Mc- 
Leod's gift was made on the occasion of the dedi- 
cation of the memorial door at Otey Parish for me 
vice-chancellor's son, the late Telfair Hodgson, '98. 


Dana T. Smith, 
DTD, is living in le- 
tirement in Salt Lake 
City. He was an at- 
torney with the Union 
Pacific Railroad for 
many years. 

Col. Henry T. Bull, SAE, is senior warden of 
Trinity Church in Santa Barbara, California, where 
1 lie rector is the Rev. George J. Hall, '34, SAE. 
Col. Bull, a retired army officer, serves the diocese 
of Los Angeles as a member of the standing com- 
mittee, the executive council, and the department 
of missions. He has he'ped raise the Episcopal Ad- 
vancement Fund of more than a million dollars. 


Charles Eben Daggett, alumnus of the Se- 
wanee Grammar School, died October 7 in Hot 
Springs, Arkansas. He was a former president of 
the Arkansas Bar Association and a member of the 
state constitutional convention of 19 17-18. He 
practiced law in Marianna with his brother, Jesse, 
A'99, C'03, his son, John L., A'24, C28, and his 
nephews, Jimason, '35, and William H., '29. An- 
other brother, Maxey, is a grammar school alum- 
nus. Mr. Daggett is survived by his wife and by 
three daughters in addition to the alumni named. 

Dr. Walter M. Sykes, PDT, died October 5 
in Waco, Texas, where he had been living in re- 
tirement. He was a surgeon in Dallas for thirty 
years. He was a veteran of World War I. He is 
survived by his wife, a son, and a daughter. 


The Rev. Dvvicht F. Cameron celebrated his 
eightieth birthday on January 2 by preaching at 
one of his former churches in Stewart Manor, New 
York. Among the several churches he has served 
was one on Sewanee Avenue — Trinity Church in 
Elmont, New York. 


Alexander Greene, SMA alumnus, died Decem- 
ber 2 at his home in Forest Hills, New York. He 
had been in the insurance business in New York 
since 1908. He was credited with having pub- 
lished the first condensed automobile rate sheet. 
He is survived by his wife and a daughter. 

Dr. Allen Marion Waldrop died October 15 
at his home in Jasper, Alabama. Alabama's first 
fu'1-lime health officer, he served Walker County for 
thirty-five years. He is survived by three daugh- 
ters and a son. 


Dr. James G. Leech is practicing in Quinwood, 
West Virginia, where he has been living since 1920. 
He has been president of the local school board and 
of the tri-county medical society. He is part 
owner of the John Russell Hospital in Bedford, 


Presley K. Ewing, alumnus of the Sewanee 
Military Academy, died in October in New Orleans. 
After attendance at the University of Missouri, he 
ctitered the newspaper business in New Orleans in 
1919. Jn 1929 he became vice-president of radio 
station WDSU. He subsequently owned stations 
in Gulf port, Jackson, and Vicksburg, and at the 
time of his death owned stations WGRM in Green- 
wood and WMIS in Natchez. His father, Dr. 
Fayette C. Ewing of Pineville, Louisiana, is one 
of the oldest living a'umni of the Sewanee Gram- 
mar School. He is survived also by his wife, two 
sons, and a brother, Donald, A' 12, associate editor 
of the Shreveport Times. 

Frank M. Gillespie, PDT, is chairman of the 
Good Government League organized in December 
in San Antonio. 


Dr. Alfred Henry Nolle has been dean of 
Southwestern State Teachers College in San Mar- 
cos, Texas, since 1922. News of him was brought 
to Sewanee in November from a meeting of the 

Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary 
Schoo's by Dr. Gaston S. Bruton, dean of ad- 


Godfrey Cheshire, KA, is special agent for the 
U. S. Fidelity and Guaranty Company in Raleigh, 
North Carolina. 


Park Lewis Chamberlain, ATO, died Septem- 
ber 13 in Canyon, Texas, while visiting from his 
home in Clarendon. A rancher, he was the son of 
pioneer settlers of Clarendon. He is survived by 
his wife, a daughter, and a step-daughter. 


Paul L. Burton, KA, is recovering from an at- 
tack of coronary thrombosis at his home, 363 
Larchmont, San Antonio, 

Dr. W. Cabell Greet, PGD, has been ap- 
pointed to Barnard College's new Mcintosh pro- 
fessorship of Eng'ish. An authority on linguistics, 
he is speech consultant to the Columbia Broad- 
casting Company, editor of the American Speech 
Magazine, and author of several books on the Eng- 
lish language. He was a Fulbright Visiting Pro- 
fessor in 1950-51 at the University of Montpellier 
and the University of Aix-en-Provence. He has 
been a member of the Barnard faculty since 1926. 

John Bering Schumacher, SAE, died Novem- 
ber 14 in Houston, Texas. He was vice-president 
of Bering-Cortes Hardware Company founded by his 
grandfather. He is survived by his brother, Carl 
W. Schumacher, '23, and a sister. 


Dr. Fred Hakd, ATO, has comp'eted ten years 
as president of Scripps College, Claremont, Cali- 
fornia. An illuminated scroll presented to him by 
the faculty of the col'ege said: "You have made 
Scripps College a better place in which to live and 
work, and we are grateful. Your considerate guid- 
ance has made this campus a place in which teach- 
ing and learning are experiences in friendship shared 
by teachers and students alike." 


Jack L. Hatfield. PGD, is dramatics director 
for the Scottish Rite in Indianapo'is. For twelve 
years previously he directed the Booth Tarkington 
Civic Theatre there. 

Postell Hebert has been promoted to vice- 
president and trust officer of the Union Planters 
Bank in Memphis. He has been with the bank 
since 1929. 

W. Morrow Cummings, KA, is senior partner 
of Houstoun, Stevenson and Cummings, the largest 
general agents of the Hartford Accident and Indem- 
nity Company in Houston. He joined the firm in 
1930 and has been a partner since 1943. Among 
his avocations are horse shows and work for the 
Texas Children's Hospital. 

Dr. Harry H. Ransom. KS, was made dean of 
the College of Arts and Sciences of the University 
of Texas in October. 

Paul A. Tate, PGD, director of St. Paul's School 
in Camaguey, Cuba, has received a go'd medal for 
outstanding citizenship from the Rotary Club there, 
the third such award in the history of the club. 


Charles E. Berry, DTD, has been elected may- 
or of Columbus, Georgia. 

W. Darden Hampton, PDT, died September zz 
in Jacksonville, Florida. He had been living there 
because of i'l health. He spent most of his life in 
Chattanooga, moving to Charlotte, North Carolina, 
with Avondale Mills sixteen years ago. Last Sep- 
tember he retired and moved to Florida. He was 
a former Tennessee state golf champion. He is 
survived by his wife, two sons, and a daughter. 


Nash K. Burger, PKP, is now a member of 
the editorial board of the Episcopal Churchnews 
and edits a book column in Forth. He continues 
on the staff nf the New York Times book review 

Charles C. Dudley, PGD, is executive vice- 
president of the Charlotte, North Carolina, mer- 
chants association, which sponsors annually a car- 
rousel for surrounding communities. 


John B. Cole, SAE, is president of the Ameri- 
can Trucking Association. He is president of a 
freight line founded in 1933 which has terminals 
in Alabama, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, In- 
dianapolis, and Cincinnati. 

Rohlrt B. Sears has joined the staff of the 
Mobile. Alabama, Public Library. 

Frank M. Robbins, DTD, and his wife 
have a tree full of boys: Frank, HI, 
Joseph, James, and Robert. They live 
in Chattanooga. 


R. J. Rice, PGD, has added a second daughter, 
Ann, to his family. They live in Houston at 4.1 
Tiel Way. 


John A. Adair, PDT, is president of the Ex- 
change National Bank of Atchison, Kansas. He 
serves on the board of directors of the Community 
Fund and is a vestryman. He is listed in Who's 
Who in Industry and Finance. 

Lt. Col. F. F. Beattie, Jr., PDT, has been 
awarded an Oak Leaf Custer to his Bronze Star 
Medal for meritorious service as commander of the 
402nd Quartermaster Battalion in Korea. He 
previously served with the Korean Military Ad- 
visory Group. 

Owsley R. Cheek, SMA, and Nancy Green 
Crook were married in Nashville on December I. 
Mrs. Cheek is the sister of two alumni, Dr. Wil- 
liam G. Crook, '37, PDT, and Dr. A. M. G. 
Crook, '49. PDT. 

Arthur Ben Chitty, SN, has a new daughter. 
Em Turner, born at Sewanee on November 28. 

John G. Kirby is a 
procurement supervisor 
for the U. S. Marine 
Corps in Washington, 
D. C. 

Bishop C. Alfred Cole, SN, is the father of a 
third daughter and sixth child, E'izabeth Mack, 
born November 7 in Columbia, South Carolina. 

Richard L. Dabney, ATO, has been an actuarial 
assistant with the Protective Life Insurance Com- 
pany in Birmingham since 1946. 

James D. Gibson, SN, is moving back to the 
United States after living around the Caribbean for 
fourteen years. His address is c/o Pan Ameri- 
can World Airways, Municipal Airport, Houston, 

Robert A. Holloway, KS, has opened a new 
office in Baton Rouge for his real estate and in- 
surance firm, Bardwell and Holloway, at 2647 
Plank Road. 

J. Coates Lear, SAE, has been an attorney in 
Washington, D. C, since 1941. He serves as 
president of the Harvard Business School Club of 
Washington. He is married and has two children, 
Allen Lawrence and Sandra Hunter. 

J. Tucker Macken- 
zie, Jr., SAE, is with 
C/a r negie-II'inois Steel 
Corporation. He is liv- 
ing in Westport, Con- 
necticut, after spending 
several years in Europe. 

Tev. Walter W. McNeil, PKP, has been 
appointed archdeacon of the diocese of Olympia. 


The Sewanee Alumni News 

James G. Major, PDT. is in Coral Gables, Flo- 
rida, in the real estate, insurance, and loan busi- 
ness. Address: 904 Sistina Avenue. 

Walker Pendleton, DTD, is with the Atlanta 
office of Waterman Steamship Corporation. 

- .v* 

Dr. John R. Welsh, Jr., KS, is an associate 
professor of English at the University of South 
Carolina. He received his Ph.D. from Vandcrbilt 
in 1950. lie followed the example of a notable 
Sewanee dean in writing about William Gi'more 
Simmes and took issue with Dean Trent's sociologi- 
cal and political theories. Mrs. Welsh is employed 
in the law offices of C'int and A. T. Graydon, '37. 
The Welshes have two children, Nancy and John 


Chaplain W. P. Barrett is stationed in Heidel- 
berg, Germany. He has been quite ill. 

Dr. Richard Workman, PGD, is the father of 
a daughter, Mary French, born last fall in Nash- 


The Rev. Roy Benton Davis, Jr., ATO, is 
rector of All Saints' Church in the Highland Park 
area of Los Angeles. He is also director of the 
parochial school of nine grades with six teachers 
and ninety-five students. The school is located !.T 
a community of low and medium income groups 
and charges a yearly tuition of £120, far lower 
than most similar schools. 

Alan Hinshelwood is a civilian instructor in 
electronics at Camp Gordon, Georgia. He com- 
pleted three years of air force duty in 1953. He 
has flown on five trips over the North Pole. 


Thf Rev. J. Boyes Jardine, KA, is the father 
of Rebecca DeKoven, born May 29 in Lafayette, 


The Rev. W. Armistead Boardman, ATO, con- 
tinues to enjoy his duty at Misawa air base in 
northern Japan. He and his family expect to re- 
turn to the United States in June. 

Dr. Edwin B. Herrinc, Ni, has a residency in 
pathology at the University of Tennessee Medical 
School in Memphis. He is married and has three 
sons, Edwin, Jr., David, and Bill. 

The Rev. John Lee Womack has a new son, 
John Bruce, born September 9 in Shreveport. 


D. Richard Glover, N6, is personnel manager 
for the green leaf stemmery of Philip Morris in 
Louisville. He is a graduate of the University of 
Louisvi'le and has attended law school there. 

The Rev. Alvin Kershaw teaches philosophy 
at Miami University. Oxford, Ohio, and is rector 
of Holy Trinity Church there. 

V. Burleigh Whiteside.. SAE. is an account 
executive with Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & 
Beane in Mobile. He graduated from the Uni- 
versity of Texas in 1948 with a B.A. degree in 
Latin American Affairs. 


The Rev. Alexander MacMillan is the father 
of Elizabeth Mark, born November 30 in St. Louis. 


Hunter McDonald, PDT. has a new daughter, 
Clara, born December 2 in Nashville. 


The Rev. Charles H. Blakeslee, SAE, and 
his family spent five weeks on the Mountain 'ast 
summer. The Blakeslees have four children. Mer- 
ritt. eight. Chris, four, Joel, two, and Edith, one. 

The Rev. George E. Stokes. ATO. was 1954 
president of the Prince William. Virginia. County 
Council of Churches and is chaplain of the volun- 
teer fire department in his district. He is rector 
of St. Paul's Church, Haymarket. 


Charles Hugh Campbell. Jr.. KA, and Nancy 
Fave Morse were married December 2 1 in Harts- 
ville. South Carolina, by the R*v. Moultrie Mc- 
intosh, '47. ATO. Mrs. Campbell is the daughter 
of Senator Wayne L. Morse of Ocoeon. 

Capt. Robfrt J. Dfstiche. PDT. has been on 
active duty with the air force since 1949. He is 
now serving in research and development at the 

Herbert S. Murray, PDT, and Carolyn Butts 
were married December 30 in Columbus. Georgia. 
He is with Camn Concrete Products there. 

Dr. E. Rfx Pinson. Ir.. SN. and Betty Ann 
Hoearth were married December 4 in Lawrence. 
Massachusetts. They are living in New York, 
where he is a chemist for the Pfizer Company. 

Alvin N. Waptman and Doris Jane Firehanch 
were married on December 31 in Lexington. Vir- 
ginia. They are 'iving in Las Vegas, Nevada, 
where he is a lawyer. 


June 10 — Board of Trustees 

June 11 — Alumni Day 

Reunions of 1905, 1914-15-16-17, 

June 12 — Baccalaureate Sunday 

June 13 — Commencement Day 


G. Dewey Arnold, DTD, and Dorothy Louise 
Wenger were married on December 4 in Pittsburgh, 

Dr. Harry B. Grecorie, KA, and Rebecca Jane 
Ward were married January 1 in Rock Hill, South 

The Rev. Addison Hosea has joined the faculty 
of the Episcopal Theological Seminary of Kentucky 
in Lexington. 

Lt. (j.g.) John Earle Jones, SMA, and Phyl- 
lis Ann Hobson were married December 11 in 
Norfolk, Virginia. They are living in New Or- 
leans. Lt. Jones is the nephew of the Thomases 
of Ridgeway, South Carolina. 

Thomas B. Lathen is news director for radio 
station KCOW in Alliance, Nebraska. He has 
two fifteen-minute general news programs and other 

Anne Elizabeth is the daughter of the Rev. Ed- 
ward F. Ostertag. SAE, born November 30. He 
is vicar of churches in Raton and Taos, New 

Dr. John Phinizy, SN, is practicing medicine 
in Lincolnton, Georgia. 

Dr. L. Leigh Smith, Jr., ATO, and Florence 
Jean Hunter were married in Arlington, Virginia, 
on November 6. They are living in Bermuda, 
where he wil 1 be stationed at Kindley Air Base 
Hospital for two years. 

Jack L. Stephenson. SAE, is branch manager 
for Crawford and Company, insurance adjusters, 
in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He was married 
in 1952 to Winifred Harriss. 


F. Clay Bailey, Jr.. PDT. and Joanne Geny 
were married January 8 in Nashville. He prac- 
tices 'aw with his father there. 

Contrary to the report in the Alumni Directory, 
Lee Ellis, SN. is not living in Goodlettsville, 
Tennessee. In fact, he has never been there. The 
comedy of errors which led to that listing was one 
of the by-products of his army service. He is on 
duty with the army in Nashville and lives at 2800 
Oak'and Avenue. 

Moulton Farrar, III, PDT, and his wife have 
taken possession of their new home on Wallace 
Lane, Nashville. 

Jamfs Otto Hill, DTD, is teaching at the high 
school in Di-kinson. Texas. He has an M.A. de- 
cree from Middle Tennessee State College. 

Homer P. Hopkins. Jr.. is the father of a 
daughter. Helese Ponnae, born November 27 in 
Nashvil'e. He is a health educator for the State 
of Tennessee. 

The Rev. John H. Lembcke. Jr., KS, is act- 
in? as chaplain to Episcopal students at Wentworth 
Military Academy. Lexington, Missouri, where he 
serves Christ Church. 

Ai.Fnrn K. Orr. PGD, is n graduate student at 
the California Institute of Technology in Pasa- 
dena . He has been a geophysirist with Humble 
Oil and has served in the army since his gradution. 

Waiter B. Parker. DTD. is a roofing specialist 
with Jahncke Service in New Orleans. He has a 
daughter, Miriam, born in 19s 1. 

Ralph M. Roscher. Jr.. DTD. and Dorothy 
Maria S-hroers were married December 11 in Wbea- 
ton. I'linois. 

William Thomas Stumb and Betty Ann Alex- 
ander were married in Nashville on December 4. 
They are living in East Orange, New Jersey. 

Donald F. Titus has moved from New York 
to Forest Lake. Minnesota. He is an automotive 
enpineer with National Carbon Company, a di- 
vision of Union Carbide and Carbon. He would 
like to see friends who come to the Twin Cities. 

Fred M. White, Jr.. KA. is doing graduate 
work in forestry at Duke University. 


Lt. Fred H. Benners, SAE, has graduated from 
law school at Southern Methodist and is on the 
judge advocate general's staff at Scott AFB, I'linois. 

George W. Hopper, KA, is a junior law stu- 
dent at the University of Wyoming. His home ; s 
in Cody and he hopes that Sewanee men going to 
1 ellowstone Park will stop to see him. 

Thad G. Holt, PDT, has entered Harvard Law 
School upon completion of his Rhodes Scholarship 
at Oxford. He received the B.A. degree at Christ 
Church Col'ege in 1954. 

Tin Rev. William H. Ralston, Jr., is a fellow 
and tutor at the General Theological Seminary in 
New York. 


S. Neill Boldrick, Jr., KA, and Dorothy Ann 
Walser were married December 18 in Temple, Texas. 
They are living in Austin. 

William M. Bomar, SAE, is a salesman for 
Armstrong Cork Company in Houston. 

Georce W. Dexheimer, BTP, has a sales terri- 
tory in Kansas and Missouri for Certain-teed Pro- 
ducts. His headquarters are in Pittsburg, Kansas. 

Hartwell D. Hooper, BTP, is the father of 
Claire Bingham, born November 25 in Tullahoma, 
Tennessee, where he is with General Shoe Corpora- 

Pfc. George J. Maust, KS, is serving in Korea 
with the 8th army. Address: APO 301, San Fran- 


The Rev. Edwin C. Coleman and Mary Lou 
Alexandre Parker were married November 26 in 
New Orleans. They are living in Pineville, Louisi- 
ana, where he is in charge of Mt. Olivet Church. 

James N. Finley, KS, is the father of a daugh- 
ter. Deborah Ruth, born last fall at Camp Le- 
Jeune, North Carolina. 

Ens. J. B. Kilbride, Jr., KA, was commissioned 
in the Navy in June and is stationed in London. 
He and two other ensigns have a three-story house 
in the Kensington Garden section. He visited 
Spain and Portugal on a recent leave. 

Cpl. Charles M. Sample, PGD, is serving 
with the field artillery in Ulm, Germany. On a 
recent leave he visited Spain and Switzerland. Ad- 
dress: 272 FA Bn., APO 35, New York. 


Lt. Fred C. Alcorn, ATO, and Sal'y Jane 
Stuebing were married October 29 in Houston, 
Texas. He is stationed at Ft. Lee, Virginia. 

John Edward Bell, Jr.. DTD, and Carolyn Sue 
Matchette were married January 1 in Pensacola, 
Florida, by the Rev. Henry Bell Hodgkins, '26. 

Joseph H. Easley. ATO, and Mary Cordes Lu- 
cas were married August 21 in Georgetown, South 
Carolina, by the Rev. Henry D. Bull. '14. ATO, 
assisted by the Rev. Wil'iam W. Lumpkin, '34. 

Paul J. Greeley. PGD. and Marietta Chapin 
were married December 21 in Winnetka, Illinois. 
He is a sales trainee with Keeler Brass Company. 

Robert B. Kemp. KS. is having a hand in get- 
ting the new Theological Seminary of the South- 
west into operation this fall. He reported early 
and helped move furniture into the new buildiings. 

Robert J. Lipscomb, KA, and Elizabeth Ann 
Carter were married October 9 in Memphis. He 
is on duty with the navy, following his graduation 
from Bowling Green Business University. 

Tiifodric E. Moor. PGD, is the father of a 
daughter, Kathleen Elizabeth, born December 15. 

Walter E. Nance, SN, is a student at Har- 
vard Medical School. Address: Vanderbilt Ha'I, 
Room 215-A. Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

Michael R. Richards. BTP. and Anne Alethea 
Newsome were married October 30 in Locust Valley. 
New York. 

James D. Rox. SAE, is a salesman for Mid- 
Continent Oil Field Supply Company in Andrews, 

Laurenci S. Swelling, SAE, has an Alumni 
Scholarship at Harvard Law School. 

T. Manly Whitfner, Jr.. BTP. is assistant to 
ihe president and treasurer of the Whitener Hosiery 
Mills in Newton. North Carolina. 

Winn W. White. ATO, a Rhodes Scholar, re- 
cently won the freshman tennis tournament at 

Robert N. Hall. SAE. is a graduate assistant 
in speech at the University of Wyoming in Lara- 
mie. He has had several meetings with George 
Hopper. -1. K A. who is also in the Wild West. 


Ross I. Evans, PDT, and Carolyn Ruth Davis 
were matried January ; in Hernando, Mississippi. 
He is on active duly with the army. 

February , Nineteen Fifty-Five 


About Sewanee Alumni . 

Flowers on a 

Grecian Grave 

Civil Engineer 

Dies in New York 

Sewanee Firms 

Edward E. Murrey, Jr., '36, PDT, is 
president of the newly-organized Vol- 
unteer Federal Savings and Loan As- 
sociation in Nashville. Julian P. Rag- 
land, '35, PDT, is a vice-president of 
the association. 

Another Sewanee business firm is the 
Owen-Richards Company in Birming- 
ham, specialists in bearings and trans- 
missions. C. Caldwell Marks, '42, SAE. 
is chairman of the board and William 
M. Spencer, III, '41, PDT, is president. 

William Joshua Barney, '05, ATO, 
died at 70 in his home in New York 
on December 12, 1954. For a time af- 
ter leaving Sewanee he was connected 
with the New York city docks. In 
1913 he became associated with the 
General Contracting and Engineering 
Company. In 1917 he formed his own 
company and for the rest of his life 
specialized in warehouse construction. 
He was a former president of the Met- 
ropolitan Builders Association. He was 
a faithful member of the alumni chap- 
ter in New York and valued his mem- 
ories of the Mountain, especially his 
friendships with the Colmore sisters 
and Miss Johnnie Tucker. He is sar- 
vived by his son, William J. Barney, Jr. 

Rural Awards 

Three alumni of the seminary were 
honored at the fall meeting of the 
Episcopal Rural Workers' Fellowship. 
The Rev. Charles G. Hamilton, '31, of 
Aberdeen, Mississippi, was elected vice- 
president. Awards for outstanding work 
in the rural field went to the Rev. E. 
Dargan Butt, '26, of Seabury-Western 
Seminary, and the Rev. Fred G. Yerkes, 
Jr., '38, archdeacon in the diocese of 

Florida Aflame 

Opens in Pinellas 

"Florida Aflame," a dramatic pres- 
entation of the Seminole Indians, open- 
ed a winter season in Phillipe Park, 
Safety Harbor, Florida, near Clear- 
water, on January 22. Author and di- 
rector is John W. Caldwell, '49. The 
pageant had a successful season in 
Avon Park in the summer of 1953 when 
a number of Sewanee people were on 
the staff. Working with Mr. Caldwell 
as stage manager this winter is Sam 
H. Bennett, '53, of Louisville, Kentucky. 

It happened accidentally. A pain- 
stakingly lettered missive arrived at 
Sewanee from Athens. It was from 
Nicholas Spathopulos. It betrayed such 
goodwill, such dignity, and such need 
that the recipient sent a modest gift 
and a note of greeting. Other letters 
came, describing the wonders of the 
American dollar in Greece. Finally Mr. 
Spatholulos inquired if he could do 
anything in return for his American 

The "benefactor," embarrassed by 
gratitude out of all proportion to the 
gift, suggested that flowers might be 
put on the grave of Sewanee's beloved 
professor of Greek, "Tabby" Nauts, 
'82, buried in a cemetery near the 
Acropolis. The snapshot of this Greek 
citizen, at the grave of one otherwise 
unknown in a land he loved, was 
thought to be worth printing. The 
address, in case you are passing that 
way, is "Nicholas Spathopulos. Mant- 
zagriotaki. Str. 96: Kalithea: Athens, 

The only Sewanee alumnus memorialized in a recumbent statue is the late Rt. Rev. 
William T. Manning, bishop of New York, and a builder of the great Cathedral of 
St. John the Divine. Standing at the foot of the stone figure is the Rt. Rev. Horace 
W. B. Donegan, present bishop of New York and honorary alumnus of Sewanee. 

Sewanee Insurance 

The Volunteer State Life Insurance 
Company, a $50,000,000 concern operat- 
ing from Chattanooga, is about as 
closely related to Sewanee as a busi- 
ness firm can be. The president of the 
firm, G. Cecil Woods, '21, is not only 
an alumnus himself but is the father, 
brother, and uncle of Sewanee men. 
Vice-president and treasurer of the 
firm is Robert F. Evans, '26, and an- 
other vice-president is Stanyarne Bur- 
rows, '29. John Gass, '48, is working 
his way up in company echelons. 

The late Z. Cartter Patten, founder 
of the business in 1903, left the School 
of Theology a bequest which, when 
its conditions are fulfilled, will be one 
of the largest n Sewanee history. 


The Sewanee Alumni News 

Biographical Data Sought . . . 

Biographical information about all matriculants of the grammar school, academy, 
college, medical school, law school, and school of theology for the years 1869-1920 
will appear in the second section of the Centennial Alumni Directory, to be pub- 
lished in August, 1955. The biographical archives contain little information on 
many students in the years from 1868 to 1880. If your father, grandfather, uncle, 
or cousin came to Sewanee, please let us know. 

Information is particularly needed on these first students enrolled in 1868: R. W. 
Sherwood, Clarkesville, Tennessee; George A. Spyker, New Orleans; P. H. Mar- 
bury, Jr., McMinnville, Tennessee; Nicholas J. Cruger, Albany, Georgia; and Joseph 
C. Nash, Nashville. 


Home town 

Other college attended, with degrees 


Honors _ 

Military service 

Date, place of death 

Person who can give additional information 
Information from 


Captain Eddie Atkinson, matriculant in 1871, gave his Hie heroically to save the passengers of a crowded ferryboat in a Texas 
flood. His "Hardee" baseball uniform, this student picture, and other mementoes of his Sewanee life have recently been given 
to the University by his daughter, Mrs. E. A. Sullivan of Houston. 

Telfair Hodgson 

(Continued from page 16) 

At Sewanee the Hodgsons were good neighbors. Stories 
of their friendliness have been preserved by the Rev. Moul- 
trie Guerry in his Men Who Made Sewanee (University 
Press, 1932, $1). The Hodgson spring- wagon was Sewanee's 
hearse. It was "the nicest thing to be buried from" and it 
served a whole generation of village and college decedents. 
After each funeral Mrs. Hodgson, a psychologist before her 
day, would make her gardener "take out the leaves, put the 
back seat in, and take the children for a ride" so they would 
not associate death with the family conveyance. 

The third vice-chancellor was fond of horseback riding. 
He kept a pony in the Hodgson yard for the children and 
his own saddle horses at the Bonholzers' farm near Mor- 
gan's Steep. Dr. Oscar N. Torian, who came to Sewanee 
as a freshman in 1893 (a few months before Hodgson died 
of a heart attack in September) remembers him only once 
and then mounted, a fine figure at 53 on a gaited horse. In 
those days the campus preserve was bounded by fences. 
Ingenious gates kept out the razor-backs, raising and low- 
ering at the touch of the passerby. They were called "bish- 
op's traps" because Episcopal dignitaries, dull creatures in 
those days, stumbled into them before and after every Com- 

Natural beauties, as defaced by man, needed rehabilitation, 
according to Hodgson. He grew a lawn, pruned shrubs, laid 
out the Curlyque riding trail, now the hospital road, and 
followed Quintard's injunction to improve morals by white- 
washing fences. One night, when his wife went to be up 
with a sick neighbor, he painted the Wilmer fence, wagering 
his wife that the improvement would never be noticed. 

Telfair Hodgson took advantage of Sewanee's late lamented 
winter vacation. He spent one month regularly in New- 
York with his family at the Victoria Hotel — on his own ex- 
pense account. After visits with influential friends and 
Princeton classmates at the University Club, he went to 
Baltimore to be near Mrs. Hodgson's Poulain relatives. 
Thirty days later the vacationing family of five would move 
to Richmond to be near his mother and sisters. 

Hodgson was not perfect. In the day before female secre- 
taries, he hired male stenographers. Invariably, according 
to his own daughter, they were villains, in spite of which 
they put his papers in order for future historians, some- 
thing not done again until 1938. Furthermore he lost all 
but two of his beginning faculty. Only Kirby-Smith and 

DuBose were with him when he became vice-chancellor and 
when he resigned ten years later. Departures of the others, 
thinks this writer, can be examined without damage to the 
reputation of Dr. Hodgson. 

Telfair Hodgson may or may not deserve the mantle of 
martyrdom. He was angry and disgusted with the board 
of trustees when he resigned at 49 in 1889. In most of his 
numerous disagreements with them, he h^s been proved 
right and they wrong. Probably his declining health in- 
fluenced his resignation (four VC's have resigned, two have 
died, and four have been fired"). In judgment rare for trus- 
tees in those dav=, they asked him to continue as dean of 
the seminary. With rarer magnanimity he agreed. His heart 
attack four years later probably cannot be blamed on them 
or on his deanship. 

But why was Hodgson a great vice-chancellor? It is true 
that when he arrived at Sewanee he found good sclWar- 
shiD, consecrated teaching, and a Christian-centered insti- 
tution. But he also found a relatively new school, isolated 
from its constituency and virtually bankrupt. He found 
internal strife on the faculty and the effects of long disputes 
between the trustees and his predecessor. Morale, exeeDt in 
the student body, had been bad at Sewanee from 1876 to 
1878. Hodgson's firm hand strengthened the virtues and 
remedied many defects. Much of the remarkable vitality of 
the 189fl's can be traced to Hodgson's taut ship of the pre- 
vious decade. 

His death left a number of significant bequests to the 
University but the greatest of these was his wife. She re- 
mained at Sewanee. She continued to entertain students, to 
lake "dancing girls." She continued their joint benefactions, 
firallv building exquisite St. Luke's ChaDel in his memory. 
She lived to see her first son become "ideal alumnus" (after 
whom the New York chapter is named) and shortly after 
her death her second son returned to Sewanee from Wall 
Street to become treasurer of the University, a post he held 
for forty years. 

Today Telfair Hodgson can well be plea c ed with the im- 
pact which his name has had on the University of the South. 
His two sons are buried at Sewanee. his daughter is volun- 
teer archivist of the University. And somehow it is im- 
portant in the continuum of Sewanee's existence that, after 
•seventy-five years, there is still no nicer place for a visitor 
or parent, or student to stop than the lovely Hodgson home. 
The same spirit of gentility and friendliness is there, con- 
veyed through the son and preserved by the son's wife. 
Medora Cheatham Hodgson, whose father was important 
enough to have a TVA dam named after him and whose 
brothers were respectively an admiral and a general. 

February, Nineteen Fifty-Five 


Telfair Hodgson: Third Vice-Chancellor 

By Arthur Ben Chitty 

Up to 1950, the 
University of the 
South had had three 
great vice-chancel- 
lors: Hodgson, Wig- 
gins, and Guerry. 
Others had beer, 
fine men or even 
great, but for a va- 
riety of reasons (for 
instance, shortness 
of term in the case 
of Gailor) they 
could not be called 
"great vice-chancel- 
lors." This sketch 
deals with the first 
man who was a suc- 
cessful administra- 
tive head of the 
University of the South, the Reverend Telfair Hodgson. 

Hodgson Library 

He was drawn from the rail station by Major Fairbanks' 
white mule, Sewanee's first Rolls Royce. The year was 1878 
and the Hodgsons (John Hamilton Potter was twelve and 
little Telfair was toddling) were coming to stay. They were 
well-to-do. Major Hodgson had served under Joe Wheeler 
as chief of artillery. He had been a successful parish min- 
ister in New Jersey, a successful professor of philosophy at 
the University of Alabama. His recommendations for the 
deanship of the new seminary at Sewanee all stressed his 
business acumen. He had travelled in Europe, studied a 
year at Oxford. A minister of means in those sad days 
could take his choice of any pulpit in the stricken South. 
For some reasons, this man was coming to Sewanee. 

Perhaps it all began when he heard his wife tell of her 
father's pledge to Bishop Elliott for the prewar University. 
Plantation owner James Potter had promised a substantial 
gift to the remarkable institution being planned in the 1850's. 
Perhaps Hodgson remembered campfire conversations with 
Quintard or Polk, Hardee or Fairbanks, as the army of 
Tennessee retreated across the University domain in 1863. 

Whatever the reasons, the Hodgsons had come to the wil- 
derness. The distressed admonitions of Mrs. Hodgson's sis- 
ters had gone unheeded. Bishop Quintard had carefully 
noted in his diary that HE had proposed Hodgson: if suc- 
cessful, fine; if he failed, Quintard accepted the responsi- 
bility. The bishop wanted him made vice-chancellor im- 
mediately but the trustees turned the operation of the 
University over to the Hebdomadal Board. He was elected 
vice-chancellor the following year. 

Telfair Hodgson had been born on March 14, 1840, at 
Columbia, Virginia, on the bank of the James River. Quaker 
ancestors had contributed assorted genes but no wealth to 
his heredity. When "too young to tie his tie" he went to 
Edge Hill School in New Jersey at the expense of his aunt 
Margaret Telfair. At 19, still at her expense, he received 
his BA. at Princeton. By the time he had followed Lee in 
joining the military of his native state, he had completed a 
year at General Seminary in New York. The private in the 
44th Virginia became major of the 1st Alabama before the 
chaplaincy called. Hodgson was ordained deacon in 1863 
and priest in 1864 by Bishop Stephen Elliott, devoted friend 
of the Georgia Potters. 

Some do and some don't but Hodgson made a happy mar- 
riage to the talented Frances Glen Potter at the end of the 
war. Her wealthy father's estate had been burned by Sher- 
man. Mr. Potter had died and his son had been killed by 
a sniper near Atlanta. Some income from Frances' land 
and some northern securities later enabled Hodgson, in a 
remarkable series of investments, to become independent. 
After returning from Oxford he served under the Rev. Tho- 
mas Underwood Dudley, later bishop of Kentucky and sixth 
chancellor of the University. After that he took a fashion- 
able parish in Hoboken. While there he and his wife de- 
cided to make the considerable sacrifice which would redeem 
her father's pledge. They gave the first stone building to 
the University of the South, a $10,000 library. In 1874 that 
was the largest gift which had come to Sewanee. 

Telfair Hodgson probably retreated across the domain in 
1863 but the next time he saw the place was in 1877, when 

he came to the dedication of the Hodgson Library, where 
now stands the Emerald-Hodgson Hospital. Sewanee was 
then a pathetic collection of cabins and cottages. There was 
not a single grass lawn. Electricity had not arrived and 
inside plumbing was yet to come. There was not a tele- 
phone, not a typewriter. Illumination was by candle and 
kerosene. Strange that here, for Hodgson, was the dream 
of the South! To Sewanee, when called, he returned — at no 

Vice-Chancellor Hodgson's daughter is still living. Sarah 
Hodgson Torian thinks it was a sublime vision of the possi- 
bilities of the place which drew her father, and a conviction 
that it was "worth any sacrifice" which kept him. She 
thinks it was his innate ability at finance and his "contacts" 
in the East which resulted in his administration as vice- 
chancellor opening in 1879 with a deficit of $30,000 and 
closing ten years later with a surplus of $300,000. Telfair 
Hodgson's financial advisor was John Skelton Williams, 
president of the Southern Railway. The VC regularly vis- 
ited him in Richmond when refinancing the University's 
loans or contemplating investments. 

Telfair Hodgson was a fearless man. He did not have to 
be vice-chancellor. He said what he thought and did what 
he felt should be done. He had his detractors. He made 
students and professors attend chapel. He almost fired the 
great scholar William Peterfield Trent because that distin- 
guished historian would not kneel in chapel. The obstinate 
dean finally knelt, stayed seven years after Hodgson died, 
and in his last days asked Bishop Gailor to come to New 
England and confirm him. Although it was Hodgson's na- 
ture to be jovial, he confided few problems, even to his wife. 
He didn't tell her he was going to resign as vice-chancellor 
in 1889 until after the fact. 

Hodgson was full of fun. He joked with students, elabo- 
rately avoided witnessing their misdeeds. He carried a 
unique "Sewanee lantern" with red and green sidelights as 
a warning of his approach. Yet if confronted with guilt, he 
punished it with firm vigor. He, like Napoleon, could not 
abide stupidity. 

He loved repartee and the brilliant bishop of Kentucky 
was a favorite in his home. He was devoted to his neigh- 
bors, Bishop Quintard, Major Fairbanks, and the widow El- 
liott. He loved like a son chaplain Gailor to whom he gave 
a leasehold in his side yard. That young man as a semi- 
narian had made tedious trips to the Jersey side to assist 
Mr. Hodgson in Sunday School. When Bishop Quintard 
assigned the promising young minister to Pulaski, Tennessee, 
Sewanee's vice-chancellor was not long in bringing him to 
the mountaintop. 

(Continued on page 15) 

The only known Hodgson family group is this never-before- 
published Judd shot of the ?nid-1880's. On the left is serious, 
mature John. On the right is Sarah, a trifle wistful. Her 
mother is beside her. Seated are the two Telfairs. In ths 
center are visiting relatives, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Lippencott 
of Philadelphia. 

V 1 flits J mm 

\m -lit*. Vl All 

™ i 

T< , ^F P ^ / %#^^H 


.— ■ a. ^Hf ■ : i3f ^BWMJr -* A - mW^mmm'' : "-^TM^Ammw 




, \V T ? #*St ~* ^ 

Vol. XXI, No. 2 

May 15, 1955 


The Vice-Chancellor's Page 

Well, I wish you could all be here on the 
Mountain to see the forest in its fresh new green. 
After the worst drought in our history last summer 
there were many sad prophets who told us about 
the devastation which had been wrought, and how 
Sewanee would not be the same again for many a 
long year. Well, I just wish you could see it. 
The mountain was never lovelier than it is right 
now. At last even the white oaks are out and any- 
one can assess the damage in a final way. The 
trees that succumbed are so few and far between 
that one must hunt diligently to find them. And 
this is all the more remarkable since we had a very 
severe late freeze that nipped the dogwood in the 
uud and withered the forsythia. But Sewanee has 
survived many a calamity in its first century and 
come out fresh and strong- and so it is again. 

We have learned from that drought, however, 
chat we cannot have security here without a consid- 
erably greater source of water, and we are right 
now undertaking to provide that. Actually far 
more water falls on this Mountain than we could 
ever make use of, but most of it runs off into the 


1 1 

i 1 

\ 1 



valley. The only real permanent solution of our 
problem will have to be a lake large enough to 
hold back more water than could even be needed 
during a period of months longer than any 
drought could last. So that is exactly what we are 
going to provide. 

We have found an ideal spot for it — a ravine 
one half mile long, with a neck narrow enough to 
be easily dammed, and with a drainage area large 
enough to fill the lake to the brim during the first 
few months of the spring rains. The lake will be 
little more than a mile from the center of the 
campus and completely surrounded by forests — an 
ideal recreation spot which would be of great value 
from that point of view alone. Its overflow will 
more than supply our daily needs during most of 
the year and make it unnecessary to use our wells 
except as a supplement during the driest period. 

Fortunately an alumnus, Peter O'Donnell, Jr., 
'47, of Dallas, Texas, has given us the means 
with which to carry out this project ; and we hope 
to have O'Donnell Lake completed within a year. 
The Old Timers are always telling us about the 
wonderful times they had in the winter and sum- 
mer on the old Hodgson Pond, and I have always 
yearned to restore it; though that was made im- 
possible by the modern sewage disposal system, 
some of the pipes of which run down its bed. And 
many a time have I heard that the one thing 
Sewanee needs most is a body of water. Well, 
now we shall have it. And it will be a thing of 
beauty, and pleasure, and immense practicality all 
at once. 

Of course, we shall have a complete filter plant 
and chlorinator so the water will be fully purified 
before passing into our mains: the lake will ac- 
cordingly be available for fishing, swimming, 
boating, etc. We'll make a road to it and invite 
you all to come back and enjoy it with us. 

Cordially yours, 

All this and water too! 


E W A N E E 

Awards for Class of 
1959 Announced 

Among Sewanee's entering freshman 
class in September will be six new 
Baker Scholars and two Union Car- 
bide Scholarship holders, Dr. Ben F. 
Cameron, '42, director of admissions, 
announced this month. 

Applications for September are still 
being accepted by the Admissions Of- 
fice. I'o date the freshman class pro- 
mises to be one of the largest since the 
end of World War II. Applications are 
.werty percent ahead of last year. 

Winners of the four- year Baker 
Scholarships, that may range from full 
expense down to the minimum needed 
by a winning student, are: James Con- 
ner Clapp of New Albany, Indiana; 
Benjamin Bernard Dunlap, Jr., of Co- 
lumbia, South Carolina; John Marshall 
Girault of New Orleans; Everett Nor- 
wood McCormick of Jacksonville; Ger- 
ald Archibald Nelson of Fairhope, 
Alabama; and Robert Dale Sweeney of 
Fayetteville, Tennessee. All six rank 
at or near the top of their respective 
high school classes, both in scholar- 
ship and leadership. Dunlap will not 
be the first in his family to attend 
Sewanee. Others have been his uncle, 
William P. DuBose, '23, and two cou- 
sins. Henry Savage, '54, and Carroll 
Jones Savage, '56. 

The two four-year, full-tuition Union 
Carbide Scholarships went to Anthony 
C. Gooch of Amarillo, Texas, and 
Charles M. Hathorn of Benoit, Miss- 
issippi. Gooch is the son of a 1927 
Sewanee graduate, Cornelius Skinner 
Gooch, who has been connected with. 
Otis Elevators in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

The six new Baker Scholars bring 
Sewanee's total to thirty-five during the 
six years these scholarships have been 
awarded at the University. The 1955 
grants mark the third and final award 
from the second $50,000 grant given Se- 
wanee in 1952 by the George F. Baker 
Trust of New York City. A Baker 
Scholar "must represent the best in 
American manhood, combining in him- 
self intellectual curiosity, seriousness of 
purpose, aptitude for study and promise 
of leadership." 

Union Carbide Scholarships go to 
outstanding students interested in busi- 
ness careers after graduation. Last year 
Sewanee became one of thirty-four 
liberal arts colleges and technical in- 
stitutions included in the program 
sponsored by the Union Carbide and 
Carbon Corporation. In addition to tu- 
ition, fees, and reasonable allowances 
for books and supplies, each scholar- 
ship carries an annual grant-in-aid of 
$600 for the college. 

Winner of the John S. Kemper Foun- 
dation scholarship, valued at $3,000. will 
be announced later this month. 

<iA L U M N I ^N^E W S 

New York Alumni 
Honor Dean Baker 

By John H. Duncan, Jr., '41 

Eighty alumni of the University of 
1he South and their guests attended 
the reception and dinner at the Har- 
vard Club in New York February 10, 
given under the auspices of the John 
H. P. Hodgson Chapter of the Associ- 
ated Alumni, in honour of the Dean 
Emeritu? George Merrick Baker, B.A. 
'00, Ph.D. '05 (Yale), Litt.D. '53 (Se- 
wanee). It was by far the largest 
reurion in the chapter's history. John 
H. Duncan, '41, chapter president, was 

The Reunion Address was delivered 
by the guest of honour. Preceding this 
address, tributes were paid to Dean 
Baker by the following chapter mem- 
bers and guests: 

On behalf of the chapter, by Dr. 
William Cabell Greet, '20, head of the 
English department, Barnard College, 
Columbia University; 

On behalf of Yale University, by 
John E. Palmer, editor of the Yale Re- 

On behalf of the General Theologi- 
cal Seminary, by the Rev. Dr. J. V. 
Langmead Casserley, Mary Crooke 
Hoffman Professor of Dogmatic The- 

On behalf of the Board of Trustees 
of the University, by the Hon. Armis- 
tead I. Selden, Jr., Member of Con- 
gress, '42, an alumni trustee; 

On behalf of the Associated Alumni, 
by the Hon. Richard Walker Boiling, 
Member of Congress, '37. 

Eloquent tributes to Dean Baker for 
(Continued on page 6) 

Dr. John Temple Graves, 
Alumni Dinner Speaker 

Commencement 1955 
To Bring Alumni 
To the Mountain 

While the Saturday of Commence- 
ment Week is formally designated 
Alumni Day, activities for alumni will 
begin on Thursday, June 9, when St. 
Luke's alumni hold a reunion designed 
to become an annual occasion. Evening 
Prayer at St. Luke's Chapel will be 
followed by a buffet supper at St. 
Luke's Hall to which alumni of the 
seminary and their wives are invited. 
Members of the board of regents, in- 
cluding the dean-elect, the Rev. George 
Alexander, '38, will be special guests. 
Following supper there will be an ad- 
dress by the Rt. Rev. Girault M. Jones, 
D.D., '28, Bishop of Louisiana. 

The Alumni Council, composed of 
national, class, and chapter officers will 
have a special meeting on Thursday 
night instead of Friday afternoon. 
Members of the Alumni Council are 
listed on page four of this issue. Other 
Commencement guests are invited to a 
production of Blithe Spirit, presented 
by Alpha Psi Omega, dramatics society. 

The trustees will meet all day on Fri- 
day, with luncheon at noon with the 
faculty and staff as the guests of the 
Vice-Chancellor. Late Friday after- 
noon the Old Timers of the Classes of 
1907-1911 will have their annual re- 
union at Tuckaway Inn. The Red Rib- 
bon Society dinner will be held at 
Bairnwick. That evening Dr. and Mrs. 
McCrady will entertain at the Vice- 
Chancellor's reception at Fulford Hall. 

Alumni Day, June 11, will begin with 
a corporate communion at All Saints' 
Chapel at 9: 00 a.m., followed by a me- 
morial service for deceased alumni at 
St. Augustine's Stone. John B. Greer, 
'08, will preside at the annual meeting 
at 10:00 ajn. in the Union Theatre. 
A reunion is scheduled for noon and 
afternoon for the classes of 1934, 
1935 (twentieth), 1936, and 1937 at the 
homes of the Alumni Secretary and of 
Douglas Vaughan, '35. The class of 
1915 (fortieth anniversary), joined by 
the classes of 1914, 1916, and 1917, will 
meet. The class of 1905 will celebrate 
its fiftieth anniversary. The class of 
1895 is sending a sixtieth anniversary 
gift to the University. 

Dr. John Temple Graves of Birming- 
ham, honorary alumnus and widely- 
syndicated journalist, will speak at the 
Alumni Dinner on Saturday evening. 
The German Club Dance will follow 
the dinner. 

Ground will be broken for Sessums 

Cleveland Hall during Commencement 

Week. The service will probably be held 

on Sunday, June 12, immedia eh after 

(Continued on page 5) 

May, Nineteen Fifty -Five 

^ewanee z^Alumni 3\(ews 

Sewanee Alumni News, issued quarterly by trie 
Associated Alumni of The University of the 
South, at Sewanee, Tennessee. Entered as second- 
class matter Feb. 25, 1934. at the postoffice at Se- 
wanee, Tenn.. under the Act of March 3. 1879. 

MAY 15, 1955 
Volume XXI, No. 2 

Member American Alumni Council 

Arthur Ben Chitty, '35 Editor 

Barbara A. Tinnes, E. N. Chitty 

Associate Editors 

The Associated Alumni Officers 

John B. Greer. '08 President 

Michaux Nash. '26 \st Fire- Pres. 

T. C. Brown Burch, *2l....2fu/ Vice-Pres. 

Moultrie Burns, '31 3rd Vice-Pres. 

Rev. Al P. Chambliss, '40 .... Rer. Ser'y 
Douglas L. Vaughan. '35... Treasurer 
Arthur Ben Chitty, ' '35 ... Alumni Sec'y 

St. Luke's Alumni 
Rev. Robert F. Cowling, '50 . .President 

Sewanee Military Academy 
Edgar T. McHenry. '52 President 

The Alumni Council is composed of 
the officers, class leaders, chapter 
presidents, and the Vice-Chancellor. 

William D. Cleveland, '93, Henry T. 
Soaper, '94, Rev. Caleb B. K. Weed, '95, 
Alex Blacklock, '96. Richard W. Hocue, 
'97, Judge Bayard Shields, '98, Robert 
Jemison, Jr., '99, Lucien Memminger, 
'CO. Col. H. T. Bull, '01, Phelan Beale, 
'02, Herbert E. Smith, '03, William W. 
Lewis, '04, Rev. Prentice Pugh, '05, Col. 
William G. deRosset, '06, George L. 
Watkins, '07, Rt. Rev. R. B. Mitchell, 
'08, Judge Carey J. Ellis, '09, Eric P. 
Cheape, 10, Rt. Rev. Frank A. Juhan, 
11, Philip B. Whitaker, 12, Edmund C. 
Armes, 13, Rev. Willis P. Gerhart, 14, 
William B. Hamilton, 15, Rev. George 
Ossman, 16, Frederick M. Morris, 17. 
Malcolm Fooshee, 18, O. Beirne Chis- 
olm, 19. Rev. William S. Stoney, '20, 
J. C. Brown Burch, '21, Charles D. 
Conway, '22, Gordon S. Rather, '23, 
Roland Jones, '25, Coleman A. Harwell, 
'26, Rev. W. S. Turner, '27, Joe Earnest, 
'28, Stanyarne Burrows, '29, Dr. Tho- 
mas Parker, '30, John M. Ezzell, '31, 
Jay D. Patton, '32, A. H. Jeffress, '33, R. 
Morey Hart, '34, E. Ragland Dobbins, 
'35, Rev. David S. Rose. '36, Augustus 
T. Graydon, '37, William N. Wilker- 
son, '38, Alex Guerry, Jr., '39, Theo- 
dore D. Stoney, '40, Dr. Phillip de- 
Wolfe, '41, Ashby M. Sutherland, '42, 
Frank W. Greer, '43, Rev. Grover Ali- 
son. Jr., '44, William Nelson, '45, Rev. 
Charles E. Karsten, Jr., '46, James G. 
Cate, Jr., '47, Blackburn Hughes, Jr., 
'48, John P. Guerry. '49, Richard B. 
Doss, '50, Allen L. Bartlett, Jr., '51, 
W. Brown Patterson, Jr., '52, Bertram 
Wyatt-Brown. '53, Dr. William E. 
Baldwin, Honorary. 

The Rising of All Saints' for the Sewanee Centennial 

Centennial Alumni Directory Plans 

The August issue of the Sewanee Alumni News will be the list of matriculants 
from 1868 to 1920. Editor Helen A. Petry sends her most grateful thanks to the 
many persons who have returned inquiry cards and who have assisted in obtaining 
information about alumni. Material received before July 1 will be included in this 
section of the directory. Please return promptly inquiries sent you in order that 
you or your kinsman may be correctly listed in the directory. The 1955 section 
will also list trustees and recipients of honorary degrees from the University of the 

The Matriculation Register (1868-1920) will be sent without charge to all alumni 
who have contributed to any department of the University in the last five years; 
gifts in or since 1950 will be credited. Other alumni may obtain the directory by 
sending a gift of any size to the University. 

The Sewanee Centennial Alumni Directory is being published in sections as the 
summer issues of the Sewanee Alumni News each year. Jn 1954 the geographical 
directory was published, listing 8,475 living alumni arranged by states and cities. 
The 1955 edition will be chronological in arrangement, will include every matricu- 
lant whether now living or deceased, and will give fuller biographical derails than 
the 1954 section. The publishing schedule calls for a second section of the matri- 
cu'ation register (since 1920) in 1956 and an alphabetical index of all persons who 
have attended Sewanee in 1957. 

So Grave a Responsibility 

Because it expresses so much so well, because it shows so clearly the way itij 
which the University of the South is a part of the organizational structure of each 
of the owning dioceses, we reprint (with permission of and thanks to Bishop Jones) 
this editorial from CHURCHWORK, the sprightly diocesan newspaper of Louisi- 
ana. It was dated June 7, 1954, but is timely in any month or year. 

My dear Friends: 

This monthly letter gets written at the most unexpected moments. This time, I 
am on board train en route to Sewanee for Commencement. 

One wonders why I make this annual pilgrimage. It is true that I have Semi- 
narians who will graduate. But I do not go to General or to Seabury-Western 
where some of our other Seniors finished. It is also true that I am an alumnus of 
Sewanee and I like to go back. But life is too busy to give a week to that kind 
of p'easure. Why do I go back? 

The answer is that I am Bishop of one of the owning Dioceses. Sewanee belongs 
to Louisiana as much as to any other group in the Church. I am, by law, a Trus- 
tee. And since my consecration vows pledged me to a dutiful stewardship in all 
things pertaining to this office of Bishop, I must not neglect so grave a responsi- 
bility. When the Trustees meet my job is to be there. 

Remember, too, that I am there as one of your representatives. It is only as 
your Trustee tba+ I have any voice there. It is to demonstrate your irterest and 
to pledge your support that I go. Needless to say, my promises mean little — unless 
you back me. Support Sewanee! 


Gtrault Jones 


Julian R. deOvies, '29. Mobile; Col. H. 
T. Bull, '01, Southern California; Rob- 
ert M. Gamble, '34, Washington; Philip 
H. James, A'35. Jacksonville; R. Morey 
Hart, '34, Pensacola; E. Ragland Dob- 
bins, '35 A'larta; Ralph H. Ruch, '35, 
Louisville; Robert A. Holloway, '36, 
B-ton Rouge; Fred W. Sinclair, Jr., 
A'34, New Orleans; John McW. Ford, 
'00, Shreveport; Stephen L. Burwell, 

'32, Jackson; O. Morgan Hall, '39, St. 
Louis; John H. Duncan, Jr., '41, New 
York; J. Walker Coleman. Jr., '40, 
Coastal Carolina; Robert W. Daniel, 
'35, Knoxville; Robert G. Snowden, '40, 
Memphis; James W. Moody, Jr., '42, 
Nashville; Henry C. Cortes, Jr., '39, 
Dallas; Currin R. Gass, '42, Houston; 
Frank M. Gillespie, 11, San Antonio; 
Horace Coleman, '50, Norfolk. 

The Sewanee Alumni News 

On The Mountain . . . 

Homes Open 
On Pilgrimage 

Five homes were open on April 24 
when Sewanee participated in the an- 
nual Tennessee pilgrimage of the As- 
sociation for the Preservation of Ten- 
nessee Antiquities. Open for the first 
time were the homes of Miss Charlotte 
Gailor and Dr. Elizabeth W. Kirby- 
Smith. Miss Gailor's home was built 
during the 1870's and has been occu- 
pied by the family of the Rt. Rev. Tho- 
mas F. Gailor since the early 1880's. 
Dr. Kirby-Smith's home was built in 
1949 and was designed by James Fitz- 
gibbon, professor of architecture then 
at the University of Okahoma and now 
at North Carolina State. 

Other homes were Rebel's Rest, built 
in 1866 and occupied since that time 
by. the family of George R. Fairbanks, 
the University's first commissioner of 
buildings and lands, and now the resi- 
dence of his granddaughter, Mrs. T. E. 
Dudney, registrar; the home of Mrs. 
Telfair Hodgson, built by Josiah Gor- 
gas, second vice-chancellor, and occu- 
pied sirce about 1878 by the families of 
Vice-Chancellor Telfair Hodgson and 
his son, Telfair Hodgson, treasurer of 
the University; and Fulford Hall, the 
home of Vice-Chancellor McCrady, and 
previously the home of Vice-Chancel- 
lors Quintard, Wiggins, Guerry, and 

A display was arranged in All Saints' 
Chapel and the Archives and Library 
were open for visi+ors. Mrs. William 
Lynch Ware served as pilgrimage chair- 

Commencement 1955 
To Bring Alumni 
To the Mountain 

(Continued from page 3) 
the Baccalaureate Service in All Saints' 
Chapel. The Chancellor, the Rt. Rev. R. 
Bland Mitchell, '08, will be in charge of 
the service. Mrs. Cleveland and her 
daughters expect to be present. 

On Sunday the baccalaureate preach- 
er will be the Rev. William Capers 
Munds. D.D., of Greerville. Dela- 
ware. On Sunday night the choir will 
present a concert. On Monday the 
Commencement Orator will be Leroy A. 
Lincoln, chairman of the board of the 
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. 
Air Force commissions will be given 
to ROTC graduates that morning. 

Fraternity reunions and meetings of 
alumni chapters are set for Sunday af- 
ternoon. In addition, a number of fra- 
ternities will entertain at open houses 
to which all Commencement guests are 
invited: Phi Gamma Delta, smorgas- 
bord at 1:00 p.m. Saturday; Kappa Sig- 
ma, Saturday at 4:00 pjn.; Phi Delta 
Theta, tomato juice following chapel 
on Sunday; Sigma Nu, Sunday at 4:00 
p.m.; and Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Mon- 
day after the Commencement service. 

On the Cover 

At the Air Force annual awards 
ceremony Dr. Robert W. B. Elliott, '94, 
honorary colonel, presents the Guerry 
Medal for Scholarship to M/Sgt. Jo- 
seph McAllister, Cambridge, Maryland, 
a Baker Scholar who received his sec- 
ond award with a straight-A average 
for five semesters. Other cadets and 
their awards, left to right, are Lt. Col. 
Robert Cherry, Nashville, first L. Kem- 
per Williams Senior Medal; Ma). Frank 
Bozeman, Warrington, Florida, Profes- 
sor of Air Science Medal; Maj. Philip 
B. Whitaker, Jr., Chattanooga, second 
L. Kemper Williams Senior Medal; Maj. 
Edward McCrady, Jr., Sewanee, Con- 
vair Award of Merit; and 2nd Lt. Edgar 
T. McHenry, Jr., Memphis, Air Force 
Association Medal for the outstanding 
junior cadet. Cadet McCrady is the first 
senior to apply for flight training. Ca- 
det McHenry is president of the SMA 
Alumni Association. 

Philological Association 
Holds Fiftieth Meeting 

The Tennessee Philological Associa- 
tion, founded at Sewanee in 1905, re- 
turned to the Mountain in March for 
its fiftieth anniversary. The Univer- 
sity was host to the group, composed 
principally of college teachers of lan- 
guage, which held many of its sessions 
at the DuBose Conference Center in 
Monteagle. Dr. Bayly Turlington, '42, 
was in charge of arrangements. The 
vice-chancellor addressed the confer- 
ence and greetings were read from Dr. 
Glen Levin Swiggett of Washington, D. 
C, a member of Sewanee's faculty at 
the time of the founding. 

Bishop Juhan s Travels 

During March and April Bishop 
Frank A. Juhan, chairman of the Se- 
wanee Centennial Fund, became the 
first Southern bishop in many years to 
spend a full month in the interests of 
the University of the South. The bish- 
op's itinerary included stops in Louisi- 
ana, Texas, Tennessee, and South Ca- 

Wherever he went, Bishop Juhan pre- 
sented the needs of the University to 
a carefully selected list of persons 
known to be interested in Sewanee and 
able to give generously. His efforts 
already have brought excellent re- 
sponse in cash gifts and five new names 
have been added to the list of those 
who have placed Sewanee in their wills. 

Special events for the ladies accom- 
panying their husbands to Commence- 
ment will include a luncheon for wives 
of trustees on Friday, a morning party 
on Saturday given by the Sewanee 
Woman's Club, and supper on Satur- 
day night at the home of Mrs. Edward 

Mountain Goats Sought 

A Mountain Goat of one sort or an- 
other has been a part of the Sewanee 
scene for one hundred years. In 1854 
the wood-burner which was later to 
carry that name came chugging up the 
Mountain for its first trip over the 
newly laid rails. From the time the 
first students came in 1868 until the 
highway was finished in 1922, it was 
almost the only access Sewanee had to 
the outside world. In the past quarter- 
century the Mountain Goat has pro- 
gressively suffered a darker and darker 
eclipse from buses and automobiles. 
Some years ago the passenger car was 
discontinued and the Goat went back 
to the whimsically scheduled trips it 
had enjoyed in its earlier days. Today 
the Goat makes only three trips each 
week hauling empty cars up the Moun- 
tain to the coal fields at Tracy City and 
hauling loaded gondolas back. There is 
an occasional freight car for the Uni- 

In the 1930s another Mountain Goat 
came on the scene as a raucous humor 
magazine. It was frowned upon by the 
authorities and much beloved by the 
students. Since World War II the Goat 
has undergone a further metamorpho- 
si ' and now appears annual'y in 
more respectable garb as a literary 

A search of the archives reveals there 
is no complete file of the Mountain 
Goat. Collectors of this publication who 
may have saved their copies are asked 
to send them to Mrs. Oscar N. Torian 
so the University may have a full set. 

Cap & Gown Available 

A few copies of the Cap and Gown 
will, be available for purchase by alum- 
ni. Copies may be ordered for $5.00 
each from J. David Lindholm, Student 
Pes.' Office, Sewanee, Tennessee. The 
annual is again this year being printed 
in the larger size adopted in 1953. 

Choir Records On Sale 

These who enjoyed the first record- 
ing made by the forty-voice University 
Choir in 1951, as well as those who 
were unable to get that album, will be 
happy to learn that a new choir rec- 
ord made by the same company, Re- 
corded Publications, will be ready June 
1. On the long-playing ten-inch disc 
will be ten religious numbers, many of 
them sung acappella, including the mu- 
sic of Bach, Jan Smit, Flors Peeters, 
Jacob Handl and Vittoria. Mail orders 
will be filled promptly after June 1. 

Sewanee Music Club 
Sewanee, Tennessee 

Please send me albums of 

the rew University Choir record. 1 
enclose ($4.25 for each al- 
bum including mailing charge). 



May, Nineteen Fifty-Five 

With Alumni Chapters 

San Antonio 
Hears Juhan 

Sewanee alumni of San Antonio met 
for luncheon at the St. Anthony Hotel 
on March 15. It was a homecoming of 
sorts for Bishop Frank A. Juhan, the 
principal speaker. The bishop entered 
Sewanee from San Antonio and served 
his first missions in West Texas. A pro- 
gress report on Sewanee was the topic 
for discussion, to which contributions 
were made by recently retired chair- 
man of the board of regents Frank M. 
Gillespie, '11, and alumni secretary 
Arthur Ben Chitty, '35. 

O'hers present were George C. Ay res, 
'52, Robert M. Ayres, Jr., '49, Edward 
A. Barrett, '52. Rev. John T. DeForrest, 
Jr., '49, Frank L. Dickson, '46, Neil S. 
Edmond, 18, Frank M. Gillespie, Jr., 
'38, James V. Gillespie. '41, John P. 
Henderson, '32, Arthur M. Michael, '07, 
Rev. Samuel S. Monk, Jr., '50, Joseph R. 
Murphy, '17, Russell S. Ponder, '30, and 
a guest, William C. Morris. 

Baker Addresses 
Atlanta Club 

Dean Emeritus George M. Baker was 
the principal speaker at a mee + ing of 
the Sewanee Club of Atlanta in March 
arranged by T. G. Linthicum, '23, pro- 
gram chairman. E. Ragland Dobbins, 
'35, is president of the Atlanta group 
of Sewanee alumni and friends. The 
next event will be a Founders' Day 
gathering in October. 

In December Dr. Ben F. Cameron, 
Jr., '42, director of admissions, visited 
the Atlanta Club and spoke to pros- 
pective students and their parents. 

Nashville Seeks 
College Students 

Nashville alumni early in April en- 
tertained a group of prospective stu- 
dents at the home of Robertson Mc- 
Donald, '50. In addition to work in 
behalf of admissions at Sewanee, the 
Nashville organization has been parti- 
cularly interested in seeing that Se- 
wanee is in the budget of each Episco- 
pal parish in Nashville. James W. 
Moody, Jr., '42, is president of the 
Nashville Sewanee club, and John H. 
Haggard, '51, is in charge of the fund- 
raising activities. 

New York alumni represented the 
University in the second National 
Christian College Day service at the 
Cathedral of St. John the Divine. 

McCrady Speaks 
At Washington 

Dr. Edward McCrady was the prin- 
cipal speaker at the meeting of the 
Washington alumni chapter on April 
5 at the Army-Navy Club. Following 
his talk there was a question-and-an- 
tiwer session about current affairs on 
the Mountain. Robert M. Gamble, '34, 
was elected president, succeeding Le- 
onidas P. B. Emerson, '47. Marshall 
Turner, '37, of Baltimore is vice-presi- 
dent, G. Albert Woods, '44, secretary, 
and Charles L. Widney, Jr., '49, treas- 
urer. Forty persons attended the 

Members of the chapter participated 
in the Four-College Service at the Na- 
tional Cathedral on April 24. Congress- 
man Armistead I. Selden, '42, J. Thomas 
Schneider, 17, John R. Franklin, '36, 
D. Heyward Hamilton, Jr., '26, Mr. 
Emerson, and the alumni secretary re- 
presented Sewanee in the procession. 
Following the service alumni and 
friends of Trinity, Hobart, Kenyon, and 
Sewanee had coffee together. 

New York Alumni 
Honor Dean Baker 

(Continued from page 3) 

hia long and distinguished service to 
the cause of Christian education were 
also offered in letters and telegrams 
from the Most Rev. Henry Knox Sher- 
rill. Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal 
Church, a graduate of Yale and a mem- 
ber of the Yale Corporation; from Vice- 
Chancellor Edward McCrady, and from 
four bishops whom the dean presented 
for their undergraduate degrees: Bish- 
op Carruthers of South Carolina, Bish- 
op Wright of East Carolina, Bishop 
Hines, coadjutor of Texas, and Bishop 
Kinsolving, coadjutor of New Mexico 
and Southwest Texas. 

Columbia University's Bi-Centennial 
Medals were presented to Dean Baker 
and to his successor, Dean Charles T. 
Harrison, on behalf of a Columbia grad- 
uate and Sewanee alumnus, by the 
chap'ain of Columbia University and 
head of her Religious Department, the 
Rev. Dr. John McG. Krumm. 

The chapter's gift to Dean and Mrs. 
Baker was two silver goblets. 

Seated at the head table (see below) 
were, left to right, Dr. William Cabell 
Greet; John E. Palmer; Chaplain 
Krumm; the Hon. Richard W. Boiling, 
M. C; the Rev. Dr. J. V. Langmead 
Casserley; Dr. Baker, the guest of hon- 
our; John H. Duncan, chapter presi- 
dent; the Rev. Dr. Roelif H. Brooks; 
the Hon. Armistead I. Selden, Jr., M.C.; 
Lt. Gen. Willis D. Crittenberger, U. S. 
Army (Ret.), president of the West 
Point Society of New York; Regent J. 
Albert Woods; and Dean Harrison. The 
Rev. Dr. Roelif H. Brooks, rector emeri- 
tus of St. Thomas' Church, New York, 
an honorary alumnus of the Univer- 
sity, dismissed the company with his 

Dean Baker's professorship extended 
from 1914 to his retirement in 1952, the 
longest teaching record in Sewanee's 
history — the next in length of service 
being that of the Very Rev. Dr. William 
Porcher DuBose, which extended from 
1871 to 1907. 

New York Alumni Honor Dean Baker (See Story Above) . 

The Sewanee Alumni News 

About Sewanee Alumni 

The Gillespies of Texas: Frank, Jr., '38, Frank. '11, anp 
James Vance, '41. 

The Camerons of Mississippi: Winston, '44, Ben, Jr., '42, and 
Ben, '11. 

Gillespie* s Slate Wins 
San Antonio Election 

Before 1955, Frank Morgan Gillespie, 
'11, PDT, had never been a politician. 
But on April 6, when streamer head- 
lines of the San Antonio Express 
TORY, Sewanee's key alumnus in West 
Texas took his place among top vote- 
getters. Yet he didn't get a single vote 
for himself. 

By 1954 the folks who lived in Alamo 
town might have disagreed on many 
things but there was a unanimity of 
feeling about one item. The city gov- 
ernment was bad and something ought 
to be done. A group of citizens per- 
suaded Gillespie to take the chairman- 
ship of a Good Government League. 
What happened from there is a blue- 
print for any city in similar straits. 

Gillespie first declined every offer to 
seek an office for himself. He then 
began rounding up a slate of business- 
men — non-professionals in politics, men 
normally unavailable for pubic office. 
It was tough. Everyone he approached 
was enthusiastic about the idea but no 
one would let his name be presented. 
As the deadline for qualifying drew 
near, Gillespie's list was blank. With 
only hours to spare he finally lined up 
eight candidates for nine spots on the 
city council. He had succeeded in the 
principal purpose of the League, "to 
draft citizens of highest calibre — whose 
first interests are the welfare of San 
Antonio — to become candidates." 

The newspapers lined up unanimous- 
ly, a miracle of first magnitude. Then 
came radio stations, clubs, churches, 
mass meetings, speeches, membership 
blanks, printed argument and counter 
argument. The fight became bitter and 
Frank Gillespie's 8x8 glass-enclosed of- 
fice at the Ford Motor Company be- 
came the nerve center of the opposition. 
The machine was powerful and pulled 
no punches. Veteran observers pre- 
dicted a close race and hoped the 
League might win a bare majority on 
the council. 

Instead, every GGL candidate was 
swept in without a runoff. All candi- 
dates received about the same vote, in- 
dicating straight-ticket balloting. Win- 
ning candidates were praised for hav- 

Dicus Named 
West Texas Bishop 

The Rev. Richard Earl Dicus, '36, rec- 
tor of the Church of the Redeemer, 
Eagle Pass, was elected suffragan bish- 
op of We^t. Texas on April 18. At the 
time the Alumni News went to press, 
information about his aceotance of the 
election had not reached the Mountain. 
He would serve as assis+ant to the Rt. 
Rev. Everett H. Jones, D.D., H'43, in a 
diocese in which he ha<= been chairman 
of the department of Chris+ian educa- 
tion, member of the standing committee 
and the executive board, and three 
times deputy to General Convention. He 
has been the West Texas clerical trus- 
tee on the Sewaree board. 

He received B.A. and B.D. degrees 
at Sewanee in 1936 and 1937. Since 
then he has held posts in Arizona, Ar- 
kansas, and West Texas. 

Touring the West? 

The Rev. Edward Ostertag, '49, in- 
vites Sewanee men vacationing in the 
neighborhood of Raton in the moun- 
tain country of northern New Mexico 
to stop by the rectory of Holy Trinity. 
The ex+ra bedroom there is always 
open to Sewanee friends, he says. 

A similar invitation has come from 
Goorge W. Hopper, '51, whose home at 
Cody is near the entrance to Yellow- 
stone Park though Mr. H^poer's offer 
does not irclude overnight hospitality. 

ing set "a new tone of decency, hon- 
esty, and truthfulness." 

Gi''espie takes it all in his stride. 
He is a key man in Episcopal diocesan 
affairs, is into everything at St. Mark's 
Church, and is a past chairman of War 
Chest, Red Cross, and Symphony So- 
ciety. But his chief hobby is Sewanee. 
When at the height of the political 
campaign Bi=hop Juhan arrived to work 
for the University, who chauffered him 
to make every call? None other than 
Fr?nk Morgan Gillespie, 11, PDT. 

When he takes his first trip to Eu- 
rope this summer with his wife, Zeliine, 
daughter of James Milton Vance, '79, 
he will carry with him the gratitude 
of cour.t'ess ci'izens of Texas' most his- 
toric city and will leave behind him 
two competent lieutenants, Frank, Jr., 
'38, and James V., '41. 

Cameron Appointed 
Federal Judge 

Benjamin F. Cameron, '11, was made 
judge of the United States Court of 
Appeals on March 22. The prominent 
attorney from Meridian became the first 
Mississippi Republican to hold a fed- 
eral judgeship for over fifty years. The 
fifth circuit includes Texas, Louisiana, 
Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and the 
Canal Zone. 

Judge Cameron has been closely iden- 
tified with Sewanee since his gradua- 
tion. He has been a member of Se- 
wanee's board of trustees and a regent. 
He has sent two sons to the University, 
of whom the elder, Ben, Jr., '42, is now 
director of admissions. Winston, '44, 
has been a law partner of his father. 

After completing his B.A. at Sewanee 
Judge Cameron took a law degree at 
Cumberland University. At present 
Sewanee has no alumnus serving in a 
higher court. 

Laudatory comment came from all 
over the state following the Eisenhower 
appointment. Excerpts included ''a 
Christian gentleman of rare legal abili- 
ty .. . the decision is a compliment 
to the President . . . could not have 
found a better man . . . his public use- 
fulness has been beyond measure . . . 
unshakable in what he believes . . . 
brilliant attorney . . . humble . . . fair 
to all." 

Holland Directs 

John W. Holland, '25, KS, has been 
made director of the U. S. Immigration 
and Naturalization Service in seven 
eastern states and the District of Co- 
lumbia. He directs activities in New 
Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Vir- 
ginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and 
North Carolina. He entered the ser- 
vice as a border patro'man at Laredo, 
Texas, in 1931. Since 1951 he has been 
district director at San Antonio, where 
his office was credited with apprehend- 
ing more than 366,000 aliens trying to 
cross the Mexican border illegally. In 
the Philadelphia district, the emphasis 
is on acceleration of naturalization of 
immigrants who entered the country 
legally rather than on prevention of 
illegal immigration. 

May } Nineteen Fifty-Five 

Sewanee Men 
In the News 

Col. Henry T. Bull, '01, SAE, has re- 
ceived another recognition of his ser- 
vices to the Episcopal Church. In 
January he was presented the Award 
of Merit of the diocese of Los Angeles. 

Dr. J. N. Land, '03, in February 
closed his office in Anderson, South 
Carolina, where he had practiced since 
1918. He served at Camp Hancock in 
Augusta, Georgia, in World War I. Dr. 
Land feels that more medical progress 
has occurred in the last few years than 
in the first thirty of his practice. 

Friends of Frank A. Gumm, '07, will 
be interested in the success of his 
daughter, Judy Garland, in "A Star is 
Born." He died in 1935 on the eve of 
her first big network broadcast. 

The Rev. Joseph H. Harvey, '07, is 
secretary and bulletin editor for the 
University City, Missouri, Kiwanis Club, 
and is chairman of the committee for 
the Support of the Church. Retired 
from the active ministry, he takes a 
few services each month. 

Philip B. Whitaker, 12, SAE, Chat- 
tanooga attorney, addressed an open 
meeting of Pi Gamma Mu, social science 
society, at Sewanee on April 28. 

H. Powell Yates, '25, ATO, lectured 
on insurance law at the University of 
Virginia in April. His daughter, Ellen, 
is at St. Mary's School, Sewanee, and 
his son, Bill, is at SMA. 

C. S. Gooch, '27, KS, has returned to 
the States after working in Brazil for 
an airline and for Otis Elevator Com- 
pany. His son will enter the College 
next fall. Address: 2012 Monroe Street, 
Amarillo, Texas. 

John Cleghorn, '29, KS, is general 
manager of WHBQ radio and television 
station in Memphis. In January his new 
home was dedicated with a religious 
service instead of the more prevalent 
social housewarming. He is an elder 
in the Second Presbyterian Church in 

Bishops James M. Stoney, 11, and C. J. Kinsolving, '25. 

The new organ in the chapel of St. 
Andrew's School, Middletown, Dela- 
ware, has been dedicated in memory 
of James Craik Morris, Jr., '29, ATO, 
who was organist for eleven years in 
addition to his service for seventeen 
years as teacher of art and thirteen 
years as teacher of English. New hym- 
nals also were dedicated in his mem- 
ory. He was choirmaster at the time 
of his death last year. A window has 
been placed in St. Mary's Cathedral, 
Memphis, in memory of his father, 
Bishop J. Craik Morris, '91, ATO, whc 
was dean there from 1901 to 1916. 

William Leech, '32, PGD, attorney 
and co-owner of a radio station in 
Jackson, Tennessee, has filed an appli- 
cation for permission to operate a sta- 
tion at New Johnsonville, Tennessee, 
site of a TVA installation. 

Lyle B. Reeb. '43, DTD, is the pro- 
ducer of a television program from 
Newark, New Jersey, and is a disc 
jockey on Station WAAT. In the 
Woodbridge municipal election he will 

The two tiny figures in the foreground are Betsy and Tom - 
my Daniel, great-grandchildren of the late Rt. Rev. Thomas 
f rank Gailoi . They are looking actually, as he so often did 
figuratively, at "the glory that was Greece." Their father. 
Eh r. Robert W. Daniel, '35. has been Fulbrightening the east- 
ern. Mediterranean thrmigh his lectureship at the University 
of Athens. 

Sewanee Bishops of 
The Rio Grande 

Bishop James M. Stoney, 11, dioce- 
san of New Mexico and Southwest 
Texas, and C. J. Kinsolving, '25, are the 
first team of Sewanee bishops to hold 
B.A., B.D., and D.D. degrees from the 
University of the South. Contrasting 
their Sewanee experience, Bishop Sto- 
ney says that Bishop Kinsolving went 
in for studying and wound up a Phi 
Beta Kappa, while he concentrated on 
athletics and has a handful of foot- 
ball letters. 

Louisiana's diocesan, Girault M. Jones, 
'28, and suffragan, Iveson Noland, '40, 
are graduates of the seminary who took 
their college work at the University 
of Mississippi and Louisiana State Uni- 
versity. Mississippi had a Sewanee di- 
ocesan and coadjutor from 1919 to 1938, 
both of whom attended college and 
seminary. Theodore D. Bratton, '87, 
held B.D. and D.D. degrees, but never 
received a degree from the college of 
arts and sciences, as did William Mer- 
cer Green, II, '99. In South Carolina, 
Kirkman G. Finlay, '02, served 1921-22 
as coadjutor to William Alexander 
Guerry, '84, until the diocese was di- 
vided and he became bishop of Upper 
South Carolina. Bishop Finlay had 
only a theological degree from Se- 
wanee, while Bishop Guerry had M.A. 
and B.D. degrees. 

be the Republican candidate for mayor. 

Blackburn Hughes, Jr., '48, PDT, has 
received a master of education degree 
from Harvard University. He is teach- 
ing at St. Andrew's School, Middle- 
town, Delaware. 

John P. Guerry, '49, SAE, is first 
president of the Tennessee State 
Tennis Association, organized this 
spring. Alex Wellford, '34, SAE, is 

Robert S. Mellon, '49, SAE, is an 
attorney in New Orleans. He received 
an LL.B degree from Tulane last year. 
He was married in 1952 to Marcia van 

The Sewanee Alumni News 

Sant Lansford and they have one child, 
Lansford Foxworthy. 

Edward Putman, '49, DTD, is an in- 
structor in economics at Texas West- 
ern College in El Paso. 

John W. Arnold, '50, DTD, is now a 
member of the American Institute of 
Accountants, national professional so- 
ciety. He is a public accountant in Win- 
chester, Tennessee. 

Eugene O. Harris, III, '51, PDT, and 
Nancy Green presented a series of 
scenes from great European drama- 
tists at the Centennial Club in Nash- 
ville on April 16. Included in their 
repertoire were Sophocles, Shaw, 
Shakespeare, Moliere, Sheridan, Ibsen, 
Wilde, Jeffers, and Fry. 

Hartwell D. Hooper, '51, BTP, is 
with the labor relations department of 
Reynolds Metal Company at Muscle 
Shoals, Alabama, and is living in Flo- 
rence nearby. 

James H. Bratton, Jr., '52, has been 
elected to the editorial board of the 
Yale Law Journal. He received a B.A. 
degree from Oxford in 1954, upon com- 
pletion of a Fulbright scholarship. 

George W. Dexheimer, '52, BTP, has 
a sales training job in southwestern 
Missouri and southeastern Kansas with 
Certain-teed Products. Address: Box 
34, Pittsburg, Kansas. 

George Thurmond, '52, of Del Rio, 
Texas, is serving in the state legislature 
at Austin while attending law school 
at night at the University of Texas. 

John E. Soller, '53, BTP, has sent 
greetings to the Mountain from Ra- 
venna, Italy, which he visited while a 
Fulbright scholar at the University of 
Gottingen, Germany. 

John T. Broome, '54, BTP, is work- 
ing for the Southern Railway in Wash- 
ing f on, D. C, and will enter the Vir- 
ginia Theological Seminary in Septem- 
ber. In June he will attend the inter- 
national convention in Miami of the 
barbershop quartet singers. 

Cortes To Speak At 
World Oil Congress 

Henry C. Cortes, '16, will describe 
new techniques of oil exploration to 
the Fourth World Petroleum Congress 
in Rome. June 6-15. The Sewanee 
geophysicist, sole representative of 
Magnolia Petroleum (Socony-Vacuum 
affiliate) at the congress, will be ac- 
companied on the trip by his wife, the 
former Ray Brooks of Sewanee. 

Cortes is described in petroleum cir- 
cles as a key figure in the discovery 
of oil and gas fields in the continental 
shelf areas of the Gulf of Mexico and 
California. His interpretations of mag- 
netic, gravimetric, and seismic da + a 
from radar, sonar, and continuous- 
wave readings resulted in his being 
made in March, 1954, a member of the 
board of directors of Magnolia and ex- 
ecutive in charge of research. 

Cortes has served as president of the 
Society of Exploration Geophysicists, 
the Geological Society, and the Petro- 
leum Club of Dallas. He is a fellow of 
the Texas Academy of Science. 

Chip man Given 
British Medal 

Dr. John M. Chipman, '20, head of 
the department of metallurgy at the 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 
has been awarded the Bessemer Gold 
Medal for 1955 by the Iron and Steel 
Institute of Great Britain. The award 
is in recognition of his distinguished 
contributions to the knowledge of the 
physical chemistry of steelmaking. He 
holds B.S. and D.Sc. degrees from Se- 
wanee, an M.S. from the State Uni- 
versity of Iowa, and a Ph.D. from the 
University of California. He has taught 
at the Georgia Institute of Technology, 
the University of Michigan, and at 
M. I. T. since 1937. He has received 
the Howe Medal of the American So- 
ciety of Medals and the Hunt Award 
of the American Institute of Mining 
and Metallurgical Engineers. 

Sewanee Bookshelf 

The Rev. William Postell Wi+sell, '99, 
rector emeritus of Christ Church, Little 
Rock, Arkansas, has added another 
book to his impressive list of publica- 
tions. The latest is Come, published 
by The Christophers of Boston ($2.50). 
Other books by Dr. Witsell include Our 
Church, One Through the Ages; The 
Bible and Evolution; Some Important 
Facts in Church History; A History o/ 
Christ Episcopal Church, Little Rock; 
Two Vital Questions: Why Pray and 
After Death — What? and Jesus Christ, 
the Light of the World. 

Review A nnounces 

Sewanee Review fellowships for 1955- 
56 were recently awarded three pro- 
mising young Southern writers, one a 
Sewanee graduate. 

The fellowships went to: 

Louis O. Coxe, now teaching at 
Minnesota, to complete a series of 
poems and a verse drama; Mac Ham- 
mond, a 1948 University graduate now 
working toward a Ph.D. at Harvard, 
for a project in poetry; and Walter 
Sullivan, now teaching at Vanderbilt, 
to complete a novel. 

All three have had their works pub- 
lished in magazines and quarterlies. 
The awards to Coxe and Sullivan 
amount to $3,500 each since both are 
married, and Hammond's award 
amounts to $2,500. 

These grants mark the third and final 
set of awards from the nearly $45,000 
Rockefeller Foundation grant made to 
the publication in 1953'. The fellow- 
ships have been awarded and adminis- 
tered by Review Editor Monroe K. 
Speanj and three advisory editors — 
Poet Allen Tate, Novelist Andrew Lytic, 
and Drama Critic Francis Fergusson. 
The editors invited applications from 
promising young Southern writers 
whom they wished to consider. 

Pictured above are the Sewanee stu- 
dents at the General Theological Semi- 
nary in New York. Top row, left to 
right, are Edward G. Bierhaus, '54, John 
McGrory, '52, William P. Zion, '53; 
center row, George Hall, '54, Andre 
Trevathan, '53. Alan P. Bell, '52; and, 
front row, the Rev. William H. Ralston. 
'51, tutor, Chester Boynton, '53, and 
Ralph Banks. '54. Albert N. Minor, '52, 
was absent. A letter from Dean Rose 
to the New York alumni chapter has 
spoken of the fact that students who 
come to General from Sewanee can, in 
the fullest sense of the words, "read 
and write." 

Greer Goes To Texas 

The Frank W. Greers, he leader of 
the Class of 1943, have changed from 
building on to building up the land. 
From building con'ractor to farmer is 
his story since World War II. 

One post-war summer the family 
left Shreveport to vacation with other 
Greers in the Rio Grande Valley and 
decided to stay. Frank Greer got in 
touch with George J. Greer in Dallas 
and became manager of the George 
Greer Farms near Los Fresnos, known 
as "El Rancho del Cielo." Mr. Greer's 
academic Spanish needed a little col- 
loquializing, but soon he and the 
Mexican farm hands could converse 

The Greers started out in truck 
farming and cattle raising, but both 
plans were seriously thwarted by the 
freeze of 1951. The cattle froze in 
the field one night, the "refrigerated" 
meat was promptly eaten by the ranch 
hands, and a large field of lettuce had 
to be sacrificed. But they didn't let 
that or subsequent droughts discour- 
age them. They felt their lesser 
monetary gains were more than offset 
by the advantages of a more friendly 
and slower way of living. 

The two little boys, Frank, Jr., and 
Robert, love playing outdoors the year 
round, and they're both becoming 
adept at Spanish. Mrs. Greer is near- 
ing expert skill in freezing foods, and 
her husband's spare time is largely 
taken up with studying crop rotations 
and ways of obtaining larger yields. 

May, Nineteen Fifty-Five 


Ann Copley, daughter of George F. 
Biehl, '36, PGD, on August 24, 1954, in 
Houston. He is associated with the 
Thomas Groggan music store there. 

Currin Rather, Jr., son of Currin R. 
Gass ; '42, PDT, on January 10 in Hous- 
ton. Mr. Gass is an industrial engineer 
with Reed Roller Bit Company there. 

Pamela, daughter of R. Bland Mit- 
chell, '47, PDT, on December 13, 1954, 
in Curacao, Netherlands West Indies. 
Mr. Mitchell operates the Caribbean 
Photographic Studio there. 

James Brown, son of the Rev. James 
B. Vaught, '47, KA, in 1954. Mr. Vaught 
is in charge of Holy Innocents' Church, 

George Colquitt, III, son of the Rev. 
George C. Estes, '48, PGD, on March 18. 
Mr. Estes is rector of St. Thomas' 
Church and chaplain of Woodberry 
Forest at Orange, Virginia. 

Frank Erwin, Jr., son of the Rev. 
Frank E. McKenzie, '48, SN, on Febru- 
ary 2 in Morganton, North Carolina. 
Mr. McKenzie is now rector of St. 
Philip's Church in Brevard. 

Thomas Graham, son of L. Graham 
Barr, '49, PDT, on October 26, 1954, 
now in Columbus, Georgia. 

Richen Middleton, son of William F. 
Brame, '49, DTD, on January 21 at 
Brattleboro, Vermont. 

Hugh Stephen, son of the Rev. Hugh 
S. Saussy, Jr., '49, PGD, in 1954. Mr. 
Saussy is rector of St. Andrew's Church, 
Ft. Valley, Georgia. 

Katherine Ann, daughter of Rogers 
S. Harris, '51, KS, on May 3 in Sewa- 
nee. He is a student at St. Luke's. 

Nelson deRosset, son of the Rev. 
Frank M. Ross, '51, on January 18 at 
Alexandria, Louisiana. 

Mary Katherine, daughter of the Rev. 
Fred Wolf, '51, on December 6, 1954, 
in San Marcos, Texas. 


Albin P. Dearing, '31, ATO, to Eva 
Maria Schweiger in February in New 
York. Mr. Dearing is a partner of Tex 
McCrary in the New York public re- 
lations firm of McCrary and Dearing. 

John R. Franklin, '36, to Jane Sevier 
Vance on March 5 in Washington, D. C. 
Mr. Franklin is an attorney with the 
department of justice. They are living 
at 5630 Fourth Street, North, in Arling- 

James B. Clemens, '48, to Elinor Ol- 
son, on May 7 in Galveston, Texas. 

The Rev. Robert R. Parks, '49, to 
Nancy Lamar Bostick on April 20 in 
Quincy, Florida. Mr. Parks has suc- 
ceeded the Rev. Edward Harrison, '35, 
as rector of St. Paul's Church, Atlantic 
Beach, Florida. 

John Frank Alford, '50, to Joyce Kirk 
Spradley on March 19 in Birmingham. 
They are living in Albertville, Ala- 

Adelos Gorton, Jr., '51, KS, to Me- 
dora Jane Walker on December 28, 
1954, in Ft. Worth, Texas. He is a de- 
partment manager for Sears Roebuck 
in San Mateo, California. 

The Rev. Frank G. Rice, '51, to Isabel 
Jean McKay on December 30, 1954, in 
Ontario, Canada. He is rector of St. 
Anne's Church, Ft. Worth, Texas. 

Lt. (j.g.) William L. Smith, '51, to 
Betty Ann Johnson on April 30 in 

Pensacola, Florida. He is taking ad- 
vanced flight training at Corpus Christi, 

Ernest Baber Franklin, Jr., '53, PDT, 
to Corinne Vaile Scales on February 
18 in Nashville. They are living there 
at 5536 Knob Road. 

Edwin T. Bates, Jr., '54, BTP, to Leta 
Janel Gray on March 19 in New Mark- 
et, A'abama. 

William F. Bridgers, '54, ATO, to 
Anne Jenkins on February 10 in Dur- 
ham, Norih Carolina. He is a graduate 
student in biochemistry at the Duke 
School of Meckcine. 

David W. Harwell, '54, BTP, to Willie 
Nell Miles on March 12 in Florence, 
South Carolina. He is a student at the 
University of South Carolina following 
two years of service in the navy. 

Thomas W. Clifton. '55, DTD, to Al- 
monese Laval Brown, on March 27. 
They are living in New Jersey where 
he is sales representative for the Amer- 
ican Art Metals Company. 

George M. Woody, Jr., '56, to Sandra 
L. Gwynn on January 14 in Miami, 


Charles W. Thompson, C'88, KS, died 
April 29 in Nashville, where he made 
his home since his wife's death in 1951. 
For many years he was associated with 
his brother, the late Richard S. Thomp- 
son, C'91, in the Thompson Chemical 
Company, Brooklyn, New York. He is 
survived by a sis'er. 

Sam Turney, C'89, died March 8 in 
Columbia, Tennessee. He was a son of 
the late Gov. Turney and a retired em- 
ployee of the N. C. and St. L. Railway. 
He is survived by a son and three 

Dr. Percy H. Woodall, M'96, died 
April 12 in Birmingham, Alabama, 
where he was an osteopathic physician. 
For more than twenty years he was 
secretary of the Birmingham Boys 
Club. He is survived by his wife and 
two daughters. 

The Rev. Walter E. Dakin, T'98, died 
February 14 in St. Louis at the age of 
97. He served parishes in Ohio, Ten- 
nessee, and Mississippi, and since his 
retirement lived in Clayton, Missouri, 
spending part of each summer at Se- 
wanee. He is survived by a daughter 
and a grandson, the playwright Ten- 
nessee Williams. 

Dana T. Smith, C'99, LL.B.'99, DTD, 
died January 27 at his home in Den- 
ver, Colorado. He was assistant west- 
ern general counsel for the Union Pa- 
cific Railroad at the time of his 
retirement in 1946, and had been a 
railroad attorney since 1912. He is sur- 
vived by his wife. 

The Rev. Francis W. Ambler, C'96, 
G.D.'99, D.D.'42, DTD, died in Sum- 
merville, South Carolina, on March 19. 
He was rector of St. Paul's Church 
there for thirty-two years. He repre- 
sented South Carolina on the board of 
trustees. He is survived by his wife and 
two daughters. Mrs. Ambler is a des- 
cendant of Bishop Gregg of Texas, fifth 
chancellor of the University. 

George J. Gunther, '06, DTD, died in 
Memphis on July 21, 1954. He retired 
five years earlier as president of M. H. 
Gunther and Company, a cotton firm 
established by his father. He is sur- 

vived by his wife, a son, and a daugh- 

Dr. W. Ralph Bender, Ph.G.'08, M.D. 
'08, died December 29, 1954, in Hagers- 
town, Maryland, where he had prac- 
ticed since 1912. He served as the track 
physician at the Hagerstown Race Meet 
for years. He is survived by his wife 
and his mother. 

Dr. Joseph Whitaker, Ph.G.'07, M.D. 
'08, died December 14 in Monroe, Lou- 
isiana. He practiced medicine in St. 
Joseph, Louisiana, from 1916 until 
shortly before his death. Named gen- 
eral practitioner of the year by the dis- 
trict medical society in 1954, he was 
described as one of the great humani- 
tarians of Tensas Parish. He held of- 
fices in parish and state and in fra- 
ternal and medical groups. He is 
survived by his wife and a son, also a 

Dr. Thomas Collins Austin, M'09, 
died March 15 after an illness of ten 
years. He had been an ophthalmologist 
in Pasadena, California. He is survived 
by his wife. 

Emmett S. Newton, C'09, died Febru- 
ary 14 at his home on Lookout Moun- 
tain. He was president of Newton 
Chevrolet, president and treasurer of 
the Park Hotel in Chattanooga. He was 
active in movements for river improve- 
ment and other civic enterprises. He 
is survived by his wife and two daugh- 

Edmund P. Taliaferro, A'08, C'12, 
died October 16, 1954, in Tampa, Flori- 
da. He was chairman of the board of 
the First National Bank, which was 
founded by his father, and was a di- 
rector of several national corporations. 
He is survived by his wife, a son, and 
a daughter. 

John Bell Treanor, Jr., C'19, died 
March 26. Following service in World 
War I he was in the insurance business. 
He then became a farmer at his family 
home, Craggy Hope, at Kingston 
Springs, Tennessee. He is survived by 
his wife and two daughters. 

W. Parker Grisard, C'22, died March 
8 in Phoenix, Arizona, where he had 
been living since his retirement from 
the pharmaceutical business in Win- 
chester, Tennessee. He is survived by 
a son and two daughters. 

Leon Davis Kirby, Jr., A'21, C'26, died 
at his home in Washington, D. C, on 
January 21 after several months of ill- 
ness. He was a civil engineer. He is 
survived by his wife, a brother, John 
G. Kirby, '35, and two sisters, Mrs. 
Horace G. Foard of Miami, Florida, and 
Mrs. Mary G. Koski of Sewanee. 

David Green Shapard, II, '27, PDT, 
died February 1, 1955, at Manchester, 
Tennessee. He had been in business 
in Birmingham and Tullahoma before 
purchasing the Chevrolet agency in 
Manchester last fall. He was active in 
the Methodist Church and in communi- 
ty affairs. He is survived by his wife. 

The Rev. John S. Bunting, D.D.'34, 
died February 21 in Wilmington. Dela- 
ware. He retired in 1948 after thirty- 
two years as rec f or of the Church of 
the Ascension in St. Louis. He is sur- 
vived by his wife, two daughters, and 
two sons, including Dr. Frederick H. 
Bunting, '27. 

The Rev. John M. Moncrief, Jr., 
GST'50, died February 23 in an auto- 


The Sezscanee Alumni Ne-zzs 

Harry Runyon, Jr., '52, is serving in the 
army medical corps. 

mobile accident. He was a graduate of 
Fisk University and of the General 
Theological Seminary. Since 1952 he 
had been in charge of St. Paul's Church, 
Orangeburg. South Carolina. 

James W. Reaney, B.A/54, ATO, 
class leader and valedictorian, died of a 
self-inflicted wound from a revolver on 
March 1 in Austin, Texas. He was a 
graduate student at the University of 
Texas and had been under treatment 
for severe depression. 


died May 1, following an illness of 
two weeks. Mr. Lindsay had made his 
home in DeLand, Florida, since his 
retirement from the Panama Railroad 
and Steamship Company, with which 
he was associated in the Canal Zone for 
many years. He is survived by his 
wife and a sister. 

The Rev. Daniel A. McGregor, who 
taught at St. Luke's several years ago, 
died February 21 in New Rochelle, New 
York. He had been a missionary to 
India and a teacher of theology in ad- 
dition to his service as executive di- 
rector of the division of religious edu- 
cation of the National Council. He is 
survived by his wife, a son, and a 

Men In Uniform 

Comdr. Edgar E. Beaty, '26, PGD, 
holds a commission in the naval re- 
serve, and is an attorney advisor for 
the navy's district public works office 
in Charleston. 

Chaplain (Major) William P. Bar- 
rett, '40, has recovered from a severe 
illness and is enjoying his tour of duty 
with the air force in Germany. 

James F. Govan, '48, has returned to 
Emory University as a graduate stu- 
dent after serving in the army in Korea. 

Maj. Walter R. Davis, '49, LCA, has 
returned to the States from service in 

Lt. (j.g.) Hartzell Dake, '52, PGD, 
returned in March from his second tour 
of duty in the Far East and is stationed 
at the Pentagon. Address: 1380 Pea- 
body Street, North West, Washington 
11, D. C. 

Lt. (j.g.) George B. Leyden, Jr., '52, 
KA, has been transferred from the 
USS Rochester, where he was a gun- 
nery officer, to Trinidad for embassy 
duty. He visited the Mountain in Jan- 

Ens. Richard Allin, III, '53, KS, has 
been stationed for the past year in the 
office of the chief of naval operations at 
the Pentagon. 

Robert J. Boylston, '53, SN, has com- 
pleted his course at the Army Lan- 
guage School in California. He visited 
the Mountain in May on leave from 
his station in Washington, D. C. 

C. Eugene Reid, '53, SN, is in flight 
training at the naval air station at 
Corpus Christi. He expects to be com- 
missioned in June. 

Lt. (j.g.) Homer W. Whitman, Jr., 
'53. ATO, is stationed on the USS Pills- 
bury and is addressed c/o Fleet Post 
Office, New York. 

2nd Lt. Milton B. Rice, Jr., '54, ATO, 
is assigned to the Air Force Arnold 
Engineering Development Center in 
Tullahoma, Tennessee. 

2nd Lt. John W. Woods, '54, SAE, is 
in flight training in Texas. 



Sewanee Centennial Directory 


Year entered 

Home town 

Present address 

Occupation and title (if deceased or retired, give previous) 


Military service: WWI 

PBK ___ Who's Who. 

Date, place of death 



Am. Men of Science 

Person who can give additional information 

Information from 


Thomas E. Robertson, '54, is a naval 
aviation cadet. 

Hudson Stuck Hospital 
Served by Sewanee MD 

The first Sewanee physician since Dr. 
Grafton Burke, '07, died in 1938 is 
serving the Hudson Stuck Memorial 
Hospital at Ft. Yukon, Alaska. Dr. S. 
Donald Palmer, '48, a graduate of the 
Alabama medical school in Birming- 
ham, went last fall with his wife, Jean, 
and children, Kathryn Love, James 
Gordon, and Stephen Leon, to serve 
the hospital named for Sewanee's 
alumnus of the far North. The hos- 
pital lies within the Arctic Circle and 
ministers to a 1,000 mile area. It was 
established in 1908 by Dr. Burke who 
was ordained deacon in 1922 and priest 
the year of his death. Perhaps the 
most famous patient served by the hos- 
pital was Vilhjalmur Stefansson, the 
Arctic explorer, who was a patient 
there in 1918. 

The Rev. Hudson Stuck, '92, went to 
Alaska in 1905 and as archdeacon of 
the Yukon traveled thousands of miles 
by dog sled and on foot. In 1913 he 
became the first white man to climb 
Denali, Mt. McKinley. On this jour- 
ney he was accompanied by John Fred- 
son, '30, a Kutchin Indian boy who 
kept the base camp while the older men 
made the ascent. Fredson later came 
to Sewanee and graduated in 1930. 
Upon his return to Alaska he worked 
with a trading company and then 
taught in the Indian school at Venetie, 
Alaska. He died in 1945 and his widow 
is a nurse at the Hudson Stuck Hos- 

Two other Sewanee men are now 
serving at Alaskan missions. The Rev. 
Lewis Hodgkins, '52, is in charge of 
St. Elizabeth's Church at Ketchikan, 
and the Rev. Robert B. Greene, '46, is 
at Tanacross, an Indian village south- 
east of Fairbanks. Mr. Greene's rec- 
tory recently burned down but he was 
unhurt. Another Sewanee physician in 
Alaska, Dr. Clarence C. Bailey, '37, is 
a surgeon at Palmer. 

Do-It- Yourself 

Students and faculty now have a 
hobby shop at Sewanee. The basement 
of the new forestry building has been 
outfitted with power tools available 
to those wanting to keep in good form 
at the bench or turn out a piece of 

M.ay s Nineteen Fifty-Five 


A Scarlet Hood of the Oxford Shape 

A Centennial Study of Honorary Degrees at Sewanee 

This article by Elizabeth N. Chitty is based on the researches 
oj Helen A. Petry and Rainsford Glass Dudney. 

In an impressive part of the Commencement service each 
Jure, the Chancellor confers honorary degrees on distin- 
guished persons presented to him by the Vice-Chancellor 
who reads the citations showing why these individuals are 
to be honored by the University of the South. Honorary 
degrees are voted by the board of regents who consider the 
recommendations of the University Senate, and the recipient 
of the degree must now come to Sewanee to receive it. 

The awarding of honorary degrees was authorized by the 
University's first ordinances in 1860, with this power given 
to the trustees. The University has conferred 481 honorary 
degrees since 1869. More than half (265) have been doc- 
torates in divinity, with one in sacred theology. Next in 
number have been the doctorates in civil law (158). The 
doctor of laws degree has been used only nine times. Twenty 
persons have been made doctors of science, eighteen doctors 
of letters, and seven doctors of music. One honorary bach- 
elor's degree was given in letters. Two honorary doctorates 
in philosophy but no earned Ph.D.'s have been conferred. 
Seven women have received honorary degrees: two D.C.L.'s, 
one Mus.D., and four Litt.D.'s. The first in 1907 went to 
Miss Laura Drake Gill, later dean-elect of Sewanee's never- 
opened woman's college. 

At least two honorary degrees have been awarded each 
Commencement since 1909. In June, 1945, the five honorary 
degrees were the only ones awarded, no undergraduates 
completing their war-accelerated courses at that time. The 
largest number (20) were conferred in 1893. At the Uni- 
versity's Semi-Centennial observance in 1907 fifteen degrees 
included three D.D.'s and twelve D.C.L.'s, among the re- 
cipients being the presidents of Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt. 
Tulane, Alabama, Tennessee, and St. John's College. 

The first honorary degree, a D.C.L., went to the Rev. Fran- 
cis W. Tremlett, rector of St. Peter's Church, Belsize Park, 
London, the University's commissary in England. Dr. Trem- 
lett "inaugurated a movement, among English churchmen, 
to assist in the re-establishment of the University," which 
resulted in sufficient funds being raised to begin classes in 
1868. Bishop Charles T. Quintard proposed Tremlett's de- 
gree at the first meeting of the board of trustees after the 
University opened. 

The degree chosen was, at Quintard's suggestion, the sani'3 
as that 

granted by the University of Oxford, the D.C.L. . . . This 
degree would be a distinguishing characteristic of the 
University of the South in America; all the other chart- 
ered Universities and Colleges in the United States alike 
conferring the LL.D. As ours is purely a Church Uni- 
versity, it is proper that we should observe this dis- 
tinction, and at the outset take our place in this par- 
ticular, by the side of the Mother of the English schools 
of learning. 

The second D.C.L. degree was given the Rev. Francis K. 
Leighton, vice-chancellor of Oxford University and canon 
of Westminster. The degree has been conferred on teachers, 
authors, bishops and other clergy, attorneys, businessmen, 
physicians, statesmen, editors, military officers, and college 
presidents. It has been a favorite degree for the Commence- 
ment Orator. It has been used in the past as a special dis- 
tinction for a clergyman who already had a D.D. from an- 

other institution when the attainments of the recipient were 
not confined to his service to the Church. 

The first doctorate in divinity was given in 1871 to the 
Rev. W. B. W. Howe, assistant bishop elect of South Caro- 
lina. Bishop Robert W. B. Elliott of West Texas received 
the second. A custom of awarding honorary degrees to all 
bishops on the board of trustees began in 1878. Major 
Fairbanks thought this "a rather wholesale way of con- 
ferring degrees." Now the board of regents votes separately 
ir. secret ballot upon each nominee. 

The first doctorate in science went in 1904 to William 
Crawford Gorgas, '75. It has been given principally to doc- 
tors of medicine but also to chemists, a physicist, an Episco- 
pal priest, an army general, and a civil engineer. The doctor 
of laws degree was used nine times from 1880 to 1891 for 
clergymen, a physician-author, and a newspaper editor. 

Doctors of letters have been writers and teachers. The 
degree was first awarded in 1920. Made an honorary bach- 
elor of letters in 1915 was George Fort Milton, '91, Chatta- 
nooga editor. The last earned B.Litt. was awarded in 1891. 

At the time of the first honorary doctorates in music in 
1887 Vice-Chancellor Hodgson hoped to create a music fac- 
ulty to conduct examinations for bachelor's and doctor's de- 
green in music. The first Sewanee Mus.D. was James Henry 
Lewis of Stames, England, who was "registrar of musical 
degrees for the University of the South in Great Britain." 
The degree was next awarded in 1905, 1935, and 1953. 

Two students were once enrolled in the course for the 
Ph.D., which was to be the equivalent of the masters of arts 
and science combined. No degrees were ever earned but in 
1887 the honorary Ph.D. was given to John B. Elliott. Se- 
wanee physician and teacher, by then on the faculty of 
Tulane University. Two years later it was given to Caskie 
Harrison, Sewanee's former professor of classics, who had 
gene to Brooklyn to conduct a boys' school. 

The doctoral hoods were first prescribed in 1872 and were 
in use by 1876, for Bishop Quintard records his pleasure at 
seeing one worn in Westminster Abbey by the officiating 
clergyman when he spoke there on behalf of the University. 
The hoods have always been scarlet and "of the Oxford 
shape," though the Vice- Chancellor's crimson robe adopted 
the year before was patterned after Cambridge. Except for 
cordings which are now all purple, the black-lined D.D., the 
brown Ph.D., the yellow M.D., and the blue Mus.D. are as 
adopted in 1872. The ermine trim has vanished from the 
D.C.L. hood, now lined with pink instead of green. The 
newer degrees, the Litt.D. and the Sc.D., have white and 
mauve linings. 

On June 13 Bishop Mitchell will confer divinity degrees 
upon Bishops Stuart of Georgia, Vander Horst and Harte, 
suffragans of Tennessee and Dallas, the Rev. Capers Satter- 
lee, '21, rector of the Church of the Advent, Spartanburg, 
South Carolina, and the Rev. W. C. Munds. rector of Christ 
Church, Christiana Hundred, Greenville, Delaware. Leroy 
Lincoln, chairman of the board of the Metropolitan Life 
Insurance Company and Commencement Orator, President 
Troy H. Middleton of Louisiana State University, Henry G. 
Seibels '99, president of the Birmingham Fire Insurance 
Company, and Peter Watzek, president of the Crossett Com- 
pany, will become doctors of civil law. They will join the 
host of persons whom Sewanee has thus honored. 


The Sewanee Alumni News 


Vol. XXI, No. 3 


August 15, 1955 



<iJl University is . . . an <^Alma ^Mater^ 
knowing her children one by one, not a 
foundry ', or a mint, or a treadmill, 

Newman: On the Scope and Nature of 
University Education 



Edited by 



Including the Medical Department (1892-1909), the Law Department (1893- 
1909), and the College of Arts and Sciences (1868-1920) 

Centennial Directory Issue, Section II, 


Matriculation Register, Part I, August 15, 1 955 



i§ewanee ^Alumni ZAQws 

Sf.wavfe Alumni News, issued quarterly by tnr 
Associated Alumni of The University or the 
South, at .Sewanee, Tennessee. Fntered as setond- 
class matter Feb. 25. 1934. at the postoffice at Se- 
wanee. Tenn.. under the Act of March 3. 1879. 

AUGUST 15, 1955 
Member American Alumni Council 

Associated Alumni Officers 

Michaux Nash, '26 President 

J. C. Brown Burch, '21. .1st Vice-Pres. 

Moultrie Burns, '31 2nd Vice-Pres. 

Rev. Al P. Chambliss, '40 Rec. Sec'y 

DuVal G. Cravens, Jr., '29. .Treasurer 

Arthur Ben Chttty, '35 Exec. Dir. 

and Editor Sewanee Alumni News 

Sewanee Military Academy 
Alumni Association Officers 

Edgar T. McHenry, Jr., '52.. President 

James K. Clayton, '24 Vice-Pres. 

Capt. Edgar J. Cheatham, Alumni Sec'y 
William M. Cravens, '25 Treasurer 

The Matriculation Register, Part I, of the Sewanee Alumni News 
Centennial Alumni Directory, is the second of five sections. The 
first section, the Geographical Directory listing the living matricu- 
lants, was published in 1954. The second section lists the matricu- 
lants of the University of the South in the Medical Department 
(1892-1909), the Law Department (1893-1909), and college stu- 
dents from 1868-1920. The Matriculation Register, Part II, to be 
published in August, 1956, will list matriculants of the School of 
Theology (1869-1956), of the College of Arts and Sciences (1921- 
1956), of the Sewanee French School (1937-1938), and the Gradu- 
ate School of Theology (1937-1956), and will list persons on whom 
the University of the South has conferred honorary degrees. The 
Matriculation Register, Sewanee Military Academy, will be published 
as a separate section and will list matriculants in the Sewanee Gram- 
mar School (1869-1908) and the Sewanee Military Academy (1908- 
1956), and students doing preparatory work in the junior department 
before the formal organization of the Grammar School. The final 
section, to be published in August, 1957, will have an alphabetical 
list of all matriculants of all departments of the University, including 
the preparatory schools, and lists of faculty members (1868-1957) 
and trustees (1857-1957). 

Corrections in names and biographical data are most welcome for 
the permanent archives of the Associated Alumni and for the alpha- 
betical and Sewanee Military Academy issues of the Alumni Di- 

Save the sections of the Alumni Directory for permanent binding. 
If you do not have your copy of Section I (geographical), please 
request one now before the supply is exhausted. 

St. Luke's Alumni 

Rev. Robert F. Cowling, '50. .President 
Rev. David B. Collins, '48 ..Vice-Pres. 

Rev. George B. Myers, '07 Sec'y 

Rt. Rev. E. P. Dandridge, H'38-Treasurer 

Production Staff for this Issue 

Helen A. Petry Editor 

Elizabeth N. Chttty Editor 

Arthur Ben Chitty .. Historiographer 

Rainsford G. Dudney 

University Registrar 

Mary C. Hunt 
Sewanee Military Academy Registrar 

Sarah Hodgson Torian Archivist 

Fanny B. deRosset Researcher 

Alfons Shwenk Researcher 

Warren L. Starrett Researcher 

W. Scott Bennett Proofreader 

Hazel J. Cotten Typist 


The editors again are grateful to those persons named in Section I 
who compiled the biographical archives of the Associated Alumni and 
preserved the publications now in the archives of the University. 
The archivist, Mrs. O. N. Torian, and the librarian, Mr. John 
Hodges, have again been most helpful. 

It is impossible to acknowledge the assistance of all friends of 
Sewanee who have consulted family Bibles, parish records, and his- 
torical libraries, visited cemeteries to copy inscriptions, loaned refer- 
ence volumes, verified information in files of national fraternities, 
published lists of alumni in newspapers, and answered countless re- 
quests for information. A note of particular appreciation should be 
paid to Mrs. George A. Washington of New Orleans, Louisiana, 
and Miss Dora Colmore of Sewanee who read proof on the college 
section, Miss Queenie to the 1890's and Miss Dora the remainder. 
The assistance of alumni and registrar's offices in other universities 
has been invaluable. 

The editors ask the indulgence of readers who want the infor- 
mation contained in this volume to appear in alphabetical form. The 
index section of the Centennial Alumni Directory will appear in the 
Centennial Year, 1957. Financial and other practical considerations 
made it impossible to include an index in this section. 


The University of the South was founded in 
1857 by the Dioceses of Alabama, Florida, 
Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, 
South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas, and the 
Missionary District of Arkansas to be under the 
"sole and perpetual direction of the Protestant 
Episcopal Church." The site at Sewanee, Ten- 
nessee, was chosen in 1857 and the University was 
chartered January 6, 1858, by the Legislature of 
Tennessee. On October 10, 1860, the cornerstone 
of the principal academic building was laid. The 
Civil War intervened and the opening of the 
University was delayed until 1868. 

On September 18, 1868, "the vice-chancellor 
opened the school with appropriate religious ser- 
vices." The school was known as the "junior 
department ... in order that there should be no 
questions as to the formal beginning of the oper- 
ations of the University." Five of the nine stu- 
dents present on that day are considered to have 
been doing college work: Charles M. Fairbanks, 
R. W. Sherwood, H. Barkley Dorr, C. Hawkes 
Dorr, and J. E. Creary. Four are considered to 
have been taking preparatory work: F. W. Knight, 
Joseph C. Nash, N. J. Cruger, and J. A. Skipwith. 

In the summer of 1 869 the school was separated 
into two departments, the grammar school or pre- 
paratory school and the junior or collegiate de- 
partment. In the summer of 1870 the trustees 
decided to organize seven "schools," covering 
eleven of the thirty-two contemplated in the origi- 
nal statutes of the University. Theological in- 
struction began in 1869, though the School of 
Theology had its formal opening in 1878. The 
first earned degrees were conferred in 1874; the 
first honorary degree, in 1869. 

Two forerunners of the University should be 
mentioned as their students are sometimes referred 
to as students of the University of the South. The 
Sewanee Collegiate Institute was opened in Win- 
chester, Tennessee, in 1866 and was operated 
under that name and that of Sewanee College for 
several years. In 1867 the Rev. Franklin L. 
Knight began theological instruction at Sewanee 
under the auspices of the Diocese of Tennessee. 
The students at Winchester and those studying 
with Dr. Knight are not considered to have been 
matriculants of the University of the South and 
are not numbered in this register. 

The Medical Department was opened in 1892 
and closed in 1909. The Law Department was 
opened in 1 893 and closed in 1909. 

The University conducted a series of special 
summer courses, in the classics and in theology, but 
the persons attending these and students of the 
Extension Department are not considered matricu- 

' Until 1908 the University year ran from March 
to December with a long winter vacation. A 
number of persons tutored at Sewanee with regular 
members of the college faculty or tutors licensed 
by the University. These persons did not sign 
the Matriculation Book and their names do not 
appear in University catalogues. The names of 
these students when known are listed in this 
chronological register in order that their status be 
understood. They are not considered matricu- 
lants, but did receive on occasion college credit. 

In 1908 the Sewanee Grammar School was 
renamed the Sewanee Military Academy, but it 
remained under the control of the University of 
the South. For the purposes of this register, no 
distinction is made between attendance at the 
Sewanee Grammar School and the Sewanee Mili- 
tary Academy. 

Students enrolling in the Student Army Train- 
ing Corps program in 1918 matriculated. 

The first women matriculants enrolled in the 
summer of 1920, although at least one woman at- 
tended classes about 1900. The Woman's College, 
chartered in 1912, was never opened. 

In 1937 and 1938 the University conducted a 
French School. The Graduate School of Theology 
in its present form was opened in 1937. 

Students enrolled in the officer training pro- 
gram of the United States Navy at Sewanee from 
1 943 to 1 945 matriculated. Some of the students 
in the Civilian Pilot Training Program at Sewanee 
early in World War II did not matriculate-. 

Students attending the Cumberland Forest 
Festival of Music in 1950 and 1951 were aca- 
demically affiliated with the George Peabody Col- 
lege for Teachers in Nashville, although their 
residence was at Sewanee. 

The University of the South today consists of a 
College of Arts and Sciences, a School of The- 
ology with a summer Graduate School, and the 
University operates the Sewanee Military Acad- 


PERSONS listed in the Matricula- 
tion Register, Part I, are matriculants 
of the Medical Department (1892- 
1909), of the Law Department (1893- 
1909), and of the college division of 
the University (1868-1920). The names 
were obtained under the direction of 
Mrs. R. G. Dudney, University regis- 
trar, by Mrs. R. L. Petry, Mrs. C. F. 
Stolz, and Mrs. J. C. Buckner. The 
college students named are those who 
are considered to have enrolled for 
college work, being listed in University 
Calendars and Catalogues, having sign- 
ed the Matriculation Book (original 
signatures begin in 1884), or having 
grades recorded in official grade books 
which are extant for the years since 
1871. A person who enrolled is listed 
regardless of the length of his stay at 
the University. 

For the years 1868-1870, the age of 
the matriculant and his subsequent ap- 
pearance as junior (or underclass- 
classman) or grammar school student 
were the criteria used in assigning a 
person to grammar school or college 
section. All persons matriculating 1868- 
1870 under 16 years of age have been 
classified as grammar school or prepa- 
ratory, rather than college, students. 
Students taking courses only in the- 
ology have been assigned to the theo- 
logical section of the Matriculation 
Register, though they enrolled at the 
University of the South before the 
formal opening of the School of The- 
ology in 1878. These decisions account 
for most of the differences in classifi- 
cation occurring between the Alumni 
Directory of the Rev. Arthur Howard 
Noll, published in 1913, and this Ma- 
triculation Register. 

The spelling of names in previously 
published sources has been corrected 
where possible by reference to cor- 
respondence with the individual or his 
descendants and to contemporary au- 
tograph books. In some cases it has 
been impossible to determine which 
spelling is correct and the choices are 
indicated in the register. 

NUMBERS assigned to matriculants 
are in order of that person's first ap- 
pearance in catalogue, grade book, or 
Matriculation Book in each department. 
Numbers in italics indicate matricula- 
tion in other departments. C preceding 
a number indicates registration as a 
college student, A as a preparatory 
student (Grammar School or Sewanee 
Military Academy), T as a theological 
student, M as a medical student, L as 
a law student, and GST as a student 
in the Graduate School of Theology. 
Persons taking college work for de- 
grees beyond the bachelor's are fisted 
with the college students. 

TRANCE is indicated in parentheses 
following the person's name. These are 
as listed in the Matriculation Book or 
in the Calendar or Catalogue. For some 
students whose "home" was listed as 
Sewanee because their parent or guard- 
ian was temporarily residing at the 
University, it has been possible to ob- 
tain the place of permanent residence. 
The spelling of the towns follows as 
far as possible that of the United States 
Official Postal Guide, as there are ob- 
vious errors in the published sources. 

SEWANEE DEGREES are indicated 
in italics with year following. Degrees 
included are those found in the official 
list of the University Registrar. Other 
degrees are listed with the institution 
at which they were earned. 

nee are listed, up to 1938, with the 
date of award or of conferring if the 
person came to Sewanee to receive the 
degree. Since 1938 the practice has 
been to require the recipient of an 
honorary degree to be present for the 
actual conferring of the degree. 

Degrees conferred by Sewanee and 
listed in this directory are abbreviated 
as follows: 

BA — bachelor of arts 

BD — bachelor of divinity 

B Litt — bachelor of letters 

BS-bachelor of science 

CE — civil engineer 

DCL — doctor of civil law 

DD — doctor of divinity 

DLitt — doctor of letters 

DMus — doctor of music 

LLB — bachelor of laws 

LLD — doctor of laws 

MA — master of arts 

MD — doctor of medicine 

MS — master of science 

PhD — doctor of philosophy 

Certificates granted by Sewanee have 

GD — graduate in divinity 

PhG and *PhG — graduates in phar- 

FRATERNITIES listed in italics in- 
dicate initiation by the Sewanee chap- 
ter. Other fraternity affiliations are 
listed with the institution at which 
the person was initiated. Sewanee fra- 
ternities and their abbreviations are as 

ATO— Alpha Tau Omega 

DTD— Delta Tau Delta 

KA — Kappa Alpha 

KS — Kappa Sigma 

PDT— Phi Delta Theta 

PBK— Phi Beta Kappa 

PGD— Phi Gamma Delta 

PKA — Pi Kappa Alpha (dormant) 

PKP— Pi Kappa Phi (dormant) 

SAE — Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

SN— Sigma Nu 

in fullest form in the college section 
of the register, with cross references 
in the medical and law sections. Ab- 
breviations are those listed on pages 4 
and 5 of Section 1 of the directory. A 
copy of this section will be sent to 
anyone requesting it. Abbreviations of 
medical specialties are found on page 89. 

The information was obtained from 
the archives of the Associated Alumni, 
many personal history forms and much 
correspondence with matriculants and 
their relatives, the Alumni Directory 
of Dr. Noll, the files of the fraternities, 
and from Sewanee publications in the 
University archives. The Sewanee Pur- 
ple (from 1892), the University Record 
(from 1872), the University News in 
its various forms, the Sewanee Tiger, 
the Cap and Gown (magazine), Pro- 
ceedings of the Board of Trustees, and 
publications of the Associated Alumni 
were scanned. Principal sources of in- 
formation for the clergy were the Liv- 
ing Church Annual and Stowe's Cleri- 
cal Directory. For physicians the di- 
rectories of the American Medical 
Association from 1906-1940 were con- 
sulted. Who's Who in America is cited 
because of its accessibility. 

The list of Sewanee participants in 
World War I was compiled by James 
M. Avent, '19. The World War n list 
was compiled by Miss Olive Walker. 

Military service is included in this 
directory to elicit corrections before 
the University's permanent memorial 
tablets are erected. The highest rank 
held is indicated nearest the war in 
which it was attained. SATC indicates 
enrollment in Sewanee's Student Army 
Training Corps Unit in 1918. 

The list of trustees was compiled by 
the registrar's office. Years following 
the designation of trustee refer to the 
years in which the person was eligible 
to attend the annual meeting of the 
board. On occasion the term began the 
year before or ended the year after 
the dates indicated here, but this in- 
formation was not available. The board 
of regents first appeared in 1911. 

Valedictorians and salutatorians are 
listed as they appeared in catalogues 
and Commencement programs. In 1876 
and from 1893 on these posts were as- 
signed to members of the graduating 
class. In the intervening years under- 
classmen were eligible to give vale- 
dictory and salutatory orations and 
addresses in the modern foreign lan- 

MAILING ADDRESS is the last item 
in the sketch of each living alumnus. 
If an asterisk (*) follows the name of 
the town, the person was last known 
to be living there but the address is 
not good for mailing purposes. 

The Medical Department, 1892-1909 

For those medical matriculants who also enrolled in the college, more complete biographies are found in 
the college number. 

Notes: FAMA indicates fellowship in the American Medical Association. No consistent effort was made to indicate this fel- 
lowship in the college section. The term "physician" indicates that the person is known to have practiced medicine at some 
time. Information concerning this fact is missing in many instances. 

The requirements for a *PhG (graduate in pharmacy) certificate were less than the requirements for a PhG diploma. 

The following abbreviations were used for medical specialties: S — Surgery; Ob — Obstetrics; G — Gynecology; Or — Orthopae- 
dic Surgery; Pr — Proctology; U — Urology; Oph — Ophthalmology; ALR — Otology, Laryngology, Rhinology; OALR — Ophthal- 
mology, Otology, Laryngology, Rhinology; Pd — Pediatrics; PH — Public Health. 

Entered 1892 

l-CUNNINGHAM Miles Dobbins 
(Atlanta Ga); KS; Atlanta Med Coll 
MD 1893; phys Kathleen Fla; died 

2-CARMICHAEL Henry Oswell (At- 
lanta Ga); MD 1894 ATO; phys 5 yrs 
Iowa & Pa; entered Methodist Episco- 
pal ministry 1900; Chester Springs Pa; 
died 11 July 1937 

3-BURTS Henry Finlay (Ft Worth 
Tex) ; MD 1892; died before 1909 

4-HUTTON William Henry Harrison 
Jr (Baltimore Md); MD 1892; World 
War I maj U S Army; phys Detroit 

5-MULLINS Randolph Pegues (Ma- 
rion S C); died Marion about 1934 

6-MILLER Charles Jefferson (Cowan 
Tenn) ; DSc 1930; U of Term MD 1893; 
phys New Orleans La; prof Gynecology 
Tulane U 1911; pres & fellow Am Coll 
of Surg 1930; World War I; see Who 
Was Who I; died New Orleans 21 Mar 

7-SHINE Frank Eppes (St Augustine 
Fla) ; A 871 C 987; N Y Hosp MD 1899; 
phys FAMA Bisbee Ariz; died 1922 

8-WILSON Ellwood Jr (Philadelphia 
Pa); C 1101; died 1915 

9-NELSON Edward Bridge (Grand 
Rapids Mich); C 1129 BA 1891 MA 
1893; U of Mich MD 1895; phys; died 
about 1946 

10-WILMERDING William Edward 
(Austin Tex); A 950 C 1179 MD 1900; 
phys; died 1948 

11-WILDER James Bennett (Louis- 
ville Ky); A 1187 C 1191 CE 1893; died 

12-GUERRY LeGrand (Van Buren 
Ark); A 1201 C 1193 DCL 1924; U of 
Ga MD 1895; phys FAMA; died 1947 

13-SMITH Milton Finney (Shreve- 
port La); C 1250; U of Va MD 1895; 
phys (Ob) FAMA Shreveport; died 

14-MILES James Edward (Baltimore 
Md); gymnasium instr U of S 1890- 
1902; Shreveport La* 

Entered 1893 

15-HUTCHESON Darius Lee (Pike- 
ville Tenn) ; phys Tex until 1945; died 
Pikeville 3 May 1945 

16-GREER Dion Attus (Pikeville 
Tenn); MD 1894; phys Pikeville 1910-; 
World War I U S Army; Pikeville Tenn 

17-SHAW Wallace Nelson Jr (Hous- 
ton Tex); MD 1894; phys Houston 
about 1916 

18-RAU George Renau (Pontotoc 
Miss); MD 1894 SAE; prof microscopy 
materia medica & histology U of S 1893- 
1898; phys Tuscaloosa Ala; died 18 Feb 

19-CLARK Malcolm Renau (Ponto- 
toc Miss); MD 1894 SAE; phys Ponto- 
toc; died there about 1906 

20-FONTAINE Charles Delabola 
(Pontotoc Miss); MD 1894 KS; phys 
Pontotoc; died there 19 Oct 1916 

21-EMBREY Wiley Sims Jr (Win- 
chester Term); KS; Vanderbilt U MD 
1896; phys Garland Ark; died about 

22-E P L E R Jacob C r u m (Pleasant 
Plains 111); U of Tenn MD 1894; de- 
monstrator microscopy U of S 1893; 
phys neurology & psychiatry FAMA 
Pueblo Colo; died there 6 Feb 1949 

23- YORK William Edward (Giddings 
Tex); Tulane U MD 1894; phys; Box 
117 Giddings Tex 

24-TAYLOR Ulysses Solon (Pitts- 
burgh Pa); MD 1893; died before 1909 

25-LANIER Nicholson Chambers 
(New Orleans La); KA; Tulane U MD 
1895; phys New Orleans; died 8 July 

26-STUBBS Alfred Roland (New 
York NY); MD 1894; phys Coacquas 

27-IRBY Laurens Hunter (Hillsvillc 
S C) ; U of Term MD 1894; phys Wood- 
ruff S C; died there 12 July 1924 

28-MOON William Alonzo (Union- 
ville Tenn) ; U of Tenn MD 1894; phys 
Bell Buckle Tenn; died 31 Aug 1935 

29-CLARK John Armsed (Pleasant 
Hill Tenn); MD 1901; phys Ruleville 
Miss; killed by robbers in defense of 
bank 26 July 1933 

30-G R A H A M Benjamin E m m e 1 1 
(Princeton Ala) ; MD 1894; phys FAMA 
Gurley Ala; died July 1933 

31-JOHNSON C E (Charleston S C) ; 

32-TAYLOR W M (Nashville Tenn) 

33-KIRBY-SMTTH Reynold Marvin 

(Sewanee Tenn); A 770 C 1138 MD 

1895 DSc 1949; phys FAMA; Sewanee 


34-FORD Charles Bickham (Shreve- 
port La); A 895 C 1139; Bellevue Hosp 
Med Coll MD 1895; phys; died 1934 

35-PAXTON Elisha (Areola Miss); 
A 981 C 1229; Tulane U MD 1895; phys; 
died 1931 

Entered 1894 

36-ARWINE James Tevis (Columbus 
Ind) ; MD 1894; phys; died Santa Rosa 
Calif 1945 

37-SCOTT Howard Coleman (Pon- 
totoc Miss); U of Tenn MD 1900; phys 
Sweetwater Tex; died there 11 Feb 

3S-KINNEY Terry (Ripley Miss); 
MD 1895; phys San Marcos Tex; died 
about 1940 

39-KIBLINGER Elliott (Jackson 
La) ; Coll of Phys & Surg Chicago MD 
1897; died New Orleans La 30 Sept 1932 

40-SPENCER Walter West (Ponto- 
toc Miss) ; MD 1896 

41-BOND Lawrence Beacham (Rock- 
ford W Va) 

42-TAYLOR Marcus Elvis (Boone- 
ville Miss); MD 

43-SANFORD Harry Burdell (Cor- 
inth Miss); Memphis Hosp Coll MD 
1896; phys Memphis Tenn* 

44-MONTGOMERY David Holcombe 
(Enoree S C) ; U of Tenn MD 1895; 
phys Union S C; died in the 1940's 

45-BAIRD Thomas Catchings (Baird 
Miss) ; Atlanta Med Coll MD 1895; died 
Baird about 1918 

46-SNYDER Clarence (Marion Pa); 
MD 1894; died Arcadia Ohio about 1936 

47-LUDDEN James William (Pitts- 
burgh Pa); MD 1894; phys Cincinnati 
O until 1930s 

48-WILCOX Wallace (New York N 
Y); MD 1894; phys FAMA Otto Tex; 
died there about 1950 

49-DANIEL James David (Britts 
Landing Tenn); U of Tenn MD 1896; 
phys Linden Tenn; died Nashville Tenn 
11 Feb 1945 

50-WALKER Thomas Dick (Soddy 
Tenn) ; U of Tenn MD 1895; phys (ret) ; 
4632 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles 

51-MURRAY Marshall Dantzler 
(Orangeburg S C) ; MD 1895; Pinewood 
S C; died 

52-ALEXANDER Harry Benham 
(Beaver Falls Pa); U of Tenn MD 
1895; phys Akron O; died 17 Mar 1943 

53-GENELLA Alphonse John Ken- 
nedy (New Orleans La) ; Tulane U MD 
1894; phys Kenner La; died there 11 
July 1939 

54-HINES Benjamin Franklin (Van 
Alstyne Tex); Ky School of Med MD 
1895; phys Van Alstyne; died there af- 
ter 1931 





55-COSBY James Garland (Vanden- 
burg Ky) 

56-NYE Luther A (Wytheville Va); 
U of Term MD 1895; phys Okemah 

57-M ULLENErness (Worthville 
Ky) ; MD 1894; Wheeling W Va* 

58-KRUSE Frederick William (Oma- 
ha Neb); MD 1894; U of Neb MD; 
phys; Sutherland Neb 1931; Weeping 
Water Neb; died there about 1935 

59-ARNECKE Christopher Adam 
Henry (Arneckeville Tex); MD 1895; 
phys (ObG) Arneckeville; died there 2 
Sept 1947 

60-STEVENSON Alexander Mont- 
gomery (Philadelphia Pa); MD 1894; 
phys Margate City N J; died Atlantic 
City N J 

61-SHARTLE John (Thaxton Miss); 
MD 1894; died 13 Mar 1913 

62-BAILEY John Houston (Big 
Creek Miss); Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
1895; phys Clyde Tex; died there 13 
Feb 1932 

63-DOROUGH George Dixon (We- 
tumpka Ala); Atlanta Med Coll MD 
1895; phys Quitman Ga; died there 16 
Mar 1942 

64- CASEY Thomas Henry (Lebanon 
Mo); U of Term MD 1891; phys Dry- 
nob & Lebanon Mo; died 

65-KELTON Leslie Eugene (Corsi- 
cana Tex) ; MD 1897; phys (Ob) FAMA 
Corsicana; died there 14 June 1940 

66-DANIEL Joseph S (Corsicana 
Tex); MD 1895; phys (roentgenology 
& radiology); 1439 West 5th Ave Cor- 
sicana Tex 

67-CRUTCHFIELD Charles Dudley 
(Oviedo Fla) 

68-HARPER Washington Allen (Aus- 
tin Tex); MD 1895 KS; phys Austin; 
died there about 1941 

69-TRUAX George H (Indian Ter- 
ritory Okla); Metropolitan Med Coll 
Chicago MD 1896; Frisco Okla* 

70-HIGGINS Claude Chamberlain 
(Bastrop Tex); A 857 C 919 BS 1890; 
Ky Sch of Med MD 1898; died 1931 

71-STROTHER Corneille Bacon (Al- 
bany Ga); C 1301; died before 1914 

72- SHEPHERD John Conness (Ba- 
topilas Mex); A 1310 C 1407; Harrison 

73- STONE Edwin Eugene (Fayette- 
ville Tenn) ; A 1347 

Entered 1895 

74-GALLAHER William Mack 
(Waynesboro Tenn); MD 1895; phys 
Lawrenceburg Tenn 

75-WOODALL Percy Hogan (Nash- 
ville Tenn); DTD; U of Nashville MD 
1896; phys Birmingham Ala; died there 
4 May 1955 

76-CRAMER Morgan Joseph (Chest 
Springs Pa) ; U of Pittsburgh MD 1896; 
phys Long Island City N Y; died As- 
toria N Y 11 Apr 1943 

77-HEPLER Philip Edward (Fair- 
mount City Pa) ; MD 1895; phys Bridge- 
port O; died 

78-FOSTER Ira Curtin (Kittanning 

Pa); MD 1895; phys Steubenville O; 
died there Sept 1952 

79-AMOS Charles Fay (Fairmont W 
Va); MD 1895; phys Youngstown O; 
died there 21 Mar 1910 

80-CARTER Stephen Siverlo (Brad- 
leyton Ala) ; U of Md MD 1897; Sweet 
Water Ala* 

81- TAYLOR James Franklin 
(Booneville Miss); MD 1895; phys 
Booneville; died there about 1932 

82-JACKSON William (Sherman 

83-MOORE Albertus Adair Jr (Cam- 
den S C) ; MD 1895; Med Coll S C MD 
1896; phys FAMA New York N Y; head 
med dept Waldorf-Astoria Hotel; World 
War I capt med corps U S Army; died 
New York 23 Mar 1942 

84- YOUNG Marion Albert (Abbe- 
ville La); MD 1895; phys Abbeville; 
died there 4 June 1936 

85-BRUNING Charles (New Orleans 
La); MD 1895; Tulane U; phys New 
Orleans; Spanish-Am War; died Bi- 
loxi Miss 30 Aug 1950 

86-KNIGHT Thomas Howard (Mel- 
bourne Fla) ; MD 1895 ATO; died Eng- 
land 24 Aug 1935 

87-WORLEY Ambrose Gaines (St 
Augustine Fla); PDT; Chattanooga 
Med Coll MD 1900; died St Augustine 
May 1918 

88-CORBETT John Lauderdale 
(Glasgow Mo); MD 1895 

89-POST Charles Augustus (Aurora 
Mo); MD 1895; Boggs Okla* 

90-EMMER William John (New 
Iberia La); Tulane U MD 1897; phys 
Emmer La; died 4 July 1918 

91-TEETERS Henry Negley (Monon- 
gahela Pa); DDS 

92-FISHER Alvah Arlington 
(Bamesville Pa); MD 1895; phys 
(OALR) FAMA; World War I maj U 
S Army; died Providence R I 15 Feb 

93-HOOTMAN David Albert (South 
Strabane Pa ); MD 1895; phys Alex- 
andria Va; died there 1945 

94- GILBERT John Ross (Bordentown 
N J); MD 1895; phys Lorain O until 

95-MERSHON Lewis Smith (Phila- 
delphia Pa) ; MD 1895 

96-DeLONG William Edward (Phil- 
adelphia Pa) ; MD 1895 

97-ALLEN William Cline (Philadel- 
phia Pa) ; MD 1895; Jefferson Med Coll 
MD 1896; died Blairstown N J Feb 

98-HAIN Aaron Erastus (Birdsboro 
Pa); MD 1895; phys Reading Pa; died 
there 26 Mar 1941 

99-TURNBULL William Arthur Wil- 
frid (Wakefield Eng) ; MD 1895 

100-deNUX Emeric (Marksville La); 
MD 1895; BA; phys Alexandria La; 
died there 6 Apr 1955 

101-DIVEN Arlington Walton 
(Blairsville Pa); MD 1895; phys Mar- 
tins Ferry O; died there about 1946 

102-BIRD Arthur Judson (Millview 
Pa); MD 1895; phys (Ob); World War 
I capt U S Army; phys Bird's Mater- 
nity Home New Albany Pa 

103-WARD Heber Aaron (Arden?) 
(Hobbsville N C); Md Med Coll MD 
1899; phys Denver Colo; died there 
about 1922 

104-LUTTON Joseph Robert (Prince- 
ton Pa) ; U of Nashville MD 1896; phys 
Princeton 1916 

105-TERRELL Vernon La Grange 
(Crystal Springs Miss); C 825; Tulane 
U MD 1895; died 1930 

106-TANNER John Stewart (New 
Orleans La); C 1402; N Y Med Coll 
MD; phys (ret); 5658 Wilshire Blvd 
Los Angeles Calif 

Entered 1896 

107-VIERS Emmett Lee (New Or- 
leans La); MD 1896; died of yellow 
fever in New Orleans epidemic 1897 

108-GRUVER Fleetwood (Charles- 
ton S C) ; MD 1897; U of Nashville Med 
Dept MD 1897; lecturer on tropical di- 
seases & gen hygiene U of S 1903-1907; 
Tampa Fla* 

109-COLEMAN Edward Merriman 
(Seneca City S C); SAE; U of Louis- 
ville MD 1898; died Clermont Fla Aug 


110-BLAIR Charles Mabry (Martin- 
dale Tex); MD 1896; U of Nashville 
Med Coll MD 1897; Bartlett Tex; phys 
Rosenberg Tex* 

111-PITTS Rufus (Murfreesboro 
Tenn); PhG &. MD 1902; phys Mur- 
freesboro 1914 

112- CARNEY Joseph Taylor (Jasper 

113-KELLOGG William Frederick 
(Monteagle Tenn); MD 1898; phys 
Ethridge Tenn until 1930's 

114-McMILLAN Mose McCarley 
(Booneville Miss); U of Nashville MD 
1899; phys (urology) ; Guntown Miss 

115-GASTER Louis Dexter Sydney 
(New Orleans La) ; Tulane U MD 1900; 
phys New Orleans; died 4 Jan 1919 

116-SUGG John Thomas (Dickson 
Tenn); U of Tenn MD 1897; rural 
practice 34 yrs between Nashville & 
Franklin Tenn; died Brentwood Tenn 
30 Apr 1931 

117-RAINOLD Mozart William (New 
Orleans La); MD 1896; DDS; Tulane 
U MD 1897; lecturer on medical dent- 
istry U of S Med Sch 1897-1898; died 
Pass Christian Miss 1 Mar 1929 

118-BOTT Franklin Lucas (Aber- 
deen Miss) ; U of Tenn MD 1899; phys 
Lexington Miss 

119-MOYERS Jasper Allen (Doves- 
ville Va) ; St Louis Coll of Phys & Surg 
MD 1899; phys; Franklin W Va 

120-MORGAN William Alexander 
(Atlanta Ga); Atlanta Med Coll MD 
1897; phys New York N Y 1916 

121-CUMMINS John Bigelow (Cates- 
ville Tex) ; MD 1898; Southern Normal 
BS; U of Nashville MD 1897; phys; 1126 
Hemphill St Ft Worth Tex 

122-RAST Ernest Manly (Cameron 
S C); S C Med Coll MD 1898; phys 
Cameron S C; died 

123-WATTS William Cheney [Cher- 
ry?]; (Meridian Miss); MD 1896; phys 
Drew Miss; died there 1953 





124-BRUCE Edward Frederick (Bag- 
dad Fla); Tulane U MD 1897; phys 
Pensacola Fla; died there 19 June 1922 

125-DONALDSON James Anderson 
(Pontotoc Miss) ; Memphis Hosp Med 
Coll MD 1896; phys Okolona Miss; 
died there 1932 

126-KING George Wiley (Chalybeat 
Ga); MD 1896; phys Atlanta Ga; died 
there 13 Jan 1946 

127-SISTRUNK Robert Donnie (Fel- 
lowship Fla) ; Ky Sch of Med MD 1898; 
phys; Dade City Fla 

128-SUTTON Benjamin Whitworth 
(Tracy City Tenn); U of Tenn MD 
1899; phys Huntland Tenn; died there 

129-GRAY Allen Nethery (Floyd 
Tex) ; U of Dallas MD 1901; phys Floyd; 
died there 10 Dec 1921 

130-KOONCE Francis Duval Jr 
(Ricklands N C) ; Southern Med Coll 
Atlanta MD 1897; phys Washington D 
C; died 

131-MURCHISON Thomas Mcintosh 
(Athens Tex) ; Gross Med Coll Denver 
Colo MD 1899; phys Riverside Calif; 

132-PRUITT Sidney S (Jacksonville 
Fla); Barnes Med Coll St Louis MD 
1899; U of Tenn MD 1886; phys Hol- 
land Ky 1916 

133-COLLINS James Robert (Wythe- 
ville Va); MD 1896 

134-SWARTZ Charles Miller (Phil- 
adelphia Pa) ; MD 1901 KS; died Pue- 
blo Colo 3 Oct 1908 

135-WESTON William (Eastover S 
C); C 1222 MD 1896 DSc 1931; phys 
FAMA; 1231 Bull St Columbia S C 

136-EGLESTON William Isaac Jr 
(Winnsboro S C) ; A 1127 C 1184 MD 
1898; phys; died 1935 

137-ESTILL Reverdy Van Warren 
(Louisville Ky) ; C 1429; Louisville Ky 
Hospital Coll of Med MD 1903; 7 Lime- 
house St Charleston S C 

138-HANNON Horace Blake (Cairo 
111); C 1545; Coll Phys & Surg San 
Francisco Calif MD 1898; phys; died 

Entered 1897 

139-TAYLOR Joseph Taliaferro 
(Adams Run S C); Med Coll of S C 
MD 1899; Hobart Coll BL & ML; phys 
Adams Run S C; pres industrial loan 
& investment corp; died Adams Run 20 
Feb 1940 

140-THOMAS George Bruce (Mobile 
Ala); MD & PhG 1898 

141-TURNER William Allen Jr 
(Newnan Ga); PhG & MD 1900 KS; 
studied in hosps Berlin & Vienna; U 
of Nashville; surg Newnan Ga; died 
about 1951 

142-NOBLIN William Earl (Edwards 
Miss); MD 1897; phys (PH) Jackson 
Miss & dir Hines Health Off; died Jack- 
son 1942 

143-SPARRENBERGER Frederick 
Hessler (Passaic N J); MD 1897 SAE; 
lecturer venereal diseases U of S 1898- 
1899; phys FAMA Seattle Wash; maj 
U S Army; died 5 Feb 1955 

144-BALLARD George Clinton (Gar- 
land Tex) ; PhG & MD 1898; phys Pop- 
larville Miss* 

145-GOUDCHAUX Charles Abram 
(Big Cane La); MD 1897; phys Mel- 
ville La; Plaquemine La* 

146-OATES Joshua Camillus (Clan- 
ton Ala) 

147-BECK Lucien Pinkston (San An- 
tonio Tex); MD 1900; phys Eagle Pass 
Tex; died 28 Mar 1950 

148-SMITH John Wesley (Shamb- 
lings Mills W Va); MD 1897; phys 
Rosedale W Va 1906 

149-RAU Ernest (Pontotoc Miss); 
MD 1898 SAE; U of Ky MD; phys 
(OALR); 926% Stole St Bowling Green 

150-KINDER William John (Everton 
Mo); MD 1897; phys Aldrich Mo 1914 

151-HAMILTON William Alexander 
(Garrison Iowa) 

152-BARRYTE Evan Lucien (Den- 
ver Colo); MD 1897; Vienna Austria 
BA; U of Tenn MD 1898; consul gen 
Tunis Africa 1899; phys & surg Chicago 
111; died 30 Sept 1933 

153-PETTYJOHN Joseph (Augusta 
Ga); MD 1897 PhG 1898; onetime asst 
surg U S Navy; U S Marine Hosp New 
Orleans La* 

154-BRAKE Ralph Emerson (Findlay 
Ohio) ; MD 1897 PDT; phys Findlay O; 
died Canada 1933 

155-PIERCE Walter Bell (Silver 
Creek Miss) ; MD 1897 PhG 1898; Cen- 
tral Am; died about 1933 

156-G A S K E L L Charles Wilf ord 
(United Service Club London Eng) ; 
MD 1897 PhG 1898 PDT; lecturer ge- 
nito-urinary & rectal diseases U of S 
1898-1899; prof anatomy Southern In- 
stitute of Osteopathy Franklin Ky; died 
before 1909 

157-S ANDERS James Wofford 
(Franklin La); Tulane U MD 1899; 
phys Von Ga; died 14 Jan 1934 

158-LITTLE Jesse Trawin (Pitts- 
burgh Pa); MD 1897; phys Ark T B 
Sanitorium Wildcat Mountain Ft Smith 

159-WILFORD George Arthur (Ta- 
maqua Pa) ; MD 1897; phys lumberman 
& banker Tamaqua; died there 10 Feb 

160-LEVERT Mark William (Mark 
P O La); MD 1897 PDT; phys Brusly 
La; died 

161-McDOWELL Thomas C (Isabella 
Ga) ; MD 1897; Acree Ga* 

162-MALLICOAT Lester Adonnus 
(Summerville Ga) ; MD 1897; phys 
Trion Ga; died 5 Dec 1929 

163-OSTROWSKY Michael (Wil- 
mington Del) 

164-JONES John William (Wilkes- 
Barre Pa) ; phys Pottsville Pa; died 
Sebring Fla about 1952 

165-HILDEBRAND J Hamilton 
(East Berlin Pa); MD & PhG 1898; 
phys FAMA Biglerville Pa; Bethlehem 

166-LUCAS James Walter (French 

Camp Miss) ; MD 1897; BA ; phys N 

Moorhead Miss 

167 -NOEL Henry Lee (Lexington 
Miss); Memphis Hosp Coll MD 1898; 
phys Graysport Miss* 

168-WHITEHEAD Paul David (Wa- 
ter Valley Miss); St Louis Coll Phys 
& Surg MD 1898; phys Cassae Ark* 

169-HAYS William Jasper (Brighton 
Miss); MD 1897 

170-KERR James Rufus Whitfield 
(Mt Pleasant Miss) 

171-S L A Y D E N William Walter 
(Waverly Tenn); MD 1897; phys & v 
pres Citizens Bank Waverly; died 
St Petersburg Fla 10 Feb 1947 

172-YOUNG Isaac Copling (Bold 
Spring Tenn); MD 1897; phys Lowes 
Ky & McEwen Tenn; died DuQuoin 111 
22 Nov 1930 

173-PECK William Allen (Mars Hill 
N C) ; Homeopathic Med Coll MD 1898; 
Helena and Marysville Mont* 

174-GARRARD James Britain 
(Cooper Tex); MD 1898; phys La 
Grange Tex; died there 29 Dec 1943 

175-ZIMMERMAN Albert Sidney 
(Jasper Fla); MD 1897; phys FAMA 
Scottsboro Ala; died Prattville Ala 15 
May 1953 

176-ASH James Clair (Fitzgerald 
Ga); Barnes Med Coll MD 1899; phys 
Lake Andes S D; died 

177-LOGAN Herschel Josephus 
(Traffic Ga); MD 1897; phys Ameri- 
cus Ga* 

178-HAGGARD Douglass (Nashville 
Tenn) ; died Augusta Ga 15 Mar 1931 

179-HIGGINS Abner (Eunice N C); 
MD 1897; phys surg & stock farmer 
Areola Miss; died there 27 May 1942 

180-DUNCAN Guy Franklin (Sparta 
N C) ; Baltimore Md Med Sch MD 1902; 
phys High Point N C; died about 1936 

181-TUTT Richard Henry (Beech Is- 
land S C) ; MD 1897 

182-RINGOLD James Oscar (Susie 
Miss) ; MD 1897; died Winona Miss 1934 

James M (Mockville Ky); MD &. PhG 
1901; phys Tyrone Okla 1906; Goodwell 

184-WARREN James Willis (Gads- 
den Tenn); MD 1900; died May 1930 

185-CHANDLER Henry Hawes 
(Louisa Va) ; MD 1897 KS; died about 

186-SMITH Reuben Decatur (Green- 
ville S C); MD 1897; died about 1926 

187-SOUTHARD Walter Edward E 
(Springfield Mo) 

188-YOUNG Henry Tutwiler 
(Greensboro Ala); MD 1900 KS; phys 
Greensboro; died there 23 Dec 1936 

189-BROWN William Alexander 
(Sioux Falls S D); MD 1897 

190-GRIFFIN Walter (Darlington S 
C); U of S C; Charleston Med Coll; 
died about 1904 

191-SELDEN John Armistead (Se- 
wanee Tenn) ; A 1300 C 1349; U of Ga 
MD 1899; phys; 801 Ga Casualty Bldg 
Macon Ga 

192-GUTHRIE James Birney Jr 
(New Orleans La); C 1443; Keokuk 
Med Coll MD 1904; died 1932 





193-SMITH Sidney Bertrand (Rock- 
vale Term); C 1460 MD 1899; phys 
Overalll Tenn; died 1953 

194-GRAY Robert Muncaster (Ox- 
ford Md) ; C 1587; died 1934 

Entered 1898 

195-OVERTON Valdy Clinton (Mon- 
terey Mex); MD & PhG 1898; phys 
Beaumont & Houston Tex; died Hous- 
ton 12 Sept 1952 

196-JAMES Spencer Thompson Jr 
(Decatur Tex); Atlanta Coll Phys & 
Surg MD 1898; phys Park Springs Tex* 

197-GRIMES John Walter (Weoguf- 
ka Ala) ; MD & PhG 1898; phys Talla- 
dega Springs Ala* 

198-TURNIPSEED Jesse Andrew 
(Meltonia Miss); MD 1901; Tulane U 
MD 1901; phys Cruger Miss; died there 
10 July 1932 

199-MILTON Taliaferro (Berryville 
Va) ; Va Mil Institute MS 1897 hon EE 
1903 KA; electrical engr; onetime 
branch mgr Electric Storage Battery 
Co Chicago Dist; died La Grange HI 
31 Oct 1950 

200-SEARCY George Harris (Tusca- 
loosa Ala); U of Mich MD 1901; phys 
Tuscaloosa Ala; died there 1935 

201-S E A R C Y Joseph Alexander 
(Tuscaloosa Ala) ; realtor & mgr North 
Port Coal Co Tuscaloosa; died there 
31 Dec 1945 

202- WARD John Hester (Tuscaloosa 
Ala) ; MD & PhG 1900 PKA; phys (G) 
FAMA Tuscaloosa Ala; died there 4 
Aug 1924 

203-VICK Fletcher Mack (Auburn 
Tex); MD 1901; phys Alice Ala* 

204-McKINNEY John Charles (Ab- 
salom Ga); MD 1898 PhG 1901; phys 
(OALR) Athens Ga; died there about 

205-MYERS George Thomas (Ben- 
tonville Mo) ; MD &. PhG 1898; phys 54 
yrs Macks Creek Mo; World War I off 
U S Army Med Corps; died Springfield 
Mo 15 Dec 1952 

206- CANNON Griffith Ghaston (Beef 
Range Tenn) ; U of Tenn MD 1901; died 
Cumberland Furnace Tenn about 1927 

207-VAN CLEAVE Henry Shibley 
(Bee Creek Tex); MD & PhG 1898; 
phys Burkburnett Tex; died there 6 
Mar 1942 

208-BROWN Quarles Dowsing (Tal- 
ladega Ala) 

209-MAY Frank Howard (Birming- 
ham Ala); MD & PhG 1898; phys Bir- 
mingham 50 yrs; died there 16 Feb 1950 

210- J O H N S O N William Marvin 
(Sparta Tenn); MD 1901; U of Tenn; 
World War I capt U S Army; county 
health officer Sparta; died there 2 Feb 

211-BROWN Horatio Henry (Clinton 
Ky) ; MD 1898; phys Sharon Tenn* 

212-NEWMAN Oscar Clarence (Jay- 
bird O); MD & PhG 1900; National 
Normal U Labanon O; Fayette Coll; 
phys FAMA Shattuck Okla; World War 
I capt U S Army; died Shattuck 14 Mar 

213-McINNIS John McCallum (Hat- 

tiesburg Miss); MD & PhG 1898; phys 
Brooklyn Miss in 1930's 

214-T I M M O N S Ernest Andrew 
(Godwin Tenn); U of Nashville MD 
1900; phys Columbia Tenn; died there 
about 1945 

215-BROWN George Thomas (Sum- 
mertown Ga); MD 1898; U of Ga MD 
1899; phys Wadley Ga; died there 1909 

216-LAIN Everett Samuel (Bolivar 
Tex); Vanderbilt MD 1900; phys (der- 
matology) FAMA & prof U of Okla 
Med Sch; 1706 Elmhurst Okla City 

217-MARTIN Charles Harry (Dundee 
N Y) ; MD &. PhG 1898 KS; phys Hart- 
ford Conn; onetime ships surg N Ger- 
man Lloyd Lines; died Terry Miss 24 
Aug 1946 

218-MILLER Alexander Campbell 
(Waxahachie Tex); MD 1900; phys 
Drane Tex* 

219-LUCK Paul Maximilian Karl 
(Lawrence Mass); MD 1898; lecturer 
on practical pharmacy & toxology U of 
S 1899-1900; phys Passaic N J* 

220-EVANS Isaac Cuthbert (Seale 
Ala) ; U of Ala MD 1899; phys Colum- 
bus Ga; died there about 1938 

221-CARTER George Washington 
(Cadiz Ky); MD & PhG 1898; phys 
Plainview Tex* 

222-M I T C H E L L Lewis Thayer 
(Braddock Pa); MD 1898 KS; phys; Rt 
2 Box 239 Sharpsburg Branch Pitts- 
burgh Pa 

223-MAHAN Jabez Alexander 
(Nabb Indiana); MD 1898; Nat Nor- 
man U Lebanon Ohio BS 1891 MS 1892; 
studied Paris & Vienna; phys (OALR) 
FAMA; author; died Oxnard Calif 10 
Nov 1951 

224-FRANK Myrtile (Strasbourg Al- 
sace Germany); U of Nashville MD 
1900; phys FAMA Egg Harbor City N 
J; died 1 July 1952 

225-BATHURST William Ray (Phil- 
adelphia Pa); MD & PhG 1898 PDT; 
phys Little Rock Ark; died there 31 
Aug 1933 

226-ENOCH George Field (Holmes- 
burg Pa); MD 1898 PDT; phys FAMA 
Philadelphia Pa; died there 3 Apr 1944 

227-SMITH Daniel Stines (Clinton 
N J) 

228-WADSWORTH Daniel Uriah 
(Jackson La); MD 1898; phys Tulsa 

229-HARDING Leon Knight (Nash- 
ville Tenn) ; U of Tenn MD; phys Hop- 
kinsville Ky; minister in Christian 
Church; died Hopkinsville 1946 

230-JAMES Paul Anthony Culvit 
(Lamourie La) 

231-WHITEHURST Alfred Franklin 
(Iuka Miss) ; MD 1898; phys Iuka; died 
there 19 Dec 1933 

232-HILL Arthur Thomas (Black- 
land Miss) ; U of Tenn MD 1899; phys; 
died Stigler Okla 

233-McCOWN Oswald Stewart 
(Shannon Miss); U of Nashville MD 
1900; surg FAMA Memphis Tenn; died 
19 Aug 1952 

234-S H I V E R S Marcus Ourelius 

(Boyle Miss); MD & PhG 1900; 

BS; surg FAMA; 1431 N Tejon St Colo- 
rado Springs Colo 

235-DEAN Frederick William Sym- 
mes (Liberty S C); MD 1898; comdr 
U S Navy; died Danbury Conn 19 July 

236-PIRKLE Noah Grover (Buford 
Ga) ; MD 1898; phys Buford; died there 
about 1947 

237-MASON James Lunsford (Beech 
Grove Tenn); U of Tenn MD 1900; 
phys Beech Grove; died there about 

238-LOGAN Samuel (New Orleans 
La); Tulane U MD 1900; phys FAMA 
New Orleans; died there 1 July 1918 

239-MOCK John Herman (Thomas- 
ville N C) ; MD & PhG 1898 KS; phys 
Thomasville; died there 1933 

240-BEVERLEY Edward Percy 
(Broad Run Va); MD & PhG 1900 
SAE; phys FAMA Broad Run; col U S 
Army Med Corps; one of first civilian 
phys to go to Panama for building ca- 
nal; died spring 1948 

241-MASON Richard (Marshall Va) ; 
MD 1898 PKA; phys The Plains Va 
over 50 yrs; died 23 Sept 1952 

242-CHADWICK Isaac Almon (Wal- 
nut Grove Miss) ; phys Leake County 
52 yrs; died Carthage Miss Mar 1951 

243-MECKLIN James Naylor 
(French Camp Miss); U of Nashville 
MD 1900; phys Louise Miss 

244-STOLPER Joseph H (Wilnor 
Russia) ; MD & PhG 1900; studied Sor- 
borne Paris & Vienna; Cumberland U 
LLB; atty & RR official; phys & surg 
Muskogee Okla; died there 13 Jan 1942 

245-COHEN Hyman (New York N 
Y); U of 111 MD 1906; phys Chicago 
111; died 

246-ELLISON William Thomas 
(Glasgow Ky); PhG 1898 MD 1900; 
lecturer venereal diseases U of S 1899- 
1900; Knoxville Tenn; Savannah Ga & 
Valrico Fla* 

247-McDANIEL John R (Mud Creek 
Miss); MD 1899; phys Steele Mo 

248-PULLEN Albert John (Brattle- 
boro Vt); MD & PhG 1898; phys; died 
Fond du Lac Wise 6 Dec 1937 

249-ENGEL Frederick Christian 
Charles (Houston Tex) ; MD 1898; died 
before 1914 

250-BOYER Charles Alonzo (Ogles- 
by Tex); MD 1900; phys Waco Tex; 
died there 14 Aug 1934 

251-FELTS William Edgar (Pleasant 
View Tenn); MD 1898; phys Joelton 
Tenn; died there about 1948 

252- JENNINGS Robert Thomas (Au- 
gusta Ga) ; MD 1898; phys Columbia S 

253-WINE Robert Eugene (Quicks- 
burg Va); MD 1901; phys Nokesville Va 
1923; died Washington D C 15 Mar 1927 

254-RUFFIN Joseph Blont (Powells- 
ville N C); MD 1898 PhG 1900; phys 
Powellsville; died 15 Oct 1944 

255-GRAHAM Charles Richard 
(Myrtle Miss); died 





256-B IGHAM George Edward 
(Franklin S C); MD 1898; phys Ivey 
Ga; died 1948 

257-TOWNSEND Frank Albert (Put- 
ney Vt); MD 1898; died Greenfield 
Mass 9 Nov 1939 

258-CHAPMAN Charles Edward Jr 
(Evergreen Ala); U of Ala MD 1900; 
Tufts AB 1902; Harvard LLB 1905; U 
of Calif MA 1909 PhD 1915; died Oak- 
land Calif 18 Nov 1941 

259-CADE Samuel Tinsley (Bor- 
deaux S C); MD & PhD 1898; phys 
Wellington S C; died there 18 May 1925 

260-HARRIS Esau Alun (Coal City 
Ala); MD 1898; phys FAMA; 1801 
Dartmouth Ave Bessemer Ala 

261-SMITH Winfield Scott (Philippi 
W Va); PhG & MD 1898; phys Philippi; 
died there 24 Mar 1948 

262- CREASE Frederick John (Little 
Compton R I) ; MD 1898; PhG; lec- 
turer pathology & gen physics U of S 
1898-1899; phys Bakersfield Calif; died 
there 19 Nov 1953 

263-LILES William Washington 
(Flowery Branch Ga) ; Ga Coll of Med 
MD 1899; died 

264-WHISLER Horace Clinton (New 
Brighton Pa); PhG & MD 1898; died 
Smithfield W Va 1935 

265-TULLOS Nevil Eugene (Raleigh 
Miss); died 10 Sept 1929 

266-WALDEN Virgil Anderson (An- 
gle Tenn); MD 1898; phys Angle; 
Fountain Head Tenn* 

267-HAYES Henry Wells Stanley 

(Phelps N Y); MD 1900; B Litt; 

Hobart Coll BS 1897; Columbia Coll 
Phys & Surg 1897-1898; maj U S Army 
(ret); 1295 LaCumbre Rd Hillsbor- 
ough San Mateo Calif 

268-ROBERT Joseph Clarke (Stark - 

ville Miss); MD 1900 PhG 1905; 

BS VMD; prof biology & dean Miss 

State Coll Starkville 1912- ; died 1946 

269-BOONE Malcolm Alvah (Thax- 
ton Miss); MD & PhG 1898; phys 
(ObG); 910 Med Arts Bldg Dallas Tex 

270-MAXWELL Walter John (Tus- 
caloosa Ala); PhG & MD 1902; phys 
(Ob); 109 Park Blvd Sheffield Ala 

271-EDWARDS Wanzie Ward (Taze- 
well Ga); MD 1900; phys Butler Ga; 
died there 1931 

272-PENNINGTON Simeon Andrew 
(Chunky Miss); U of Tenn MD 1900; 
phys Jacoby & Elton La 1916; died 

273-JONES Lee Gastrell [Gastrelle?] 
(Evans Ga) ; MD & PhG 1898; U of Ga 
MD 1896; phys Aliceville Ala; died 
about 1931 

274-BLACKWELL William Gary 
(Parksville S C); MD 1898; phys 
Parksville; died there 

275-LAWS Joseph Hiram (Wilders- 
ville Tenn); MD & PhG 1900; phys 
FAMA; died Broken Arrow Okla about 

276-BLACKWELL Joshua Melvin 
(Cooper Tex); Tulane U MD 1900; 
phys Voth Tex; died there about 1937 

277-PARR V e s t e r (Stephensport 
Ky); U of Tenn Memphis MD 1900; 
phys; 433 W 70th Terrace Kansas City 

278-SILVERTHORNE Charles Robert 
(May Day Ky); MD 1898; surg Wood- 
ward Okla; died 27 July 1941 

279-HANNUM William Henry (Ca- 
pon Springs W Va); MD 1898; phys 
Paw Paw W Va; died there 1941 

280-ADAMSON Benjamin Green- 
bury (Jackson Tenn); MD & PhG 1898; 
died • 

281-MELLER Richard Thomas (New 
York N Y) ; PhG 1900; Baltimore Med 
Sch MD 1901; New York N Y* 

282-MIDDLETON Joseph Barksdale 
(Yazoo City Miss); MD & PhG 1898; 
died Grenada Miss 1931 

283-LAMB George Warrington (Mt 
Airy Pa); MD & PhG 1898 SAE; dea- 
con 1901 priest 1902; ministry in Pa & 
N J; rector Ch of the Covenant Phila- 
delphia Pa; attended U of Pa; died 
Philadelphia 30 Oct 1939 

284-SANDIFER Fred Monroe (Ty- 
lertown Miss); Tulane U MD 1900; 
phys; died Greenwood Miss 19 Apr 1946 

285-LOONEY William Calvin (Se- 
wanee Tenn); MD 1901; phys (anaes- 
thesia) ; onetime mayor Normandy; 
died Shelbyville Tenn 30 Mar 1926 

286-McGHEE Moses Alfred (Cleo 
Ala); MD 1898; phys Daleville Ala 

287-L A N I N G Benjamin Howard 
(Philadelphia Pa) ; MD & PhG 1898; St 
Louis Mo* 

288-CORLEY John Percell (Greens- 
boro Ala); MD 1900; Vanderbilt DDS; 
prof med dentistry U of South 1898- 
1909; dentist Greensboro Ala & Sewa- 
nee; died Greensboro 10 Feb 1952 

289-YANCEY Thomas Bragg Jr 
(Somerville Tenn); MD & PhG 1901 
KS; phys (longtime pub health); 110 
E Ravine St Kingsport Tenn 

290-DAVTES Taleasin Hayden (Du- 
quesne Pa); MD & PhG 1898; phys 
(neurology & psychiatry) FAMA Wil- 
mington Del; died 25 Mar 1943 

291-ADKISSON John Anderson 
(Wildersville Tenn); Memphis Med 
Coll MD 1896; phys Merkel Tex; died 
17 Jan 1924 

292-ASHLEY Thomas Evert (Ever- 
ett?) (Beech Grove Tenn); U of Nash- 
ville MD 1900; phys Fayetteville Tenn; 
died there 

293-SCOTT Frederick Myers Jr (At- 
lanta Ga); C 1525 L 58 LLB 1901; Lil- 
lian Ala 

294-BOLLING Richard Elliott (Edna 
Tex); C 1603 MD 1900; died 

295-SIMS Bartlet et Ultimus (Bryan 
Tex) ; C 1636; Tulane U MD 1901; died 

Entered 1899 

296-THERIOT Alexander Jr (Race- 
land La); PhG 1900 MD 1901; Lock- 
hart La* 

297-HENSAL Thomas William 
(Springfield 111); MD 1900; phys Foyil 

298-JACKSON Walter Bassil (Ozro 
Tex); Coll Phys & Surg Dallas MD 
1907; phys Waxahachie Tex 

299-HOLSBERRY French Samuel 
(Kalamazoo W Va); MD 1900; phys; 
died Parsons W Va 1935 

300-WALKUP Henry Clay (Mcin- 
tosh Fla); U of Tenn MD 1903; died 
Saratoga Ark 4 Apr 1933 

301-THOMPSON Ernest (Earnest?) 
Lindrel (Williston Tenn); U of Nash- 
ville MD 1902; phys Hot Springs Ark* 

302-NEILL James Abner (Waldo 
Ark) ; MD & PhG 1900; surg; died Ba- 
hama Islands 4 Sept 1942 

303-YOUNG Elisha Ashe (Greens- 
boro Ala) ; MD 1903; U of Ala AB MA; 
prof chem Livingston State Teachers 
Coll Ala 1900-1930; died Selma Ala 

304- CARTER James Martin (Wilma 
Ark) ; MD 1902 KS; Dundee Miss; phys 
Gale Levee Miss; died about 1933 

305-BUTLER Thomas Jr (St Fran- 
cisville La) ; PKA; Tulane U MD 1902; 
phys; St Francisville La 

306-GREEN Henry Daniel (Atlanta 
Ga); MD & PhG 1900; phys Atlanta 
Ga; died 29 July 1904 

307-WEBB Anderson Miller (Bell 
Buckle Tenn); U of Tenn MD 1901; 
PhG Vanderbilt U SAE; druggist & 
phys; died Nashville Tenn 30 Apr 1953 

308-HARRIS George Ralph (Homer 
La); Atlanta Med Coll MD 1900; died 
Rayne La 1904 

309-BRUCE Walter Barwick (He- 
lena Ark); C 1819 MD 1901; phys He- 
lena Ark; died 1939 

310-GRAVES Wildy Harding (Mur- 
ray Ky); MD 1900; U of Ky 1899; Hosp 
Coll Med 1900; phys (anesthesia); 
phys 37 yrs Calloway County; died 
Murray Ky 8 Mar 1936 

3'11-HARRIS Frank Lenoir (Kilmi- 
chael Miss) ; U of Tenn MD 1903; phys; 
died Winona Miss 29 Feb 1936 

312-BEASLEY Oman Winfred (Win- 
ford?) (Hazlehurst Miss); U of Tenn 
MD 1903; phys Cupp Tenn* 

313-NELSON Arthur Winford (Wes- 
ley) (Boonville Mo); MD & PhG 1900 
ATO; U Med Coll Kansas City; farmer 
& breeder short horn cattle; drowned 
boat accident Lake of the Ozarks Mar 

314-LITTLE Richard Mobley (Dres- 
den Tenn); MD & PhG 1900; World 
War I capt U S Army Med Corps; died 
Dresden 5 Nov 1932 

315-HAYDEN Elmer Forrest (Car- 
rollton Ky); MD 1900; phys FAMA 
Tulsa Okla 20 yrs; died there May 1922 

316-KEYES Henry Sheridan (Cam- 
bridge Mass); MD 1900 PhG 1902; phys 
(ret) ; 2409 Glenneyre St Laguna Beach 

317-COLLETTE William Thomas 
(Murfreesboro Tenn) ; MD & PhG 1900; 
phys Versailles Ky; died there 16 June 

318-BORDELON Albert Lewis 
(Longbridge La); MD 1900; phys Cot- 
tonport La 45 yrs; onetime mayor Cot- 
tonport; died Baton Rouge La 13 Nov 

319-FISHER Robert Jefferson (Pop- 
lin's Crossroads Tenn) ; U of Nashville 
MD 1901; phys Black Oak Ark 1918 

320-CARTER Oscar Newton (San- 
didges Va); MD 1900; phys Republic 
Mo; died there 27 Mar 1917 





321-TUCKER Otis Benjamin (Chip- 
ley Ga); MD 1900; died Chipley about 

322-LAYFIELD John William (Chip- 
ley Ga); MD 1900; Ocilla Ga; died 

323-McCLENDON Henry Leonidas 
(Goodwater Ala); MD 1900; phys Po- 
lishme Ark; died about 1947 

324-HAY Joseph Smyser (York Pa) ; 
MD & PhG 1900; died Perth Amboy N 
Y 2 June 1932 

325-FONTAINE Maury Blackwell 
(Pontotoc Miss); died Gulfport Miss 
13 Oct 1946 

326-HATCHETT Edward Adolphus 
(Rockport Va) ; MD 1900; died Chester 
Va 1907 

327-HINDMAN David Silas (Prairie 
Plains Tenn); MD 1903; Pettey Ala* 

328-JOHNSTON Lewis Stuart (Oma- 
ha Tex); U of Tex MD 1901; phys 
FAMA Cotulla Tex; died San Antonio 
Tex 1939 

329-DONALDSON Robert Payton 
(Pontotoc Miss); Memphis Hosp Med 
Coll MD 1901; phys Pontotoc; died 
there 30 Apr 1947 

330-RAGLAND Benjamin DeMarquis 
(Bellwood Tenn); MD 1900 

331-STROUD Edward Clayton (Ma- 
rietta S C); MD 1900; phys Marietta; 
died there 2 Oct 1946 

332-THOMPSON Claude Durant 
(Stanley N C); U of Tenn MD 1901; 
phys; 809 Willow Lane Terrace High 
Point N C 

333-SHUMATE John Rufus (Oak- 
vale W Va); PhG 1900; farmer; Athens 
W Va 

334-P ATTERSON William Bailey 
(Denver Idaho) ; MD 1900 

335-DeARMAN Milton Mellon (Ba- 
zetti Tex); U of Tenn MD 1901; surg 
FAMA Miami Okla; died there 4 Nov 

336-GORMLY Harry Hemming 
(Troy N Y); MD & PhG 1900; died 
San Francisco Calif 9 Apr 1931 

337-BRYANT Felix Vinson (Celeste 
Tex); Hering Med Coll Chicago MD 
1905; phys Athens Tex; died Canton 
Tex 1951 

338-HALL Wesley William Jr (East- 
abuchie Miss); MD 1900; phys Shelby 
Miss; died there 

339-WATSON David Allen (Taylor 
Tex) ; Ft Worth Sch of Med MD 1902; 
phys La Feria Tex; died there 1938 

3'40-FANCHER Hampton Lansden 
(Bon Air Tenn); MD 2900; surg 
FAMA; pres Am Coll Phys & Surg; 
pres Tenn Med Assn 1924-1925; med 
dir of Provident Life & Accident Ins 
Co; died Chattanooga Tenn 12 Nov 

341-HOWELL Asa (Sunny Lane 
Tex) ; MD 1900; phys Uvalde Tex 

342-HOWELL Silas John (Sunny 
Lane Tex); died Sewanee Tenn 1899 

343-THOMAS Herschel G (Joshua 
Tex) ; MD 1900; phys Handley Tex* 

344-W A R N E R James Shelburne 
(Pomona Tex) ; PhG 1902; died Burnet 
Tex Nov 1905 

345-BECTON Edward Pinkney Jr 
(Austin Tex); U of Tenn MD 1902; 

surg FAMA; died Greenville Tex 7 
Aug 1946 

346-COLLEY Thomas Jefferson 
(Birchleaf Va); U Coll of Med Rich- 
mond Va MD 1901; surg FAMA Homi- 
ny Okla; died there 7 Dec 1935 

347-SMITH John Theodore (Dallas 
Tex) ; MD & PhG 1900; Mobile Ala* 

3'48-C A M P B E L L William Allen 
(Whiteville Tenn) ; MD 1900; phys Ca- 
bot Ark* 

349-ASHFORD Hartwell Taylor 
(Bolton Miss) ; Hosp Coll of Med Lou- 
isville Ky MD 1903; phys Clinton Miss; 

350-K E N N E D Y Thomas Joseph 
(Shorterville Ala); MD 1900; Bluffton 

351-WILEY James Madison (Belem 
Miss); MD 1900; Medina Tenn* 

352-SAVAGE Henry James (Ever- 
green Ala); Tulane U MD 1901; phys 
(radiology & roentgenology) FAMA; 
854 Walnut St Gadsden Ala 

353-E D W A R D S Thomas Melvin 
(Meldrin?) (Daisy Ga); MD & PhG 
1901; phys Frostproof Fla; died there 
about 1943 

354-GLASS John Wiley (Spring 
Place Ga) ; MD 1900; Atlanta Coll Phys 
& Surg MD 1900; phys Bloomsburg Tex; 
died there about 1940 

355-WALL Samuel Davis (Jackson 
La); MD 1901; phys FAMA Slaughter 
La; Port Arthur Tex* 

3'56-JORDAN Harrison (Rayville 
La); MD 1902; La legislature 1916- 
1932; phys; Rayville La 

357-McCAMBRIDGE Patrick (Am- 
herst Quebec Canada); MD 1900; 

BA; Freeport 111* 

358-REAVES William Perry (Whig 
Tenn); PhG 1900 MD 1903; lecturer in 
practical pharmacy & toxology 1903- 
1904; phys (OALR) phys FAMA; died 
Winston-Salem N C 2 Apr 1947 

359-MELVIN Walter Gibson (Cam- 
den Miss) ; PhG & MD 1902 DTD; phys 
New Orleans La 1902; died 1909 

360-MULLINS Ira (Clintwood Va); 
MD 1900; BS; phys; 2035 Wood Hom- 
ing Okla 

361 -STOUT Thomas Jefferson (Bay 
Village Ark); U of Nashville MD 1901; 
phys Brinkley Ark* 

362-K INNEY Hance Hamilton 

(Bremer Ala); MD 1903; Wren 


363-SHEPHERD Frank Dennis 
(Brownwood Tex) ; Daniel Baker Coll 
AB; U of Tenn MD 1903; phys FAMA 
Electra Tex; Liberty Hill Tex* 

364-CARSON Henry David (Carnes- 
ville Ga) ; MD 1900; phys; Union Point 

365-CASTLEMAN Howell Lea (Cas- 
tlemans Ferry Va) ; MD 1902 PKA; phys 
FAMA Sylacauga Ala; died there 1934 

366-P R I N C E Edmond Mortimer 
(Bessemer Ala); U of Ala MD 1901; 
surg Birmingham Ala; died there 4 
June 1943 

367-McKINNON Hugh Lawson (Ad- 
dison Miss); Memphis Hosp Coll MD 
1900; phys; Miss rep Western Hemis- 

phere Conference of World Med Assn 
1953; 515 Bay St Hattiesburg Miss 

368-SANDBERG Erik Theophile 
(Hammenhog Sweden); MD 1900; phys 
(OALR) Cardinal Va; died there 10 
July 1936 

369-LEE Albert Sidney (Magnolia 
Miss); Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 
1900; phys Foote Miss; died there 1926 

370-BERWICK David Allen (Frank- 
lin La) ; MD 1900; phys Alexandria La 

371-BRINKERHOFF Nelson Mitten 
(Philadelphia Pa); Med Chirurgical 
Coll Philadelphia MD 1900; phys (Oph) 
FAMA; 1930 Chestnut St Philadelphia 
3 Pa 

372-REYNOLDS John Henry (Ma- 
con Ga); MD 1900; phys Live Oak 
Fla; died there 2 Jan 1947 

373-MOORE John Alexander (Beach 
Ga); MD 1900; Dupont Ga* 

374-MONEY Ernest Noel (East Liso 
Hauto England); MD 1900; Stodham 
Park East Liso Hauts England* 

375-BOYER Thomas Edward (Gans- 
ville Tex); phys; died Shive Tex Sept 

376-ETHERIDGE Luther Burdette 
(Leesville S C) ; MD & PhG 1900; phys 
Leesburg; died there about 1914 

377-BROWN James Manly (McCor- 
mick S C); MD 1900; phys; died Mc- 
Cormick about 1940 

378-CLINE George P (Dunbar Ga); 
MD & PhG 1900; phys Byron Ga; died 
there 1926 

379-WOODRUFF Aaron Chapman 
(Sparta N C); died before 1914 

380-FITZHUGH Edgar Sterling 
(Nolensville Tenn); MD 1900; died 
Redlands Calif Dec 1906 

381-EDDY Nathan Elbert (Newella 
Run Ohio); MD 1900; phys Auburn W 
Va; died there 1920 

382-HOLTZHAUSSER George Jacob 
(Philadelphia Pa); MD 1900; phys 
FAMA; 160 W Grand Ave Philadelphia 

383-GAMBLE Henry Lisle (Moore- 
field W Va); MD 1900; phys Moore- 
field; died there 1944 

384-PARMER William Johnson 
(Porterville Miss); died 1900 

385-BYERS Richard Anderson 
(White Run Ky); Louisville Med Coll 
MD 1903; phys Grayson & Ohio Coun- 
ties Ky; died Horse Branch Ky 11 Sept 

386-HOBDY William (Crandall Tex) ; 
MD 1902; phys Hamilton Tex; died 
there 27 Feb 1925 

387-MASON Land on Randolph 
(Marshall Va); MD 1902 KA; phys; 
died Marshall 13 Apr 1902 

388-TURNER Thomas Jackson (Se- 
natobia Miss) ; MD 1900 

389-ROSIER Maurice (New York N 
Y); MD 1900; phys Brooklyn & Lyn- 
brook N Y; died St Petersburg Fla 30 
Apr 1948 

390-PERLSTEIN Frank (New York 
N Y) ; MD 1900; phys New York N Y* 

391-CINBERG Morris (New York N 
Y); MD & PhG 1900; phys (Oph); 543 
Bedford Ave Brooklyn N Y 





392-WHITAKER Joel Jr (Raleigh N 
C); U of N C SN; U of Md DDS MD 
1899; phys (Oph); died Indianapolis 
Ind 13 Oct 1947 

393-GILCHRIST Thomas Lee (Pick- 
away W Va); MD 1900; phys FAMA 
Pickaway; died there 23 Nov 1942 

394-JOHNSTON John Blassingame 
(Reeseville S C ); MD & PhG 1900; 
phys St George S C; died there 25 
Dec 1941 

395-ALBERT Charles Walker (Kee- 
nan W Va) ; MD 1900; phys Parkers- 
burg W Va; died about 1930 

396-BOUGHMER Robert Nesbit 
(Shamokin Pa) 

397-BRAND Andrew Jackson (Lex- 
ington Miss) ; Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1901; phys Prairie Miss 

398-CAROTHERS Horace Harvey 
(Charleroi Pa); MD 1900; phys Char- 
leroi; died there 14 Jan 1941 

399- CUNNINGHAM Robert Edward 
(Rayne La); MD 1902; phys Castelle 
La; died there 11 Nov 1916 

400-DEEVY Joseph Paul (New York 
N Y) ; MD 1900; phys New York N Y* 

401-INZER Henry Haynes (Lingle- 
ville Tex); U of Nashville Med Coll 
MD 1903; phys De Leon Tex; died 
there Sept 1953 

402-McGARVEY Fred Brown (Pills- 
bury Minn); U of Term MD 1900; Ca- 
vour S D* 

403-MOORMAN Marion Ridley (So- 
merville Term); MD 1901 KS; prof 
OALR diseases U of S 1903-1909; phys 
(OALR) FAMA Huntsville Ala; died 
there Apr 1952 

404-PARKER James Porter Jr (New 
Orleans La) 

405-PATTEN Harry F (Dayton O); 
PhG 1900; U of Nashville MD 1901; 
Miami Med Coll 1902; Dayton Ohio* 

406-RELEY William Madison (Ar- 
lington Ga); Atlanta Coll Phys & Surg 
MD 1901; phys FAMA; Whitby W Va 

407- SCULL William Emmett (La 
Vernia Tex); MD 1900; phys La Ver- 
nia Tex; died there 14 Mar 1901 

408-SHOLARS Arthur Ransom 

(Orange Tex); MD 1900; KS; died 

Orange Tex about 1909 

409-TIDMORE Dotson [Dodson?] 
Wright (Phipps Ala); MD 1900; phys 
Phipps; died Black Ala June 1922 

410-WAMPLER John Taze (Gazzle 

411- S C H A F E R Charles Martin 
(Pittsburgh Pa); MD 1900; died 1910 

412-LEE Fletcher Eugene (Morriston 
Miss) ; U of Term MD 1904; phys Aber- 
deen Miss* 

413-SHEPHERD Horace Alfred 
(Washington D C); MD 1900; phys; 
died Moscow Mills Mo about 1940 

414-KING Adam Rush (Palmer 
Tex); Hosp Coll of Med Louisville Ky 
MD 1905; phys Ft Worth Tex; died 
there 1933 

415- JONES Wilfred Hunt (Philadel- 
phia Pa) ; MD 1900; St Louis Mo* 

416-W U N S C H O W Otto Buford 
(Chattanooga Tenn); MD 1900; phys 
Chattanooga Vet Adm; World War I It 

col U S Army; died St Petersburg Fla 
7 May 1950 

417-WARE John Lowry (Everett 
Miss) ; MD 1900; died Bigfoot Tex 

418- CROW Charles Robertson 
(Bumpus Mills Tenn); MD 1900; phys 
Dover Tenn 

419-CARR Oliver Franklin (Ponto- 
toc Miss); MD 1903; phys Jackson Miss; 
died Pontotoc Miss 4 Dec 1943 

420-BOWMAN Elmer Elon (Ham- 
burg Va) ; MD 1901 

421-H A C K N E Y Francis Joseph 
(Knoxville Tenn); MD 1900; phys 
(OALR) Chattanooga Tenn; died there 
26 Oct 1937 

422-MAGRUDER Levin Wales Jr 
(Fair View La) ; MD 1900; phys (roen- 
tgenology) FAMA; Box 134 Waveland 

423-WALL John Alexander (Jack- 
son La); MD 1900; phys (ret); 2217 
Maconda Lane Houston Tex 

424-ISHAM Andrew Johnson (Se- 
vierville Tenn); MD 1901; phys Se- 
vierville Tenn* 

425-TOLSON John (Lafayette La); 
MD 1904; phys Lafayette; died there 
about 1938 

426-CROWELL Beecher Vinson 
(Lewisburg Tenn); U of Dallas MD— 
farmer Raymondsville Tex; died there 
20 Nov 1940 

427-ABERNATHY Alfred Howard 
(Monteagle Tenn) ; A 1560; pharmacist 
Jackson Mem Hosp; World War I; 90 
E Second Place Hialeah Fla 

428-DREW Horace Rainsford (Jack- 
sonville Fla); A 1394 C 1452 MD 1901; 
died 1951 

429-FORD John Gordon McWilliams 
(Shreveport La); A 1409 C 1569; Box 
1109 Shreveport La 

430-BROOKS Preston Smith Jr (Se- 
wanee Tenn); A 1307 C 1616; died 1950 

Entered 1900 

431-DECKER John William (Sulphur 
Rock Ark); MD & PhG 1901; phys 
Texarkana Tex 1906; Dallas Tex; died 

432-WOOD John Miller (Pittsburgh 
Pa); MD 1901; phys Fayetteville Tex; 
died before 1909 

433-BLACK Orlando E (Ashland 
Ala); MD 1901; phys FAMA Wilson- 
ville Ala; died there 1917 

4i34-VERDIER Williams Alexander 
(Cottageville S C); MD 1902; At- 
lanta Ga* 

43'5-CARTWRIGHT Frank William 
(New York City N Y); PhG 1902 MD 
1903; demonstrator practical pharmacy 
U of S 1903-1904; phys Philadelphia & 
New York N Y; died New York 17 
Oct 1913 

436- ACTON Leslie Robert (New 
York City N Y) 

437-COTTEN Leon D'Castro (Sparta 
Term); U of Nashville MD 1902; phys 
FAMA Alexandria Term; died there 28 
July 1940 

438-ROBERTS Samuel Tise (DeRid- 
der La); PhG & MD 1902; surg FAMA; 
died 14 July 1953 

439-CRONKRITE Charles Francis 
(Venus Tex) ; Atlanta Coll Phys & Surg 
MD 1901; phys Clarksville Tenn; died 
there about 1946 

440-CANNON Ira Franklin (Bonham 
Tex); MD 1901; Tulane U; phys 
(OALR) Mart Tex; World War I 1st 
It U S Army; died there 4 Apr 1946 

441-PARMAN David Robert (Repub- 
lic Mo); St Louis Med Sch MD 1903; 
phys; 7162 Waterman Ave St Louis Mo 

442-ELROD William Addison (South 
Hill Ala); MD 1901; phys Albertville 
Ala; died there 7 May 1920 

443-ELROD John Tolliver (South 
Hill Ala); MD 1901; died before 1909 

444-G L A S G O W Robert Samuel 
(Pratt City Ala); phys Adamsville Ala 

445-SCHMIDT William John (New 
Orleans La); MD & PhG 1904; died 
New Orleans 30 May 1930 

446-JACKSON John Brady (Clarks- 
ville Ga) ; Atlanta Coll of Phys & Surg 
MD 1902; phys Clarksville Ga 

447-deNUX Sylvain (Marksville La); 
MD 1901; phys Marksville; died there 
5 July 1932 

448-DOUGHERTY Joseph Ignatius 
(Philadelphia Pa); MD 1900 PhG 1901; 

449-S TEEN SEN Ralph Stephan 
(Sioux Falls S C); MD 1901; phys 
Harrisburg S D* 

450-JOHNSTON Frank Means (Tus- 
kegee Ala); MD & PhG 1901; phys 
FAMA Tuskegee; died there 4 Apr 1940 

451-JONES John Walker Carter 
(Gloucester Va); MD 1901 SAE; phys 
(OALR) Newport News Va; died there 

452-MERRITT Josiah Frank Jr (Blue 
Mountain Miss); MD 1901; phys Blue 
Mountain; died there 1923 

453-TURNER James Dix (Matville W 
Va); MD & PhG 1901; phys Beckley 
W Va* 

454-FOXWORTH Thomas Daniel 
(Mayesville S C); MD 1901; phys 
Bishopville S C; died Holly Hill S C 
28 July 1950 

455-SMITH Roland Keenan (Colum- 
bia S C); MD & PhG 1901; phys Sa- 
luda S C* 

456- OFFICER William Carson (Mon- 
terey Tenn) ; U of Tenn MD 1902; phys 
Monterey; died 1934 

457-BOULDIN Thomas Jefferson 
(Larkin Ala) ; Ala Coll of Phys & Surg 
MD 1901; phys St Johns Ariz; died 

458-W I N D H A M Samuel Hillary 
(Byrd's Tex); Atlanta Coll of Phys & 
Surg MD 1902; phys Tahoka Tex; died 
there 21 Apr 1924 

459-RUMPH David Spyrus (Ste- 
phensville Tex); MD & PhG 1901; phys 
Ft Worth Tex; died there 12 Jan 1930 

460-MUSSIL Anton Carl (Brum 
Austria); MD & PhG 1901; phys Gran- 
ger Tex 43 yrs; 1st pres 1st Nat Bk 
Granger; died 14 Nov 1952 

461-DuRANT Joseph Benjamin (Vax 
SC); MD & PhG 1901; phys Lake City 

462-DERRICK Edwin Paris (Colum- 
bia S C); MD & PhG 1901; phys Co- 
lumbia; died 





463-WALKUP James Andrew (Ft 
Worth Tex); PhG 1901; druggist Mea- 
dowbrook Drug Co; 1608 Huley Ft 
Worth Tex 

464-TOWN William Forrester (St 
Francisville La); PhG 1901; Mansfield 
La; died ■ 

465-HUNT Preston (Texarkana Tex) ; 
Atlanta Coll of Phys & Surg MD 1901; 
surg FAMA; Texarkana Tex* 

466- WARREN James Walter (Frank- 
lin La); Tulane U MD 1904; phys 
(proctology) ; 470 Audubon Blvd New 
Orleans 25 La 

467-NEFF John Peter (Mt Jackson 
Va) ; minister & teacher of rel ed; 
Pickaway W Va 

468-BLACK Walter Bacon (Pittsburg 
Tex); MD 1902; phys (Ob); 401 W 32nd 
St Austin Tex 

469-PETRIE Robert William (Raps- 
ville N C); U of Md MD 1903; phys; 
died Murphy N C 1936 

470-GRINER James Lemuel Lee 
(Patterson Ga); MD 1901; died before 

471-LANSDEN Jahn Bethel (Hilham 
Tenn); MD 1901; phys Granite Okla; 
died Dec 1954 

472-WATTS Charles Nichol (Alle- 
ghany Sta Va); MD 1901; optometrist 
(ret) ; 1404 Jackson St Charleston W Va 

473- STEWART Charles Alfred 
(Three Creeks Ark); MD; phys not in 
practice; Junction City Ark* 

474-HUNTER John Davidson (Rayne 

La); MD 1902; phys Rayne; died 

there 10 Sept 1936 

475-BLITCH Joseph Jackson (Meg- 
gett S C); MD & PhG 1901; phys 
Yonges Island S C; died Charleston S 
C 14 Oct 1947 

476-ADAMS John Dolphus (Horn- 
beak Tenn); U of Nashville MD 1903; 
phys Lilbourn Mo; died 1949 

477-WECHSLER Benjamin Bernardt 
(Pitttsburgh Pa); MD & PhG 1901; 
phys (Oph); died Pittsburgh 17 Aug 

478-MIDDLETON Willie Epping 
(Atkinson Ga); MD 1901; phys Starke 

479- CRANE Josiah Wellington (Ne- 
wark N J); MD 1901; phys (OALR) 
FAMA Trenton N J; died there 1934 

480-HOLLER George Frank (Roman 
Va); Atlanta Col of Phys & Surg MD 
1901; phys (ret) ; Waynesboro Va; died? 

481 -NELSON Fred Schuyler (New- 
ark N J); MD 1901 

482-ALVERSON Dix Henry Jr 
(Vicksburg Miss) ; Memphis Hosp Med 
Col MD 1902; phys Shreveport La; died 
there about 1946 

483-LONGEST James Thompson 
(Gershom Miss) ; U of Tenn MD 1903; 
phys Pontotoc Miss; died there 1939 

484-DONALDSON Egbert Mills 
(Primrose Miss); Atlanta Med Sch of 
Pharmacy; died Primrose Dec 1902 

485-D ONALDSON James Walter 
(Pontotoc Miss) ; Pontotoc Hardware 
Co; died there 3 Sept 1944 

486- C O M E A U X Aristide Joseph 
(Youngsville La) ; Memphis Hosp Med 

Coll MD 1902; phys (Pub Health) La- 
fayette La; died 

487-GANNAWAY Will Lee (Delton 
Va); MD 1901; phys Crockett Va until 
1930's; Abingdon Va; died about 1937 

488-GEARHART Montgomery (Elys- 
burg Pa); MD 1901; phys (G) FAMA 
Millerstown Pa; died there 16 Jan 1945 

489-ANGLIN John Tyler (Martins- 
ville Va); MD 1901; phys; died Dover 
Okla 4 July 1947 

490-TATUM Benton F (Hunter Va) ; 
MD 1901; phys; died Stuart Va 1918 

491-S U M M E R S Forrest Tunnell 
(Snowville Va) ; MD 1901; Milligan 
Coll; phys Snowville Va; World War I 
1st It U S Army; died Charlotttesville 
Va Feb 1938 

492-HABETZ Heinrich Leon (Rayne 
La); rice planter Crowley La 

493-COOKE William Praytor (Cooks 
Springs Ala); MD 1901; phys Cooks 
Springs & Odenville Ala; see Am Men 
of Set; died Pell City Ala 22 June 1934 

494-SCOTT Adiel Roscoe (McDon- 
ough Ga); PKA; Atlanta Coll of Phys 
& Surg MD 1901; phys Flagstaff Ariz 

495-JERNIGAN James Harve (Bra- 
dyville Tenn); U of Tenn MD 1901; 
phys (industrial surg) ; Childress Tex 

496-GRISARD John Percy (Winches- 
ter Tenn); U of Tenn MD 1901; phys 
Winchester; died there 28 Nov 1935 

497-WRIGHT Joseph Christian (Lau- 
rinburg N C) 

498-PONDER William Milton (Tho- 
masville S C); MD 1901; phys Dacus- 
ville S C; died there 17 March 1946 

499-CANNON John Henry (Oberlin 
La); MD 1901; phys Shreveport La; 
died there 5 May 1952 

500-BROWN John Ernest (Crawford 
La); MD 1901; died Lake Providence 
La 6 May 1932 

501-CHEEK William Augustus (Mill- 
ville Miss); Tulane U MD 1904; phys 
Pelican La; died 

502-ENGLISH Edwin Strawbridge 
(Brevard N C); MD 1901; phys Bre- 
vard N C* 

503-LANCASTER Albert Chapman 
(Pizarro Va); MD 1901; phys World 
War I capt U S Army; died Martins- 
ville Va 1918 

504-WATKINS Willis Lamar (North 
Bend Miss): Memphis Hosp Coll MD 
1902; phys Philadelphia Miss; died 

505-SEEMANN Henry Jesse (Flor- 
ence Station 111); MD 1901; phys Rock- 
ham S D; died there 1929 

506-McKEE William Oscar (Porter- 
field Tenn) 

507-BURWELL Zachariah Custis 
Ashby (Salem Va); MD 1901; died 
Salem 1907 

508-MILLER Benjamin Neely (Beth- 
el S C); MD 1901; phys Hickory Grove 
S C; died 

509-CALDWELL Bernie Roscoe 
(New Castle Va); MD 1901; phys 
FAMA Washington D C; World War I; 
died Coral Gables Fla 22 Mar 1953 

510-HELLER John Ross (Bragley S 
C) ; MD 1902; phys Fairplay S C; died 

511-DICKERSON Leonidas Camden 
(Lindall Va); MD 1901; died Stuart Va 

512-TULLOS Augustus Madison 
(Raleigh Miss); MD 1901; phys & surg 
Trumann Ark; died there 23 July 1952 

513-KENNEDY Albert E (Low Miss); 
U of Tenn MD 1902; phys (Pd); died 
Magee Miss 

514-NIEHUSS Henry Hosea (Trux- 
ton Mo) ; Memphis Hosp Coll MD 1902; 
surg FAMA; Southwest Reserve Life 
Ins Bldg Longview Tex 

515-BOOKS Clarence Hamilton 
(Roaring Spring La); MD 1901; died 
Mines Pa 5 Mar 1910 

516-STREET Oscar Johnston (Pratt- 
ville Tex); MD 1901; phys (urology); 
World War I U S Army France; Gould 

517- ANDERSON Maury (Norfolk 
Va); MD 1902; phys Dunbar W Va; 
died there 5 July 1946 

518-COWPER Clarence Wills (Nor- 
folk Va); MD 1901; phys Washington 
D C* 

519-FROELICH Joseph Conon (Ne- 
wark N J); MD & PhG 1901; phys; 74 
Ingraham Place Newark N J 

520-GURNEY Charles Hazard 
(Chapel Hill Tenn); MD 1901; phys 
(Pd) FAMA Chattanooga Tenn; died 
14 Jan 1951 

521-GREEN James Elmer (East Liv- 
erpool O); MD 1901; phys Chattanooga 
Tenn; died there 3 Apr 1924 

522-WHITNEY Clarence Edward 
(Downsville N Y) ; MD 1901; phys 
Buckley Wash; died there 6 Oct 1952 

523- CALHOUN William Wright (Ar- 
lington Ga); MD 1901; phys; died Ar- 
lington Ga 13 May 1948 

524-BROWN Murray Thornton (Bos- 
ton Mass); MD & PhG 1901; Boston 

525-HENEGAR William Washington 
(Crisp Tenn); MD 1901; phys Emet 

526-TODD Oscar Alexander (Mc- 
Kenzie Tenn); MD 1901; phys McKen- 
zie; died 

527-HOLVEY Rolston Erwin (Lead 
S D); MD & PhG 1901; phys Dead- 
wood S D; died there 1923 

528-BUCKLE Louis (New York N 
Y); MD 1902; phys New York N Y* 

529-LYTLE William Able (Union- 
ville Tenn) ; U of Tenn MD 1902; phys 
Oklahoma City Okla; died before 1914 

530-FORTINBERRY John Edward 
(Mt Herman La); MD 1901; phys 
Smithberg Miss; died 

531-WILKINSON John Edward Jr 
(Prattville Ala); MD & PhG 1901; phys 
FAMA Prattville Ala 

532-COOK Maximillian Montrose 
(Nashville Tenn) ; U of Tenn MD 1902; 
phys Santa Fe Tenn; died there 22 July 

533-NOWLIN Robert Tate (Ecru 
Miss); Memphis Hosp Med Sch MD 
1913; surg FAMA Memphis Tenn; died 
there 28 Feb 1948 

534-TARPLEY Robert Fulton (Water 
Valley Ky); MD 1901; phys Fisk Mo; 
died there 1 Dec 1941 





535-DAVIS Shelah Dillard (Fanch- 
cr's Mills Tenn) ; MD 1901; phys Cooke- 
ville Tenn 1906; died Sparta Tenn 

536-McMULLON Hilliard (Sylvarena 
Miss); Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 
1902; phys Mize Miss; died there about 

537-HARRELL Hazel Washington 
(Hamburg Fla) ; MD 1901; died Madi- 
son Fla about 1931 

538-BISHOP Wallace Reverdy (Tal- 
ladega Ala); MD 1901; phys Talladega; 
died there 4 Aug 1908 

539-MAXWELL Clarence Schuyler 
(Mt Olive N C); MD 1901 PhG 1902; 
phys; Beaufort N C 

540-NALL John Luther (Harpers 
Cross Roads N C) ; N C Med Coll MD 
1905; phys Danville Va 25 yrs; died 
there 30 Sept 1938 

541-DENTON John Thomas (Cada- 
retta Miss); Memphis Med Hosp MD 
1902; phys (Pd); died Sanford Fla 
about 1940 

542-MAHAFFEY Howard Albert (Mt 
Vernon Tex) ; U of Louisville MD 1903; 
phys Hillsboro Tex; died there Oct 1946 

542-KENNEDY Thomas Simpson 
(Goldsboro N C); MD 1902; phys Ft 
Lauderdale Fla* 

544-NISBETT Frank (Gubertown 
Ark); Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 
1906; phys Brookland Ark; died 

545- C ALLAN Thomas Lev Jr (Pat- 
erson N J) 

546-SCHLANSKY Harry Philip 
(New York N Y); MD & PhG 1901; 
phys FAMA New York N Y; died 

547-EADDY Albert Golden (John- 
sonville S C); MD &. PhG 1901; phys 
FAMA Johnsonville; died there 20 
June 1934 

548-DUNCAN Thomas Hazzie Perry 
(San Antonio Tex); MD 1902; phys 
Amarillo Tex* 

549-BUSH Arthur Dermont (Rich- 
mond Va) ; Atlanta Coll Phys and Surg 
MD 1901; phys Decatur Ga; died 6 
Sept 1933 

550-HOENBERG Bernard (Seattle 
Wash); PhG & MD 1901; New York N 
Y; died 

551-CROWL Chester Jackson (Elys- 
burg Pa) ; pharmacist; Cherry and De- 
wart Sts Shamokin Pa 

552-FOSTER Ellis Edwin (Sagamore 
Mass); MD 1901; Berkshire Med Coll 
MD 1902; phys (ret) Sarasota Fla 

553-BATSON Melbourne Lafayette 
(Hillsdale Miss); Memphis Hosp Med 
Coll MD 1900; phys (Oph) ; 1040 Con- 
gress St Jackson Miss 

554-MORRIS Emory Arnold 
(Blountsville Ala) ; U of Nashville MD 
1902; phys Birmingham Ala; died 1936 

555-ORR Hugh Walter (Brewton 
Ga); MD 1901; phys Dublin Ga; died 
about 1941 

556-RINER Clinton Remus (Meeks 
Ga); MD 1901; phys; Columbia S C* 

557-KUSMO Peter Matthews (Boston 
Mass); MD 1901; phys Aspen Colo & 
St Louis Mo* 

558-STEPHENS James Linley (Ash- 
pole N C) ; owner Stephens Funeral 

Home Lumberton N C; died there 5 
Nov 1953 

559-GREEN James Thomas (Bristol 
Tenn) ; Chattanooga Med Coll MD 1902; 
phys Appalachia & St Paul Va; died 
St Paul 26 Aug 1948 

560-KNIGHT John Harrison (Sylva 
N C); MD 1901; died Hapeville Ga 1927 

561-HIMEL Clifford Alphonsus 
(Welcome La); MD 1901; phys (Pd) 
Luling La; died there 19 Sept 1954 

562-COLEMAN Henry Neal (Ft De- 
posit Ala) ; Ala Polytechnic Institute 
BS 1898; Md Med Coll MD 1902; World 
War I col; phys Ft Deposit Ala 

563-DUHON John Octave (Lafayette 
La); MD 1904; Dallas Med Coll MD 
1903; phys FAMA Lafayette; 211 Cher- 
ry St Lafayette La 

564-JONES James Heustis (Camden 
Ala); Tulane U MD 1901; phys Snow 
Hill Ala; died 2 Feb 1932 

565-WEAVER John Calvin (Thom- 
aston Ga); Tulane U MD 1901; surg; 
1997 Euclid N E Atlanta Ga 

566-TEAT Pinckney Alexander 

(Kosciusko Miss); MD ; Shaw 

Miss; phys Jackson Miss* 

567-PARKER Tilden (Minden Tex); 
grad U of Tex; Memphis Hosp Med 
Coll MD 1903; phys & surg San An- 
tonio Tex; World War I; died 

568-HOLMES Henry McCall (Lau- 
rens S C); PhG 1901; druggist & seed 
salesman; died Spartanburg S C 12 
Feb 1953 

569- WALLACE William Jones (Kos- 
ciusko Miss); PhG &. MD 1902; phys 
(urology) FAMA Oklahoma City Okla 
until 1930's; died there 

570-BROWN Joseph Reaves (Lavonia 
Ga); PhG 1901; Ga Coll of Eclectic 
Med and Surg Atlanta MD 1899; phys 
Lavonia; died 

571-WOOD John Edward (Atlanta 
Ga); PhG 1901 

572-CONROY Patrick John (South 
Oxford N Y); MD 1901; phys Syracuse 
N Y; died there 11 June 1949 

573-P RATHER Andrew Clarence 
(Mina Tex); Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1903; phys Tidwell Tex* 

574-MARTTN Edgar E (Rocky Mt 
La) ; died 6 Oct 1905 

575-MacKETHAN John Alexander 
(Fayetteville NC);NC Med Coll MD 
1900; phys Fayetteville; died there 10 
Sept 1926 

576-LAWSON Charles Reid (Leith 
Scotland); MD 1901 

577-BROWN William Wallace (Sara- 
bu Wise); MD 1901; Wise Coll of Phys 
and Surg MD 1905; phys Wilmont Minn 

578-MOYER Jonas Jacob (San Fran- 
cisco Calif); MD 1901; phys Oakland 
Calif; died there 4 Apr 1951 

579-ANDERSON Charles Edward 
(New Brunswick N J); MD & PhG 
1901; phys Los Angeles Calif; died 
Glendale Calif 

580-DAY Edward Clyde (Sioux Citv 
Iowa); MD 1901; phys Platte S D; 

581-LAUNSPACH George William 

(Sioux City Iowa); MD 1901; phys Hu- 
ron S D; died 26 Dec 1930 

582-JARMAN Thomas Henry (Rich- 
lands N C) 

583-GILL Joseph Franklin (Prince- 
ton Ark); Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 
1902; phys Fordyce & Pine Bluff Ark; 
died Pine Bluff about 1938 

584-JOHNSTON Carlisle (Reeves- 

ville S C); PhG 1902; MD 1903; 

St George S C; died 

585-HAMPTON John Erwin Jr 
(Asheville N C); U of Tenn MD 1902; 
phys (internal med) ; Newport Tenn 

586-KING William Calhoun (Hend- 
erson Ky); PhG 1901; U of Tenn MD 
1902; phys (industrial surg) FAMA 
Helena Ark; died there May 1946 

587-FRANCEZ Zachary J (Carencro 
La); U of Tenn MD 1903; phys Crow- 
ley La 

588-PREJEAN Louis Agerin (Caren- 
cro La); U of Tenn MD 1903; phys 
FAMA Scott La; died Lafayette La 7 
Dec 1949 

589-LAWSON Silas Bailey (Camden 
W Va); MD & PhG 1901; Tyrconnell 
Mines W Va* 

590-McNEILL Robert John (Mt Car- 
mel S C); U of Ga MD 1903; phys 
FAMA Danbury & Tignal Ga; died 
Danbury 17 Aug 1937 

591-BELL Thaddeus Park (Washing- 
ton DC); MD 1901; phys New Orleans 
La; died there 24 Nov 1948 

592-JENNINGS William Dickinson 
Jr (Augusta Ga); U of Ga MD 1902; 
phys; 2534 Henry St Augusta Ga 

593-COMEAUX Rodolph Kossuth 
(Broussard La); phys (pub health) & 
owner drug store & farm Youngsville 
La; died Lafayette La 12 June 1948 

594-HAGERTY Leidy Shimer (Phil- 
lipsburg N J); MD & PhG 1901; phys 
Arlington & Newark N J* 

595-CANTELLO John Alexander 
(Prince Edward Island Canada) 

596-GEORGE Joseph Edward ( 


597-KIMBROUGH Percy Marma- 
duke (Sheppardtown Miss) ; Vanderbilt 
U MD 1888; phys Morgan City Miss 
until 1930's 

598-LEWIS Eskin Walter (Rodney 

599-MORRIS Walter Scott (Blounts- 
ville Ala); MD 1909 

600-CHENEY William Henry (Chat- 
tanooga Tenn); PhG 1905; Grant U 
[_U of Chattanooga] MD; lecturer on 
tropical diseases U of S 1905; phys (X- 
ray) Whiteside & Chattanooga Tenn; 
died Chattanooga 3 Nov 1953 

601-SHELBY Frederick Poitevent 

( La); Tulane U MD 1900; phys 

(not in practice) & plantation owner; 
Shelby Miss 

602-ELMORE William Taylor (Arre- 
dondo Fla); A 1035 MD 1904 PKA; 
phys (urology) Gainesville Fla; World 
War I; died Lake City Fla 7 Aug 1949 

603-PFAFFLE Arthur Clark (Dallas 
Tex); A 1621 PKA 

604-HEANEY Harry Gilbert (Corpus 
Christi Tex); C 1597 MD 1901; phys; 
died 1954 





605-SELDEN Jose Martin (Sewanee 
Term); A 1299 C 1322 CE & MS 1898 
MD 1903; phys; died 1923 

Ulises (Puerto Principe Cuba); C 1743 
MD 1901 

607-FELDER John Lawson (Sewa- 
nee Tenn); C 1748 MD 1904; died 

608-POWERS Henry Howard (New 
York N Y) ; PDT; dentist Caro Mich 

Entered 1901 

609-WARE Archie Joseph (Low 

610-NEAL William (Van Buren 
Ark); U of Nashville MD 1905; surg 
Drumright Okla; died there Jan 1953 

611-LINDSAY Guion Alto (Tuscola 
Miss); Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 
1902; surg FAMA; 5916 Gaston Ave 
Dallas Tex 

612-CHEATHAM Thomas Horace 
(Waxahachie Tex); U of Tenn MD 
1903; phys FAMA Ft Worth Tex; died 
there 11 Oct 1943 

613-PHTLLIPS Lewis (Jasper Ark); 
MD 1902; phys Seward Okla; died there 
7 Feb 1918 

614-HORN Jesse M (Logansport La) ; 
Ky U of Med Louisville MD 1903; phys 
(ObG); died Brownwood Tex 11 Nov 

615-MAYO Stephen Larkin (Lock- 
hart Tex); Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1902; phys FAMA Bel ton Tex; died 
Brownwood Tex 19 Sept 1924 

616-REAVES Horace Adams (Am- 
brose Ga); MD 1902; phys Inverness 
Fla; died there 4 Jan 1932 _ 

617-CHANEY Marion Ginty (Offer- 
man Ga); MD 1903; phys Tampa Fla; 
died there 8 Jan 1918 

618-WILLIAMS Frederick Horace 
(Minneapolis Minn); MD 1902; demon- 
strator in pharmacy U of S 1902-1903; 
phys (proctology) FAMA Brookline 
Mass; died there 1942 

619-ROGERS Chisholm Tucker 
(Lexington Miss) ; MD 1904; phys Mus- 
kogee Okla; died 

620-CHITWOOD William Oscar (Ox- 
ford Ala); PhG 1902 MD 1903; phys 
DeArmanville Ala; died there 24 Aug 

621-HUBBERT William Ernest (Hico 
Tex); MD 1902; phys Dallas Tex; died 
Gilmer Tex about 1939 

622-HICKS Joseph Harkess (Pres- 
tonsburg Ky) ; MD 1904; National Nor- 
mal U Lebanon O BS 1898; Tulane U 
MA 1927; World War I Med Corps U S 
Army; phys (ret) ; Rt 3 Box 179 Orange 

623-SHELTON Samuel Percy (Vicks- 
burg Miss); Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1903; phys Clarksdale & Bruns- 
wick Miss* 

624-WANNAMAKER Jacob George 
Jr (Orangeburg S C); ATO; died Or- 
angeburg 9 June 1931 

625-SMITH Sollis Freeman (Durant 
Miss); MD 1902; phys Sollis Miss* 

626-BEDENBAUGH James Ira 
(Prosperity S C); U of Ga MD 1903; 
phys Prosperity S C 

627-DUNN Robert Burris (Oak Ridge 
Miss); MD 1904; phys Tolar Tex; died 
there about 1919 

628-PHILLIPS Nathan Richard (Ax- 
gut a Ala); MD 1902; phys FAMA Piper 
Ala; died there about 1937 

629-LEAKE William Leslie (Collier- 
ville Tenn); Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1903; phys Maud Miss 

630-PRICE John Williamson (Col- 
lierville Tenn); Memphis Hosp Med 
Coll MD 1903; phys Louisville Ky; died 
Collierville about 1938 

631-TURNER James Franklin (Or- 
ange Tex); MD 1902; died 1906 

632-JOHNSON Andrew Jackson 
(Baxley Ga); MD 1902; phys Baxley 

633- WEST John Townsend (Sewanee 

63'4-COOPER Inman Williams Jr 
(Jacksonville La) ; U of Term MD 1903; 
phys (anesthesia) FAMA Meridian 
Miss; died there 8 Jan 1939 

635-FISK George Washington Jr 
(Cuttingville Vt); MD 1902; died 1942 

636-CLARKE Joshua Williams (Flor- 
ence Mass) ; MD 1902; grad work U of 
Pa; phys (Ob) FAMA Attleboro Mass; 
Spanish-Am War; died Attleboro 27 
Mar 1947 

637-DAVIS Minot Flagg (Boston 
Mass); MD & PhG 1902; phys (Oph) 
FAMA Boston Mass; died there 26 July 

638-MURRAY George Grant (New- 
tonville Mass) ; MD 1902; phys (OALR) 
Bellows Falls Vt; died there about 1920 

^639-POTTER William Walter (Mc- 
Minnville Tenn) ; U of Tenn MD 1904; 
phys (OALR); 129 Kennesaw Ave 
Knoxville Tenn 

640-BULLOCH Hezzie Donice (Cov- 
ington La); MD 1903; phys FAMA 
Covington; died there 31 Jan 1948 

641-BAILEY Joseph B (Big Creek 
Miss); Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 
1903; phys Byhalia Miss & Clyde Tex; 
died Clyde 1937 

642-BUNN Arthur Dudley (Stuttgart 
Ark); MD 1902; phys FAMA Savanna 
Okla; died there 10 Feb 1951 

643-HOLLIDAY Walter Homer 
(Rains Ala); MD 1902; phys Birming- 
ham Ala* 

644-SWEANY Joseph David (Durant 
Miss); Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 
1902; phys Minter City Miss 

645-LEMOINE Hampton Theophile 
(Cottonport La); MD 1903 KS; phys 
Plaucheville La; died Big Cane La 

646-BARTON Yancey Pascal (Min- 
den Tex) ; Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 
1903; phys Cushing Tex; died there 
about 1925 

647-MOORER Rufus Alonzo (Braggs 
Ala); MD 1902; phys Georgiana Ala; 
died Greenville Ala 1 Mar 1937 

648-PITTS Walter Ingold (Catawba 
N C) ; MD 1903; phys Lenoir N C 1916* 

649-RUSH Henry Powell (DeLeon 
Tex); Ft Worth U MD 1905; phys 
FAMA San Angelo Tex; died Corpus 
Christi Tex 11 Nov 1935 

650-LAIN Armsted Albert (Gibson 
Wells Tenn) 

651-BEARDEN Henry Kinard (Spar- 
tanburg S C); MD 1902; phys Chatta- 
nooga Tenn* 

652-LEMOINE Jules Downing (Cot- 
tonport La); Vanderbilt U MD 1904; 
phys Cottonport La 

653-SHIPP Walter (Albertville Ala); 
died Albertville about 1914 

654-NICHOLS Perry Lewis (Moville 
Iowa) ; MD 1902; operated cancer sani- 
torium Savannah Mo; died there 29 
Aug 1925 

655-WOOD Isaac David (Talladega 
Springs Ala); MD 1902; phys Sylacau- 
ga Ala; died there 30 Jan 1938 

656-KNIGHT John A (DeRidder La); 
Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 1904; 
phys; 2121 McFaddin St Beaumont Tex 

657-DARDIS Walter Traynor (Dech- 
erd Tenn); PhG 1903; U of Okla Sch 
of Med MD 1911; phys Okla City Okla; 
died there 18 Mar 1942 

658-FINCH Louis Wellington (Spring 
Creek Miss); Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1902; phys FAMA Eupora Miss; 
died there 

659-BARNETT Silas Liles (Cato 
Miss); MD 1902; Arnold Miss* 

660-G L A D D E N Elliott Douglas 
(Millington Tenn); MD 1902; phys 
Millington; died 

661-POLK Charles Wesson (Milling- 
ton Tenn); Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1902; phys Memphis Tenn; died 
Millington Tenn 

662-MAPLES William Ellis (Nash- 
ville Tenn); Eclectic Med Coll Mem- 
phis MD 1903; phys Athens Ala; died 
after 1945 

663-HOBDY Fount Edwin (Perdue 
Tenn); MD 1902; phys Portland Tenn; 

664-LINDLEY Calvin Denton (Bur- 
kett Tex); MD 1902; phys FAMA (ret); 
Carrizo Springs Tex 

665-SWINNEY Sam Emmett (Savoy 
Tex) ; county clerk Bryan County; Du- 
rant Okla 

666-SWITZER Ross Adams (Ocean 
Springs Miss); Chattanooga Med Sch 
MD 1902; phys McHenry Miss 

667-H O L L A N D Charles Glaspie 
(Brewton Miss) 

668-C U R E T O N George Douglas 
(Pickens S C); Cheyenne Wyo* 

669-HIX Lafayette C (Gibbs Cross 
Roads Fla) 

670-MELVIN James Henry (Thrift 

671-EL DREDGE Hartwell Alison 
(Abbeville La); Ft Worth Sch of Med 
MD 1903; phys FAMA; 966 Beach Bay 
St Louis Miss 

672-BREWTON Herbert Buckner 
(Del Rio Tex) 

673- K I L L I A N Artemas Daniel 
(Loveless Ala) ; MD 1902; phys Tusca- 
loosa Ala; died there 1940 

674-BENSON Norman Eudox (Cum- 
ming Ga) ; Atlanta Coll of Phys & Surg 
MD 1903; phys (Pd) Albany Ga; died 
there 4 July 1933 





675-EZZARD Webster Pierce (Vick- 
ery Ga) ; Atlanta Coll of Phys & Surg 
MD 1903; phys 50 yrs; Lawrenceville 

676-McCRACKIN Horace Clifton 
(Vandever Ga) ; MD 1903; phys; 801 
N Main Baxley Ga 

677-McCONNELL John Alexander 
(Poolville Tex); U of Louisville MD 
1909; phys FAMA (ret); 219 Wheeler 
Ave San Francisco 24 Calif 

678-SQUIRES Robert Lester (Mari- 
etta Ga); 619 Kennesaw Ave Marietta 

679-McDONALD Charles T (Gans- 
ville La) ; Salina La* 

680-HYMEL Sidney Joseph (Logan 
La) ; MD 1902; St Patricks La* 

681-McANALLY Thomas Benton 

(Yantis Tex) ; MD ; died Dallas 

Tex Feb 1953 

682-SMITH Carl Lee (Flat Tex); 
Baylor U MD 1902; phys (U) FAMA El 
Paso Tex; died there 29 Dec 1930 

683-MACKEY Sidney Lee (Darden 
Term); Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 
1903; phys Batavia N Y; died Oteen 
N C 1948 

684-SLATE Wesley Columbus (Qua- 
ker N C); U of Term MD 1908; phys 
FAMA Spencer N C; died there 

685-GAMBLE Jesse Franklin (Scott- 
ville N C); U of Tenn MD 1903; phys 
(Oph) Lincolnton N C; died there 24 
Dec 1943 

686-LAWSON Esley Elwood (Tyr- 
connell Mines W Va); Maryland Med 
Coll Baltimore MD 1902; World War I 
1st It U S Army Med Corps; phys Med- 
ford Okla; died Enid Okla 12 Jan 1954 

687-MILLER Woodford Decatur 
(Ripley Tenn); Memphis Hosp Med 
Coll MD 1902; phys Rita Tenn* 

688-ESPY Walter Curtis (Lawrence- 
ville Ala) ; MD 1904; phys Midland City 
Ala; died there 5 June 1950 

689-CORNWELL Fitz William Mc- 

Master (Cornwell S C); MD 1905; 

died Cornwell S C about 1943 

690-ALLDREDGE Hugh Henry 
(Brooksville Ala); MD 1902; phys 
FAMA; 3880 S Cherokee Englewood 

691-ESSLINGER Wade Hampton 
(Berkley Ala); MD 1902; World War 
I 1st It U S Army; phys New Market 
Ala; died there 7 Oct 1918 

692-WALKER Alexander Levette 
(Plevna Ala); U of Tenn MD 1903; 
phys Estill Springs Tenn; died there 
20 Dec 1920 

693-DANIEL Leon Boockman (La 
Grange Ga) ; died La Grange 1902 

694-EZELL Walter Leonard (Brook- 
lyn S C); MD 1903; phys Boiling 
Springs S C; died Spartanburg S C 11 
Nov 1947 

695-PERKINS Edward Williams Jr 
(Petersburg Va) ; MD 1903; phys 
Petersburg; died there 23 Jan 1938 

696-SUAREZ Joseph Manuel (New 
Orleans La); MD 1902; phys New Or- 
leans La* 

697-BARTON David Judson (Bale- 

man S C); U of Ga MD 1906; phys 
(Pd) Anderson S C; died there 1935 

698-LEWIS Venable Lane (Sparta 
Tenn) ; MD 1902; U of Tenn MD 1903; 
phys FAMA CrossvilleTenn; died there 
14 Oct 1950 

699-LEWIS Powell Kimbrough 
(Sparta Tenn); MD 1901; U of Tenn; 
phys FAMA Tenn & Sapulpa Okla 34 
yrs; died there 29 Apr 1955 

700-HILDEBRAND Frank (Orange- 
burg S C); Swansea S C; died there 
about 1946 

701-LOVEJOY Edward Franklin 
(Danvers Mass) ; MD 1902; phys Corpus 
Christi Tex; died there 23 Sept 1944 

702-ELINOR Talmai Zethor (Rinda 
Tenn); MD 1902; phys Greenfield Tenn; 
died there 1 Sept 1952 

703-JOYCE Charles William (Pinna- 
cle N C); U of Tenn MD 1903; phys 
Fletcher Okla 

704-WOOD James Poesy (Cedar 
Grove Ga) ; MD 1902; Atlanta Med Coll; 
phys Cedar Grove; died there 29 Sept 

705-STRODER Benjamin Franklin 
(Re Tex) 

706-ROACH Alexander Nicholas 
Talley (Columbia S C); MD 1902; phys 
Mobile Ala; died there 15 Dec 1949 

707-SHEIDER Dan Lewis (St George 
S C); pharmacist York S C; died there 
9 Feb 1950 

708-WAGNER Howard Alonzo (Bath 
Pa); MD 1902; phys (urology) FAMA 
Shawnee Okla; died there 3 May 1936 

709-DENNIS James Wheatley (For- 
rest City Ark); MD 1902; phys Hot 
Springs Ark; died a number of years 
before 1947 

710-McELROY James Mahlon (Cuba 
Ala); MD 1902; phys Alabama City 
Ala; died there 21 July 1948 

711-BURNS Robert Paul (Beatrice 
Ala) ; MD 1902; phys Calion Ark; died 
El Dorado Ark about 1927 

712-B U R N H A M Henry McCabe 
(Harpersville Miss); U of Miss 1898- 
1900 U of Tenn 1901-1901 Tulane U 
Med Sch MD 1903; World War I 1st 
It U S Army aviator; phys Pearl River 

713-F A L V E Y Thomas Seymour 
(Burke Tex); MD 1902; phys FAMA 
Conroe Tex; died there 15 Nov 1948 

714-KENNEDY John Alvin (Lee's 
Creek Ark) ; phys & surg Mounds Okla; 
died Okemah Okla 

715-D E N N I S O N James Sanford 
(Lexington Tenn); died Garvin Okla 
29 Oct 1914 

716-HANNABASS John Henry 
(Kennett Va); MD 1902; phys Gail Tex; 
died there 1927 

717-DENNISON Arlendo Irvin (Lex- 
ington Tenn); U of Tenn MD 1904; 
phys McKenzie Tenn; died there 20 
July 1949 

718-ARMSTRONG Minard James 

(Brighton Mo); MD 1906; phys 

Springfield Mo; died 1934 

719-GORDON Eugene Ray (McComb 
City Miss) ; MD 1902; phys FAMA Mc- 
Comb; died there 18 Feb 1930 

720-ADAMS Robert Milton (Ripley 
Miss); Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 
1902; phys (Ob); health off Tippah 
County Miss 8 yrs; died Memphis Tenn 
1 July 1938 

721-GRIFFIN James LeRoy (Hoskin 

722-NIX Horace Nuton (Burke 
Miss) ; phys Snow Lake Ark; died there 
15 Nov 1953 

723-TAYLOR Herman Marshall (At- 
lanta Ga) ; Atlanta Coll of Phys & Surg 
MD 1903; Med Coll of Va MD 1911; 
phys (OALR) FAMA; see Who's Who 
1948-1949; 111 W Adams St Jackson- 
ville Fla 

724-ELLETT Andrew Symington 
(Christiansburg Va) ; MD 1902; phys 
Christiansburg; died there June 1925 

725-HALL Thomas Hartley (Macon 
Ga); Atlanta Coll of Phys & Surg MD 
1903; phys (OALR); 155 Oak Haven 
Ave Macon Ga 

726-NELSON Archibald Bell (Sims- 
boro La) ; Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 
1902; surg FAMA Shreveport La; died 
there early 1920's 

727-M ARABLE Gardner Archer 
(Williamsburg Va) 

728-DAVIS William Henry (Brook- 
lyn N Y); C 1900 MD 1901; died about 

729-HORNBROOK John Bell (Ox 
Bow NY); Gouverneur N Y; died 

730-GOLDSBY James Elvin (Mc- 
Kenzie Tenn); MD 1902; phys Gleason 
Tenn; died there 

731-ALEXANDER Harry Lee (Mc- 
Kenzie Tenn) ; MD 1902; phys McKen- 
zie; died there Sept 1937 

732-CRAIG William Alphonso (Clin- 
ton Ky); MD 1902; phys Eudora Ark; 
died there 10 Aug 1947 

733-BABBITT Charles Holton (Man- 
chester N H); MD 1902; phys (Oph) 
Nashua N H; died there 27 Nov 1952 

734-KIBBE Charles Walker (Abbe- 
ville La); MD 1902; phys Abbeville; 
died there 4 Mar 1944 

735-McPHAUL Wilbur Ashley (Ash- 
pole N C); U of Nashville MD 1904; 
phys (pub health) Pensacola & Jack- 
sonville Fla; died Jacksonville 1 Aug 

736-SENTELL Houston (Coffey's 
Store Ala); U of Tenn Memphis MD 
1904; World War I U S Army Med 
Corps; phys New Hope Ala; died 
Huntsville Ala May 1954 

737-LEWIS Charles Stuart (Bull Run 

738-PRUETT Daniel Simpson (Va- 
den Tenn) ; Nat U Arts & Sci Med Dept 
MD 1902; phys FAMA; 460 Bellerive 
Blvd St Louis Mo 

739- SELF Christopher Columbus 
(Christie La); Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1902; phys Gandy La; died Horn- 
beck La 1944 

740-CADE Samuel Coleman (Ne- 
greet La); Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1902; phys (ret); P O Box 101 
Many La 

741-WISE William L (Walnut Hill 
La); Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 
1903; phys Chopin La; died there 24 
July 1940 





742-BOYKIN Robert Berlie (Gunn 
Miss); Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 
1903; phys Mize Miss 

743-SMILEY James Meredith (Sher- 
man's Dale Pa); MD 1902; phys Yea- 
gertown Pa; died there 7 Nov 1932 

744-LAZAROVSKY Henry (New 
York N Y) ; MD 1902 

745-MOUNGER Harvey Thompson 
(Natchez Miss); MD 1907; phys Hat- 
tiesburg Miss; died there about 1939 

746-WHITE James Albert (Hob- 
good N C) 

747-RICE John Calhoun (Covington 
Term); PKA; Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1902; phys (Ob) Braden Tenn; 
died there 10 Mar 1952 

748-KEATTS Cyrus Nathan (Indian 
Mound Tenn); MD 1902; phys & surg 
Indian Mound Tenn 

749-SOMERS Ira Clinton (Berkeley 
Springs W Va); MD 1902; phys Cha- 
nute Kans; died there 7 Aug 1933 

750-WHARTON Charles Merriam 
(Smyrna Del); MD 1902; phys; Dept 
of Phys Ed U of Pa; died Dover Del 
14 Nov 1949 

751-KrTCHENS Walter Lee (Waldo 
Ark); Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 
1902; phys FAMA; World War I capt 
U S Army Med Corps; Pub Health Ser- 
vice; dir Port Arthur City Health Unit; 
Port Arthur Tex 

752-TELLER John Albert (Ritzville 
Wash); PhG 1902; U of Nashville Med 
Coll MD 1902; phys Little Rock Ark; 
died there 31 Mar 1940 

753-GREEN Joseph Huron (Mason 
Hall Tenn); Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1903; phys Louisville Ky; died 
there about 1948 

754-BOYETT William Lycurgus 
(Mason Hall Tenn); Memphis Hosp 
Med Coll MD 1902; phys Whiteville 
Tenn; died 4 Feb 1955 

755-BOLYN Robert Taliaferro (Lin- 
coln Va); MD 1902; Fredericksburg 
Tex; phys Weslaco Tex* 

756-HACKLEY James Bernard (Jef- 
fersonton Va) ; MD 1902 KS; phys Pur- 
cell ville Va; died there 4 Feb 1937 

757-MOORER Walter Bozeman (Ev- 
ergreen Ala); Birmingham Med Coll 
MD 1904; phys Repton & McKenzie 
Ala; died 

758-CRUTE Charles Bledsoe (Farm- 
ville Va); MD 1903; phys Charlestown 
W Va; died Farm ville Va 1930 

759-ELLINGTON John Henry (Shel- 

byville Tex); MD 1907; phys San 

Augustine Tex; died there 3 Feb 1942 

760-WRIGHT John Rinehart (Ohio 
Falls Ind); MD 1902; phys (OALR) 
FAMA; Louisville Ky* 

761-MILLER Charles Edward (Osce- 
la Va); MD 1902; phys Blue Eye Mo; 
died there 

762-SMITH Leander E (Farmington 
Ky); U of Tenn MD 1902; phys Cal- 
vert City Ky 

763-MULHERON Earle Ridley (Mer- 
cer Tenn); U of Tenn MD 1905; phys 
Mercer & Brownsville Tenn; died Mer- 
cer 24 Aug 1927 

764-RENEGAR James Frank (Nor- 

mandy Tenn); U of Louisville MD 
1906; phys Tuttle Okla 

765-CRAIG John Newton (Atlanta 
Ga); MD 1902; phys Atlanta; died Lake 
Ariel Pa 4 Aug 1929 

766-CRAWFORD John Emmett 
(Nettleton Ark); U of Nashville MD 
1903; phys (OALR) FAMA; Bartles- 
ville Okla; died there 

767-KILLION Henry Alston (Tipton- 
ville Tenn); MD 1902; phys Portage- 
ville Mo; died about 1935 

768-NOE William Garrison (New 
York N Y); MD 1902; phys Norfolk 

769-SCHULTZ Milo Arthur (Mem- 
phis Tenn) ; U of Tenn MD 1900; phys 
(internal med) Memphis; died there 18 
Jan 1940 

770-MINTER James Morgan (Flovil- 
la Ga); MD 1903 PKA; phys FAMA; 
U S Navy rear admiral; World Wars I 
& II; died Bethesda Md 11 May 1943 

771-CRENSHAW Wesley Wynn (Pa- 

vo Ga); MD; phys Mustang Okla; 

died there 9 July 1915 

772-CRUME Francis Marion (Rising 
Star Tex) ; MD 1902; phys Albuquerque 
New Mex; died there 22 Mar 1938 

773-LYNCH Robert Edmund Lee 
(Decherd Tenn); Memphis Med Coll 
MD 1904; phys Roswell Tex; died there 
9 July 1911 

774-MILLER Charles Kerom (Cof- 
fee ville Ala); farmer Coffeeville Ala 

775-PHALAN Joseph Maurice Sher- 
ry (Philadelphia Pa); MD 1902 

776-YALEY Martin Luther (Blair 
Pa); MD 1902; phys Pittsburgh Pa* 

777-SHTVERS Ernest Eraine (Brice- 
ville Tenn); MD 1902; phys (industrial 
surg) Lexington Tex; died there 5 Mar 

778-KYGER Arthur Frank (Jackson 
Miss); PhG 1903 MD 1904; Roanoke 
Coll AB & MA; U of Va BS; assoc 
prof practical pharmacy U of S 1903- 
1905; pharmacist Greenville Miss; phys 
Pinola Miss; World War I U S Army 
Med Corps; died Jackson 30 May 1923 

779-NOTTINGHAM Peyton Page 
(Bay View Va); MD 1904; phys Car- 
roLton Va* 

780-JOHNSON Hugh Jacob (Castle 
Shannon Pa); PhG & MD 1902; phys; 
147 N Harvard Blvd Los Angeles Calif 

781-RAND Isaac Thomas (Cade La) ; 
MD; New Iberia La* 

782-BRINKLEY George Thomas 
(Somerville Tenn); Memphis Hosp Med 
Coll MD 1902; phys Whiteville Tenn; 
died there 10 Apr 1945 

783-EDWARDS George Potter (Se- 
wanee Tenn); U of Ga Augusta MD 
1902; phys Myrtle Point Ore* 

784-GUERINGER William Hall (New 
Orleans La) 

785-MURRAY Joseph (Huntingdon 
Tenn); MD 1902; phys Huntingdon; 
died there 23 Jan 1938 

786-N ICHOLLS James William 
(Town Creek Ala); Chattanooga Med 
Coll MD 1902; phys Helena Ark; died 
there 5 July 1953 

787-STRODER James Thomas (Re 

788-SMITH Ralph Henry (Glenn 
Springs S C); C 1536; U of Ind MD 
1905; died 1936 

789-JORDAN Francis Victor (Ray- 
ville La); A 1462 C 1718 MD 1904; 
phys; died 1928 

790-AIKEN Budd Slawson (Winns- 
boro S C); A 1749 C 1742; died 1953 

791-McGREGOR Howard Clifford 
(Sheffield Ala); A 1868: Bessemer Ala* 

Entered 1902 

792-JONES Thomas Capers (Quit- 
man Ga); Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 
1903; phys Cross City Fla; died Perry 
Fla 1932 

793-PIERCE William Meredith 
(Meriday) (Carrollton Ga); Memphis 
Hosp Med Coll MD 1903; phys (urolo- 
gy) ; 409 E 4th St Tuscumbia Ala 

794-HACKNEY Urban Philo (Burli- 
son Tex) ; Md Med Coll Baltimore MD 
1905; phys (radiology); 5703 Vander- 
bilt Dallas Tex 

795-BARDWELL David G (Quanah 
Tex); Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 
1904; phys 38 yrs Charleston Miss; died 
there 10 Aug 1948 

796-SEAGLE Richard Leander (New 
York N Y); Tulane U MD 1900; phys; 
died Myrtle Grove La 15 Nov 1927 

797-SCHMIDT Peter Charles (New 
York N Y); PhG & MD 1905; phys 
(ret); 4512 S Rocheblave St New Or- 
leans La 

798-MORRIS Arthur James (Dech- 
erd Tenn) 

799-ALLBRIGHT Sterling Ell (Sta- 
ples Tex) ; rancher Carlsbad N Mex; 
died there 17 Apr 1922 

800-LAND George William (Louin 
Miss); Vanderbilt U MD 1909; phys 
Louin Miss 

801 -BENSON Frank Lucian (Magee 
Miss); died Magee about 1944 

802-QUILLIAN William Houston 

(Athens Ga) ; MD 1907; Ochloch- 

nee Ga; died 1948 

803-W I L L I A M S Wilburn Cook 
(Wade Tex) ; U of Tenn MD 1905; phys 
Staples Tex* 

804-POW John Robert (Wylam Ala) ; 
MD 1903; phys FAMA; Woodward Iron 
Co Woodward Ala 

805-JOHN Milton Carr (Fordyce 
Ark); U of Nashville MD 1903; phys 
Stuttgart Okla; died there 9 June 1944 

806-HAWKINS Eugene Wallace (Ball 
Ground Ga) ; MD 1905; phys (OALR) 
FAMA; 5180 W Flagler St Miami Fla 

807- J I N K I N S James MacKenzie 
(Scobey Miss); U of Tenn MD 1904; 
phys Crenshaw Miss; died there 21 May 

808-BOYD James Edwin (Aquilla 
Tex); Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 
1903; phys (OALR); Hillsboro Tex 

809-HANEY Daniel Alexander (We- 
leska Ga); Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1907; died Franklin N C 25 July 

810-LOTT John James (Broxton 
Ga); Gates City Med Coll MD 1903; 
phys Broxton; died there 8 Aug 1953 





811-KEY Robert Edwin (Monoville 
Tenn); U of Nashville MD 1904; phys 
Carthage Tenn 

812-SAUNDERS James Lloyd (Paris 

813-ABERNETHY Eddie Greenland 

(Goodfood Miss); MD ; phys 

Algoma Miss; died there Sept 1935 

814-JEANSONNE Philip (Plauche- 
ville La); U of Tenn MD 1903; phys 
Plaucheville La 

815-BOOTH James Fleet (Triumph 
La); Fresh Creek W Va; died Buras 
La about 1913 

816-FARNSWORTH Floyd Forney 
(Buckhannon W Va) ; Md Med Coll 
Baltimore MD 1904; phys (Oph); died 
Melton W Va 2 Jan 1946 

817-BLUME John Neal (Blume La) ; 
Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 1903; phys 
FAMA Arcadia La; died Castor La 
about 1934 

818-HERMANN Henry Albert (San- 
dersville Ga); died Sandersville 1924 

'819-THOMAS Otho (Bardwell Tex); 
pharmacist (ret); Box 355 Tahoka Tex 

820-BLUME Claud (Blume La); 
Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 1903; phys 
Shreveport La; died 1 Mar 1936 

821-SHEPPARD Julius Kelly (El 
Dorado Ark); Tulane U MD 1911; phys 
(Pd) El Dorado; died there 12 May 

822-ANTONY Samuel Overton (Toro 

La); MD 1903; phys Pineville & 

Alexandria La; killed in logging acci- 

823-SUMRALL Jesse Lott (Colmes 
Mill Tex) 

824-THOMAS Horace Ezell (Colum- 
bia Tenn); U of Tenn Memphis MD 
1904; phys Memphis Tenn; died there 
14 Dec 1947 

825-FOX Joseph Andrew (Angerana 
W Va) ; PhG 1904; U of NashviDe Med 
Coll MD 1903; phys (ret); Box 399 
Hinton W Va 

826-BRADFORD Clarence Theodore 
(Birthright Tex); Memphis Hosp Med 
Coll MD 1903; phys; Box 626 Burk- 
burnett Tex 

827-BRANYON Arthur Curtis 
(Kingvilie Ala); Memphis Hosp Med 
Coll MD 1903; phys Fayette Ala; died 
there 28 Aug 1950 

828- JACKSON James Neal (Mt Hope 
Ala); Birmingham Med Coll MD 1904; 
phys Mt Hope Ala; died there 15 Oct 

829-SCHUYLER George de Grasse 
(Canaveral Fla) 

830-SALLEY George William (Ft 
Deposit Ala); Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1903; phys (ret); 806 S Pensacola 
Ave Atmore Ala 

831-COPELAND Miles Axe (Birm- 
ingham Ala); MD 1903; Birmingham 
Med Coll MD 1903; phys Birmingham 
Ala; died there 1948 

832-SHIPP Robert Andrew (Albert- 
ville Ala) 

833-BUTLER William Raymond 
(Concord Fla); MD &. PhG 1905; phys 
Butler Tenn; died Meigs Ga 11 Sept 

834-HARDIN James Allen (Sparta 
N C) ; died Sparta N C 28 May 1950 

835-MAXWELL Edward Lucius 
(Concord Fla); U of Tenn MD 1905; 
phys; 1411 Austin Ave Brownwood 

836-CALLAWAY Robert Edgar 
(Troy Miss); Bonanza Tex* 

837-PRIEST James Robert (Cripple 
Deer Miss); Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1903; phys Houston Miss; died 
there 5 Nov 1947 

838-M ONTGOMERY Robert Lee 
(Belmont Miss); Memphis Hosp Med 
Coll MD 1903; phys Tuscumbia Ala; 
died there 1942 

839-SUTHERLAND Wade Hampton 
(Wheeler Miss); Memphis Hosp Med 
Coll MD 1904; phys & surg FAMA; 
Box 347 Booneville Miss 

840-STROUD William Fletcher (Ma- 
gee Miss); Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1903; phys; Mount Olive Miss 

841-MANN David Aden (Mobile 
Ala); Tulane MD 1906; phys & surg 
FAMA; 2135 Victoria St Beaumont Tex 

842- J O H N S O N Luther Fletcher 
(Trinity Tex) ; phys Trinity; died there 
24 Nov 1923 

843-SMOOT Thomas Mid die ton 
(Morrison Term); died Oct 1923 

844-HUFFMAN Seth Wade (Lank- 
i'ord Tenn) ; U of Tenn MD 1906; phys 
McKenzie Tenn; died there about 1942 

845-MIXON Aaron Malachi (Bar- 
num Tex); Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1903; phys Spiro Okla; died there 

846-RUSSELL Martin Van Buren 
(Talana Ga); Chattanooga Med Coll 
MD 1904; phys (OALR) Eldorado Ark; 
Hot Springs Ark* 

847-HOFF Ford (Buckhannon W Va) 

848-RUSMISELL James Adam 
(Frenchton W Va); Md Med Coll MD 
1904; surg Buckhannon W Va 

849-EAKLE Oscar Otas (Tesla W 
Va); Md Med Coll MD 1904; phys 
FAMA; Sutton W Va 

850-HENDERSON Thomas Kelly 
(Dixon Miss) 

(Smithbury Miss); Memphis Hosp Med 
Coll MD 1904; phys St Gabriel La 

852-JAMESON William Lafayette 
(Alpharetta Ga) 

853-MEANS Frank Thornton (Boli- 
gee Ala) ; KS; died before 1933 

854-KOGER Elijah McClain (Savage 
Ky); died Savage about 1908 

855-WEST Tarpley William (Ball 
Ground Ga); U of Nashville Med Coll 
MD 1903; phys Shannon Ga; died there 
24 Jan 1941 

856-GULLEY Charles Henry (Scott 
La) ; U of Tenn MD 1905; phys Marion 
La; died there 1 Dec 1942 

857-ELGIN Clarence Eugene (Belton 
S C); U of Nashville 1905; phys; Rt 
2 Anderson S C 

858-LOWE William Thomas (Luella 
Ark) ; U of Nashville MD 1905; phys & 
surg FAMA; 1225 Olive St Pine Bluff 

859-BEASLEY John Johnson (Pleas- 

ant Shade Tenn); U of Tenn Coll of 
Med MD 1904; phys FAMA; Pleasant 
Shade Tenn 

860- SPARKS Joseph Everett (For- 
dyce Ark); Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1903; phys (public health) Cros- 
sett Ark & Donna Tex; died Fordyce 
Ark 16 Aug 1932 

861-FRIEDMAN Benjamin (Memphis 
Tenn); Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 
1904; phys Bradford Tenn* 

862-KENNEDY John Thomas (Wy- 
lam Ala) 

863-SHARIT James Mack (Apala- 
chicola Fla); U of Tenn; U of Nash- 
ville MD 1904; phys Milton Fla; died 
there 11 Nov 1915 

864- ALEXANDER Albert Prentiss 
(Marietta Miss); Memphis Hosp Med 
Coll MD 1903; phys Como Miss; died 
there 9 Aug 1938 

865-WILSON John Flaniken (Ida- 
ville Tenn); Vanderbilt U MD 1905; 
phys Burlison Tenn; died there 10 Feb 

866-DUCOTE Remy Gustave (Cot- 
tonport La); MD 1904 KS; phys Bor- 
delonville La; died Cottonport 19 July 
1950 si 

867-JONES John William (Iota La) 

868-LIPSCOMB William Emory 
(Cool Mountain Ga); Atlanta Coll of 
Phys & Surg MD 1904; phys Cumming 
Ga || 

869-SHERARD Stuart Baskin (Iva 

5 C) ; U of Md Med Sch MD 1905; surg 
FAMA; Gaffney S C 

870-McNEW Joseph Franklin (Well 
Spring Tenn); Dallas Med Coll MD 
1904; phys Farmersville Tex; died there 
23 Nov 1943 

871-YOUNGBLOOD Daniel Joel 
Raymond (Avalon Tex); Atlanta Coll 
of Phys & Surg MD 1904; phys (OALR) 
FAMA; 1716 W Walker St Brecken- 
ridge Tex 

872-DAWSON Ira J (Marble Falls 
Tex) ; U of Tenn MD 1905; phys FAMA 
Staples Tex; died about 1924 

873-H AMMAN William Harrison 
(Houston Tex) ; died Johannesburg Af- 
rica Oct 1903 

874-HIPSH Jacob Franklin (Fayette- 
ville Tenn); died Fayetteville 29 Sept 

875-SEEKEL George Ruppert (New- 
ark N J) ; MD 1907; instr physical cul- 
ture U of S 1902-1908; phys (ret); 117 
W 70th St New York N Y 

876-DUNN Robert (Burleson Tex); 
Southern Methodist U MD 1904; phys 
Davis Okla; died there 19 Jan 1936 

877-HUFFMAN Logan Herbert (Troy 
Ind); MD 1903; phys Oklahoma City 
Okla; World War I; died Oklahoma 
City 19 June 1954 

878-SYKES Walter Morriss (Nor- 
folk Va); MD 1903; Gatewood Coll & 
N Ga Agr Coll; phys (ObG) FAMA 
Dallas Tex; World War I 1st It U S 
Army Med Corps; died Waco Tex 5 
Oct 1954 

879-WILSON William Fair (Blairs- 
ville Pa); MD 1903; phys Dunnington 

6 Pleasant Plains Ark; died 1937 





880-WOZENCRAFT Robert Owen 
(Holly Springs Ark); HI Med Coll MD 
1906; phys Pine Grove & Princeton 

881-SAXON Robert E Lee (Griffin 
Ark); U of Nashville Med Coll MD 
1904; phys; 2204 Battery St Little Rock 

882-SPANGLER Arthur Stephenson 

(Skelton Tenn); MD 1904; BA ; 

phys Pauls Valley Okla; died there 

883-RAGSDALE Milton Clay (Mc- 
Calla Ala); U of Nashville MD 1904; 
phys; 1001 10th Ave North Bessemer 

884-SHARBER Alpheus Leslie (Co- 
lumbia Tenn); U of Tenn MD 1904; 
phys; died Nashville Tenn 30 Nov 1937 

885-EGGLESTON William Clyde 
(Franklin Tenn); U of Tenn MD 1907; 
phys Spring Hill Term; died there Dec 

886-BLACKWOOD Eddie Hymes 

(Kirk Tex); MD 1903; BA ; 

phys Colfax La; died there 23 May 1923 

887 -WALLACE George (Natchito- 
ches La); Biloxi Miss 

888-WALLACE James Edward (Nat- 
chitoches La); Tulane U MD 1909; 
phys FAMA Biloxi Miss; died 1935 

889- S T U C K E Y Emanuel Oscar 

(Queen City Tex); MD 1903; died 

Queen City about 1934 

890-SPECK Horace Tilden (Bushing 

891 -SELF John Isaac (Florine La); 
Victoria La* 

892-BLOOM Arthur (Russia) 

893- JOHNSON Floyd (Benson N C); 
Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 1903; 
phys (Pub Health) ; Columbus County 
Health Dept Whiteville N C 

894-MITCHELL Robert Lee (Vinita 
Ind Territory); U of Ark MD 1904; 
phys Muskogee Okla; died Okla City 
Okla 15 May 1952 

895-SHrVE George Ellis (Edhune 

896-FRENCH Chapman Johnson 
(Narrows Va) ; MD 1904; phys Hunt- 
ington W Va 1916; Crum W Va; died 

897-CARTER Odia Martin (Slickford 
Ky); MD 1905; phys; died Monti- 
cello Ky about 1943 

898-BULLOCK Otis William (Sims- 
boro La) ; Western Ky State Teachers 

Coll AB ; U of Va LLB; atty; Box 

51 Shreveport La 

899- CUNNINGHAM James Marvin 
(Rayne La); MD & PhG 1904; phys 
Henry La; died Rayne La 2 Jan 1929 

900-H E N D R I C K Mastin Duke 
(Keithville La); U of Nashville MD 
1904; killed in accident Yellville Ark 
28 Aug 1907 

901-HENDRICK John Alexander 
(Hadley La) ; U of Nashville MD; phys 
Shreveport La; died 

902-HENDERSON James Edward 
(Homer La); MD ; died Bel- 
cher La 5 Feb 1916 

903-WALKER Benjamin Franklin 
(Paragould Ark); Memphis Med Coll 

MD 1903; died Jonesboro Ark about 

904-BRELAND Ernest Erastus (State 
Line Miss); Barnes Med Coll St Louis 
Mo MD 1903; phys Section Ala; died 
there 21 Aug 1946 

905-DOUGHTY Mordecai Edward 
(Ridge Ala); Chattanooga Med Coll 
MD 1903'; phys Slocomb Ala; died Do- 
than Ala 

906-DAVIS Robert Alfred (New Or- 
leans La); U of Tenn MD 1904; phys 
Hammond La; died there 26 Apr 1938 

907-GRAYSON Cary Travers (Cul- 
peper Va) ; MD & PhG 1903 DCL 1936; 
William & Mary Coll 1895-1898 LLD 
PBK KS; Med Coll of Va MD 1904; 
demonstrator surgical laboratory U of 
S 1902-1903; phys FAMA; rear admiral 
U S Navy & phys to Pres Woodrow 
Wilson; pres Am Red Cross 1935-1938; 
World War I; see Who Was Who 1; 
died Washington D C 15 Feb 1938 

908-ZEHNER Samuel Tilden (North 
Perm Pa); MD 1903; phys; 1004 N 11th 
St Reading Pa 

909-COOPER James Andrew (Wal- 
do Ark) 

910-POPE Andrew Jackson (Aber- 
deen Miss); MD 1904; phys La Feria 

911-GREAVES William Francis (Nut 
Bush Term) 

912-GIRDNER William Haywood 
(Mina Tex); Chattanooga Med Coll 
MD 1905; phys FAMA Abernathy Tex; 
died there 7 Sept 1951 

913-BRYANT Marquis Lafayette 
(Somerset Ky); MD 1906; phys; died 
9 Jan 1933 

914-SOUTHER William Lester (Al- 
vaton Ky); U of Nashville Med Coll 
MD 1903; phys; 2005 N 7th Waco Tex 

915-McNEELY Theodore Hunter 
(Colfax La); banker; Colfax La 

916-HENNIES John Henry Jr (Au- 
gusta Ga) ; International Med Mission- 
ary Coll Atlanta MD 1905; phys Bruns- 
wick Ga; died there 4 Dec 1948 

917-LAMKIN William Enoch (Glos- 
ter Miss) ; died Gloster 

918-WHITE William Charles (Live 
Oak Fla); MD 1903; phys Live Oak 
Fla; died 

919-YANCEY Willie David (Clarks- 
ville Va) 

920-BANNERMAN Walter Bruce 
(Brooklyn N Y) ; MD 1903 DTD; phys 
FAMA Bridgewater Mass; died there 
27 Feb 1937 

921 -M ALONE Ferdinand Maddin 
(Capleville Tenn) ; Memphis Hosp Med 
Coll MD 1903; phys Capleville Tenn 
40 yrs; died there 21 June 1943 

922-BLACK James Berton (Blow- 
horn Ala); Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1904; phys Vernon Ala; died there 

923-TROSCLAIR Gaston Emile (Thi- 
bodaux La); MD 1903; phys Thibo- 
daux; died there 

924-STEPHENS Jerry Madison 
(Egypt Ark); Birmingham Med Coll 
MD 1904; phys Williford Ark; died 
there about 1943 

925-MORSE Frank Wilmont (Sud- 
bury Mass) ; MD 1903; phys Thorndike 
Me; died there 1917 

926-WETHERBEE Charles Augustus 
(Waynesboro Miss); MD 1903 

927-HOWARD Charles Cleveland 
(Huntingdon Term); MD ; Ev- 
erest Kans* 

928-GRAVES George Berry (Hurt 
Pitts Va) ; MD & PhG 1903; phys Val- 
entine Tex; died there 7 July 1915 

929-STATEN Adolphus Burleson 
(Flint Ala); MD 1903; phys El Paso 
Tex; died there 19 June 1927 

930-MACKAY Arnold Jenks (East 
Orange N J); MD 1903; phys New York 
N Y until 1930's 

931-WRIGHT James Lester (Winns- 

boro Tex); MD 1905; phys; died 

Yantis Tex 18 Nov 1937 

932-DeBELL Arthur Wise (Centre- 
ville Va); MD 1903; phys Maiden WVa 

933-JETT Samuel Griggs (Floyd 
Va); MD 1903; phys; died Reidsville 
N C 11 June 1938 

934-SLUSHER William Clarey 
(Floyd Va); MD 1903 KS; phys FAMA: 
Perry Bldg Bluefield W Va 

935-M R R I S O N Frank Jordan 
(Smithfield Va); MD 1903 KS; phys 
Norfolk & Western RR & Seaboard Air- 
line Suffolk Va; died there 17 July 

936-NEAL George Edgar (Van Bu- 
ren Ark); died Forrest City Ark Feb 

937-PORET Edward Alfred (Mansu- 
ra La); MD 1904; phys Hessmer La; 
died there about 1950 

938-McCOWN Charles Buford (Shag- 
more Miss) ; Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1902; phys FAMA Aberdeen Miss; 
died there 27 Apr 1941 

939- ALEXANDER Lin (Meridian 
Tex); Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 
1903; phys FAMA; 501 Morton Ave 
Okmulgee Okla 

940-BULL Charles Pinckney Jr 
(Plainfield N J); Med Coll State of S 
C MD 1905; phys Charleston S C & 
Terlinqua Tex* 

941-OGLE Ashley Winifred (Stinnett 
Tenn); MD 1903; phys FAMA Sevier- 
ville Tenn; died Knoxville Tenn about 

942-OZBURN Joseph Nevin (Mt 
Jackson Va); died Mt Jackson 1915 

943-CLINE David Crown (Wardens- 
ville W Va); Lincoln Mem U MD 1912; 
phys Dumfries Va; died there 16 Aug 

944-LATANE Thomas Bernard (Ste- 
vensville Va) ; MD 1903; phys Stevens- 
ville Va; died 

945-LAND Joseph Norton (Fair Play 
S C); MD 1903; phys (ObG); World 
War I; Anderson S C 

946-S IMMONS Almay Dozier 
(Brooklyn Miss); Memphis Hosp Med 
Coll MD 1903; phys Columbia Miss; 

947-AMES Charles Bulkley (Wau- 
keenah Fla) ; A 729 C 754; died 1905 





948-COLMORE Rupert McPherson 
(Sewanee Term); A 2443 C 2751 MD 
1905; phys; 1 Mable St Chattanooga 

949-HOGE John Edward (Sewanee 
Tenn); A 1675; financial sec Belmont 
Methodist Ch; 2510 Essex Place Nash- 
ville Tenn 

950-VICK Vivian (Houston Tex); A 
1847; cotton business Houston & Waco; 
New York N Y* 

Entered 1903 

951-LEGGETT Claude B (Halletts- 
ville Tex); Southern Methodist U MD 
1905; phys (OALR) Abilene Tex; died 
there 1949 

952-PARR Holly Hix (Ezzell Tex); 
Atlanta Coll of Phys & Surg MD 1906; 
phys Eudora Ark 

953-Y O U N G Lawrence Randolph 
(Abbeville La); PKA; Ky Sch of Med 
Louisville MD 1906; phys Covington 

954- WILSON Thomas Erskine (Eliz- 
abeth La) ; died Collinwood Ohio 1910 

955-HEARN Thomas Oscar (Albert- 

ville Ala) ; MD ; phys; one time 

med missionary in charge Oxner Me- 
morial Hosp Shantung China; 2 Bay 
Front Place Baldwin Long Island N Y 

956-BRISTER Truss Emanuel (Bogue 
Chitto Miss); Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1907; World War I; surg FAMA 
Bogalusa Lumber Co Bogalusa La; died 
there 22 Aug 1936 

957-HINES William Moore (Pilot 
Va); died Pocatello Idaho 24 Nov 1948 

958-MITCHELL George Milner 
(Barnesville Ga) ; Atlanta Coll of Phys 
& Surg MD 1906; phys (internal med) ; 
1854 River Rd Jacksonville Fla 

959-RUMPH Sterling Price (Wood- 
ford Indian Territory) ; phys; died 
Baird Tex Mar 1937 

960-FLOYD John Thomas (Roanoke 
Ala); Atlanta Coll of Phys & Surg MD 
1905; phys Atlanta Ga; died there 7 
Sept 1942 

961-MILLER Walter Arthur (Madi- 
son Ga); Atlanta Coll Phys & Surg 
MD 1905; World War I; phys Arabi Ga 

962-HILL Oliver William (Sparta 
Tenn); U of Tenn MD 1907; phys 
Knoxville Tenn; died there July 1939 

963-DeLOACH Luther As bury 
(Glennville Ga); Atlanta Coll of Phys 
& Surg MD 1905; phys (ObG) FAMA 
Savannah Ga; died Glennville about 

964-KEMP David Lee (Bronze Va) 

965-BANKS William Henderson 
(Beech Springs Miss) ; Memphis Hosp 
Med Coll MD 1909; phys Philadelphia 

966-BLUME Thomas Allen (Blume 
La); Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD — ; 
died 1906 

967-McALISTER Finis Ewing 
(Woodville Tex); U of Nashville Med 
Dept MD 1909; phys FAMA Houston; 
5325 Institute Lane Houston 5 Tex 

968-R O A N E Holmes (Covington 
Tenn); Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 
1904; phys; died Covington about 1950 

969-MONTGOMERY Thaddeus Rob- 

ert (Kosciusko Miss) ; Memphis Hosp 
Med Coll MD 1904; phys (X-ray); 
Med Arts Bldg Memphis Tenn 

970-CULLUM John Medicus (W 
Nashville Tenn); phys (ObG) FAMA 
Nashville Tenn; died there Feb 1942 

971-BEAUCHAMP Jesse Leaphart 
(Kosciusko Miss) ; Memphis Hosp Med 
Col! MD 1906; phys & industrial surg 
FAMA; 538 Stonewall Memphis Tenn 

972- COMBS James Andrew (Locust 
Grove Ga); Atlanta Coll of Phys & 
Surg MD 1905; surg FAMA; 804 E 
Ponce de Leon Ave Decatur Ga 

973-FERGUSON Robert Claudius 
(Weldon La) ; Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1904; phys Arcadia La 

974-C R A W F O R D Claud Burton 
(Blue Ridge Ga); Birmingham Med 
Coll MD 1905; phys (ObG) Blue Ridge 
Ga; died 1944 

975-CRUMPLER Marion Marvin 
(Town Bluff Tex); died Itasca Tex 

976-STRICKLAND William Aaron 
(Pelzer S C) ; Atlanta Coll Phys & Surg 
MD 1907; U of S C; surg (OALR); 
Westminster S C 

977-JOHNSTON Lonam Sam (Me- 
ridian Miss); U of Pa MD 1907; phys 
Snomac Okla; died Shreveport La 11 
June 1933 

978-PARRISH James Wesley (Bettie 
Tex) ; phys Holliday Tex 

979-HANDLEY John Oliver (Hat- 
chett Creek Ala); Memphis Hosp Med 
Coll MD 1904; phys Sycamore Ala; died 
there 17 Sept 1940 

980-SUTTON George Thomas (Bush- 
ville Tex); Dallas Med Coll MD 1904; 
phys; 4134 Prescott Ave Dallas 4 Tex 

981-FULLER Martin Luther (Tus- 
cola Tex); Baylor U Coll of Med MD 
1908; phys; 1011 Hidalgo St Laredo Tex 

982-WELCH Carl Belmont (Turett 
Ala) ; Atlanta Coll of Phys & Surg MD 
1906; phys Attapulgus Ga 

983-PRICE Cecil Robert (Florien 
La); died Starks La June 1933 

984-GARRISON John Earl (Birm- 
ingham Ala) ; U of Ala MD 1926; Birm- 
ingham Med Coll MD 1904; phys( ObG) 
FAMA; World War I capt U S Army; 
1132 S 10th Place Birmingham Ala 

985-PARISH C C (Mineral Wells 
Tex); PhG 1904 

986-GREFFIN Hilliard Elias (Water 
Valley Miss); Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1905; died Coffeeville Miss 13 Aug 

987-TYNER Henry Vergil (Walcott 
Ark); U of Ky Med Dept Louisville 
MD 1906; phys Paragould Ark; died 
there 14 Jan 1918 

988-JAMES Judge (Alva Miss); 
Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 1904; phys 
Ackerman Miss; died there 

989-S I M P S O N Harrison P r e w 
(Blackmonton Miss); Memphis Hosp 
Med Coll MD 1905; phys Ruleville 
Miss; died 1928 

990-W ALTON Milton (Lumpkin 
Ga); Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 
1904; phys FAMA Atlanta & Lumpkin 
Ga; died 23 Apr 1933 

991-BANISTER Walter Gilroy 
(Cumming Ga) ; Chattanooga Med Coll 
MD 1905; phys; Calhoun Rd Rome Ga 

992-FARMER Simon Berry (Wist- 

ville Miss); MD ; phys Braxton 

Miss; died 15 Apr 1921 

993-CLARK Joseph Marion (Epley 
Miss) ; U of Nashville MD 1906; World 
War I; phys Sumrall Miss Ark & Okla* 

994-SANDERS Robert Lee (Ander- 
son S C); U of Nashville MD 1906; 
surg FAMA; prof surg U of Tenn 
1945—; 899 Madison Ave Suite 325 
Memphis Tenn 

995-GILES Robert Emmett (West- 
vine Miss); U of Nashville MD 1906; 
phys Mendenhall Miss; died Jackson 
Miss Aug 1954 

996-WORKS Walter Scott (Honey 
Grove Tex); Louisville Med Coll MD 
1907; phys Bennington Okla; died there 
about 1933 

997-THACKER Hugh Percy (Salem 
Va); died Salem 22 May 1936 

998-BUTTS Fred Rawlings (Colum- 
bus Ga) ; onetime master mechanic with 
C B & O RR; 431 Candler St N E At- 
lanta Ga ,j 

999-HOUSER Lewis Jacob (Tama- 
qua Pa); Medico-Chirurgical Coll of 
Philadelphia MD 1906; phys FAMA 
Philadelphia Pa; died Langhorne Pa 14 
Feb 1952 

1000-GAINES Samuel Herbert 
(Crossville Ala); Chattanooga Med 
Coll MD 1906; phys; died Lucien Okla 
1 June 1942 

1001-BIGGAR Richard Aaron (Shel- 
byville Tex) ; farmer; Center Tex 

1002-FRASIER Alfred Smith (Robin- 
son Springs Ala); KA; Vanderbilt U 
MD 1906; surg FAMA Dothan Ala; 
died there 14 Jan 1934 

1003-CARTER Arthur Richard 
(Gibsland La); Memphis Hosp Med 
Coll MD 1905; phys New Orleans La; 
died there 29 Dec 1939 

1004-TH O MPS ON Charles Oscar 
(High Point Ala); Baptist minister 
Merigold Miss; died there 1943 

1005-McCREADY Edwin Bosworth 
(Allegheny Pa) ; Medico-Chirurgical 
Coll of Philadelphia MD 1903; phys 
FAMA Pittsburgh Pa; died there 3 Nov 

1006-CATES Albert (Bonanza Tex); 
Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 1906; phys 
(Pub Health) FAMA; 2733 N W 20th 
St Oklahoma City Okla 

1007-BOGGS John Samuel (Plain 
Dealing La) ; Advance Tire & Rubber 
Co New Orleans La; died Shreveport 
La May 1930 

1008-LYON George Curtis (Ft Scott 
Kans); Atlanta Sch of Med MD 1906; 
phys FAMA Longview Tex; died there 
about 1941 

1009-MENDENHALL Scott (Spring- 
field 111); PhG 1904 PDT; died Chicago 
111 25 Oct 1906 

1010-MANNEY John Edwin (Duran- 
go Tex); Lincoln Memorial U Med 
Dept Knoxville MD 1904; phys 
(OALR) San Antonio Tex; died there 
27 May 1915 





1011-CONERLY Cullen Clarence 
(Orange La) ; Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1904; phys Fisher La; died there 1 
Dec 1935 

1012-MASON Lee Othel (Callao 
Mo) ; Bevier Mo; died about 1940 

1013 - O'LEARY Daniel William 
(Logansport Ind); MD & PhG 1904; 
assoc prof practical pharmacy U of S 
1904-1905; phys; 230% East Main Nor- 
man Okla 

1014-SAULS David Kelley (Sauls- 
bury Term); Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1905; farmer Saulsbury; died there 
13 Oct 1933 

1015-WARD Melgie (Vienna Ga); 
Atlanta Sch of Med MD 1906; phys 
Canon City Colo* 

1016- REAVES Charles Richard 
(Greeneville Tenn); PhG 1904 MD 
1906; phys (OALR) FAMA Greens- 
boro N C; died N C about 1943 

1017-WILLIAMS Charles H (Wilks 
Ark); phys; 630 E 4th St El Dorado 

1018-KINARD Joseph Oscar (Moul- 
trie Ga); Atlanta Med Coll Phys & 
Surg MD 1905; phys FAMA Atlanta 
Ga; died 30 Dec 1929 

1019 - MAJOR Everett Carlisle 
(Greenwood S C) ; PKA; phys Latta S 
C; died 

1020-MAINES John Edge (Lake But- 
ler Fla); Atlanta Coll of Phys & Surg 
MD 1905; phys FAMA Lake Butler; 
died there Aug 1944 

1021 -SLAUGHTER Wilbur Shrews- 
bury (Cumberland Miss); Memphis 
Hosp Med Coll MD 1904; phys Jones- 
town Miss; died there 14 July 1947 

1022-McCALL Frederick Adier 
(Adair?) (Stoker Tex); MD (valed) 
1904; phys Morvin Ala; died there 25 
June 1904 

1023-GUYNES Edward Anding (Ha- 
zlehurst Miss); Lincoln Memorial U 
MD 1906; phys; 114 Hotel Ave Knox- 
ville Tenn 

1024-HANEY Taswell Pittman (Iuka 
Miss); U of Tenn MD 1904; phys Iuka 
Miss; died Corinth Miss 22 Feb 1940 

1025-STEWART Oliver Ernest (Ken- 
nedy Ala); Chattanooga Med Sch MD 
1906; phys Berry Ala; died there 

1026-LEHMBERG Charles Edward 
(Castell Tex) ; Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1904; phys Columbus Miss; died 
there 1953 

1027-JOHNSTON Noah Alexander 
(Redbud Ala); U of Nashville MD 
1907; phys Tenn Coal & Iron Co Fair- 
field Ala; died 12 Oct 1938 


George Gill (Jacksonville Fla); 

MD; died Brownsville Tenn 9 Jan 1939 

1029-SUMMERS William Lee (Nut 
Bush Tenn); Coll of Phys & Surg 
Memphis MD 1907; phys Ripley Tenn 

1030-KERSHAW Theodore Gourdin 
(Charleston S C); ATO; Med Coll S C 
MD 1904; phys FAMA North Augusta 
S C; died 

1031-PARRISH John Herron (Oak- 
land Miss) ; planter; Oakland Miss 

1032-SMITH William Franklin 
(Sparks Okla) 

1033-GIPSON John Harrison (Daniel 

Miss); MD; phys Des Arc Ark; 

died there 1951 

1034-PARKS Walker Bell (McKee 
Ga); Ga Coll of Eclectic Med & Surg 
Atlanta MD 1906; phys Starke Fla; 
died 10 June 1951 

1035-STONE Samuel Marion (Hurt 
Va) ; PhG & MD 1904; phys Charleston 
W Va; died there 17 Mar 1941 

1036-SAMBOLA Alexander Benja- 
min (New Orleans La); MD 1904; phys 
New Orleans La; died there 22 Feb 1933 

1037- SUTTON Julian Rush (Morris- 
town Tenn) ; MD & PhG 1904; phys (S) 
FAMA; Elks City N C; died Black 
Mountain N C 1920 

1038-EASTHAM Granville (Mitchell 
Va); Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 
1904; phys; 601 South East St Culpeper 

1039-GRIFFITH Robert Park (Nor- 
folk Va) ; MD 1904 KS; phys Columbus 
Ga; died there 

1040-WALLACE David Love (Kos- 
ciusko Miss); died Oklahoma City 
Okla about 1948 

1041 -KELLY William Robert (Dur- 
rant Miss) ; MD 1906; phys FAMA Jas- 
per Tex; died there about 1941 

1042-POWERS Emory Byron (White 
Post Va) ; MD & PhG 1904; phys Win- 
chester Va; died Stephens City Va 25 
Sept 1953 

1043- MOORE William Thomas 
(South Gaston N C); MD 1904; phys 
Valentines Va; died Nov 1918 

1044-CLOPTON William Garth (New 
York N Y); MD 1904; phys FAMA 
Baltimore Md; died Helena Ark 1940 

1045-CROSS Albert Manning (Phil- 
adelphia Pa); phys; onetime staff 
Spencer State Hosp Spencer W Va; 
died Huntington W Va about 1937 

1046-BESTON Joseph James (New 
York N Y); MD 1904; phys Chicago 
111; died there 21 Oct 1945 

1047-FINCHER Robert Arthur (Wal- 
do Ark); Hugo Okla 

1048-HANCHEY Richard Howard 
(Dry Creek La); Baylor U MD 1906; 
phys Sugartown La; died De Ridder 

1049- WOOD George Washington 
(Live Oak Fla); Birmingham Med Coll 
MD 1905; phys Oxford Fla; died 

1050- JACKSON James Dennis 
(Erie Pa); PhG & MD 1906; died Erie 
18 May 1923 

1051-B R E N N A N James Lennon 
(Williamsport Pa); MD 1904; World 
War I; phys Washington Pa; died there 
30 Aug 1949 

1052-KOSEK Frank Joseph (Wilkes- 
Barre Pa); MD & PhG 1904; phys 
Wilkes-Barre; died there 10 Feb 1942 

1053-BATCHELOR Albert Agrippa 

(Vicksburg Miss); MD ; died 

San Antonio Tex 10 Apr 1912 

1054-JETT Joseph Cabell (Floyd 
Va); MD 1904; phys Springdale Va; 
died there 1934 

1055-BRITT Bernard Eugene (Nash- 


ville Tenn) ; PhG 1904 MD 1905; taught 
anatomy U of Nashville; phys Nash- 
ville; died there 29 Apr 1948 

1056-STONE Norman Edward (Mem- 
phis Tenn) ; PhG 1905; Memphis Tenn* 

1057-ALBERSON Bruce Marion (Ra- 
ra Avis Miss) ; died before 1914 

1058-JOHNSON Otis Hackett (Waco 
Tex); C 1661 BA 1900; Atlanta Coll of 
Phys & Surg MD 1905; phys (OALR); 
2711 Evans St Morehead City N C 

1059-KIRBY-SMITH Joseph Lee 
(Sewanee Tenn); A 1449 C 1716 MD 
1906 DSc 1927; phys Jacksonville Fla; 
died 1939 

1060-STEED James Walter (Cleve- 
land Tenn); C 1902; not a phys; invalid 
most of his life; died Cleveland 7 Aug 

Entered 1904 

1061-RUSHIN Herbert (Vienna Ga); 
Atlanta Med Sch MD 1906; died Macon 
Ga 31 Mar 1929 

1062-MARTIN John Thomas (Fill- 
more O); MD ; phys Battle 

Creek Mich* 

1063-TEASLEY John Osborne (Al- 
pharetta Ga) 

1064-GILLIAM William Young (Blue 
Ridge Ga); Atlanta Coll of Phys & 
Surg MD 1906; phys Copperhill Tenn 

1065-HICKS Oliver Burdette (Grand 
Cave La); Atlanta Coll of Phys & Surg 
MD 1907; phys Henderson Tex 

1066-RUSHING John G (Nacogdo- 
ches Tex) ; died Center Tex Jan 1921 

1067-BROCK Fleet William (Dillon 
Miss) ; Tulane U MD 1907; phys Dillon 
& Hackley Miss; died 21 Aug 1923 

1068-COWART Hiram Benjamin 
(Monticello Miss); phys Polarville 

1069-G I V E N S Emory (McSmith 
Miss) ; Coll Phys & Surg Memphis MD 
1908; phys McComb Miss; died there 

1070- WATTS Iddo Lauderdale 
(Bournham Miss) 

1071-HALL Thomas Owen (Oak 
Grove Miss); Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1906; phys Irving Tex* 

1072-PARNELL Henry Elliott (Lake 
City Fla); Ky Sch of Med MD 1908; 
phys Miami Fla; died 

1073-COPPEDGE Everette Peter 
(Stanton Tenn); Toledo Med Coll MD 
1908; phys FAMA; 1210 Oak Ridge Dr 
Cleveland Heights O 

1074-BENSON Robert Speer (Cum- 
ming Ga); Baylor U MD 1905; phys; 
RFD 1 Alamo Ga 

1075-SENGSTAK Ernest Paul (Ok- 
lahoma City Okla) ; Baylor U MD 1905; 
phys Mandarin Fla; died Daytona 
Beach Fla 5 Dec 1949 

1076-REED Carson R (Goldonna 
La) ; Atlanta Coll of Phys & Surg MD 
1906; phys (G) Natchitoches La; died 
there 4 Aug 1945 

1077-GRIFFIS Wilbern Joseph (Ho- 
merville Ga); PhG 1904 

1078-LIGHTNER Homer Greysden 
(Ellaville Ga); Atlanta Coll of Phys & 
Surg MD 1906; phys; Ideal Ga 





1079-PUETT William Wesley (dim- 
ming Ga); Atlanta Sch of Med 1906; 
phys; Nor cross Ga 

1080-STONE Julius Caesar (dim- 
ming Ga) ; MD & PhG 1907; phys; Box 
16 Doerun Ga 

1081-BUCHANAN Arthur Magill 
(Charlotte N C) ; MD 1904 SAE; phys 
McCall S C; died there 5 Nov 1922 

1082-REISMAN Emmet Emanuel 
(Nashville Tenn) 

1083-BOUTON Ralph Leonard (Ash- 
land Miss) ; druggist; died New Albany 
Miss about 1950 

1084-YOHO Sidney Fletcher (Wood- 
land W Va); MD 1904; phys W Va 
State Penitentiary; Moundsville W Va 

1085-COLLUM Ein (Putnam Ga); 
Atlanta Coll Phys & Surg MD 1906; 
phys Springfield Ga; died there 14 
May 1942 

1086-GARRETT John Abner (Taze- 
well Ga); Atlanta Coll Phys & Surg 
MD 1906; phys Meigs Ga; died there 5 
June 1951 

1087-WEEKS James Louie (Kitchings 
Mill S C); Med Coll of S C MD 1907; 
phys FAMA Perry Fla; died there 30 
Jan 1951 

1088-THAMES Rufus (Finklea Ala); 
Atlanta Coll Phys & Surg MD 1906; 
phys Milton Fla; died there 26 Oct 

1089-PIERCE David E (Rose Hill 
Va); MD & PhG 1904; died Middles- 
boro Ky 8 Apr 1947 

1090-WHITEHEAD William Freeman 
(Goodwater Ala); PhG 1906 MD 1908; 
phys Jacksonville Fla; died there Apr 

1091 -TAYLOR George Washington 
(Laurel Springs N C); PhG 1908 

1092-ODEN John Wesley (Brent- 
wood Tenn) ; U of Nashville MD 1908; 
phys (neurology); 2026 14th St St 
Petersburg Fla 

1093-DIXON James William (Viola 
Ark); U of Tenn MD 1909; phys 
FAMA; Winters Tex 

1094-HALBERT Willie Washington 
(Halbert Tex); Ft Worth Sch of Med 
MD 1910; phys FAMA Hughes Springs 
Tex; died Corsicana Tex 1928 

1095-B R I N S O N Daniel Webster 
(Monticello Miss) ; business exec (mer- 
chandizing & personnel) ; died Monti- 
cello Miss 2 Oct 1945 

1096-SANDERS Robert Hyle (Ben- 
ton Ala); MD & PhG 1908; phys Rock 
Springs Wyo; died there 24 Apr 1939 

1097-McGOWAN Hugh Strong (Eu- 
harlee Ga) ; MD 1904; phys Carters- 
ville Ga; died there 19 Dec 1952 

1098-McREE William Thaddeus 
(Dawson Ga) ; Gate City Med Coll MD 
1906; phys Watson Ark* 

1099-SUMNER Gordon Sykes (Syl- 
vester Ga); Atlanta Sch of Med MD 
1906; phys Sylvester; died there 13 
Mar 1953 

1100-FALVEY James William (Wills 
Tex); PhG 1904; lecturer practical 
pharmacy U of S 1905-1907; Memphis 
Hosp Med Coll MD 1907; phys; 302 E 
Cotton St Longview Tex 

1101-POWELL Eli (Pittsboro Miss); 

Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 1907; surg 
FAMA; 1202 N Main Cross Plains Tex 

1102-GRAHAM Robert Lee (Schertz 
Tex); MD 1904; phys Leaky Tex; died 
there about 1940 

1103- WILLIAMS Charles Olin (West 
Point Ga); Atlanta Coll Phys & Surg 
MD 1906; phys; West Point Ga 

1104-SEAWRIGHT Eugene Chester 
(Atlanta Ga) ; MD 1904; phys Fayette- 
ville Ga; died there 2 Sept 1940 

1105-KENNEDY James Henry (Pi- 
nola Miss); Gate City Med Coll Tex- 
arkana-Dallas MD 1905; phys Pinola 
Miss in 1920's; died 

1106-KENNEDY Joseph Alexander 

(D'Lo Miss) ; MD; phys; died D'Lo 


1107-CHAPMAN John Bunyan 
(Beankiss Tex) ; phys White Bluff Tex; 
died there 19 Feb 1947 

1108-REID Warren Harrill (Surepta 
Miss); Louisville Med Coll MD 1906; 
phys Toccopola Miss (ret) ; c/o A K 
Reid 1022 Oakland Mt Vernon 111 

1109-MORGAN David Emmett (La 
Grange Ga); Atlanta Coll of Phys & 
Surg MD 1906; phys La Grange; World 
War I capt U S Army; died LaGrang-? 
20 Mar 1953 

1110-MAYO Oscar Newton (Cedar 
Creek Tex); MD 1906; Bastrop Normal 
Coll BS 1903; phys (radiology) FAMA; 
2108 Southside Dr Brownwood Tex 

1111-HAWKINS Allen Phineas 
(Telephone Tex) ; died Telephone about 

1112-LUKE George Richard (Syca- 
more Ga) ; phys Ashburn Ga; died there 

1113-STEEN John Houston (Pearl 

1114-CH AMBERS William Henry 
(Umpire Ark) ; phys Dierks Ark; died 

1115-BANNISTER James Madison 
(Oglesby Tex); Southern Methodist U 
MD 1907; phys FAMA Snyder Tex; died 
there about 1928 

1116-WHIGHAM William Elvis (Flat 
Tex); Southern Methodist U MD 1907; 
surg & gynecologist; former mayor; 414 
South Broadway McAllen Tex 

1117-SISLER George W Jr (Water 
Valley Miss) ; Coll of Phys & Surg Bal- 
timore Md MD 1906; phys Tulsa Okla; 
died there Mar 1941 

1118-BEADLES Adrian Otto (Big 
Creek Miss); Louisville Med Coll MD 
1906; phys FAMA Silver City Miss; 
died Stonewall Miss 

1119-DODD William Thomas (Abell 
Va); MD 1904; phys; 205 Marshall St 
Chase City Va 

1120-KELLY John Luther (Colfax 
La) ; Coll of Phys & Surg Memphis MD 
1907; phys FAMA Oak Grove La; U 
S Army infantry 1900-1903 & World 
War I maj Med Corps; died in automo- 
bile accident 7 Nov 1934 

1121-PERRY Robert Jackson (Man- 
lyville Tenn) ; PhG 1904 MD 1905; phys 
FAMA; Springville Tenn 

1122-HAYGOOD Virgil Marion (Jas- 
per Ga); Ga Coll of Eclectic Med & 

Surg Atlanta MD 1907; phys; 512 Mar- 
tin Lane Augusta Ga 

1123-SWINNEY Daniel Webster (Sa- 
voy Tex) 

1124-HOOKER George Wesley (Stu- 
art Va); MD 1904; phys; 909 Med Arts 
Bldg Roanoke Va 

1125-KEIDEL Victor (Fredericks- 
burg Tex); MD 1904; surg FAMA Fred- 
ericksburg; died there Nov 1952 

1126-BAUSCH Frederick Rudolph 
(Allentown Pa) ; MD & PhG 1904; phys 
(Pd) FAMA; 109 N 2nd St Allentown 

1127-MEALS Roy Clark (Oil City 
Pa); MD 1904; phys Lyons N J; died 
there about 1944 

1128-McCREERY John Earle (Beck- 
ley W Va); MD 1904; Beckley W Va* 

1129-SERRILL William Wilfong 
(Jackson Center Pa) ; MD & PhG 1904; 
phys FAMA; Endeavor Pa 

1130-SHELDON John Rufus (Ster- 
ling 111); MD 1904 SAE; phys (ret); 
Tampico 111 

1131-HYDE William Fauntleroy 
(Brownsburg Va) ; MD 1904; phys Mex- 
ico City; died Middlebrook Va 21 June 

1132-LEHMAN George Weidner 
(Doylestown Pa); MD & PhG 1904; 
phys Doylestown; died there June 1943 

1133-GROVE John Odie (Ligonier 
Pa); MD & PhG 1904; Jefferson Med 
Coll MD 1904; phys Bradenville Pa; 
died there about 1947 

1134-CRAWFORD James Calvin 
(Tyrone Pa); MD &. PhG 1904; phys; 
Orange Calif 

1135-BIEBERBACH Walter Daniels 
(Worcester Mass); MD & PTiG 1904; 
phys (U) FAMA; 36 Pleasant St Wor- 
cester Mass 

1136-MONAHAN Thomas Aloysius 
(Tower City Pa); Jefferson Med Coll 
MD 1905; phys; 31 S Jardin St Shenan- 
doah Pa 

1137-HEIMER Louis Benjamin (Phil- 
adelphia Pa); MD & PhG 1904; phys 
Philadelphia; died there 22 June 1945 

1138-HARGROVE Matthew Vernon 
(Sugar town La) ; Memphis Hosp Med 
Coll MD 1909; phys (Pd) Oakdale La 

1139-SCOTT McClure (Richmond 
Va); MD & PhG 1904; phys; Vet Ad- 
mins Facility Box 64 Rt 4 Vienna Va 

1140-SIMPSON William David (Mon- 
roe N C); MD 1904; phys Greenville 
S C; died 

1141-OTWELL James Albert (Cum- 
ming Ga); Oglethorpe Med Coll MD 
1906; phys Cumming; died there about 

1142-ATKINS James Marion (Car- 
bon Hill Ala); PhG 1905 MD 1906; 
phys Calera Ala; died there 30 Oct 1921 

1143-ROGERS Joseph Edward (Chi- 
co Tex); Phys Med Coll Cincinnati O 
MD 1904; phys FAMA Cheviot O; died 
there 1952 

1144-CLANTON Albert Williamson 
(Kennedy Ala); Miss Med Coll MD 
1907; phys RFD 2 Millport Ala 





1145-CROWDER John Wade (China 
Grove Ala); MD 1904; phys W Block- 
ton Ala 

1146-MAYFIELD Hugh Franklin 
(Caledonia Ark); Gate City Med Coll 
MD 1906; phys; Hutting Ark 

1147-HALL John Wesley (Grand 
Junction Tenn) 

1148-BEESON Leigh Chalmers (Dal- 
las Tex); Baylor U Coll of Med MD 
1905; phys Turkey Tex; died there 

1149-LAWLESS Nicholas William 
(Morristown N J); MD 1904; phys 
Reading Pa; died Morristown N J 22 
Dec 1931 

1150-NICHOLAS Samuel M (Phila- 
delphia Pa); MD & PhG 1904; phys 
FAMA Philadelphia Pa; died there 9 
July 1947 

1151-WEINBURG Morris (Philadel- 
phia Pa) ; MD & PhG 1904; phys Phila- 
delphia Pa 1916* 

1152-EHRENREICH Herman Samuel 
(Philadelphia Pa); St Louis Coll of 
Phys & Surg MD 1906; phys St Louis 
Mo; died Clayton Mo 31 Mar 1947 

1153-HOLYFIELD Hays Newton 
(D'Lo Miss); Gate City Med Coll MD 
1906; phys; Brandon Miss 

1154-HILTON Denson Ellis (Harris- 
ville Miss); phys Kenneys Hosp San 
Antonio Tex; died Harrisville 7 Aug 

1155-BEAUCHAMP J e thro Macy 
(Rector Ark); Southern Methodist U 
MD 1905; phys Walls Tex* 

1156-BACKSTROM Edward Thomp- 
son (Tutwiler Miss); died Tutwiler 10 
Aug 1934 

1157-LUNSFORD Jason Hardy (Mo- 
nette Ark); Etowah Ark 

1158-SUMMERS Estus Leon (Brook- 
haven Miss) ; Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1907; phys Hattiesburg Miss; died 
there 5 Oct 1964 

1159-TRUSSELL Sam J (Simsboro 

1160-ECUYER Eugene Emile (New 
Orleans La); died New Orleans Jan 

1161-D A W S O N John William 
(Haynesville La) 

1162-BRECKINRIDGE William Nor- 
wood (Fincastle Va); MD 1904; phys 
Fincastle; onetime mayor; Spanish- Am 
War & World War I; died Fincastle 21 
Mar 1949 

1163-GRUMLEY Edward Chauncey 
Fullerton (National Park N J); MD 
1904; phys Camden N J; died there 8 
Feb 1944 

1164-MURRAY Albert Arthur 
(Brookline Mass); MD 1904; phys 
Denham Springs La; died there about 

1165-MAY Irby Benjamin (Columbia 
La); PhG 1905 MD 1906; phys FAMA 
Columbia La; died there 21 June 1933 

1166-PIRKLE Lemuel Pinkney (Du- 
luth Ga) ; died Duluth 

1167-BOWDEN Upton Beall Jr (Na- 
poleonville La); A 2002; asst Med Sch 
U of S 1907-1908; phys (Pub Health) 
Pelham Tenn; died there 24 Aug 1951 

1168-WILSON Thomas Buffington 

(Baton Rouge La); C 1662 MD 1906; 
died 1930 

1169-BROOKS Louis Porcher (Se- 
wanee Tenn) ; A 1519 C 1911 MD 1907; 
phys; Chattanooga Bank Bldg Chatta- 
nooga Tenn 

1170-KIRBY-SMITH Ephraim (Se- 
wanee Tenn); A 1534 C 1912 L 140; 
died 1938 

1171-BURKE Grafton Rush (Dallas 
Tex) ; C 1943 MD 1907 DSc 1937; phys 
& priest; died 1938 

1172-K NIGHT Jaqueline Emile 

(Waycross Ga); C 1954; MD; phys; 

died 1912 

Entered 1905 

1173-STEIN Samuel (Bourbon Miss) ; 

PhG 1906 MD 1908; AB PDT; phys 

FAMA San Antonio Tex; World War 
I; died Edinburg Tex 29 Nov 1939 

1174-JONES William Alonzo Na- 
thaniel (Gainesville Ga) ; Atlanta Sch 
of Med MD 1908; phys Gainesville 1916* 

1175-NEAL Alexander Stephen (De- 
mocrat Tex) ; phys Cordell Okla 

1176-CARVER William Smith (Rob- 
bins Tenn) 

1177-GREEN Roscoe Rawdon (Drew 
Miss) ; onetime railroad & express agt; 
died 5 July 1945 

1178-WALTHALL Thomas Jones Jr 
(San Antonio Tex); MD 1908; demon- 
strator histology & bacteriological labo- 
ratories U of S 1908-1909; phys San 
Antonio; died there 29 Nov 1939 

1179-SHARPE Hiram Chesley (Ailey 
Ga); MD 1907; phys; Alston Ga 

1180-McGUIRE John Ely (Campbell 
Mo) ; St Louis Coll of Phys & Surg MD 
1915; phys Piggott Ark 

1181-LINDLEY Hubbard (Commerce 

1182-STEPHENSON Walter Logan 
(Gough Tex); phys Aline Okla; died 

1183-CARROLL George Frank (Da- 
visboro Ga); MD 1905; Atlanta Coll 
of Phys & Surg 1901-1904; phys & 
onetime chief Med Off Vets Admins 
Macon Ga; World War I It col U S 
Army Med Corps; 2775 Vineville Ave 
Macon Ga 

1184- WILLIAMS John Wesley (Pon- 
totoc Miss) ; phys (ret) Ingomar Miss 

1185-STOCKARD Charles Cecil Jr 
(Atlanta Ga) ; Atlanta Coll Phys & 
Surg MD 1908; phys (OALR) FAMA; 
faculty Emory Med Sch 30 yrs (ret); 
Bradenton Fla 

1186-CRANFORD Wiley Sharp (Sit- 
ka Miss); Tulane MD ; phys Ellis- 

ville Miss; died there 22 June 1941 

1187-FLOYD George Matthew (New- 
berry Fla); Atlanta Coll Phys & Surg 
MD 1909; phys; Hawthorne Fla 

1188-FRENCH James Lane (Lucerne 
Miss) ; farmer; died Union Miss about 

1189-JONES William Arthur (Da- 
mascus Miss) ; Miss Med Coll MD 1911; 
phys Morton Miss; died there 2 May 

1190-SHARP Buford Walden (Harp- 
erville Miss); Coll Phys & Surg Mem- 

phis MD 1909; phys Harper ville; died 
there 17 Feb 1916 

1191-GREEN Francis Collin (Ogles- 
by Tex) ; Baylor U MD 1911; phys Og- 
lesby Tex 

1192-LAFLEUR Ertemon Jr (Ope- 
lousas La); Tulane U MD 1909; phys 
FAMA Opelousas La; died there 12 
Dec 1946 

1193-DURHAM Cornelius Bornebass 
(Verda La); Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1912; phys Pineville La; died there 
30 June 1933 

1194-WARD Zach Dobbs (Stock- 
bridge Ga); MD 1905; phys Stock- 
bridge; died 

1195-HEROD Alfred George (Car- 
rollton Miss); PhG 1909; druggist Mc- 
Carley Miss 

1196-BREAUX Louis J (Carencro 
La); PhG 1905; Memphis Hosp Med 
Coll MD 1907; phys; Crowley La 

1197-NOFFZ Willis Buford (Cross 
Hill S C); MD 1905; phys Cross Hill; 

1198-McFALL Henry Thomson 
(Anderson S C) ; died 1934 

1199-CALDWELL Thomas Judson 
(Dallas Tex); MD 1907; phys (ret); 
730 N Bishop Dallas 8 Tex 

1200-WARREN Joseph Melvin 
(Blackshear Ga); PhG 1905; druggist; 
Waycross Ga 

1201-PARDEE Robert Dixon (Nat- 
chez Miss); died Natchez 1906 

1202-MARTIN William Battle (Min- 
den La); PhG 1905 

1203-ALSTON William Corder 
(Chapel Hill Ark); PhG 1905; drug- 
gist; former pres State Bd of Pharma- 
cy; Checotah Okla 

1204-LATIMER Sigsbee Booker (De- 
Queen Ark); PJiG 1905; druggist De- 
Queen; died there 18 June 1946 

1205-LOWRY Robert Clarence (Shaw 
Miss); phys Boyle Miss; died there 12 
Jan 1949 

1206-KEARNEY Samuel Deurson 

(Natchitoches La); MD 1905; BS 

; phys FAMA; died Pelican La 

about 1928 

1207-HALL Fred Watt (Early Ga); 
Coll of Phys & Surg Memphis MD 
1907; phys Summer ville Ga; died Rome 
Ga 20 Oct 1953 

1208-BURRISS Donnie Arnold (An- 
derson S C); Louisville Hosp Med Sch 
MD 1908; phys Iva S C; died Winston- 
Salem N C 1918 

1209-HUTSON William Jefferson 
(Riak Miss); Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1908; phys Eudora Ark; died there 
20 June 1943 

1210-VINES Albert Van Buren 
(Short Creek Ala) 

1211-WALDROP Allen Marion (Red- 
bud Ala) ; MD & PhG 1908; phys (Pub 
Health); Jasper Ala; World War I; 
died Jasper 16 Oct 1954 

1212-COVINGTON Charles Wall 
(McKenzie Tenn); druggist 1909-1947; 
farmer; McKenzie Tenn 

1213-TAYLOR Owen Hobson (Dy- 
ersburg Tenn); druggist 





1214-LEAR Allen Lawrence (Don- 
aldson La); MD 1908; grad La State 
U; Cornell U graduate work; phys & 
member staff Emerald-Hodgson Hosp 
Sewanee Tenn 1911-1932; World War 
I major U S Army; died Sewanee 2 
Apr 1932 

1215-W HISLER Horace Allen 
(Smithfield W Va); Coll of Phys & 
Surg Baltimore Md MD 1908; phys 
(OALR) FAMA; 312 Goff Ave Clarks- 
burg W Va 

1216-RHODES Charles Eugeene (Lin- 
den Ala); MD & PhG 1905; phys De- 
mopolis Ala 

1217-HANKINS Laws on Adamson 
(Denton Tex) ; MD 1907; phys; 522 W 
Gulf Baytown Tex 

1218-LANE Albert (Denton Tex); 
Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 1909, phys 
Wichita Falls Tex 1916; died Sullivan 
Mo 23 Feb 1921 

1219-HUMPHREY Ethyl Leo (Bur- 
net Tex) 

1220-PHARES James Kirk (Tyne 
La); MD 1906; phys FAMA; Many La 

1221-WHITMAN Luther Oakes (St 
Cloud Minn); MD 1905; phys San An- 
tonio Tex; died there May 1946 

1222-MAYO Leon Henly (Sweetwa- 
ter Ala); PhG 1905; U of Ala MD 1906; 
phys Pine Hill & Birmingham Ala; died 

1223-READ Joseph Stephen (Prince- 
ton Tex); MD 1908; phys Caney 

Okla; died Durant Okla 28 Sept 1944 

1224-PRICE Julian George (Collier- 
ville Tenn) ; Coll of Phys & Surg Mem- 
phis MD 1908; phys FAMA; Citizens 
Nat Bk Bldg Dyersburg Tenn 

1225-Mc MICHAEL Jack Richard 
(Buena Vista Ga); MD 1907; phys 
FAMA Quitman Ga; died there 6 Oct 

1226-WILLLAMS Keller Bell (Coo- 
sada Station Ala); PhG 1906 MD 1907; 
phys FAMA; Hartford Ala 

1227- J O H N S O N William Bulger 
(Ashland Ala); MD 1905; phys Birm- 
ingham Ala in 1920's 

1228-BROWN Charles Clifton (Vick 
Ala); MD 1905; phys Coker Ala; died 

1229-LEMMON Charles James (Mag- 
nolia S C); KS; Med Coll of S C MD 
1908; phys & surg FAMA; 349 W Cal- 
houn St Sumter S C 

1230-DAVTES Charles Polk (Orange 
Park Fla); PKA; died Middleburg Fla 
8 Aug 1952 

1231-BABIN Wallace Joseph (St 

Gabriel La); MD 1905; MPh ; 


1232-JONES McMillan (Paris 111); 
MD 1905; phys Omaha Neb & Acme 
Wyo; died Chicago 111 about 1915 

1233-NORRIS Wallis Walter (Atlan- 
ta Ga); MD 1905; phys Atlanta Ga* 

1234-McCANN John Boyd (Pitts- 
burgh Pa); MD 1905; phys; 3904 Cren- 
shaw Blvd Los Angeles Calif 

1235-GREENSTEIN Maurice Jacob 
(Bridgeport Conn); MD 1905; phys 
Bridgeport Conn* 

1236-WARFIELD Walter Adgate 
(Alexandria Va); MD 1905 KS; phys 
Alexandria Va; died 

1237-EVANS Roland Curtin (Phila- 
delphia Pa); MD 1905; MA ; 

phys Leighton Ala; died Sheffield Ala 
several years before 1955 

12T8- WEEKS Lester Reginald (Jud- 
son Fla) ; Atlanta Coll of Phys & Surg 
MD 1908; phys Trenton Fla; died there 
26 Dec 1933 

1239-THOMPSON Joseph Benjamin 
(Isabel La); MD 1905; phys Bogalusa 
La; died there 6 Jan 1944 

1240-JONES Edward Warren (Swan 
Quarter N C) ; MD 1905; phys Shallot te 
& Hatteras N C* 

1241-McKENZIE Gordon Columbus 
(Moultrie Ga) ; Atlanta Coll of Phys & 
Surg MD 1906; phys (ret) Ashburn Ga 

1242-LAUDERDALE Clay (Shannon 
Miss); Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 
1907; phys FAMA; P O Box 1152 Aus- 
tin Tex 

1243-KELLEY Alfred Logan (Wil- 
mington Del); MD 1905 KS; phys Wil- 
mington Del; died Miami Fla 28 July 

1244-VAUGHN Harvey Perm (Stock- 
ton Ala) 

1245-HILL James Alexander (Sewa- 
nee Tenn); Ensworth Med Coll St Jo- 
seph Mo MD 1905; phys FAMA Jeff- 
erson City Mo; died 9 Dec 1944 

1246-EPPS William Lewis (Terrace 

1247-WALKER Claude Jones (Plev- 
na Ala) ; 911 Pike St Huntsville Ala 

1248-BARNES Isaac (Irving College 
Tenn) ; Chattanooga Med Coll MD 1908; 
phys Whit well Tennessee; died Chat- 
tanooga Tenn 20 Feb 1950 

1249-M ORRIS Dowling Clements 
(Chattanooga Tenn); PhG & MD 1905 
KS; phys; 305 High St Chattanooga 

1250-HARRIS Arthur Graham (Fair- 
field N C); MD & PhG 1905 KS; phys 
Fairfield N C; died there 28 July 1944 

1251-WAGLEY Benjamin Franklin 
(Provencal La) ; phys Provencal; died 
(here 31 July 1952 

1252-HAMILTON Gordon Battelle 
(San Francisco Calif); MD 1905; Cla- 
verack Coll; Boston Coll of Phys & 
Surg; Harvard U; Chicago Sch of Psy- 
chology D Psych; phys (neurology & 
psychiatry) FAMA; World War I; 830 
Market St San Francisco Calif 

1253-BARNES Albert Parker (Walt- 
erboro S C) ; died Walterboro 1924 

1254-McREYNOLDS Robert Lee 
(Friendsville Tenn) 

1255-GAITHER Joseph Gant (Hop- 
kinsville Ky); C 1832 BA 1904 MD 1907 
DSc 1951; surg FAMA; 1704 S Main St 
Hopkinsville Ky 

1256-W ATKINS Miles Abernathy 
(Faunsdale Ala); A 1804 C 1890; Tu- 
lane U MD 1909; phys Birmingham 
Ala; died 1949 

Entered 1906 

1257-STIRLING Carl (Sulphur 
Springs Tex); PhG 1907; druggist Sul- 
phur Springs Tex 

1258-WHITAKER Joseph (Centre- 
ville Miss); PhG 1907 MD 1908; Miss 
State BS 1905; phys FAMA St Joseph 
La; surg Missouri Pacific RR 30 yrs; 
died Monroe La 14 Dec 1954 

1259-CARTER George Thomas (Shu- 
buta Miss); Miss Med Coll Meridian 
MD 1907; phys Laurel Miss; died there 

1260- GUTHRIE Thomas Campbell 
(Denton Ark); Coll of Phys & Surg 
Little Rock Ark MD 1908; phys Smith- 
ville Ark; died 5 May 1951 

1261-ERWIN Ernest Dillard (Monti- 
cello Ark) ; Coll of Phys & Surg Mem- 
phis MD 1908; phys White Ark; died 
Monticello Ark 

1262-CAMP Henry Garson (Munford 
Ala); PhG 1908; Birmingham Med Sch 
MD 1915; phys Jasper Ala; died there 
30 Sept 1942 

1263-EVANS Walter Green (Sulli- 
gent Ala); Memphis Coll Phys & Surg 
MD 1907; phys; 4065 Perdue St Dallas 

1264-McDIARMID Thomas Scott 
(Goodwater Ala) ; Birmingham Med 
Coll MD 1909; phys; Clubview Heights 
Gadsden Ala 

1265-RUBLE Paul Eve (Greeneville 
Tenn) ; died Greeneville Tenn 

1266-MARTTN Charles Augustus 
(Gloster Miss); Miss Med Coll MD 
1910; phys Terry Miss; died there 24 
Aug 1946 

1267-NICKSON John Wesley (Loco 
Indian Territory); MD 1907; phys Lo- 
co Okla* 

1268- SANDERS William James 

(Metter Ga) ; MD ; died Okla 


1269-BARNETT Levi Aubrey (Chul- 
ahoma Miss) ; Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1910; phys Greenwood Miss; died 

1270-LYONS James (Carbon Hill 

1271-BOOZER William Henry (An- 
niston Ala); Atlanta Sch of Med MD 
1909; phys Anniston Ala; died Birm- 
ingham Ala 1940 

1272-FREEMAN Joseph Townsend 
(Tupelo Miss); Coll of Phys & Surg 
Memphis MD 1907; phys FAMA Big 
Sandy Tenn; died Paris Tenn 

1273-HOWELL Carroll Sumner 
(Franklin Va) ; Baltimore Med Coll MD 
1907; phys Marion S C; died there 1929 

1274-PAUL Lila Hazleton (Parish 
Fla); MD 1906; phys; Bonifay Fla 

1275-GOWAN Will Alex (Kosciusko 
Miss); Coll of Phys & Surg Memphis 
MD 1909; phys Kosciusko; died there 
Feb 1936 

1276-KANELLY George Christofer 
(Damietta Egypt); MD 1906 

1277-GROSS Otys Talmage (Green- 
ville Ga); Vidalia Ga* 

1278-AUSTIN Thomas Collins (Simp- 
sonville S C) ; Tulane U MD 1909; phys 
(Oph) FAMA Pasadena Calif; died 15 
Mar 1955 

1279-HARRIS Clayborne Anderson 
(The Rock Ga); Atlanta Sch of Med 
MD 1909; phys; The Rock Ga 





1280-HOWARD Benjamin Hill (Bar- 
re ttsville Ga) ; Atlanta Sch of Med MD 
1909; phys Dawsonville Ga; died there 
9 May 1946 

1281-FISHER Leslie Carlisle (Otter 
Creek Fla); Atlanta Sch of Med MD 
1909; phys Green Cove Springs Fla; 
died there 1944 

1282-HANDLEY Henry (Sylacauga 
Ala) ; died Birmingham Ala 18 Mar 1907 

1283- PHILLIPS John Dimmitt (Au- 
rora Ky); MD 1906; phys Memphis 
& Samburg Term* 

1284-C A B O C H E Louis Alphonse 
(New Orleans La); MD &. PhG 1906; 
phys; 1530 N Broad St New Orleans La 

1285-DUNN William Watts (Mobile 
Tex) ; Coll of Phys & Surg Little Rock 
Ark MD 1911; surg Beaumont Tex* 

1286-MANN James Scott (Woodville 
Tex); Coll of Phys & Surg Memphis 
MD 1908; phys Colmesneil Tex; died 
there 24 Aug 1949 

1287-MANN James E (Fairfield N C) 

1288-CASEY Walter Gilbert (Birm- 
ingham Ala); MD 1906; phys (ObG) 
FAMA Talladega Ala; died there 9 
Mar 1939 

1289-CURLEE Elijah (McFall Ala); 
MD 1906; phys Anniston Ala; died 
there 14 Dec 1939 

1290-STEWART Andrew (Leedville 

1291 -WHITE John Perry (Hatties- 
burg Miss); Tulane U MD 1909; phys; 
105 S Haugh Ave Picayune Miss 

1292-FISHER William Walter (West 
Term); Memphis Term* 

1293-STARK Benjamin Franklin 
(Lyerly Ga); died Lyerly 30 Jan 1917 

1294-FRANKLIN James William 
(Lanham Tex) ; Olney Tex* 

1295-ROBSON James Nicholson Jr 
(Buffalo S C); MD 1907; phys Sanford 
Fla (ret); Box 216 Sanford Fla 

1296-LEWIS Arthur Cullen (Lewis- 
ton La) ; onetime supt of education 
Tangipahoa Parish La; died 

1297-BEATY James Stewart (Winns- 
boro S C); MD 1906; Md Med Coll; 
phys realtor & landlord Rock Hill S C; 
died Charlotte N C 1 Oct 1949 

1298-STRAHAN William Homer 
(Poplar Creek Miss); Coll of Phys & 
Surg Memphis MD 1907; phys Coving- 
ton Ky in 1930's 

1299-GAUNTT Thomas Goodwin 
(West Point Ga); died West Point 27 
Mar 1927 

1300-HOWARD Isaac Bell (Barretts- 
ville Ga); Atlanta Sch of Med MD 
1909; phys (urology) ; Williamson Ga 

1301-SIMMONS Patrick Cleveland 
(Eufaula Ala) ; Ga Coll Eclectic Med & 
Surg MD 1910; phys Youngstown Fla 
& Arlington Ga* 

1302-BELL Joseph Fenner (Huron 
Tenn) ; MD 1907; phys Rison Ark; died 
Weldon Ark 

1303-MILLER Robert Carlysle (Lau- 
rel Springs N C) ; N C Med Coll Char- 
lotte MD 1909; phys; 44 Harvie St Gas- 
tonia N C 

1304-BUSBY Ely Everett (Areola 
La); Miss Med Coll MD 1909; phys; 
314 Monticello Brookhaven Miss 

1305-BROWN George Washington 
(Fall Mills Tenn); *PhG 1908; drug- 
gist; Portland Ark 

1306-WILBUR George Birney (Ish- 
peming Mich); 2233 Orchard St Chica- 
go 111 

1307-BECK Clyde McKay (Memphis 
Tenn); PhG 1906 KA; Coll of Phys & 
Surg Memphis MD 1908; phys FAMA; 
brig gen U S Army (ret 1947); Vet 
Administration Hosp Memphis Tenn; 
World Wars I & II; see Who's Who 
1954-1955; 17 S McLean Memphis Tenn 

1308-DALY Edgar William (Birm- 
ingham Ala); *PhG 1906; Tulane U 
MD 1908; phys FAMA; 1006 16th Ave 
S Birmingham Ala 

1309-SALTER Wilbur Mitchell (Ev- 
ergreen Ala) ; U of Ala Sch of Med MD 
1907; phys FAMA; 1119 Forest Lane 
Anniston Ala 

1310-TISDALE Martin Luther (Ev- 
ergreen Ala); MD ; onetime 

asst supt Insane Asylum for Negroes; 
Mt Vernon Ala* 

1311-COLLINS Herbert (North Bir- 
mingham Ala); MD 1906; phys Birm- 
ingham Ala; died 1915 

1312-N E L S O N Truitt Hudson 
(Mountville Ga); MD 1906; phys Ala- 
mo Ga; died there 

13'13-LANIER Monro Banister (Bir- 
mingham Ala); U of Ala 1903-1906 
PDT; coal business & pres Ingalls Ship- 
building Corp since 1938; see Who's 
Who 1954-1955; 1128 S 41st St Birming- 
ham Ala 

1314-F LET CHER Thomas David 
(Jackson Ga) ; MD 1906; died Jenkins- 
burg Ga 1910 

1315-KILLION Charles Theodore 
(South Bosque Tex) 

1316-SWAIN William Harvey (Choe- 
stoe Ga); died Vaughn Ga 

1317-DARBY Joseph Whelbert (La- 
fayette La); MD 1906; phys Baton 
Rouge La 1923; died Oak Ridge La 

1318-OWENS Beacham Bell (Minco 
Indian Territory) ; MD 1906; died Min- 
co Okla about 1932 

1319-HOLYMAN Emory Wilbur (Or- 
gan Cave W Va) ; MD 1906; phys Mon- 
roe Co W Va; died there 29 June 1939 

1320-LaVERNE Donald Clifford (San 
Francisco Calif); U of Tenn MD 1907; 
phys Birmingham Ala & Senatobia 

1321-GOLDBERG Bernard (Phila- 
delphia Pa) 

1322-REEVES Thomas Edwin (Line- 
ville Ala) ; MD 1906; phys Oxford Ala; 
died Tallapoosa County Ala about 1922 

1323-AUSTIN Guy Leslie (Dixie 
Ga); MD 1906; phys FAMA Pavo Ga; 
died Thomasville Ga about 1941 

1324-RUST Edward Walthall (Water 
Valley Miss) 

1325-DIVVENS Herbert Minor (Un- 
iontown Pa); MD 1906; phys Mason- 
town W Va; died there about 1949 

1326-DRISCOLL Thomas Latane 
(Wytheville Va) ; PhG & MD 1906; phys 
(urology) Columbia Va; World War II; 
died there 30 May 1946 

1327-SMITHEY Frank Rosser (Ash- 

land Va) ; MD 1906; died Ashland Apr 

1328-MAYEUX Samuel Joseph (Mo- 
reauville La) ; MD 1906; Tulane U; died 
Bunkie La June 1913 

1329-ROGERS Clarence Augustus 
(Cordova Tenn); PhG & MD 1906; 
Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 1903; 
Vanderbilt U MD 1909; died Cordova 
10 Oct 1915 

1330-ANDERSON James Clack Jr 
(Madison Ga); Atlanta Sch of Med MD 
1909; phys FAMA; 2616 Stanislaus Cir- 
cle Macon Ga 

1331-SUMMERLIN James Allison 
(Birmingham Ala) 

1332-SHARP William Edward (Me- 
ridian Miss) 

1333-D ART Lawrence Wayland 
(Wellsboro Pa); MD 1906; phys Tulsa 
Okla 1912; died 1931 

1334-LAMBERT Elijah Allanson 
(Jasper Ga) ; Atlanta Sch of Med MD 
1909; phys Denton Ga; died there 1935 

1335-JACKSON Louis Foster (Water 
Valley Miss); *PhG 1906; died Mem- 
phis Tenn 1950 

1336-TAYLOR Edward Wilson (Wi- 
nona Miss); editor & publisher of Ha- 
zlehurst Courier 25 yrs Hazlehurst 
Miss; died there 11 Mar 1946 

1337-COTTER William Arnice 
(Ozark Ala); U of Louisville Ky MD 
1909; phys Ozark; died there 23 Apr 

1338-WEEMS Houston Kay (McKin- 
ney Tex); PhG 1907 MD 1908; phys 
Jean Tex; died there 1924 

1339-HYDER Doctor Columbus 
(Klondike Tex); MD 1909; BA & BS; 
phys (Pd) Donna Tex; died there 8 
Oct 1944 

1340-GOLDSTEIN Joseph (Philadel- 
phia Pa) ; MD 1906 

1341-JUNGMANN John Drummond 
(Philadelphia Pa); MD & PhG 1906; 
phys Philadelphia; died there 1952 

1342-PORTER Starke (Winnfield 

1343-YOUNG Robert Newton Spire 
(Nettleton Miss); MD 1907; phys 
Brooklyn Miss; died 

1344-MOSELEY Claiborne Lake 
(Greenwood S C) ; KS; druggist owner 
Cambridge Drug Co Ninety Six S C; 
died there 14 Feb 1949 

1345-HENDERSON Charlie Tressie 
(Philadelphia Miss) 

1346-JACKSON Leslie Lay (Waldo 

1347-MACK Tom Francis (Syracuse 
NY) ; MD & PhG 1906 

1348-OZENNE Gustave Achille (New 
Orleans La); MD 1906; phys Fairfield 
Ala in 1930's; died Brilliant Ala 1929 

1349-WILKINSON Broughton 
(Greenville Ala) ; phys Greenville; died 
there 8 Sept 1945 

1350-LOMAX Oliver Anderson 
(Longsdale Miss); U of Ala MD 1898; 
phys Longsdale & Waynesboro Miss* 

1351-JAMES John Lester (Clinton 
Miss); MD ; Halstead Miss* 

1352-BALLARD Carsie Zay (Divide 
Miss); Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 
1909; phys; RFD 5 Dublin Miss 





1353-BUSBY Darrel Martin (Bogue 
Chitto Miss); Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1913; phys Phoenix Miss; died 
there 28 Dec 1937 

1354-TOLER William Ernest (Bewel- 
come Miss) 

1355-TARPLEY Joseph Russell 
(Nashville Tenn); U of Tenn MD 1907; 
phys (Ob) FAMA Nashville Tenn; died 
there 1930 

1356-Mc KNIGHT William Wesley 
(Eupora Miss); Miss Med Coll MD 
1909; phys Stewart Miss* 

1357-PRICE Robert Harris (D'Lo 
Miss) ; dentist Drew Miss* 

1358-CARTER John Saunders (Deni- 
son Tex); MD 1906; phys Dallas Tex; 
died there 1921 

1359-WALKER George Dudley 
(Philadelphia Pa); MD 1906; phys 
Philadelphia Pa 1916 

1360-GELLIS Charlie Lyman (Brook- 
lyn Miss) ; Miss Med Coll Meridian MD 
1910; phys (ret) & farmer; Route 6 
Hattiesburg Miss 

1361-BATTLE James Columbus (Six 
Mile Ala); MD 1906; phys Centerville 
Ala; died there 26 Feb 1948 

1362-RICHARDSON William Cecil 
(Memphis Tenn); MD 1906; Grand 
Ridge Fla* 

1363-JAMES Daniel Erwin (Royal 

1364-SINGER Samuel (Philadelphia 
Pa) ; died Philadelphia 1941 

1365-PAYNE D J (Georgetown La); 
MD ; Winnfield La* 

1366-PORTER John Lucius Baxter 
(Winnfield La) 

1367-LAWRENCE William Owen 
(Vernon Ala) ; Birmingham Med Coll 
MD 1909; phys Leeds Ala; died there 
Aug 1938 

1368-ELLETT Albert Hamilton (Blue 
Mountain Miss) ; died Blue Mountain 
about 1917 

1369-TRINE John G (Columbus 


1370-ERWIN James Daniel (Royal 
La) ; Royal La 

Entered 1907 

1371-FLEMING Harry Lemuel 
(Rayne La) ; PhG 1908; druggist Alex- 
andria La* 

1372-NOLEN Loomis DaCosta (New 
Site Ala); MD 1907 

1373-JORDAN Curry Erastus (Ash- 
land Ala); Valparaiso U Chicago 111 
MD 1914; phys (ret) ; Sumiton Ala 

1374-OWENS Seaborn Jackson (Ash- 
land Ala) ; died Ashland 13 Jan 1951 

1375-LIGHTFOOT William Wesley 
(Durant Miss); MD 1907; phys Purcell 
& Thackerville Okla* 

1376-WEBB Jesse Barr (Abingdon 
Va); MD 1907; phys Lodi Va; died 

1377-CHILDRESS Robert Taylor 

(Indian Springs Tenn) ; MD ; 

phys Kingsport Tenn; died there 1946 

1378-PIERCE Jacob Richard (Kings- 
port Tenn); Lincoln Memorial U Knox- 
ville MD 1910; surg FAMA; Rt 5 
Kingsport Tenn 

1379-WRIGHT Gordon Gault (Tam- 
pa Fla) 

1380-C HANDLER James Robert 
(Vincent Ala) ; Birmingham Med Coll 
MD 1909; phys Magnolia Springs Ala 

1381-CROSS Andrew Bobbie (Besse- 
mer Ala) ; lumber business; died Besse- 
mer 1 Mar 1947 

1382-AMICK Charles Leonard 
(Scottsburg Ind) ; U of Louisville Sch 
of Med MD 1911; phys FAMA; Wak- 
arusa Ind 

1383-C HANDLER Joel (Gadsden 
Ala); MD 1908; phys Columbiana Ala; 
died there 1936 

1384-PARISH Burch (Dresden Tenn) 

1385-HARWELL Henry Harlan (Mil- 
lerville Ala); Rt 3 Box 362 Montgom- 
ery Ala 

1386-GARRETT Simon Sims (Adger 
Ala); MD 1907; phys Duncan Okla; 
died there 

1387-TOWNES Lloyd Reid (Selma 
Ala); KA; mayor Massalon Ala 1911; 
theatre mgr Welby Kincy Corp 23 yrs; 
died Selma 7 Aug 1939 

1388-PUTNAM William Barrette 
(Ashville Ala); MD 1907; phys Car- 
negie Okla; died there Jan 1952 

1389-KIRK Irwin Franklyn (Paris 
Tenn) ; druggist Paris; died 

1390-BLACK John William (New- 
castle on Tyne England); PhG 1907; 
Birmingham Med Coll MD 1909; phys 
(urology) FAMA; 516 3rd Ave W Bir- 
mingham Ala 

1391-STTNSON Louis (Canton Miss) ; 
U of Md MD 1911; died Jacksonville 
Fla about 1925 

1392-MORROW Robert Prosser 
(West Point Ga); KS; phys (internal 
med) West Point Ga; died there 30 
May 1949 

1393-BERTREM Josiah Willie (Esto 
Fla); Atlanta Coll Phys & Surg MD 
1911; phys Bascom Fla; died there 7 
Dec 1948 

1394-DAVIS John (Oglesby Tex); 

MD; phys Seminole Okla; died 

there 1942 

1395-BAILEY James William (Cen- 
ter Miss); Coll of Phys & Surg Mem- 
phis MD 1911; phys Kosciusko Miss; 
died there 1947 

1396-LEDBETTER Frank Ash ton 

(Newport Tex) ; MD ; phys 

Postoak Tex; died Jack County Tex 22 
Oct 1918 

1397-NALL James Daniel (Georgi- 
ana Ala); MD 1907; phys Atlanta Ga; 
died there 24 Jan 1946 

1398- SIMMONS James Irby (Doug- 
lasville Ga); Atlanta Coll of Phys & 
Surg MD 1909; Ga Coll of Eclectic Med 
& Surg Atlanta MD 1910; phys Dallas 

1399-BAILEY Caleb Theodore (Kos- 
ciusko Miss) ; died Kosciusko 1920 

1400-PRESTRIDGE Bendo Allen 
(Canton Tex); MD 1909; phys Plain- 
view Tex; died Ft Worth Tex 19 June 

1401-DICKINSON Marion Franklin 
(Marmaduke Ark) ; U of Ark MD 1919; 
phys 2401 Broadway Little Rock Ark 

1402-HAWKINS James Everett 
(Marmaduke Ark) ; phys Caraway 
Ark; died there 12 Dec 1951 

1403-HICKS Isham Kimbell (Jack- 
son Ala); MD 1907; Jackson Agr Coll; 
Mobile Med Coll; former mayor Mel- 
bourne; phys Box 425 Melbourne Fla 

1404-GREEN Benjamin Franklin 
(Aurelle Ark); U of Ark MD 1908; 
phys Kilbourne La; died there June 

1405-POTTS John Luther (Chilli- 
cothe Tex); farmer; Chillicothe Tex 

1406-BRIDGES Ben Loyd (Lloyd?) 
(Dawson Ga) ; Bennett Coll of Eclectic 
Med & Surg Chicago MD 1914; phys 
Thomaston Ga; died there after 1946 

1407-SHU MAKER Henry Marvin 
(McCall Miss); Meridian Miss 

1408-SHEPPARD Paul Richard Ed- 
dins (Texarkana Tex); MD 1908 KA; 
phys FAMA (ret); World Wars I & II 
col U S Army Med Corps; 201 Griffith 
St Terrell Tex 

1409-MORFORD James Hedlee (Gar- 
rison Pa) ; PhG & MD 1907; phys Gar- 
rison Pa; died there 

1410-KHALED Ahmed (Alexandria 
Egypt); MD 1907 

1411-PIPER George Washington 
(Philadelphia Pa) ; MD 1909; phys Al- 
to Tenn* 

1412-BURKS Bennette Auxford 
(Tuscaloosa Ala); U of Ala MD 1910; 
phys & surg Winter Park Fla* 

1413-BAGLEY William Francis 
(Waycross Ga) 

1414-CHOATE Glenn William (Spar- 
ta N C) ; N C Med Coll MD 1909; phys; 
327 E Innes St Salisbury N C 

1415-SWANSON Benjamin Graves 
Jr (Atlanta Ga); MD 1907; phys At- 
lanta; died there 

1416-FRANCEZ Laennes Henry (Ca- 
rencro La); Lafayette La* 

1417-PETERS William Asbury (Sun- 
ny Hill La); La State U BA & MA; 
onetime principal of sch Alexandria 
La; died Spring Creek La 6 Nov 1953 

1418-CHUNN Judson David (Linela 
Ala); MD 1907; phys St Cloud Fla; 
died Manatee Fla 5 Aug 1947 

1419-HIRIAT Charles Allen (Plaque- 
mine La); MD 1907; phys Shreveport 
La; died there 14 July 1946 

1420-WALLACE Robert Bruce (Nat- 
chitoches La) ; Tulane U MD 1910; phys 
FAMA; 2225 Jackson St Alexandria La 

1421-METHVIN Samuel Robert ( Jeff- 
ersonville Ga) ; Atlanta Coll of Phys & 
Surg MD 1908; phys FAMA Lindale 
Ga; died Sylvester Ga 6 Dec 1950 

1422-BLEDSOE George Troop (Lou- 
isville Miss) 

1423-CONDUFF Silas Asa (Willis 
Va); MD 1907; phys Mt Airy N C; 
died there 13 Jan 1941 

1424-TISON Bennett Maxey (Gaines- 
ville Fla); MD 1907; phys; died Jack- 
sonville Fla 7 Apr 1946 

1425-ADAMS John Vildorah (Sikes 
La); died 

1426-SCHOFIELD Joseph Holt 
(Richmond Va); MD 1907; 2100 Ten- 
nessee Ave Savannah Ga 





1427-LaGRONE David Charlton 
(Batesburg S C) ; phys Maxey's Ga; 
died there about 1943 

1428-PEACOCK Albert Cicero (Sal- 
isbury N C); phys (ret); 902 N Den- 
ver Tulsa Okla* 

1429-HANKINS Jeremiah Noble 
(Nanafalia Ala); MD 1907; phys Mil- 
ton Fla in 1930's 

1430-M ANKER Rieves Andrew 
(Memphis Term) ; Memphis Hosp Med 
Coll MD 1908; phys FAMA; Long 
Beach Miss* 

1431-CULBERTSON Newton Hunter 
(Lewisburg Tenn) ; phys; Chapel Hill 

1432-SHOTT Tom (D'Lo Miss) 

1433-ROBERTSON Levi (Hornbeck 
La) ; died Hornbeck 1937 

1434-SELF David Eugene (Hornbeck 

1435-PERRY Albert Jefferson (Wil- 
mington 111) 

1436-HENRY William Thomas 
(Springfield Tenn); U of Tenn MD 
1909; phys Springfield Tenn; died there 
17 Apr 1943 

1437-CLINE Robert Carroll (Baton 
Rouge La) 

1438-KALLOCH Dudley Cromwell 
(Portland Me); C 2119; Tulane U MD 
1911; phys; Box 166 Santa Monica Calif 

14P9-VENSON Willie Joseph (Taylor 
Springs Fla); A 2279; Atlanta Coll of 
Phys & Surg MD 1911; phys (OALR) 
FAMA; Anclote Tarpon Springs Fla 

Entered 1908 

1440-WILSON Robert Cumming 
(Athens Ga) ; PhG 1908; U of Ga 1902- 
1904; U of Mich; dean Sch of Pharmacy 
U of Ga 1915-1945 now emeritus; see 
Am Men of Sci 1949 and Who's Who 
1948-1949; 287 Henderson Ave Athens 

1441-JORDAN James Lafayette 
(Guntersville Ala) ; U of Ala MD 1911; 
surg Huntsville Ala; died there 21 Mar 

1442-FENNELL Robert Foster (Gun- 
tersville Ala) ; Tulane U MD 1911; phys 
Guntersville; died Guntersville 17 Oct 

1443- WRIGHT Charles Roy (Lexing- 
ton Ky) ; Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 
1911; phys San Francisco Calif; died 

1444-M ORRIS ON Mark Charles 
(Chattanooga Tenn); KS; insurance 
business (ret) ; Lookout Mountain Tenn 

1445-P EACOCKLoverd Vautus 
(Tiptonville Tenn); hardware business; 
Ridgely Tenn 

1446-BYRN John Menefee (Ripley 

1447-CHAPMAN Oscar Manning 
(Spartanburg S C); Wofford Coll; phys 
Chesnee S C; died there Mar 1924 

1448-CHRISTIAN Sanders Lewis 
(Vivian La); Tulane U MD 1912; phys 
FAMA & asst surg gen in charge of 
hosp div of U S Pub Health Washing- 
ton D C; died New Orleans La 9 Mar 

1449-GOODLOE Aareiel Ellis (Little 

Cypress Ky) ; *PhG 1908 MD 1909; phys 
(OALR) Chattanooga Tenn; died there 
2 Aug 1955 

1450-WILSON Wirt Bunten (French- 
ton W Va); West Va Wesleyan Coll; 
Md Med Coll Baltimore MD 1911; phys 
(OALR) FAMA (ret); 1568 Washing- 
ton St Charleston W Va 

1451-PARMLEY Tim Hennessey 
(Olustee Okla); Memphis Hosp Med 
Coll MD 1912; U of Chicago; Tulane U; 
phys (ObG) FAMA; Electra Tex 

1452-LATHAM Charles Eugene 
(Bluff Creek La) 

1453-ORR Waitman Willey (Inde- 
pendence W Va) ; Chicago Coll of Med 
& Surg MD 1912; phys; Rachel W Va 

1454-THOMPSON M (Marcus) M 
(Greensburg La); Memphis Med Coll 
MD 1911; phys; Logan New Mex 

1455-ELINOR Alexander Curtis (Mc- 
Kenzie Tenn) ; Memphis Hosp Med 
Coll MD 1912; phys McKenzie; died 
there about 1947 

1456-MURRAY Del on Lawrence 
(Crocketville S C); U of Ga MD 1911; 
phys Dexter Ga; died there 

1457-NEWBERRY Eugene Bedford 
(Wolcott Ark) ; Mill Creek Okla 

1458-DOLER Calhoun (State Springs 
Miss) ; Birmingham Med Coll MD 1911; 
phys (OALR); Clinton Okla 

1459-JORDAN Henry Washington 
(Forest Home Ala); Memphis Hosp 
Med Coll MD 1912; phys Robertsdale 
Ala; died there about 1950 

1460-mLL Courtney Hamilton (Cai- 
ro Ark); Chicago Coll of Med & Surg 
MD 1912; phys (proctology); West 
Monroe La 

1461-COLEMAN Luther Shannon 
(Kennedy Ala); phys (Pd); Theodore 

1462-HARRISON James Bell (Eu- 
gene Miss) 

1463-McDILL John Eldon (Boyle 
Miss); KA; U of Tenn MD 1916; phys 
Jackson Miss; World War n brig gen 
U S Army; died Jackson 5 July 1950 

1464-JORDAN James Sigsbee (For- 
est Home Ala) ; Memphis Hosp Med 
Coll MD 1912; phys FAMA; McKenzie 

1465-BLANKENSHTP Arthur Ernest 
(Gatesville Tex); died Sewanee Tenn 

1466-PHARR William Christian 
(Hazel Dell Miss); phys Hamburg 
Tenn; died there 2 Feb 1912 

1467-CAR SWELL Thomas James 
(Hephzibah Ga) ; PhG & MD 1908; phys; 
died Waycross Ga 12 Feb 1913 

1468-CALLISON Henry Grady 
(Greenwood S C); Med Coll of S C 
MD 1923; phys (pub health) FAMA; 
county health off; Box 296 Anderson 
S C 

1469-BOXER Henry (Birmingham 


1470-PHARR George Thomas (Hazel 
Dell Miss); Marietta Miss 

1471-PHARR Stanley Livingston 
(Dennis Miss); Memphis Hosp Med 
Coll MD 1911; phys; Booneville Miss 

1472-GLASSMAN Harry (Philadel- 

phia Pa); MD 1908; phys; 753 W Fay- 
ette St Baltimore Md 

1473-PITTMAN Isham Watson (Tu- 
berville S C) ; MD 1908; Tuberville S C* 

1474- WILSON Horace Oliver (Rison 
Ark); died Rison about 1934 

1475-HANCOCK Meda Walter (Mor- 
ris Ala); MD 1908; phys; RFD Dora 

1476-HUTCHINS Wyley Passmore 
(Walcott Ark); U of Ark MD 1912; 
phys Manila Ark; died there 

1477-SMITH James Elmo (Monroe 
Tenn); MD 1908; died Saint Jo Tex 
May 1927 

1478-TOWER Frederick Andrew 
(New York N Y) ; *PhG 1908; Vander- 
bilt U MD 1909; phys Denver Colo; 
died there Jan 1946 

1479-HOWELL Nathan (Nauvoo 
Ala); PhG 1909; died about 1947 

1480-BRAUN Samuel Alvin (Louis- 
ville Ky); U of Louisville Sch of Med 
MD 1913; phys Woodland HI; died 
Bradenton Fla 24 Apr 1945 

1481-YOUNG John Dalton (Abbe- 
ville La) ; Memphis Med Coll MD 1917; 
phys (neurology & psychiatry); 1131 
Kings Highway Shreveport La 

1482-DICKERSON Boyd Ebber Pres- 
ton (Stewartsville Va) ; MD 1908; phys 
Abingdon Va; died there 

1483-COX George Nelson (Prescott 
Ark); died Prescott 1932 

1484-TRAVIS Jennings Walter 
(Grafton W Va) ; MD 1909; phys; Graf- 
ton W Va 

1485-DENNIS Thomas Edmund Jr 

(Tunnel Springs Ala); MD 1908; 

BS ; phys Monroeville Ala; died 

there 2 Mar 1952 

1486-FALVEY Clarence White (Luf- 
kin Tex); atty; died Houston Tex Aug 

1487-COX James Ellis (Boughton 
Ark); Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 
1902; phys; Rosston Ark 

1488-HUMPHREY William Furgison 
(Wells Tex) 

1489-McKINNON Hector Alonzo 
(Birmingham Ala); Birmingham Med 
Coll MD 1910; phys; 1530 Tuscaloosa 
Ave Birmingham Ala 

1490-DARNELL Elmer E (Foss 
Okla) ; U of Okla MD 1911; phys; Col- 
ony Okla 

1491-ADAMS Walter B (Foss Okla); 
U of Okla MD 1911; phys (OALR) 
FAMA; 1100 8th St Wichita Falls Tex 

1492-R H O D E S Thomas Whitson 
(Whiteville Tenn); *PhG & MD 1908 
KA; World War I 1st It U S Marine 
Corps; World War II capt U S Marine 
Corps; phys State Reformatory Pendle- 
ton Ind; died Indianapolis Ind 9 Aug 

1493-BROWN William Hendrix (East 
Lake Ala) 

1494-QUTNN Robert Franklin (Chin- 
quapin N C) ; N C Med Coll Charlotte 
MD 1912; phys Magnolia N C; died 
there 1 July 1947 

1495-SHADDLX James Walter (Ma- 
rietta Tex); Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1911; phys; 2216 30th Lubbock Tex 





1496-BROWN James Rias (Covin 
Ala); Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 
1912; phys; Joyce Optical Service Tus- 
caloosa Ala 

1497-WHATLEY James Hilery (Sil- 
ver City Miss); Memphis Hosp Med 
Coll MD May 1911; died Silver City 
Miss 12 June 1911 

Jose Conrado (Mayaguez Puerto Rico) ; 
MD 1909; BA; phys Mayaguez 1914 

1499-EAMES David Wendell (Oak 
Va); MD 1908; phys Kecoughton Va; 

1500-NEVILL O Clyde (Gober Tex) ; 
Chicago Coll of Med & Surg MD 1911; 
phys Bonham Tex; died there 2 May 

1501-STELL Kenneth Malcolm 
(Charleston Tex); Valparaiso U Med 
Dept Chicago MD ; phys Cunning- 
ham Tex; died there Oct 1918 

1502-CHEATWOOD Thomas Wright 
(Trousdale Okla); Chicago Coll of Med 

6 Surg MD 1911; University Hosp; atty; 
1013 S W 29th St Oklahoma City Okla 

1503-CLOUD Robert Emmett (Tus- 
cumbia Ala) ; DTD; Tulane U MD 1910; 
phys (Pd) FAMA; 701 Ramsey Bldg 
Ensley Station Birmingham Ala 

1504-RAY James Ware (Wetumpka 
Ala); DTD; Tulane U MD 1911; phys 
Wetumpka Ala; died Montgomery Ala 

7 Feb 1930 

1505-FRAYSER Benjamin Hobson 
(Baltimore Md); *PhG 1909; Lincoln 
Memorial U Med Dept MD 1909; phys 
Lexington Ky; World War I maj U S 
Army; died 5 Mar 1937 

1506-THOM James Alexander (Wil- 
son La) ; Tulane U MD 1912; 4332 Em- 
ory Ave Baton Rouge La 

1507-YOUNG Frank Fenwick Jr 
(Abbeville La); Ft Worth Sch of Med 
MD 1911; phys Covington La; died 
there 24 Oct 1951 

1508-T A Y L O R Benjamin Cicero 
(Crumpler N C) ; N C Med Coll MD 
1910; phys; Mount Holly N C 

1509-NALL Marvin Brown (Dozier 
Ala); died McKenzie Ala 1915 

1510-COMPTON Robert Lee (Hol- 
low Rock Term); died Hollow Rock 11 
Oct 1919 

1511-COCKFTELD Reamer Lorenzo 
(Johnsonville S C); MD & PhG 1908; 
phys Lake City S C; died there 

1512-ROMAGUERA Francis (New 
Orleans La); MD 1908; died New Or- 
leans 7 July 1923 

1513-BURCH George Edward (Lucy 
La); MD & *PhG 1909; died 

1514-SHELTON Robert Johnson 
(Dongola Va); MD 1908; phys Kent's 
Store Va 1912 

1515-TILLER Oscar Byron (Vernon 
Fla) ; MD 1908; phys Chipley Fla; died 
there 7 Apr 1949 

1516-FERNANDEZ y SELVA Manuel 
Damian (St Clara Cuba); MD 1908 

1517-KENNEY Thomas Hopper 
(Pittsfield Mass); MD 1908; phys; 321 
Locust St Northampton Mass 

1518-HARDY William Moore (Nash- 

ville Tenn) ; U of Tenn MD 1910; phys; 
1314 McChesney Ave Nashville Tenn 

1519-ED WARDS Edward Emlin 
(Ringston Pa); MD 1908; phys (indus- 
trial surg) FAMA Taylor Pa; died there 

1520- BELL Luther Washington (Ax- 
ton Va) 

1521 -RYAN Bernard St Elmo (Wash- 
ington D C) ; MD 1908; phys Philmont 
Va; died there Jan 1916 

1522-HANNA Martin Jay (Dayton 
Md); MD 1908; phys Baltimore Md; 
died there 2 Dec 1940 

1523-WILLIAMS Francis Marion 
(Phoenix N C) ; MD 1909 

1524 -DEAN Thomas Jefferson 
(Lomsbury N C); MD 1908; phys 
FAMA Nashville N C 1916 

1525-BENDER William Ralph (Hag- 
erstown Md); PhG & MD 1908; phys 
FAMA Hagerstown; died there 29 Dec 

1526-PRESTON Harry Cleveland 
(Manchester Md); MD 1908; phys 
Hampstead Md; died Manchester Md 

1527-SMITH James Edward (Hunts- 
ville Ala); phys (Oph) FAMA; died 
Rolla Mo 1 Dec 1948 

1528-LEECH James Guy (Goshen 
Va) ; MD 1909; phys & pres John Rus- 
sell Hosp; World War I volunteer med 
service corps; Quinwood W Va 

1529-FULLER Fred Allen Jr (Jack- 
sonville Tex); MD 1908; phys (ObG) 
Jacksonville; died there 7 Oct 1939 

1530-CROOK Whitfield Walker (An- 
niston Ala); MD 1908; phys FAMA 
Cuthbert Ga; died there 11 Nov 1947 

1531-FAM Aziz Benjamin (Abou- 
Tig Egypt); MD 1908 

1532-MUSSIX Charles Caleb (Lufton 

1533-TABOR Hugh H (Louisville 
Miss); Miss Med Coll MD 1910; phys 
Weir Miss; died Louisville Miss June 

1534-GILLESPIE Sam Douglas (Vi- 
dalia La); A 1712 MD 1908; died 1911 

1535-MATTOX Charles C (LeFlore 
Miss) ; died LeFlore about 1928 

1536-BOWDEN John Douglas (Na- 
poleonville La); A 2057; druggist & 
optometrist; onetime mayor of Palacio9 
Tex; died there 26 May 1954 

1537-P R E S T O N Charles Reuben 
(Meadowview Va); MD 1908; phys 
FAMA Snyder Okla; died Mountain 
Park Okla 6 Mar 1946 

Entered 1909 

1538-HILLYER Frank Clifton (Fer- 
nandina Fla) ; A 1895 C 1868 BA 1909; 
227 W Forsyth Jacksonville Fla 

1539-PEREIRA y LEAL Luis Pablo 
(Fajardo Puerto Rico) ; MD 1909; phys 
& surg Rio Piedras Puerto Rico* 

1540-THOMPSON Leslie Edmund 
(Woodcliff Ga); died Woodcliff about 

1541-ZIMMERMAN James Albert 
(Westminster S C); died Calif 21 Feb 

1542-MEEKS John Alexander (Tom 
Ga); Hosp Med Coll Eclectic Atlanta 
MD 1911; phys Kite Ga 

1543-TAYLOR Orval Reeves (Lin- 
den Tex); Ft Worth Sch of Med MD 
1917; phys Linden Tex 

1544-HILL Lucius Davis Jr (Sparta 
Tenn); Vanderbilt U Sch of Med MD 
1915; phys (Pd) ; 107 Dover Rd San 
Antonio 1 Tex 

1545-SIBERT David Erastus (Albert- 
ville Ala); PhG 1909; salesman; World 
Wars I & H; 919 Evans Rd Nashville 

1546-GRAHAM John Pink (Albert- 
ville Ala); died Albertville 1949 

1547-MURPHY Charles Percey 
(Phillipsburg Kans); U of Okla MD 
1912; phys Vet Admins Facility Hines 

1548-AYCOCK Guy Gabriel (Pat- 
terson La); SAE; Memphis Hosp Med 
Coll MD 1912; phys Franklin La; died 
there 8 Sept 1949 

1549- JESTER Roscoe Thurmond 
(Cordell Okla); died 

1550-FRENCH James Thomas (Cade- 
ville La) ; U of Tenn MD 1914; coroner 
& phys; 115 Jackson St Monroe La 

1551-HEINEMAN Aaron David (New 
Orleans La); MD 1909; PhM 

1552-BROWN Joseph Adolphus 
(Brookville Miss); druggist (ret); 
Ruleville Miss 

1553-JONES William Edgar (Plum- 
erville Ark); PhG 1909; U of Louis- 
ville Sch of Med MD 1911; phys & surg 
Seminole Okla 

1554-POWELL John Edgar (Varda- 
man Miss); PhG 1909; Memphis Hosp 
Med Coll MD 1911; phys (OALR) 
FAMA Gautier Miss; died 

1555-GOOCH James Walter (Shive 
Tex); *PhG 1909; Memphis Hosp Med 
Coll MD 1911; phys & surg FAMA; 
Shamrock Tex 

1556-PATTON Edgar Allen (Cloy 
Miss); Miss Med Coll MD 1911; Mem- 
phis Hosp Med Coll MD 1913; phys 
Mountain Home Tenn; died there 11 
Oct 1948 

1557-NELLIGEN Walter (Ithaca N 
Y); DTD 

1558-WALLACE Samuel Henderson 
(Columbiana Ala); Birmingham Med 
Coll MD 1911; surg Birmingham Ala; 
diel there 1947 

1559-RUNYAN (RUNYON?) John 
Calvin (Albertville Ala) 

1560-SMITH Clifford Earl (McKen- 
zie Tenn) ; phys McKenzie; died in 
Europe World War I about 1918 

1561-BENTLEY John Charles (Cal- 
vin Okla); PhG 1909; McAlester Okla; 

1562-BARNES Edward Milum 
(Ridesville Ala); Memphis Hosp Med 
Coll MD 1913; phys Tampa Fla; died 
there 1945 

1563-TURNER Speare Owen (De- 
Ridder La); MD 1909; phys Jackson 
La; died there 

1564-PILCHER George Riley (Reck- 
nor La) 





1565-KELTNER Traverlas (Travis) 
Bun (Ripley Tenn); Memphis Hosp 
Med Coll MD 1910; phys (ret); 326 E 
Parkway N Memphis Tenn 

1566-BALDWIN John Bronaugh 
(Nicholasville Ky) ; MD & PhG 1909; 
died Nicholasville about 1918 

1567-OGLE John Willis (Sevier- 
ville Tenn); MD 1909; phys; Sevier- 
ville Tenn 

1568-GANDY Tillis (Ellisville Miss); 
died Ellisville about 1934 

1569-BELL John Hendren (Bridge- 
water Va); MD 1909; Washington &Lee 
U PGD; U of Va; Med Coll of Va MD 
1910; phys (neuropsychiatry) FAMA; 
World War I maj U S Army Med 
Corps; see Who's Who 1930; died Col- 
lege Park Station Va 9 Dec 1934 

1570-LYONS Joseph Sidney (Abbe- 
ville La) 

1571-FALVEY Jeremiah Calvin Jr 
(Wells Tex) ; PhG 1909; Longview Tex; 
died there 18 Sept 1935 

1572- CRAIG Frank Graves (East 
Chattanooga Tenn) 

1573-HENNING Raymond Somerby 
(Philadelphia Pa) ; onetime commer- 
cial traffic agent Reading RR; diedHat- 
boro Pa 12 Nov 1953 

1574-HARVARD Henry Luther 
(Hawkinsville Ga); Augusta Med Sch 
Ga; mgr automobile agency Lakeland 
Fla; died 13 Mar 1937 

1575-BULLARD Clifton Price (Ge- 
noa Fla); Ga Coll of Eclectic Med & 
Surg Atlanta MD 1910; phys (OALR) 
Miami Fla; died there 1947 

1576-PRICE Vivian Henderson (Cov- 
ington Tenn); died about 1940 

1577-BANKS John (LaGrange Ga); 
Atlanta Sch of Med MD 1911; phys 
Hamilton Ga; died there 1945 

1578-ELLIS Hugh Columbus (Mem- 
phis Tenn); died Memphis 10 Feb 1949 

1579-PIPITONE Pietro Joseph (Bal- 
timore Md); PhG & MD 1909; phys 
(ret) ; 841 Glen Allen Dr Baltimore Md 

1580-H O W A R D Charles Clinton 
(Garner Tex) 

1581-SUMMERS Robert Lee (Wa- 
nette Okla) 

1582-PATTERSON Brooks Bartlett 
(Woodruff S C); Chipley Ga 

1583-PRIEST Rufus E (Troy Miss); 
Memphis Hosp Med Coll MD 1912; died 
Batesville Miss about 1950 

1584-SIBBETT William Albert 
(Douglas Ga); MD 1909; Atlanta Sch 
of Med MD 1909; phys Douglas; died 

1585-ACKLEY Guy Winfield (Juni- 
ata Nebr); MD 1909; phys Ashton Ida- 
ho; died 1918 

1586-DUCOTE Joseph Richard (Cot- 

tonport La); MD 1909; BA; died 

Cottonport La 5 Apr 1936 

1587-BOREN Fletcher Cifton (Bald- 
wyn Miss) ; U of Tenn BS 1907; Mem- 
phis Hosp Med Coll MD 1911; phys 
Mantachie Miss 

1588-MOORE Gibson Stephens 
(Speed Mo); school teacher Higbee 
Mo; died Boonville Mo Aug 1942 

1589-McCONATHY Green Warren 

(Simsboro La); MD & PhG 1909; phys 
Eads Tenn through 1920's 

1590-STARNS Charles Emanuel (Ar- 
cadia La); MD & PhG 1909; phys; 809 
N Park Tucson 1 Ariz 

1591-SEYMOUR David Montre (San- 
ford N C); MD 1909; phys Bushnell 
Fla; died there about 1936 

1592-COOPER Jefferson Davis Jr 
(Boston Ga) ; White Mills Pa 

1593-WARD Jubal Benjamin (Cork 
Ga); Atlanta Sch of Med MD 1912; 
phys Bibb Mfg Co Macon Ga; died 
there 18 Oct 1953 

1594-SPEARE William Thomas (Hol- 
liday Ark) 

1595-BUSH Charlie Farmer (Col- 
quitt Ga); MD 1909; phys Colquitt; 
died there 14 Aug 1934 

1596-GIBSON Harry Preston (Lees- 
burg Va); MD 1909; phys Leesburg; 
died there 2 Oct 1940 

1597-RUSSELL Albert Theodore 
(Wilkes-Barre Pa); MD 1909; phys 
Barnwell S C in 1920's 

1598-SANTOS y TIO Luis Felipe 
(Mayaguez Puerto Rico); MD 1909; 
phys Mayaguez P R* 

1599-COSTAS DIAZ Jamie Francisco 
(Ponce Puerto Rico); MD 1909; U of 
Md Sch of Med & Coll of Phys & Surg 
MD 1910; phys Ponce P R; died May 

1600-BUTLER Timothy Joseph 
(Vicksburg Miss); MD 1909; phys Ok- 
lahoma City Okla; died 

1601-MOISE Lionel (Dallas Tex); L 
165; atty Carlinville 111; died 1949 


The Law Department, 1893-1909 

Entered 1893 

l-TATE John Henry (Giddings Tex) ; 
Cumberland U LLB 1894; judge 21st 
judicial district Tex 1932-1953 (ret); 
Giddings Tex 

2-NICHOLLS Joshua Robertson 
(Scotland Neck N C) ; Greenwood S C* 

3-ATKINSON William Lane (Gon- 
zales Tex); C 2255; atty Gonzales & 
Cuero Tex; died 1922 

4-GREEN Abner Everett (Church 
ffill Miss); C 1170 LLB 1894; teacher 
& atty; died 1913 

5-HODGSON George Wilmer (Or- 
ange N J); A 1114 C 1151 LLB 1894; 
atty & ins (ret); 2112 Monteiro Ave 
Richmond 22 Va 

6- GRADY Henry Woodfin Jr (At- 
lanta Ga); C 1246; pres Southern En- 
graving Co & atty; died 1942 

7-GARLINGTON John Young (Lau- 
rens S C); C 1259 LLB 1894; onetime 
atty Atlanta Ga; died about 1948 

8-LIPSCOMB William Harrington 
(Columbia S C); C 1343 LLB 1894; 
atty Columbia; died before 1899 

9-PEARSON Jurd Ellis (Alto Term) ; 
A 1327; Tex; died 

10-CROWNOVER Arthur (Sewanee 
Term); A 1141 C 1266 LLB 1895 DCL 
1938; presiding judge Tenn court of 
appeals; died 1942 

11-WALKER James Ware (Mont- 
gomery Ala) ; C 1334; ins & farming; 
died 1940 

Entered 1894 

12-HUSE Robert Selden (New York 
N Y); LLB 1894; Lehigh U; Columbia 
U; pres Guantanamo & Western RR Cu- 
ba until 1912; ptnr law firms New York; 
died Plainfield N J 23 Apr 1942 

13-OWENS Robert Waller (Jeffer- 
sontown Ky) ; Newark N J* 

14-LYNCH Francis Lafayette (Dech- 
erd Tenn); Franklin County judge 24 
yrs & judge 18th judicial circuit Tenn; 
died Winchester Tenn 3 Feb 1952 

15-BURGES James Urquhart (Ivor 
va); KS; William & Mary Coll; com- 
monwealth atty Nansemond County 
Suffolk Va; died Suffolk Va 14 Feb 1913 

16-HOBBS Richard Jr (Albany Ga) ; 
cotton planter near Albany; died about 

17-COLE Robert Henry (Quebec 
Canada); T 97 BD 1891 LLB 1895; 
Trinity U Toronto Canada BCL; resi- 
dentiary canon & sub-dean Cathedral 
of Bermuda 1899; New Zealand* 

18-WICKES Edward Henry (San 
Antonio Tex); A 912 LLB 1897 KS; 
atty Ft Worth Tex; W Tex trustee U 
of S 1914-1920; died Houston Tex 1 Apr 

19-RAINE Joseph Shelton Jr (At- 
lanta Ga); A 1358 C 1410; ins; died 

20-YERGER Frank Johnston (Co- 
lumbus Miss); A 1378 C 2386; atty; 
died about 1948 

21-SCHOLES Samuel Dalrymple 
(Springfield 111); A 1393 C 1387 LLB 
1896; atty; Spanish-Am War; died 1937 

22-DOWDALL Paul Mason Daniel 
(Quincy 111); C 1423 LLB 1895; died 

Entered 1895 

23-MALLORY John Parker (Jack- 
son Tenn) ; SAE; atty Jackson; died 
before 1939 

24-PETERSON William Archibald 
(Mt Vernon Ga); ATO; Middle Ga 
Agr & Mech Sch; Va Mil Institute grad 
1895; U of Ga LLB 1897; commandant 
& math instr Sewanee Grammar Sch 
1895; onetime atty Savannah Ga; v pres 
Mt Vernon Bank Mt Vernon Ga; died 
17 Dec 1941 

25-DONALSON Walter Percy (San 
Marcos Tex); PDT; U of Tex LLB 
1897; atty Donalson Bullard & Kucera; 
3636 Stratford Dallas Tex 

26-COURTENAY St John (Newry S 
C); SAE; gen mgr Courtenay Co (cot- 
ton mills) Newry S C; realtor Colum- 
bia S C; died there 1932 

27-GALLEHER John Barbee (New 
Orleans La); A 659 C 888 LLB 1896; 
journalist; died 1900 

28-CONSTANT Frank Tebbets (Illa- 
wara La) ; C 2304 LLB 2897; died 1940 

29-WILSON Samuel Jr (New Or- 
leans La) ; A 1220 C 2352; onetime atty 
Chicago HI; 2714 Coliseum St New Or- 
leans 13 La 

Entered 1896 

30-THOMPSON Robert Luckett 
(Boyce La); LLB 1898 KS; merchant 
& farmer Boyce; died 1946 

31-TODD Andrew Lee (Rucker 
Tenn); Cumberland U LLB 1901; 
atty & business man Murfreesboro 
Tenn; onetime speaker both houses 
Tenn legislature; died 1945 

32-GILKERSON John (Staunton 
Va) ; ins 

3S-BLACKLOCK Alexander Galpin 
(Dallas Tex) ; A 1143 C 2256 MA 1896; 
ins (ret) ; 226 Poindexter Dr Pass 
Christian Miss 

34-WATSON Sidney Powell Jr (At- 
lanta Ga); atty; died 1942 

35-LAIRD Samuel Boden (Birming- 
ham Ala); C 1532 

Entered 1897 

36-WORTHEN George Bedell (War- 
saw 111) ; SAE; U of HI LLB 1898 LLM 
1899; atty Waterloo Iowa; died 13 June 

37 -BARRET Robert Leighton Craw- 
ford (Ashland Va); LLB 1899 KS; Va 
Polytechnic Institute; journalist New 
Orleans La Memphis Tenn Vicksburg 
Miss & Richmond Va News-Leader; 
died Ashland 23 May 1941 

38-PINCKNEY Charles Cotesworth 
(Charleston S C); C 1394 LLB 1899; 
atty & banker; died 1934 

39- WILDER Oscar (Louisville Ky) ; 
A 1188 C 1499; farmer & realtor; died 

40-DAVIS Albert Hueling (Louis- 
ville Ky); A 1392 C 1451 LLB 1899; 
petroleum engr; 1641 E 17th St Tulsa 
5 Okla 

41-ADOUE Julien Baptiste (Calvert 
Tex); A 2402 C 2454; hardware; 436 
Westmoreland Houston Tex 

42-SMITH Dana Tyrrell (Salt Lake 
City Utah); C 2520 LLB 2899; atty; 
died 1955 

43-PARROTT Thomas Sargent (Pa- 
ris Tex); A 1372 C 2504 LLB 2899; 
newspaper publisher; died 1928 

44-W A T S O N Matthew (Watson 
Tex); A 2487 C 2572; stock farmer; 
died 1937 

Entered 1898 

45-DOUGHERTY James Smith (At- 
lanta Ga); Cornell U; merchant 
(wholesale dry goods) Atlanta; died 

46-McKEE George Powers (New Or- 
leans La); C 1724 

47-JAYNE John Gere (Berwick Pa) ; 
BA; atty Berwick; died 1920 

48-WATIES John Collins (Houston 
Tex); DTD; civil engr & timber esti- 
mator; Napoleonville La 

49-G R E E N Duncan Cameron 
(Greenville Miss) ; A 1371 C 1448; rail- 
road; died 1911 

50-YEANDLE William Henry Jr 
(Atlanta Ga); C 2533; mining engr; 
Mexico City Mexico* 

51-THOMPSON William Bess HI 
(Dallas Tex); C 1548; died 1901 

52-JEMISON Robert Sorsby Jr (Bir- 
mingham Ala); C 1607; ins & real es- 
tate; 2105 3rd Ave Birmingham Ala 

53-LIDSTONE Lamar Worsham (San 
Saba Tex); C 1639; died before 1936 

54-MANN James Tift (Albany Ga); 
atty; died 1926 

55-KIRKPATRICK Burgess Wade 
(Nashville Tenn); C 1632; merchant 
Nashvillle & banker New Orleans La* 

Entered 1899 

56-SMITH Leon Rutherford (Shreve- 
port La) ; C 2369; atty; died 1914 

57-SEIBELS Henry Goldthwaite 
(Montgomery Ala); C 1484 BA 1899 
DCL 1955; ins; 221 N 21st Ave Birm- 
ingham Ala 

58-SCOTT Frederick Myers Jr (At- 
lanta Ga); C 2525 M 293; onetime atty 
Milwaukee Wise; Piney Acres Nursery 
Lillian Ala 

59-GALLEHER Clarkson (New Or- 
leans La); A 2332 C 2503; died 1944 

60-WILLIAMS Lawrence Moore 
(Patterson La); C 2595 LLB 1901; lum- 
ber exec; died 1933 

61-AVERY John Campbell Jr (Pen- 
sacola Fla); C 1625; onetime lumber 
business Pensacola; died 1933 

62-WILSON William Blackburn Jr 
(Rock Hill S C); C 1644 LLB 1901; 
atty; 619 Aiken Ave Rock Hill S C 

63-KILPATRICK Ringland Fisher 
(Bridgeport Ala) ; A 1482 C 1620; real- 
tor; 347 Madison Ave New York N Y 

64-BRODIE James Hawkins (Hend- 
erson N C); C 2723 LLB 1901; fertilizer 
mfr; died 1953 





Entered 1900 

65-SMITH Sydney (New Orleans 
La); SAE; col U S Army (ret); World 
War I; died Shreveport La several 
years before 1954 

66-BIDDLE Richard (Philadelphia 
Pa); died Sewanee Tenn 30 Oct 1918 

67-BLOUNT Eugene Harmon (Na- 
cogdoches Tex) ; C 2591 BA 1900; bank- 
er; died 1927 

68-JOHNSTON Charles Poellnitz Jr 
(Tuscaloosa Ala); A 1500 C 1653; plant- 
er & banker; died 1947 

69-COPE Harris Goodwin (Savannah 
Ga); A 1645 C 1703 LLB 1902; football 
coach; died 1925 

70-HULL Daniel Baldwin (Savannah 
Ga); A 1670 C 1731; 202 Gwinnett St E 
Savannah Ga 

Entered 1901 

71-CLARK Chester Morris Jr (Al- 
bany Ga); PDT; Clark's Gin & Ware- 
house (cotton feed peanuts & live- 
stock) ; Albany Ga 

72-PITTMAN Andrew Campbell 

(Atlanta Ga); KA; drowned in 

Mississippi River about 1902 

73-HUBARD Robert Thurston Jr 
(Fayetteville W Va); Hampden-Syd- 
ney Coll BS & AB 1897; U of Va (law); 
atty Fayetteville (ret 1942) ; RFD Gui- 
nea Mills Va 

74-FRY Henry Peck (Chattanooga 
Tenn) ; SAE; onetime commandant Se- 
wanee Grammar Sch; 1916 head Am 
Military Institute (correspondence sch) 
Newark N J; World War I 

75-B E A L E Phelan (Montgomery 
Ala); C 1586 LLB 1903; atty; 165 
Broadway New York N Y 

76-MATTHEWS James Fouche (An- 
niston Ala) ; C 1538 BA 1898 MA 1900; 
atty; died about 1951 

77-ABEEL Joseph Bartlett (Highland 
Park Tenn); C 1799; ins & journalist; 
died 1910 

78-ALEXANDER Grant Green 
(Greenville Miss); C 1757 LLB 1903; 
real estate; died 1940 

79-GILLETT David Collins (Tampa 
Fla); A 1715 C 1763; lumber real es- 
tate & citrus; pres Tampa Southern 
RR; died about 1934 

80- GILLIAM John Bunyan (Mont- 
eagle Tenn); A 1747 C 1805; oil pro- 
moter; died 1948 

81- ADAMS Harry Cunningham 
(Grenada Miss); A 1720 C 1764; cotton 
broker; Grenada Miss 

82-COLHOUN Horace Christopher 
(Keeling Tenn); C 1839; Dodge Tex* 

Entered 1902 

83-BIGGS William Percy (Collier- 
ville Tenn) ; PKA; Centre U of Ky BS 
1903; U of Miss LLB 1905; atty Mem- 
phis Tenn; died 1939 

84-PERKINS Percy Augustus (Col- 
lierville Tenn); U of Miss SAE; U of 
Va MD; phys & surg Memphis Tenn; 
World War I maj; died Memphis 20 
Feb 1936 

85-LINDSAY George Wilbur (Ori- 
ent O) ; LLB 1903 PKA; atty New Hol- 
land O; died 

86-EDWARDS Wilbur Thomas (Tal- 
ladega Ala); 1906 First Nat Bank Bir- 
mingham Ala; c/o J T Bristow Fitz- 
patrick Ala 

87-BOYD John Percy (McAlester 
Okla); U of Miss LLB 1903; atty Mc- 
Alester; died Okla several years be- 
fore 1954 

88-ADAMS LeRoy Money (Acker- 
man Miss); U of Miss LLB 1905; died 

89-DICKENSON Edwin Russell 
(Tampa Fla); LLB 1903; atty; 305 S 
Bldg Tampa Fla 

90-KIBLER Robert Young (Pomaria 
S C); atty (ret); 615 Meadows St Co- 
lumbia S C 

91-CROFT George Willirm Jr (Ai- 
ken S C); A 1688 C 1733 LLB 1904; U 
S commissioner; gas & electric busi- 
ness; died 1947 

92-SMITH James Arthur (Wickliffe 
Ky); A 1735; died Chattanooga Tenn 
25 Aug 1948 

Entered 1903 

93-BROUSSARD Joseph Otto (Ab- 
beville La); Tulane U LLB 1905; atty 
Abbeville; died there 12 Sept 1947 

94- ALLEN Elba (Legg Ala) ; Athens 

95-NOLL Arthur Howard (Sewanee 
Tenn); T 65; priest; died 1930 

96-COLLINS Amos Walter (Sewanee 
Tenn); A 1446 C 1806; Winchester 

97-RYLANCE Joseph Bozeman (New 
York N Y); A 1565 C 1699 LLB 1906; 
atty; died 1918 

98-SMITH Herbert Edmunds (Ft 
Worth Tex); A 1592 C 1674 BA 1903; 
iron mfr; 3916 10th Ave S Birmingham 

99-EVANS Thomas (Florence S C); 
A 1619 C 1676 BA 1903 MA 1904; atty; 
Washington Ave & 21st St Philadelphia 

100-GILLIAM William Napier 
(Monteagle Tenn); A 1748 LLB 1905; 
atty Seattle Wash & San Diego Calif; 
piano business Portland Ore; 446 
Spreckels Bldg San Diego Calif 

101-BOND Edward Anderson (Sa- 
vannah Ga); A 2777 C 1918; dry goods 
business; died 1941 

102-CRAIGHILL George Bowdoin 
(Forestville Md); C 1786 BA 1903; 
atty; 2803 P St N W Washington D C 

103-ABRAMS Harold Jeffreys (Dal- 
las Tex); C 1847; Texas Pacific RR; 
died 1933 

104-MORGAN Robert Lee (San An- 
tonio Tex); C 1875; 524 King William 
St San Antonio Tex 

105-ROSEBOROUGH Irving Jefferies 
(Union Springs Ala); C 1903; mer- 
chant; died 1955 

Entered 1904 

106-WAYNE Harry Anthony (Little 
Rock Ark) 

107-DALE Robert Henry (Columbia 
Miss); atty; 931 Main St Columbia 

108-MISTROT Byrnes William 
(Houston Tex); LLB 1906 SAE; 2nd v 
pres Mistrot- Curtis (dry goods); loans 
& investments; 6402 Anita Dallas Tex 

109-K NIGHT Raymond Demere 
(Jacksonville Fla); C 1783 LLB 1906; 
atty; Box 4577 Jacksonville Fla 

110-BARNES Claudius Hugh Jr 
(Jacksonville Fla); C 1795; lumber 
mfr; died about 1945 

111-BROOKS Robert Means (Sewa- 
nee Tenn); A 1515 C 1753 LLB 1906; 
merchant; died 1948 

112-PALMER Perrine (Jacksonville 
Fla); A 1925 PDT; Tigertail Quarries 
Dania Fla; died May 1952 

113-TREZEVANT Stanley Hamilton 
(Henderson N C); C 1845; atty & mort- 
gage banker; 121-81 Madison Bldg 
Unit 5 Memphis Tenn 

114-TURNER Alonzo Gwartney 
(Spokane Wash); C 1898 LLB 1906; 
atty; died 1907 

115-McQUEEN Douglass (Montgom- 
ery Ala); C 1945; automobile business; 
1017 S 28th St Birmingham Ala 

116-CROWNOVER Roland P (Sewa- 
nee Tenn); A 1637 C 1913; atty & farm- 
er; Decherd Tenn 

Entered 1905 

117-HERRINGTON Lindley Clayton 
(Houston Tex); A 1949 C 1991; atty; 
Pasadena Calif* 

118-BISHOP Raymond Judson 
(Boyce Miss); atty Hattiesburg Miss; 

119-SIBLEY Guy Clarence (Louis- 
ville Ky); LLB 1906 KA; U of N C; 
journalist (news ed) Louisville Herald; 
died Louisville 21 Feb 1912 

120-WOOLFOLK Thomas Nelson 
(Albany Ga); A 1630 SAE; Hardwick 

121-HOFF Atlee Heber (New Deca- 
tur Ala); C 1788 LLB 1907; banker; 
died 1953 

122-WILLIAMS James Russell (Pi- 
nopolis S C); A 1646 C 1808; clerk 
county court; died 1947 

123-INGRAHAM James Draper (St 
Augustine Fla); A 1713 C 1888 LLB 
1907; railroad; 235 W Forsyth Jackson- 
ville Fla 

124- W ATKINS George LeGrand 
(Faunsdale Ala); A 1805 C 1857 LLB 
1907; coach history prof & postmaster; 
1252 N Denver Tulsa Okla 

125-WALKER David Gibson (He- 
lena Ark); A 1838 C 1892; ins & real 
estate; Helena Ark 

126-SAWRIE Nathaniel Jones (Mem- 
phis Tenn); C 1952; realtor; Box 378 
Unit 1 Memphis Tenn 

127-GATES George Phelps (Jack- 
sonville Fla); A 1728 C 1854; Seminole 
Hotel Jacksonville Fla 

Entered 1906 

128-WISE James Benjamin (Shreve- 
port La) 





129-SHELTON John Howell (Dallas 
Tex); LLB 1908 PDT; Ford dealer 
Dallas 1916-1935; pres Del Shel Ex- 
ploration Corp (oil) ; Dallas trustee U 
of S 1919-1949; regent 1939-1945; died 
Dallas 12 Sept 1948 

130-LEWIS Howard Guy (Dallas 
Tex) ; C 2153; engr; 2720 Quenby Hous- 
ton Tex 

131-LOWRY Charles Joseph (Woon- 
socket R I) 

132-F INLAY James Ferguson 
(Greenville S C); C 1860 BA 1906; 
atty; Interstate Life Ins Bldg Chatta- 
nooga Term 

133-HOWEL Theodore Frelinghuy- 
sen (Little Rock Ark) ; A 1966 C 1932; 
died 1937 

134-QUINTARD George William Jr 
(New York N Y) ; A 1995 C 1992; died 
about 1915 

135-HARRIS James Lyon (Dallas 
Tex); C 2049; sales rep Republic Steel 
Corp; 1566 Calhoun St New Orleans 18 

136-MARKLEY Lawrence (Chicago 
111); C 2096 LLB 1908; atty; died be- 
fore 1932 

Entered 190f 

137-WILSON William Miller (Rock 
Hill S C) ; LLB 1908; ATO; U of N C 
AB 1905; atty N C & S C; asst gen 
counsel S C Pub Service Authority 
1938- ; World Wars I & H maj U S 
Army; RFD 3 Sumter S C 

138-HIPPS Martin DeMerritt (Hous- 
ton Tex); A 1992 KA; World War I 

139- SLEDGE Norfleet Rufhn Jr (Co- 
mo Miss) ; A 1999 LLB 1908; planter & 
atty Como; World War I; died Como 
11 Mar 1939 

140-KIRBY- SMITH Ephraim (Sewa- 
nee Tenn) ; A 1534 C 1912 M 1170; min- 
ing & sugar refining; died 1938 

141-JAMES Henry Whitfield (Mem- 
phis Tenn); A 2032 LLB 1909 KA; ins 
& investments; World War I sgt U S 
Army France; died Dallas Tex 1928 

142-G R A H A M Belford Lorrimer 
(Berkeley Springs W Va); A 2263 KA; 
died 2 Nov 1916 

143-ATKINS Edward Bryant Martin 
(Selma Ala); C 1879; ins; died 1922 

144-KIRK John Shattuck (Gunnison 
Miss); A 1865 C 1984; cotton planter 
merchant & bank pres; died 1952 

145-TURNER Edmund Pendleton Jr 
(Houston Tex); A 1936 C 1989 LLB 
1908; realtor; 1705 "P" St NW Wash- 
ington D C 

146-BARRET Walter Stanley (Cov- 
ington Term); C 2071; realtor & ins; 
died 1931 

147-McMLLLIN John Calvin Brown 
(Pulaski Tenn) ; journalist; died 1912 

148-SHIPP Frank Stirling (Chatta- 
nooga Tenn) ; C 2115; detective; died 

149-LEBOWITZ (now LEBO) Ben- 
jamin David (Sewanee Tenn); A 1775 
C 2087; Amdor Co; 512 77th Ave New 
York 18 N Y 

Entered 1908 

150-B E A S L E Y Robert (Bonham 
Tex); died before 1947 

151-FEILD George Malcolm (Dallas 
Tex) ; LLB 1910 PDT; atty & gen coun- 
sel Security Title Co; 1101 Main St 
Dallas Tex 

152-SAWRIE Paul Jones (Memphis 
Tenn); DTD; dir Porter-Leath Home 
for Children; World War I; 850 N Ma- 
nassas St Memphis Tenn 

153-STEWART Kenneth Andrew 
(Memphis Tenn); DTD; ret; Box 32 
Memphis Tenn 

154-CADMAN Paul Fletcher (Berke- 
ley Calif); U of Calif BA 1915; U of 
Paris docteur en droit; prof economics 
& dean of men U of Calif 1923-1929; 
pres Am Research Foundation 1936- 
1940; asst & research dir Henry Kaiser; 
economic advisor Am Bankers Assn 
Oakland Calif; died Murphys Calif 11 
Nov 1946 

155-SACKET George Carleton (Mil- 
waukee Wise) ; ATO; onetime salesman 
Johns -Manville Co Milwaukee Wise; 
Evanston 111* 

156-MAYES Basil Lamar (Grenada 
Miss); SAE; artist; died 

157-MARSHALL Edward Adger Jr 
(Phoenix Ariz); LLB 1910 PDT; pres 
Marshall Mortgage & Trust Co; 434 
W Washington St Phoenix Ariz 

158-PATTERSON Thomas Weaver 
(Nashville Tenn) 

159-YOUNGLOVE Gilbert Miller 
(Newberry Fla); A 2042 KA; atty 
Gainesville Fla; World War I; died 

160- GREER John Broocks (Beau- 
mont Tex); A 1920 C 1928 BA 1907; oil 
operator & rancher; 802 Trabue St 
Shreveport La 

161-CHEAPE Frederic Peter (Avon 
Park Fla) ; A 1555 C 2084; mfr rep; Se- 
wanee Tenn 

162-LANIER Aubrey Falls (Munford 
Tenn); C 2166; oil business; died 1936 

163-EASTMAN Frank Carr Jr (At- 
lanta Ga); C 2144; bond broker; 111 
Broadway New York N Y 

Entered 1909 

164-LEE Thomas Jefferson Jr (Meri- 
gold Miss) ; U of Ky LLB 1911; farmer; 
Merigold Miss 

165-MOISE Lionel (Dallas Tex); M 
1601 KA; atty Dallas & Carlinville 111; 
football coach Texas Agr & Mechanical 
Coll & Carlinville High Sch; died St 
Louis Mo 8 Mar 1949 

166-RAWLINGS George Venable 
(Memphis Tenn); DTD; died 

167-BROWNE Alvin Lowell (Mem- 
phis Tenn) ; C 2152; accountant; died 

168-MYERS John Dobbins (Mem- 
phis Tenn); C 2205; broker & gas in- 
spector; 1964 Madison Memphis Tenn 

For those matriculants of the Law Department who also were college students, more complete biogra- 
phies will be found in the college section. 


The College, 1868-1920 

Junior Department, 1868-1870 

Entered Trinity Term 1868 

1-FAIRBANKS Charles Massey (Se- 
vranee Term); Tulane U MD 1880; ohys 
Gainesville Fla; died there 23 Feb 1881 

2-SHERWOOD R W (Clarksville 
Tenn); Ark trustee U of S 1895-1896; 
Pine Bluff Ark; 1903 Chihuahua Mex* 

3-DORR Hawkes Barkley (Milton 
Fla); died there Mar 1870 

4-DORR Cicero Hawkes (Milton 
Fla) ; Anderson & Dorr (fire ins) Pen- 
sacola Fla; died there 10 Aug 1925 

5-CREARY James Edwin (Milton 
Fla); lumber business there; bankpres 
Corinth Miss; died Pensacola Fla 1 Oct 

6-ARNETT Charles Thomas (Madi- 
son Ala); cotton business & mfg 1870- 
1909; became Baptist minister 1898; 
died Arkadelphia Ark 23 Oct 1912 

7-CLOPTON John Walter (Hunts- 
ville Ala) ; farmer; died 19 May 1916 

8-SPYKER George A (New Orleans 

9-MARBURY Phillip Hoodenpyl Jr 
(McMinnville Tenn) 

Entered Lent Term 1869 

10- GREEN William Mercer (Madison 
Station Miss) ; teacher Greenville Miss; 
died Rayville La 21 May 1932 

11-GRAY Charles Mcllvaine (Boli- 
var Tenn); T3; deacon 1873 priest 1874; 
ministry in Tenn & Fla; pres Assoc 
Alumni 1877-1878 & 1880-1881; rector 
St Peter's Ch St Petersburg Fla; died 
there 1 Apr 1911 

12-GAITHER Henry Buckner (Nat- 
chez Miss) ; planter & city tax collector 
Natchez; died there 11 Nov 1926 

13-HAWKINS James Edward (Ely- 
ton Ala); solicitor Jefferson County; U 
S dist atty; Ala legislator; died Birm- 
ingham Ala 3 July 1895 

14-BEARD George Anderson (Talla- 
hassee Fla) ; civil engr; died Fernan- 
dina Fla 11 Nov 1917 

15-ROYSTER Francis William 
(Memphis Tenn); died of yellow fever 
there 11 Sept 1878 

16-COUPER Butler King (Savannah 
Ga); cotton broker; died 20 Oct 1913 

17-BROWN Edmund C (Savannah 

18-FORT Charles M (Rome Ga) ; At- 
lanta Ga; died 

19-COTHRAN W S Jr (Rome Ga); 
trust off Nat City Bank Rome; died 
there 1908 

20-SPROULL J C (Rome Ga) ; Rich- 
mond Tex; died 

21-KEITH Charles Fleming (Athens 
Tenn); realtor & ins broker & farmer 
Athens; died there 1930 

22-REEDER Stephen (Athens Tenn) ; 
merchant; died Athens about 1900 

23-NAPEER John J (Macon Ga) 

24-PROSSER Ralph Hylton (Wood- 
ville Miss) ; Nashotah 1878; deacon 1878 
priest 1880; ministry in Miss & La; rec- 

tor Ch of the Ascension Donaldsonville 
La 1917-1920; served in Confederate 
Army before entering U of S; died 
Alexandria La 13 July 1923 

25-COTTEN Leonidas (Sewanee 
Tenn); died before 1914 

26-HALL C D (Portland Ala) 

27-LUSK William H (McMinnville 
Tenn); died Okla 1921 

28-STOUT William Jordan (Louis- 
burgh Ark) ; planter Hawkstone Ark; 
died there 28 Feb 1883 

29-TROUP Hugh Fraser Grant 
(Brunswick Ga) ; farmer; died Bruns- 
wick about 1924 

30- COOK Wade Hampton (Richmond 
Tex) ; journalist Houston Tex (ret 
1907); pres Tex Editorial Association 
1912-1940; died Houston 16 Sept 1940 

31-COOK M Belton (Richmond Tex) ; 
died before 1909 

32-RANDOLPH Cary (Tallahassee 

33-RANDOLPH Arthur Mowry (Tal- 
lahassee Fla) 

34-TRIMBLE David Lardner (Pine 

Bluff Ark); deacon 1871 priest ; 

briefly rector Trinity Ch Pine Bluff; 
died near there 8 Apr 1917 

35-RUCKER P G (Brenham Tex); 
Tl; realtor; Tex trustee U of S 1880- 
1881; died San Antonio Tex 5 Sept 1915 

36-COMPTON Golding F (Brenham 
Tex); died May 1910 

37-COMPTON Oscar G (Brenham 
Tex) ; merchant & ins broker; Ray- 
wood Tex* 

38-COLLESTER John (Collesterville 

39-DUNLAVY M B (Richmond 
Tex); cattle raiser there; Simonton 
Tex; died 

40-BYINGTON E T (Macon Ga) 

41-WEATHERLY Charles Taliaferro 
(Montgomery Ala); med sch Louis- 
ville Charleston & Atlanta MD 1874; 
phys Benton Ala; died before 1909 

42-PACE W C (Albany Ga) 

43-EDWARDS Felix Gilbert (Albany 
Ga) ; onetime sheriff Daugherty Coun- 
ty Ga; died Albany about 1902 

44-BAILEY William Jack Jr (Mon- 
tlcello Fla); Va Mil Institute; planter 
Lyndhurst; died Titusville Fla 22 Jan 

45-BAILEY Burton Bellamy (Monti- 
cello Fla) ; Washington & Lee U; plant- 
er; died Safety Harbor Fla 9 Jan 1935 

46-SEAY George W (Memphis 
Tenn); Nashville Chattanooga & St 
Louis RR 

47-HOPKINS Edwin (Edward) Mc- 
Lean (Tallahassee Fla); Fla House 
of Rep 3 terms; died Tallahassee 9 Jan 

48-DeMILLY Walter A (Tallahassee 
Fla) ; tax collector Leon County 25 yrs; 
died Tallahassee May 1918 

49-WHITE R H (Savannah Ga); 
died 1873 

50-DARDEN A D (Columbus Tex); 
died 1873 

51-L E I G H Armistead Claiborne 
(Torrence Miss) ; farmer & merchant; 
commissioner of endowment U of S 

1910 ; alumni trustee U of S 1913; 

Miss trustee 1894-1896 1898 1905-1914; 
regent U of S 1911; pres Assoc Alumni 
1908-1914; died Los Angeles Calif 22 
Nov 1945 

52-WHETSTONE James Herman 
(Autaugaville Ala); died Montgomery 
Ala 19 Dec 1902 

Entered Trinity Term 1869 

53-GREENFIELD Wesley (Nashville 
Tenn) ; died 

54-POPE John Gill (Eufaula Ala); 
died Portland Ore 22 June 1916 

55-CLAYTON Joseph (Clayton Ala) ; 
farmer; died Birmingham Ala 26 Apr 

56-MARKS George Mathews (Mont- 
gomery Ala); Va Mil Institute (grad); 
U of Va LLB; atty Montgomery; died 
there 2 Mar 1923 

57-POLLARD Robert Lindsay 
(Montgomery Ala); Va Mil Institute 
(grad) ; chief clerk state ins dept; sec 
Fire Ins Bd; state purchasing agt Tex; 
died Austin Tex 13 Feb 1920 

58-GRAY Joseph Ridley (Bolivar 
Tenn); BA 1874; deacon 1877 priest 
1878; rector Holy Trinity Ch Nashville 

1883 ; alumni trustee U of S 1884- 

1885; pres Assoc Alumni 1882-1883; 
died Nashville Tenn 17 May 1886 

59-STRINGFELLOW James H (Fair- 
fax Co Va); deacon 1872 priest 1874; 
rector Christ Ch Tuscaloosa Ala; Ala 
trustee U of South 1881-1883; died Tus- 
caloosa 10 Oct 1909 

60-SPENCER Henry Perry (Colum- 
bus Ga); died there 13 Jan 1892 

61-ABBOTT Don Quitman (Colum- 
bus Ga); prof State Normal Coll 
Athens Ga 1906; died 1907 

62-BOSWORTH Millard (New Or- 
leans La) ; ice bus & owner & mgr of 
Matilda Plantation near New Orleans; 
died New Orleans 7 Dec 1916 

63-HOLCOMBE John B (Lowndes- 
boro Ala) ; onetime planter WaJesboro 
Ala; employed by City of Montgomery 
Ala; died there 1 June 1927 

64-BUTLER John W Jr (Kaydens- 
ville Ky) 

65-HARDIN John C (Franklin 
Tenn); N C* 

Entered Lent Term 1870 

66-PfflLLIPS William D (Pittsburgh 

67-HUNGERFORD William Carter 
(Uniontown Ala); planter; died there 
about 1888 

68-HUNGERFORD Cincinnatus Stith 
(Uniontown Ala); died there about 

69-DAVIS Robert Henry (Autauga- 
ville Ala) ; contracting freight agt & 
L&N RR Montgomery Ala; died there 
4 Nov 1919 





70-DeBARDELABEN R P (Autauga- 
ville Ala); planter; died there 3 Nov 

71-FULCHER Joseph P (Nashville 

72-CHILDRESS William (Murfrees- 
boro Term) ; died before 1909 

73-SMITH W M (Murfreesboro 

74-TURNBULL William B (Bayou 
Goula La) 

75-HUTCHENS Leigh (Houston 
Tex) ; ice business Houston 1879; died 
Dec 1905 

76-THOMPSON Guy B (Richmond 
Tex); died before 1909 

77-PICKETT Alston Harris (Mont- 
gomery Ala) ; grocery business Mont- 
gomery; died there 19 Jan 1908 

78-BROWN J W (Montgomery Ala) ; 
First Nat Bank Montgomery 1875; died 
there about 1900 

79-GILMER R G (Montgomery Ala) ; 
died there about 1889 

80-POWELL George Mathews 
(Montgomery Ala) ; farmer & account- 
ant city water dept; died Montgomery 
17 Jan 1935 

81-SMITH Oliver Fleetwood (Selma 
Ala); U of Ala BA 1877; died before 

82-TORBETT Matthew Barrow 
(Nashville Tenn) ; accounting course 
Notre Dame U; certified public acct & 
sec Atlanta Masonic Co Inc.; died At- 
lanta Ga 

83-WHTTESIDE Vernon S (Chatta- 
nooga Tenn); died 26 Feb 1910 

84-GOVAN William S (Marianna 
Ark); died before 1914 

85-G O V A N Benjamin McCulloch 
(Marianna Ark) ; Helena Whols Groc 
Co; county treas & mayor of Marianna; 
died there 8 June 1943 

86-HAWKINS Hobart Welton (Ely- 
ton Ala); U of Ala 1873; farmer; died 
Elyton 11 June 1890 

87-MUDD James Thomas (Elyton 
Ala) ; merchant Warrior Ala; died Ely- 
ton 27 Mar 1881 

88-MYLES Robert Cunningham 
(Utica Miss) ; Tulane U MD 1874; phys 
(OALR) & inventor of surgical instru- 
ments; died New York N Y 1 Jan 1937 

89-CADE Overton (New Iberia La); 
Youngsville La; La RR commission 
1906; died Jan 1925 

90-ROBERTSON John C M (New 
Iberia La); died 1901 

91-REESE Francis Emmet (Demopo- 
lis Ala); died there 28 Nov 1885 

92-WHITE John Vassar (Okolona 
Miss); U S Mil Acad 1873-1877; col 

coast artillery U S Army; died Ft 
Hamilton N Y 24 Aug 1915 

93-MUDD William Lowndes (Elyton 
Ala); onetime capt militia co Tusca- 
loosa Ala; mgr Mudd Estate Elyton; 
died 2 Sept 1882 

94-WILMER Alexander B (Mobile 
Ala); died there about 1932 

95- SMITH Monroe L (Hernando 
Miss); died 1918 

96-T U R N E Y Tom (Birmingham 
Ala); died Mar 1874 

97-SULLIVAN Meredith A (Savan- 
nah Ga); Waco Tex* 

98-SHOUP George Oscar (Sewanee 
Tenn) ; died before 1914 

99-STONE R H (Galveston Tex) 

100-HAWKS Joseph P (Vicksburg 
Miss); died before 1909 

101-HAWKS Thomas Hardaway 
(Vicksburg Miss) ; Chicago HI; died in 
England Mar 1914 

102-BARNETT David Roscoe (Vicks- 
burg Miss) ; atty; died Yazoo City Miss 
30 Jan 1932 

103-FARRAR Floyd (Madison La) 

104-MILLINGTON Frederick Alex- 
ander (Paducah Ky); civil engr; sur- 
veyor for Miss River RR Southern 
Pacific RR & Illinois Central RR; died 
Memphis Tenn 24 Aug 1939 

105-MYLES Beverly Blount (Utica 
Miss) BA 1874; U of Va SAE; atty 
Vicksburg Miss; pres Myles Salt Co; 
died Port Gibson Miss 6 Nov 1930 

106-WILLIAMS John Sharp (Mem- 
phis Tenn); Ky Mil Acad U of Va & 
U of Heidelberg; atty; U S House of 
Rep from 5th Miss Dist 1893-1905; U S 
Senator from Miss 1908 & 1911-1917; 
cotton planter; see Who's Who 1914- 
1915; died Yazoo City Miss 28 Sept 

107-TANKERSLEY Marshall (Gal- 
veston Tex) ; real estate Houston Tex & 
rep Harris County Tex legislature; 


108-VON HARTEN William (Gal- 
veston Tex); died there 10 Nov 1892 
109- WOOD F P (Galveston Tex) 

Entered Trinity Term 1870 

110-B R O W N E William Bradford 
(Montevallo Ala); Spring Hill Coll; 
atty Columbiana Ala; died there 1918 

111-BLAKE J W K (Houston Tex) 

112-HARRISON P (New York N Y); 

113-DUNBAR Richard Field (Nat- 
chez Miss); planter & acct; died Hous- 
ton Tex 16 July 1922 

114-FRENCH D Avery (New Iberia 
La) ; died before 1914 

115-POSEY Ossian (Greenville Ala) ; 
died Prattville Ala about 1943 

116-KEEBLE Walter Currin (Mur- 
freesboro Tenn); farmer; died Mur- 
freesboro 1906 

117-BROWNE Cecil (Montevallo 
Ala); atty; memb Ala House of Rep 
1882-1883 1898-1899 Ala Senate 1886- 
1890; died 

118-McDERMOTT John Jr (Mur- 
freesboro Tenn) 

119-HINTON Eugene Henry (Liv- 
ingston Miss); author; traffic mgr Cen- 
tral of Ga RR 1897; chairman South- 
eastern Freight Assoc; alumni trustee 
U of S 1908-1909; died Atlanta Ga 6 
Feb 1916 

120-HARRIS Robert W (Memphis 
Tenn); Planters Cotton Co & R W 
Harris Co Memphis; died there 1 Jan 

121-SPYKER David B (New Or- 
leans La) ; A 5 

122-CLARK W B (Cashatta Chute 
Miss); died 1903 

123-ARNOLD J Ed Jr (Murfrees- 
boro Tenn) ; town marshal; killed in 
discharge of duty Murfreesboro 13 Mar 

124-KOCK T Herman (New Orleans 
La); Wells Fargo Express Co Houma 
La; Chicago 111; died there 1907 

125-SAVAGE Fred (Little Rock 

126-HALE E P (Huntsville Ala) 

127-BRINGHURST Thomas (Hous- 
ton Tex); BA 1874; taught at Sewanee 
Grammar Sch; realtor Bringhurst Bros 
& 1st comptroller Houston 1901-1908; 
& atty; died there 4 Feb 1942 

128-WILMER William N (New Or- 
leans La); atty; died New York N Y 
14 Oct 1907 

129-BALL Charles W (New Orleans 

130-BARROW John Shelby (Nash- 
ville Tenn) ; ins & asst gen passenger 
agt Erie RR; died New York N Y 20 
Dec 1908 

131-PECK William Henry (Nashville 
Term) ; journalist Nashville American; 
studied Us of Heidelberg Luzerne & 
Paris; died Va about 1895 

132-McLEMORE A Geren (Gerenton 
Miss) ; planter & banker; died Green- 
wood Miss 21 May 1922 

133-SMITH Ben T (Hernando Miss); 
died before 1909 


Academic Department, 1871-1907 

Entered Lent Term 1871 

134-GREGG Wilson (Galveston 
Tex) ; A 22; atty; author; died Ft Worth 
Tex 30 Sept 1909 

135-BROOKS Richard Leonidas (Sel- 
ma Ala); A 26; U of Ala 1872-1873; 
died before 1914 

136-HILL W a 1 1 o n W (Montgomery 
Ala; A 49; atty Montgomery; died 
there 3 Apr 1899 

137-CABANISS Septimus D Jr 
(Huntsville Ala) ; Snohomish Wash* 

138-DAVIS John (Palatka Fla); BA 
1876; Nashotah House BD 1879 STD 
1896; deacon 1878 priest 1879; Tokyo 
Japan 1896-1899; mssy dean Hannibal 
Convocation Mo until 1919; died And- 
erson S C 20 July 1924 

139-NEILL Gilbreath Falls Jr (Car- 
rollton Miss); U of Miss 1869; died 
Tex before 1910 

140-HALLIBURTON R R (Ripley 

141-HOKE Daniel Forney (Jackson- 
ville Ala); T 8; deacon 1865 priest 
1868; ministry Ala Ga; died about 1924 

142-T ATE Simpson (Senatobia 
Miss); U of Miss BA 1874; cotton fac- 
tor Memphis Tenn; died there 7 Apr 

143-DOANE John S (New Orleans 
La) ; onetime clerk cotton business New 
Orleans; died there 20 Nov 1929 

144-BLAND C J (Utica Miss) 

145-BARNES Wmfield Scott (Port 
Gibson Miss) 

146-LOURD Benjamin L (New Iberia 
La); died 12 Dec 1894 

147-MAURY Edward Fontaine 
(Shuqualak Miss) ; U of Ala 1869-1870; 
U of Miss 1870 & 1872; farmer Macon 
Miss; died 16 Dec 1888 

148-LEE Hinton G (Rome Ga); At- 
lanta Ga* 

149-BATTEY George Magruder II 
(Rome Ga) ; mech engr & salesman 
farm machinery Atlanta Ga; died there 

150-BATTEY William Cephas (Rome 
Ga); Ft Myers Fla* 

151-BROWN Henry Denison (He- 
lena Ark) ; asst cashier San Antonio 
Nat Bk San Antonio Tex; died there 
Mar 1914 

152-SAYRE W H (Mobile Ala) 

153-HINES Richard H (Memphis 
Tenn) ; journalist; marine & commer- 
cial ed Mobile Ala Register 

154-BAXTER George White (Knox- 
ville Tenn); grad U S Mil Acad 1877; 
2nd It U S Cavalry; cattle rancher; 
territorial gov Wyoming 1886; died 
New York N Y 18 Dec 1929 

155-ROWLAND John S (Athens 

Tenn) ; priest ; ministry in N J; 

died 6 Jan 1889 

156-McRAVEN R D (Vicksburg 

157-HEINITSH Heber Ducachet 
(Columbia S C); U of Pa (postgrad); 
phys; died Columbia 28 Dec 1898 

158-BATEY Thomas R (Smyrna 
Tenn) ; onetime sheriff Rutherford Co; 
farmer Smyrna; died 

159-BOYLAN William (Raleigh N 
C); died 

160-WRIGHT William Mercer (El 
Dorado Ark); died 28 Mar 1898 

161-ABERNATHY William Murfree 
(Franklin County Tenn) ; atty & judge 
Alascosa County Tex; died 

162-MASSIE Joseph S (Galveston 
Tex); county tax collector's office 
Houston Tex; stock raiser Harris Coun- 
ty Tex 1879 

163-PEARSON James K Polk 
(Franklin County Tenn); atty Win- 
chester & Tracy City Tenn; died Dech- 
erd Tenn 17 Feb 1920 

164-WALTON William B (Dayton 
Ala); died before 1909 

165-HOWZE L H (Galveston Tex) 

166- GORDON Duncan (Matagorda 
Tex); Alvin Tex; died 

Entered Trinity Term 1871 

167-G O R G A S William Crawford 
(Sewanee Tenn); A 27 BA 1875 DSc 
1904; Bellevue Hospital Med Coll MD 
1879; DSc U of Pa Harvard U Brown 
U Jefferson Med Coll Oxford U; LLD 
U of Ala Tulane U; chief sanitation off 
Havana Cuba 1898-1902 Panama Canal 
Zone 1904-1913; surg gen U S Army & 
maj gen; comdr French Legion of Hon- 
or; British knight; see Who Was Who 
I; died London England 3 July 1920 

168-TONEY Charles Lee (Triana 
Ala) ; A 28 

169-WITHERS George R (Hunts- 
ville Ala); A 33; died Pine Bluff Ark 

170-JUNY George Ously (Sewanee 
Tenn); A 39; U of Miss 

171-WHITE J S (Moncks Comer S 
C); Charleston S C; died 

172-BELL Charles Keith (Athens 
Tenn); atty; dist atty & judge; state 
senator; U S Congressman 4 yrs; atty 
gen Tex; died Ft Worth Tex 22 Apr 

173-C R O Z I E R Will (Knoxville 
Tenn); farmer; died before 1909 

174- WILLIAMS Frank (St John's S 
C); died before 1909 

175-MILLER Austin (Bolivar Tenn); 
Trinity Coll BA; atty & mgr Memphis 
Trust Co; died Memphis Tenn 5 May 

176-VAN HOOSE James Alexander 
(Tuscaloosa Ala); T 10 B Litt 
1875; deacon 1876; proctor & comman- 
dant Sewanee Grammar Sch; merchant 
McLester-Van Hoose Co (wholesale 
grocers) & mayor Birmingham Ala; 
Ala trustee U of S 1889-1894; pres 
Associated Alumni 1881-1882 & 1891- 
1896; died Birmingham 5 Apr 1936 

177- CAMPBELL David (Franklin 

178-GREEN Allen J Jr (Huntsville 

179-McLARAN Charles J (St Louis 

180-BRITTON William (Pass Chris- 
tian Miss); planter Rolling Fork Miss; 
merchant; mgr Mt Helena Miss plan- 
tation; died there 24 Dec 1894 

181-NILES Charles McG (Mississippi 
City Miss) 

(Franklin Tenn) 

183-AVERY Albert Minor (Pensa- 
colla Fla) ; owner A M Avery Co 
wholesale hardware; died Pensacola 
Fla 10 Feb 1920 

184-SESSIONS Charles E (Luna 
Landing Ark) ; U of Nashville; planter 
Friars Point Miss & gen contractor 
Memphis; died Memphis 1913 

185-ADAMS Innes Overton (Eutaw 
Ala); T 5; deacon 1875 priest 1878; 
ministry Tex Ark & Ala; rector Trinity 
Ch Bessemer Ala; Ark trustee U of 
S 1881-1883; died Bessemer 18 Jan 1917 

186-ANDERSON Edward Henry Jr 
(Kirkwood Miss); Memphis Tenn; 
dealer in lands Jacksonville Fla* 

187-F R E E M A N Edward Russell 
(Holly Springs Miss) ; entered U S Na- 
vy 1873 It comdr Spanish-American 
War ret 1901; died May 1904 

188-KILPATRICK Andrew Flowers 
(Hazelhurst Miss) ; business man & fi- 
nancier; died Memphis Tenn 1 Nov 

189-WILLIAMS George M (Frank- 
lin Co Tenn); civil engr; Tex* 

Entered Lent Term 1872 

190-STOUT James Jordan (Louis- 
burgh Ark); A 17 BS 1876; atty; died 
Tampa Fla 1884 

191-BARNETT Thomas M (Mont- 
gomery Ala); A 34; Mt Meigs Ala; 

192-SMITH J F (Elyton Ala); A 46; 
farmer Elyton; died before 1909 

193-DREW Horace (Jacksonville 
Fla); A 47; H & W B Drew Printing 
Co Jacksonville; died there 1926 

194-HARRIS Charles Quintard 
(Memphis Tenn); A 78; cashier 1st 
Nat Bk Memphis Tenn; died there 18 
Sept 1928 

195-HOOKER C E Jr (Jackson 
Miss); A 82; died 

196-VIRDEN Alexander Jr (Jackson 
Miss); A 83; grocer Jackson; died after 

197-FOUKE Cam C (New Orleans 
La); A 106 

198-SMTTH Thomas Hemdon (Mo- 
bile Ala); A 108; U of Ala LLB 1882; 
atty; Ala legislature & state senator 
1896-1897; jurist; died 1933 

199-RUTLEDGE Arthur Middleton 
Jr (Bowling Green Ky); A 110 BS 
(valed) 1876; atty; Ky trustee U of S 
1897-1905 1907-1920 1924-1933; died 
Louisville Ky 20 Dec 1933 

200-BULLOCK R H (Savannah Ga) ; 
A 111; U of Va; chief draftsman At- 
lantic Coast Line RR Wilmington N C* 

201-GIBSON George Miln (Mobile 
Ala); A 122; died Nov 1892 

202-EATON A Thurlow (Clinton 
Miss); A 142 

203-HANNA James J (New Orleans 
La); A 143 CE 1875; cotton seed assoc 
New Orleans; stenographer Houston 
Tex; wholesale grocer Galveston Tex* 





204-WORMLEY William Pickett 
[later WORMLEY Ralph] (perhaps 
WORMELEY) (Memphis Term) ; A 147; 
cotton factor; Raleigh Term; died about 

205-BADGER Frank H (Knoxville 
Tenn); A 162 

206-BRITTON John J (Pass Chris- 
tian Miss); A 167; died 1877 or 1879 

207-CRAIGMILES Walter (Cleve- 
land Tenn); A 169; realtor Chatta- 
nooga Tenn; died there 3 Oct 1928 

208-CLARK Leigh (Vicksburg Miss) ; 
A 172; atty El Paso Tex; died 

209-REESE GEORGE Marlow 
(Lowndesboro Ala) ; planter Wades - 
boro Ala) ; died before 1914 

210-SMITH William George Wash- 
ington (Fairfield Conn); T 7; Trinity 
Coll 1867; deacon 1876 priest 1878; 
ministry 15 yrs W Tex 5 yrs Tex; died 
Pasadena Calif 4 Sept 1922 

211-CLARKE Eugene (Rolling Fork 
Miss); died before 1914 

212-S C R U G G S Thomas Murphy 
(Grenada Miss); U of Va LLB SAE; 
atty Memphis Tenn; died 

213-STICKNEY Frederick Grist Jr 
(Havana Ala) ; cotton buyer Demopolis 
Ala; taught U of Ala; prof of English 
Livingston Normal Coll (Ala); died 
before 1914 

214-PAYNE Reuben Marion (Jasper 
Term) ; pres Peoples Coll Pikesville 
Tenn 1873-1879; supt public instruction 
Marion Co Tenn; hotel business & pro- 
prietor Wonder Cave Monteagle Tenn; 

215-BAILEY Edward Bradford 
(Monticello Fla); died there 28 Apr 

216-WHALEY William Jr (Charles- 
ton S C) 

217-BROOKS Preston Smith (Nine- 
ty-Six S C); ATO; merchant P S 
Brooks & Co Sewanee Tenn; died there 
6 July 1928 

218-CONNORS Charles T (Lancaster 
S C) ; onetime ed Lancaster Review; 
died there 19 Aug 1914 

219-S E A B R O O K Isaac DuBose 
(Bluffton S C); BA 1875; taught Se- 
wanee Grammar Sch 1876; onetime 
phosphate business & literary work 
Charleston S C; died there 1932 

220-ORGAIN Franklin Adelbert (Bo- 
vina Miss); BS 1876; city official farm- 
er cotton buyer & land agt Bastrop 
Tex; died 

221-INGE George S (Corinth Miss); 
U of Miss 1873—; evangelist; died 1893 

222-BARNWELL Walter Izzard (Ad- 
ams Run S C); died 1906 

223-EGGLESTON Robert Boiling Jr 
(Lexington Miss) ; chief engr Plum 
Bayou Levee Bd & Ashley County 
Drainage Dist England Ark; died 

224 -STEELE Edwin Carroll (Charles- 
ton S C); B Litt 1874; deacon 1877; 
died Florence S C 5 Mar 1885 

225-STEELE Harold (Charleston S 
C) ; bookkeeper Pacific Rolling Mill 
San Francisco Calif; died there Nov 

226-MALHIOT Samuel Mills (As- 

sumption La) ; sugar planter "Oakley" 
Avoca La* 

227-MACKAY R W (Aiken S C) 

228-BEENE Owen Raulston Jr (Bat- 
tle Creek Tenn); bookkeeper; died S 
Pittsburg Tenn 1934 

229-BAXTER John Alexander 
(Knoxville Tenn) ; U of Tenn BA 1878; 
ins Nashville Tenn; died 

230-AUBREY Llewellyn (Baltimore 
Md); Tex trustee U of S 1889-1896; 
Marshall Tex* 

231-WILLIAMS Robert G (Boliva, 
Tenn); died Tex 1906 

232-BEDFORD White (Barley Depot 
Term); U of Miss BA 1874; died 1905 

23G-AIKEN William Martin (Charles- 
ton S C) ; Mass Institute of Tech 1877- 
1879; teacher high sch Charleston 1874- 
1877; archt New York N Y 1897-1908; 
teacher archt & decorative art Am Art 
Acad 1893-1895 Columbia U 1900; su- 
pervising archt U S Treasury Dept 
1895; see Who Was Who I; died New 
York N Y 7 Dec 1908 

234-CORY Thomas (Mulberry Ala); 
died New Orleans La Oct 1908 

235-MEARES A r m a n d DeRosset 
(Wilmington N C); SAE; St Stephen's 
[Bard] Coll BA 1877; deacon 1882 
priest 1885; Baltimore Md 1911-1934; 
died there 12 Oct 1934 

236-DeROSSET [later deROSSET] 
Frederick Ancrum (Wilmington N C); 
T 25 BA 1877 MA 1878 ATO; Gen 
Theol Sem; deacon 1880 priest 1882; 
instructor in Hebrew U of S 1880-1882; 
rector Ch of Holy Communion Charles- 
ton S C; Miss trustee U of S 1888-1892; 
see Who's Who 1915; died Charleston 
12 Oct 1915 

237-MIDDLETON Edward R (Rome 
Ga); onetime drayage business; 
Charleston S C* 

Entered Trinity Term 1872 

238-SHEHEE D R (Ringgold La); A 
193; phys; Arcadia La* 

239-HODGSON Harry Holmes (New 
Orleans La); A 20; U of Bonn Ger- 
many; pres New Orleans Real Estate 
Exchange; died there 28 Oct 1906 

240-JEWETT Thomas J (Gainestown 
Ala); A 30 

241-HARRISON Nat (New Orleans 
La) ; A 54; died Alamos Sonora Mexico 
10 Dec 1910 

John (Monticello 
died Ashville Fla 

Daniel Aylesbury 
58; U of Va LLB; 
state senator; Fla 
■1884; died Monti- 

Fla); A 57; planter; 
15 May 1905 

(Monticello Fla); A 
atty & banker; Fla 
trustee U of S 1879 
cello 14 Jan 1948 

244-SESSUMS Davis (Galveston 
Tex); A 64 T 17 BA & MA 1878 DD 
1892; instr Ch hist U of S 1878-1880 & 
lecturer in homiletics 1892-1900; dea- 
con & priest 1882; 3rd bishop of La 
1892-1929; alumni trustee U of S 1884- 
1887 La trustee 1891-1929; pres Associ- 
ated Alumni 1878-1880 1890-1891 1896- 
1907; see Who Was Who I; died New 
Orleans La 24 Dec 1929 

245-OWENS Benjamin L (Clarks- 
ville Ga) ; A 72 BS 1877; merchant Sa- 
vannah Ga; Atlanta Ga; died 

246-GAYLE Edmund D (Greens- 
boro Ala); A 84 

247-HALLIBURTON William Rufus 
(Ripley Tenn) ; A 98; merchant & plant- 
er Pleasant Hill Tenn; died there 6 Apr 

248-CADE William (New Iberia La) ; 
A 102; planter Abbeville La; died 
Bancker La 23 Mar 1935 

249-HULL A C (Lamar Miss); A 
103; planter; died Lamar Miss 1894 

250-STTLES William Henry (Savan- 
nah Ga); A 112; died Cartersville Ga 

251-HABERSHAM Fred A (Savan- 
nah Ga); A 113; died 

252-BOYLAN James (Raleigh N C) ; 
A 116; died 1905 

253-PALMER Fred A (Savannah 
Ga) ; A 130; hardware firm New York 
N Y; died before 1914 

254-ROGERS Edward St George 
(Ocala Fla) ; A 144; atty & writer; In- 
dianapolis Ind* 

255-WORTHINGTON Thomas (Le- 
ota Miss); A 156 BS 1877; planter & 
memb state legislature & sheriff Wash- 
ington County Miss; died Leota Land- 
ing Miss 26 Mar 1923 

256-ALLEN C R (Vicksburg Miss); 
A 260 

257-READING C A (Vicksburg 
Miss); A 164 

258-CHATTIN J B (Vicksburg 
Miss); A 265; died before 1914 

259-HANNEY W M (New Orleans 
La) ; A 166 

260-KIRKPATRICK Nevins (New 
Orleans La); broker & mfg agt bd of 
trade; Nashville Tenn; died 

261-RAVENEL Henry (Charleston S 
C); Milles & Kelly Iron Works; died 
Feb 1890 

262-NELSON Patrick Henry (States- 
burg S C); atty Columbia S C; died 
20 June 1914 

263-BELL Thomas J (Edgefield 

264- WEBER John Walker (Edgefield 
Tenn); ATO; headmaster Sewanee 
Grammar Sch & instr bookkeeping & 
commerce & trade U of S 1881-1889; 
died Nashville Tenn 2 Mar 1895 

Entered Lent Term 1873 
265-HOLLY Henry S (New Orleans 
La); A 91; stu Soule's Commercial Coll 
(New Orleans) 

266-FONDA Charles H (Charleston 
Miss); A 202; county assessor 1884- 
1887 sheriff 1890-1895 mgr planters & 
farmers warehouse; died Charleston 30 
Apr 1934 

267-KERCHEVAL Horace (Fayette- 
ville Tenn); A 189; Nashville Tenn; 

268-MARTIN David Larkin (Steven- 
son Ala) ; A 180; salesman Nashville 
Tenn; died 25 Apr 1905 

269-STEELE William DuBose 
(Charleston S C); A 204 BA & MA 
1878; teacher Puget Sound Wash 1876; 
died San Antonio Tex 15 Mar 1899 





270-NOBLE William W (Rome Ga); 
A 213; died 

271-SHAFFER John Dalton (Houma 
La) ; A 215 BS 1878 ATO; grad law sch 
New Orleans 1880; sugar planter memb 
La state senate; La trustee U of S 
1886-1894 & 1919-1924; alumni trustee 
1885 & 1897-1912; died Magnolia Plan- 
tation La 1 Aug 1928 

272-GARTH Winston Fearn (Hunts- 
villle Ala); A 209; planter Huntsville* 

273-P R O U D F I T James (Memphis 
Term); A 217; bookkeeper DeSoto Oil 
Co; died Memphis Tenn 23 Apr 1888 

274-DeSAUSSURE George Reynolds 
(Camden S C); A 228; managing dir 
Jacksonville Fla branch Fed Reserve 
Bank of Atlanta; Fla trustee U of S 
1909-1910; died Jacksonville 28 Jan 

275-GILLETTE James A (Houston 
Tex) ; A 236; onetime newspaper ed 
Bosque County Tex; atty Houston Tex; 

276-BOYLSTON Henry F (Winns- 
boro S C); A 238; died 5 Jan 1887 

277-RHETT Herbert (New Orleans 

278-S MITH Algernon Sydney 
(Charleston S C); BA 1876; cotton 
commission business; alumni trustee U 
of S 1884; died Charleston S C 25 Nov 

279- J E N N I N G S Henry Burritt 
(Charleston S C); phosphate bus 
Greenwood S C; died there 20 Sept 1906 

280-MASON C M (White's Station 
Tenn); died 1886 

281-SEABROOK Julius (Sumter S 
C); clerk of the federal court; died 
Charleston S C 8 Sept 1947 

282-HIGGINS Horace Douglas (Bas- 
trop Tex); BS & CE 1876; U of Va 
LLB; atty Bastrop; died there 11 Jan 

283-HARGRAVES James Tappan 
(Helena Ark); farmer; died Helena 17 
Sept 1892 

284-CLEVELAND George Washing- 
ton (Charleston S C); merchant Waco 
Tex 1879; Spokane Wash; died 

285-ALSTON P C (Charleston S C) ; 
died before 1914 

286-ARMSTRONG Robert W (Co- 
lumbus Miss) ; Abilene Tex; died Co- 
lumbus about 1932 

287-BURNHAM D S (Luce La); 
died before 1914 

288-BRADSHAW Andrew Caldwell 
(Franklin County Tenn); atty 1881- 
1908; stocks and bonds broker Birm- 
ingham Ala; died 25 Jan 1925 

289- WILLIAMS Marion W (Frank- 
lin County Tenn); farmer Williams 
Cove Cowan Tenn; died 

290-CLARK Ike M (Pelham Tenn); 
died Beech Grove Tenn 1902 

291- SHEPHERD D W (New Orleans 

292-WHITE T Wells (Louisville Ky) 

293-COX James A (Louisville Ky); 
MD; Morgantown W Va* 

294-LUMMIS Henry H (Houston 
Tex) ; atty & sheep raiser; died 1918 

295- JONES Paul (Helena Ark); BS 

(salut) 1876; atty; pres Associated 
Alumni 1883-1884; died Texarkana Ark 
27 Oct 1934 

296-MOORE Thomas Morgan (Boli- 
var Tenn) 

297- SHANNON William M Jr (Cam- 
den S C) ; atty; died Camden S C Mar 

298-BLUNT A L (Huntsville Ala) 

299- CREARY George Augustus 
(Milton Fla); hardware business Mo- 
bile Ala; died Milton 10 Apr 1921 

300-MABRY John E (Garretsboro 
Ky); Ocala Fla* 

301-SCREVEN Thomas (Savannah 
Ga); died before 1914 

302-OWENS W P (Savannah Ga) 

Entered Trinity Term 1873 

303-PIERCE Abraham Wallace (Lit- 
tle Rock Ark); A 37 BA 1878; Gen 
Theol Sem BD; deacon 1882 priest 
1883 deposed 1907; retired to Sewanee 
1923; died there 17 Dec 1949 

304-HAWKINS Frank Jr (Vaiden 
Miss); A 80; pres 3rd Nat Bank At- 
lanta Ga; died there 16 Jan 1954 

305-A N D E R S O N Richard Davis 
(Clinton Miss); A 146; died 

306-ROBERTS Philip T (Tallahassee 
Fla); A 227; planter & operator livery 
stable Tallahassee; died there 11 Mar 

307-RANDOLPH John (Greensboro 
Ala); U of Va; Central U of HI; New 
York U MD 1877; phys; died Greens- 
boro 10 Mar 1891 

308-SELLS John D (Atlanta Ga) 

Entered Lent Term 1874 

309-KEITH Alexander Marshall 
(Athens Tenn); A 131; farmer; died 
Athens 6 Jan 1933 

310-DuBOSE Theodore Marion 
(Wright's Bluff S C); A 186 BS 1878 
ATO; Med CoU of S C MD 1881; health 
off U of S 1889-1890; phys (Ob) Co- 
lumbia S C; died there 25 Dec 1939 

311-TRENHOLM William L 
(Charleston S C); A 205; certified pub 
accountant New York N Y; died there 
Feb 1911 

312-HARRISON A Blaney (Galves- 
ton Tex) ; A 247; clerk Galveston 1879 

313-GARDNER Percy Whitehead 
(Gardner's Station Tenn); A 259; atty 
Cooke County Tex 1886-1892 judge 
Hughes County Okla 1907—; Holden- 
ville Okla* 

314-WEAVER John V (New Orleans 
La); A 271; Chicago HI* 

315-McQUEEN Stewart (Lowndes- 
boro Ala); A 283 T 22 GD 1881; dea- 
con 1881 priest 1882; rector Ch of the 
Holy Comforter Montgomery Ala 
1897—; S C trustee U of S 1889-1891 E 
C trustee 1896-1897 & Ala trustee 1899- 
1923; sec bd regents 1911-1923; see 
Who's Who 1912-1913; died Montgom- 
ery Ala 5 Oct 1923 

316-HAMMOND Charles Phin (Mo- 
bile Ala); A 294 CE 1876; lumber & 
turpentine business; civil engr RRs Ala 
& Ga; Central of Ga RR 1912-1917; 
alumni trustee U of S 1886-1895; died 
Atlanta 14 Nov 1917 

317-RATHER Henry Chambers (Tus- 
cumbia Ala); A 310; Exchange Nat 
Bank Little Rock Ark; Ark trustee U 
of S 1901-1903; died Little Rock 3 Aug 

318-BARNARD Frank C (Petersburg 
Tenn); Ala* 

319-GASS Charles E (Greenville S 
C); ed Sun Gatesville Tex; died there 
about 1894 

320-GASS John (Greenville S C); 
T 32 ATO; deacon 1882 priest 1884; 
rector St Luke's Ch Atlanta Ga; Ark 
trustee U of S 1895-1896; died Atlanta 
26 Aug 1898 

321-STEINER Hal H (Austin Tex); 
died near Waynesboro Ga in hunting 
accident Feb 1876 

322-McBEE Silas (Lincolnton N C); 
archt Nixon & McBee Atlanta Ga; ed 
Churchman 1896-1912 ed Constructive 
Quarterly; author An Eirenic Itinerary; 
U of S commissioner of endowment 
1891-1893; N C trustee U of S 1878- 
1886 alumni trustee 1887-1907; pres 
Associated Alumni 1889-1890; see Who 
Was Who I; died Charleston S C 3 Sept 

323-McILHERAN William (Cowan 
Tenn); boilermaker Birmingham Ala* 

324-DAY James P (Memphis Tenn); 
business man Memphis; died there 20 
Oct 1883 

325-JONES Thomas King (Tusca- 
loosa Ala) ; U of Ala 1871-1872; plant- 
er Greensboro Ala; Ala trustee U of 
S 1887; died 

326-FORD Edward M (Helena Ark); 

327-HARLOW William M (St Louis 
Mo); editor University News Sewanee 
Tenn; died there 1891 

328-DUNCAN H J (St Louis Mo) 

329-LaROCHE Christopher Innis 
(Charleston S C); T 11; Nashotah 
House; deacon 1878 priest 1879; minis- 
try S C Ga Md; rector Zion Ch Belts- 
ville Md 1918-1923; died College Park 
Md 10 June 1934 

330-BUTTERFIELD F S (Greenville 

331-SCHLEY John S (Savannah 
Ga); died there 18 July 1912 

332-DREW Julius (Jacksonville 
Fla); died there 1918 

338-MONTGOMERY James C (Cow- 
an Tenn) ; died there 2 Sept 1910 

334-DEPUTY Mark A (Helena Ark) ; 
phys; died before 1914 

335-SHIELDS Van Winder (Natchez 
Miss); T 9 DD 1893; served in Con- 
federate Army before entering U of 
S; deacon 1876 priest 1877; ministry in 
Miss N C & Fla; rector St John's Ch 
Jacksonville Fla 1889-1924; E C trustee 
U of S 1884-1889 Fla trustee 1899-1913; 
died Jacksonville Fla 13 May 1927 

336-HARRISON William Clement 
(Jackson Tenn)); BA 1876; Gen Theol 
Sem; deacon 1879 (officiated but once 
before his death); died 12 July 1879 

367-McCOMBS Paul S (Galveston 
Tex); land owner; died Austin Tex 19 
Dec 1941 





338-ALDRIDGE W O (Vicksburg 


Entered Trinity Term 1874 

339-GREGG Cornelius Kollock 
(Galveston Tex) ; A 66 ATO; U of Md 
1879; asst surg U S Army; died Ft 
McKinney Tex Sept or Oct 1888 

340-ELAM John S (Memphis Tenn) ; 
A 210 

341-CALVERT Charles C (Calvert 
Tex); A 221; died El Paso Tex 14 
Sept 1904 

342-WALMSLEY Henry (Natchito- 
ches La) ; A 285; died there 22 Feb 1888 

343-BLANTON William W (Green- 
ville Miss); A 296 

344-NEIGHBORS Robert B (Seguin 
Tex) ; A 350; died before 1914 

345-KELLER George (Red River 
Landing La); A 339; New Orleans La; 

346-PIN CKNEY William Haskell 
(Charleston S C) ; A 338; marine engr 
&. owner tugboat bus Charleston; died 
there 10 Jan 1929 

347-SCULL Fayette B (Pine Bluff 
Ark) ; died 

348-HALL George Ketchum (Mobile 
Ala); mfr & rancher; died Chicago 111 

349-JONES W Kennedy (Helena 
Ark); BS 1878; Memphis Hosp Med 
Coll MD 1881; med stu Paris France; 
phys Memphis Tenn; died 1912 

350-WILSON James L (Yorkville S 

351-FISHER John (Columbia S C) ; 

352-KELLY Charles A (Montgomery 
Ala) ; died St Joseph Mo 17 July 1907 

353-RANDOLPH W K (Evergreen 

354-MART1N J Evans (Brighton S 
C) ; died Augusta Ga 1902 

355-BRUCE James Coles (South 
Boston Va) ; RR employee; died before 

356-LYMAN Theodore Benedict Jr 
(Raleigh N C) ; auditor gas consumers 
assn of U S Los Angeles Calif* 

357-LYMAN Augustus J (Raleigh N 
C); Asheville N C* 

358-ROGERS Frank Marion (Aber- 
deen Miss); U of Miss LLB 1878; atty 
Memphis Tenn* 

359-HUGHES John Robert (Wash- 
ington N C); Trinity Coll; bookkeeper; 
died Pearl River La 12 Apr 1932 

360-HUGHES Nicholas Collin Jr 
(Washington N C); DD 1921; Trinity 
Coll; U of Va; deacon 1881 priest 1894; 
Chocowinity Trinity Sch 1880-1908; 
archdeacon Raleigh convocation 1908- 
1917; chaplain prisoners State Farm 
1917-1919; headmaster St Nicholas' Sch 
Raleigh 1921-1925; Blue Ridge Sch 
1925-1929; died Hendersonville N C 20 
Oct 1947 

Entered Lent Term 1875 

361-QUINTARD George William 
(Sewanee Tenn); A 50 ATO; interior 
decorator archt & mfr brass articles; 
died New York N Y 12 Sept 1908 

362-HARGROVE Claude B (Rome 
Ga); A 128; died 1905 

363-HILZHEIM Hyman Grey (Jack- 
son Miss); A 163; died 

C64-GIST Clarence C (LaGrange 

Ark); A 248 

365-McGOWAN William Campbell 
(Abbeville Court House S C); A 260 
ATO; atty Parker & McGowan Charles- 
ton S C; died before 1914 

366-SNEED Thomas K (Knoxville 
Tenn); A 278; cotton sampler Hill 
Fontaine & Co Memphis Tenn; died 
there 4 Aug 1916 

367-W A R D Samuel Mortimer 
(Charleston S C); A 282; S C state 
senator 1924-1939; died Columbia S C 
13 Dec 1943 

368-HARRIS William L (Mt Pleas- 
ant Tenn); A 321; died there 1 Nov 

369-SEAY Roberdeau Wheat (Provi- 
dence La); A 321; Ky Sch of Med MD 
1879; died 

370-RUCKS William Preston (Friar's 
Point Miss); A 342; Greenville Miss* 

371 -FORREST George P (Memphis 
Tenn); A 374 

372-DUNLAP R E Jr (Humboldt 
Tenn); A 382 

S73-MAYFIELD John Blythe (Over- 
ton Tex) ; BS 1878; whols grocer pres 
Stark-Mayfield Co; Tex trustee U of 
S 1919-1920; died 

374- ALLEN E H (Augusta Ga) ; died 
Newington Va 11 July 1933 

375-McCUNE Edward L (Columbus 

37G-WELLER Reginald Heber Jr 
(Jacksonville Fla) ; DD 1901 LLD 
1925; Nashotah House BD 1884; deacon 
1880 priest 1887; bishop coadjutor Fond 
du Lac 1900 diocesan 1912 ret 1933; 
Fla trustee U of S 1879-1881; see Who 
Was Who, I; died Fond du Lac Wise 
22 Nov 1935 

377-ROBERTS Edward Ennis Gra- 
ham (New Bern N C) ; BA & MA 1878; 
teacher & merchant Rome Ga; Car- 
Wheel Co Anniston Ala; acct Atlanta 
Ga 1899-1909; died Atlanta Ga 16 Apr 

378-TURPIN Jefferson Davis (Bas- 
trop La); died there 9 Nov 1934 

379-McBEE Vardry (Lincolnton N 
C); T 21 BA & MA 1878 DMus 1887; 
Gen Theol Sem; deacon 1884 priest 1886; 
rector All Saints' Ch Sunderland Md 
1899 — ; left ministry became teacher of 
music; died Ronda N C 20 May 1937 

380-McCAW William Bratton (White 
Oak S C) ; died New Orleans La before 

5'81-BARNWELL John Singleton 
(Beaufort S C); So Carolina Coll BA; 
teacher Hampton County S C; died 
Charleston S C 12 Feb 1932 

382-NICKLES Otis (Talladega Ala); 

Entered Trinity Term 1875 
P83-VAUGHAN Fielding (Mobile 
Ala); A 405 CE & BS 1878; U of Va 
LLB; atty; alumni trustee U of S 1884- 
1887; died Mobile 1906 

384-WHETSTONE Thomas Franklin 
(Autaugaville Ala); died Mobile Ala 

385-MARSH Will A (Franklin La); 
Centerville La* 

386-CORNISH Joseph Jenkins (Ai- 
ken S C); BS 1881; Gen Theol Sem; 
instr elocution U of S 1881-1882; dea- 
con 1886 priest 1887; vicar Christ Ch 
Valdosta Ga & mssy Quitman Ga 1917- 
1922; died Jacksonville Fla 6 Feb 1934 

387-IRBY William Ratcliff [Rob] 
(New Orleans La) ; banker & philan- 
thropist; pres bd administrators Tu- 
lane U 1920—; died New Orleans 20 
Nov 1926 

388-THOMAS Edward (Austin Tex) 

Entered Lent Term 1876 

389-MILLER Pitser Jr (Bolivar 
Tenn); A 141 

390-D u B O S E McNeely (Wright's 
Bluff S C); A 187 T 43 BS 1880 GD 
1884 BD 1885 ATO; deacon 1884 priest 
1885; ministry in N C & S C; long time 
in charge of St. Mary's School Raleigh 
N C; registrar U of S 1880-1890; S C 
trustee U of S 1886-1888 alumni trustee 
1889-1892 W N C trustee 1897-1905; 
drowned near Morganton N C 14 Apr 

391 -HABERSHAM Charles (Savan- 
nah Ga); A 191; rice planter Savannah 
River; died about 1886 

392-RUTLEDGE Joseph Underwood 
Huger (Bowling Green Ky); A 192; 
died Sewanee Tenn Aug 1876 

393-BOYKIN William DeSaussure 
(Camden S C); A 214 ATO; died 17 
Apr 1902 

394-SMEDES Charles Edward (New 
Iberia La); A 263 CE 1877; sugar 
planter & mfr; Cade La 

395-CROWNOVER Madison (Frank- 
lin County Tenn); A 300; civil engr; 
died Antlers Okla about 1932 

396-STEINER Ralph (Austin Tex); 
A 324; U of Md MD 1883; U S consul 
Munich Germany; phys (OALR); Tex 
state health off 1911-1915; died Beau- 
mont Tex 2 May 1926 

397-FITTS Henry Bird (Petersburg 
Va) ; A 325; U of Va MD 1880; surg U 
S Army; died 23 Mar 1930 

398-BABCOCK George Cattonnel 
(New Orleans La); A 360 BS 1878 
ATO; MD ; Lafayette La* 

399-DEESON W T (Carson's Land- 
ing Miss); A 363 

400-CANFIELD H Spofford (Alex- 
andria La); A 369; died St Louis Mo 

401-CRUNK William F (Flat Creek 
Tenn); A 372; died Fayetteville Tenn 
about 1900 

402-KRAIL William (New Orleans 
La); A 379; sec Brown Shoe Co St 
Louis Mo; died there 20 Oct 1925 

403-LaPICE Eugene B DeBergondy 
(Welcome La); A 393 CE 1878 ATO; 
civil engr & sugar planter to 1904; supt 
of branches Comm Germania Trust & 
Savings Bank New Orleans La; died 
there 8 Mar 1929 

404-PROUDFIT John W (Memphis 
Tenn) ; A 404; pres State Savings Bank 
Memphis; died there 8 Dec 1922 





405-PUGH Edward Lawrence (Eu- 
faula Ala); A 406; U of Ala 1876—; 
chief bureau of equipment Interstate 
Commerce Commission 1907 Washing- 
ton D C; died 

406-DASHIELL J Y (G?) (Shreve- 
port La); A 409; died before 1914 

407-TEXADA John Augustus 
(Boyce La); A 415; died Gainesville 
Fla May 1944 

408-SANDELS W A W (Mansfield 
La) ; A 383 

409-GARWOOD Alonzo (Bastrop 
Tex); A 390; Rush Med Coll Chicago 
M D; phys FAMA; died Braunfels Tex 
22 May 1932 

410-BAKER Joseph Miner (Selma 
Ala); A 396 KS; mgr cotton seed oil 
mills Selma; Ala trustee U of S 1899- 
1907; died Selma 1916 

411-BENNETT W N (Albany Ga); 
A 399 BS 1878; died before 1914 

412-TARPLEY Collin Southall (Ox- 
ford Miss); A 402; U of Miss BS 1879; 
stock raiser near Jackson Miss; died — 

413-VANCE James Milton (San An- 
tonio Tex); A 411; farmer & sec San 
Antonio International Fair; died there 
26 Jan 1930 

414-VIRDEN Walter (Jackson Miss) ; 
A 425; planter; died Cynthia (Jackson) 
Miss 7 Oct 1944 

415-SAMPSON Peter G (Galveston 
Tex); A 424; in business Galveston 
1879; died before 1914 

416-P A L F R E Y George DeCluet 
(Franklin La); A 422 BS & CE 1878 
ATO; sugar planter; died Birmingham 
Ala 17 Oct 1930 

417-BROSNAHAM John Dudley 
(Pensacola Fla) ; A 428; atty; died Pen- 
sacola 23 Nov 1883 

418-SMITH Gilmer Poindexter (Boli- 
var Tenn); A 430; Columbia U LLB; 
atty New York N Y; died New York 

419-MURDOCH Arthur Culpepper 
(Columbus Ga); A 423; died Augusta 
Ga 12 Oct 1925 

420-SIMMONS C W (Pensacola Fla) ; 
A 444; dealer in pine lumber; died 
Montclair N J about 1915 

421-WILSON William Shipp (Hop- 
kinsville Ky); died there 1904 

422-CRUMP Stephen A D (West 
Point Miss) ; onetime county treas Ma- 
con Ga; died there 29 Aug 1931 

423-GAMBLE Dick (Richard) (Doo- 
ley County Ga); withdrew before grade 
period; Jasper Fla* 

424-SCOTT J S (Van Buren Ark); 
Oakland Calif* 

425-TALIAFERRO Benjamin J (At- 
lanta Ga) ; died 

426-JENKINS Benjamin F Jr (Mans- 
field La) ; El Paso Tex; died 

427- JENKINS John (Mansfield La); 
Shreveport La; died 

428-GRIFFITH James M (Natchito- 
ches La) ; in business Shreveport La 

429-Mc CRAVEN Bonner Nichols 
(Houston Tex); Bloomfield N J; died 

430 -C ATE Thomas Waterman 
(Hammond La); ATO; mfr; died Ham- 
mond 16 Dec 1913 

431-BARTON William Norcom (New 
Orleans La) ; ATO; merchant; died 

432-KERK John Melchoir (Terrene 
Miss); died 22 May 1924 

433-ROSE Henderson Crawford 
(Franklin La) ; sugar planter Loreau- 
ville La; died Franklin 25 Mar 1932 

434-L'ENGLE Peter Porcher (Jack- 
sonville Fla) ; atty Jacksonville; died 
there 30 Sept 1932 

435-BROWN William H (Navasota 
Tex) ; Texas Agr & Mech Coll; farmer 

436-DAVIS Benajah Bibb (Eufaula 
Ala); phys; died Athens Ga 20 July 

437-SHROPSHIRE B D (LaGrange 
Tex); Tehuacana Coll (Tex); dist atty 
& city judge Ft Worth Tex; died there 

438-BEENE Samuel Jackson (Battle 
Creek Tenn); South Pittsburg Tenn; 
died Beaumont Tex 1929 

Entered Trinity Term 1876 

439-QUINTARD Edward Augustus 
(Sewanee Tenn); A 71 BS 1882 ATO; 
mining engr Tex & Mexico 1882 — ; 
died Washington D C 21 Apr 1903 

440-TAYLOR William Josiah (Gal- 
veston Tex); A 96; coffee importer & 
realtor Houston Tex; died there 4 Nov 

441-SHARKEY Robert R (Charleston 
Miss); A 211; New Orleans La* 

442-AIKEN John Gayle (Winnsboro 
S C) ; A 206; Tulane U MD 1891 Hah- 
nemann Med Coll 1892; phys New Or- 
leans La; died there 20 July 1935 

443-GIBSON Samuel Malone (Caney 
Tex); A 219; bank cashier Calvert Tex; 
died there 5 Sept 1933 

444-HAYDEN Augustus Henry Jr 
(Charleston S C); A 358; Med Coll of 
S C MD 1888; phys; died Summerville 
S C 29 Mar 1937 

445-STARNES Mary Davies (Au- 
gusta Ga); A 380 

446-FITTS James H (Petersburg 
Va); A 397; died 1893 

447-JONES Henry Augustine (Tus- 
caloosa Ala); A 398 ATO; U of Ala 
LLB 1887; atty Tuscaloosa; died there 
3 Apr 1933 

448-AVERY Richard McCnrd (Eu- 
faula Ala); A 427; A M Avery & Co 
Pensacola Fla 1890—; died 

449-WARREN Samuel Nathaniel 
(Somerville Tenn); A 431; farmer 
Spring Hill Tenn & v pres Am Jersey 
Cattle Club & pres Tenn State Cattle 
Club; Tenn trustee U of S 1912-1927; 
died Nashville Tenn 16 May 1931 

450-FINNEY W L (New Orleans 
La); A 435 

451-DUFFAU Frank T (Austin Tex); 
A 440; rancher; died Big Spring Tex 6 
Jan 1906 

452-HARANG E Bouligny (Race- 
land La); A 463; Columbus O* 

453-JAMES Vinton Lee (San An- 
tonio Tex); A 458; cattleman & real 

estate San Antonio Tex; died there 

454-PETERSON Marshall Wellborn 
(Navasota Tex); A 457; law student 
1879; died 16 Dec 1906 

455-TEXADA Joseph William (Boyce 
La); A 462; Lamothe La; died 

456-deCOTTES Walter duQuercron 
(Jacksonville Fla); A 468; acct Talla- 
hassee Fla; died there 1934 

457-K NIGHT Albion Williamson 
(Jacksonville Fla); A 459; deacon 1881 
priest 1883; ministry in Fla & Ga; dean 
Cathd St Philip Atlanta Ga 1893-1904; 
1st mssy bishop Cuba 1904-1913; bishop 
in charge Panama Canal Zone 1908- 
1920; 7th vice-chancellor U of S 1913- 
1922; bishop coadjutor N J 1923-1935; 
Fla trustee U of S 1883-1892; alumni 
trustee 1893-1905; DD 1905; see Who 
Was Who I; died Jacksonville Fla 9 
June 1936 

458-PALFREY E D (New Orleans 
La) ; A 466; Franklin La; died Owassa 
O Apr 1917 

459-CHICKERING Fred S (New Or- 
leans La) ; A 451 

460-HITE Claiborne Mcintosh (New 
Orleans La) ; planter & chemist sugar 
refinery Loreauville La; died there 1896 

461-BYERS M Clayton (Batesville 
Ark); diplomatic service U S Govt; 
died Mexico 


463-BILLS John Houston (Bolivar 
Tenn) ; A 432; ins & landowner Bolivar; 
died there 6 Mar 1949 

Entered Lent Term 1877 

464-GRABAU Hubert Pierre LeFev- 
bre (Sewanee Tenn); A 240; Gen 
Theol Sem; deacon 1884 priest 1885; 
died Saratoga Springs N Y 18 Oct 1930 

465-WILLIAMS Joseph Patten (Pro- 
vidence La); A 335; debenture bond 
salesman; died Pewee Valley Ky 15 
Feb 1917 

466-SANCHEZ E F (St Augustine 
Fla); A 450; died 

467-BONNER David R (Nashville 
Tenn) ; A 480; atty; died before 1909 

468-WALTMAN Robert R (Bastrop 
La); A 483; died Bastrop Tex 26 Sept 

469-GOLDSBY J A (Nesbill Ala); 
died before 1914 

470- STONE William Porter (Camden 
Ark); maj U S Army; instr mil sci & 
commandant of cadets U of S 1889- 
1891; died at sea 4 July 1927 

471-HEMPHILL William T (Bastrop 
Tex); Abilene Tex* 

472-PUCKETTE Charles McDonald 
(Natchitoches La); BA 1879 MA 1882 
ATO; pres W Ga A & M Coll (until 
1885); prof ancient languages State 
Normal Sch of La; editor Times-De- 
mocrat New Orleans La; died there 1904 

473- JONES Charles Pollard (Yonges- 
boro Ala); tax agt atty Louisville & 
Nashville RR; dist counsel Central of 
Ga RR Montgomery Ala; adjutant gen 
Ala; died Montgomery 6 Nov 1907 

474-KOONTZ Alexander Ferguson 
(Natchez Miss); Bellevue Med Coll N 





Y; studied in Paris; phys New York 
N Y; died there 5 Mar 1917 

475-PEGUES Alexander Hamilton 
(Oxford Miss); U of Miss Delta Kap- 
pa Epsilon; merchant Columbus Hdw 
& Furniture Co Columbus Miss; died 
there Dec 1938 

476-HARRISON Leon Rivers (Fay- 
ette Miss) ; Ky Sch of Med (Louisville) 
MD 1894; died Fayette 9 July 1919 

477-FOSTER Joseph Warren (Frank- 
lin La); ATO; merchant Franklin; died 
there 10 Feb 1933 

478-DREW John Graeme (Jackson- 
ville Fla); H & W B Drew Co (print- 
ers) Jacksonville; died 8 Dec 1940 

479-GRACEY Julian Frank (Clarks- 
ville Term); Vanderbilt U LLB 1880; 
atty for RRs; inspector gen & brig gen 
Tenn Nat Guard; Clarksville Term* 

480-McGEE William H (Edwards 

481-TYLER Joseph D (Clarksville 
Tenn) ; atty New Providence; died 1929 

482-BARNWELL Robert Woodward 
(Beaufort S C); T 44 BA 1882 DD 1900; 
deacon 1883 priest 1884; ministry in 
Miss Va & S C; rector St Paul's Ch 
Bennettsville S C 1897—; author the- 
ological works; died Florence S C 28 
June 1952 

483-BOYDEN Stephen William Cole 
(Salisbury N C) ; traveled for Segel- 
Cooper Co; died 

484-DAVIS Thomas Frederick (Cam- 
den S C); BA & MA 1881; Fed Land 
Bank & Intermediate Credit Bank New 
Orleans La; died there 28 Apr 1949 

485-TAYLOR Alfred Robert (Birk- 
enhead England); T 41; Gen Theol 
Sem; deacon 1885 priest 1886; rector 
St Mark's Ch E San Diego Calif 1917- 
1927; died Berkeley Calif 18 Oct 1940 

486-KING Thomas Edward (Mar- 
shallville Ga); ATO; atty; died San- 
ford Fla 6 Nov 1935 

487-BLANC Henry William (New 
Orleans ha); A 330 BS 1890 KS; Tulane 
MD 1885; held chair diseases of skin 
New Orleans Polyclinic; health off U of 
S 1891-1893; 1st dean Med Dept U of 
S 1892-1893; died Asheville N C 25 
June 1896 

488-LOVELL William Storrell Jr 
(Hurricane Miss); A 201; Va Mil In- 
stitute ATO; cotton planter & clerk U 
S Dist Court Birmingham Ala; pres 
Montevallo Mining Co Birmingham; 
died there 4 Oct 1942 

489-MAYHEW Charles Henry (New- 
ark N J); A 318 BS 1879; murdered 
Batopilas Chihauhua Mexico 2 Feb 

490-KAUSLER George Shall (New 
Orleans La) ; A 231; fire ins New Or- 
leans La; pres George Kausler Ltd; died 
New Orleans La 21 Dec 1928 

491-KELLOGG James C (New Or- 
leans La) ; A 434; studied in Germany 
France Austria; Vanderbilt U MD; con- 
sul Settin Germany Barranquilla Co- 
lumbia & Colon Panama; see Who Was 
Who I; died Colon Panama 18 Nov 1916 

492-PERCY LeRoy (Greenville 
Miss); A 470 BS 1879; U of Va LLB 
1881; landowner atty & U S Senator 

from Miss 1910-1913; see Who Was 
Who I; died Greenville Miss 24 Dec 

493-SANDELS Lee P (Mansfield 
La) ; A 384; onetime deputy sheriff Ft 
Smith Ark* 

494-WARD Thomas P (Pottersville 
Calif); A 151; died 

495-WORLEY W W (Bastrop La); 
A 394 

Entered Trinity Term 1877 

496-LONG William Hay (Greenwood 
Fla); A 312; mayor Mt Pleasant Tenn 
1911; died 1929 

497-HITE Richard Rousseau (New 
Orleans La); A 315; atty Topeka Kans 
1880—; died there 1928 

498-LOWE Harry Allen (Mobile 
Ala) ; A 333; jr member Price & Lowe; 
died July 1896 

499-G LOVER Joseph H (Graham- 
ville S C) ; A 354; planter; died about 

500-IRBY James J (New Orleans 
La) ; A 438; tobacco bus New Orleans; 
died Colo 

501-HOWELL John M Jr (Thibo- 
daux La) ; A 452; planter Summit La; 

502-RICE Clarence (Helena Ark); 
A 454; died before 1914 

503-MORRIS William A (New Or- 
leans La) ; A 460; salesman J T & Co; 
died New Orleans La 19 Mar 1937 

504-DUNWODY John Frank (Pensa- 
cole Fla); A 473; H Baars Co (timber 
exporters) Pensacola; died there 

505-PALFREY Henry Sterling 
(Franklin La); A 476 ATO; banker & 
planter; Franklin La 

506-KAMPMANN Gustave A (San 
Antonio Tex); A 481 

507-ADAMS Charles W (Vicksburg 
Miss) ; A 482; mgr cotton plantation; 
U S Engr Corps; capt Md Volunteers 
Spanish- Am War; It col Md Nat Guard; 
mayor Easton Md 1908-1909; asst mgr 
Star-Democrat 1909— Sykesville Md; 
died N C 1919 

508-BLACKMAN H G (Mississippi 
City Miss); A 486 

509-RUMBROUGH H T (Warm 
Springs N C); A 489; died 27 June 

510-ROGERS Sion Haywood (Ral- 
eigh N C); A 493; phys; died Raleigh 
7 Jan 1892 

511-JOHNSON Thomas H R (Ft 
Smith Ark); A 513; died Ft Smith 
about 1933 

512-WEBER Henri Carl (Carleton) 
(Nashville Tenn) ; A 516; supt educa- 
tion Nashville Tenn 1897-1900 1906-1909 
1918-1930; see Who Was Who I; died 
Nashville 18 June 1930 

513-DANCY V D (Wilkins Bend 
La); A 517; died before 1914 

514-BRAY W M (Eufaula Ala); A 
505; died 2 May 1900 

515-ALLEN D Berwick (Centerville 
La); died May 1906 

516-NAUTS William Boone (Louis- 
ville Ky) ; T 16 BA B Litt (salut) & MA 
1882 ATO PBK; assoc prof ancient 

languages U of S 1893-1900; prof Latin 
1900-1931; acting dean Coll Arts & Sci- 
ences 1911-1912; commissioner of build- 
ings & lands 1916-1921; acting registrar 
1926-1931; died Athens Greece 20 Apr 

517-KING Sydney Warren (Charles- 
ton S C); T 34 ATO; planter Edisto 
Island S C; teacher & writer (pen name 
"Edward Eugene") Charleston S C; 
died there 18 Oct 1934 

518-CONYERS William Colclough 
(Charleston S C) ; BS 1880 ATO; tur- 
pentine Darien Ga; died Gainesville 
Fla 27 Aug 1889 

519-HOWE James B (Summerville S 
C); died Seattle Wash 4 Mar 1930 

520-MORELAND William Hall 
(Charleston S C); BA MA BLitt & 
BS 1881 DD 1899; Berkeley Divinity 
Sch BD 1884 DD 1900; deacon 1884 
priest 1885; 2nd mssy bishop & 1st 
bishop Sacramento 1899-1933; see Who 
Was Who II; died Delray Beach Fla 27 
Oct 1946 

521-WIGGINS Benjamin Lawton 
(Ridgeville S C); BA 1880 MA 1882 
ATO; Trinity Coll LLD 1899 St John's 
Coll LLD 1902 U of S C LLD 1905; prof 
Greek U of S 1882-1909; 5th vice- 
chancellor U of S 1893-1909; pres As- 
sociated Alumni U of S 1884-1889; died 
Sewanee Tenn 14 June 1909 

522-HALL Kennan (Macon Ga); 
Coll Phys & Surg Baltimore Md MD 
1881; died Macon 10 July 1904 

523- SIMMONS Frank (Pensacola 
Fla) ; pine lumber dealer; died New 
York N Y 7 Dec 1912 

524-SMITH Louis Wardlaw (Abbe- 
ville S C); BS 1880 ATO; atty Benet 
Rice & Smith Abbeville and Atlanta; 
died 22 Apr 1888 

525-McLESTER Robert (North Port 
Ala) ; precentor U of S 1886-1889; pres 
McLester-Van Hoose Co (wholesale 
grocers) Birmingham Ala; died Louis- 
ville Ky 22 Oct 1917 

526-GRUBB Robert Elliott (Louis- 
ville Ky); T 18 GD 1884 PDT; deacon 
1884 priest 1885; choirmaster U of S & 
study master Sewanee Grammar Sch 
1887-1888; rector Christ Ch Bay St 
Louis Miss; Fla trustee U of S 1893- 
1898; ministry in Ky Fla & Miss; died 
Mississippi City Miss 13 Aug 1948 

Entered Lent Term 1878 
527-BICKHAM Warren Stone (New 
Orleans La); A 298; Yale U 1881 U cf 
La M Pharm 1882 Tulane U MD 1886 
LLD 1925 Coll of Phys & Surg N Y 
MD 1887; surg (FAMA) New York N 
Y & asst instr operative surgery Co- 
lumbia U; see Who Was Who I; died 
New York N Y 1 Dec 1936 

528-B E C K E T T John Temple (Co- 
lumbia Tenn); A 419 ATO; broker 
Dominick & Dominick; died New York 
N Y 9 Mar 1931 

529-JOHNSON Alexander C (Nash- 
ville Tenn); A 474; died 

530-CUNNINGHAM Robert W 
(Summit Miss); A 499; died before 

531-McCONNELL James S Jr (New 
Orleans La) ; A 511 SAE; died 1929 





532-MAYER Herman (Franklin La) ; 
A 502; merchant New Orleans La; died 
before 1938 

533- ADAMS H S (Roswell Ga); A 
518; Fla state legislature 1885; business 
Oak Hill Fla; died before 1914 

534-BOOKER Jesse Hare (Lynch- 
burg Va) ; A 532; died Lynchburg Va 7 
Jan 1881 

535-PERKINS Thomas James Jr 
(Tallahassee Fla); A 529; West Fla 
Sem (Fla State U) grad 1876; agt 
Southern RR White Springs Fla; died 
Lake City Fla 10 June 1954 

536-STOWERS Gabe (Wilson Point 
La); A 538; Shelburn La; died 21 Jan 

537-POLK William A (Sewanee 
Tenn); died before 1914 

538-RAVENEL Mazyck Porcher 
(Pendleton S C) ; ATO PBK; Med Coll 
of S C MD 1884; prof of bacteriology 
U of Wis 1907 — ; prof med bacteriology 
& preventive med U of Mo 1914-1932 
(then emeritus prof) ; see Who Was 
Who II; died Columbia Mo 14 Jan 1946 

539-PONDER Silas D (Natchitoches 
La) ; Maury La; died 

540-McCRACKEN William Charles 
(New Orleans La) 

541-BALLARD Alexander Blair (At- 
lanta Ga); SAE; onetime cattle busi- 
ness Montana; Tampa Fla; died 

542-BRATTON William DuBose 
(White Oak S C); BS 1880; S C Med 
Coll MD; phys U S Navy; died of in- 
juries received on shipboard Sabine 
Pass Tex 3 Oct 1897 

543-GIBBES Julian E (Charleston 
S C); died before 1914 

Entered Trinity Term 1878 

544-BEARD John Shepard (Talla- 
hassee Fla); A 140; lawyer & legisla- 
tor Pensacola Fla; died about 1927 

545-HERNDON Stanley Bell (Eu- 
taw Ala); A 346; cotton broker; died 
Mobile Ala 1909 

546-DOWE Coleman H (Griffin Ga) ; 
A 347 

547-BRATTON Theodore DuBose 
(Winnsboro S C) ; A 364 T 55 GD 1887 
BD 1890 DD 1901 ATO PBK; U of 
Miss LLD 1911; deacon 1887 priest 1888; 
prof history Converse Coll 1890-1899; 
rector St Mary's Sch Raleigh N C 1899- 
1903; founder All Saints' Coll Vicks- 
burg Miss; 3rd bishop Miss 1903-1938; 
with YMCA in France World War I; 
9th chancellor U of S 1936-1938; S C 
trustee 1892-1897; Miss trustee 1903- 
1938; regent 1916-1938 (chairman 1935- 
1936); see Who Was Who II; died 
Jackson Miss 26 June 1944 

548-WEED Edward Henry (Mobile 
Ala) ; A 433; U S Post Office many yrs 
Tampa Fla; died there 8 Dec 1942 

549-GLOVER John Heywood (At- 
lanta Ga); A 484 ATO; mfr Marietta 
Ga; died 

550-BUCKMAN Elwood H (Jackson- 
ville Fla); A 530; died Dec 1887 

551-HUMPHREYS Joseph Alexander 
(Tigerville La); A 528 ATO; sugar 
planter Humphreys La; died Lexington 
Ky 5 Apr 1933 

552-WATERMAN Myles Standish 
(New Orleans La) ; A 523; sec Boston 
Club; died New Orleans Jan 1928 

553-ATHEY William Beaty (Holly 
Springs Miss); died Holly Springs 2 
Mar 1926 

554-KEESEE T Woodfin (Clarksville 
Tenn) ; A 557; cotton buyer Helena 

555-POSTELL Dan L (Plaquemine 
La); surveyor; died Plaquemine 1882 

556-SMTTH Augustus Wardlaw 
(Abbeville La); ATO; cotton mfr & 
exec Spartanburg & Greenville S C; 
see Who Was Who I; died Greenville 
13 June 1964 

557-WHITTLE James Murray (Ma- 
con Ga); died Macon June 1922 

558-WILLIAMSON Willie M 
(Shreveport La); RR business New 
Orleans La; died in South America 

559-WYCHE Thomas J (Warrenton 
Va); ATO; chief engr & builder West- 
ern Pacific RR; died about 1924 

560- WILSON W T (Atlanta Ga) 

561-DANA Charles B (Natchez 
Miss) ; signal corps U S Army Spanish- 
Am War; died Marquez Puerto Rico 
Sept 1898 

562-MAXWELL Charles Neville 
(Tuscaloosa Ala) ; A 556; U of Ala MA 
1881; pres Tuscaloosa St Railway Co 
1881-1884 pres J Snow Hdw Co 1885—; 
died Tuscaloosa 24 May 1943 

Entered Lent Term 1879 

563-HERNDON Edward Tremlett 
(Mobile Ala); A 195; broker; died 
Nashville Tenn winter 1883 

564-CROSLEY Charles Clayton 
(Memphis Tenn); A 203; died Monroe 
La 22 Dec 1888 

565-MILES William Mazyck 
(Charleston S C); A 334; died Seattle 
Wash 18 Aug 1896 

566-SWANN Edward (Fernandina 
Fla); A 492; Columbia U PhB 1885 MA 
& LLB 1886; dist atty New York N Y 
1915 & judge; rep from N Y 57th U S 
Congress; see Who's Who 1938-1939; 
died Jensen Beach Fla Oct 1934 

567-PATTERSON Rozelle (Austin 
Miss); A 498 

568-KERR John L (Austin Miss); A 

569-ELLIOTT Arthur Beverly (Sa- 
vannah Ga); A 534 CE 1883 ATO; U of 
Va CE; civil engr & rice planter & ins 
business; died Savannah 28 Jan 1904 

570-PRESTON James Cummings 
(Galveston Tex); A 537 BS 1884 SAE; 
atty in Fla & Ky U S Govt service Pu- 
erto Rico 1900-1910; sec to vice-chan- 
cellor U of S 1913-1914 & registrar 
1915-1922; hospital staff 1919-1922; died 
Sewanee Tenn 4 Nov 1922 

571-CORPENING R V (Sewanee 
Tenn); A 549 

572-BOYKIN Lemuel Whi taker 
(Camden S C); A 558; farmer & Fed 
Land Bank appraiser; died Columbia 
S C June 1932 

573-PERCY William Armstrong Jr 
(Greenville Miss); A 559 B Litt BS & 
BA & MA 1882 ATO; U of Va LLB 

1884; atty Memphis Tenn 1885—; died 
Apr 1912 

574-MEISNER Henry William 
(Greenville Miss) ; A 560; partner Sey- 
bolt & Meisner (cotton & grain) Tem- 
ple Tex; pres Temple Cotton Oil Co; 

575-WILSON Albert Sidney Johnson 
(New Orleans La); A 561 

576-SIMMONS Henry Julian (?) 
(W?) (Pensacola Fla); A 566; died be- 
fore 1914 

577-G A R W O O D Hiram Morgan 
(Bastrop Tex); A 572 BS 1883 DCL 
1922 ATO; atty Bastrop & Houston & 
Bastrop County judge 1888-1890; memb 
Tex House of Rep 1886-1888 state sen- 
ator 1890-1892 board of regents U of 
Tex 1894-1896; see Who Was Who I; 
died Houston Tex 15 May 1930 

578-DYE Walter Rufus (Augusta 
Ga); T 42; deacon 1886 priest 1887; 
served churches in Ga Ala New Mex 
N C Miss & Md; died Waynesboro Ga 
Oct 1935 

579-REID George A (Nashville 
Tenn); atty; died Nashville 

580-HARRIS John Augustus (Nat- 
chez Miss); T 48 SAE; deacon 1885 
priest 1887; ministry in Miss & Calif; 
died Banning Calif 5 Mar 1900 

581-WHALEY J Swinton (Edisto Is- 
land S C); Sea Island cotton planter; 
S C trustee U of S 1898-1930; regent 
1911-1914; died Little Edisto S C Dec 

582- COACHMAN Julian Ravenel 
(Bronson Fla) ; died soon after leav- 
ing Sewanee Dec 1880 

583-MYERS B S (Baxter S C) ; died 
Charlotte N C 1917 

584-LIPPITT Frank B (Wilmington 
N C); Atlanta Ga; died 1929 

585-DUVAL J W Jr (Bastrop Tex); 
died there 16 June 1924 

586-SEAY Samuel Jr (Nashville 
Tenn); grad U S Mil Acad; Spanish- 
Am War; maj U S Army; died Wash- 
ington D C 4 Dec 1913 

587-MEARES Louis Henry (Raleigh 
N C); Florence S C* 

Entered Trinity Term 1879 

588-DUNCAN William Patterson 
(New Orleans La) ; A 286 ATO; died 24 
June 1888 

589-McGLOHON Samuel Bailey 
(Chattanooga Tenn) ; A 370 T 56 SAE; 
deacon 1885 priest 1888; rector St Paul's 
Ch Savannah Ga; Ga trustee U of S 
1914-1925 1926-1938 emeritus 1941-1949; 
died Savannah 5 Sept 1949 

590-CARUTHERS W S (Jackson 
Tenn); A 495; U of Mo (engr); died 

591-JOHNS Edward Lovell (Sewa- 
nee Tenn) ; A 512; onetime law stu- 
dent New York N Y; died Bristol R I 

592- GADSDEN Edward Hamilton 
(Charleston S C); A 552 ATO; farmer; 
died Charleston 7 July 1900 

593-HABERSHAM Edward Elliott 
Camber (Savannah Ga) ; A 554; died 
Brooklyn N Y Feb 1917 





594-THOMPSON Robert W (Nash- 
ville Term) ; A 555; died 1888 

595-FROST Frank Ravenel (Charles- 
ton S C); A 583; Harvard U BA 1886; 
atty Charleston S C; capt 3rd U S 
Volunteer Infantry Spanish-Am War 
in Cuba; died Charleston 9 Oct 1939 

596-GARRETT Henry (Dallas Tex); 
A 592; supt Dallas police & fire dept 
signal system 41 years; died there 16 
Jan 1952 

597-H UGHES Edward Walter 
(Charleston S C); A 591 BS 1884 KS; 
U of Va LLB; 1st U S dist atty 1894- 
1899 referee in bankruptcy memb S C 
legislature 1888-1894; S C trustee U of 
S 1889-1891; died Charleston S C 1943 

598-THOMPSON Jacob Jr (Memphis 
Tenn) ; cotton planter; died Helena 
Ark 1922 

599-MARKS William Mathews 
(Montgomery Ala); BS 1882; cotton 
merchant; Ala trustee U of S 1911- 
1917; died Montgomery 28 May 1928 

600-PALFREY Frank Richardson 
(Franklin La) ; ATO; died Franklin 18 
Feb 1889 

601-MARKHAM F D (Vicksburg 
Miss) ; realtor; died 

602-GLASS James Gamewell (Co- 
lumbia S C); T 58 GD 1887 BA 1917 
DD 1928 SAE; deacon 1886 priest 1888; 
asst Sewanee Grammar Sch 1882 tutor 
1886; ministry in S C Ala & Fla; dean 
Cathd St Luke Orlando Fla 1917-1922; 
archdeacon 1923-1939; alumni trustee U 
of S 1887 S C trustee 1898-1900 S Fla 
trustee 1914-1938 except for 1 yr; sec 
bd of trustees 40 yrs; historiographer 
U of S; died Sewanee Tenn 27 Oct 

603-P A L F R E Y Thomas Bisland 
(Franklin La) ; KS; banker San An- 
tonio Tex; W Tex trustee U of S 1909- 
1912; died San Antonio 20 Aug 1914 

604-TABER Albert Rhett Jr (Ft 
Motte S C & Montgomery Ala); plant- 
er Ft Motte S C* 

605- CORNISH Andrew Ernest (Ai- 
ken S C); T 50 GD 1885 KA; deacon 
1885 priest 1886; chaplain Seamen's 
Home & rector Ch on St James' Island 
S C; died Charleston 1920 

Entered Lent Term 1880 

(Charleston S C); A 573; Med Coll of 
S C; died Charleston S C 

607-HOSKINS William Lee (Mem- 
phis Tenn); A 584; died New York N 

608-MORRISON James C (Wilming- 
ton N C) ; A 589; died 7 June 1915 

609-McALLEN James Balli (Browns- 
ville Tex) ; A 595; cattle rancher 
Brownsville; died there 1916 

610-ELLIOTT Harry [William Henry 
Jr] (Savannah Ga); A 604 SAE; elect 
engr N Y Central RR; died Albany N 

611-JOHNSON Harry Keene (Leota 
Landing Miss); A 611; RR builder real- 
tor & bldg supplies; died Baytown Tex 
11 Dec 1949 

612-SHEPPARD Lemuel Field (Oko- 
lona Miss); A 614; Dallas Tex* 

613-TRICE J Frank (Shreveport 
La) ; onetime steamboat capt Red Riv- 
er; died 1906 

614-PE ARSON G W (Sewanee 
Tenn); U of Nashville MD 1882; phys 
Pelham Tenn* 

615-CADY Walter Clafein (New 
London Conn) ; Mass Institute of Tech- 
nonogy; Brookline Mass; died 10 Mar 

616- WOODRUFF Frank L (Memphis 
Tenn); died before 1914 

617-CLARK James Clay (Eutaw 
Ala) ; Atlanta Ga; planter; died Eu- 

618-PERCY John Walker (Green- 
ville Miss) ; BA & MA 1883 ATO; U of 
Va LLB; atty Percy & Benners Birm- 
ingham Ala; pres Ensley Land Co; 
died Miss in shot gun accident Feb 

619-PARSONS John D (Cedar Keys 
Fla); died New York N Y 29 Sept 

620-FINLAY John Frederick (Green- 
ville S C); T 51 GD 1886 ATO; deacon 
1886 priest 1887; died Greenville 3 Mar 

621-C APERS Frank Fayssoux 
(Greenville S C); v pres 1st Nat Bank 
Greenville; died there 16 Dec 1911 

622-McBEE William Bohan (Green- 
ville S C); ATO; cotton mfg Water- 
ville Me; pres Blackstone Mut Fire Ins 
Co; died Providence R I 2 Mar 1932 

623-COXE Otis M (Charlotte N C); 
died Asheville N C 

624-GREEN George F (Charleston 
S C) ; died while a Sewanee student 28 
May 1880 

625-COBBS John Hamner (Greens- 
boro Ala) ; mining engr Mexico; died 
there 1906 

626-STICKNEY Samuel P (Greens- 
boro Ala) ; cotton business; died about 

627-DOUGLAS William Taylor (Dry 
Grove Miss); deacon 1884 priest 1885; 
ministry in La Kans Tex Colo & missy 
to Hupa Indians Calif; died Calif 1 Mar 

628-ROBINSON John W (Jackson 

629-GANAHL Adams G (Augusta 
Ga) ; Jacksonville Fla; drowned 

630-HARRIS Samuel Beveridge 

Entered Trinity Term 1880 

631-MANSFIELD Charles Frederick 
(Mansfield HI); A 621 ATO; onetime 
planter; asst atty gen State of HI; died 
Chicago 111 24 May 1930 

632- STARR Edward Augustus (Vic- 
toria Tex); A 629; died Long Beach 
Calif about 1934 

633-BOLLING James Alfred (Carau- 
chua Bay Indianola Tex); A 634 ATO; 
county commissioner Victoria Tex 
1914; died Edna Tex 27 Sept 1929 

634-ROBINSON Eugene (Austin 
Tex) ; A 638; realtor Robinson & Hanby 
Austin Tex; died 

635-BREMOND Walter (Austin 
Tex); A 639 ATO; pres Capital Nat 
Bank Austin; Tex trustee U of S 1904- 
1906; died Austin 25 Feb 1926 

636-RENICK Eddie C (Waco Tex); 
A 545; died Calvert Tex 14 Feb 1903 

637-Corpening Charles Macon (Se- 
wanee Tenn & N C) ; A 550; U S Naval 
Acad B S 1885; U S Navy; World War 
I; died Marion N C Mar 1949 

638-MAYES Walter Marshall (Co- 
lumbia Tenn); A 562; ace Birmingham 
Ala; died 

639-STILES Hamilton Couper (Cart- 
ersville Ga); A 567; Washington & Lee 
U 1881-1883; onetime mgr Aetna Pow- 
der Co; died Birmingham Ala 1923 

640-JUDAH Dunlap Farley (Pensa- 
cola Fla) ; A 580; died before 1914 

641-SWANN Samuel Davis (Fernan- 
dina Fla); A 590; pharmacist & mfr; 
died Baltimore Md 19 Jan 1910 

642-BUTLER J S Jr (Loyd La) 

643-SHIELDS Albert Evans (Louis- 
ville Ky); ATO; salesman Little Rock 
Ark; died July 1939 

644-BUTLER F P (Loyd's Bridge 
La); Med Coll State of S C MD 1882; 
phys Columbia S C* 

645-BARTON Clarence C (Napoleon- 
ville La); planter; died 11 Apr 1923 

646-LANIER James Augustus (Na- 
poleon ville La) ; citrus grower; died 
New Orleans La 1907 
647-CLAY C J (Lonoke Ark & Ga) 
648-MITCHELL Alexander Robert 
(Charleston S C); T 49 GD 1885 DD 
1933 SAE; deacon 1885 priest 1886; 
rector Christ Ch & St James' Ch 
Greenville S C 1921—; died there 19 
Jan 1949 

649-HORD D A (Greenville Miss) 
650-DOZIER Richard Jr (George- 
town S C) ; Abbeville La; broker; ship- 
builder Houston Tex; died there Oct 

651-WARING F H (Cement P O Ga) 

(Shreveport La) ; planter near Bayou 

Wincey Coushatta La* 

Entered Lent Term 1881 

653-KELLS John C (Moffat Tenn) 
(Monteagle Tenn); A 514 

654-DeLOACH T Allen (Memphis 
Tenn) ; A 535; died yellow fever? 

655-BRUNSON R (Pine Bluff Ark); 
A 576; Florence S C* 

656-WADDILL George Anderson 
(Maund Station La) ; A 579 KS; Mexi- 
co; died 

657-WRIGHT Charles Thomas (Se- 
wanee Tenn); A 586 T 57 GD 1887 
DTD; Southwestern at Memphis DD; 
deacon 1886 priest 1887; rector Otey 
Mem Ch Sewanee 1913-1916; rector 
Grace Ch Memphis Tenn 1919-1926; 
instr elocution & acting prof ecclesi- 
astic hist U of S 1915-1916; Ga trustee 
U of S 1908-1913; alumni trustee 1933- 
1937; regent 1911-1932; died Memphis 
Aug 1932 

658-ELLIOTT Stephen Habersham 
(San Antonio Tex); A 596 ArO; col 
U S Army & teacher mil hist Ft Leav- 
enworth Kans; died Washington D C 

659-RANDOLPH Richard Rutherford 
(Greensboro Ala); A 610; real estate; 





814 Country Club Blvd Birmingham 

660-JOHNSON Ben (Leota Landing 
Miss); A 622; Greenville Miss Tulsa 
Okla; engr Fla 1913; died Tulsa about 

661-RANNIE William R (Nashville 
Tenn); A 616; sec Fla Real Estate Com- 
mission; died Jacksonville Fla 1 July 

662-NOBLE R S (New Orleans La) ; 
A 632 

663-BROWN "William L Jr (Nash- 
ville Tenn) ; A 655; business man; 
died before 1914 

664-COOK E L (Hicksford Va); A 
656; Montgomery Ala* 

665-BOLLING William E (Montgo- 
mery Ala) ; A 676; New York N Y; died 
many years before 1948 

666-JERVEY Henry (Charleston S 
C); CE 1884 DCL 1930 SAE; U S Mil 
Acad 1888; asst chief of staff & maj gen 
U S Army World War I (ret 1922); 
Charleston S C 1922-1942; see Who 
Was Who II; died Washington D C 30 
Sept 1942 

667-1 NGLESBY William Henry 
(Charleston S C) ; KS; North East RR 
Roanoke Va; killed in train wreck near 
Charleston 7 June 1886 

668-STICKNEY Fenner Satterthwaite 
(Washington N C) ; ministry in N C & 
Va; rector Monumental Ch Richmond 
Va; died there 14 Aug 1897 

669-BARTON Walter Irving (Na- 
poleonville La) ; ATO; grad Eastman's 
Business Coll Poughkeepsie N Y 1883; 
died 3 Dec 1906 

670-CLARK Morris Kerr (Clarks- 
ville Tenn) ; KS; mfr shell buttons; 
died Clarksville 

671-GUERRY William Alexander 
(Summerville S C) ; T 62 MA 1884 GD 
1888 BD 1891 DD 1907 SAE; deacon 
1888 priest 1889; chaplain & prof homi- 
letics & pastoral theol U of S 1893- 
1907; bishop coadjutor S C 1907 8th 
bishop S C 1908-1928; S C trustee U of S 
1907-1928; see Who Was Who I; died 
Charleston S C 9 June 1928 

672-ELLIOTT Edward Stiles (Savan- 
nah Ga); MA 1884 SAE; LLB; maj 1st 
regiment Ga inf; onetime principal 
high sch Summerville S C; lecturer in 
law U of S 1908-1909; attended U of 
Va & Johns Hopkins U; arty Savannah; 
Ga trustee U of S 1908-1911; died Sa- 
vannah 11 Dec 1920 

673-WHITMIRE Barton Thomas 
(Greenville S C) ; SAE; died 

674-GUILBEAU B H (Grand Coteau 

675-KNOX Inman Horner (Atlanta 
Ga); KS; died before 1914 

676-MAXWELL L J (Knoxville 
Tenn); A 674; Savannah Ga* 

677-WINGFIELD John Page (Beni- 
cia Calif); SAE; prof & mil comman- 
dant St Augustine's Coll Benicia; 
killed 9 July 1889 

678-MOULTON Alfred Menard (New 
Orleans La); KS; died before 1914 

679-LEAKE James Jr (Bayou Sara 
La); died 1895 

680-BARRET Thomas Charles 
(Shreveport La); SAE; La state sena- 
tor 1896-1912 (pres pro tern & It gov 
1908-1912); It gov 1912-1916; died 
Shreveport 17 Mar 1922 

681-FOOTMAN George Davis (Sa- 
vannah Ga); A 622 KS; engr; died 

Entered Trinity Term 1881 

682-HARTRIDGE Alfred Lamar (Sa- 
vannah Ga); A 623 PDT; died before 

683-SHAFFER Thomas A (Terre- 
bonne La) ; A 626; planter Kildare 
Plantation Baton Rouge La; died New 
Orleans La June 1950 

684-BREMOND Randolph Robinson 
(Austin Tex); A 637; died 1889 

685-GILLMAN Emil (Selma Ala); 
A 644; died 

686-FORSTER John Arthur (George- 
town S C) ; A 646; Louisville Ky* 

687-McDOWELL Alexander B (Rea- 
gan Tex); A 652; merchant New York 
N Y 1907 

688-DAVIS Charles N (Memphis 
Tenn); A 661 

689-BAILEY James Franklin 
(Bailey's Mills Ga); A 671 PDT; died 
Columbia S C 4 Apr 1944 

690-RIVES Herbert (Jefferson Tex); 
A 666; died Jefferson 9 Apr 1919 

691-MILES M D (Natchez Miss); 

692-ROWELL William S (Rome Ga) ; 
referee in bankruptcy Rome Ga for 20 
yrs & judge; editorial writer Rome Tri- 
bune-Herald; died Rome Ga 31 Aug 

693-FARLEY W B (Marianna Fla); 
died there 

694-FRANCKE H G (New Orleans 
La); 56 Fuller Rd Albany N Y 

695-CAMPBELL J W (Jackson 
Tenn) ; sec treas Washington Cotton 
Oil Co Washington La* 

696-MARKS Arthur Handley (Win- 
chester Tenn) ; KS; Vanderbilt U Johns 
Hopkins U; sec Am legation London 
Eng 1888; poet; died Monteagle Tenn 
7 Sept 1892 

697-COACHMAN James H (Bronson 
Fla); died Lake Placid Fla about 1926 

Entered Lent Term 1882 

698-HALL William Bonnell Jr 
(Lowndesboro Ala); BS CE & MA 
1885 PBK; U of Va MD 1890; U of S 
prof med sch & health off 1893-1900 
prof physics 1893 — prof botany 1906- 
1907 dean Coll of Arts & Sciences 1909- 
1914 6th vice-chancellor 1909-1914; 
alumni trustee 1914-1933; regent 1914- 
1934; planter Selma Ala; see Who's 
Who 1914-1915; died Selma 20 Feb 1946 

699-FITTS William Cochrane 
(Clarksville Tenn) ; Southwestern 
Presbyterian U BL LLD 1927; U of Ala 
LLB 1890; atty gen State of Ala 1894- 
1898; asst U S atty gen; Reconstruction 
Finance Corp Washington D C; see 
Who's Who 1938-1939; died Washing- 
ton 26 Feb 1954 

700-PLATT John Meade (San Fran- 
cisco Calif); SAE; Columbia U LLB 
1888; U S internal revenue service; 

atty; established John M Piatt Bank 
Seattle Wash; died Berkeley Calif 22 
May 1953 

701-KINNEY C D (Austin Tex); 
died there 4 Apr 1943 

702-FERGUSON J DuGin (Green- 
ville Miss) 

703-MICOU Benjamin (Ala); BS 
1885 SAE; city atty Anniston Ala; chief 
clerk U S sec Navy; Washington D C; 

704- YOUNG William Thaddeus (Al- 
lensville Ky) ; PDT; died Allensville 6 
Dec 1926 

705-VON ENDE Elard Ferdinand 
(Greenville Tex); KS; died Green- 
ville 1 Feb 1948 

706-COOMBE Andrew Palmer 
(Washington La); Standard Oil Co of 
Ohio more than 40 yrs 10 yrs Mexico 
& pres 1908-1928; died Cleveland Ohio 
27 Apr 1944 

707-BROCK Lee (Cumberland Fur- 
nace Tenn); KS; Spanish-Am War 1st 
It; died Nashville Tenn about 1 Feb 

708-HILLIN Samuel H (Pine Hill 
Tex); Memphis Med Sch MD 1890; 
phys Houston Tex; died 1 Feb 1939 

709-LAMB Stephen Hall Jr (Mem- 
phis Tenn); died 

710-HAZLEHURST James Nisbet 
(Chattanooga Tenn) ; KS; surveyor; 
died at Brussels Belgium while on 
peace commission work 1919 

711-BROWNRIGG Richard Thomas 
(Columbus Miss); BS 1886 KS; atty St 
Louis Mo; onetime pres Bd of Alder- 
men; died St Louis 13 Mar 1951 

Entered Trinity Term 1882 
712-E L M O R E Benjamin Thomas 
(Opelika Ala); A 527 BS & CE 1885 
SAE; civil engr NC&StLRRSA& 
M RR (now Seaboard Airline) & B & 
B; statistical analyst Interstate Com- 
merce Cmssn; died Chevy Chase Md 
21 May 1939 

713-BOUCHER Augustus (New Or- 
leans La) ; A 571 BA & B Litt 1890 MA 
1891 PDT; artist; died New Orleans La 
9 Apr 1895 

714-FINLEY William Peronneau (Ai- 
ken S C); A 598 BA 1886 MA 1887 
SAE; U of Va (law) ; atty San Antonio 
Tex; died 24 Mar 1934 

715-H A R R I S O N George Evelyn 
(Brandon Va); A 635; archt; died 

716-REESE Warren Stone (Montgo- 
mery Ala) ; A 645 ATO; U of Ala LLB 
1890; atty & circuit ct judge Montgo- 
mery; died there 8 June 1953 

717-CUNNINGHAM Hugh (Nash- 
ville Tenn); A 648 PDT; sec Benn Se- 
lector Telegraph Co Chicago 111 (1909); 
died 2 Nov 1928 

718-CUNNINGHAM Percy (Nash- 
ville Tenn); A 649 PDT; bookkeeper 
U Supply Store & Bank of Sewanee; 
died Sewanee Tenn 1916 

719-CHAFFE Charles Jr (New Or- 
leans La); A 650 KS; died New Or- 
leans 14 Apr 1900 

720-RAGUET H W (Terrell Tex); 
A 651; died before 1914 





721-HENDERSON Archibald 
(Charleston S C); A 677 ATO; sold 
diamond drills; Birmingham Ala; died 
Society Hill S C about 1915 

722-GUILBEAU Preston L (Breaux 
Bridge La) ; A 673; La State U BS KS; 
Tulane U LLB atty; La inspector agr 
schools; died Baton Rouge La 10 Aug 

723-NELSON T M Jr (Albany Ga); 
A 685; died there 21 May 1940 

724- CHICHESTER Arthur Mason 
(Leesburg Va); A 686 KS; died 

725-STEDMAN J W (Wilmington N 
C); A 688 

726-ROBINSON John McHenry Jr 
(Louisville Ky); A 691 PDT; died be- 
fore 1914 

727-STEWART Charles F (Minden 
La) ; A 694; died before 1914 

728-TAPP John Rives (Louisville 
Ky) ; A 707; died Kansas City Mo 1929 

729-HOWERTON James Charles 
(Cuero Tex); A 708 KS; onetime J C 
Howerton & Co (merchandise brokers) 
Ft Worth Tex; died Cuero Tex 30 Oct 

730-FLANDERS W P (Macon Ga); 
A 709; onetime agt Charter Oak Stove 
Atlanta Ga; Mt Vernon N Y* 

731-RICHARDSON William Allen 
(Glendale Ky) ; A 710 PDT; chief engr 
Litchfield & Madison RR Edwardsville 
111; died there 22 Nov 1942 

732-DROUILLARD Van Leer (Nash- 
ville Term) ; rancher Calif; died there 
many years ago 

733-BELLINGER George Rivers (Ye- 
massee S C); MA 1885 KA; sec Sloss 
Iron & Steel Co Brookside Ala; died 

734-DASHIELL Alfred Henry (Kauf- 
man Tex); BA (salut) 1887 DTD; atty 
Terrell Tex; died 

735-ALLEN William Grover (Louis- 
ville Ky); PDT; died 17 Oct 1904 

736-ROBINSON H W (Grahamton 
Ky) ; Louisville Ky* 

737-AYLESWORTH William George 
Anderson (Grahamton Ky) ; PDT; died 

738-WARREN Hugh Collins (Eden- 
ton N C); SAE; onetime Va-Carolina 
Chem Co Montgomery Ala; died Wil- 
mington N C 10 Feb 1912 

739-WARREN J Collins (Edenton N 
C); died 

740-WILLIAMS Joseph Crowley 
(Lafourche Crossing La) 

741-HALSEY Fred D (Tyler Tex); 
KS; died Corsicana Tex 

742-BUTT Archibald Willingham de- 
Graft'enreid (Augusta Ga); DTD; jour- 
nalist & author; Spanish Am War; maj 
U S Army mil aide to Presidents The- 
odore Roosevelt and William Howard 
Taft; see Who Was Who I; died in 
sinking of Titanic 15 Apr 1912 

743-DUNN Lee (New Orleans La); 
pres Mortgage Loan Co Mexico City* 

744-LANE L M (San Antonio Tex); 
A 717 

Entered Lent Term 1883 

745-JONES Samuel Goode Jr 
(Yongesboro Ala); A 488 PDT; grad 
U S Mil Acad 1890; Spanish-Am War 
service in Cuba & Philippines; World 
War I France DSM British Cross of St 
Michael & St George; brig gen U S 
Army; died Montgomery Ala 17 Sept 

746-KIRBY-SMITH Edmund Jr (Se- 
wanee Tenn); A 501 SAE; mining & 
civil engr & contractor Mexico; died 
Long Beach Calif 26 Aug 193$ 

747-HODGSON John Hamilton Pot- 
ter (Sewanee Tenn); A 599 DCL 1913 
PDT; U of Va MD 1890; chief of clinic 
Columbia U New York N Y; lecturer 
(Obg) U of S med sch 1892-1893; 
alumni trustee U of S 1910-1917; regent 
1911-1917; died Toronto Canada 4 Aug 

748-McBEE Thomas (Lincolnton N 
C); A 625 PDT; died 1908 

749-MATHEWES Charles Peronneau 
(Clarksville Ga); A 672 DTD; cotton 
broker pres Mathewes Sitton & Spen- 
cer Spartanburg; 486 Peronneau St 
Spartanburg S C 

750-COOPER Barbour Dicks (Hazel- 
hurst Miss); A 695 PDT; phys; died 
Mansfield La 1934 

751-TRESCOT William Bull (Wash- 
ington D C); A 692 KS; died Washing- 
ton D C 28 Mar 1885 

752-ROBERTSON Walter Lee (Sa- 
lado Tex) ; A 734 KS; died 4 Mar 1907 

753-PORTNER Robert Pritchard 
(New Orleans La); A 723 SAE; lum- 
ber; died Norfolk Va 7 Apr 1930 

754-AMES Charles Bulkley (Wau- 
keenah Fla) ; A 729 M 947; died Louis- 
ville Ky 1905 

755-MOULTON Edgar (New Orleans 
La) ; KS; gen mgr New Orleans joint 
traffic bureau; died there 12 Mar 1955 

756-LAMB John Hall (DeLand Fla); 
BS 1888 KA; U of Ga LLB; atty; died 
Jacksonville Fla 

757-MORENO Cameron Anderson 
(Mobile Ala); PDT; grocer Mobile; 
died Birmingham Ala Dec 1945 

758-MOODY W L (Scottsboro Ala) 

759-THOMFSON William Bess (New 
Orleans La); BS 1886 KS; Johns Hop- 
kins U 1886-1887 Columbia U LLB 
1889; atty Dallas Tex; cotton factor 
New Orleans La; pres New Orleans 
cotton exchange; 1st pres New Orleans 
belt RR; died there 11 Aug 1928 

760-SMITH George Grant Jr (Brand- 
enburg Ky); T 52 GD 1886 DTD; dea- 
con 1886 priest 1887; ministry in Ky & 
Miss; died Jackson Miss 

761-COBBS Richard Hooker Jr 
(Greensboro Ala); BS 1885 SAE; rail- 
way construction engr; memb state tax 
bd; died Anniston Ala 30 Sept 1944 

762-FITTS Herbert (Uniontown 
Ala) ; planter Faunsdale Ala 

763-B O N N E R Henry Williamson 
(Fayetteville Tenn); DTD; engr Nash- 
ville Chattanooga & St Louis RR; died 

764-HOFFMAN William G (Wash- 
ington D C) 

765-CROCKET George Louis (San 
Augustine Tex) ; T 61 B Litt 1886 DTD; 
deacon 1887 priest 1888; rector Christ 
Ch San Augustine Tex 42 yrs; prof 
hist Stephen F Austin State Teachers 
Coll; died Nacogdoches Tex 3 Jan 1936 

766-JOHNSTON James Houstoun 
(Savannah Ga); A 667 ScD 1946 SAE; 
civil engr Western & Atlantic RR (ret); 
consulting engr Ga Pub Service Cmssn; 
3'93 W Wesley Rd NW Atlanta Ga 

767- JOHNSON V M (Lakeport Land- 
ing Ark) 

Entered Trinity Term 1883 
768-GREEN Paul Flemyng (Sewanee 

Tenn); A 601 BS 1887; U of Miss (law); 

dept internal revenue St Louis Mo; 

died Philippine Islands 1905 

769-EARLE Jeremiah Ward (Scan- 
Ian Ark); A 684; died White Cliff 
Springs Tenn 31 Aug 1887 

770-BLACK Robert Mickleberry 
Williamson (Sylvania Ga); A 687 T 83 
DTD; deacon 1891 priest 1893; rector 
Zion Ch Douglaston N Y 1917-1928; 
died Houston Tex 7 May 1929 

771-McCONNELL James Jr (New 
Orleans La); A 690 SAE; atty; died 
New Orleans 21 Aug 1934 

772-SMITH Dana Bradford (Atlanta 
Ga); A 719 PDT; DDS MD; dentist 
Atlanta Ga; died 

773-TUCKER Edward C (Jackson 
Miss); A 726 DTD; U of Va (law); 
atty Seattle Wash; died July 1916 

774-RHEINER W H (Sabinal Tex); 
A 735 

775-SMITH Larkin (Nashville Tenn) ; 
A 738 PDT; U of Nashville MD 1888; 
city health off Nashville 1898-1907 prof 
U of Nashville Med Coll 1898-1908; 
died Nashville 17 July 1940 

776-de la HUNT Thomas James Jr 
(Cannelton Ind); Purdue U; author 
hist Perry County Ind 1916 & journal- 
ist; died Cannelton 3 July 1933 

777-EDMONDSON Richard Henry 
(Austin Tex); ATO; Hahnemann Med 
Coll MD 1890; phys Morganton W Va 
34 yrs; died there 20 June 1936 

778-HAGAN Alfred Merritt (Nash- 
ville Tenn); PDT; real estate exec 50 
yrs; died Nashville 20 Nov 1937 

779-SPERRY Henry Louis (Nash- 
ville Tenn); pres 1st Industrial Bank 
Nashville; died there 5 Apr 1925 

780-PARKER Thomas Ogier 
(Charleston S C); PDT; Chestnut Hill 
Mass; died 

781-LATHAM Benjamin Rathbun 
(Houston Tex); ATO; furniture mer- 
chant; died Houston Tex about 1935 

782-MacKELLAR William Henry 
Howard (Pelham Ala); T 89 BA 1830 
MA (salut) 1891 PBK ATO; Chatt Coll 
of Law LLD 1933; instructor Sewanee 
Grammar Sch 1887-1898; headmaster 
Sewanee Grammar Sch 1910-1913; 
Wentworth Acad (Mo) 1913-1916; prof 
public speaking U of S 1916-1946 & prof 
voice culture Sch of Theol 1933-1934; 
organizing sec Associated Alumni 1920- 
1930; business mgr Sewanee Review 
1918-1928; see Who's Who 1936-1937; 
died Sewanee Tenn 1 Oct 1946 





783-NOBLE Samuel Edward (An- 
niston Ala); BS 1886 ATO; died New 
York N Y 13 Jan 1903 

784-CURTIS George H (Columbus 
Miss) ; bookkeeper & supt Columbus 
warehouse Columbus Miss* 

785-H ARRIS George Carroll Jr 
(Madison Station Miss); KA; mgr He- 
lena Mercantile Co Mont Helena Miss; 

786-PERRY Edward Wathen (Pen- 
sacola Fla) ; Hendersonville N C; died 

787-DOUGLAS John H (Jackson- 
ville Fla); SAE; Belle vue Hosp Med 
Coll MD 1889 U of Berlin MD 1891; 
phys FAMA Jacksonville Fla; died 

788-JONES Joseph Brevard (Yonges- 
boro Ala); A 487 MA 1888 KA; tax 
atty Louisville & Nashville RR (ret) 
former pres Ala Central RR pres Stith 
Coal Co & v pres Warrior Coal Co; 
Ala trustee U of S 1894-1896; 839 
Cloverdale Rd Montgomery Ala 

Entered Lent Term 1884 

789-McCRADY Edward (Charleston 
SC); A 568 T 88 (valed) 1892 DD 1923 
PBK; deacon 1892 priest 1893; ministry 
in S C La & Miss; in charge St Peter's 
Ch Oxford Miss & prof philosophy U of 
Miss; died Oxford 12 Dec 1944 

790-HUNTER Thomas A (Corao 
Miss); A 706; Memphis Hosp Med Coll 
MD 1889; phys Biloxi Miss; died 

791-TERRY E W (New Orleans La) ; 
A 721 

792-S H I E L D S Wilmer (Natchez 
Miss); A 724 SAE; U of Va (law); 
taught Sewanee Grammar Sch; city & 
county atty Natchez; Spanish- Am War; 
died Lansdowne Plantation near Nat- 
chez 24 Aug 1926 

793-PHILIPS William Crozard 
(Nashville Tenn); A 740 KS; farmer; 
died Nashville 16 June 1905 

794-BARNWELL Charles Heyward 
(Columbia S C); A 743; U of S C 
BA 1887 MA 1888 Harvard U MA 1893 
PhD 1898; prof of English 1899— & dean 
U of Ala 1909-1944; see Who's Who 
1946-1947; "Pinehurst" Tuscaloosa Ala 

795-SMITH Samuel Granville (Hect- 
caboo Plantation Ark); A 747 DTD; 
sec & aide to U of S vice-chancellor 
1884-1885; Miss River steamboat capt 
1889-1923 & managing ed St Louis Wa- 
terways Journal; died Ferguson Mo 31 
Oct 1948 

796-CHEATHAM Benjamin Franklin 
Jr (Beech Grove Tenn); A 758 DCL 
1930 SAE; maj gen U S Army (quar- 
termaster gen) ret 1930; supt Robert 
E Lee Shrine Stratford Va; Spanish- 
Am War World War I; see Who Was 
Who II; died Denver Colo 2 Dec 1944 

797-THOMAS Joseph Edgar (Pem- 
broke Ky); KA; died Russellville Ky 

798-RADFORD Cyrus Sugg (Pem- 
broke Ky) ; A 766 PDT; grad U S Na- 
val Acad 1890; author works on gun- 
nery; brig gen U S Marine Corps ret 
1929; Spanish-Am War World War I; 
supt Admiral Farragut Acad 1933-1947; 
see Who's Who 1948-1949; died Toms 
River N J 19 Jan 1951 

799-RADFORD Walter A (Pembroke 
Ky) ; A 768; county official; Hopkins- 
ville Ky 

800-SPRATT James Wadsworth 
(Jacksonville Fla); B Litt & BA 1888 
SAE; pres abstract & title co 1905; pres 
Guaranty Trust & Savings Bank —1907; 
realtor; World War I It U S Army; 
died Jacksonville 30 Oct 1952 

801-TREVATHAN Charles Edward 
(Sewanee Tenn) ; PDT; journalist for 
Associated Press; in Cuba Spanish-Am 
War; died New York N Y 1907 

802-MITCHELL William Daniel (San 
Marcos Tex); KS; 101 Hazelwood San 
Francisco Calif 

803-GLENN Richard Wallace 
(Clarksville Tenn); KS; died 

804-SHEPARD Charles Clarke (Au- 
gusta Ga); SAE; died 

805-MILLER Frank Harvey (Au- 
gusta Ga); DTD; co-owner Montgo- 
mery Journal 1903-1923 & a founder 
Southern Newspaper Publishers Assoc; 
died Montgomery Ala 29 Oct 1945 

806-WEISS Ludwig David (Green- 
ville Miss); DTD; ins Greenville Miss 
1886-1902; died Redlands Calif 

807-ISENBURG Will (Greenville 
Miss); died there Dec 1947 

808-BETHEA Samuel Rice (Fauns- 
dale Ala); pres Watkins Banking Co 
Faunsdale 1906; died 

809-PORCHER Octavius Theodore 
(Willington S C) ; T 77 MA 1887 GD 

1890 KA; deacon 1890 priest 1891; rec- 
tor St Paul's Ch Bennettsville S C 
1918-1939; S C trustee U of S 1910- 
1921; died Bennettsville 14 June 1941 

810-BRINKLEY Robert Campbell 
(Memphis Tenn); KA; civil engr Pan- 
ama; died before 1918 

811-WHITE Fred (Hernando Miss) 

812-MINOR Washington (Richmond 

813-FINNEY Tescharnor DeGraffen- 
reid (Memphis Tenn); DTD; died 3 
Nov 1901 

814-HUMPHREYS Edward Merri- 
wether (Clarksville Tenn); T 72; dea- 
con ; died 

Entered Trinity Term 1884 

815-BARNWELL Walter (Sewanee 
Tenn); A 716 B Litt (valed) & MA 

1891 SAE; instr math Trinity Sch N Y; 
head math dept Flushing High Sch 
1907-1938; died Plandome Long Island 
N Y 30 July 1943 

816-BURKHART George Jr (Mata- 
gorda Tex); A 753; Palestine Tex* 

817-CHILDRESS C W (Terrell Tex) ; 
A 757; onetime merchant Terrell; Ft 
Worth Tex* 

818-PURDHOM Lewis Kirby (Kan- 
sas City Mo); A 777 ATO; atty Canal 
Zone; died Republic of Panama 30 Mar 

819-FENN J J (Houston Tex); A 
795; 705 McKinney Ave Houston Tex 

820-BEARD J Wilmer (Birmingham 
Ala); A 808; International Nickel Co 
New York N Y* 

821-T H O M P S O N Charles Wiles 
(Nashville Tenn); A 800 KS; cotton 

oil business 1891-1905; Thompson Chem 
Co New York N Y; certified pub acct 
(ret); died Nashville 29 Apr 1955 

822-KNOX Fitzhugh (Atlanta Ga); 

A 806; pres Fitzhugh Knox & Sons 

Inc (contractors) Atlanta Ga; died 
there 27 Sept 1940 

823-SCREWS Wallace W Jr (Mont- 
gomery Ala) ; A 819; ed & publisher 
Montgomery Advertiser; died Mont- 

824-SPPTLER John Wilson (Mait- 
land Fla); pres Dulany Tull & Spitler 
Inc New York N Y; died there 16 Aug 

825-TERRELL Vernon LaGrange 
(Crystal Springs Miss); M 105 PDT; 
Tulane U MD 1895; phys & banker; 
died New Orleans La 11 June 1930 

826-STEEL Charles Leighton (Cam- 
den N J); T 63 ATO; deacon & priest 
1887; rector Calvary Ch W Philadel- 
phia Pa 26 yrs; died Philadelphia Pa 
11 June 1938 

827-METCALFE Harley (Greenville 
Miss) ; planter Wilczinski Miss; died 

828-FARLEY Louis Bulow (Mont- 
gomery Ala); ATO; pres Farley Nat 
Bank Montgomery; died there 7 May 

829-HUNT Jefferson Davis (Jackson 
Tenn) ; politician & trustee Madison 
County for many yrs; died Jackson 

830-PAINE John Overton (Atlanta 
Ga); PDT; Paine Statistical Corp New- 
ark N J; died after 1915 

831-RUTH William Hardwick (Mont- 
gomery Ala) ; ATO; grad Spencer Op- 
tical Institute 1890 & Parson's Horo- 
logical Sch 1888; sr partner Ruth & 
Sons (opticians & jewelers) Montgo- 
mery; Ala trustee U of S 1899-1910; 
137 Clayton St Montgomery 5 Ala 

832-SNOWDEN Robert Brinkley 
(Memphis Tenn); DTD; Princeton U 
1888-1890; banker & realtor v pres 
Bank of Commerce; Snowden & Snow- 
den realtors Memphis; see Who's Who 
1934-1935; died Memphis 12 Oct 1942 

833-GIBSON Robert (Dallas Tex); 
BS 1887 SAE; Columbia U LLB 1892; 
atty New York N Y; died Tappan N 
Y spring 1950 

83'4-WE STERN Elgin Underwood 
(Bowling Green Ky) ; PDT; U of Mo 
BS & B Litt; died Calif 1894 

835-PEGRAM Fendall S (New York 
N Y) 

836-BUCKNER Henry Bruce (Sewa- 
nee Tenn); KS; ace Nashville Tenn; 
died there 28 Oct 1950 

837-DOGGETT John Locke (Jack- 
sonville Fla); DCL 1933 DTD; atty 
Doggett McCollum Howell & Doggett 
Jacksonville judge criminal ct record 
Duval County; Fla trustee U of S 1916- 
1924 alumni trustee 1927-1933; regent 
1928-1934; see Who Was Who I; died 
Jacksonville Fla 10 Oct 1937 

838-VERNON Charles Clark (Dyers- 
burg Tenn) ; Nashville Tenn; atty; died 
19 Sept 1935 

839-0 V E R T O N Samuel Watkins 
(Memphis Tenn); DTD; died 





840-SHERLEY Brannin C (Louis- 
ville Ky) ; died 

841-E N S L E Y Martin (Memphis 
Term) ; DTD; lumber business; during 
World War I selected horses for Bri- 
tish French U S govts; died Saratoga 
Lake N Y 17 Nov 1968 

842-FLEMING Louis Isadore Jr 
(Jacksonville Fla) ; KA; died Jackson- 
ville 1888 

843-HOSFORD E S Jr (Jackson 


844-KING Charles H (Jackson 
Tenn) ; chief inspector Gulf Mobile & 
Ohio RR Co; died about 1946 

845-ZEILIN Carlton B (Germantown 
Pa); died before 1914 

846-RICE Frederick Allen Jr (Hous- 
ton Tex); A 759 SAE; lumberman; 
died Kerrville Tex 1930 

Entered Lent Term 1885 

847-CUMMINGS David Hamilton 
(Sewanee Tenn) ; A 675; Central of Ga 
RR Savannah Ga 1906; Shreveport La; 

848-BALEY P Farrar (Jackson 
Miss); A 732 

849-BROOME John Dozier (Sewanee 
Tenn) ; A 739; production engr Alton 
111 1923; mfr agt; Springfield 111* 

850-WELLS Elbert Lucas Jr (Co- 
lumbus Ga); A 756 PDT; sec Citizens 
Bldg & Loan Assoc; 108 N Washington 
Ave Marshall Tex 

851-WARRINER William J (Tyler 
Tex); A 776 

852-MILLER William Waverly (Ben- 
ton Ala) ; A 842; Memphis Tenn* 

853-SHANNON Edward Robert 
(Verbena Ala); A 798 KS; Shawnee 

854-TURNEY Lowndes (Winchester 
Tenn); A 804; atty; died Chattanooga 
Tenn 7 Dec 1932 

855-SCALES Henry Minor (Hernan- 
do Miss); A 827 DTD; atty Oklahoma 
City Okla; died 

856-JOSEPH John Anderson (Co- 
lumbus Ga); A 782 SAE; died 

857-HANSERD J B (Columbus Ga) ; 
A 785 

858-HUNTER William C (Columbus 
Ga) ; A 786 KS 

859-NELSON William Portis (Selma 
Ala); A 828 KS; U of Ala 1885; died 
Rio de Janiero Brazil Sept 1892 

860- SANDERSON Evelyn Marion 
(Jacksonville Fla); A 841 KA; dental 
surgeon; died 13 Sept 1928 

861-HUTCHISON Louis (Louisville 
Ky); A 752 (San Marcos Tex); San 
Marcos Tex* 

862-DeFREESE A B (Houston Tex); 
A 801 

863-ELLIS Caswell G (Sugarland 
Tex); A 811; died 1906 

864-DEWITT W R Jr (San Mateo 
Fla); A 814 

865-BOND Ezekiel McNeal (Bolivar 
Tenn); A 840 KS; asst sec state Tenn; 
died Bolivar 7 Apr 1903 

866-MARTIN W E (Shirley S C); 
A 866; died before 1914 

867-BOLLING Elliott Officer (Mont- 
gomery Ala); KS; New York N Y; 

868-CUYLER John Potter (Balti- 
more Md) ; PDT; artist; died Princeton 
N J 27 Feb 1939 

869-GLENN James Lyles Jr (Clarks- 
ville Tenn); KS; Nashville Tenn; died 
before 1934 

870-JONES Hanson Weems (Shreve- 
port La); BA 1889 MA 1891 SAE; atty; 
died Atlanta Ga 8 Jan 1944 

871-VAN NESS William Waters Jr 
(Dalton Ga); KA; mining engr in 
America 1886-1891; U S consul Trans- 
vaal South Africa 1891-1900; maj co- 
lonial troops in 2 S African wars; 
fellow Soyal Geographic Soc Eng- 
land 1895; consulting mining engr S 
France & Spain; died Spain summer 

872-SCRUGGS (Gross R (Dallas 
Tex); DTD; onetime real estate Dallas; 
died there Oct 1949 

873-YERGER William Nugent 
(Greenville Miss); U of Miss 1887; 
died before 1914 

874-COBBS Francis Avery (Greens- 
boro Ala) ; SAE; cotton broker; dairy- 
man Gadsden Ala; died there 11 Aug 

875-DRYSDALE Joseph Forrest 
(Jacksonville Fla); KA; died Jackson- 
ville 1889 

876-PARRAMORE J F (Ft Reed Fla) 

877-T U R N E Y Sam (Winchester 
Tenn); roadbuilder; detective Nashville 
Chattanooga & St Louis RR Donelson 
Tenn; died Columbia Tenn 4 Mar 1955 

878-BARNETT T B (Tallassee Ala) ; 
Mt Meigs Ala; died 

879-SEAY Charles Morgan (Rome 
Ga) ; theatre & motion pictures New 
York N Y; died Palestine Tex about 

880-STAFFORD Harry Eugene (Me- 
ridian Miss); DTD; U of Tenn MD 
1890; phys & surg New York N Y 
1890-1898; went to Philippines with N 
Y Nat Guard; established 1st civil hosp 
& 1st sch of nursing there; prisoner of 
Japanese 1941-1945; died Tacoma Wash 
24 Feb 1954 

881-JAMISON Robert (New Orleans 
La) ; PDT; v pres Allen Mehle Co (ins) 
New Orleans; died 1947 

882-BOHN Horatio Robeson (New 
Orleans La); CE 1889 PDT; Tulane U 
MD 1893; phys; died 8 Nov 1901 

883- WILLIS D H (Waterford Miss); 
died 1889 

Entered Trinity Term 1885 

884-JONES Jackson Scott (Yonges- 
boro Ala); A 609; civilian employee U 

5 engrs rivers & harbors; died Mont- 
gomery Ala 14 Jan 1935 

885-ELLIOTT John Barnwell Jr 
(Sewanee Tenn) ; A 628 BA 1890 B Litt 

6 MA 1891 ATO; Tulane U MD 1894 
LLD 1938; instr Latin U of S 1888-1889; 
Tulane U med faculty 1894-1920; World 
War I in charge Tulane Base Hosp; La 
trustee U of S 1897-1900; see Who's 
Who 1938-1939; died Birmingham Ala 
14 Apr 1943 

886-LOVELL Joseph Mansfield (Se- 
wanee Tenn); A 642 BA 1890 ATO; 
Tulane U MD 1894; died of yellow 
fever New Orleans La 22 Sept 1897 

887-DuBOSE William Haskell (Se- 
wanee Tenn); A 657 T 128 MA 1891 
GD 1898 PBK ATO; grad stu Oxford 
U 1896-1898; Va Theol Sem DD 1923; 
deacon 1896; priest 1898; prof theology 
U of S 1898-1936 (on leave 1918-1919); 
acting dean Sch of Theol U of S 1907- 
1908 & 1925-1926; see Who Was Who I; 
died Sewanee Tenn 15 Oct 1936 

888-GALLEHER John Barbee (New 
Orleans La); A 659 L 27 LLB 1896 
SAE; journalist New Orleans La; It U 
S Army; Spanish- Am War Puerto Ri- 
co; killed by enemy rifle fire near Lib- 
manan Philippine Islands 23 Feb 1900 

889-GALLEHER Paul Corbin (New 
Orleans La) ; A 660 SAE; Spanish- Am 
War Puerto Rico; col U S Army; died 
Redwood City Calif July 1937 

890-COYLE Charles Goodrich (New 
Orleans La) ; A 722 BS & CE 1889 KS; 
business New Orleans; died there 11 
June 1910 

891-MORRIS James Craik (Louis- 
ville Ky) ; A 728 T 121 B Litt 1890 MA 
1891 DD 1915 PBK ATO; Louisville 
Law Sch LLB; deacon & priest 1896; 
organist & choir master U of S 1894- 
1895; dean St Mary's Cathd Memphis 
Tenn 1901-1916; 1st mssy bishop Pana- 
ma Canal Zone 1920-1930; 5th bishop 
La 1930-1939; see Who Was Who II; La 
trustee U of S 1930-1944; died Sewanee 
Tenn 5 May 1944 

892-BUTT Lewis Ford (Athens Ga); 
A 730 DTD; died Aug 1924 

893-PEARSON John Reed (Jackson- 
ville Fla); A 779 PDT; planter; died 
Jacksonville 5 Oct 1936 

894-MATTAIR Lewis Henry (Jack- 
sonville Fla) ; A 835 CE 1890 DTD; civil 
engr Fla N Y Cuba Canada Tenn & 
Ga; capt U S Army Spanish-Am War; 
died Santa Barbara Calif 13 Aug 1940 

895-WESTFIELD John Oscar 
(Greenville S C); A 858 KA; died 

896-PAGE R E (Sewanee Tenn) 

897-COLE Frank Eli (San Antonio 
Tex); DTD; mining engr Mexico* 

898-MURPHY Edgar Gardner (San 
Antonio Tex); T 74 DCL 1911 SAE; 
Yale U honorary MA 1904; deacon 

1890 priest 1893; 1902 withdrew from 
ministry to enter educational social & 
legislative work; see Who Was Who I; 
died New York N Y 23 June 1913 

899-DeLOACH Alfred Burton (Liv- 
ingston Ala); KA; Tulane U MD 1892; 
phys; died Memphis Tenn 17 Mar 1933 

900-EWING Quincy (New Orleans 
La); T 75 SAE; deacon 1890 priest 

1891 deposed 1893 restored to ministry 
1895 onetime dean Christ Ch Cathd 
New Orleans La; rector Christ Ch Na- 
poleon ville La many years; died New 
Orleans 29 Sept 1939 

901-BEALL James Augustus (Mont- 
gomery Ala); SAE; died Montgomery 
22 Apr 1934 

902-CRAIG Robert Edward Lee 
(Henderson Ky); T 76 GD 1890 DTD; 
deacon 1890 priest 1891; rector Trinity 
Ch Houston Tex 1911-1916; Tenn trus- 





lee U of S 1893-1894 & Tex trustee 
1912; died Houston Tex 16 Aug 1916 

903-FINNEY Benjamin Ficklin (Sub- 
lett's Tavern Va) ; DCL 1938 ATO 
PBK; Va Polytechnic Institute BS 1888; 
U of Va; Hobart Coll LLD 1924; chem 
Va Experiment Station 1889-1890 Va 
Dept Agr 1890-1891 chem engr Savan- 
nah Ga 1892-1908; sec Brotherhood of 
St Andrew 1908-1922; 8th vice-chan- 
cellor U of S 1922-1938; vice-chan- 
cellor emeritus 1938-1943; Ga trustee 
U of S 1912-1920; regent 1913-1938; 
pres Associated Alumni 1914-1917; see 
Who Was Who II; died Sewanee Tenn 
21 Oct 1943 

904-FULLER George Stoney (Seguin 
Tex); KA; died Llano Tex 4 Mar 1911 

905-FOWLER Samuel Wallace 
(Montgomery Ala); SAE; Columbia U 
PhG 1891 & MD 1895; phys New York 
N Y; died there Jan 1948 

906- JEFFERSON John Robertson 
(Seguin Tex) ; KS; ins Seguin; county 
clerk Beaumont Tex; died 

907-LANIER Clifford Anderson 
(Montgomery Ala); SAE; Spanish-Am 
War; atty Montgomery Ala; died there 
about 1920 

908- CRUMP James Wesley (West 
Point Miss); KS; Republic of Panama; 

909-NOBLE Albert Easter (Anniston 
Ala); ATO; supt iron works Anniston; 
Ala trustee U of S 1890-1891; died 13 
June 1938 

910-HIGHT Frank Bartow (Anniston 
Ala); U of Ala 1886; journalist New 
Orleans La 1901 — ; died Birmingham 
Ala 1903 

911-LEONARD Will (Hearne Tex); 
U S Naval Acad; onetime bank clerk 
Dallas Tex; died many years before 

912-MANSFEELD F R (Memphis 
Tenn); A 796 

Entered Lent Term 1886 

913-RICHMOND Roman Eugene 
(Memphis Tenn); A 731 DTD; Atlanta 
Ga; died 

914-COYLE Frank (Francis) Lang- 
ing (New Orleans La); A 737 T 120 
BA (valed) & MA 1893 SAE; deacon 
1896 priest 1897 deposed & entered Uni- 
tarian ministry; died New York N Y 12 
Oct 1939 

915-ELMORE Frank Harper (Arre- 
dondo Fla); A 745; Elmore & Elmore 
gen ins & realtors Jacksonville Fla; 
died there Nov 1944 

916-SHIELDS Devereux (Natchez 
Miss); A 817 PDT; It col U S Volun- 
teers 1899 in command Corregidor 6 
mos; died Natchez 16 Feb 1910 

917-HUNT Zimri (Dallas Tex); A 

918-TAYLOR James R (Memphis 
Tenn); A 852 

919-HIGGINS Claude Chamberlain 
(Bastrop Tex); A 857 M 70 BS 1890 
SAE; Ky Sch of Med MD 1898; capt 
World War I med corps; died San An- 
tonio Tex Apr 1931 

920-ROSBOROUGH Thomas Whita- 
ker (Texarkana Tex); A 861; v pres & 

mgr Caddo Lumber Co Glenwood Ark; 
died Texarkana Tex 20 Apr 1952 

921-PHELPS Henry Victor (Nitta 
Yuma Miss); A 876 

922-BRUCE Ben M (Memphis Tenn) ; 
A 898; died Germantown Tenn about 

923-SARGENT George T (Matagorda 
Tex) ; A 907; Matagorda Tex; died 1938 

924-GUSHEE Richard Henry (Cam- 
bridge Mass); PDT; deacon 1894 priest 
1898; headmaster Harvard Mil Acad 
Calif; rector Christ Ch Ontario Calif 
1895-1935; died there 7 July 1944 

925-HARRISON Thomas Barclay Jr 
(Russellville Ky) ; KS; died New York 
N Y about 1921 

926-GUTHRIE William Norman (Ed- 
inburgh Scotland); T 82 B Litt 1889 
MA 1891 DD 1915 KA; asst prof mod- 
ern languages U of S 1889-1890; prof 
modern languages Kenyon Coll 1892- 
1893; deacon 1892 priest 1893; lecturer 
U of Chicago 1902-1909; dir Extension 
Dept U of S 1908-1911; ministry in 
Ohio Calif Colo & N Y; rector St 
Mark's Ch in-the-Bouwerie New York 
N Y 1911-1937; author; alumni trustee 
U of S 1918-1919; see Who Was Who II; 
died Stamford Conn 9 Dec 1944 

927-HORT H V (Jacksonville Fla) 

928-LEDWITH Thomas A (Jackson- 
ville Fla) ; atty Jacksonville; died a 
number of years before 1938 

929-KEARNY S W (San Antonio 

930-FANT George N (Goliad Tex); 
died while a student at Vanderbilt U 
Nashville Tenn 6 Jan 1890 

931-EVANS Winston Gill (Shelby- 
ville Tenn); KS; banker; died Shelby - 
ville 1914 or 1915 

932-SPENCER Maury M (Galveston 
Tex) ; merchant Galveston; died there 
6 Dec 1943 

933-PE ARSON Edward Adolphus 
(Richmond Tex) ; KS; sometime sheriff 
of Ft Bend County Tex; died 2 Dec 

934-SHOUP George C (New York N 
Y) ; pres Autographic Register Co; 
died before 1914 

935-BALDWIN Charles Coventry 
(Jacksonville Fla); DTD; studied law; 
died Jacksonville before 1901 

936-HEARD Charles Stephen (Au- 
gusta Ga) ; DTD; died Augusta 16 Nov 

937-FRANK Abe H (Memphis Tenn) ; 
Godfrey Frank & Co cotton factors 
Memphis; died Memphis after 1935 

938-HENRY Wallace B (New Orleans 

939-BROWN Richard Ewell (Spring 
Hill Tenn); ATO; New York Med Coll 
MD 1894; phys New York N Y; died 
there 18 June 1919 

' 940-CAMPBELL Colin (Spring Hill 
Tenn) ; coal merchant Little Cahaba 
Coal Co; Birmingham Ala* 

941-ARMISTEAD Robert Augustus 
Jr (Nashville Tenn); PDT; ins broker 
Nashville; died there 2 Mar 1934 

942-HODGSON Philip Morton (Co- 
lumbia Va); SAE; Atlanta Med Coll 
(Emory U) ; MD 1889; phys Stockton 
Ala; died Bay Minette Ala 5 Nov 1953 

Entered Trinity Term 1886 

943- SMITH James Gordon (Natchez 
Miss); A 630; hotel exec; died 

944-MASON Lee (Galveston Tex); 
A 761 ATO; Kerrville Tex; died some 
years before 1944 

945-P E A R S O N Charles Sanford 
(Jacksonville Fla); A 778 PDT; hard- 
ware business; died Jacksonville 18 
Feb 1892 

946-PURDHOM W W (Kansas City 
Mo) ; A 829 

947-BALL Isaac Jr (Oakley S C); 
A 830 MA 1891 ATO PBK; classical 
master Sewanee Grammar Sch 1908; 
taught Athenaeum Columbia Tenn & 
St Matthew's Grammar Sch Dallas Tex; 
headmaster Montgomery Bell Academy 
Nashville Tenn for 30 yrs; died Nash- 
ville 12 Oct 1946 

948-G R A H A M Harry Hardeman 
(Pinewood Tenn); A 837 DTD; mer- 
chant & planter Lake Providence La; 

949-CROSBY Joseph F Jr (Houston 
Tex); A 856; died before 1914 

950-BETTON William L (Tallahas- 
see Fla); A 884; archt; died Miami 
Fla 14 May 1937 

951-FRY Emory Starr (Marshall 
Tex) ; A 885 ATO; v pres 1st Nat Bank 
Marshall Tex; died there 2 Aug 1936 

952-NELSON James Marston (Grand 
Rapids Mich); A 886 ATO; atty Den- 
ver Colo; died before 1914 

953-LYNN Henry James Jr (Mem- 
phis Tenn); A 891 KS; died Memphis 
18 Dec 1893 

954-KLINE John Jackson (Shreve- 
porc La) ; A 896 SAE; broker; traveling 
freight agt Philadelphia & Gulf Steam- 
ship Co 1911; died Shreveport about 

955-LEFFLER Charles Doyle (San- 
ford Fla); A 914; Plant Steamship Co 
until 1892 retail grocer Sanford 1892- 
1900 Miami Fia 1900-1909; Gulf Refin- 
ing Co 1908; mayor Miami 1921-1923; 
see Who Was Who I; died Miami 27 
Apr 1939 

956-ARMSTRONG Joseph Honesby 
(Halifax Nova Scotia); A 927; author; 
died 1890 

957-WILKERSON Albert Wadsworth 
(Hearne Tex); A 925 KA; v pres Ma- 
rine Bank & Trust Co Houston Tex 
1927 — & regional examiner Agr Credit 
Corp 1932—; see Who Was Who I; died 
Housion 30 May 1941 

958-GUTHRIE Kenneth Sylvan 
(Memphis Tenn); T 99 MA 1891 GD 
1895; Tulane U PhD 1898 Harvard U 
AM 1894 Medico-Chirugical Coll Phila- 
delphia Pa MD 1903; U of Marburg & 
U of Jena 1910; deacon 1892 priest 1897 
deposed 1900 restored 1912; ministry in 
Mass Pa N Y; prof Extension U of S 
1912 prof Hunter Coll 1917; author 
translator & lecturer; see Who Was 
Who I; died Yonkers N Y 17 Mar 1940 

959-GAILLARD Alfred Secundus 
(Winnsboro S C) ; ATO; fire ins Co- 
lumbia S C; died there Feb 1941 

960-RANDOLPH Edward (Memphis 
Tenn) ; SAE; atty; pres Balback Smelt- 
ing & Refining Co 1911— New York N 
Y; died 





961-ELLETT Edward Coleman 
(Memphis Tenn) ; BA 1910 DSc 1943 
KS elected to PBK but died before in- 
itiation; U of Pa MD 1891; Southwestern 
at Memphis LLD 1942; phys & prof 
oph Coll of Phys & Surg Memphis 
1892—; It col med corps World War I; 
see Who Was Who II; died Memphis 8 
June 1947 

962- WATSON Andrew Bates (Bates- 
burg S C); PDT; farmer Batesburg; 
died Hibernia S C 6 June 1931 

963-SAUNDERS Dudley Dunn Jr 
(Memphis Tenn); KA; U of Pa MD 
1892; died Memphis 1946 

964-MAURY John Metcalfe (Mem- 
phis Tenn) ; KS; U of Pa MD 1890; phys 
Memphis; died there 10 July 1933 

965-C O C K R I L L Calvin Goodloe 
[Charles is error] (Nashville Tenn) ; 
realtor 50 yrs; Belmont Ave Nashville 

966-GADSDEN Paul Trapier (And- 
erson S C); B Litt & MA 1891 SAE; 
Columbia U grad law 1894; atty St 
Louis Mo; Columbia S C; died 

967-KELLER D H (Lexington Ky) 

968-WHITNER Benjamin Franklin 
Jr (Ft Reed Fla); KA; Tampa Fla; 
S Fla trustee U of S 1916-1922; died 
Sanford Fla Dec 1952 

969-McNEAL Ezekiel Polk Jr (Boli- 
var Tenn); ATO; grain broker Colusa 
Calif; died there 23 Oct 1943 

970-POLLOCK Walter John (Rich- 
mond Ind); PDT; Cincinnati Ohio; 

971-WHEAT Edward Spence (Nash- 
ville Tenn); PDT; grain business; died 
St Louis Mo 16 June 1892 

972-RIC HARDS Thomas Howell 
(Henderson Ky) ; deacon 1894 deposed 

973-ROBERTS Matthew C (San An- 
tonio Tex); DTD; planter atty real es- 
tate & banker; Dallas trustee U of S 
1923-1925; died Terrell Tex 27 May 

974-WILKINSON Robert Fletcher 
(Goliad Tex); died Berclair Tex 27 
Jan 1944 

975-SMITH Edwin DuBose (Santa 
Rosa Calif) ; SAE; law book publish- 
ing co New York N Y; died 

Entered Lent Term 1887 

976-E L M O R E Charles Wickwire 
(Yongesboro Ala) ; A 742; instr com- 
mercial courses U of S 1893-1894; ste- 
nographer & life ins Nashville Frank- 
lin & Chattanooga Tenn; died Chatta- 
nooga Sept 1944 

977-METCALFE George (Greenville 
Miss) ; A 815 KS; Wilczinski Miss; died 

978-HADEN John Brannin (Galves- 
ton Tex); A 820 PDT; U of Pa MD 
1892; phys & clinical prof oph med 
dept U of Tex; died N Little Rock 
Ark 19 July 1931 

979-WRENN Beverly Welford Jr 
(Knoxville Tenn) ; A 853 DTD; onetime 
gen counsel Aetna Life Ins Co; atty & 
RR executive New York N Y; died 
Wickford R I 8 Aug 1941 

980-SHEFARD Thomas Harrison 

(Edenton N C); A 860 KA; fishery & 
farming Edenton; died there 2 Feb 1927 

981-PATTISON Isaac Caldwell 
(Charleston Miss); A 881; U of Miss 
1888; planter; died Charleston 15 July 

982- JONES Sidney Watkins (Shreve- 
port La); A 893; 222 Rutherford St 
Shreveport La 

983-HOOD Lee (Mobile Ala); A 928 
KS; died Socorro N M 29 Sept 1902 

984- J O H N S O N Thomas J a c ob 
(Cleveland Ohio); A 943 KA; ins; clerk 
Imperial Hotel Louisville; 1483 St 
James Ct Apt 6 Louisville Ky 

985-ADAMS Harden Wickes (San 
Antonio Tex) ; A 952 DTD; Pierce For- 
dyce Oil Assoc; died 

986-SPEER George Algernon (San- 
ford Fla); A 962; merchant Sanford; 
died there 21 Nov 1936 

987-SHINE Frank (Francis) Eppes 
(St Augustine Fla) ; A 871 M 7 SAE; N 
Y Hosp MD 1899; phys (OALR) New 
York N Y; surg China Relief Expedi- 
tion 1900; med dept Cornell U 1901- 
1902; chief surg El Paso & Southwestern 
RR & Copper Queen Mining Co; maj 
Am Expeditionary Force France World 
War I; see Who Was Who I; died Los 
Angeles Calif 8 Sept 1922 

988-RAVENEL Frank Gualdo 
(Charleston S C) ; A 931; realtor 
Charleston; died there 20 Feb 1920 

989-WATSON William Robertson 
(Houston Tex) ; A 933 ATO; mgr Tem- 
ple Theatre Saginaw Mich; died there 
25 Oct 1937 

990-EDGERTON Henry Helfenstein 
Jr (Ft Wayne Ind) ; A 955; civil & min- 
ing engr; with Chicago & Great West- 
ern RR 37 yrs; Resettlement Admins 
Baudette Mich 1935-1938; died St Paul 
Minn 1954 

991-MILLER I Austin (Houston 
Tex) ; A 957; city engr Texas City Tex* 

992-PATTERSON Arthur Wallace 
(Bozeman Mont); A 969 ATO; died 4 
Sept 1888 

993-CHURCH Alonzo (Ft Reed Fla) ; 
A 973 KA; New Orleans La; v pres 
Inter-Ocean Reinsurance Co New York 
N Y; died about 1952 

994-BOND Robert Edward Lee 
(Brownsville Tex); A 982 KS; died 
Brownsville 14 Feb 1890 

995-WILLIAMS William Franklin 
La Fourche Crossing La) ; A 984; U of 
Miss 1888; died Houma La 11 Oct 1923 

996-YOUNG James Walter (Clinton 
Tenn); A 987; U of Tenn Harvard U; 
writer & literary critic; died Clinton 
20 Sept 1908 

997-JOHNSON Henry Byron (New 
York N Y) ; A 996; banker; died Tulsa 
Okla many years before 1947 

998-BIRD Wilmer Parke (Galveston 
Tex) ; SAE; Gen Theol Sem 1892; dea- 
con 1892 priest 1892; mssy work West- 
ern N Y 1922—; died Carthage N Y 
10 Sept 1934 

999-JOHNSON William B (Memphis 

1000-SMITH Houston Thomas (Co- 
lumbia Tenn); BS 1890 SAE; onetime 
asst principal Columbia Athenaeum; 
died Columbia 2 June 1893 

1001-SHIPP Julian Lee (Chattanoo- 
ga Tenn); KA; realtor & Baptist min- 
ister; died Chattanooga 20 Apr 1952 

1002-FIELDS David Blackstone (Ma- 
nor Tex) ; died Weaverville Calif about 

1003-FIELDS William John (Manor 
Tex); died Sonora Tex 1939 

1004-ROSE Samuel Jones (Allens- 
ville Ky); KS; died Nashville Tenn 2 
Jan 1948 

1005-CAMP Thomas Lamar (Dallas 
Tex) ; U of Tex LLB 1889 Yale U LLB 
1890; atty Dallas; died there 20 Apr 

1006-TRACY William Douglas (New 
York N Y) ; died before 1914 

1007-MASTERSON James Roane Jr 
(Houston Tex); KA 

1008-EDWARDS Peyton J (El Paso 
Tex); died there about 1917 

1009-BEATTY Daniel Troy (Chatta- 
nooga Tenn; T 90 DD 1921; U of Ga 
DD 1917; deacon 1891 priest 1892; bish- 
op coadjutor Tenn 1919-1922; see Who 
Was Who I; Tenn trustee U of S 1919- 
1922; died Nashville Tenn 23 Apr 1922 

1010-PURNELL Frank Micajah (Wi- 
nona Miss); PDT; U of Miss 1888; 
banker; 3799 Poplar Pike Memphis 

Entered Trinity Term 1887 

1011-SHOUP Frank Elliott (Sewanee 
Tenn); A 764 ATO; onetime teacher 
Columbia Tenn Institute; asst gen mgr 
Southwestern Bell Telephone Co; Dal- 
las trustee U of S 1919-1925 & 1934- 
1935; died Dallas Tex Oct 1936 

1012-JONES George Mason (Yonges- 
boro Ala); A 772; freight claims office 
Louisville & Nashville RR Louisville 
Ky; died Montgomery Ala 9 Jan 1936 

1013-JUDD Frederick Lee (Sewanee 
Tenn); A 846; Morrison Tenn* 

1014-RIVERS Gayle Longley (New 
Orleans La); A 850 SAE; New York 
N Y; died Aug 1926 

1015-SCOTT Alexander Yerger 
(Rosedale Miss) ; A 851 KS; U of Miss 
LLB 1893; atty Memphis Tenn; dir agr 
restoration in France following World 
War I; died about 1933 

1016-WHEELER Joseph Jr (Wheeler 
Station Ala); A 855 KS; Spanish- Am 
War & World War I; col artillery U S 
Army ret 1927; died Decatur Ala 6 Aug 

1017-THOMPSON Richard Sanford 
(Nashville Tenn); A 859 KS; Thomp- 
son Chemical Co New York N Y; died 
Brooklyn N Y 29 July 1949 

1018-COTTAM Henry Thomas (New 
Orleans La); A 864 PDT; Tulane U MA 
18—; pres H T Cottam & Co (whole- 
sale & export grocers) New Orleans; 
died there 21 Apr 1943 

1019-BENTON William Terry (Louis- 
ville Ky); A 883; wholesale grocer; 
died Lexington Ky 18 Dec 1935 

1020-HUTCHINGS Sealey (Galves- 
ton Tex) ; A 903 PDT; chr of the board 
Hutchings-Sealey Nat Bank & pres 
Clark & Courts Galveston; died there 
24 Jan 1936 





1021-JOHNSON Flournoy Carter 
(Augusta Ga); A 921 DTD; chem engr 
& gen supt Armour Fertilizer Works; 
died New Orleans La 2 July 1951 

1022-GREEN Duff (Dalton Ga); A 
959; sales mgr N O Nelson Mfg Co Lo- 
noke Ark; died St Petersburg Fla 15 
Dec 1930 

1023-COLLIER Thomas Jordan (Al- 
theimer Ark); A 966; Collier & Dyer 
Tire Co; died Pine Bluff Ark Jan 1948 

1024-BUCKNER Henry Winchester 
(New Orleans La); A 983; H W Buck- 
ner Co New Orleans; died there 

1025-GORDON Alexander Leslie 
(New Orleans La); A 985; died 

1026-S HELBY Sublet Britton 
(Clarksville Tenn); A 986; died in 
Mexico 1905 

1027-GASTON Robert Kilpatrick 
(Dallas Tex); A 990 ATO; Yale U 
(fine arts & archt); It col Spanish- Am 
War; v pres Commonwealth Nat Bank; 
real estate investments & cashier Arm- 
strong Packing Co; died Dallas 3 Jan 

1028- SIMS Robert Nichols Jr (Don- 
aldsonville La) ; A 993 KA; v pres Hi- 
bernia Bank & Trust Co New Orleans 
La; died there 19 May 1944 

1029-B U C K Randolph (Vicksburg 
Miss); A 999 PDT; pres Western Fac- 
tory Ins Assoc Chicago HI; died Se- 
wanee Tenn Mar 1933 

1030-COOVER Lawrence Bernard 
(Memphis Tenn); A 1013 

1031-McELHANY Homer (Spring- 
field Mo); A 1022 

1032-GLASSELL Philip Hobart (Los 
Angeles Calif); KA; Athens Ga* 

1033-BRUCE Marmaduke M (Deca- 
tur Tex) 

1034-KING Harry Ketcham (Sewa- 
nee Tenn); died Sewanee Apr 1888 

1035-NELSON Frank (Salida Colo); 
farmer London Ohio; died there 1936 

1036-GIBSON William (Dallas Tex); 
SAE; freight auditing dept Texas & Pa- 
cific RR 20 yrs; control auditor Sears 
Roebuck 40 yrs Dallas; died there 1 
Aug 1953 

1037-ROSE Joseph Albert (Allens- 
ville Ky); Louisville & Nashville RR; 
died Louisville Ky 10 Dec 1941 

1038-MILTON George Fort (Chatta- 
nooga Tenn); honorary B Litt 1915 KA; 
1st It Spanish-Am War; editor Knox- 
ville Sentinel 1895 — ; pres Chattanooga 
News Co 1909—; see Who Was Who I; 
died Murfreesboro Tenn 23 Apr 1924 

1039- G R A H A M Samuel Lowery 
(Pinewood Tenn); DTD; Lehigh U; 
onetime chemist Rome Ga; died there 
12 Apr 1938 

1040-JOHNSON Walter A (Ameri- 
cus Ga) ; died before 1914 

1041-LEE Hutson Jr (Charleston S 
C); sec & head of fire underwriters of 
Alexander Alexander Inc Baltimore 
Md; died there Jan 1929 

Entered Lent Term 1888 
1042-KIRK Albert Leonidas (Ter- 
rene Miss); A 847 KS; died 10 Jan 
1043-UHL David Edwin (Grand Ra- 

pids Mich); A 897; owner Grand Rap- 
ids Fancy Furniture Co; died Grand 
Rapids 2 Feb 1939 

1044-HASKELL William ElnathanJr 
(White Hall S C) ; A 929 SAE; planter 
Jacksonboro S C; died Columbus Ga — 

1045-CLEVELAND Alexander Ses- 
sums (Houston Tex); A 945 BA 1893 
ATO PBK; Yale AB 1894; ptnr W D 
Cleveland & Sons Houston; pres As- 
sociated Alumni 1917-1920; Tex trustee 
U of S 1897-1899 1907-1948; regent 
1929-1942; see Who's Who 19521953; 
dormitory erected in his honor 1955; 
died Houston 4 Jan 1954 

1046-FRIERSON John Morgan (Co- 
lumbia Tenn); A 998 SAE; Orr Jack- 
son & Co Nashville Tenn; died 

1047-POPPLESTONE Louis Bolles 
(Memphis Tenn); A 1005 KA; flour 
business Memphis Tenn* 

1048-HODGSON Henry Michael 
(Jacksonville Fla); A 1028 

1049-ROBERTSON William Clenden- 
nin (Mexia Tex); A 1029 BA (salut) 
2895 MA 1897 ATO; Gen Theol Sem; 
Harvard U MA 1926; deacon 1898 
priest 1899; rector Christ Ch Chatta- 
nooga Tenn 1901-1925; chaplain South 
Kent Sch Conn; died S Kent Conn 28 
Dec 1933 

1050-CHEATHAM Patton Robertson 
(Nashville Tenn) ; A 1050 SAE; Napier 
Cheatham & Co (brokers) Nashville; 
died San Francisco Calif 20 Mar 1914 

1051-COCKE Charles Pollard (Sewa- 
nee Tenn); A 1075 salut 1892; SAE; 
U of Va; atty New Orleans La; lect- 
urer in law U of S 1898-1903; La trus- 
tee U of S 1898-1903; died New Orleans 
July 1908 

1052-HUGHES Leonard Bentley (Co- 
lumbia Tenn); A 1085; atty & editor 
Columbia Journal; died there 5 Mav 

1053- ARMSTRONG Richard Felix 
(New York N Y); PDT; Spanish-Am 
War & World War I; pearl salesman 
Shreve & Co San Francisco Calif & 
Tiffany New York; died Scarsdale N 

Y 28 Jan 1935 
1054-SHIELDS Wilkins Benoist 

(Church Hill Miss); BA & B Litt 1891 
MA 1892 ATO; atty St Louis Mo; died 
Church Hill 1908 

1055-SPURGEON Holcomb (Natchez 
Miss) ; ATO; died Natchez 17 Mar 1889 

1056- WILDE Arthur Wilson (Newark 
N J); ATO; Gen Theol Sem; deacon 
1896 priest 1897; ministry Pa S D & N 
Y; died Far Rockaway Long Island N 

Y 19 Dec 1910 

1057-SLACK William Samuel (Mus- 
son La); T 112 BA 1891 MA 1895 DD 
1934 PDT; deacon 1896 priest 1898; 
taught Sewanee Grammar Sch 1893- 
1894; ministry in La & Miss; rector St 
James Ch Alexandria La 1917-1938; 
civilian chaplain Camp Beauregard 
World War I; La trustee U of S 1910- 
1912; died Alexandria 15 June 1944 

1058-McCLELLAND John James 
(Franklin Tenn); DTD; died 1891 

1059-MOORE John R (New Orleans 
La); died before 1914 

1060-QUIRK Daniel Lace Jr (Ypsi- 
lanti Mich); U of Mich BS 1893; 

pres 1st Nat Bank Ypsilanti & pres 
Peninsular Paper Co (ret); 206 N Hu- 
ron St Ypsilanti Mich 

1061-McCLAIN Milton Hunt (Hen- 
derson Ky) ; died Memphis Tenn 6 Sept 

1062-TEMPLE Morris Eugene (Chat- 
tanooga Tenn); KA; furniture mfr 
Chattanooga Furniture Co; 108 Watau- 
ga Lane Lookout Mt Tenn 

1063-LOUNT Frederick Alexander 
(St Augustine Fla) 

1064-SEAY William Rives (Grant 
Tenn); DTD; died 

1065-RANEY Edward Wylie (Manor 
Tex); Mendosa Tex* 

1066-CROWE Charles Campbell 
(Marion Ala); Yolande Ala* 

1067-MANNING William Thomas 
(San Diego Calif); T 81 GD 1891 BD 
1894 DD 1906 DTD; U Nova Scotia DCL 
1918 Princeton U LLD 1919 New York 
U LLD 1922; deacon 1889 priest 1891; 
prof Sch of Theol U of S 1893-1895; 
ministry in Calif Pa Tenn & N Y; rec- 
tor Trinity Parish New York N Y 1908- 
1921; 10th bishop of N Y 1921-1947; 
Tenn trustee U of S 1901-1902; alumni 
trustee 1906-1917; see Who Was Who 
II; died New York 18 Nov 1949 

1068-WRIGHT Anton Pope (Thom- 
asville Ga); PDT; U of Ga AB 1892 
Coll of S C LLB 1894; Spanish-Am 
War; atty & banker Savannah Ga; died 
there 14 Nov 1952 

Entered Trinity Term 1888 
1069- JONES Franklin Elmore 
(Yongesboro Ala); A 771; pub steno- 
grapher San Juan Puerto Rico & court 
stenographer Virgin Islands; died Pu- 
erto Rico 1 Mar 1938 

1070-SPRATT Charles Brewster 
(Jacksonville Fla) ; A 958 SAE; U of Pa 
1894-1895; died Jacksonville 13 Nov 

1071-RICKER John Romaine (Gal- 
veston Tex) ; A 989 PDT; U of Pa DDS 
1893; in France World War I Am Ex- 
peditionary Force; dentist Houston; 
3736 Jardin St Houston Tex 

1072-HAWKINS Louis Herring (Vai- 
den Miss); A 1002; banker merchant & 
planter Vaiden; died there 15 Apr 1917 

1073-WRENN Allen Robert (Knox- 
ville Tenn) ; A 1007 DTD; maj U S Ar- 
my (ret) ; 3352 Tennyson St NW Wash- 
ington D C 

1074-HAYDEN Reuben Cone (San- 
ford Fla) ; A 1015 KA; atty; died At- 
lanta Ga 1900 

1075-HENDERSON Hunt (New Or- 
leans La); A 1040 CE 1892; sr partner 
Henderson Sugar Refining; art collect- 
or & critic; La trustee U of S 1904- 
1918; died New Orleans 21 June 1939 

1076-AUSTIN John Alexander Jr 
(Memphis Tenn); A 1047 KS; cotton 
seed oil business; died Memphis 3 Aug 

1077-BILLINGSLEY Charles Edward 
(Greenville Miss); A 1048; Guthrie 
Okla; died 

1078-HAMILTON Daniel Heyward 
(Hillsboro N C); A 1064 BA 1892 
MA (salut) 1894 KA; registrar U of 
S 1892-1893; taught Sewanee Grammar 





Sch 1892-1894; taught Md; gen agt 
London Guarantee & Accident Co Ltd; 
pres Associated Alumni 1923-1929; died 
Baltimore Md 7 Jan 1941 

1079-TUCKER Louis (Mobile Ala); 
A 1065 T 113 GST 95 BA & MA 1892 
DD 1923 DTD PBK; Gen Theol Sem 
1895; deacon 1895 priest 1896; ministry 
in Ala Miss La Ark Va & Wash D C; 
La trustee U of S 1913-1918; Ark trus- 
tee 1925-1927; died Mobile Ala 1 May 

1080-LOWE William Bell Jr (At- 
lanta Ga) ; A 1067 SN; New York N Y; 

1081-RATHBURN William Daniel 
(Chattanooga Tenn) ; A 1070 KA; bank 
clerk Chattanooga; died there 1890 

1082-STOUT Harry Bonney (Jack- 
sonville Fla); A 1076 KS; died Jack- 
sonville several years before 1948 

1083-FARLEY Hoxie Carter (Mont- 
gomery Ala); A 1077; died 

1084-WOOTEN John Towns (Colum- 
bia Tenn); A 1081 KS; farmer & ins 
Columbia; died there Jan 1942 

1085-SIMS Eaton Kittridge (Don- 
aldsonville La); A 1109 KA; Tulane U 
MD 1894; phys & planter Donaldson- 
ville; died there 30 Aug 1924 

1086-HOLMES Wilmot Stuart (Gaff- 
ney S C); T 100 GD 1893 SAE; dea- 
con 1893 priest 1894; ministry in Ala 
Miss S C & N C; rector Grace Ch Lex- 
ington N C 1922-1932; died there 11 
Dec 1932 

1087-DANA Richard Henry Close 
(Natchez Miss); DTD; Vanderbilt U; 
farmer; died Natchez Miss 10 Oct 1948 

1088-HALL Arthur Bell (Lowndes- 
boro Ala) ; SAE; planter Benton Ala; 
died there Dec 1939 

1089-HOWARD William Henry Jr 
(Maiden Mass); PDT; died 1924 

1090-ROWELL Ernest Howard (Liv- 
ermore Falls Me) ; MA 1891 SAE; instr 
Latin & Greek U of S 1890-1893; instr 
English 1892-1893; died Oakley S C 

1091-WILLIAMS George Henry (Ft 
Smith Ark); SAE; pres Mercantile Nat 
Bank Pueblo Colo; mayor Monrovia 16 
yrs; v pres Monrovia Mutual Savings 
& Loan Assoc; 323 N Myrtle St Mon- 
rovia Calif 

1092-DOTSON John Spencer (Frank- 
lin County Tenn); Alto Tenn; died 
Tracy City Tenn 18 Aug 1922 

1093-MATHEWSON Joseph Oscar Jr 
(Augusta Ga); DTD; died Ashland Ky 

1094-STICKNEY Edward Leonidas 
Jr (Greensboro Ala) ; civil engr & 
farmer; died Greensboro 28 Aug 1929 

1095-COOK Richard Reese (Spring 
Hill Tenn) 

1096-BROOK William Samuel Mat- 
thew Dark (New Orleans La); PDT; 
died Philadelphia Pa 7 Mar 1930 

1097-BLAKE Frank Polk (New Or- 
leans La); PDT; U of Va; died 19 
Nov 1900 

1098-GOLDTHWAITE Robert Jr 
(Montgomery Ala) ; Bellevue Hosp 
Med Coll New York N Y MD 1893; 
phys & capt U S Army Med Corps; 
died in France 1918 

1099-R A M S E Y Frank Alexander 
(Aurora Ind); mgr L C Smith Type- 
writer Co Norwood Ohio; died Au- 

1100-BLANCHARD Nelson Calvert 
(Concordia Miss); N C Blanchard Co 
Chattanooga Tenn; died 

1101-WELSON Ellwood Jr (Philadel- 
phia Pa); M 8; sec to the vice-chan- 
cellor U of S 1888-1889; U S consular 
service; died Munich Germany 1 Mar 

Entered Lent Term 1889 

1102-COTTEN Ashbel Lee (Houston 
Tex) ; A 767 PDT; ins San Antonio Tex; 
acct A L Leavy Inc (dept store) Vic- 
toria Tex; died there 27 Jan 1941 

1103-GLASS George Henry (Hearne 
Tex); A 872 KA; ins broker Hearne; 
died Los Angeles Calif about 1940 

1104-GLASS Charles Lewis (Hearne 
Tex); A 873 KA; farmer Hearne; died 

1105-MOORE Thomas Charming 
(Jacksonville Fla); A 877 PDT; mgr 
International Business Machine Corp 
New York N Y; alumni trustee U of 
S 1920-1925; regent 1918-1927; died 
New York 19 Nov 1931 

1106-JONES Marshall Bird (Mont- 
gomery Ala); A 879 PDT; clerk; died 
Montgomery Ala Sept 1901 

1107-COURTS Richard Winn 
(Clarksville Tenn); A 939 SN; invest- 
ment banker Courts & Co Atlanta Ga; 
died there 16 Dec 1940 

1108-SNOWDEN Mason (Waterloo 
La); A 944 

1109-CLEVELAND William Davis Jr 
(Houston Tex); A 954 BA 1893 ATO 
PBK; ptnr W D Cleveland & Sons 
Houston; Tex trustee U of S 1916-1918; 
see Who's Who 1954-1955; 1st Nat Bank 
Bldg Houston Tex 

1110-LEWIS John (Coalburg Ala); 
A 1004 KS; purchasing agt & off 1st 
Nat Bank Birmingham Ala; died there 
26 Aug 1929 

1111-BLAKE Daniel (Saltkehatchie 
S C); A 1018; rice planter Saltkehat- 
chie S C* 

1112-CARY Rhea Preston (Memphis 
Tenn); A 1049; LLB 1892; atty Mem- 
phis; died there 1929 

1113-GARRARD Joseph Bacon 
(Ocean Springs Miss); A 2052; U of 
Miss 1890 — ; banker Ocean Springs; 

1114-THOMAS Lewis Collins (Pass 
Christian Miss); A 1060 

1115-STARKE John William (Orange 
City Fla) ; A 1062; owner citrus groves; 
died St Augustine Fla 25 Feb 1937 

1116-BROWN Wilbur Gayle (Mobile 
Ala) ; A 1083 BS & CE 1894 DTD; math 
tutor U of S 1894-1895; Fla East Coast 
RR 1924-1934; died St Augustine Fla 
14 July 1934 

1117-CLAY Green Jr (Bolivar); A 
1090 KA; planter Mexico Mo; died San 
Antonio Tex 1896 

1118-SARGENT James Findlay Tor- 
rance (Cincinnati Ohio); A 1096 KS; 
Evansville Ind; died 

1119-MATTHEWS James Browning 
(Chappell Hill Tex); A 1099; died 
Chappell Hill 1923 

1120-CANTRELL William Armour Jr 
(Little Rock Ark); A 1102 ATO; rail- 
road business; died Little Rock about 

1121-SLEDGE Norfleet Fanning (Co- 
mo Miss); A 1107; died Como about 

1122-HORLBECK William Chisholm 
(Charleston S C); A 1180 

1123- J AMES William Thomas 
(Louisville Ky); A 1131 KA; realtor 
Lexington Okla; died 

1124-J O H N S T O N William Hooper 
(Birmingham Ala); A 1140 ATO; died 
Huntsville 1917 

1125-BERRY Isaac Jay Jr (Rome 
Ga); ATO; merchant Rome Ga; Birm- 
ingham Ala; died Rome 1948 

1126-HAMMOND James Munro 
(Jackson Tenn); SAE; died 

1127-DEARING Charles W (Louis- 
ville Ky); died there 1906 

1128-McCUTCHEN Harvey Slaugh- 
ter (Russellville Ky); SN; died Ky 
about Nov 1916 

1129-NELSON Edward Bridge 
(Grand Rapids Mich); M 9 BA 1891 
MA (salut) 1893 ATO; U of Mich MD 
1895; surg Spokane Wash; died about 

1130-LINCOLN Charles Knox (Little 
Rock Ark) ; KA; exec v pres Ark 
branch McKesson & Robbins (pharma- 
ceutical); died Little Rock 9 Jan 1950 

1131-C AMP BELL Harry Jr (Mt 
Sterling Ky); died 

1132-NICHOL William Lytle Jr 
(Nashville Tenn); DTD; gen freight 
agt Nashville Chattanooga & St Louis 
RR 45 yrs; gen freight agt; died Nash- 
ville 25 July 1937 

1133-STARLEY William Fletcher Jr 
(Tyler Tex) ; PDT; U of Tex MD 1895; 
phys Galveston Tex; died there 19 Feb 

1134-ADAMS Horatio Hearne (Dai- 
las Tex); Gen Elect Co 1938-1945; 
died Washington D C 1945 

1135-LEARY William Merriwether 
(Montgomery Ala); KA; U of Ala 
1890—; Montgomery Real Estate & Ins 
Co; died Birmingham Ala 29 Dec 1951 

Entered Trinity Term 1889 

1136-PHILLIPS Joseph Jr (Nash- 
ville Tenn) ; A 763 KS; Lehigh U; died 
Salem Ky 13 Oct 1905 

1137-ELLIOTT Joseph Huger (Se- 
wanee Tenn); A 769 ATO; cotton 
planter & broker; died Ocean Springs 
Miss 28 Mar 1949 

1138-KIRBY-SMrTH Reynold Mar- 
vin (Sewanee Tenn); A 770 M 33 MD 
1895 DSc 1949 SAE; demonstrator in 
anatomy 1896-1897 U of S Med Sch; 
1st Tenn Vol Inf Spanish-Am War; It 
U S Army Med Corps 1902-1907; prof 
Med Dept U of S 1907-1909; instr bot- 
any 1910-1911; health off U of S & chief 
of staff Emerald-Hodgson Hosp 1911- 
1947 (on leave 1914-1915); surg Am 
Red Cross units France World War I; 
Sewanee Tenn 





1139-FORD Charles Bickham 
(Shreveport La); A 895 M 34 SAE; 
Bellevue Hosp Med Coll MD 1895; phys 
Seattle Wash; died there 20 Feb 1934 

1140-THOMAS Walter Lord (New 
Orleans La); A 917 KA; San Francisco 
& Los Angeles Calif* 

1141-FORT Rufus Elijah (Sadlerville 
Tenn); A 1000 DSc 1936 SN; Vander- 
bilt U MD 1894; phys and farmer 
Nashville Tenn; founder v pres & med 
dir Nat Life & Accident Ins Co Nash- 
ville; see Who's Who 1938-1939; died 
Nashville 22 Mar 1940 

1142-COCKE Philip St George (Se- 
wanee Tenn) ; A 1010 SAE; Avon Park 

1143-PHILLIPS Frank Pierce (San- 
ford Fla); A 1016 KA; cotton buyer; 
died Columbus Miss 22 Mar 1949 

1144-MORRIS John Morton (Louis- 
ville Ky); BA 1895 ATO; U of Pa 
(law) ; atty Louisville & v pres Fi- 
delity & Deposit Co of Md; Ky trustee 
U of S 1914-1923 & 1927-1929; died 
Louisville Apr 1938 

1145-HOWARD Ewing Fox (Vicks- 
burg Miss); A 1039 BS 1894 KA; Tu- 
lane U MD 1897; phys (OALR); capt 
U S Army Med Corps World War I; 
died Vicksburg Miss 9 June 1933 

1146-HEYWARD Nathaniel (Oakley 
S C); A 1054 BS & CE 1893 ATO; 
planter; 107 King St Mt Pleasant S C 

1147-RICHARDSON John Curtis 
(Custis?) (Sewanee Tenn & Ky); A 

1148-CLAYTON Edgar Lyman (Ma- 
con Ga); A 1101; Gilmer Oil Co Wirt 
Okla; died Winter Haven Fla 22 May 

1149-McNEAL Albert Thomas Jr 
(Bolivar Tenn); A 1110 ATO; stock 
broker New York N Y; died there 22 
Oct 1909 

1150-FAISON James Rhodes (La- 
Grange Tex); A 1113; Eastman Busi- 
ness Coll; real estate & bookkeeper La- 
Grange; died there 23 Dec 1943 

1151-HODGSON George Wilmer 
(Orange N J) ; A 1114 L 5 LLB 1894 
KA; atty & ins (ret); 2112 Monteiro 
Ave Richmond 22 Va 

1152-WILSON Ellwood III (Philadel- 
phia Pa); A 1117 BA 1893 PDT; U of 
Pa; forestry engr; onetime acting prof 
silviculture Cornell U; pres Canadian 
Forestry Assoc & pres Canadian So- 
ciety of Forest Engrs; see Am Men of 
Science; died Montreal Canada 25 May 

1153-EARLE Baylis Drayton 
(Greenville S C) ; A 1126 KA; dentist; 
died Greenville 10 July 1905 

1154-HASKELL James Heyward 
(White Hall S C) ; A 1128 SAE; plant- 
er; died Charleston SCI Aug 1937 

1155-PERRY Jennings Waring (Sum- 
merville S C); A 1135 PDT; Summer- 
ville S C* 

1156-BLACKLOCK Alexander Gal- 
pin (S Pittsburg Tenn); A 1143 L 33 
MA (valed) 1896 SAE; U of Tex LLB 
1898; ins New Orleans La (ret) ; W Tex 
trustee U of S 1907-1908; 226 Poindex- 
ter Dr Pass Christian Miss 

1157-STEWART Floyd (St Louis 
Mo); A 1156; Washington U MD 1896; 
phys (urology) St Louis; Chemical 
Bldg St Louis Mo 

1158-BERRY Thomas (Rome Ga); A 
1157 ATO; onetime Atlanta Birming- 
ham & Ala RR Atlanta; realtor; died 
Miami Fla 13 Jan 1942 

1159-HEARNE Lorenzo Dial (Hearne 
Tex); A 1159; died New York N Y 20 
Oct 1951 

1160-STANTON David Brandon 
(Stanton Station Miss); A 1176 PDT; 
elect engr Batopilas Mexico; died there 
27 Dec 1894 

1161-HART Benjamin Lyon (Del Rio 
Tex) ; A 1186; Del Rio Tex* 

1162-AIKEN William Brownlow 
(Knoxville Tenn); A 1194 PDT; killed 
while serving as 1st It U S Army in 
Philippines or died Knoxville Tenn 29 
Dec 1909 (conflicting information) 

1163-BOSTWICK William Moreau Jr 
(Jacksonville Fla); BS 1891 DTD; atty 
Jacksonville; died there Sept 1932 

1164-LINDSAY William Leslie (De- 
Kalb Tex) ; mercantile business; died 
DeKalb 20 May 1947 

1165-NORTHROP John Mygatt 
(Louisville Ky); T 108 GD 1894 KA; 
deacon 1894 priest 1897; rector St Ma- 
ry Magdalene Fayetteville Tenn 1909- 
1916; deposed 1917; died 

1166-WHITTAKER Benjamin Henry 
(Louisville Ky) ; KA; journalist Phila- 
delphia Pa & San Diego Calif* 

1167-BEADLES James Nicholson Jr 
(Mayfield Ky); died 1915 

1168-MARRS William Rankin (Hen- 
derson Ky) ; U of Va BL; atty & farmer 
Henderson; died there 19 Apr 1945 

1169-ARBUCKLE Thomas Castleton 
(Dallas Tex) 

1170- GREEN Abner Everett (Church 
Hill Miss); L 4 LLB 1894 PDT; dist 
atty & parish supt education 12 yrs; 
died St Joseph La 1913 

1171-LETELLIER Edward Winston 
(Grand Rapids Mich); died 

1172-WHITTHORNE William Jervis 
Jr (Columbia Tenn); KS; U S Army; 
Spanish-Am War 2nd It in Philippines; 
died Fortress Monroe Va 25 Mar 1904 

1173-D I SMUKES James Taylor 
(Mayfield Ky) ; died 

1174-HARRIS Henry Canova (Nat- 
chez Miss) ; DTD; pharmacist; died 
Jackson Miss 17 Mar 1936 

1175-MOORE Rittenhouse Randolph 
(Mobile Ala); DTD; pres Coastwise 
Dredging Co Norfolk Va; died 

1176-SEELIGSON William Angier 
(Augier?) (Goliad Tex); Roanoke Va* 

Entered Lent Term 1890 

1177-ELLIOTT Robert Woodward 
Barnwell (San Antonio Tex); A 773 
MA 1894 DCL 1933 ATO PBK; Colum- 
bia U LLB 1897; atty Harrison Elliott & 
Byrd New York N Y (ret 1940); legal 
counsel U of S 1940 — ; instr politics 
U of S 1942-1943; see Who's Who 1954- 
1955; Sewanee Tenn 

1178-GLASS Frank Eugene (Hearne 
Tex); A 916 KA; died Sewanee Tenn 
1 June 1890 

1179-WILMERDING William Edward 
(Austin Tex); A 950 M 10 MD 1900 
DTD; U of Texas 1892-1893; Tulane U 
1898-1899; U S Army 1917-1938 It col; 
phys Atlanta Ga 1900-1910 N C 1937- 
1947; W N C trustee U of S 1940-1947; 
died Washington D C 9 May 1948 

1180-JACKSON Micajah Rowe (West 
Feliciana La); A 1011; Woodville Miss* 

1181-WATSON James Campbell 
(Pensacola Fla); A 1020 SN; pres Mu- 
tual Fed Savings & Loan Assoc; Box 
71 Pensacola Fla 

1182-SHEPHERD Arthur Morson (Ft 
Adams Miss); A 1057; died Miss about 

1183-WILKERSON Warren Aubrey 
(Hearne Tex); A 1119 KA; Wilkerson 
Bros (real estate); 808 Magnolia St 
Hearne Tex 

1184-EGLESTON William Isaac Jr 
(Winnsboro S C); A 1127 M 136 MD 
1898 KS; U of Nashville MD 1898; prof 
of anatomy U of S 1899-1900; phys 
Hartsville S C 25 yrs; pres S C Med 
Assoc; a founder of Peoples' Bank 
Hartsville; S C trustee U of S 1907- 
1915 1928-1934; regent 1931-1932; died 
Hartsville 24 Mar 1935 

1185-CANNON John Brown (Frank- 
lin Tenn) ; A 1139 T 245 GD 1908 DTD; 
Vanderbilt U LLB 1906; deacon 1908 
priest 1909; chaplain & prof ecclesiasti- 
cal hist U of S 1913-1915; died Nash- 
ville Tenn 17 Mar 1915 

1186-H AMMAN George (Calvert 
Tex); A 1162 ATO; with Union Nat 
Bank Houston Tex 55 yrs & pres; chair- 
man bd Texas Nat Bank Houston 1953; 
died Houston 19 Dec 1953 

1187-LONDON William Lord Jr 
(Pittsboro N C); A 1163; drowned 
Duck River near Cowan Tenn 4 July 

1188-PALMER Joseph (Oak Lawn 
Ga); A 1167 

1189-AYDELOTT George Cortner 
(Tullahoma Tenn); A 1174 SN; fruit 
grower & pres Hanford Ice Co Hanford 
Calif; Spanish-Am War U S Army in 
Philippines; died there 18 Aug 1945 

1190-FARGO Joseph Chester (Au- 
gusta Ga); A 1180; Washington & Lee 
U 1890-1892 SN; pres Globe Cotton 
Mill Augusta; 2307 Kings Way Augusta 

1191-W ILDER James Bennett 
(Louisville Ky); A 1187 M 11 CE 1893 
PDT; died Chicago 111 4 Sept 1893 

1192-LOOMIS Charles Cook (Louis- 
ville Ky; A 1199 SN; died Louisville 
Feb 1938 

1193-GUERRY LeGrand (Van Buren 
Ark); A 1201 M 12 DCL 1924 SAE 
PBK; U of Ga MD 1895 DSc 1931 U of 
S C LLD 1928; surg FAMA; Columbia 
S C 1899-1947; Upper S C trustee U of 
S 1928-1933 1945-1947; see Who Was 
Who II; died Columbia 14 Aug 1947 

1194-JOHNSTON Edward Douglas 
(Birmingham Ala); A 1203 T 240 MA 
1894 ATO; U of Ala LLB; deacon 1908 
priest 1909 deposed 1916; capt U S 
Army Spanish-Am War; rector of 
churches in Ohio & Mo; atty Hunts- 
ville Ala & Ala House of Rep 1916 & 
1919; died Huntsville 29 Jan 1952 





1195-READ Landon Cabell (Marietta 
Ga); A 1206 SAE; Houston Tex; died 

1196-MILLER Dennis Long (Louis- 
ville Ky); A 1212 PDT; died (?) 

1197-SPEARS Henry Esten (Paris 
Ky); T 129 GST 21 BA 1895 PDT; dea- 
con 1899 priest 1900; ministry in Ky 
Ohio Ark Md Term N Y & N J (ret 
1924) ; supply chapl St Luke's Hosp 
New York City 10 yrs; Baldwin Hotel 
Paris Ky 

1198-HARRIS George Henry (Knox- 
ville Tenn) ; Gen Theol Sem; deacon 
1897 priest 1898; ministry in Mich & 
Ky; rector St John's Ch Versailles Ky 
1917-1926; Lexington trustee U of S 
1914-1917; died 26 Apr 1926 

1199-W I L L I A M S William Poole 
(Cleburne Tex) ; KS; claims agt Rock 
Island RR; died Ft Worth Tex 6 May 

1200-FAISON Walter Benjamin (Fai- 
son Miss); SAE; planter Indianola 
Miss; died 

1201-HALL Newton Hamill (Cle- 
burne Tex); SAE; U S Naval Acad 
1895; Spanish- Am War Cuba; col U S 
Marine Corps; died Calif 24 May 1939 

1202-PITT Walter Miles (Pensacola 
Fla) ; SN; office mgr Pensacola Water- 
works 15 yrs; died Asheville N C 7 Feb 

1203-BROWDER Wilbur Fisk Jr 
(Russellville Ky) ; SN; died Bisbee Ariz 
10 July 1910 

1204-PHELAN Owen (Birmingham 
Ala); freight claims agt A B & A RR 
Atlanta Ga; Jacksonville Fla; died 

1205-HOLLAND Thomas Bond (St 
Louis Mo); U Mich AB 1893; Wash U 
1896; Gen Theol Sem; deacon 1906 
priest 1910; rector St John's Ch Brook- 
lyn N Y 1911—; died 17 May 1930 

1206-HOLLAND James Steedman (St 
Louis Mo); U Mich AB 1893 Wash U 
MD 1896; Gen Theol Sem 1909; dea- 
con 1909 priest 1910; Spanish-Am 
War; rector Otey Memorial Par Se- 
wanee 1923-1925; rector St Andrew's 
Ch Bridgeton N J 1925-1942; ministry 
in N Y & N J; died there 15 June 1952 

1207-CARDEN Allen Dickerson 
(Nashville Tenn) ; onetime principal Ft 
Jesup Masonic Institute La; Mena Ark* 

Entered Trinity Term 1890 

1208-ARMSTRONG James Morton 
(Louisville Ky) ; A 963; sec American- 
Gracey Co Louisville 1906; Darien Ga* 

1209-TATE Ernest Carnes (Memphis 
Tenn) ; A 976; New York N Y* 

1210-B AILEY James LaRoche 
(Charleston S C); A 1019 SAE; Birm- 
ingham Ala & Charleston S C* 

1211-WILSON Francis Vaux (Sewa- 
nee Tenn); A 1116 PDT; artist Lyme 
Conn; died Trenton N J 17 Apr 1938 

1212-S ARGENT Edward (Cincin- 
nati O); A 1137 KS; Western Theol 
Sem 1897; U of Chicago MA 1904; supt 
schools Meadville Pa; sec for Church 
Schs Dept Religious Education Nat 
Council Epis Ch 1920-1926; died New 
York N Y 4 Jan 1926 

1213-FISHBURNE Frank Chalmers 
Jr (Summerville S C) ; A 1155 BS 1894 

ATO; merchant Charleston S C; died 
there 8 Feb 1898 

1214-COLEMAN William Evan (Rich 
Hill Mo) ; A 1158 

1215-DUNBAR Henry Steiner (Au- 
gusta Ga); A 1227 CE & BS 1894 ATO; 
H S Dunbar Co (food broker) Au- 
gusta; 2342 McDowell St Augusta Ga 

1216-M c I N T O S H Guilford Cade 
(Bordeaux S C); A 1236 

1217-WEED Caleb Brintnall Knevals 
(East Orange NJ);T 145 MA 1895 DD 
1936 PDT; deacon 1898 priest 1899; 
ministry in New Orleans La; city mssy 
many years & honorary canon Christ 
Ch Cathd New Orleans; Ark trustee 
U of S 1904-1906 La trustee 1915 1926- 
1944; 4510 S Prieur St New Orleans La 

1218-MOREHOUSE Howard Lord 
(Milwaukee Wis) ; KA; studied London 
& Keble Coll Oxford; died while a 
student at Sewanee 7 Nov 1895 

1219-MARSHALL John Francis Jr 
(Waco Tex); U S Navy Spanish- Am 
War & World War I It comdr; business 
office Norfolk Va Virginian Pilot 25 
yrs; grad U S Naval Acad 1895; died 
Norfolk 17 Feb 1948 

1220-GRESHAM James Wilmer 
(New Orleans La) ; T 114 GD 1895 BD 
1896 DD 1915 PBK KA; Oxford U 
1900; deacon 1895 priest 1896; author 
& dean (now emeritus) Grace Cathd 
San Francisco 1909-1939; see Who's 
Who 1938-1939; 1051 Taylor St San 
Francisco Calif 

1221-WEAVER Louis Allen (New 
Orleans La) ; KA; ins Avondale Ala* 

1222-WESTON William (Eastover S 
C); M 135 MD 1896 DSc 1931 SAE; 
Med Coll of S C 1896; phys (Pd); see 
Who's Who 1938-1939; 1231 Bull St Co- 
lumbia S C 

1223-BURFORD Spruille Jr (Mem- 
phis Tenn); MA 1895 DTD; realtor 
(ret); 1696 Union Ave Memphis Tenn 

1224-BROWN John Calvin (Nashville 
Tenn); DTD; Vanderbilt U LLB 18%; 
atty Nashville; died there 1 Dec 1936 

1225-SINCLAIR Edward (Nashville 
Tenn); SN; banker in the West; died 
10 Jan 1910 

1226-BECKWITH Samuel Cary 
(Petersburg Va) ; T 146 BA 1895 MA 
1896 SAE; deacon 1899 priest 1900; 
ministry in Va & S C; rector St Phil- 
ip's Ch Charleston S C; died Aiken S 
C 2 Jan 1939 

1227-CALHOUN Andrew Pickens 
(Atlanta Ga); New York N Y* 

1228-HALL Levi Harry Jr (Atlanta 

Entered Lent Term 1891 

1229-PAXTON Elisha (Areola Miss) ; 
A 981 M 35 KS; Tulane U MD 1895; 
phys & planter Areola; died Jackson 
Miss 2 Mar 1931 

1230-S TARKE James Douglas 
(Orange City Fla); A 1063; Sanford 

1231-MONTGOMERY William Hed- 
dens (Winterville Miss); A 1106; Yazoo 
City Miss; died 

1232-HASKELL Charles Heyward 
(Whitehall S C); A 1129 SAE; planter 
Whitehall S C; died 

1233-KIMBALL John Bryant (Apa- 
lachicola Fla); A 1195; Swift Lumber 
Co Knoxo Miss 1917; Atmore Ala; died 

1234-SMALL Samuel White (Atlan- 
ta Ga); A 1219 DTD; journalist New 
York N Y; died several years before 

1235-STONE Frederick Lee (Camden 
Ark); A 1220 KS; U S Naval Acad; 
v pres Universal Atlas Cement Co; 
died 17 Aug 1942 

1236-GARDNER John Martin (Mar- 
tin Tenn); A 1228 KS; farmer realtor 
banker; Martin Tenn 

1237-WALL Joshua Columbus Jr 
(Wallville Tenn); A 1232; Chattanooga 

1238-WILLIAMS Henry Craig (New 
Town Landing Miss); A 1241; brig gen 
U S Army (ret); 3309 Brenden Ave 
Baltimore Md 

1239-FRIERSON Lucius Jr (Colum- 
bia Tenn) ; A 1242; 1st Nat Bank Birm- 
ingham Ala; died 

1240-FRONEBERGER James Wil- 
liam (Asheville N C); A 1243; Knox- 
ville Tenn; died 

1241-POTTS John James (Monroe 
La); A 1257; Tulane U (law) PDT; 
atty Hudson Potts & Bernstein Mon- 
roe; died there 2 Apr 1935 

1242-STROTHER Benjamin (Edge- 
field Court House S C); A 1263; died 
following fall from tree Sewanee Tenn 
17 Oct 1891 

1243-GAYFER Hammond Bokenham 
(Mobile Ala); A 1266; proprietor C J 
Gayfer & Co (department store) Mo- 
bile; died 14 Oct 1938 

1244-WRENN Henry Bradley Plant 
(Atlanta Ga); A 1271; electrolytic engr 
Grand Central Terminal & H R RR Co 
New York N Y; died Apr 1925 

1245-PHELAN Thomas Sale (Birm- 
ingham Ala); A 1279; Louisville & 
Nashville RR Montgomery Ala; died 
about 1912 

1246-GRADY Henry Woodfin Jr (At- 
lant Ga); L 6; pres Southern Engrav- 
ing Co & atty; died Atlanta 11 July 

1247-PARTRIDGE Preston Hughes 
(Selma Ala); KS; St Louis Mo; died 

1248-HODGES John Samuel (Clinton 
La); died before 1914 

1249-PICKETT James Belton 
(Shreveport La); Los Angeles Calif* 

1250-SMITH Milton Finney (Shreve- 
port La); M 13 SAE; U of Va MD 1895; 
phys (Ob) Shreveport; died there 7 
Sept 1941 

1251-JORDAN William Mudd (Birm- 
ingham Ala); PDT; Columbia U MD 
1895; Spanish-Am War maj World War 
I; phys (surg) Birmingham; died there 
6 Feb 1951 

1252-1 NGLE Julian Edward Jr 
(Henderson N C); ATO; publisher New 
York N Y; died 2 June 1923 

1253-ENNIS Richard Garrett (Liv- 
ingston Ala); SN; died Livingston 19 
Feb 1935 

1254-TOBIN Charles Milton (San 
Antonio Tex); DTD; It col U S Army 
World War I; fire ins agt Pa & N Y; 
ins San Antonio; died there Feb 1933 





1255-ATKINSON William Lane 
(Gonzales Tex); L 3 DTD; city atty 
Gonzales 1900-1903 Cuero Tex 1907- 
1909; died Corpus Christi Tex 1922 

1256-S T E A R N S Chilton Rupert 
(Sheridan Mich); U of Mich BA 1896; 
Trinity (Toronto Canada) MA 1898; 
Seabury Div Sch; ministry in Ohio & 
Mo; died Albany N Y 24 Jan 1940 

1257-RUTH Frank Alfred (Pomona 
Calif) ; grad Ch Divinity School of Pa- 
cific (San Mateo) 1897; died Pomona 
27 Dec 1898 

1258-P A R R O T T Charles Blanks 
(Waco Tex) ; died San Antonio Tex 12 
May 1907 

1259-GARLINGTON John Young 
(Laurens S C); L 7 LLB 1894; died 
about 1948 

1260-MITCHELL Eugene Munroe 
(Houston Tex); KS 

1261-SEIDELL Stafford (Atlanta 
Ga); PDT; died Atlanta 22 Feb 1954 

Entered Trinity Term 1891 

1262-DuBOSE Robert Marion Jr (Se- 
wanee Tenn); A 831 PDT; Hartford 
Life Ins Co Atlanta Ga; died Denver 
Colo 19 Nov 1905 

1263-COTTEN Benjamin Wright 
(Fernandina Fla) ; A 949; New York N 
Y; died 

1264-JOHNSON Sebastian King Jr 
(Augusta Ga); A 1132 DTD; ins Co- 
lumbus O & Ohio State Dept of Agr; 
52 Winner Ave Columbus O 

1265-LOCK George Thomas (Bryan 
La); A 1133 DTD; died Houston Tex 

1266-CROWNOVER Arthur (Sewa- 
nee Tenn) ; A 1141 L 10 LLB 1895 DCL 
1938 PBK; lecturer med law U of S 
1902-1906; atty & presiding judge court 
of appeals of Tenn; Tenn trustee U of 
S 1931-1942; regent 1932-1937; see Who 
Was Who II; died Nashville Tenn 16 
June 1942 

1267-HEARNE William Garlington 
(Hearne Tex) ; A 1260; New York N Y; 
died 20 Oct 1951 

1268-PETERS Lindsay (Atlanta Ga); 
A 1166 ATO; U of Va MD 1895; phys 
(Obg); 802 Olive Santa Barbara Calif 

1269-UEDERMANN Alexander Louis 
(Galveston Tex); A 1170; Jacksonville 
Fla*; died 

1270-HILLIARD Byron (Louisville 
Ky); A 1181 PDT; died Louisville 18 
Mar 1922 

1271-STEINER Henry Hegner (Au- 
gusta Ga); A 1189 SAE; U of Ga 1895; 
died Captiva Fla 2 Apr 1940 

1272-R I D G E L Y Marion Gardner 
(Augusta Ga); A 1234 DTD; bank 
clerk Augusta; Ga trustee U of S 1918- 
1920; died 

1273-BEEAN John (Sewanee Tenn); 
A 1240 T 148; deacon 1900 priest 1901; 
ministry in Miss ret 1935; rector Ch 
of the Mediator McComb Miss 1933- 
1935; Ocean Springs Miss 

1274-PAXTON Samuel Beazley (Ar- 
eola Miss) ; A 1251 KS; planter Wilmot 
Miss; died auto accident 1 May 1912 

1275-WHITAKER William (Tyler 

Tex); A 1256; Tenison Bros Saddlery 
Co Dallas Tex; died there 1945 or 1946 

1276-CRANE Charles Ernest (Ft 
Madison Iowa); A 1264; C C C & St 
Louis RR; Buffalo N Y* 

1277-CALDER Edwin Keith (Wil- 
mington N C) ; A 1265 PDT; died Wil- 
mington 26 Aug 1901 

1278-ROBERTS Edward Faison (New 
Bern N C) ; A 1267 

1279-FONTAINE Noland Jr (Mem- 
phis Tenn); A 1269 SN; onetime v pres 
Union & Planters Bank Memphis; U S 
Dept of Commerce (ret); 1833 Nether- 
wood Ave Memphis Tenn 

1280-FLEMING Robert Alexander 
(Augusta Ga); A 1274 SN; 2220 Kings 
Way Augusta Ga 

1281 -AIKEN Horace Osborne (Knox- 
ville Term); A 1284 SN; died Atlanta 
Ga 1904 

1282-BLANCHARD James Ashton 
(Shreveport La); A 2285 SAE; died 

1283-NOYES Samuel Oliver (Hous- 
ton Tex); A 2286 SAE; died 29 Aug 

1284-COLEMAN Everette Harvey 
(Macon Ga); A 1290 ATO; died 

1285-JONES Knox (Gonzales Tex); 
A 1292 DTD; onetime U S commissioner 
Rio Grande City Tex; San Antonio 
Tex; died before 1940 

1286-NORTON Anthony Banning Jr 
(Dallas Tex) 

1287-MIKELL Henry Judah (Sumter 
S C); T 136 BA 1895 BD & MA 189S 
DD 1918 PBK KA; U of Nashville DD 
1910 Oglethorpe U LLD 1928; deacon 
1898 priest 1899; principal Porter Mil 
Acad Charleston S C; rector Christ Ch 
Nashville Tenn; 2nd bishop of Atlanta 
1917-1942; S C trustee U of S 1908; 
Atlanta trustee 1917-1942; regent 1934- 
1942; 10th chancellor U of S 1938-1942; 
see Who Was Who II; died Atlanta Ga 
20 Feb 1942 

1288-SOLOMON George Lee (Waco 
Tex); SN; died Waco Tex 

1289-DABNEY Ward (Bonham Tex) ; 
BS 1895 DTD; Spanish-Am War & 
World War I col U S Army ret 1922; 
died Pensacola Fla 31 Aug 1944 

1290-DILL Joseph Milton Jr (Paris 
111); DTD; died St Louis Mo about 

1291-SOAPER Henry Turner (Hend- 
erson Ky); PDT; pres & owner H T 
Soaper & Co (tobacco) Henderson; 
Lexington trustee U of S 1907-1950; 
Harrodsburg Ky 

1292-CHAPIN John Ashley (Mays- 
ville Ky) ; MA (valed) 1894; Gen Theol 
Sem; deacon 1898 priest 1899 ret 1940; 
ministry in Mich N H N Y & Okla; 
rector St Mark's Ashland N H 1931- 
1940; Okla trustee U of S 1920; died 
Laconia N H 1 Jan 1953' 

1293-BENJAMIN William Breithaupt 
(Illawara La); CE 1896 PDT; civil 
engr Charles W Greeson & Son Baton 
Rouge La; P O Box 551 Lake Provi- 
dence La 

1294-VELASCO Abelardo (Mexico 
City Mexico); died before 1914 

1295-G A I L L A R D Elias Prioleau 

(Charleston S C); ATO; Kidder Pea- 
body & Co New York; 10 E 45th St 
New York 17 N Y 

1296-GREEN William Mercer Jr 
(Greenville Miss); T 147 BA 1896 MA 
1898 BD 1899 DD 1919 KS; deacon 1899 
priest 1900; ministry Miss & Tenn; dean 
All Saints' Coll Vicksburg; bishop co- 
adjutor Miss 1919 4th bishop 1938-1942; 
Miss trustee U of S 1919-1942; see 
Who's Who 1938-1939; died Battle Hill 
Miss 12 Nov 1942 

1297-BUNTIN Daniel Franklin Car- 
ter (Nashville Tenn); PDT; Vander- 
bilt U (law); realtor Nashville; died 
there 18 Jan 1923 

1298-PHELAN George Richard 
(Memphis Tenn) ; KA; U of Va; killed 
in football game there 23 Nov 1895 

1299-MELDRIM Thomas James (Oli- 
ver Ga); KS; Ford Oil Co Columbus 
Ga; died 

1300-TAYLOR Seneca Curtis (St 
Louis Mo) ; died there 5 May 1937 

1301-STROTHER Corneille Bacon 
(Albany Ga); M 71 SAE; Wilmington 
N C; died before 1914 

1302-MAZYCK Henry Chastaignier 
(Charleston S C); T 187 SAE; deacon 
1904 priest 1906 deposed; St Peters- 
burg Fla; died about 1934 

1303-SHEPHERD Alexander Roby Jr 
(Batopilas Mexico); ATO; mining au- 
thority & appraiser Dept of Internal 
Revenue 20 yrs; died Washington D C 
4 Feb 1943 

1304-CONSTANT Frank Tebbets 
(Illawara La); L 28 LLB 1897 KA; 
stock raiser Illawara; died 1940 

1305-KEENE Wallis Bodein (Illawara 
La); KA; onetime cotton planter; Lake 
Providence La 

1206-SMITH Russell Kane (Alle- 
gheny Pa); T 225 GD 1895; deacon 
1894 priest 1896; rector Epiphany Ch 
Atlanta Ga 1909-1937; died there 13 
May 1937 

1307-BRINGHURST Albert Henry 
(Alexandria La) ; died Pineville La 19 
June 1900 

1308-WRAGG Samuel Alston (Quin- 
cy Fla); MA (salut) 1896 KA; Gen 
Theol Sem BD 1899; deacon 1899 priest 
1900; rector Trinity Ch Columbus Ga 
dean St Luke's Cathd Panama Canal 
Zone & Trinity Cathd Trenton N J 
priest in charge Ch of the Holy Com- 
munion Charleston S C; Atlanta trustee 
U of S 1921-1923 1927-1931; died 
Charleston 20 Dec 1953 

1309-JENKINS John Carmichael 
(Natchez Miss) ; PDT; died 30 Jan 1908 

1310-STONE Henry Fanthrope (An- 
derson Tex); Marianna Fla; died before 

1311-HARROLD Frank Probasco 
(Americus Ga) ; owner cotton ware- 
house; died Americus Ga 17 July 1953 

1312-VAN DUZER John McKee 
(Chicago 111); ATO; onetime cashier 
George West & Co; Chicago HI* 

1313-STONE Will M (Anderson 
Tex); died Marianna Fla 9 Nov 1946 

Entered Lent Term 1892 

1314-UE DERM ANN Edwin Otto 
(Galveston Tex) ; A 1169; Jacksonville 





1315-JACOB Donald Robertson 
(Louisville Ky) ; A 1211 PDT; died 

1316-PARKER Edwin (Abbeville S 
C); A 1229 KS; farmer; died Abbeville 
13 May 1953 

1317- JONES Charles Glover (Bridge- 
port Ala); A 1230; died Bridgeport 1918 

1318-HILSMAN Lawrence Ruth (Al- 
bany Ga); A 1254 SAE; died there 

1319-DUY Charles Gookins (Colum- 
bus Ga) ; A 1258 DTD; Norfolk & West- 
ern RR Bluefield W Va; died 29 Nov 

1320-M OORE LeRoy Partridge 
(Jacksonville Fla); A 1261 KA; stock 
broker; died New Dorp Staten Island 
N Y 19 Oct 1940 

1321-MAXEY Robert (Austin Tex); 
A 1288; investment broker; 107 W 27th 
St Austin 21 Tex 

1322-SELDEN Jose Martin (Sewa- 
nee Tenn); A 1299 M 605 CE & MS 
1898 MD 1903 DTD; phys Chattanooga 
Tenn; instr chem U of S 1900-1909; 
prof anatomy U of S Med Sch 1903- 
1909; died Skyland N C 7 Jan 1923 

1323-PICKETT Roland Jones 
(Shreveport La) ; A 1324; office supply; 
613 Poydras New Orleans 12 La 

1324-SEA Frederick Wirt (Chicago 
111) ; A 1328; Chicago; died there 5 Oct 

1325-GOLDTHWAITE Willis (Gal- 
veston Tex) ; SAE; salesman; Birm- 
ingham Ala; World War I It U S Army; 
died Los Angeles Calif Dec 1924 

1326- JOYNER Matthew Nevill (Kelly 
Miss); T 137 MA 1895 DD 1932; dea- 
con 1895 priest 1896 ret 1940; priest 
Pine Ridge Indian Reservation S D 
1908-1940; died Bethesda Md 5 Dec 

1327-WOOLFOLK J Marshall (Lex- 
ington Ky); PDT; died before 1914 

1328-HOOPER Joseph Eppes (Austin 
Tex); DTD; San Antonio Tex* 

1329-HOGAN Francis Griffiths 
(Louisville Ky) ; PDT; rancher; 5719 N 
Kaufman Temple City Calif 

1330-Z ORN Garnett Sebastian 
(Louisville Ky) ; PDT; onetime grain 
business Louisville; died there 22 Aug 

1331-McCLAIN William (Henderson 
Ky); died 

1332-MINGE John Henry Jr (Fauns- 
dale Ala) ; SN; realtor & investment 
securities; 924 Cordova Place S Jack- 
sonville Fla 

1333-FROST Francis LeJau Jr 
(Charleston S C); SAE; Johns Hopkins 
U PhD 1901; deacon 1899 priest 1900; 
rector St Mary's Ch Staten Is N Y; 
died in SS Mohawk disaster 4 Feb 1935 

1334-WALKER James Ware (Mont- 
gomery Ala) ; L 11 SN; ins & farming; 
died Montgomery 13 Aug 1940 

1335-SEIBELS William Temple 
(Montgomery Ala) ; SN; atty; solicitor 
State of Ala 1909-1950; solicitor city & 
county of Montgomery; 1221 S Court 
St Montgomery Ala 

1336-EVERMAN Meredith David 
(Memphis Tenn) 
1337-HEBBARD Frederick Gardner 

(Yarborough N C); PDT; died New 
York N Y 28 Mar 1914 

1338-HOOKS James Johnston (Paris 
Tex) ; died many years before 1938 

1339-KAPLAN Abram (Suvalk Rus- 
sia); gen mgr United Irrigation & Rice 
Milling Co Crowley La; died there 30 
Mar 1944 

1340-JONES William Weems 
(Shreveport La); MA 1895 SAE; real- 
tor Shreveport; died there Feb 1949 

1341-BECKWITH John Quintus 
(Portsmouth Va) ; SAE; auditor Va & 
Carolina Southern RR Lumberton N C 
1911-1946; E C trustee U of S 1928- 
1947; died Lumberton 11 Apr 1948 

1342-HOLDING Samuel (Columbia 
Tenn) ; atty; judge 7th judicial circuit 
1898—; died Jan 1940 

1343-LIPSCOMB William Harrington 
(Columbia S C); L 8 LLB 1894 SAE; 
died Columbia 21 Jan 1897 

1344-WOOD Clarence Sylvester 
(Rome Ga); T 122 DD 1935 DTD; dea- 
con 1897 priest 1899; chaplain England 
& France World War I; rector St Luke's 
Ch Roselle N J 42 yrs; died Elizabeth 
N J 5 Apr 1946 

1345-HOOPER Albert Mims (Austin 
Tex); DTD; died Austin 1905 

1346-SEMPLE Henry Coolidge 
(Louisville Ky); DTD; New Albany 
Ind; ins Louisville 1913; Birmingham 
Ala; died there 14 July 1930 

1347-KREBS Theodore Luther 
(Mansfield O); organist & choir master 
U of S 1891-1893 

1348- VERNON William Sidney 
(Louisville Ky); SAE; onetime De- 
troit Mich electrical works; died Miami 
Fla Aug 1954 

1349-SELDEN John Armistead (Se- 
wanee Tenn); A 1300 M 191 SAE; U 
of Ga MD 1899; phys; 801 Ga Casualty 
Bldg Macon Ga 

Entered Trinity Term 1892 

1350- YOUNG Arthur Middleton Rut- 
ledge (Charleston S C); A 1122 BA 
1896 ATO; atty Hagood Rivers & Young 
Charleston; pres state bar assoc &memb 
state legislature & state senator; died 
Charleston 1947 

1351-STARKE Lewis Willis (Orange 
City Fla); A 1149 DTD; died Atlanta 
Ga 23 Nov 1943 

1352-WILSON Samuel Jr (New Or- 
leans La) ; A 1210 L 29 KS; Tulane U 
LLB 1898; 2714 Coliseum St New Or- 
leans 13 La 

1353-RUST Richard Sanford Jr (At- 
lanta Ga); A 1260 SAE; ins; 2230 
Peachtree Rd Apt C-3 Atlanta Ga 

1354-COOK John Henry (Apalachi- 
cola Fla) ; A 1301 KS; Fla trustee U of 
S 1928-1929; died 

1355-SHEPHERD Grant (Washing- 
ton D C) ; A 1306 ATO; civil engr mgr 
family silver mines Batopilas Mexico; 
author The Silver Magnet; died Hills- 
boro N C Oct 1939 

1356-ROBINSON Francis Lee (St 
Louis Mo); A 1329 KA; Ashland Place 
Mobile Ala 

1357-SOAPER William Henderson 

(Henderson Ky) ; A 1345 PDT; tobacco 
& landowner Henderson County; died 
Henderson 26 Nov 1947 

1358-RO BARDS Frank Fitzhugh 
(San Antonio Tex); A 1349; U S Ma- 
rine Corps; killed in fall from horse 
Puerto Rico 16 Dec 1915 

1359-SWAIN Howard Lee (Shreve- 
port La); A 1355; died there 27 Oct 

1360-BARKLEY Merrill Bailey (In- 
dianapolis Ind); A 1357 KS; 407 N Penn 
Indianapolis 4 Ind 

1361-YOUNG Lloyd Coleman (San 
Marcos Tex); PDT; asst v pres Se- 
curity-First Nat Bank Los Angeles 
Calif; died there 3 July 1946 

1362-CRANK Thomas Woodruff 
(Houston Tex) ; died U of N C Chapel 
Hill N C 1896 

1363-HOBBS Richard Jr (Albany 
Ga); L J6 SAE; died Albany about 

1364-STICKNEY Joseph Bryan 
(Greensboro Ala) ; KS; pres Greens- 
boro Mercantile Co & City Hardware 
Co (ret) ; Greensboro Ala 

1365-BERGHAUS Paul (Wilmington 
Del) ; BA 1896 KA; N Y Law Sch LLB 
1899; atty New York; taught history & 
law Union County Jr Coll of N J; 
papal count cavalier commander Or- 
der of St Lazare & knight of the Holy 
Sepulcher; died Weehawken N J 7 Aug 

1366-ECKHARDT Marcellus George 
(Yorktown Tex); DTD; onetime stock 
man; died 

1367-BRIDGERS Henry Clark (Tar- 
boro N C); pres East Carolina RR 
1911; died Tarboro Oct 1951 

13«8-PICKENS William Carrigan H 
(Greensboro Ala); KS; cotton business 
Greensboro; died there 18 Jan 1934 

1369-SMITH Leon Rutherford 
(Shreveport La); L 56 SAE; atty 
Blanchard & Smith Shreveport pres 
parish Sch Bd 8 yrs rep legislature 4 
yrs state senator; died Shreveport Feb 

1370-GLOVER John Wilder (Mari- 
etta Ga) ; ATO; Glover Machine Works 
Inc Marietta; died there 18 Sept 1942 

1371-WOODWARD Allan Harvey 
(Birmingham Ala); ATO; Mass Insti- 
tute of Tech 1896-1899; chr bd Wood- 
ward Iron Co Woodward Ala & vice 
chr Wheeling Steel Corp Wheeling W 
Va; see Who's Who 1940-1941; died 
Birmingham 23 Nov 1950 

1372-CRAIGfflLL Francis Hopkinson 
(Dalton Ga); T 138 BA 1897 BD 
1898 KA; deacon 1898 priest 1899; rec- 
tor Ch of Good Shepherd Rocky Mount 
N C 20 yrs; died there 14 Oct 1941 

1373-GARDNER Irvine Parker (Om- 
aha Neb) 

1374-SWETT Frederic George 
(Bangor Me) 

Entered Lent Term 1893 

1375-KIRBY-SMITH William Selden 
(Sewanee Tenn); A 936 SAE; silver 
mine operator Batopilas Mexico; died 
El Paso Tex 12 Feb 1941 





1376-BENEDICT Robert (Ft Meade 
Fla); A 1200 T 152 KA; deacon 1898 
priest 1900; ministry in Fla Pa 111 Minn 
Md Wyo & S D; died Richmond Calif 
26 Aug 1946 

1377-TAYLOR Donald Allen (Ft Sill 
Okla); A 1224 

1378-DOZIER Thomas McCaa (Cedar 
Key Fla); A 1255 KA; onetime tobac- 
co business Jacksonville Fla; F C & P 
RR Jacksonville & Tampa Fla* 

1379-RADCLIFFE Gibson (Memphis 
Term) ; A 1277 DTD; onetime ins Mem- 
phis; died 

1380-SAYERS William Branch Jr 
(Gonzales Tex) ; A 1293 DTD; sec Wool 
Growers Central Storage Co San An- 
gelo Tex; died about 1919 

1381 -MATHER Thomas (Springfield 
111); A 1309; farmer; RFD 4 Box 91 
Springfield 111 

1382-FOSTER Sidney (San Antonio 
Tex); A 1341 

1383-HAZLEHURST Pinckney Alston 
(Brunswick Ga); A 1359 KS; in busi- 
ness Brunswick; drowned St Simon's 
Island Ga 1895 

1384-HICKS Robert Burbank (Hen- 
derson Ky) ; A 1360; hardware busi- 
ness Henderson; died there 1 July 1924 
1385-YEAMAN James Moore (Hen- 
derson Ky); A 2377 KA; atty; died 31 
Dec 1927 

1386-YERGER Frank Johnston (Co- 
lumbus Miss); A 1378 L 20; atty Mo- 
bile Ala; died there 

1387-SCHOLES Samuel Dalrymple 
(Springfield 111 ); A 1393 L 21 LLB 
1896 KS; atty Springfield; died there 5 
July 1937 

1388-MATTHEWS Warner Douglas 
(Jacksonville Fla); T 164 MA 1898; 
Gen Theol Sem BD 1900; deacon 1900 
priest 1901; dean emeritus St John's 
Cathd Albuquerque N M; 318 W Silver 
Ave Albuquerque N M 

1389-MATTHEWS William Cary Jr 
(New Orleans La); Lecompte La* 

1390-TUCKER Frederic Fulton (San 
Augustine Tex); Rush Med Coll (Chi- 
cago) MD 1901; phys; died San An- 
gelo Tex 6 Feb 1902 

1391-TORIAN Oscar Noel (Evans- 
ville Ind); BA 1896 DSc 1947 PDT; U 
of Pa MD 1900 Indiana U LLD 1951; 
phys (Pd) FAMA Indianapolis Ind 
1904-1941 & prof pediatrics Ind U Sch 
of Med 1920-1941; alumni trustee U of 
S 1922-1942; regent 1929-1933; Pd 
Emerald-Hodgson Hosp Sewanee 1943- ; 
see Who's Who 1940-1941; Sewanee 

1392-MORRISON Roy (Tampa Fla); 
KS; capitalist; died 10 May 1917 

1393-FOWLKES John Samuel Jr 
(Dallas Tex) 

1394-PINCKNEY Charles Cotesworth 
(Charleston S C) ; L 38 LLB 1899 ATO; 
atty & v pres & trust off Bank of Com- 
merce Richmond Va; died there 20 
June 1934 

1395-TUCKER Gardiner Leigh (Mo- 
bile Ala) ; T 149 BA 1896 MA 1897 DD 
1921 PBK DTD; deacon 1898 priest 
1899; rector St Matthew's Ch Houma 
La 1903-1938; La trustee U of S 1918; 
died New Orleans La 9 June 1938 

1396-JOHNSTON Mercer Green (San 
Antonio Tex) ; T 150 DTD; deacon 1898 
priest 1900; ministry in Philippines Tex 
& N J; Am Field Ambulance Service 
France World War I; Rural Electrifi- 
cation Admins; W Tex trustee U of S 
1910-1912; died Washington D C 20 
Nov 1954 

1397-REDDING Frank Russel 
(Louisville Ky) ; professional baseball 

1398-BOONE William Pennebaker 
(Louisville Ky) ; DTD; asst auditor to 
comptroller State of N Y; Asheville N 
C; died 1936 

1399-LANIER John Summerfield Jr 
(New Orleans La); KA; Shreveport 
La; died 

1400-M A N L E Y Wesley Doughty 
(Norfolk Va); SAE; Atlanta Ga; pres 
of chain of banks Ga & Fla; onetime 
atty; died Asheville N C 12 Mar 1935 

1401-McCLEERY William Buford 
(Austin Tex) 

1402-TANNER John Stewart (New 
Orleans La) ; M 106 KA; N Y Med Coll 
MD; phys (ret); 5658 Wilshire Blvd 
Los Angeles Calif 

1403-HORTON Henry Hollis (Win- 
chester Tenn) ; atty; Tenn house of rep 
1907-1909 state senate (speaker) 1927; 
gov of Tenn 1927-1933; teacher & stu- 
dent Winchester Normal Coll; see Who 
Was Who 1; died Nashville Tenn 2 July 

1404- CARSON Harry Roberts (Phil- 
adelphia Pa) ; T 119 DD 1923 KS; dea- 
con 1895 priest 1896; chaplain Span- 
ish-Am War; ministry La & Panama; 
1st missy bishop Haiti 1923-1943 ret 
1943; decorated by Haitian Republic; see 
Who's Who 1938-1939; died Port au 
Prince Haiti 13 July 1948 

Entered Trinity Term 1893 

1405-COLMORE Lionel Henry (Se- 
wanee Tenn); A 1103; official N C & St 
L RR; died Nashville Tenn 14 Aug 1902 

1406-STEVENSON Eugene Valjean 
(Dallas Tex); A 1208 KS; onetime 
Mexican Lottery Co Dallas; died Los 
Angeles Calif 5 Apr 1945 

1407-SHEPHERD John Conness (Ba- 
topilas Mexico); A 1310 M 72 ATO; 
onetime silver mine operator Mexico; 
Harrison Ark 

1408-MARR Constant Maney (Mont- 
eagle Tenn); A 1337 

1409-BATES Thomas Fletcher (Shel- 
byville Tenn); A 1352; U of Louisville 
DDS; 2nd It U S Volunteers Philip- 
pines Spanish-Am War; dentist; Shel- 
byville Term 

1410-RAINE Joseph Shelton Jr (At- 
lanta Ga ; A 1358 L 19; sec Southeast- 
em Underwriters Assoc (ins) 1897- 
1936; died Lexington Ky 24 June 1936 

1411-HOGUE Richard Wallace (Ma- 
rion Ala) ; A 1416 T 166 BA 1897 DTD; 
St John's Coll (Annapolis) DD; dea- 
con 1899 priest 1900 deposed 1925; instr 
elocution U of S 1902-1903; Director 
Independent Legislative Bureau Wash- 
ington D C; farmer; Kelly's Ford Farm 
Remington Va 

1412-HUBBARD Curtis Tisdale (New 
Orleans La) ; died New Orleans 26 Feb 

1413-MEMMINGER Willis Wilkinson 
(Charleston S C); T 225 ATO; Wash- 
ington & Lee U DD 1927; actor; deacon 
1906 priest 1908; instr elocution U of 
S 1905-1907; rector All Saints' Ch At- 
lanta Ga more than 27 years; died 
Atlanta 4 May 1937 
1414-BURTON William Waldo (New 

Orleans La); New York N Y; died 

1415-T U C K E R Prentiss (Mobile 
Ala); BA 1897 DTD; organist U of S 
1895-1896; onetime chair mfr Seattle 
Wash; Rt 3 Box 445 Turlock Calif 

1416-McCLURKIN John Martin (Mt 
Carmel HI); v pres Davis Co Chicago 
111; died there 

1417-NOE Thomas Pasteur (Beau- 
fort N C); T 151 BA 1896 MA (salut) 
1897 BD 1899 SAE; deacon 1899 priest 
1900; ministry in S C & N C; supt & 
chaplain Church Home Orphanage 
York S C 1920-1941; E C trustee U of 
S 1901-1903 1913-1915 1918; Upper S 
C trustee 1925-1930; 510 Market St 
Wilmington N C 

1418-HARDING Frederick Harriman 
(Washington N C); T 165 MA (valed) 
1897 PDT; Gen Theol Sem 1900; dea- 
con 1900 priest 1901; rector St Ste- 
phen's Ch Milledgeville Ga 1924-1954; 
Clark St Milledgeville Ga 

1419-NORMAN Ernest Barry (Louis- 
ville Ky); KS; Norman Lumber Co 
Louisville; died 

1420-HARRIS Will Herbert (Johnson 
City Tenn) ; died there 15 July 1941 

1421-BONNER Henry Montague 
(Aurora N C); Med Coll of Va MD 
1897; phys Morehead City N C; E C 
trustee U of S 1935-1937; died 

1422-HEWITT Frank (Frankfort 
Ky) ; died there 11 July 1942 

1423-DOWDALL Paul Mason Daniel 
(Quincy 111); L 22 LLB 1895 KS; atty 
Taylorsville 111 & Memphis Tenn; died 
Peoria 111 21 July 1913 

Entered Lent Term 1894 

1424-BAIRD James Madison [now 
BAIRD James Catchings] (Johnson- 
ville Miss); A 1184; planter; Baird 

1425-WHITAKER Harrison Moores 
Jr (Tyler Tex); A 1385 

1426-WHITAKER William Lowndes 
Jr (Texarkana Tex); A 1386 DTD; 
lumber mfr Jones ville La; died 

1427-REEVE Melville Arnold [now 
REEVE Arnold Melville] (Greeneville 
Tenn); A 1405 PDT; Spanish-Am War; 
U S Army 1902-1934 maj; 2005 Central 
Detroit 9 Mich 

1428-VERNON Hugh Frederick 
Woodhouse (Ragenerthy W i c k w a r 

1429-ESTILL Reverdy Van Warren 
(Louisville Ky); M 137 KA; Spanish- 
Am War Puerto Rico; Louisville Ky 
Hosp Coll of Med MD 1903; onetime 
phys dept student health Rutgers U; 
c/o Mrs. Chrystie Howe 7 Limehouse 
St Charleston S C 

1430-AMBLER Francis Willis (Sum- 
merville S C) ; T 153 GD 1899 DD 1942 
DTD; deacon 1899 priest 1900; St Paul's 
Summerville S C for 32 yrs ret 1940; 
S C trustee U of S 1928-1933; died 
Summerville S C 19 May 1955 





1431-SOLOMON Frederick Emanuel 
(Savannah Ga) 

1432-M A C L E A N Stuart Strother 
(Atlanta Ga); T 123 DTD; dir music 
U of S 1917-1918; head English dept 
Sewanee Mil Acad; head English dept 
Storm King Sch Cornwall N Y; dra- 
matic & music critic organist & voice 
teacher; ed Delta Tau Delta Rainbow; 
see Who's Who 1920-1921; died 21 Sept 

1433-M cM I L L A N Robert Franklin 
(West Washington D C) ; CE 1896 ATO; 
U S Mil Acad 2 yrs; U S Army col; 
Spanish- Am War & World War I; died 
Geneseo N Y 18 July 1952 

1434-CARREL Walter B (Sewanee 

1435-SOUTHWELL Ralph Delany 
(New Iberia La) ; sec treas Enterprise 
Leader Publishing Co there; died June 

1436-GUIGNARD Sanders Richard- 
son (Columbia SC);T 125; U of S C 
BA 1888; Va Theol Sem BD 1897; dea- 
con 1897 priest 1898; ministry in S C & 
N C; died Columbia S C 30 May 193G 

1437-SKARDON Alvin Wilson Jr 
(New Orleans La); T 139; Gen Theol 
Sem 1904; deacon 1904 priest 1908; rec- 
tor St Jude's Walterboro S C 1926-1951; 
Walterboro S C 

1438-LENNIE-SMrrH Walter (Aus- 
tin Tex); T 140; deacon 1899 priest 
1904; ministry Ky Mont La; rector 
Christ Ch Alexandria La; died 14 May 

1439-LEAKE Vernon (Guthrie Ky); 
newspaper publisher Guthrie Ky; farm- 
er near Adams Tenn; died many years 
before 1954 

1440-ESCOTT James Powels (Louis- 
ville Ky) ; realtor there; died there 

1441-DEXTER Charles Jr (Evansville 
Ind) ; KA; professional baseball 

1442-HODGSON Telfair (Sewanee 
Tenn); BA 1898 MA 1899 DCL 1952 
PDT; Brown Bros New York N Y; 
treasurer U of S 1907-1949; pres Bank 
of Sewanee; commissioner of buildings 
& lands U of S 1908-1916; died Sewa- 
nee 16 Sept 1952 

1443-GUTHRIE James Birney Jr 
(New Orleans La); M 192; Keokuk 
Med Coll MD 1904; died New Orleans 
8 Mar 1932 

Entered Trinity Term 1894 

1444-ADAMS Samuel James (Dallas 
Tex); A 1197 KS; died about 1931 

1445-COLMORE Charles Blayney 
(Sewanee Tenn) ; A 1283 T 188 BA 1898 
MA 1900 BD 1903 DD 1914 ATO; tutor 
licentiate U of S 1901-1903; deacon 1903 
priest 1904; 2nd mssy bishop of Puerto 
Rico 1913-1947; see Who's Who 1938- 
1939; died Winter Park Fla 28 June 

1446-SLACK Charles John (Whee- 
lock La) ; A 1308 PDT; planter & post- 
master Maringouin La (1932-1944) ret; 
c/o E B Schwing Jr Plaquemine La 

1447-PETERS Edward Johnson (At- 
lanta Ga); A 1325; archt Shawnee 
Okla; Okla trustee U of S 1923; Ga In- 
stitute of Tech 1897-1898; died before 

1448-GREEN Duncan Cameron 
(Greenville Miss); A 1371 L 49 KS; 
onetime Southern Pacific RR New Or- 
leans La; died Dallas Tex 18 Apr 1911 

1449-McCULLOUGH Malcolm Night- 
ingale (Brunswick Ga); A 1376 PDT; 
Eppinger & Russell Co Jacksonville 
Fla; died there 18 Dec 1946 

1450-BENJAMIN Harbert Wilson 
(Illawara La); A 1380 BA 1899 PDT; 
asst treas Am Nat Ins Co Galveston 
Tex (ret); 3202 Ave Q Galveston Tex 

1451 -DAVIS Albert Hueling (Louis- 
ville Ky) ; A 1392 L 40 LLB 1899 DTD; 
pres Petroleum Engr Producing Corp; 
1641 E 17th St Tulsa 5 Okla 

1452-DREW Horace Rainsford (Jack- 
sonville Fla); A 1394 M 428 MD 1902 
DTD; phys Jacksonville Fla; died there 
May 1951 

1453- STROTHER William Augustus 
(Edgefield S C) ; A 1398; New York N 
Y; died Montclair N J 7 Nov 1922 

1454-ADOUE Julien Baptiste (Cal- 
vert Tex); A 1401 L 41 KA; pres & 
treas Adoue-Blain Hardware Co (ret 
1953) treas Harris Co; 436 Westmore- 
land Houston Tex 

1455-FARRAR Edgar Howard (New 
Orleans La); A 1420 ATO; U of Va; 
arty; died New Orleans 1 Nov 1911 

1456-WORTHINGTON George Car- 
ruth (Orange Park Fla); A 1434; died 
Dallas Tex 24 Mar 1952 

1457-BARNWELL William McCaslan 
(Abbeville S C); A 1441 ATO; asst 
clerk S C senate 1931-1940; S C high- 
way dept (ret 1950); Upper S C trus- 
tee U of S 1923-1938; died Abbeville S 
C 28 June 1955 

1458-HENDERSON William Jr (New 
Orleans La); BA 1897 ATO; Hender- 
son Sugar Refining Co New Orleans; 
died there 20 Nov 1933 

1459-THOMAS Harold (Columbia S 
C); T 154 GD 1899 SAE; deacon 1899 
priest 1900; ministry in N C & S C; 
rector St Luke's Ch Charleston 1917- 
1947 ret 1950; 61 King St Charleston 

5 C 

1460-SMITH Sidney Bertrand (Rock- 
vale Term); M 193 MD 1898 KS; phys 
50 yrs Rutherford County Term; lect- 
urer in mental diseases U of S Med 
Sch 1903-1906; died Inverness Fla 23 
Mar 1953 

1461-McPHATL Albert David (Mar- 
shall Tex) ; KS; Marshall Hardware Co 
Marshall Tex 

1462-SHIELDS Bayard Benoist 
(Jacksonville Fla); BA 1898 KA; 
Washington & Lee U LLB 1906; judge 
4th judicial circuit Fla; 303 Court 
House Jacksonville Fla 

1463-WOOLDRIDGE Jasper (Austin 
Tex); KS; onetime mgr abstract & title 
business; 2942 Copper St El Paso Tex 

1464-PETTIT William Foster (New 
Orleans La); KS; Tulane U MD 1898; 
phys; died New Orleans 30 Dec 1946 

1465-WALKER Joseph Hill (War- 
trace Tenn) ; KS; Monroeville Ala 

1466-ST ACKER Patrick Lewis 
(Clarksville Term); SAE; It Spanish- 
Am War maj World War I; civil engv 
Eutawville S C; died Columbia S C 

6 July 1950 

1467-BARRETT Robert Stribling 
[now BARRETT Robert South] (At- 
lanta Ga); DCL 1930 DTD; RR busi- 
ness Mexico; publisher Mexican City 
Daily Record 1903-1907; ed & gen mgr 
Alexandria Gazette; chairman & trus- 
tee Nat Florence Crittenden Homes; 
see Who's Who 1954-1955; fellow Royal 
Geographical Soc; 404 Duke St Alex- 
andria Va 

1468-HURTER William Hammond 
(Montgomery Ala); BA 1897 SAE; ad- 
vertising dept Montgomery Advertiser- 
Journal; died there 22 Mar 1953 

1469-BROWN Percy (Spring Hill 
Tenn); ATO; mgr Ewell Stock Farm; 
studied forestry in Germany; died Co- 
lumbia Tenn 26 Mar 1934 

1470-C RANK James Montgomery 
(Houston Tex); SAE; broker New York 
N Y; died there 20 June 1941 

1471-GREEN James Severin Jr 
(Nashville Tenn) ; died Houston Tex 
Feb 1914 

1472-GASTON William Henry Jr 
(Dallas Tex)); ATO; banker Dallas; 
3519 Cedar Springs Dallas 19 Tex 

1473-HOGSETT George Arnold Jr 
(New Orleans La); SAE; died New 

1474-COLEMAN William Pinckney 
(Marshall Tex); Coleman Plumbing Co 
Marshall Tex* 

1475-WILLIAMS George Croft (Ai- 
ken SC);T 155 DSc 1930; Va Theol 
Sem 1900; deacon 1900 priest 1901; rec- 
tor St John's Ch Congaree S C & prof 
sociology U of S C 1922-1945; 4111 
Trenholm Rd Columbia S C 

1476-COBBS Edward Ellerbe (Mont- 
gomery Ala); T 156 SAE; Gen Theol 
Sem STB 1899; deacon 1899 priest 1900; 
rector St John's Ch Montgomery 1902- 
1917 & Christ Ch Nashville 1918—; died 
Nashville Tenn about 1920 

1477-RISLEY Howard Sank (George- 
town S C); BA 1899 KA; Risley Bros 
Philadelphia Pa; mayor Stone Harbor 
N J 1915; pres S Jersey Realty Co; 
taught coll Calif* 

1478-McKEAGE (Guillam) Henry 
Royson (Clarksville Term) ; treas & gen 
mgr Beach Mfg Co; Montrose Pa 

Entered Lent Term 1895 

1479-BUNTIN William Allison 
(Nashville Tenn); A 1431 PDT; Van- 
derbilt U LLB 1899; atty; Buntin & Co; 
died Nashville Tenn 22 Oct 1933 

1480- VAN NESS Frank Waters (Se- 
wanee Tenn); A 1437; onetime Meck- 
lenburg Iron Works Charlotte N C; 
Milwaukee Wise E Orange N J* 

1481-RUEF John Leonard (Sewanee 
Tenn) ; farmer Rio Grande Valley Tex 
& owner abbatoir Florence Ala (ret) ; 
710 Nashville Ave Sheffield Ala 

1482-PARTRIDGE Charles Stevens 
(Selma Ala); BA 1899 DTD; weather 
consultant Station WOR New York N 
Y & copyreader Wall St Journal; 44 
Broad St New York N Y 

1483-E D W A R D S George Clifton 
(Dallas Tex); T 181 BA (valed) 1898 
KS; Harvard U MA 1899; atty; 3701 
University Blvd Dallas Tex 





1484-SEIBELS Henry Goldthwaite 
(Montgomery Ala) ; L 57 BA 1899 DCL 
1955 KA; headmaster Sewanee Gram- 
mar Sch 1900-1903; pres Jemison-Sei- 
bels Ins Co & Birmingham Fire; Ala 
trustee U of S 1908-1922; 221 N 21st 
Ave Birmingham Ala 

1485-WILLIAMS Luther George Hai- 
lam (Macon Ga); T 175 GD 1901 PKA; 
deacon 1901 priest 1902; ministry in Tex 
Ga Ala Miss Va & Ore; N Tex trustee 
U of S 1929-1930; died Lubbock Tex 
20 Jan 1935 

1486-DOUGLAS Kenneth Malcolm 
(Evansville Ind); PDT; died 

1487-WESTCOTT William Beverly 
(Montgomery Ala); SAE; Columbia U 
MD 1902; surg; died Montgomery 14 
Sept 1947 

1488-ELMORE Charles Gunter 
(Montgomery Ala) ; cotton broker; died 
7 July 1916 

1489-WEBSTER William Worthing- 
ton (Dayton O); DTD; Va Theol Sem 
1913; newspaper business 15 yrs; mssy 
teacher Christ Sch Arden N C 1910; 
deacon 1916 priest 1919; ministry Idaho 
Ga & Md; rector Whitemarsh Par 
Trappe Md 1929-1936; died Baltimore 
Md 26 Feb 1939 

1490-M A N G U M Samuel Duncan 
(Collierville Term); DTD; onetime U 
S consul Dawson City British Colum- 
bia; died Atlanta Ga 22 Dec 1945 

1491-GALT Hamilton Pope (Louis- 
ville Ky) ; KA; Benecia Calif ; journal- 
ist & railroads; Oakland Calif* 
' 1492-LANE Carl Moorman (Greene- 
ville Tenn); ret from Mo Pacific RR 
1935; died Little Rock Ark 8 Mar 1954 

1493-DUNLAVY Henry Foster 
(Richmond Tex); KS; died 

1494-RICHARDSON Albert Smith 
(Nashville Tenn) 

1495-CARNAHAN Hart (San An- 
tonio Tex); DTD; died before 1914 

1496-GARRISON Lyle (Webb City 
Mo) ; Cherryvale Kans* 

1497-F R A N C I S Charles Dawson 
(Winchester Tenn) ; Yale U BA & BL; 
taught Winchester Normal Coll; atty 
New York N Y* 

1498-POOLE William Henry (Glyn- 
don Md)); T 182 MA (valed) 1899 
DTD; Episcopal Theol Sch BD 1903; 
deacon 1902 priest 1903; ministry in 
Md Ohio & Mich; rector St Paul's Ch 
Jackson Mich 1910—; YMCA in France 
1918; died Graham Va 12 June 1921 

Entered Trinity Term 1895 

1499-W I L D E R Oscar (Louisville 
Ky) ; A 1188 L 39 PDT; 1st It Spanish- 
Am War & World War I; farmer & 
realtor Fairhope Ala; died there 14 
Aug 1944 

1500- SMITH Sidney Binion (Darien 
Ga); A 1296; died 

1501-JOHNSON Bertram Page 
(Nashville Tenn); A 1305 DTD; Span- 
ish-Am War; It col U S Army World 
War I; died Philadelphia Pa 1938 

1502- WALTS Samuel William Jr 
(New Albany Ind); A 1311 PDT; citrus 
grower; World War I; Box 1314 De- 
Land Fla 

1503-GALLEHER Clarkson (New 
Orleans La); A 1331 L 59 SAE; Span- 
ish Am War Puerto Rico; World War 
I capt U S Army; died Washington D 
C 4 Dec 1944 

1504-PARROTT Thomas Sargent 
(Paris Tex); A 1372 L 43 LLB 1899 
PDT; onetime newspaper publisher; 
died Newnan Ga 1 Oct 1928 

1505-McCLAIN James Henry (Hend- 
erson Ky) ; A 1406; died before 1914 

1506-EPPERSON Benjamin Holland 
(Jefferson Tex); A 1417 

1507-SHEPHERD David Alexander 
(Nashville Tenn); A 1421 BA 1900; 
taught Baylor Sch Chattanooga Tenn; 
St Andrew's Sch Ft Worth Tex; Eng- 
lish master Sewanee Grammar Sch 
1904-1909; alumni sec U of S 1912- 
1920; exec Columbia Oil Shale Co -1954; 
pres Associated Alumni 1920-1923'; Se- 
wanee Tenn 

1508-ALLEN John Brooks (Spring- 
field 111) ; A 1433 KS; onetime commer- 
cial traveler Baltimore Md; died 

1509-KIMBROUGH Frank Richmond 
(Clarksville Tenn); A 1439 ATO; art- 
ist; died Busby (near London) Eng- 
land 25 Dec 1902 

1510-GUERIN George Herbert (Lake 
Providence La); A 1448 KA; Coving- 
ton Ky* 

1511-AVERILL Frederick Sprague 
(Port Royal S C); A 1459 KS; died 
Charleston S C 15 May 1902 

1512-LANDAUER Horace Haas 
(Winnsboro La) ; A 1463 BA 1899; pres 
Titche-Goettinges Co Dallas Tex; died 
there 9 Oct 1942 

1513-BRANCH Austin Thomas 
Plummer (Augusta Ga); A 1464 MA 
1900 SAE; U of Va LLB; atty; died Au- 
gusta 4 Sept 1910 

1514-DUNN John Guion (New Bern 
N C); A 1465 DTD; v pres New Bern 
Morris Plan Co & New Bern Bldg & 
Loan Assoc; 507 E Front St New Bern 
N C 

1515-WOOLDRIDGE Alexander Penn 
Jr (Austin Tex); A 1470 DTD; Dallas 
Industrial Service Inc; 3700 Cedar 
Springs Dallas Tex 

1516-WAINWRIGHT Eric Ross 
(Bowman's Bluff N C); A 1475; died 

1517-HOWARD Benjamin Rollins 
(Selma Ala); A 1490 DTD; onetime 
cotton business Selma; Waco Tex; died 
6 Sept 1934 

1518-GILLETT William Lowry (Ev- 
ansville Ind); A 1495 BA 1900 PDT; 
Mass Institute of Tech 1901; chemist 
Gen Chem Co New York N Y; died 

1519-JOYNER Edmund Noah Jr (Co- 
lumbia S C); A 1499; real estate bro- 
ker; 310 Tift Ave Albany Ga 

1520-SMITH Dana Tyrrell (Salt 
Lake City Utah) ; L 42 LLB 1899 DTD; 
asst gen counsel Union Pacific RR; 
died Salt Lake City 27 Jan 1955 

1521-GREEN Berkeley St John (St 
Louis Mo) ; KS; Spanish- Am War; ins 
St Louis Mo; mgr Anchor Mills-Shuttle 
Blocks (golf clubs); Veterans' Home 
Napa Calif 

1522-GRAY Francis Campbell (Or- 

lando Fla) ; T 196 MA (salut) 1901 DD 
1926 KA; Gen Theol Sem BD 1904 
STD 1926 Nashotah House DD 1925; 
deacon 1903 priest 1904; 2nd bishop 
Northern Ind 1925-1944; see WJio's Who 
1941; S Fla trustee U of S 1911-1913; 
died Mishawaka Ind 16 May 1944 

1523-CADMAN Godfrey William 
Radclyffe (Narcoossee Fla); T 189 BA 
1900 BD 1903 PKA; deacon 1903 priest 
1904; ministry Tenn & Tex; private Ca- 
nadian Army 1916-1919; priest St Al- 
ban's Ch Auburndale Fla 1926-1945; 
died Winter Park Fla 15 Apr 1952 

1524- GRAY Charles Quintard (Ocala 
Fla) ; BA 1899 MA 1900 KA; ins broker; 
Dallas Tex; died there 11 Jan 1906 

1525-SCOTT Frederick Myers Jr 
(Atlanta Ga); M 293 L 58 LLB 1901 
KA; onetime atty; Pensacola Fla; Piney 
Acres Nursery Lillian Ala 

1526-CRAIG Emmett (New Orleans 
La); realtor; Tallulah La; died 

1527-WATSON Sidney Powell (At- 
lanta Ga); L 34; atty Springfield 111; 
died there 11 Nov 1942 

1528- VAN VREDENBURGH Richard 
Varick (New Albany Ind); PDT; Yale 
PhB 1900; merchant; died Louisville 
Ky May 1934 

1529-PETER George Freeland 
(Georgetown D C); T 157 ATO; Gen 
Theol Sem STB 1904; Hampden-Syd- 
ney Coll DD; deacon 1899 priest 1900 
ret 1946; canon & canon chancellor 
Washington Cathd 1928-1936; ministry 
in D C W Va Md & Va; ret Cobham 
Park Va; died Charlottesville Va 22 
Feb 1953 

1530-KING Alfred Newell (Nash- 
ville Tenn); SAE; World War I; mgr 
Davis Blueprint Co (ret); 233 2nd Ave 
N Nashville Tenn; died June 1955 

153'1-LAIRD Samuel Boden (Birm- 
ingham Ala); L 35 

1532- WILSON James Jr (New Or- 
leans La) ; KS; in business New Or- 
leans; died there 6 Feb 1899 

1533-YEANDLE William Henry Jr 
(Atlanta Ga); L 50; mining engr Ba- 
topilas Mining Co Mexico City Mexi- 

1534-MOORE Thomas Leo (Hape- 
ville Ga) 

1535-McARTHUR Joseph Maxwell 
(Gainesville Fla); KS; U of Wise; 
Franklin Life Ins Co Chattanooga 

1536-SMITH Ralph Henry (Glenn 
Springs S C); M 788 KA; U of Ind MD 
1905; died Glenn Springs 28 Jan 1936 

1537-BRANCH Robert Irvine (Au- 
gusta Ga); BA 1898 SAE; banker Au- 
gusta; died 1918 

1538-MATTHEWS James Fouche 
(Anniston Ala); L 76 BA (salut) 1898 
MA 1900; U of Pa LLB 1904; atty 
Montgomery Ala; died 

1539-POWELL Wilbert Benton (Se- 
wanee Tenn); New York N Y; died 

1540-WOODCOCK Julian Augustus 
(Asheville N C); pres Citizens Trans- 
fer & Coal Co Asheville; died Clear- 
water Fla 21 Feb 1937 





1541-WARNER Gaylord (Tyler Tex); 
Marsh & McLennan (ins) Minneapolis 
Minn; died after 1949 

1542-BULL James Armitage (Pensa- 
cola Fla); BA 1900 DTD; U S Navy 
Supply Corps 1903-1915 1917-1922 & 
1922-1945 capt; West & Co (bonds) San 
Francisco Calif; World Wars I & II; 
died San Francisco Calif 22 Feb 1948 

1543-WOOLF Winfield Pinson (At- 
lanta Ga); BA 1898 MA 1899; instr 
English & grammar U of S 1899-1900; 
tutor licentiate 1900-1901; connected 
with Atlanta Conservatory of Music & 
asst librarian Atlanta Pub Library 

1544-LORD Frank King (Louisville 
Ky); ATO; consultant refrigerator & 
air conditioning chem engr (ret) ; 
Spanish-Am War Puerto Rico & World 
War I; 621 Roycroft Ave Long Beach 14 

1545-HANNON Horace Blake (Cairo 
111); M 138; Coll Fhys & Surg San 
Francisco Calif MD 1898; phys Chica- 
go 111; died 12 Jan 1947 

1546-BUCHANAN Thompson (Cres- 
cent Hill Ky); ATO; Spanish- Am War 
Puerto Rico & World War I It U S Ar- 
my; dramatist author & newspaperman; 
ed Goldwyn Pictures Hollywood Calif 
1919-1920 supervisor Famous Plays 
1920-1922; see Who Was Who I; died 
Louisville Ky 15 Oct 1937 

1547-McLEMORE John Briggs (Co- 
lumbia Term) ; U of Va BS PGD; pres 
Model Mill Co Johnson City Tenn; died 
there 24 Feb 1931 

1548-THOMPSON William Bess III 
(Dallas Tex); L 51 ATO; U of Tex 
(law) ; died while a sr law student 
Austin Tex 11 Apr 1901 

Entered Lent Term 1896 

1549-BENEDICT Henry Pinckney 
(Ft Meade Fla); A 1316; died 5 July 

1550-HAMILTON Joseph Gregoire 
deRoulhac (Hillsboro N C) ; A 1466 MA 
(valed) 1900 D Litt 1942 KA; Columbia 
U PhD 1906 Washington & Lee U D Litt 
1942; World War I; Kenan prof history 
& dir Southern Historical Collection U 
of N C (emeritus) ; author; see Who's 
Who 1950-1951; Coll of Wm & Maryhon 
PBK 1915; Chapel Hill N C 

1551-MOCK Phillipp Edmund (New 
York N Y); KS; sometime sec The 
Sterling Co Derby Conn; artist New 
Haven Conn* 

1552-JERVEY Huger Wilkinson 
(Charleston S C); MA (salut) 1899 
DCL 1924 PBK ATO; instr Sewanee 
Grammar Sch 1900-1901; assoc prof 
French & Greek U of S 1901-1905 & 
prof 1905-1909; Columbia U LLB 1913; 
law prof & dean Columbia Law Sch 
1924-1928; dir Parker Sch International 
Affairs; maj U S Army World War I; 
see Who Was Who II; studied also Coll 
of Charleston & Johns Hopkins U; died 
Fletcher N C 27 July 1949 

1553-TUCKER Ernest Eckford (Mo- 
bile Ala); DTD; doctor of osteopathy; 
11 W 68th St New York N Y 

1554-W ILSON George Fraser 
(Charleston S C) ; SAE; Med Coll of 
S C MD 1901; phys Miami Fla; died 
there 12 June 1925 

1555-CLEVELAND John Zimmerman 
(Spartanburg S C); Hey ward Rd Hen- 
dersonville N C 

1556-GILLESPIE Andrew Jackson 
(Aberdeen Miss); died there 27 Oct 

1557-LEA Overton Jr (Nashville 
Tenn); BA 1900 ATO; Columbia U 
LLB 1903; atty Nashville; died there 29 
Dec 1904 

1558-LEA Luke (Nashville Tenn); 
BA 1899 MA 1900 DCL 1915 ATO; Co- 
lumbia U LLB 1903; instr law dept U 
of S 1903-1905; It col U S Army World 
War I; U S Senator from Tenn 1911- 
1917; onetime pub Nashville Tennes- 
sean Memphis Commercial Appeal & 
Knoxville Journal; see Who Was Who 
II; died Nashville 18 Nov 1945 

1559-S T A R R Homer Worthington 
(Gonzales Tex) ; T 190 MA (valed) 1901 
DD 1930 DTD; Harvard U BA 1900 
U N C PhD 1915; taught Sewanee 
Grammar Sch 1901-1902; deacon 1901 
priest 1902; rector Ch of the Holy Com- 
munion Charleston S C 1916-1936; died 
there 5 July 1936 

1560-WENTZ Charles Hancock (New 
York N Y) ; agt Am Telephone & Tele- 
graph Co New York N Y* 

1561-GUDE Albert Valdemar (At- 
lanta Ga) ; DTD; Yale U BE 1900; engr 
& contractor Atlanta; died there Sept 

1562-DEWEY Chauncey (McKinney 
Tex) ; cattleman; Brewster Kans 

1563-COBBS William Addison 
(Greensboro Ala); SAE; realtor & ins 
Birmingham Ala; died there 21 Jan 

1564-BRANNAN Andrew Jackson 
(Alto Tenn) ; Laager Tenn; died 

1565-ROBISON James McGill (Mur- 
freesboro Tenn); died 23 Jan 1947 

1566- SMITH Charles Edwin (Tren- 
ton Tenn); U of Va U of Calif; farmer 
realtor & newspaperman (ret) ; 268 An- 
gelus Memphis Tenn 

1567-BAIN Charles Wesley (Sewa- 
nee Tenn); MA 1896; U S C LLD 1931; 
headmaster Sewanee Grammar Sch 
1895-1898; U of S C prof ancient lan- 
guages 1898-1910; U of N C prof Greek 
1910-1914; writer; grad U of Va; see 
Who Was Who I; died Chapel Hill N 
C Mar 1915 

Entered Trinity Term 1896 

1568-YERGER Arthur Warren (Co- 
lumbus Miss); A 1374 KA; died New 
York N Y 1912 

1569-FORD John Gordon Mc Williams 
(Shreveport La); A 1409 M 429 SAE; 
mayor Shreveport 1916-1922 city com- 
missioner finance 1930- ; Box 1109 
Shreveport La 

1570-MEMMINGER Lucien (Charles- 
ton S C); A 1419 ATO; U S consular 
service — 13 posts in 9 countries; consul 
gen ret 1944; see Who's Who 1940-1941; 
227 Victoria Rd Asheville N C 

1571 -BACON Milton R (DeWitt Ga); 
A 1456 SAE; pres Bacon Equipment Co 
Albany Ga 1906; killed in auto race 
Long Island N Y 1 Oct 1910 

1572-WATSON Matthew (Watson 
Tex) ; A 1487 L 44 ATO; stock farmer; 
died Valiant Okla 25 Oct 1937 

1573-BIRD Stephen Moylan (Galves- 
ton Tex); A 1496 T 191 BA 1900 BD 
1903 ATO; organist U of S 1896-1903; 
deacon 1903 priest 1904; rector St 
Peter's Ch Brenham 1905-1921 & 1929- ; 
Box 378 Brenham Tex 

1574-C A R R I S O N Daniel Jordan 
(Camden S C); A 1502 SAE; onetime 
Towers Hardware Co; San Jose Blvd 

5 Jacksonville Fla 

1575-BULL Henry Tilghman (Pen- 
sacola Fla); A 1525 CE 1901 SAE PBK; 
U S Army 1901-1934 1940-1943 Span- 
ish-Am War World War I World War 
II col; pres Associated Alumni 1929- 
1936; alumni trustee U of S 1930-1939; 
Harvard U 1897-1899; 1816 Santa Bar- 
bara St Santa Barbara Calif 

1576-NESBIT Ralph Jr (Waverly 
Mills S C); A 1516 SAE; rice planter; 
died Waverly Mills 9 Mar 1938 

1577-WILLIAMS Thomas Chapman 
(Uniontown Ky); A 1511 PDT; ins 
broker Earlington Ky; died 15 Dec 

1578-Y O U N G Joseph Underwood 
Rutledge (Charleston S C); A 1520 
ATO; cotton buyer; died Charleston 15 
June 1936 

1579-TTTUS James Lewis (Murfrees- 
boro Tenn); A 1528 ATO; merchant & 
planter; died 1940 

1580-DANIEL Richard Potts (Jack- 
sonville Fla); KA; Washington & Lee 
U (law) ; onetime pres Atlantic Nat 
Bank; atty Daniel Wayman & Poucher 
Jacksonville; World War I; see Who's 
Who 1954-1955; 1851 Mallory St Jack- 
sonville Fla 

1581-HOGUE Bradley Brown (Ma- 
rion Ala); DTD; ed Dallas Times- 
Herald; asst Sewanee Grammar Sch 
1902; died Dallas Tex 6 Nov 1924 

1582-FURNISS John Neilson (Selma 
Ala) ; PDT; U of Va MD 1900 Bellevue 
Med Coll MD 1903; phys Selma; died 
there 10 Apr 1926 

1583-GAY Ewell (Atlanta Ga); PDT, 
Ga Institute of Tech ME 1901; ins 
broker Atlanta; died there 7 Sept 1929 

1584-SNOW Richard McLester (Tus- 
caloosa Ala); PDT; U of Ala; civil engr 

6 farmer Tuscaloosa; died there 9 Apr 

1585-HARRISON William Preston 
(Hannibal Mo) ; KA; timber estimator 
Houston Tex; died there 1913 

1586-BEALE Phelan (Montgomery 
Ala); L 75 LLB 1902 DTD; Columbia 
U LLB 1905; physical instr U of S 
1902; atty; alumni trustee U of S 1934- 
1937; 165 Broadway New York N Y 

1587-GRAY Robert Muncaster (Ox- 
ford Md); M 194 KA; journalist Wash- 
ington D C; died Baltimore Md 1934 

1588-HARRISON Jesse McVeigh 
(Hannibal Mo); MA (salut) 1900 PBK 
KA; Washington U LLB 1902 Gen Theol 
Sem BD 1906; deacon 1906 priest 1907 
Order Holy Cross 1910- ; West Park N 

1589-deOVIES Raimundo (Jorge Gar- 
cia) (Roslindale Mass); T 176 DD 1943 
DTD; Fla Southern Coll D Litt 1940; 
Atlanta Law Sch LLD; deacon 1902 
priest 1903; ministry in Ala Tenn Tex 
& Ga; chaplain U of S 1927-1929; dean 
Cathd St Philip Atlanta Ga 1929-1947; 





dean emeritus 1947- ; Tex trustee U of 
S 1920-1921; Atlanta trustee 1936-1938; 
3833 Peachtree Rd Atlanta Ga 

1590-H ALL STROM Carl Rupert 
(Roslindale Mass); DTD 

1591-BLOUNT Eugene Harmon (Na- 
cogdoches Tex); L 67 BA 1900 PDT; 
pres Commercial State Bank Nacog- 
doches; Tex trustee U of S 1921-1923; 
died Nacogdoches 23 Nov 1927 

1592-LAIRD Edgar Stockton (Birm- 
ingham Ala); PDT; onetime in busi- 
ness Okla City Okla; Box 464 San Saba 

1593-LAND Vincent Lester (Shreve- 
port La) ; died New Orleans La 1 Apr 

1594-BURKE Malcolm Clayton 
(Montgomery Ala); Harvard U BA 
1901; U of Ala AB 1899 PBK; Munich 
Bavaria PhD 1908; taught Latin U of 
Ala 1901-1917; taught Montgomery Ala; 
vice consul Hamburg Germany until 
retirement 1938; World War I; Box 
1834 Tampa Fla 

1595-WILLIAMS Lawrence Moore 
(Patterson La); L 60 LLB 1901 PDT; 
sec-treas F B Williams Cypress Co 
Ltd; World War I; died Baltimore Md 
5 Oct 1933 

1596-KAHA Louis Henry Jr (Cairo 

1597-HEANEY Harry Gilbert (Cor- 
pus Christi Tex) ; M 604 MD 1901 PGD 
(hon); studied med Edinburgh London 
Paris; phys Corpus Christi 40 yrs; W 
Tex trustee U of S 1904-1920 1924- 
1928; died Corpus Christi 3 July 1954 

1598-SELDEN Karl Wilmans (Char- 
lotte N C) ; engr Parks-Cramer Co (air 
conditioning) ; 228 Torrence St Char- 
lotte N C 

Entered Lent Term 1897 

1599-CHAFEE Henry Campbell (Au- 
gusta Ga); A 1477 SAE; onetime cotton 
business Augusta; 813 Heard Ave Au- 
gusta Ga 

1600-EGLESTON George Pendleton 
(Birmingham Ala); A 1481 SAE; pres 
H R Basford Co (mfr agts); 235 15th 
St San Francisco Calif 

1601-MURRAY Cornelius MacPher- 
son (Jackson Tenn) ; A 1517 PDT; cot- 
ton business; died Memphis Tenn 9 
June 1933 

1602-MANN James Tift (Albany 
Ga) ; A 1537 L 54 SAE; U of Ga LLB 
1900; member Ga Legislature 1905- 
1906; It col & asst judge advocate gen 
Ga Nat Guard; city atty; died Savan- 
nah Ga 5 Aug 1926 

1603-BOLLING Richard Elliott (Ed- 
na Tex) ; M 294 MD 1901; died Redding 

1604-ADAMS Egbert (North Ontario 
Calif); onetime in business New York 
N Y; San Jose Calif* 

1605-EASLEY Robert Waters (Har- 
riman Tenn) ; KA; died Oneida Tenn — 

1606-ALLEN Lewis (Charleston S 
C); SAE; killed in hunting accident 
James Island S C 28 Dec 1897 

1607-JEMISON Robert Sorsby Jr 
(Birmingham Ala); L 52 PDT; U of 
Ala PBK; pres Jemison Co (ins & real 
estate) ; alumni trustee U of S 1925- 

1929; regent 1927-1932; see Who's Who 
1954-1955; 2105 3rd Ave Birmingham 

1608-OWEN James Lewis (Chatta- 
nooga Tenn) 

1609-SEELIGSON Edward (Goliad 
Tex); SAE; Roanoke Va* 

1610-KEELY Robert Wyndham (At- 
lanta Ga); KA; 1st It World War I; 
realtor Jacksonville Fla; died there 14 
July 1953 

1611-BLACK Ralph Peters (Atlanta 
Ga); BA 1901 DTD; Ga Institute of 
Tech MS 1928 CE 1929; World War I; 
prof engr U of S 1916-1923; prof civil 
engr Ga Institute of Tech 1923-1951 
ret; Atlanta trustee U of S 1939-1941; 
alumni trustee 1944-1946; attended Co- 
lumbia U 1902; 858 Oakdale Rd N E 
Atlanta Ga 

1612-FRANKLIN Richard West 
(Houston Tex); ATO; U of Tex LLB; 
atty Santa Fe RR 35 yrs; atty cotton 
exchange & board of trade 20 yrs; Tex 
trustee U of S 1907-1911 & 1934-1936; 
died Belvidere HI 21 Aug 1943 

1613-SWINK Robert Burle (Medon 

1614-COLEMAN Samuel Carey (New 
Orleans La); cotton broker; died 

1615-AVERY John Campbell Jr 
(Pensacola Fla) ; L 61 DTD; died New- 
ton Center Mass 18 Jan 1933 

Entered Trinity Term 1897 

1616-BROOKS Preston Smith Jr (Se- 
wanee Tenn) ; A 1307 M 430 ATO; mer- 
chant P S Brooks & Co Sewanee; died 
there 3 Feb 1950 

1617-DuBOSE Marion Porcher (Se- 
wanee Tenn) ; A 1395 PDT; cotton mfr; 
died Birmingham Ala 26 July 1911 

1618-HOUGHTON John Henry Jr 
(Austin Tex) ; A 1440; died Austin Feb 

1619-EASTER Henry Frederick (St 
Louis Mo); A 1474; metallurgist Am 
Smelting Co Hayden Arizona; died 
there Sept 1947 

1620-KILPATRICK Ringland Fisher 
(Bridgeport Ala); A 1482 L 63 DTD; 
realtor; 347 Madison Ave New York 
N Y 

1621-CADE Robert (New Iberia La) ; 
A 1489 DTD; died 

1622-ELAM Joseph Barton (Mans- 
field La); A 1494 KA; died 

1623-DOZIER Edward Jordan (Ce- 
dar Key Fla); A 1514 KA; freight & 
passenger agt Illinois Central RR; 1512 
E Central Ave Orlando Fla 

1624-BLAIR Thomas Henry (Alto 
Tenn); A 1539 

1625-THEOBALD Carl Frederick Jr 
(Biloxi Miss); A 1543 DTD; died Bi- 
loxi 21 Apr 1948 

1626-ROBBE Charles Arthur Jr (Au- 
gusta Ga); A 1544 KA; died 

1627-DAV7.DSON Albert Treat (Au- 
gusta Ga); A 1545 KA; employed Au- 
gusta Arsenal; died Augusta 14 Mar 

1628-M I C O U Morgan Turrentine 
(Montgomery Ala); A 1547 KA; Tu- 
lane U MD 1902; phys Bluefield W Va; 

1629-HALL Richard Conklin (Tren- 
ton Tenn); A 1558 KA; died Trenton 
10 Jan 1902 

1630-SIMKINS Ormond (Dallas 
Tex); A 1559 T 204 BA (valed) 1902 
DTD; U of Tex LLB 1904; master W 
Tex Mil Acad San Antonio; atty U S 
govt; died Washington D C 4 Dec 1921 

1631-FREEMAN James Page (Hous- 
ton Tex) ; A 1581 SAE; Dallas Tex* 

1632-KIRKPATRICK Burgess Wade 
(Nashville Tenn); A 1586 L 55 ATO; 
merchant Nashville Tenn; Interstate 
Bank & Trust Co New Orleans La* 

1533-PORTER Anthony Toomer Jr 
(Charleston S C); SAE; cotton busi- 
ness; died Atlanta Ga 25 June 1934 

1634-YARBOROUGH John Milton 
(Navasota Tex); Goliad Tex* 

1635-YARBOROUGH Earle Hunting- 
ton (Navasota Tex) 

1636-SIMS Bartlet et Ultimus (Bry- 
an Tex); M 295 ATO; Tulane U MD 
1901; phys & surg Bryan; World War 
I; died near Calvert Tex Jan 1934 

1637-STEWART Edward McGee 
(Laurel Hill Miss); Baton Rouge La* 

1638-LONBERG Charles Frederick 
Christian (Louisville Ky); T 194 BA 
1901 BD 1903 KS; deacon 1903 priest 
1904 deposed 1908; died 

1639-LIDSTONE Lamar Worsham 
(San Saba Tex) ; L 53 KA; business 
man; died San Saba 

1640-CLEVELAND Robert Benjamin 
(Spartanburg S C); KA; partner Co- 
lonial Trust Co (ret 1920); died Spar- 
tanburg Mar 1940 

1641-CAFFEY Guy Hamilton (Ver- 
bena Ala); KA; rural carrier PO Dept; 
Verbena Ala 

1642-BARNES John Stovall (Atlanta 

1643-PARKER Henry Bragg (Mont- 
gomery Ala) ; PKA; pres H B Parker 
Co (cotton) with cotton grading com- 
panies in Bremen Germany Lille 
France; died Greenville Ala 24 Mar 

1644- WILSON William Blackburn Jr 
(Rock Hill S C); L 62 LLB 1901; 
county atty 1907-1913; memb S C leg- 
islature 1909-1910; 619 Aiken Ave Rock 
Hill S C 

1645-BARNETT Harlow (Jackson- 
ville Fla); KA; onetime Guarantee 
Trust & Savings Bank; died Jackson- 
ville 30 Oct 1944 

Entered Lent Term 1898 

1646-T H O M A S Joseph Cumming 
(Augusta Ga) ; A 1569 SAE; U S Army 
World War I & H maj; Box 82 Larks- 
pur Calif 

1647-McNEAL Austin Miller (Boli- 
var Tenn); A 1589 ArO; Vanderbilt U 
LLB 1903; investment counsel New 
York N Y; died there 25 Sept 1948 

1648-PEARCE Hugh Miller Thomp- 
son (Jackson Miss); A 1611 T 197 DTD; 
commandant Sewanee Grammar Sch 
1898-1903 instructor there 1904-1905; 
chaplain U S Navy; died Pensacola Fla 
24 Nov 1935 

1649-NASH Douglas Williams (Pa- 
ducah Ky); A 1603 PDT; comptroller 





James A Head & Co (office equipment) ; 
1125 S 22nd St Apt 1 Birmingham 5 

1650-CROWNOVER Hugh Lawson 
(Sewanee Tenn); A 1391; farmer Lou- 
doun Tenn; died Knoxville Tenn 11 
Nov 1943 

1651-BARNWELL Bower Williamson 
(Sewanee Tenn); A 1425 CE 1907 SAE; 
civil engr Linde Co Union Carbide Co 
(ret) ; Old Lyme Conn 

1652-BUNTIN Charles Erwin (Nash- 
ville Tenn); A 1432 PDT; died Nash- 
ville 3 July 1932 

1653-JOHNSTON Charles DeVane 
(later Charles Poellnitz Jr); (Tusca- 
loosa Ala) ; A 1500 L 68 ATO; planter; 
died Uniontown Ala 15 Jan 1947 

1654-MARTTNEZ Jose (hijo) (Bar- 
ranquilla Bolivia); A 1624 

1655-WILSON Calhoon (Lexington 
Miss); U of Miss 1890-1896; v pres 
Wilson Banking Co; Greenwood Miss; 
died there about 1937 

1656-McBEE Richard Cunliffe (Lex- 
ington Miss) ; U of Miss LLB 1900; atty; 
died Greenwood Miss 25 Jan 1928 

1657-STRINGFELLOW Horace (Tus- 
caloosa Ala); T 205 BA (salut) 1902; 
capt U S Engrs World War I; exec Mo 
Pacific RR Denver Colo; died St Louis 
Mo 1 Jan 1937 

1658-WILLIAMS Bradlee (Waban 
Mass); journalist Springfield Mass Re- 
publican; died there 1915 

1659-EDWARDS William Mecklin Jr 
(Dallas Tex); KS; Dallas Paste Co; 
died Dallas 30 Dec 1943 

1660-CUNDELL Frank Arthur (At- 
lanta Ga); DTD; recorder Yaarab Tem- 
ple (Masonic Order); 40 15th St At- 
lanta Ga 

1661-JOHNSON Otis Hackett (Waco 
Tex); M 1058 BA 1900 KS; Atlanta 
Coll Phys & Surg MD 1905 postgrad- 
uate work London & Vienna; U of Ga 
MA 1908; phys (OALR); It col World 
War I; 2711 Evans St Morehead City 
N C 

1662-WILSON Thomas Buffington 
(Baton Rouge La); M 1168 MD 1906 
SAE; Surg International Land Co Mex- 
ico 1906; died Baton Rouge 9 May 1930 

1663-STUART Gardiner [Garden] 
Clarkson (Washington D C); U of Va 
MD 1901; phys Eastover S C; died 
Columbia S C 23 Aug 1954 

1664-ARRINGTON Robert Gold- 
thwaite (Montgomery Ala); KA; U of 
Ala LLB 1901; atty Montgomery; died 
there several years before 1946 

1665-SMITH Joseph Bruce (Shreve- 
port La); SAE; realtor; died Shreve- 
port La 7 Nov 1942 

1666-GIBBS George Wildy (Dallas 
Tex); DTD; U of Texas (law); onetime 
ins Dallas; died 

1667-DUNBAR Bernard Savage (Au- 
gusta Ga) ; DTD; broker; died Augusta 
6 Dec 1931 

1668-FAISON James Pellew (Faison 
Miss); planter; died Jackson Miss 26 
June 1913 

Entered Trinity Term 1898 

1669-C RAN DELL Howard Farrar 
(New Orleans La); A 1523 DTD; mer- 
chandise broker; Selma Ala 

1670-FOLSOM Charles (Biltmore N 
C); A 1548 DTD; civil engr; died 28 
June 1937 

1671-RAWORTH Henry Foster (Au- 
gusta Ga); A 1567; onetime textile en- 
gineering Augusta* 

1672-CARNES William Henry (Dal- 
las Tex); A 1590 DTD; auditor; died 
Lyon Mt N Y 1938 

1673-COOPER Arthur Ferdinand 
(Trenton Tenn); A 1597 KA; Memphis 
Tenn; died about 1948 

1674-SMITH Herbert Edmunds (Ft 
Worth Tex); A 1592 L 98 BA 1903 
PDT; Ala trustee U of S 1929- ; pres 
Vulcan Rivet & Bolt Corp Birmingham 
Ala; 3916 10th Ave S Birmingham Ala 

1675-MILLER Austin (Bolivar 
Tenn) ; A 1606 PKA; onetime mgr Okla 
Furniture Co Okla City Okla; died 
Bolivar 1945 

1676-EVANS Thomas (Florence S 
C); A 1619 L 99 BA 1903 MA 1904 
SAE; U of Mich LLB; atty & pres 
Merchant & Evans Co; World War I 
capt chemical warfare; Washington 
Ave & 21st St Philadelphia Pa 

1677-RANDOLPH Vallee Joseph 
(Tallahassee Fla); A 1625; Va Poly- 
technic Institute (engr); Key West 

1678-MASTERSON Harris Jr (Hous- 
ton Tex); A 1635 BA (valed) 1904 
ATO; Epis Theol Sch BD 1907; deacon 
1907 priest 1908; missionary to China; 
chaplain Am Ch in Paris; World War 
I; rector All Saints' Chapel Austin Tex 
13 yrs; Tex trustee U of S 1911; died 7 
Nov 1935 

1679-CONNOR Thomas Lawton Jr 
(Eutawville S C) ; A 1642 ATO; plant- 
er; Eutawville S C 

1680-WILLIAMS James Thomas Jr 
(Greenville S C) ; DCL 1921 SAE; Co- 
lumbia U BA 1901; Norwich U LLD 
1928; editor & lecturer; see Who's Who 
1954-1955; Box 60 1 W 54th St New 
York 19 N Y 

1681-ATKINS John Norton (New 
York N Y); PDT; Columbia U BA 
1902; Gen Theol Sem 1907; deacon & 
priest 1907 ret 1944; supt Emerald- 
Hodgson Hosp Sewanee Tenn 1931- 
1938; Rt 3 Boone N C 

1682-TUPPER Vernon Southall (At- 
lanta Ga) ; T 206 SAE; pres & gen mgr 
Nashville Roller Mills (flour) ; regent 
U of S 1942-1946 chairman 1945-1946; 
Tenn trustee U of S 1919-1930 1934- 
1945; died Nashville Tenn 1 Dec 1946 

1683-H O L L I S Frederick Richard 
(Uniontown Ala); Thomaston Ala; 

1684-RADFORD Chapin Winston 
(Lynchburg Va); PKA; died there 24 
June 1902 

1685-COWART Robert Erwin Jr 
(Dallas Tex); BA 1903 SAE; atty & 
banker; Forney Tex 

1686-S I M P S O N William Hester 
(Terry Miss); KA; died 

1687-SCARBOROUGH William Clyde 
(Williams La) 

1688-GOODMAN John Calvin (St 
Francisville La); T 192 SAE; deacon 
1907; priest — ; ministry La & N Y; rec- 
tor Grace Ch St Francisville La; died 
26 Mar 1927 

1689-TARLTON Guy (Hillsboro 
Tex); realtor; died Hillsboro 1918 

1690-HUDSON Robert Dove (Birm- 
ingham Ala); PDT; onetime wholesale 
grocery; died 

1691-PARKER Floy Hoffman (Can- 
ton Miss); KS; banker New Orleans 
La; Miss legislature; oil lessor Madi- 
son Co Canton; died there 18 Apr 1954 

1692-WINTHROP Gilman Joseph 
(Tallahassee Fla) ; BA 1902 DTD; Johns 
Hopkins U MD 1908; phys New York 
N Y & Mobile Ala; died Apr 1925 

1693-MITCHELL Walter (Rolla Mo) ; 
T 183 GD 1902 DD 1933 PDT; Gen 
Theol Sem BD 1903 STD 1933; deacon 
1902 priest 1903; chaplain & headmaster 
Sewanee Grammar Sch 1903-1904 dir 
Fairmount Sch Monteagle Tenn 1906- 
1908 rector Porter Mil Acad Charleston 
S C 1908-1924; 2nd mssy bishop Ari- 
zona 1926-1945; alumni trustee U of 
S 1922-1927; see Who's Who 1938-1939; 
Rancho Santa Fe Calif 

1694-SEWALL William Cleveland 
(Houston Tex); ATO; U of Tex LLB 
1903; atty Houston; died there 25 Dec 

1695-HARANG Dominic Francis Jr 
(Larose La); RFD Lockport La 

1696-DOFFLEMYER James Francis 
(San Saba Tex); KA; 3729 Clarke Ft 
Worth Tex 

1697-SHELTON Robert Fain (Dallas 
Tex) ; PDT; Ford dealer Dallas; died 1 
Mar 1940 

Entered Lent Term 1899 

1698-JEFFERIES James Gould (Au- 
gusta Ga); A 1512; 1119 Greene Au- 
gusta Ga 

1699-RYLANCE Joseph Bozeman 
(New York N Y); A 1565 L 97 LLB 
1906 ATO; New York U LLB; atty & 
mayor Dadeville Ala; Ala Legislature; 
counsel Central of Ga RR Montgomery 
Ala; World War I capt U S Army; 
died Montgomery Ala 8 Jan 1919 

1700-RICHARDSON Roger Wolcott 
(New Orleans La); A 1574 KS 

1701-WATSON Charles Paul (Dallas 
Tex & Atlanta Ga) ; A 1580; New York 
N Y* 

1702-SHAFFER Baxter Randolph 
(Ellendale La); A 1593 BA 1903 ATO; 
realtor West Palm Beach; 3811 S Flag- 
ler Dr West Palm Beach Fla 

1703-COPE Harris Goodwin (Savan- 
nah Ga); A 1645 L 69 LLB 1902 ATO; 
football coach U of S 1904-1916; foot- 
ball coach Howard Coll 1922- ; died 
Birmingham Ala 24 Sept 1925 

1704-DAGGETT Jesse Boomer (Ma- 
rianna Ark); A 1656; atty Daggett & 
Daggett Marianna; Ark trustee U of S 
1915-1921; Marianna Ark 

1705- JAMES John C r a i g m i 1 e s 
(Franklin Tenn); A 1663; sales mgr 
Arrow Rock Co 20 yrs (ret); 649 W 
Grandview Sierra Madre Calif 

1706-LANDAUER Leo Levy (Sewa- 
nee Tenn); Columbia U grad 1904; 





comptroller Titche-Goettinger Co Dal- 
las Tex; died there 8 Dec 1918 

1707-RUDEN John Daniel (Atlanta 
Ga) ; SAE; advertising agt Southern 
RR; died Washington D C 6 Oct 1932 

1708-HILDRETH Harold Edwin 
(New Decatur Ala) ; ed New Decatur 
Advertiser & printer; printing & edi- 
torial work Tuscaloosa Ala; died there 
2 June 1953 

1709-JEMISON John Snow (Birm- 
ingham Ala) ; realtor & auto dealer; 
died Birmingham 18 Sept 1952 

1710-EVINS Andrew Cleveland 
(Spartanburg S C); Atlanta Ga; died 
Spartanburg about 1917 

1711-GARBER Alexander Christian 
(Faunsdale Ala) ; PDT; U of Ala; pres 
Garber Cook & Hulsey (realtors) 
Birmingham Ala; died there 18 Feb 

1712-PUGH Prentice Andrew 
(Clarksville Tenn) ; T 207 BA & BD 
1905 DD 1932 PKA; deacon 1905 priest 
1906; rector Ch of the Advent Nash- 
ville Tenn 1916-1955 emeritus 1955- ; 
Term trustee U of S 1931-1955 emeri- 
tus 1955; 1209 17th Ave S Nashville 

1713-B RODIE James Hawkins 
(Henderson N C); L 64 LLB 1901 KA; 
fertilizer mfr Henderson; died there 3 
Nov 1953 

1714-McKEE George Powers (New 
Orleans La); L 46 

Entered Trinity Term 1899 

1715-LEE Robert Edward (Virginia 
Beach Va); A 1447 PKA; U S Army; 
Southern RR 9 yrs; foreman cotton 
compress warehouse co; It World War 
I; died 

1716-KIRBY-SMITH Joseph Lee (Se- 
wanee Tenn); A 1449 M 1059 MD 1906 
DSc 1927 PDT; instr dermatology N Y 
U; It U S Pub Health World War I; 
phys (dermatologist) Jacksonville Fla 
1911-1939; died there 5 Nov 1939 

1717 -WELLS Frederic Lyman (New 
York N Y); A 1457; Columbia U BA 

1903 MA 1904 PhD 1906; asst prof Har- 
vard Med Sch 1938-1950; psychologist; 
see Who's Who 1950-1951 & Am Men of 
Sci; World War I capt U S Army; 19 
Bowdoin St Newton Highlands Mass 

1718-JORDAN Francis Victor (Ray- 
ville La); A 1462 M 789 MD (salut) 

1 904 KA; phys Rayville; died Oak Ridge 
La 25 Nov 1926 

1719-SELDEN James Montgomery 
(Sewanee Tenn); A 1501; 1092 Cres- 
cent Ave Macon Ga 

1720-CHAFEE Harry Latham (Au- 
gusta Ga); A 1566 SAE; Hall Cotton 
Co Augusta; died there 1933 

1721-GRAVES William Elijah (Cu- 
ero Tex); A 1594 SAE; rancher New 
Mexico & dry goods Cuero; died Cuero 
13 Nov 1918 

1722-PHINIZY Coles (Augusta Ga); 
A 1596 SAE; owner ins agency; died 
Augusta July 1938 

1723-HUGER Percival Elliott (Sa- 
vannah Ga); A 1604 BA 1905 ATO; U 
S Navy World War I; rice planter Sa- 
vannah Ga; Home Owners Loan Corp; 

ret in Bluffton S C; died Savannah Aug 

1724-DOTSON Archibald Leftridge 
(Sewanee Tenn); A 1616; Manchester 

1725-JOHNSON Oliver Morgan (Le- 
land Miss); A 1629 ATO; merchant 
Greenville Miss; died there 9 Feb 1944 

1726-WILSON George Ash Jr (Lex- 
ington Miss) ; A 1633 PDT; owner Cot- 
tondale Plantation Ruleville Miss; dairy 
farmer; 405 W Jefferson Greenwood 

1727-BENJAMIN Percy Ozier (Ath- 
erton La); A 1649 CE 1903 PDT; cot- 
ton seed buyer; died Tallulah La Jan 

1728-LODGE Richard Leslie (South 
Pittsburg Tenn) ; A 1653 KS; U of Ala 
BE 1903 CE 1904; U S Army capt 
World War I; engr and mfr (ret); S 
Pittsburg Tenn 

1729-SNOWDEN John Bayard 
(Memphis Term); A 1654 DCL 1951 
SAE; Snowden & Snowden (realtors); 
alumni trustee U of S 1918-1919; re- 
gent 193-2-1937; 1325 Lamar Ave Mem- 
phis Tenn 

1730-HULL Asbury (Augusta 
Ga) ; A 1660 DTD; Med Coll of Ga MD 
1907; phys & surg Augusta; died there 
4 Nov 1932 

1731-HULL Daniel Baldwin (Savan- 
nah Ga) ; A 1670 L 70 ATO; 202 Gwin- 
nett St E Savannah Ga 

1732-McBEE John Harbour (Lexing- 
ton Miss) ; A 1679 PDT; Tulane U MD 
1903; phys Greenwood Miss; died there 
14 Dec 1940 

1733-CROFT George William Jr (Ai- 
ken S C); A 1688 L 91 LLB 1904 SAE; 
U S commissioner Eastern Div S C 15 
yrs; owner & mgr Croft Gas & Elect 
Co; atty; died Aiken 26 Nov 1947 

1734-HILL Robert Edward Lee (Cov- 
ington Ky); A 1709 KS 

1735-REARDON Edwin Morris (Dal- 
las Tex) ; SAE; bank clerk Dallas; died 

1736-CARRIER Albert Alonzo (Pitts- 
burgh Pa); BA 1902 KS; Amherst Coll 
1903; writer & translator modern lan- 
guages for press auto industry & others; 
59C8 Eastlawn St Detroit 13 Mich 

17S7-BROWN John (Columbia 
Tenn); PKA; Vanderbilt U LLB; one- 
time U S dist atty; see Who's Who 
1954-1955; 3750 Central Ave Memphis 

1738-BARNWELL Robert Woodward 
(Selma Ala) ; KA; pres Barnwell Real- 
ty Co; 776 St Charles Ave N E Atlanta 

1739-PHILLIPS Henry Disbrow (At- 
lanta Ga) ; T 212 BA 1904 BD 1906 DD 
1938 PBK DTD; Oglethorpe U DD 
1920; U of Ga DD 1923; Va Theol Sem 
DD 1939; deacon & priest 1907; ministry 
in Ga & S C; chaplain U of S 1915- 
1922 & prof Bible 1917-1922; 2nd bishop 
Southwestern Va 1938-1954; Upper S 
C trustee U of S 1931-1933 1936-1937 
alumni trustee 1941-1943; served SATC 
World War I; see Who's Who 1954-1955 
died Boone N C 29 June 1955 

1740-HALL Freeman (Dallas Tex) 
DTD; Seay & Hall ins brokers; died 
Dallas 12 Nov 1935 

1741-WENGER Joseph Bainbridge 
(Cairo 111); sec-treas Cairo Milling Co 
Cairo 111* 

Entered Lent Term 1900 

1742-AIKEN Budd Slawson (Winns- 
boro S C); A 1749 M 790 ArO; World 
War I; mgr Coulee Dam Hotel Coulee 
Wash; died Dallas Tex 17 Dec 1953 

Ulises (Puerto Principe Cuba); M 606 
MD 1902; phys Puerto Principe* 

1744-FRANCE Albert Lee (St Jo- 
seph Mo); Columbia U; Sorbonne Pa- 
ris; artist realtor & financier pres C B 
France Investment Co; publications 
Catholic U of Am; died Bethesda Md 
31 July 1947 

1745-CAMERON Dwight Frederic 
(DeLand Fla); T 193 SAE; U of Tenn 
BA 1917 Columbia U MA 1924; deacon 

1903 priest 1904; ministry in Fla N Y 
S C Tenn & Tex ret 1950; YMCA sec 
French Army in Germany 1919; Stew- 
art Manor N Y 

1746-TUCKER Royal Kenneth (Mo- 
bile Ala); T 213 BA 1903 DTD; deacon 

1904 priest 1905; ministry in La Mo Pa 
N Y Ky & Ga ret 1949; U S Army 
chaplain World Wars I & II (col) ; Box 
1151 Winter Park Fla 

1747-GERARD Lloyd Ashford (Gre- 
nada Miss) ; died Memphis Tenn 3 Sept 

1748-FELDER John Lawson (Sewa- 
nee Tenn & Guthrie Okla) ; M 607; MD 
1904 (place unknown) ; died San An- 
tonio Tex 

1749-SUTER Jesse Louis (Greens- 
burg Pa); DTD; asst mgr Laidlaw & 
Co banking Washington D C & news 
correspondent; died Washington 9 Dec 

1750-HOSEY William Hillman (Ver- 
non Miss) 

Entered Trinity Term 1900 

1751-COLMORE Rupert McPherson 
(Sewanee Tenn) ; A 1443 M 948 MD 1905 
ATO; phys Chattanooga Tenn; 1 Ma- 
bel St Chattanooga Tenn 

1752-ESTES Marion Erwin (Colum- 
bia Tenn) ; A 1505 KS; Grove Park Ga; 

1753-BROOKS Robert Means (Se- 
wanee Term); A 1515 L 111 LLB 1906 
ATO; merchant P S Brooks & Co Se- 
wanee; died there 4 Dec 1948 

1754-L I N D S A Y Courtenay Tew 
(Glendale S C); A 1575; World War I; 
gen mgr Panama R R Panama Canal 
Zone (ret 1941); died DeLand Fla 1 
May 1955 

1755-SCOLLARD Thomas Walter Jr 
(Dallas Tex); A 1591 DTD; realtor 
Dallas; died there 6 Oct 1939 

1756-HUBBELL Octave Emile Jr 
(Monroe La); A 1667; O G & E Co 17 
yrs; 517 N W 30th St Oklahoma City 

1757- ALEXANDER Grant Green 
(Greenville Miss); A 1676 L 78 LLB 
1903 KA; G G Alexander & Co (real 
estate) Greenville; died Oct 1940 

1758- WILLIAMS Samuel Joseph Ba- 
ker Milling (Paris Tex); A 1686 PDT; 
onetime Paris Grocery Co; died Paris 
17 Sept 1909 





1759-JOHNSON Claude Marcellus 
(Greenville Miss); A 1677; World War 
I U S Army; died Greenville Miss 1932 

1760-SHELBY George Barnes (Shel- 
by Miss) ; A 1698 ATO; U of Miss LLB 
1905; planter; Shelby Miss 

1761-JONES Cadwallader (Columbia 
S C); A 1699 PDT; U S Army 1907- 
1940; died Columbia S C about 1950 

1762-R AND Frederic Henry Jr 
(Longwood Fla); A 1714 KA; invest- 
ment broker Miami Fla; World War I; 
died Miami 9 July 1934 

1763-GILLETT David Collins (Tam- 
pa Fla); A 1715 L 79 KA; lumber real 
estate & citrus nursery pres Tampa 
Southern RR; S Fla trustee U of S 1910- 
1924; died Tampa about 1934 

1764-ADAMS Harry Cunningham 
(Grenada Miss); A 1720 L 81 KA; cot- 
ton broker; Grenada Miss 

1765-ROBERTS Charles Jr (Birm- 
ingham Ala); A 1725; onetime coal & 
lumber business Birmingham; died 
New Orleans La Apr 1955 

1766-STUART Roger Moore (Wash- 
ington D C); A 1726 PDT; atty Wash- 
ington D C; died Prince Frederick Md 
22 Oct 1952 

1767-BIDDLE Percy Dake (Colum- 
bia Tenn); A 1729 KA; U of Nashville 
MD 1904; phys (Oph) St Petersburg 
Fla; Box 299 Nokomis Fla 

1768-THOMPSON Jacob Jr (Lula 
Miss) ; A 1732 KA; cotton planter; died 
Helena Ark 25 Feb 1944 

1769-CONNELL William Bisland 
(Shelby Miss); A 1741 ATO; died New- 
Orleans La 15 June 1903 

1770-FRANKLIN William Easley Jr 
(LaGrange Tenn); A 1745 PDT; cotton 
buyer Anderson Clayton Co; died 
Memphis Tenn 14 May 1943 

1771-COPELAND Jefferson Daniel Jr 
(Bamberg S C); A 1751 PDT; 1st v 
pres county bank & dir textile mill; 
attended The Citadel; died Orangeburg 
S C 26 Feb 1951 

1772-BASS John Cortez Jr (Lake 
Providence La); A 1754 KA; sheriff E 
Carroll Parish; died Lake Providence 
1 Jan 1937 

1773-WHELESS Wesley Eakin (Al- 
den Bridge La); A 1759 KA; pres Allen 
Millwork Mfg Corp; Box 1101 Shreve- 
port La 

1774- WEATHERS Benjamin Seaborn 
(Ocala Fla); A 1760; v pres Fla Nat 
Bank Jacksonville Fla 

1775-YANCEY Alexander Lewis 
(Somerville Tenn); A 1763 KS; certi- 
fied pub acct & owner A L Yancey Co 
(accts) Memphis Tenn; died there 11 
Mar 1951 

1776-HANNUM Joseph Wilbur (Cor- 
dova Ala); A 1785 ATO; civil engr 
Birmingham Ala; died Tuscaloosa Ala 
20 May 1937 

1777-SLOAN Samuel Walker (Cov- 
ington Tenn); PDT; Berkeley Calif* 

1778-P ARSONS Pearl Lawrence 
(Augusta Ga); PKA; died Edina Mo 

1779-POYNOR Wilmer Smith (Mt 
Hebron Ala); T 226 BA 1905 BD 1907 
SAE; deacon 1907 priest 1908; ministry 

Ala N C & S C; rector St John's Ch 
Florence S C 28 yrs ret 1950; 658 S 
Coit St Florence S C 

1780- CAGE Elliott (Houston Tex); 
ATO; U of Tex LLB; atty Houston; 
died there 12 June 1949 

1781-SHIELDS Robert Benoist 
(Jacksonville Fla); KA; Fla State Rd 
Dept right of way agt; 2970 Riverside 
Ave Apt 1 Jacksonville Fla 

1782-P E R C Y W i 1 1 i a m Alexander 
(Greenville Miss); BA 1904 D LITT 
1939 PBK ATO; Harvard U LLB 1908; 
U S Army World War I; English fac U 
of S 1908-1909 1919-1920; atty & planter 
Greenville; poet & author Lanterns on 
the Levee; alumni trustee U of S 1922; 
see Who Was Who II; died Greenville 
21 Jan 1942 

1783-KNIGHT Raymond Demere 
(Jacksonville Fla); L 109 LLB 1906 
KA; atty Knight Knight Walrath & 
Pegues Jacksonville; see Who's Who 
1954-1955; Box 4577 Jacksonville Fla 

1784-HAYNES Lawrence Jr (Jack- 
sonville Fla) ; Lawrence Haynes & Sons 
Atlantic Beach Fla; L'Abri Atlantic 
Beach Fla 

1785-ANDERSON James Garnett 
(Tampa Fla); SAE; onetime Knight & 
Wall (hardware) ; 1704 Jetton Ave 
Tampa Fla 

1786-CRAIGHILL George Bowdoin 
(Forestville Md); L 102 BA (valed) 
1903 KA; Georgetown U LLB 1906; 
prof emeritus Geo Washington U Law 
School; atty Flannery Craighill & 
Aiello Washington D C; 2803 P St N W 
Washington D C 

1787-JONES James Monroe (Selma 
Ala); BA 1905 KA; onetime v pres Ivy 
Leaf & Piper Coal Co; Birmingham 

1788-HOFF Atlee Heber (New De- 
catur Ala); L 121 LLB 1907; chairman 
bd dir Morgan Co Nat Bank Decatur 
Ala; Ala trustee U of S 1935-1936 1940- 
1942; died Decatur 15 Feb 1953 

1789-MATHEWSON Stanley Bernard 
(Augusta Ga); DTD; Ga Institute of 
Tech 1904; maj U S Army World War 
I; personnel administrator; see Who 
Was Who II; died Melbourne Fla 1943 

1790-WHEAT Clayton Earl (Dallas 
Tex); T 227 BA 1904 MA 1918 PBK 
DTD; Epis Theol Sch BD 1907; Nor- 
wich U DD 1928; deacon 1907 priest 
1908; chaplain Sewanee Mil Acad 1913- 
1916; chaplain U S Mil Acad 1918-1926; 
prof Eng there 1926-1946; col U S Army 
(ret); 59 Delafield Rd Darien Conn 

1791-SEAMAN Eugene Cecil (Gal- 
veston Tex); T 214 BA 1903 BD 1906 
DD 1925 PKA; deacon 1906 priest 1907; 
ministry in Tex & Ala; 2nd mssy bish- 
op N Tex 1925-1945; Tex trustee U of 
S 1907-1910 N Tex trustee 1913-1920 
1925-1950; see Who's Who 1938-1939; 
died Phoenix Ariz 22 Nov 1950 

1792-MOORE Fred Levi (Bastrop 
Tex); CE 1905; engr farmer & cattle- 
man Bastrop Tex 

1793-MURRAY Ernest MacPherson 
(Jackson Tenn); PDT; consultant engr 
Miss Cotton Seed Products Co; died 
Jackson Miss 26 Dec 1935 

1794- WARD Edward Henry Jr (Pitts- 

burgh Pa) ; structural engr; died Bur- 
bank Calif 22 July 1947 

1795-BARNES Claudius Hugh Jr 
(Jacksonville Fla) ; L 110; Union Lum- 
ber Co (mfr yellow pine); died Jack- 
sonville about 1945 

1796-FLOYD George Fleming (Jack- 
sonville Fla); KA; v pres John Wilmer 
Inc (automotive parts); 275 Ellis St N 
E Atlanta Ga 

1797-WOOD Lewis Gaynor Jr (Co- 
lumbia S C); U of S C SN; journalist 
Columbia S C State N Y Tribune & 
Washington D C bureau N Y Times 
many yrs; see Who's Who 1954-1955; 
died Washington 7 June 1953 

1798-ATKINSON Roger Nelson (San 
Marcos Tex); DTD; coal & lumber 
business Miles City Mont; died 8 Nov 

1799-ABEEL Joseph Bartlett (High- 
land Park Tenn); L 77 PKA; ins Birm- 
ingham Ala & journalist; died Chatta- 
nooga Tenn 17 Dec 1910 

1800-EBERHART Charles Stevens Jr 
(Memphis Tenn); PKA 

1801-WILLIAMS William Phillips 
(Little Rock Ark); Trinity Coll; Gen 
Theol Sem; deacon 1905 priest 1906; 
ministry in Colo Iowa & Conn; chap- 
lain (capt) U S Navy; 510 Wilmot Ave 
Bridgeport 7 Conn 

1802-LEWIS William Waters (Nash- 
ville Tenn); CE 1904 DTD; U of Chi- 
cago; Columbia U; onetime sec U S 
Legation Lima Peru; faculty U of Tenn; 
prof Spanish U of S 1921-1952 (ret); 
Sewanee Tenn 

1803-TRIPPE Richard Edwards (Se- 
wanee Tenn); A 1658; Ga Institute 
Tech CE 1909; archt; 178 Monroe Dr 
NE Atlanta Ga 

1804-GOLDSTEIN Montrose Weiss 
(Greenville Miss); A 1634; planter & 
cotton factor Greenville; died there 4 
Feb 1945 

1805-GILLIAM John Bunyan (Mont- 
eagle Tenn); A 1747 L 80; oil promoter; 
died Salt Lake City Utah 28 Apr 1948 

Entered Lent Term 1901 

1806-COLLTNS Amos Walter (Sewa- 
nee Tenn); A 1446 L 96; Winchester 

1807-NESBIT Valentine Jordan 
(Waverly Mills S C); A 1618 BA (sa- 
lut) 1904 SAE; atty Birmingham Ala & 
Belgian consul; see Who's Who 1936- 
1937; died Birmingham 7 Feb 1938 

1808-WILLIAMS James Russell (Pi- 
nopolis S C) ; A 1646 L 122 PDT; clerk 
of Berkeley County S C ct; died Pi- 
nopolis 4 Feb 1947 

1809-BARNEY William Joshua (New 
York N Y); A 1673 CE 1905 ATO; pres 
& chm bd W J Barney Corp (ware- 
house construction) ; see Who's Who 
1952-1953; died New York N Y 12 Dec 

1810-HINE William James (Colum- 
bia Tenn); A 1733 SAE; U S Navy 
World Wars I & II capt (ret) ; 201 Car- 
rollton St Metairie New Orleans 20 La 

1811-WORSHAM Milton Rhorer 
(Henderson Ky) ; ATO; Va Theol Sem; 
deacon 1907 priest 1908; rector Ch of 
the Good Shepherd Jacksonville Fla 





1915-1922; N Tex trustee U of S 1912; 
died Jacksonville 14 Apr 1922 

1812-PEGUES Harry Toulmin (Sel- 
ma Ala); BA 1904 KA; atty Knight 
Knight Walrath & Pegues Jacksonville 
Fla; 1481 Avondale Ave Jacksonville 

1813-HOUGHTELING Francis Stock- 
bridge (Winnetka 111) ;BA 1904 MA 1917 
SAE; lecturer modern history U of S 
1916-1918; died 1918 

1814-ATKINS Atlas Jones Martin 
(Selma Ala) ; KA; wholesale grocery 
business; bd of revenue Dallas County; 
died Selma 1 Sept 1928 

1815-JONES Calvin (Somerville 
Tenn); Cumberland U LLB; atty So- 
merville; died there 4 July 1953 

1816-PARRISH Joseph Perkins (Sel- 
ma Ala) ; KS; banker 1912; died Selma 
about 1952 

1817-EDDINS Albert Neal (Gaines- 
ville Fla) ; 2044 Post St Jacksonville Fla 

1818-RANKIN Henry Lamar (Atlan- 
ta Ga) ; SAE; realtor; died Savannah 
Ga 31 Dec 1952 

1819-BRUCE Walter Barwick (He- 
lena Ark) ; M 309 MD 1902 PKA; phys 
U S Pub Health Service; Ark trustee U 
of S 1922-1924 1928-1938; died Helena 
Ark 22 Feb 1939 

1820-WILLIAMS Joseph Baker (Pa- 
ris Tex) 

Entered Trinity Term 1901 

1821-D ARROW Baldwin Henry 
(Murfreesboro Tenn); A 1529 PKA; 
newspaperman; died Rolla Mo 6 Apr 

1822-SHOUP Stephen Elliott (Colum- 
bia Tenn); A 1605 PDT; civil engr & 
official Kansas City Southern R R; died 
Kansas City Mo 12 Dec 1952 

1823-McBEE Silas Jr (New York N 
Y); A 1652 BA 1906 ATO; Harvard U 
LLB 1911; atty New York N Y; U S 
Army col; W R Grace & Co; Greene & 
Hurd New York; World War I; died 
Charleston S C 14 June 1951 

1824-KE LLER Herman Theodore 
(Houston Tex); A 1684 PDT; Houston 
Land & Trust Bldg Houston Tex 

1825-DABNEY Thomas Ewing (New 
Orleans La); A 1708 BA (salut) 1905 
KS; Harvard U MA 1906; U S diplo- 
matic service Mexico & San Salvador; 
writer New Orleans Times-Picayune & 
ed Socorro N M Chieftan; New Or- 
leans Pub Service Inc; Box 303 Wave- 
land Miss 

1826-AIKEN William David Jr 
(Winnsboro S C) ; A 1769; city tax in- 
spector Greenville; 110 Butler Ave 
Greenville S C 

1827-HULL James Meriwether Jr 
(Augusta Ga); A 1792 DTD; U of Va 
(law); atty; Ga trustee U of S 1936- 
1944; World War I 1st It; Southern Fi- 
nance Bldg Augusta Ga 

1828-B ARROW Henry Yeaman 
(Madison N J); A 1797 DTD; chr bd 
& pres Standard Statistics Co; 300 Riv- 
erside Dr Cranford N J 

1829-SCOTT Edwin Laurence (Ocala 
Fla); A 1798 SAE; U of Md MD 1906; 
orthopedic surg Birmingham Ala 1906- 
1936; owner G S Scott & Son Ins Agen- 
cy Ocala; Box 595 Ocala Fla 

1830-CARNES Robert Scott (Tampa 
Fla); A 1825 PDT; real estate broker; 

5 Fla trustee U of S 1938-1939; 1820 
Richardson Place Tampa Fla 

1831-TICKNOR Henry Wilmer (Co- 
lumbus Ga); T 228 GD 1907; deacon 
1908 priest 1909 ret 1945; ministry in 
Ga N C Pa Md Fla; managing ed The 
Living Church 1922-1926; Box 156 Au- 
rora N C 

1832-GAITHER Joseph Gant (Hop- 
kinsville Ky); M 1255 BA 1904 MD 1907 
DSc 1951 KA; instr Sewanee Grammar 
Sch; tutor licentiate U of S 1906-1907; 
surg Hopkins ville; World War I capt 
U S Army; 1704 S Main St Hopkins- 
ville Ky 

1833-MUNGER Lillo Shannon (Dal- 
las Tex); KA; pres & mgr Munger Oil 

6 Cotton Co (ret) farmer & rancher; 
1033 Leggett Dr Abilene Tex 

1834-BROWN Wyatt Hunter later 
WYATT-BROWN Hunter (Eufaula 
Ala); T 241 BA (valed) 1905 BD 1908 
DD 1933 PDT; U of Ala D Litt; Dick- 
inson Coll LLD 1933; St John's Coll DD 
1920; deacon 1908 priest 1909; ministry 
Ala N C Pa & Md; 2nd bishop of Har- 
risburg 1931-1943; see Who's Who 1938- 
1939; died Sewanee Tenn 24 Apr 1952 

1835-DAMER Eyre Jr (Mobile Ala) ; 
onetime drug business Mobile; Sawyer- 
ville Ala; died Glen Carlyn Va 1 June 

1836-BELL William Franklin (Eliza- 
bethtown Ky); BA 1905 KS; U of Va 
BL; atty & ins; died New York N Y 
21 Dec 1951 

1837-DAVIS Percy (Dallas Tex); 
PDT; pres Texas Farm Mortgage Co; 
died Dallas 29 Mar 1948 

1838-SAKAKIBARA Wataru (Chiba 
Japan) ; T 208; U at Chiba Japan; Gen 
Theol Sem; deacon 1905; 8 Motokaji 
Cho Sendai Japan* 

1839-COLHOUN Horace Christopher 
(Keeling Tenn); L 82 SAE; Dodge 

1840- CLARK Eugene R (Albany Ga) 

Entered Advent Term 1901 

1841-HEARD Frank Muir (Augusta 
Ga); DTD; Augusta Chemical Works; 
died Augusta June 1904 

1842-STROTHER Edmund Weyman 
(Columbus Ga); Albany Ga* 

1843-WATKINS Lewis Hayes 
(Franklin Tenn); col U S Army (ret); 
RED 8 Box 293 Jacksonville Fla 

1844-COOPER David Young Jr 
(Henderson N C); exec Coopers To- 
bacco Warehouse Henderson Cotton 
Mills & Harriet Cotton Mills; died Hen- 
derson 13 May 1953 

1845-TREZEVANT Stanley Hamilton 
(Memphis Tenn); L 113 SAE; U of 
Tenn LLB; atty & legislator Memphis; 
now pres Stanley H Trezevant & Co 
mortgage bankers 1201-81 Madison Bldg 
Unit 5 Memphis Tenn 

Entered Lent Term 1902 

1846-BOREN Samuel Hampson (Dal- 
las Tex); KS; U of Tex; 4400 McFar- 
lin Blvd Dallas 5 Tex 

1847-ABRAMS Harold Jeffreys (Dal- 
las Tex); L 103 PDT; SATC World 

War I special stu Sewanee; Texas Pa- 
cific RR; died Dallas about 1 May 1933 

1848-STEWART William Meacham 
(Memphis Tenn); DTD; stock broker 
Francis I duPont; 1910 Autumn Ave 
Memphis Tenn 

1849-ROBERTSON John Ben (Aus- 
tin Tex); atty; Capitol Nat Bank Bldg 
Austin Tex 

1850-LUMMIS Frederick Rice (Hous- 
ton Tex) ; BA 1906 ATO; Jefferson Med 
Coll MD 1913; phys (internal med) & 
clinical prof emeritus Baylor Med Coll; 
see Who's Who 1948-1949; 2127 Troon 
Rd Houston 19 Tex 

1851-WOLFF Maurice W (Brooklyn 
N Y); left college immediately after 

Entered Trinity Term 1902 

1852-PUCKETTE Stephen Elliott 
Sewanee Tenn); A 1680 CE 1906 ATO; 
engr State Highway Dept; Edisto Is- 
land S C 

1853-DuBOSE Beverly Means (Se- 
wanee Tenn); A 1685 PDT; pres Du- 
Bose-Egleston Ins Co Atlanta Ga; died 
there 1 Apr 1953 

1854-GATES George Phelps (Jack- 
sonville Fla); A 1728 L 127 ATO; Van- 
derbilt U (law); Seminole Hotel Jack- 
sonville Fla 

1855-HAMPTON William Wade Jr 
(Gainesville Fla) ; A 1774 SAE; Wash- 
ington & Lee U LLB 1908; World War 
I; atty; died New York N Y 7 Nov 

1856- WILLIAMS Frank Norton (Au- 
gusta Ga); A 1789 DTD; road & reve- 
nue commissioner Mobile; Box 5 Mo- 
bile Ala 

1857-W ATKINS George LeGrand 
Faunsdale Ala); A 1805 L 124 LLB 
1907 PDT; onetime coach & prof his- 
tory La Polytechnic Institute; Okla 
trustee U of S 1927-1929 1937-1941; 
postmaster Tulsa; 1252 N Denver Tulsa 

1858-SNEED Henry Harrison 
(Georgetown Ky) ; A 1821 KA; Stand- 
ard Fruit & Steamship Co Honduras 
(ret); RR 1 Box 112-A Long Beach 

1859-WINTER Charles Vogeler (Lou- 
isville Ky) ; A 1822 KA; designer; died 
Louisville 26 Feb 1952 

1860-FINLAY James Ferguson 
(Greenville S C); A 1855 L 132 BA 
1906 DTD; U of Va LLB 1908; atty; In- 
terstate Life Ins Bldg Chattanooga 

1861-GAYLE Columbus Jackson 
(Sewanee Tenn); A 1859; killed in 
train wreck 

1862-deROSSET William Green (Cai- 
ro 111); A 1870 BA 1951 KS; World 
Wars I & II; It col U S Army (ret); 
1655 Hillview Sarasota Fla 

1863-WHELESS Roger English (Al- 
den's Bridge La); A 1878 KA; World 
War I; timber & farming; Box 5146 
Bossier Branch Shreveport La 

1864-WHITED Samuel James Bow- 
man (Alden's Bridge La); A 1879 KA; 
onetime Shreveport Metal & Roofing 
Co; Box 84 Shreveport La 





1865-HOLMES James Garrott (Ya- 
zoo City Miss) ; A 1890 DTD; U of Miss 
LLB 1907; justice supreme ct Miss 
1950- ; see Who's Who 1954-1955; 725 
Gillespie St Jackson Miss 

1866-JONES Paul Jr (New York N 
Y); A 1891 BA 1907 KA; Harvard U 
LLB 1910; World Wars I & II; atty; 
511 Pecan Texarkana Ark 

1867-YOUNG James Nicholas (San 
Marcos Tex); A 1893 DTD; Harvard U 
BA 1911; World War I; assoc editor 
Collier's 1924-1953; see Who's Who 1954- 
1955; 455 E 51st St New York N Y 

1868-HILLYER Frank Clifton (Fer- 
nandina Fla); A 1895 M 1538 BA 1909 
DTD; Georgetown U LLB 1915; atty 
Jacksonville; 227 W Forsyth Jackson- 
ville Fla 

1869-MOORE Gunnell (Paris Tex); 
A 1906 KA; sec-treas Boardman Co 
Oklahoma City Okla; died there 4 Sept 

1870-MEEK Albert Nathaniel (Cam- 
den Ark); A 1923; atty; died Camden 
18 Nov 1918 

1871-DUNCAN Greer Assheton 
(Washington DC); CE 1911 KS; U S 
Naval Acad BS 1908 Rensselaer Poly- 
technic Institute CE 1912; capt U S 
Navy (ret) ; consulting engr; see Who's 
Who 1948-1949; 3218 Esplanade Dr Se- 
attle 7 Wash 

1872-WALKER Roosevelt Pruyn 
(Macon Ga); SAE; U of Ga Athens 

1873-ANDERSON Owen Van (San 
Antonio Tex) ; merchant Mexico City 
1906; killed in nitroglycerine explos- 
ion San Antonio 1907 

1874-TAYLOR Shelby Glass (San 
Antonio Tex) ; KS; realtor; died San 
Antonio 6 Nov 1949 

1875-MORGAN Robert Lee (San An- 
tonio Tex); L 104 KS; 524 King Wil- 
liam St San Antonio Tex 

1876-BOSTROM Robert Ernst (At- 
lanta Ga); DTD; archt; 5010 Sher- 
brooke St West Montreal 2 Canada 

1877-HASTTNGS Llewellyn Burton 
(Sycamore 111); T 229 ATO; deacon 
1906 priest 1909 ret 1946; rector St 
John's Ch Milwaukee Wise (1929- 
1946) ; curate St Andrew's Ch Monroe 
Wise (1949-1952); died Milwaukee 28 
May 1954 

1878-GUNTHER George John (Mem- 
phis Tenn); DTD; pres H M Gunther 
& Co (cotton factors) ; died Memphis 
21 July 1954 

1879-ATKINS Edward Bryant Martin 
(Selma Ala); L 143 KA; pres ins co 
Selma; World War I Sewanee Ambu- 
lance Unit; died Selma 27 May 1922 

1880-HARRISON Edmond Jordan 
(Brooklyn N Y) ; atty Kanawha Coun- 
ty W Va; killed World War I in France 
1 Nov 1918 

1881-MANNING William Sinkler Jr 
(Sumter S C) ; BA (valed) 1906 ATO; 
Spanish-Am War; journalist Washing- 
ton correspondent N Y Times; maj U 
S Army World War I; killed in action 
St Mihiel front 6 Nov 1918 

1882-DURRANT Henry Lester (St 
Vincent British W Indies); T 215 GD 
1906 ATO; Ontario Coll; Center Coll 
Indianapolis DD 1929; deacon 1908 

priest 1909; chaplain U S Army World 
War I; ministry in D C Md Ky & Fla; 
rector Grace Ch Anderson S C 1936- ; 
died there 26 Mar 1948 

1883- WOOD Edward Ainslie (Dallas 
Tex); CE 1905 PKA; Cornell U CE 
1908; consulting engr; 4321 Rawlins 
Dallas Tex 

1884-DICKERSON Robert Carl (Pa- 
ris Tex) ; U of Tex 1901; exec v pres & 
sec American Cotton Shippers Assoc 
1924-1953; see Who's Who 1954-1955; 
died Memphis Tenn 1953 

1885-PEAK George Victor (Dallas 
Tex); BA (salut) 1906 DTD; Harvard 
U MA 1908; instr economics & asstprof 
modern languages U of S 1908-1910; 
life & casualty ins (ret); World War I 
SATC; 4409 Worth St Dallas Tex 

1886-CORRETHERS Harry Leslie 
Young (Springfield 111); died San Di- 
ego Calif 1949 

1887-BIBB Julian Lee (New Deca- 
tur Ala) ; Yale U (Sheffield) 1906; died 
26 Aug 1951 

Entered Advent Term 1902 

1888-INGRAHAM James Draper (St 
Augustine Fla); A 1713 L 123 LLB 
1907 ATO; asst gen passenger agt Fla 
East Coast RR; Fla trustee U of S 
1931-1933 1936-1941; 235 W Forsyth 
Jacksonville Fla 

1889-BLOUNT Guy Arthur (Nacog- 
doches Tex); A 1770 KS; realtor farm 
owner dir Nacogdoches Grocery Co & 
Cotton Seed Oil Co; Tex trustee U of 

5 1924-1930; died Kaufman Tex 27 
Apr 1927 

1890-WATKINS Miles Abernathy 
(Faunsdale Ala) ; A 1804 M 1256 PDT; 
Tulane U MD 1909; World War I; phys 

6 surg Birmingham Ala; died there 22 
May 1949 

1891-JONES Edwin DuBose (Rome 
Ga); A 1809 ATO; It World War I; 
supt Brooklyn Union Ga9 Co 25 yrs; 
died Forest Hills N Y 4 Apr 1940 

1892-WALKER David Gibson (He- 
lena Ark); A 1838 L 125 KS; ins & 
real estate; Walker Insurance & Realty 
Co Helena Ark 

1893-GILREATH Emory Holton 
(Cartersville Ga); A 1909 KS; realtor; 
Cartersville Ga 

1894-ELLERBE Paul Lee (Birming- 
ham Ala); A 1939 PDT; short story 
writer & teacher adult ed div Santa 
Barbara city schools; see Who's Who 
1932-1933; 379 Sherwood Dr Santa 
Barbara Calif 

1895-SEITER Arthur Louis (Chatta- 
nooga Tenn); A 1985 T 247 KS; dea- 
con 1909 priest 1910; Norfolk Va; died 

1896-MEYER Schuyler Merritt (New 
York N Y); Yale U BA New York 
Law Sch LLB; atty; 49 Wall St New 
York N Y 

1897-DABNEY Ma rye Yeamans 
(Birmingham Ala); ATO; U of Chica- 
ga PhB 1908; Johns Hopkins U MD 
1912; phys (Obg) & clinical prof emeri- 
tus Med Coll of Ala; see Who's Who 
1954-1955; ed Southern Medical Jour- 
nal; Rt 13 Box 161 C Birmingham Ala 

1898-T U R N E R Alonzo Gwartney 

(Spokane Wash); L 114 LLB 1906; 
atty; died Tampa Fla 20 Feb 1907 

1899-FARIS Evan Goadler (Hickman 
Ky) ; accountant; died Hickman 3 Sept 

1900-DAVIS William Henry (Brook- 
lyn N Y); M 728 MD 1902; Bennett 
Coll of Ed Med & Surg; Marion-Sims 
Coll of Med St Louis Mo 1893; died 
about 1936 

Entered Lent Term 1903 
1901-TAAFFE Harry C Francis 
(Fond du Lac Wise); T 216 SAE; real 
estate broker 1928-1952; died New York 
N Y 5 May 1952 

1902-STEED James Walter (Cleve- 
land Tenn); M 1060 KS; died Cleve- 
land 7 Aug 1910 

1903-ROSEBOROUGH Irving Jeffe- 
ries (Union Springs Ala); L 105 LLB 
1905; merchant; died Hopkinsville Ky 1 
Nov 1935 

1904-MELLICHAMPE Edward Win- 
born (Jacksonville Ala) ; deacon 1916 
priest 1917 deposed 4 May 1939; found- 
er of a floating mission "Gospel Mo- 
ther" on Mississippi River; World War 
I; Monista N M 

1905-LYNCH David Lafayette (Win- 
chester Tenn); KS; ed & publisher 
Winchester Chronicle 1926-1952 & fed- 
eral commissioner; died Winchester 6 
Nov 1952 

1906-BRONG John Luther (Cleve- 
land Tenn); CE 1908; Tenn Power Co; 
died Chattanooga Tenn Dec 1930 

1907-HARVEY Joseph Harris (New 
Decatur Ala) ; T 246; deacon & priest 
1910 ret 1950; St Andrew's Ch Ros- 
well N M 1942-1950; dean Pecos dean- 
ery N Mex 1943-1949; Ala trustee U 
of S 1925-1928; 501 Benton St Valley 
Park Mo 

1908-AMBLER Willis Hawthorne (St 
Louis Mo); BA 1907 ATO; onetime 
dept of justice; sales mgr National 
Transitads Inc; 366 Madison Ave New 
York N Y 

1909-WHALEY Marcellus Seabrook 
(Edisto Island S C); BA (salut) 1907 
SAE; U of S C LLB 1909; World War 
I; prof law U of S C; 4908 Colonial 
Dr Columbia S C 

1910-KELLY J H (Atlanta Ga) 

Entered Trinity Term 1903 

1911-BROOKS Louis Porcher (Se- 
wanee Tenn); A 1519 M 1169 MD 1907 
PDT; World War I; phys; Chattanooga 
Bank Bldg Chattanooga Tenn 

1912-KIRBY-SMTTH Ephraim (Se- 
wanee Tenn); A 1534 M 1170 L 140 
PDT; mining Mexico until 1911; sugar 
refining Cuba & Franklin La; died Se- 
wanee 6 July 1938 

1913-CROWNOVER Roland P (Se- 
wanee Tenn); A 1637 L 116; atty & 
farmer; RFD Decherd Tenn 

1914-GASS Henry Markley (Sewa- 
nee Tenn); A 1687 BA (valed) 1907 
MA 1921 D Litt 1949 PBK PDT; Rhodes 
Scholar New Coll Oxford U BA 1910 
MA; headmaster Sewanee Mil Acad 
1912-1922; prof classical languages U 
of S 1922-1953; acting vice-chancellor 
1948-1949; dean of men 1946-1948 & 





1949-1952; organizing sec Associated 
Alumni 1939- ; regent 1948-1949; died 
Sewanee 2 Aug 1953 

1915-GUMM Frank Avent (Mur- 
freesboro Term); A 1710; proprietor 
Valley Theater Lancaster Calif; died 
Los Angeles Calif 7 Nov 1935 

1916-PUCKETTE Charles McDonald 
(Sewanee Tenn); A 1717 BA 1907 MA 
1908 PBK ATO; New York Evening 
Post 1908-1924 managing ed 1917-1924; 
New York Times 1924-1942 asst to pub- 
lisher 1932-1942; gen mgr Chattanooga 
Times 1942- ; pres Associated Alumni 
1948-1951; alumni trustee U of S 1947- 
1949; regent 1951-1957; see Who's Who 
1954-1955; Lookout Mt Tenn 

1917-SCARBROUGH William John 
(now John William) (Austin Tex) ; A 
1739 SAE; pres & chr bd (ret) E M 
Scarbrough & Sons (dept store) Aus- 
tin; Congress Ave & 6th St Austin Tex 

1918-BOND Edward Anderson (Sa- 
vannah Ga); A 1777 L 101 SAE; U S 
Army World War I; v pres Todd-Witte 
Dry Goods Co Birmingham Ala; died 
there 17 Aug 1941 

1919-UNDERWOOD Charles Walton 
(Rome Ga); A 1780 PKA; instr type- 
writing & stenography U of S 1905- 
1906; sec to vice-chancellor 1914-1938; 
commissioner bldgs & lands 1924-1948; 
onetime atty Atlanta Ga; died Atlanta 
Ga 28 Dec 1948 

1920-SHAFFER John Jackson (El- 
lendale La); A 1790 BA 1907 ATO; su- 
gar planter; dir New Orleans Fed Re- 
serve Bank; Ellendale La 

1921 -BROWN James Rice (Canton 
Ga); A 1820 SAE; farmer; onetime v 
pres Planters' Bank; Ford dealer (ret); 
Sycamore Ga 

1922-EWING Fayette Clay Jr (St 
Louis Mo) ; A 1833 DTD; U of Va BCE 
1910; prof engineering U of S 1913- 
1914; died Sewanee 14 Aug 1914 

1923-BARLOW Arthur Walter (Hope 
Ark); A 1840 PDT; died Little Rock 
Ark 29 Jan 1926 

1924-KNIGHT Telfair (Jacksonville 
Fla) ; A 1897 BA 1907 KA; U of Miami 
LLD 1950; developer Coral Gables Fla; 
vice-admiral U S Maritime Serv (ret) 
& commandant U S Maritime Acad; 
pres Telfair Knight Corp (realtors); 
Fla trustee U of S 1913-1915; World 
War I special student SATC; see Who's 
Who 1952-1953; 937 Obispo Ave Coral 
Gables Fla 

1925-MURDOCH Francis Johnstone 
Jr (Salisbury N C); A 1899 KS; 
Georgia Institute Tech grad 1907; tex- 
tile chemist (ret); 241 Armandale 
Lane Salisbury N C 

1926-SEIP James Flint (Alexandria 
La); A 1910; Tulane U; insp La Dept 
Agriculture & Immigration; Pineville 

1927-SEIP John McCreery (Alexan- 
dria La); A 1911; Tulane U PDT; 
planter oil promoter & producer Tex & 
Ark; died Portland Ind 10 May 1946 

1928-GREER John Broocks (Beau- 
mont Tex); A 1920 L 160 BA 1908 KA; 
oil operator & rancher; pres Associated 
Alumni 1951-1955; 802 Trabue St 
Shreveport La 

1929-PALMER Thomas Waller (Fer- 
nandina Fla); A 1944 PDT; realtor Pal - 
meador Corp; 621 SE Second Ct Ft 
Lauderdale Fla 

1930-CHAUDRON Paul deVendel Jr 
(Mobile Ala); A 1948 PKA; sales rep 
Standard Register Co Dayton Ohio; 
died Greensboro N C 4 Mar 1944 

1931-HULL Francis Lyon (Augusta 
Ga); A 1962; ins; 2308 John's Rd Ext 
Augusta Ga 

1932-HOWEL Theodore Frelinghuy- 
sen (Little Rock Ark); A 1966 L 133 
KA; died 2 Oct 1937 

1933-EISELE Charles Logan (Tex- 
arkana Tex) ; A 1969 DTD; World War 
I; ptnr Eisele & Co (pharmaceutical 
supplies) Nashville Tenn; lost at sea 
on cruiser Driftwood Jan 14-20 1949 

1934-LIGHTCAP Nathaniel Pugh 
(Yazoo City Miss) ; A 2005; World War 
I; died Jackson Miss 29 July 1938 

1935-BOATWRIGHT James Ernest 
(Monetta S C); A 2013; farmer; Mo- 
netta S C 

1936-HAVERKAMP Charles Mann 
(Yazoo City Miss); A 2018 KS; World 
War I; died Yazoo City Sept 1939 

1937-BLOCK Hamilton (Atlanta Ga) ; 
A 2023; F E Block Co (candy) (ret); 
2858 Leeward Ave Los Angeles Calif 

1938-THOMAS Lloyd Daunis (Beau- 
mont Tex); CE 1907 DTD; San An- 
tonio Tex; died 15 Sept 1919 

1939-MICHAEL Arthur Mansfield 
(San Antonio Tex) ; pres Travis Sav- 
ings & Loan Assoc; 111 W Travis San 
Antonio Tex 

1940-RECTOR James Knight Jr (San 
Saba Tex) ; DTD; atty; died Dallas Tex 
2 Aug 1941 

1941-MATTHEWS John Thompson 
(Dallas Tex); KA; traffic mgr E Tex 
Motor Freight; died Dallas 1 Nov 1950 

1942-LOOMIS Edgar Webb (DaUas 
Tex) ; PKA; Southern Methodist U MD 
1910; phys (Pd) ; onetime asst health 
off Dallas; maj U S Army World War 
I; died Dallas 18 Nov 1953 

1943-BURKE Grafton Rush (Dal- 
las Tex); M 1171 MD 1907 DSc 1937; 
phys & founder Hudson Stuck Mem 
Hosp Ft Yukon Alaska; deacon about 
1921 priest 1938; died Seattle Wash 25 
Sept 1938 

1944- CLEM John Lincoln Jr (Ma- 
nila Philippine Islands); DTD; World 
Wars I & II col motor transport ser- 
vice; mortgage consultant Mortgage 
Investment Co San Antonio; W Tex 
trustee U of S 1929-1931; 112 Mary D 
Ave San Antonio Tex 

1945-McQUEEN Douglass (Montgom- 
ery Ala); L 115 KS; automobile busi- 
ness Birmingham 1911-1954 (ret); 1017 
S 28th St Birmingham Ala 

1946-PHILLIPS Robert Theodore 
(Atlanta Ga); BA 1907 DTD; deacon 
1911 priest 1912 ret 1945; rector Christ 
Ch Greenville S C 1932-1945; Atlanta 
trustee U of S 1916-1920; died Green- 
ville 12 Apr 1952 

1947-DUNCAN George Washington 
(Macon Ga); SAE; Ga Institute Tech 
CE 1910; textile engr; died Augusta 
Me 26 Oct 1949 

1948-DOLEN Joseph Massie (Hous- 
ton Tex); SAE; Boling Tex* 

1949-DUNHAM David Ross (St Au- 
gustine Fla); BA 1907; Washington & 
Lee U LLB 1909; atty & onetime judge 
special ct of record St John's County; 
St Augustine Nat Bank Bldg St Au- 
gustine Fla 

1950-FULLER Ford Prioleau (Bruns- 
wick Ga); KA; spec representative 
Union Central Life Ins Co; Ga trustee 
U of S 1945-1955; Suite 510 American 
Bldg Savannah Ga 

1951-LOCKHART Malcolm Wright 
(Selma Ala); T 256 BA 1909 BD 1910 
DD 1933 PDT; La State U MA 1932; 
deacon 1910 priest 1911; World Wars I 
& II ; ministry in Ga Miss Ark La Fla 
& S C; rector St Helena's Ch Beaufort 
S C; Ark trustee U of S 1915-1917 
1919-1924; Fla trustee 1937; regent U 
of S 1932-1946; died Beaufort 20 Feb 

1952-SAWRIE Nathaniel Jones 
(Memphis Tenn); L 126 DTD; realtor; 
Box 378 Unit 1 Memphis Tenn 

1953-PORTER George Edward Jr 
(Live Oak Fla) ; pres chain of theatres; 
Perry Fla 

1954-KNIGHT Jaqueline Emile 

(Waycross Ga); M 1172; MD; phys; 
died 1912 

1955-COBBS John Lewis Jr (Mont- 
gomery Ala); BA 1907 SAE; exec v 
pres Benton & Bowles N Y; 30 Hill- 
side Rd Larchmont N Y 

1956-FORD Ralph Boughton (Cleve- 
land O); sales mgr (ret); Box 191 
Burton O 

1957-WIGGINS Marion Sims (Holly 
Hill S C); BA 1904 MA 1905 KS; U S 
Dept Agr Bureau of Markets; died 
Sanford Fla Apr 1948 

1958-SPARKMAN Henry Berkley 
(Charleston S C); ATO; 182-B Broad 
St Charleston S C 

1959-N O E Alexander Constantine 
Davis (Beaufort N C); T 242 SAE; dea- 
con 1907 priest 1909; ministry in N C 
Va Ark; vicar St Thomas Ch Bath N 
C 1937-1953; now organizing ch on Ro- 
anoke Island N C; E C trustee U of S 
1929-1936; Bath N C 

Entered Advent Term 1903 

1960-WETTLIN David Gottlieb 
(Woodville Miss); A 1599 KS; U of 
Miss BA; onetime mayor Orange Calif; 
research; 413 Jasmine Corona Del Mar 

1961-CRAWFORD Andrew Jr (Co- 
lumbia S C); A 1793 SAE; World War 
I; Am Agr Co Cayce S C; died about 

1962-CRAIN Claude Davis (Tampico 
Mex); A 1937; died Shreveport La Oct 

1963-SHARPE Samuel Merrick 
(Morris Ranch Tex); CE 1907 DTD; 
World War I; farmer (ret) ; Roxbury 

1964-DADY John William (Philadel- 
phia Pa); PKA; World War I; U S 
Indian Agency Mont Wise & Calif; died 
Riverside Calif 14 Aug 1954 





1965-SWOPE Harold Brown (Bilt- 
more N C); BA 1906; Columbia U; 
landscape archt Biltmore N C; Western 
N C trustee U of S 1947; died Skyland 
N C 16 Dec 1949 

1966-Y O U N G Joseph Blackshear 
(Shreveport La); SAE; shipping busi- 
ness Galveston Tex 1912 

1967-JONES Fontaine Maury (Kirk- 
wood Mo); PDT; World War I; After- 
glow Moyenne Corniche Nice France 

Entered Lent Term 1904 

1968-RICKS John Poindexter (Can- 
ton Miss) ; World War I; pres Ricks 
Storage Co; 3601 N State St Jackson 

1969-BROOKS Norman Covington 
(Birmingham Ala); KA; died Birming- 
ham 19 Jan 1905 

1970-BROOKS Russell Sage (Birm- 
ingham Ala); KA; Atlantic City N J; 

1971-WINSLOW Kenelm Rogers 
(Appleton Wise) ; PDT; Lawrence U; 
onetime N Y Herald-Tribune; Ophir 
Farm Purchase N Y 

1972-BREEDEN Paul Hamilton 
(Cuero Tex); DTD; wholesale distri- 
butor; U of Tex 1905; Box 510 Cuero 

1973-H I C K M A N William Tyler 
(Owensboro Ky) 

1974-FOWLKES Edwin Hockaday 
(Colorado Tex); DTD; ranchman & 
judge Jeff Davis County; died Ft Da- 
vis Tex 25 Mar 1936 

1975-MURRAY Victor MacPherson 
(Jackson Term); PDT; life ins; 1279 
Peabody Ave Memphis Term 

1976-JENKS Clarence Elisha (Mid- 
dlefield O); U of Louisville BA 1913; 
fund raiser; principal high sch Wake- 
man O; 153 S Cedar St Oberlin O 

1977-WHEELER Augustin Beers Jr 
(New Orleans La) ; PDT; ptnr Wheeler 
& Woolfolk (brokers) & pres New Or- 
leans cotton exchange; died New Or- 
leans 1 Nov 1938 

1978-BROWN Robert Francisco 
(Greeneville Term) ; KS; owner Am 
Calendar Co; 508 W Main St Greene- 
ville Term 

Entered Trinity Term 1904 

1979-PFAFFLE Frank Lee (Cincin- 
nati O); A 1783 PKA; onetime prof 
physiology Fordham U; died 

1980-NELES Jason Adams (Koscius- 
ko Miss); A 1784 PDT; atty; died 1928 

1981-NLLES James Swanson (Kos- 
ciusko Miss); A 1786 PDT; died Kos- 
ciusko 17 Feb 1941 

1982-MARTIN Thomas William 
(Lake Charles La); A 1811; Tulane U 
MD 1916; radiologist; World War I maj 
U S Army Med Corps; died Port Ar- 
thur Tex 15 Jan 1954 

1983-EWING Ephraim McDonald 
(Webster Groves Mo) ; A 1834 DTD; U 
of Mo BA 1909 MA 1919 Washington 
U MD; instr physiology New York U 
& Bellevue Med Coll; died Napoleon- 
ville La 1924 

1984-KIRK John Shattuck (Gunni- 
son Miss); A 1865 L 144 KA; cotton 

planter merchant & bank pres; Miss 
trustee U of S 1949-52; died Green- 
ville Miss Dec 1952 

1985-JEMISON Sorsby (Birmingham 
Ala); A 1867 SAE; v pres Young & 
Vann Supply Co; World War I; at- 
tended Washington & Lee U; Box 2532 
Birmingham Ala 

1986-MITCHELL Richard Bland 
(Rolla Mo) ; A 1881 T 265 BA 1908 GD 
1912 BD 1921 DD 1931 PBK PDT; dea- 
con 1911 priest 1912; ministry Miss Ala 
& national Epis Ch; mgr Nation-Wide 
Campaign 1919; dir expansion U of 
S 1928-1929; rector St Mary's Ch 
Birmingham Ala; 5th bishop of Ark 
1938- ; 13th chancellor U of S 1950- ; Ark 
trustee 1938- ; regent 1934-1939 1942- ; 
see Who's Who 1954-1955; 300 W 17th 
St Little Rock Ark 

1987-CROFT Theodore Gaillard (Ai- 
ken S C) ; A 1884 SAE; U of S C MD 
1912; commanded Sewanee Ambulance 
Unit France World War I 1 yr; It col 
U S Army 1926-1941; phys & surg 
Mandarin Fla; died New York N Y 17 
Mar 1948 

1988-ALLEN Richard Henry Jr 
(Memphis Tenn); A 1904 PKA; World 
War I; 40 S Front St Memphis Tenn 

1989-TURNER Edmund Pendleton Jr 
(Houston Tex) ; A 1936 L 145 LLB 1908 
KA; realtor; 1705 "P" St N W Wash- 
ington D C 

1990-COFFIN Francis Joseph Howells 
(Chicago 111); A 1946 T 264 BA 1913 
PKA; deacon 1913 priest 1914; rector 
St John's Ch Larchmont N Y (1923- 
1953); E C trustee U of S 1920-1923; 
died New Rochelle N Y 2 July 1953 

1991-HERRINGTON Lindley Clayton 
(Houston Tex); A 1949 L 117 PKA; 
atty; Pasadena Calif* 

1992-QUINTARD George William Jr 
(New York N Y); A 1995 L 134 PDT; 
died New York about 1915 

1993-A M B L E R Richard Jaquelin 
(Kirkwood Mo) ; A 1997 BA 1908 ATO; 
World War I; advertising promotion; 
3449 Addington Ave Montreal 28 Que- 

1994-HUDGINS Charles Buckner Jr 
(Rome Ga) ; A 1998 KA; World War I; 
broker; died Los Angeles Calif Apr 

1995-SPEARING James Orloff 
(Shreveport La); A 2000 T 273 BA1909 
PDT; sec U extension dept U of S 1911- 
1912; automobile ed & motion picture 
reviewer N Y Times & scenario writer; 
died New York N Y 9 Jan 1937 

1996-BEATTIE Samuel Marshall 
(Greenville S C) ; A 2003 ATO; Cor- 
nell U BME 1911; pres Piedmont Mfg 
Co (textiles) Woodside Cotton Mills 
Co & Easley Cotton Mills; Upper S C 
trustee U of S 1924-1927; died Green- 
ville S C 15 Dec 1948 

1997-PENICK Clifton Hewitt (Phoe- 
nix Ariz) ; A 2004 ATO; U of Ala LLB 
1910; atty & sec bd trustees U of Ala; 
died Tuscaloosa Ala 22 Sept 1952 

1998-PENICK Edwin Anderson Jr 
(Phoenix Ariz); A 2007 BA (salut) 
1908 DD 1923 PBK ATO; Harvard U 
MA 1909 Va Theol Sem BD 1912 DD 
1922 U N C LLD 1948; deacon 1912 
priest 1913; bishop coadjutor N C 1923- 

1932 6th bishop 1932- ; N C trustee U 
of S 1922- ; regent 1928-1934; see Who's 
Who 1954-1955; 802 Hillsboro St Ral- 
eigh N C 

1999-WADSWORTH Albert Hodges 
(Matagorda Tex); A 2012 SAE; ins & 
cattle-raising; 2000 Austin St Bay City 

2000-MANNING Vivian Meredith 
(Sumter S C) ; ATO; owner V M Man- 
ning (stocks & bonds) 1916- ; 1104-05 
Woodside Bldg Greenville S C 

2C01-ROSSBACH William Farquhar 
(New York N Y); died Mt Vernon N 
Y about 1922 

2002-SCHONWALD John De Witt 
(Wilmington N C); Jefferson Med Coll 
MD 1909; Miami U Health Service; 413 
E Chestnut St Oxford O 

2003-L AROCHE Edwin Bruce 
(Yonge's Island S C); KA; Cornell B 
Arch 1912; onetime prof & coll arch 
Texas A&M Coll 1919-1925; LaRoche & 
Dahl Dallas; planned U of Tex campus 
1932-1934; attended Purdue U 1905; died 
Dallas Tex 18 July 1944 

2004-McCUTCHEN William Laurence 
(Wichita Falls Tex); Box 1721 Rich- 
mond 1 Calif 

2005-SHORT Clarence Albert 
(Georgetown Del); Del Coll MS 1906 
SN; principal John M Clayton Sch 
Dagsboro Del; prof Delaware Coll 1917; 
died Lewes Del 23 Mar 1947 

2006-GAINES Frank Wharton Jr 
(Selma Ala); BA 1909; World War I; 
farmer; 309 Lapsley St Selma Ala 

2007-HARRY Hugh Logan (Dallas 
Tex); DTD; pres Harry Bros Co of 
La (sheet metal) & independent oil 
leases & royalties; (ret); 424 Metairie 
Rd New Orleans La 

2008-GREENE Earle Rosenberry 
(Atlanta Ga) ; SAE; World War I; U S 
civil service 20 yrs equipment special- 
ist Yards & Docks Supply Off Navy 
Dept Oxnard Calif; 418 S Holt Ave 
Los Angeles 48 Calif 

2009-MANNING Charles Sinkler 
(Spartanburg S C) 

2010-CASSETTA Dominick (Astoria 
Long Island N Y) ; Columbia U BA 
1908; Gen Theol Sem 1911; chaplain 
(1st It) ; World War I; deacon & priest 
1911 ret 1950; ministry N Y Ohio & 
Ind; 119 Peterson Ct Holly Hill Fla 

2011-C OS TELLE Laurence Steele 
(Baltimore Md) ; reporter New York 
Times 1907 

2012-DAMM Henry Christian Augus- 
tus (St Petersburg Fla) ; T 222 BA 1907 
MA 1909; 111 Normal Sch; U S consular 
service Canada Germany Norway Den- 
mark Spain Mexico; died 1929 

2013-LUMPKIN Hope Henry (Co- 
lumbia S C) ; T 220 BD 1907 SAE; U S 
C BA 1904; U Wise MA 1922 PhD 1927; 
deacon 1907 priest 1908; ministry in S 
C Alaska & Wise; rector Grace Ch 
Madison Wise 1920-1932; died 11 Oct 

Entered Advent Term 1904 

2014-COLSTON Jefferson Monroe 
(Fayetteville Tenn); BA 1911 MA 1912 
PBK; U of Chicago 1913; U of Term 
1930; pres Hiwassee Coll 1930-1937; 





owner Monteagle Motor Ct Monteagle 

2015-BAILEY Henry Blevins (Coch- 
ran Ga) ; Cochran Lumber Co; died 

2016-LOCKHAKT Robert Pitman Jr 
(Selma Ala); PDT; mining engr Tuc- 
son Ariz; died about 1950 

2017-YOUNG Henry G our din 
(Charleston S C); A 1943 ATO; died 
before 1914 

Entered Lent Term 1905 

2018- CURD Patrick Joyes (Louis- 
ville Ky); PKA 
2019-LEBBY William (Summerville 

5 C); Coll of Charleston; tax acct; 
1673 Columbia Rd Washington D C 

2020-McCLOUD John Francis (Man- 
heim Pa); T 232; deacon 1908 priest 
1909; ministry in Tenn & Ga; asst rec- 
tor Christ Ch Nashville Tenn & city 
mssy; died Nashville 15 Aug 1946 

2021-MYERS George Boggan (Holly 
Springs Miss); T 223 BD 1923 DD 1953 
DTD; U of Miss LLB 1903; Philadel- 
phia Div Sch DD; deacon 1907 priest 
1908; ministry in Miss & Ark; dean 
Holy Trinity Cathd Havana Cuba 1914- 
1922; prof Sch of Theol U of S 1922- 
1950 emeritus 1950- ; acting chaplain U 
of S 1945-1946; Ark trustee U of S 
1914; see Who's Who 1952-1953; Bairn- 
wick Sewanee Tenn 

2022- SKINNER Edwin James (Mont- 
clair Colo); T 231; deacon 1910 priest 
1911; ministry in Denver Colo; died 
there 13 Jan 1936 

2023-HUBARD Lyttleton Edmunds 
(Dillwyn Va); T 219 BD 1907; Hamp- 
den-Sydney Coll BA 1902 DD 1923; 
deacon 1907 priest 1908 ret 1950; rector 
St John's Ch Elizabeth N J 1913-1950; 
1808 Rugby Place Charlottesville Va 

2024-ILSLEY John Henry (Chatta- 
nooga Tenn) ; T 230; deacon 1906 priest 
1908; ministry in Tenn Ga & W Va; 
died Union W Va 12 July 1912 

Entered Trinity Term 1905 

2025-HOGUE Cyrus Dunlap (Shef- 
field Ala) ; A 1866 BA 1909 DTD; U of 
N C (law); World War I; atty; Wil- 
mington N C 

2026-ALDRIDGE Andrew Jackson 
(Areola Miss); A 1979 KA; Yale U 
LLB 1912; World War I; atty Aldridge 

6 Fish; 44 School St Boston Mass 
2027-BRYSON Tandy Arnold (Jen- 
sen Fla); A 1983 PKA; Rensselaer 
Polytechnic Institute BCE 1910; inven- 
tor & consulting engr; died Eagle Mills 
N Y 29 Aug 1943 

2028-BLEKER Julius William Jr 
(Beaumont Tex); A 2010; U of Tex 
LLB 1915; atty Corpus Christi Tex; 
died there 25 Sept 1941 

2029-CAMP Herbert Asbury Jr 
(Lumberton Miss); A 2054 PDT; min- 
ing engr; died Washington D C 13 Apr 

2030-CURTIS William Beecher (Co- 
lumbus Ga); A 2056 BA 1910 SAE; 
Gen Theol Sem; deacon 1913 priest 
1915; rector St John's Ch Tampa Fla 
1922- ; died there 12 Sept 1929 

2031-RIVERS James Stuart (Natchez 

Miss); A 2072; studied art New York 
N Y; died Pasadena Calif about 1919 

2032-MIDDLETON Newton Winston 
(Washington D C) ; A 2074 T 248 DD 
1944 DTD; deacon & priest 1915; ministry 
Ga Va & Fla; rector St John's Ch Jack- 
sonville Fla 1928-1952; asst Christ Ch 
Ponte Vedra Fla 1952- ; composer Se- 
wanee Alma Mater; Fla trustee (al- 
ternate) U of S 1934; 230 10th St At- 
lantic Beach Fla 

2033-SHARPE Frederick Archbould 
(Sewanee Tenn) ; A 2084 CE 1909 DTD; 
capt World War I; civil engr Toch 
Bros New York N Y; died there 23 
Dec 1924 

2034-VAUGHAN Fielding Jr (Mo- 
bile Ala) ; A 2115 ATO; World War I; 
hardware; 810 Prospect Ave Hot 
Springs Ark 

2035-HERNDON Robin Cadwallader 
(Mobile Ala); A 2116; onetime mayor 
of Mobile; pres Sherman Stationery Co 
1917; died Mobile Oct 1949 

2036-PRATT Benson King (Dallas 
Tex); A 2117 KS; onetime reporter 
Milwaukee Wise Journal 

20S7-MOORE James West Estes Jr 
(Brownsville Tenn) ; A 2121; World War 
I; atty member state legislature & 
planter; died Nashville Tenn 20 Jan 

2038-SHAW William Alger (South- 
ern Pines N C) ; A 2135 KS; Jefferson 
Med Coll MD; Reno Nev* 

20S9-WILLIAMS Arthur Tilman Jr 
(Fernandina Fla); A 2147; U of Ga 
KA; realtor; died Jacksonville Fla 7 
June 1943 

2040-BALTZELL George Wilson 
(Fernandina Fla); A 2167 BA 1910 
SAE; organist U of S 1907-1910; Fla 
State Bd of Health Jacksonville Fla 

2041-THOMPSON Charles Curran 
(Sarasota Fla); A 2186; Navasota Fla* 

2042-McGOWAN Samuel (Charles- 
ton S C); Coll of Charleston ATO; 
onetime asst purchasing agt Parker 
Cotton Mills Greenville S C; World 
War I; Frogmore S C 

2043-COKER Carl Dennis (Lynn- 
ville Tenn); BA 1907 KS; U of Ala 
LLB 1909; atty; 249 W 99th St New 
York N Y 

2044-WATTS George Oscar (Mem- 
phis Tenn) ; T 263 BA (salut) 1909 GD 
1911 PKA; deacon 1910 priest 1911; 
ministry Tenn & Va; rector Otey Mem 
Par Sewanee Tenn 1910-1911; rector St 
John's Ch Hampton Va 1927-1931; died 
Hampton 28 Dec 1931 

2045-GOODRICH George Edwin 
(Fayetteville Tenn) 

2046- CRAFT James Charles (Wil- 
mington N C); DTD; Harvard U BA; 
organist U of S 1906-1907; broker; 
World War I; Hotel Mirabeau Lau- 
sanne Switzerland 

2047-DOZIER Henry Cuttino (Co- 
lumbia S C); T 235 KS; U of Pa MD 
1903; World War I; phys & surg Ocala 
Fla; died there 15 June 1948 

2048-P RENTISS Paul Trapier 
(Charleston S C); T 236 GD 1908;Be- 
rea Coll B Litt; deacon 1908 priest 
1909; died about 1934 

2049-HARRIS James Lyon (Dallas 
Tex); L 135 KA; sales rep Republic 
Steel Corp; 1566 Calhoun St New Or- 
leans 18 La 

2050-LYNE Kenneth McDonald 
(Henderson Ky); CE 1909 SAE; World 
War I; acting prof engr U of S 1914- 
1916; owner Lyne Paint Co; 129 N 
Main St Henderson Ky 

2051-DUNSCOMB Henry Martin 
(Memphis Tenn); KA; cotton broker; 
died Memphis 22 Nov 1953 

2052-C ORNISH George Rainsford 
Fairbanks (Charleston S C) ; KA; Wof- 
ford Coll BA 1911; World Wars I & II; 
maj U S Army (ret); Edisto Island 
S C 

2053-CLAYPOOL Austin Bingley Jr 
(Muncie Ind); DTD; farmer; R Rt 7 
Muncie Ind 

2054-K NIGHT Floyd Livingston 
(Jacksonville Fla); KA; atty U S 
Comptroller's Off Washington D C; S 
Fla trustee U of S 1925-1933; died 
Washington 3 Jan 1937 

2055-STOKES Thomas Melvin (Dur- 
ham N C) 

2056-PALMER Leon Carlos (Mont- 
gomery Ala); T 238 BA 1909 GD 1909 
BD 1910 KS; deacon 1937 priest 1938; 
educational sec Brotherhood of St An- 
drew 1910-1937; lectured in colleges in 
Ala & S C & theol seminaries; rector 
Grace Ch Birmingham Ala 1938-1942; 
died there 9 Feb 1942 

2057-GUERARD Edward Percy Jr 
(Charleston S C); Johns Hopkins U 
BA 1909; U S C LLB 1912; atty; died 
Charleston 12 Dec 1915 

2058-HARMAN William Gray (Plain- 
field N J); ret; 815 1st Place Plain- 
field N J 

2059-STONE Andrew Alexis (Cold- 
water Tenn); BA (valed) 1908 PDT; 
coach U of Tenn 1910; died New Or- 
leans La Mar 1925 

2060-BERRY Walter Lester (Frank- 
lin Tenn) ; BA (valed) 1909 PKA; atty; 
instr Tulane U; judge advocate's off & 
United Shipping Bd Washington D C; 
died Nov 1923 

2061-NOEL Albert McGhee (Nash- 
ville Tenn); U of Tenn 1900-1903; instr 
there 1901-1903; asst master Sewanee 
Grammar Sch 1905-1906 

2062-HUSKE Bartholomew Fuller 
(Fayetteville N C); T 239 SAE; U of 
N C BA 1903 U Southern Calif DD 
1929; deacon 1908 priest 1909; chaplain 
U S Navy 1917-1930 1942-1946; ministry 
in N C; 108 Hillside Ave Fayetteville 
N C 

2063-MEADE Joseph Lyons Jr (Ha- 
zlehurst Miss); T 234 GD 1909 PDT; 
U of Ala; deacon 1909 priest 1911; mis- 
sionary to China 1909-1911; archdea- 
con Ariz 1911-1914; Guaranty Trust Co 
New York N Y ret 1945; mgr Shell 
Castle Plantation Enfield N C 

2064-ARMSTRONG Charles Rice 
(New Orleans La); dept of institutions 
New Orleans; died there 29 Nov 1947 

2065-ELLIS Carey Jay Jr (Rayville 
La) ; BA 1909 CE 1909 PKA; Tulane U 
LLB 1912; World War I U S Army; 
judge 5th judicial dist La 1930-1954; 
atty Ellis & Ellis Rayville La 





Entered Advent Term 1905 

2066-CROSS Boiling Allyn (Baton 
Rouge La) ; banker & investment bro- 
ker (ret); 900 Drehr Ave Baton Rouge 
11 La 

2067-HACKER Nick Fayette (Cairo 
111); U of Mich; bank teller Alexander 
County Bank Cairo 111; died there 13 
July 1915 

2068-M I L L E R Daniel Chambers 
(Marion Va); SAE; Washington & Lee 
U BS 1905 CE 1908; instr engineering 
U of S 1905-1907; taught U of Mich 
Tex Agr & Mech Coll; instr (ret) Calif 
Institute of Tech; World War I; 817 S 
Oakland Ave Pasadena Calif 

2069-NEWTON Emmett Stanford (St 
Joseph La) ; pres Newton Chevrolet & 
treas Park Hotel Chattanooga; exten- 
sive cotton holdings La & Miss; died 
Chattanooga Tenn 14 Feb 1955 

2070-WILLIAMS Silas (Greenville 
S C); BA 1909 MA 1910 SAE; Clemson 
Coll; Harvard U LLB 1913; maj U S 
Army World War I; atty Chattanooga 
Tenn 1913-1944; died Atlanta Ga 8 Dec 

2071-BARRET Walter Stanley (Cov- 
ington Tenn); L 146 KA; realtor & ins 
broker; died Tampa Fla 13 July 1931 

2072-WALTON Edward Holt (Au- 
gusta Ga) ; died many years before 

2073-GRAY Campbell (Chattanooga 
Tenn); KA; died 

Entered Lent Term 1906 

2074-BENNETT Albert George Bran- 
well (Mobile Ala); T 274 BA 1909 MA 
1910 BD 1913 SAE; deacon 1913 priest 
1914; ministry in N C & S C; rector St 
Timothy's Ch Columbia 1927- ; Western 
N C trustee U of S 1923 1926-1927; 
Upper S C trustee 1938-1953; 1003 Cal- 
houn St Columbia S C 

2075-McCORMICK James Donald 
(Grand Rapids Mich); DTD; World 
War I; onetime Young Churchman Co 
Milwaukee Wise; died 

2076-PITTENGER Paul Nathaniel 
(Raleigh N C); T 316 KS; N C A&M 
Coll; World Wars I & H; engr Ameri- 
can Enka Co 1929-1952 (ret); Box 574 
Southport N C 

2077-POPE John Greenley (Louis- 
ville Ky) ; BA 1909 KA; pres Robbins- 
Pope Engraving Co; 445 Baxter Ave 
Louisville Ky 

2078-WADLEY Heber Taber 
(Shreveport La); KA; U of Tex; pres 
Air-Reduction Magnolia Co; died 
Shreveport Nov 1951 

2079-WILLIAMS Lewis Kemper 
(Patterson La); DCL 1935 PDT; bank- 
er; pres Williams Inc 1949- ; U S Army 
World War I maj & World War II brig 
gen; La trustee U of S 1925-1954; re- 
gent 1932-1943 & 1949-1955 chr 1941- 
1943 1953-1955; see Who's Who 1954- 
1955; 1323 Whitney Bldg New Orleans 

2080-FULLENWIDER Harry Robert 
(Crawfordsville Ind) ; KS; Purdue U; 
Crawfordsville Ind 

2081-ALEXANDER Gary Withe r- 
spoon (Brooksville Fla) ; BA 1907 ATO; 
Fla State U BS; U of Va LLB 1909; 
atty Jacksonville Fla; died there 1953 

2082-TOWNES Charles Lewis Jr 
(Grenada Miss); KA; Yale U; Minter 
City Miss; died 1918 

2083-HICKS Alfred Burt (Bellefon- 
taine Miss) 

Entered Trinity Term 1906 

2084-CHEAPE Frederic Peter (Avon 
Park Fla) ; A 1555 L 161 DTD; mfr rep; 
Box 2 Sewanee Tenn 

2085-CASEY Lee Taylor (Kansas 
City Mo); A 1655 KA; assoc ed Rocky 
Mountain News Denver Colo; see Who's 
Who 1948-1949; died there 29 Jan 1951 

2086-GASS John (Sewanee Tenn); 
A 1691 T 282 BA 1914 DD 1931 PBK 
PDT; Epis Theol Sem BD 1915; Va 
Theol Sem DD 1930; deacon 1914 priest 
1915; ministry in Miss Ky W Va & Fla; 
chaplain World War I; rector Ch of 
the Incarnation New York N Y 1935- 
1940 St Paul's Ch Troy N Y 1941-1949; 
Ky trustee U of S 1920; regent 1936- 
1937; see Who's Who 1948-1949; died 
St Augustine Fla 13 Aug 1951 

2087-LEBOWITZ Benjamin David 
(now LEBO Benjamin David) (Sewa- 
nee Tenn); A 1775 L 149; N Y U B 
Com Sci 1913; World War I; Amdor 
Co 512 7th Ave New York 18 N Y 

2088-C OX Thomas Augustus Jr 
(Culloachee N C); A 1947 CE 1909; 
World Wars I & II; maj U S Army 
(ret); Western N C trustee U of S 
1948- ; 162 W Chestnut St Asheville 
N C 

2089-GUERRY Alexander (Sewanee 
Tenn) ; A 1952 BA 1910 DCL 1929 PBK 
SAE; Chattanooga Coll of Law LLB 
1913; Southwestern Memphis LLD 
1938; U Chattanooga LLD 1939; Centre 
Coll DCL 1947; 1st It U S Army World 
War I; headmaster Baylor Sch Chatta- 
nooga 1919-1929; pres U of Chatta- 
nooga 1929-1938; 9th vice-chancellor 
U of S 1938-1948; regent 1938-1948; see 
Who's Who 1944-1945; died Knoxville 
Tenn 19 Oct 1948 

2090-PUCKETTE John Elliott (Se- 
wanee Tenn); A 1968 BA 1913 ATO; 
World War I; editor The Insurance 
Field; Box 5770 Dallas 22 Tex 

2091-GRANT Richard Hatch Jr (Wil- 
mington N C); A 2102 SAE; died Wil- 
mington NCI Feb 1935 

2092-BECKWITH Edmund Ruffin Jr 
(Anniston Ala); A 2238 BA (salut) 
1910 PDT; U of Ala LLB 1915; World 
War I; atty Montgomery Ala 1915-1925 
& Beckwith & Van Slyck New York N 
Y; judge advocate gen N Y Nat Guard 
1940-1946; died New York 17 Dec 1949 

2093-NEILER William Ernest Hyde 
(Philadelphia Pa) ; T 249 MA 1908 SAE; 
Harvard U BA 1905; deacon & priest 
1908; rector St Paul's Ch Kittanning 
Pa; died Philadelphia 1915 

2094-TAYLOR Kenneth Eve (Nash- 
ville Tenn); BA 1910 DTD; Peabody 
Coll; telegraph ed New Orleans States; 
died New Orleans La 20 Sept 1939 

2095-ADLER Waldo (New York N 
Y); BA 1910; Harvard U; World War 
I; publisher & realtor Philadelphia Pa; 
died Chestnut Hill Pa 27 Aug 1948 

2096-MARKLEY Lawrence (Chicago 
111); L 136 LLB 1908 SAE; Princeton 

U; atty Chicago 111; died when a yacht 
sank in the South Seas 

2097-AUSTIN Stephen Finis (Rose- 
dale Miss); BA (valed) 1910 SAE; 
Harvard U 1910; journalist; died San 
Antonio Tex 5 Dec 1932 

2098-McCRAVEN Bonner Nichols Jr 
(Houston Tex); BA 1910 PKA; U of 
Jena Germany; Bloomfield N J; died 

2099-WHITFIELD Henry Jones (De- 
mopolis Ala) ; BA 1910 PKA; U of Ala 
LLB 1912; pres Robertson Banking Co 
1946- ; Ala trustee U of S 1936-1937; 
Demopolis Ala 

2100-WHITFIELD James Bryan Jr 
(Demopolis Ala); PKA; farmer; De- 
mopolis Ala 

2101-McRAE Robert Strange Jr 
(Chapel Hill N C) ; U of N C; realtor; 
World War I; died San Francisco Calif 
20 July 1943 

2102-GRACEY Matthew Jr (Clarks- 
ville Tenn); SAE; Southwestern Pres- 
byterian U; World War I; realtor Gra- 
cey Bros; died Delray Beach Fla Aug 

2103-GALBRAITH Richard William 
(Colorado Tex) ; BA (salut) 1911 ATO; 
Harvard U MA 1920; Latin instr Phil- 
lips Exeter Acad; Soule Hall Exeter 
N H 

2104-LANDRUM Casimir Alonzo Jr 
(DeFuniak Springs Fla); World War I; 
abstract business; Panama City Fla 

2105-McMILLIN John Calvin Brown 
(Pulaski Tenn); L 147 KA; journalist; 
died Nashville Tenn Oct 1912 

2106-MILLER Alanson Austin 
(Gainesville Fla); KA; E Fla Sem; U 
of Va LLB 1910; World War I; city atty 
Jacksonville Fla 1925-1945; died Jack- 
sonville 26 Jan 1953 

2107-EVANS Thomas Morgan (Chi- 
huahua Mex); DTD; mining interests; 
killed by bandits in Mexico Jan 1916 

2108-SNOW McLester Jared (Tusca- 
loosa Ala); PDT; U of Ala LLB 1908 
Yale U LLB 1910; atty Tuscaloosa; died 
there 1918 

2109-DUMESNIL Joseph Peterson 
(Louisville Ky) ; Williams Coll; pres 
Carter's Dry Goods Co; 2434 Longest 
Ave Louisville Ky 

2110-WHITTHORNE Clinton Jervis 
(Columbia Tenn) ; BA 1910 KS; World 
War I; ptnr Lewiston Laundry Lewis- 
ton Idaho; died there about 1949 

Entered Advent Term 1906 

2111-BABBAGE John Ditto Jr (Clo- 
verport N Y) ; pres Bost Inc Philadel- 
phia Pa pres Rutland RR Co Washing- 
ton D C investment broker Washing- 
ton; died there 10 Mar 1949 

2112-STONE Thomas Floyd (Cold- 
water Tenn); BA 1910 PDT; World 
War I; sec Chamber Commerce Clin- 
ton Okla; died there 1936 

2113-PASTRANA Luis Frederico 
(Mexico City Mex); CE 1910 KS; Tele- 
grafas Nationales; died Chihuahua Mex 
19 July 1937 

2114-TAYLOR James Jerkins (Ocala 
Fla) ; pres Ocala Mfg Ice & Packing 
Co Inc; Box 576 Ocala Fla 





2115-SHTPP Frank Stirling (Chat- 
tanooga Tenn); L 148 KA; private de- 
tective; died Chattanooga 11 Dec 1934 

2116-SIOUSSAT William Leonard 
(Lake Roland Md) ; Johns Hopkins U 
BA; U S Dept of Defense supply office; 
215 E 68th St New York 21 N Y 

2117-ENEBOE Arthur James (Brook- 
lyn N Y); KS; St Stephen's Coll BA; 
Deal Beach N J* 

Entered Lent Term 1907 

2118-FECHTIG Allen Garthwright 
(Wilmington N C); BA 1910 DTD; 
World War I; Johns Hopkins U MD 
1914; phys; 18 E 41st St New York 17 
N Y 

2119-KALLOCH Dudley Cromwell 
(Portland Me) ; M 1438; Bowdoin Coll; 
Tulane U MD 1911; Vet Adm Facili- 
ties Box 166 Santa Monica Calif 

2120-BUTLER Frank Horatio Jr 
(Jacksonville Fla); SAE; World War I; 
estate tax div Comptroller's Off State 
of Fla; attended The Citadel; died Tal- 
lahassee Fla 16 Oct 1949 

2121-MOSS Charles Smith Jr 
(Franklin Tenn); BA 1910; Vanderbilt 
U MD 1915; phys & surg Hot Springs 
Ark; Carbon Hill Ala 

2122-STONEY James Moss (Camden 
SC);T 275 BA 1911 BD 1913 DD 1943 
DTD; U of Ga; deacon 1913 priest 1914 
5th missionary bishop New Mex & 
Southwest Tex 1942-1952 1st bishop 
1952- ; see Who's Who 1954-1955; Ala 
trustee U of S 1933-1939; 318 W Silver 
Ave Albuquerque N M 

Entered Trinity Term 1907 

2123-WIGGINS Charles Todd Quin- 
tard (Sewanee Tenn); A 1886 KA; 
engr Tenn Electric Power Co; died 
Cleveland Tenn 1 Oct 1944 

2124-BRATTON William DuBose 
(Jackson Miss) ; A 2106 T 287 BA 1913 
BD 1914 ATO; Millsaps Coll BA 1910; 
deacon 1914 priest 1915; chaplain World 
War I; rector Grace Ch Memphis Tenn; 
died there 10 Jan 1938 

2125-BARNWELL John DuBose (Co- 
lumbus Miss); A 2137 PDT; U of Va 
MD 1916; World War II; It col U S 
Army Med Corps (ret); 1517 Cherokee 
Rd Florence S C 

2126-GRIFFIN William Hunt (Jack- 
son Miss); A 2176 KA; World War I 
Sewanee Ambulance Unit; 316 Mar- 
shall St Hampton Va 

2127-McGOWAN William Campbell 
(Charleston S C); A 2236 ATO; U of 
S C LLB 1911; World War I; atty Co- 
lumbia ret 1954; Lake Murray Rt 2 
Columbia S C 

2128-CHEVES Henry Charles Jr 
(Charleston S C); A 2237 ATO; World 
War I; surveyor 1912; 12 Murray Blvd 
Charleston S C 

2129-KING John Pendleton (Augus- 
ta Ga); A 2255 ATO; grad Oriel Coll 
Oxford U England 1913; World War I; 
author journalist & poet; died Augusta 
Ga from war gas 28 May 1919 

2130-JOY William McClelland 
(Memphis Tenn); A 2281 KA; World 
War I; agt steel & electrical mfg cos 
Memphis; died there 25 July 1954 

2131-HARRISS Marion Sanders 
(Wilmington N C); A 2317 SAE; civil 
engr (ret) ; Box 387 Maxton N C 

2132-BOUCHELLE Henry Tutwiler 
Jr (Boligee Ala); A 2066 ATO; Jack- 
son mgr Sonotone Co; 108 S President 
St Jackson Miss 

2133-SEIBELS Robert Emmet (Co- 
lumbia S C) ; A 2388; U of S C BS 1914 
Columbia Coll Phys & Surg MD 1919; 
phys (Obg) Columbia; died there 30 
May 1955 

2134-A R M E S Edmund Campion 
(Birmingham Ala); BA 1913 DTD; sec 
to vice-chancellor U of S 1907-1913; v 
pres Jemison-Seibels Inc (ins) Birm- 
ingham; U S Army maj World War II; 
Ala trustee U of S 1918-1934; alumni 
trustee 1938-1943; 221 N 21st St Birm- 
ingham Ala 

2135-McGEHEE Gordon Oliver 
(Montgomery Ala); ATO; Ala Poly- 
technic Institute BS; U of Ala LLB; 
World War I; atty; 2055 Swift St Hous- 
ton Tex 

2136-M ATT HEWS DeWees James 
(Dallas Tex); KA; died before 1933 

2137-FAULKINBERRY Frank Albert 
(Taft Tenn); BA 1911 PDT; teacher; 
World War I; died Murfreesboro Tenn 
13 May 1933 

2138-WILEY Archie Clarence (Fay- 
etteville Tenn) 

2139-MULLINS Joseph Burrow (San- 
ta Fe Tenn) ; CE 1911 KS; 3607 Central 
Ave Nashville Tenn 

2140-WHITE Brooks Gwathmey Jr 
(Jacksonville Fla) ; KS; auditor City of 
Jacksonville (ret) ; 123 Ocean Blvd At- 
lantic Beach Fla 

2141-SHARP William Barnard 
(Nashville Tenn); BA 1910 KS; U of 
Chicago MS 1914 PhD 1922 Rush Med 
Coll MD 1914; prof Med Dept U of Tex; 
World War I It U S Army Med Corps; 
see Who's Who 1954-1955 & Am Men 
of Sci; Galveston Tex 

2142-WILLEY Henry Alpheus 
(Nashville Tenn); DD 1948 KS; Trinity 
Coll [Duke U] 2 yrs; Union Theol Sem; 
deacon 1912 priest 1913; archdeacon 
Kauai Hawaii 1933-1949 emeritus 
1949- ; R Rt 1 Lihue Kauai Hawaii 

2143-JONNARD William Aimison 
(Nashville Tenn) ; T 276 BA 1911 MA & 
BD 1913 KS; U of Nashville; deacon 
1913 priest 1914 deposed 1939; teacher; 
Breck Sch for Boys St Paul 8 Minn 

2144-EASTMAN Frank Carr Jr (At- 
lanta Ga); L 163 PDT; bond broker; 
Ira Haupt & Co 111 Broadway New 
York 5 N Y 

2145-MacKENZIE James Tucker 
(Brooksville Fla); BA 1911 CE & MA 
1912 DSc 1930 PBK DTD; onetime fac 
Howard Coll; chief metallurgist Am 
Cast Iron Pipe Co 1916- ; alumni trus- 
tee U of S 1947-1949; regent 1947-1949; 
U of Ala DSc 1948; see Am Men of 
Sci 1949; 4300 9th St Court S Birming- 
ham Ala 

2146-EVANS William Henry (Chi- 
huahua Mex); DTD; Nat Gypsum Co 
Kimballton Va 

2147-STONEY Thomas Porcher (Pi- 
nopolis S C); ATO; U of S C LLB 

1911; mayor Charleston 1923-1931; atty 
Stoney & Crosland; alumni trustee U 
of S 1941-1945; S C trustee 1947-; see 
Who's Who 1952-1953; 537 Huger St 
Charleston S C 

2148-TOWNSEND Henry Evans (En- 
terprise S C); ATO; ret; Summerville 
S C 

2149-JENNINGS George Payne 
(Chicago 111) 

2150-COKE Rosser Johnson (Dallas 
Tex) ; PDT; Washington & Lee U LLB; 
atty Coke & Coke; 4208 Belclair Dal- 
las Tex 

2151-JUHAN Frank Alexander (Dal- 
las Tex); T 262 DD 1925 DTD; Wash- 
ington & Lee U DD; deacon & priest 
1912; ministry in Tex Tenn & S C; 
chaplain Sewanee Mil Acad 1912-1916; 
4th bishop of Fla 1924- ; Upper S C 
trustee U of S 1923; Fla trustee 1924- ; 
regent 1934-1950 1951- ; 12th chancel- 
lor 1944-1950; see Who's Who 1954-1955; 
325 Market St Jacksonville Fla 

2152-BROWNE Alvin Lowell (Mem- 
phis Tenn); L 167 KA; U of Tenn; It 
U S Army World War I; accountant 
State of Calif; died Stockton Calif Mar 

2153-LEWIS Howard Guy (Kemp) 
(Dallas Tex) ; L 130; coach Tex Chris- 
tian U 1 yr; U S Army engr corps 15 
yrs; 2720 Quenby Houston Tex 

2154-LOVE William Iverson (Nash- 
ville Tenn); PDT; Madison Tenn 

2155-SHIELDS Van Winder Jr 
(Jacksonville Fla); KA; Washington & 
Lee U LLB 1911; atty Pasadena Calif; 
died there 27 June 1929 

2156-BALDWIN William Moses (Al- 
bany Ga); PDT; Emory Coll; Tallahas- 
see Fla; died summer 1950 

2157-W RIGHT Charles Quintard 
(Albany Ga); CE 1911 DTD; World 
War I; city mgr Albany 25 yrs; died 
there 31 May 1949 

2158-HARTZELL Clifford Leroy 
(Memphis Tenn) ; KS; farmer; died 
Batesville Miss 21 Jan 1953 

2159-HEBRON Henry Patton 
(Greenville Miss); KA; World War I; 
cotton broker; died 

2160-STONEY Samuel Gaillard 
(Charleston S C); DTD; Coll of 
Charleston BS; World War I; author; 
129-X Tradd St Charleston 2 S C 

2161-ENSLEY Enoch (Memphis 
Tenn); BA 1911 SAE; World War I; 
realtor; 1980 Central Ave Memphis 

2162-CAMERON Benjamin Franklin 
Jr (Meridian Miss) ; BA 1911 KA; Cum- 
berland U LLB 1914; atty Meridian; 
judge Fed Ct of Appeals Fifth Judicial 
Circuit 1955- ; Miss trustee U of S 1922- 
1948 1952-1954; regent 1939-1945 chr 
1943-1945; see Who's Who 1950-1951; 
29th Ave & 32nd St Meridian Miss 

2163-JOHNSON Roberts Poinsett 
(Charleston SC);T 244; Va Polytech- 
nic Institute; deacon 1909 priest 1911; 
World War I; priest-in- charge Holy 
Comforter New Orleans La 1935-1946; 
died Tallahassee Fla 21 Mar 1953 


1907 THE COLLEGE 1907 

2164-DICKS John Fleming (New Entered Advent Term 1907 2167-CLARK Robert Ernest (Colum- 

Orleans La); SAE; Tulane U MD 1912; bia Tenn); Memphis Term* 

phys (Obg) ; Waveland Miss 2166-LANIER Aubrey Falls (Mun- 216g _ G RTJENSTEIN Bernard (St 

2165-FITZSIMONS John McCrady lord i; enn;; *LJ*T „' bUn Ul ' ,' Louis Mo); T 250; Westminster Coll; 

(Hope Ark) ; It U S Navy (ret) ; World P res Sultana Drilling Co; v pres Sul- c hurch ed St Louis Republican; au- 

War I; died Philadelphia Pa 29 May tana Oil Corp & Lanier-Wheless Corp; thor; minister Christian Church; died 

1954 died Shreveport La 25 Apr 1936 St Louis 1924 


College of Arts and Sciences 1908-1920 

Entered Lent Term 1908 

2169-DANIEL Rufus Lee (Ackerman 
Miss); SAE; U of Miss; Washington & 
Lee U 1910-1911; Cumberland Law 
Sch; atty; died Ackerman about 1925 

2170-WASHINGTON Henry (Forest 
Home Ark) 

Summer 1908 

A number of students from the 
Georgia Institute of Technology tutored 
at Sewanee during the summer of 1908, 
studying mathematics under Dr. Sam- 
uel Barton and physics. The registrar's 
office of the Georgia Institute of Tech- 
nology has reported that credit was 
granted by that university for the sum- 
mer work at Sewanee. The names of 
the students known to the University 
of the South are: 

CABANISS Royston; Ga Institute of 
Tech 1910; Cabaniss Ins Agency; Gar- 
den St Pensacola Fla 

DUNCAN George W; Ga Institute of 
Tech BS in Textile Engineering 1910; 
Macon Ga & Me; died 

HAZLEHURST John G; Ga Institute 
of Tech BS in Civil Engineering 1911; 
U of Mich (grad work in chemical en- 
gineering); ret; McDonough Ga 

HIGHTOWER William Harrison; Ga 
Institute of Tech BS in Textile Engi- 
neering 1909; pres Thomaston Cotton 
Mills Thomaston Ga; died 

SOLOMON Maitland; Ga Institute of 
Tech 1910; Macon Ga; died 

THIESEN Rudolph Jack; Ga Institute 
of Tech BS in Electrical Engineering 
1910; secy Ga Tech Alumni Founda- 
tion; Ga Institute of Tech Atlanta Ga 

Entered Advent Term 1908 

2171-GRAY Vernon Stevenson 
(Nashville Tenn); A 2041; 16 Grove St 
Woodstock Vt 

2172-MYERS William Cecil (Sewa- 
nee Tenn); A 2132; World War I; mgr 
U of S utilities 1920-1939 & Sewanee 
Steam Laundry 1939- ; Sewanee Tenn 

2173-K NIGHT Albion Williamson 
(Jacksonville Fla); A 2150 B A 1912 K A; 
U of Fla LLB 1914; atty Knight Knight 
Walrath & Pegues; Fla trustee U of S 
1925-1935 1937-1947; died Jacksonville 
31 Oct 1953 

2174-BLISS Francis William Royster 
(Scranton Pa); A 2227 PDT; Colum- 
bia U BA 1916; Epis Theol Sem STB 
1925; deacon 1918 priest 1919; chap- 
lain Manhattan State Hosp 1939- ; 
Ward's Island N Y 

2175-RAVENEL Theodore DuBose 
(Adams Run S C); A 2262 ATO; ac- 
countant; World War I killed in action 
Verdun France 10 Nov 1918 

2176-SPEARING Joseph Watkins 
(Shreveport La); A 2286 DTD; La 
State U; Tulane U MD 1914; capt U S 
Army med corps World War I; phys 
& surg; 602 E Poplar Columbus Kans 

2177 -TALIAFERRO Edmund Pendle- 
ton (Tampa Fla); A 2321 KA; World 
War I; chr bd 1st Nat Bank Tampa; 
died there 16 Oct 1954 

2178-AYRES Quincy Claude (Co- 
lumbus Miss) ; A 2325 KA; World Wars 
I 1st It Army & n comdr U S Navy; 

prof agr engr Iowa State Coll; see 
Who's Who 1954-1955; Iowa State Coll 
Ames Iowa 

2179-GREEN Frank Nash (Nash- 
ville Tenn); A 2348 SAE; state supt 
So Bell Tel & Tel Co; 226 Capital Bldg 
Nashville Tenn 

2180-BELL Paul Gervais (Logans- 
port La); A 2352 KA; World Wars I 
& II; col U S Army (ret); 8914 Lim- 
erick Lane Houston 7 Tex 

2181-ELLIOTT Dabney Otey (Ft 
Des Moines Iowa); A 2401 ATO; U S 
Mil Acad grad 1914 BS; World Wars I 
& II; brig gen U S Army engrs (ret); 
Office Civil Defense Chicago; see Who's 
Who 1946-1947; Museum Sci & Indus- 
try Jackson Park Chicago 37 111 

2182-BASKETTE John Howard Jr 
(Helena Ark); A 2421 PDT; realtor; 
13851 Herrick Ave San Fernando Calif 

2183-FAULKNER Samuel Stuart 
(Helena Ark) ; A 2436 KA; World War 
I; disability retirement; 1004 N Har- 
rell St Wynne Ark 

2184-WHEAT George Seay (Dallas 
Tex); A 2444 DTD; journalist Chatta- 
nooga Tenn & N Y; It U S Navy World 
War I; v pres (advertising & publicity) 
United Aircraft Corp; see Who Was 
Who I; died Darien Conn 26 Dec 1937 

2185-N O H R D E N Julian Francis 
(Charleston S C); died 

2186-RAYMOND Reginald Irving 
(New Orleans La); T 259 BA 1909 BD 
1910 MA 1912; Tulane U BS 1905; dea- 
con 1910 priest 1911 deposed about 
1926; prof biology U of S 1908-1916; 
accountant U S Dept Agr; 4434 S Lib- 
erty New Orleans La 

2187-GATLOR Frank Hoyt (Memphis 
Tenn); BA (salut) 1912 DCL 1929 
ATO; New Coll Oxford U MA 1916; 
Rhodes Scholar; Belgian Relief Corps; 
Am Ambulance Corps; It U S Army 
France World War I; assoc justice su- 
preme court Tenn 1943-1954; regent U 
of S 1929-1941; see Who's Who 1954- 
1955; attended Columbia U; died Mem- 
phis Tenn 9 Apr 1954 

2188-McWILLIAMS Alfred Reeves 
(Philadelphia Pa); DTD; U of Pa BA 
1912 Philadelphia Div Sch BD 1914; 
deacon 1914 priest 1915; rector St Ste- 
phen's Ch 1921- ; 281 Union St Jersey 
City N J 

2189-BOSWELL William Henry 
(Philadelphia Pa); DTD; contract dept 
John Wanamaker; 5308 Walton Ave 
Philadelphia Pa 

2190-BASKERVILL William Malone 
(Bristol Va); PDT; Vanderbilt U; ed 
Baltimore News-Post & Sunday Ameri- 
can; World War I; see Who's Who 1950- 
1951; died Baltimore Md 18 May 1953 

2191-CRACRAFT George Knox Jr 
(Readland Ark); BA 1912 PDT; atty; 
Harvard U LLB; Ark trustee U of S 
1942-1949; Phillips Nat Bank Bldg He- 
lena Ark 

2192-SUTCLIFFE Samuel (Philadel- 
phia); T 278 BA 1912 BD 1914 
DTD; deacon 1913 priest 1914; mission- 
ary Puerto Rico; rector St Mark's Ch 
New Britain Conn; died E Hampton 
Conn 13 Aug 1943 

2193-SMITH Lewis Doyle (Philadel- 

phia Pa); T 277 DTD; Seabury-West- 
ern Theol Sem BD; deacon & priest 
1913; rector St James' Ch Dillon Mont; 
died there 6 July 1949 

2194-STAGGERS William Llewellyn 
(Benton Ala); BA (valed) 1912 KS; U 
of Ala MD 1916; World War I; phys 
(OALR); Benton Ala 

2195-STAGGERS Robert Newton 
(Benton Ala); KS; accountant; World 
War I capt; 1813 S Hull St Apt D-l 
Montgomery Ala 

2196-FIELD Eugene (Calvert Tex); 
KA; Calvert Tex 

2197-VREELAND Edward Price (Sa- 
lamanca N Y); PDT; Cornell U BA 
1913; pres Salamanca Trust Co; 84 S 
Main St Salamanca N Y 

2198-RUSSELL Thomas Grover 
(Belvidere Tenn); PDT; died about 

2199-YOPP William Isaac Jr (Dal- 
las Tex) ; Irving Tex* 

2200-BEATTIE John Edgeworth Jr 
(Greenville S C); mfr agt Beattie Co; 
World War I; 14 Ridgeland Dr Green- 
ville S C 

2201-CROCKETT James Cave (Un- 
ion City Tenn); BA 1912 KA; World 
Wars I & II; col U S Army (ret); brig 
gen 1943; dir Alaska territorial civil de- 
fense; see Who's Who 1954-1955; Rt 2 
Box 459 Grand Valley Calif 

2202-SWAIN Jack Randolph (Dallas 
Tex) ; BA 1912 KA; World War I; real 
estate; Dallas trustee U of S 1938-1955; 
2000 Pacific Ave Dallas Tex 

2203-GILLESPIE Frank Morgan (At- 
lanta Ga); BA 1911 PDT; sr ptnr Gil- 
lespie Co (Ford dealers); World War 
I; pres Associated Alumni 1940-1944; 
W Tex trustee U of S 1929- ; regent 
1945-1951 chr 1947-1951; Box 1157 San 
Antonio Tex 

2204-LANIER Norris Van Leer 
(Mumford Tenn); KA; Covington 
Tenn; died about 1951 

2205-MYERS John Dobbins (Mem- 
phis Tenn); L 168 KA; broker; gas in- 
spector State of Tenn; World War 1; 
1964 Madison Memphis Tenn 

2206-SWAIM Edward (Winchester 
Tenn); Winchester Normal Coll; pres 
Edward Swaim & Co ins; Stahlman 
Bldg Nashville Tenn 

2207-GRAYSON Wilmer Melville 
(Selma Ala); KA; La State U BS & 
ME; World War I; agr adjusment adm; 
810 Lake Pk Baton Rouge La 

2208-REID Guy Thorpe (Franklin 

2209-WARING Clark Jr (Columbia 
SC);T 257; died while in school 1909 

2210-MITCHELL Alexander Robert 
Jr (Greenville S C); ATO; World War 
I; died in auto accident Mar 1935 

2211-BRAUN Charles Bruning 
(Louisville Ky); BA (valed) 1911 KS; 
Bethel Coll; Cumberland U LLB 1913; 
instr physical culture & hist U of S 
1908-1911; atty 1913-1918; Chamber of 
Commerce Waco Tex 1918-1926; Nat 
Air Transport Dallas Tex 1926-1931; 
relief admins Miss; regional dir Works 
Progress Adm; Dallas Office of Price 
Admins; died there 15 Sept 1945 





2212-SCRUGGS Edwin Lyle (Rock 
Hill S C); BS 1954; textile exec; Box 
710 Lancaster S C 

2213-COKER Ernest Alroy (Bryan 
Tenn); KS 

2214-M URPHY Charles Branner 
(Jackson Tenn) 

2215-STIGLER Robert Leath (Yazoo 
City Miss); World War I; mgr Pine 
Bluff Cotton Oil Mill; Box 937 Pine 
Bluff Ark 

2216-WHITAKER Philip Bailey 
(Winchester Tenn); SAE; Chattanooga 
Coll of Law LLB 1914; U of Mich 
(law) ; Winchester Normal Coll; World 
War I maj U S Army; atty Whitaker 
Hall & Haynes; 1415 Hamilton Nat 
Bank Bldg Chattanooga Tenn 

2217-VIRGIN John Fredrik (Balti- 
more Md); St Stephen's [Bard] Coll; 
Gen Theol Sem 1912; deacon 1912 priest 
1913 ret 1952; rector St Paul's Ch Wil- 
liamson W Va 1944-1952; Bradford- 
woods Pa 

2218-TOMLINSON Price (Columbia 
Tenn); BA 1914 KA; World War I; 
George Washington U LLB 1919; atty 
Columbia; assoc justice Tenn supreme 
court 1947-; see Who's Who 1952-1953; 
Columbia Tenn 

2219-HARTLEY William Albert Per- 
cy (Little Rock Ark) 

2220-ABBITT George Chapman Jr 
(Hopkinsville Ky); PDT; died Hop- 
kinsville Dec 1909 

2221-ARMBRUSTER Charles Jacob- 
sen (Washington DC);T 283 BA 1913 
BD 1914 KS; World War I; principal 
administrative clerk accounting dept 
Fed Communications Commsn; died 
Washington D C 6 July 1938 

2222-GILLEM Alvan Cullom Jr (Se- 
wanee Tenn); DSc 1943 SAE; U of 
Ariz; World Wars I & n; It gen U S 
Army (ret) ; exec sec Atlanta chapter 
Nat Foundation for Infantile Paralysis; 
see Who's Who 1952-1953; 304 Kemper 
Bldg 41 Exchange Place Atlanta Ga 

2223-M I L L E R Burkett Mansfield 
(Chattanooga Tenn); SAE; U of Va 
LLB 1914; World War I; atty Miller 
Martin Hitching & Tipton; 1030 Volun- 
teer Bldg Chattanooga Tenn 

2224-BURNETT Clarence Myron 
(Northampton Mass) ; Norwich U; 
Bethlehem Steel Co Philadelphia Pa 

2225-ROBINEAU Simon Pierre (Chi- 
cago 111); ATO; Harvard U LLB 1912; 
Lake Forest Coll; World War I French 
Foreign Legion U S Army & World 
War n col U S Air Force; atty & Fla 
legislator; died Miami Fla 6 Dec 1952 

2226-WITTEN George Walter Bond 
(Columbia Tenn); Columbia U 1910- 
1911; Loyola U; math instr Sewanee 
Grammar Sch 1908-1909; writer lect- 
urer aviator & radio broadcaster; Boer 
War British Army; World War I Ca- 
nadian Army; World War n U S Ar- 
my; see Who's Who 1954-1955; Jour- 
ney's End 15455 1st St E Madeira Beach 
St Petersburg 8 Fla 

Entered Easter Term 1909 
2227-GREEN Abram Asbury HI 
(Dallas Tex); KA; Ga Institute of 

Tech; real estate & ins; died Dallas 

2228-STEINER Eugene (Austin Tex); 
BA 1912; U of Tex; Waco Tex; died 
about 1944 

2229-FRASER Simeon Quincy (El 
Dorado Ark) 

2230-DOTY Odie Clarence (Texar- 
kana Ark) 

SUMMER 1909: No college matricu- 

Entered Advent Term 1909 

2231 -LEIGH Randolph (Grenada 
Miss); A 2207 T 295 BA (valed) 1913 
PBK KA; Columbia U MA 1915 Col- 
gate U LLD 1933; deacon about 1916 
deposed 1918; World War II; author & 
dir gen International Oratorical Con- 
test; see Who's Who 1954-1955; died 
McLean Va 2 Nov 1953 

2232-JONES Roland Ward Jr (Gre- 
nada Miss) ; A 2275; World War I; R W 
Jones & Son; Danforth Plantation; Lula 

2233-WHELESS Nicholas Hobson 
(Alden Bridge La); A 2287 SAE; pres 
Wheless Drilling Co; chr bd Commer- 
cial Bank; managing ptnr N H Wheless 
Oil Co; Box 368 Shreveport La 

2234-GUERRY Sumner (Sewanee 
Tenn); A 2309 BA 1915 SAE; World 
War I; Va Theol Sem; deacon 1921 
priest 1922; missionary to China; min- 
ister-in-charge churches in S C Ga & 
Cleveland & Rosedale Miss; S C trus- 
tee U of S 1937-1944; died Cleveland 
Miss 3 Oct 1951 

2235-GILLETT Tod Ford (Tampa 
Fla); A 2375 KA; mgr Puriton Ice Co 
Tampa Fla; World War I killed in ac- 
tion in France 19 June 1918 

2236-F INLAY Edward (Colorado 
Springs Colo); A 2383 SAE; U of Va 
(law); World Wars I & II; atty; died 
Chattanooga Tenn 10 Mar 1947 

2237-FARISH Stephen Power (Se- 
wanee Tenn & Mayersville Miss); A 
2393 SAE; pres Navarro Oil Co 1922- 
1945; chr bd directors Reed Roller Bit 
Co formerly pres; World War I It avi- 
ation; see Who's Who 1954-1955; 2995 
Lazy Lane Houston 19 Tex 

223S-HAWKINS Murray (Jackson- 
ville Fla) ; A 2455 KS; real estate; 1720 
E Rosecrans Compton Calif 

2239-GEORGE Sawnie (Stephenville 
Tex) ; A 2484; died (?) 

2240-WOLCOTT Roger Dod (High- 
land Park 111); A 2478 KS; U of Wise 
BA 1913; World War II; consultant- 
advisor Chinese govt ministry finance 
1918-1942; Stoneydel Farm Rt 1 Hi- 
wasse Ark 

2241-GORDON John Hurter (Annis- 
ton Ala); A 2490 BA 1913 KA; Tufts 
Coll MD 1923; phys (G) Birmingham 
Mich 24 yrs; World War I; died Winter 
Haven Fla 3 Mar 1947 

2242-McMAHON Amos Philip (Mex- 
ico City Mexico) ; PBK; Harvard U BA 
1913 MA 1914 PhD 1916; chr dept fine 
arts NYU; see Who Was Who II; died 
New York N Y Jan 1948 

2243-ROSENBERG JohnAlmon (Pa- 
latka Fla) ; withdew before beginning 
college work 

2244-SORY James Dunn Jr (Madi- 
sonville Ky) ; SAE; atty Louisville Ky; 
died there 26 Apr 1935 

2245-WILLIAMS Allison Ridley (Ya- 
zoo Miss); PDT; World Wars I & n; 
consulting engr (ret); 1403 Chambers 
St Vicksburg Miss 

2246-HOLDEN Hector Sharp (Madi- 
sonville Ky); BA 1914; newspaperman; 
Fla Times Union Jacksonville Fla 

2247-TARPLEY John Estelle (Al- 
bany Ga); cotton broker; 928 Tift Ave 
Albany Ga 

2248-CHONG Paul Thatsyn (Hong 
Kong China & Honolulu Hawaii); BA 
1917 T 333; died 

2249-BURGER Knox (Maryville 
Tenn); DTD; Maryville Coll; mfr & 
capitalist; died 

2250-McKNIGHT Hugh Stewart 
(Dallas Tex); KA; Colo Sch of Mines; 
works mgr Canadian Copper Refineries 
Ltd; Box 486 Place d'Armes Montreal 
Quebec Canada 

2251-HOAG (Frank) Victor (Chicago 
111) ; KS; U Wise BA 1913; Epis Theol 
Sem STB 1933; Seabury-Western Theol 
Sem DD 1946; deacon 1916 priest 1917; 
exec sec dept religious ed dioc N J 
1950-1955; dir rel ed Chapel of the In- 
tercession Trinity Ch New York N Y 

2252-ELLISON Julian (Waynesboro 
Ga) ; withdrew before beginning col- 
lege work; N Ga Agr Coll; died 

2253-ETHERIDGE James Allen (Ma- 
con Ga) ; died in World War I 

2254-ARMSTRONG Willis Frierson 
(Columbia Tenn); KA; World War I; 
RFD 1 Columbia Tenn 

2255-MABRY John Gregory (Albe- 
marle N C); U of N C; Nashotah House 
DD 1944; deacon & priest 1916; World 
War I; House of the Holy Nativity 143 
Bayway Ave Bayshore Long Island N 

EASTER AND SUMMER 1910: no ma- 

Entered Advent Term 1910 

2256-MYERS Theron (Sewanee 
Tenn); A 2131 BA 1914; teacher Frank- 
lin Co high sch; Sewanee Tenn 

2257-NOLL Maxwell Hamilton (Se- 
wanee Tenn); A 2161; World War I; 
died Los Angeles Calif about Nov 1937 

2258-KNIGHT Joe Mitchell (Tampa 
Fla); A 2337; citrus grower; SansSouci 
Grove Elfers Fla 

2259-CHESHIRE Godfrey (Raleigh 
N C); A 2347 KA; World War I; spec 
agtUS Fidelity & Guaranty Co; N C 
trustee U of S 1922-1928 1931-1942 
1946-1950; Box 1697 Capital Club Bldg 
Raleigh N C 

2260-THOMAS Lawrence Talbert 
(Now THOMAS J Talbert) (Grenada 
Miss); A 2431 KA; World War I; Cru- 
ger Miss 

2261-MILLER Hilliard Eve (Cowan 
Tenn); A 2556 PDT; Tulane U MD 
1916; phys & prof gynecology Tulane U 
1925-1944; died New Orleans La 20 Apr 

2262-FARNSWORTH Austin Man- 
chester (Dallas Tex); A 2541 PDT; 1425 
W 2nd St Los Angeles Calif 





2263-MAGWOOD Andrew Peter 
(Hamline S C) ; A 2544 T 319 BA 1914 
KA; principal Bennett Sch James Is- 
land S C; died Mar 1937 

2264-GILLEM Jennings Frederick 
(Sewanee Tenn); A 2497 SAE; World 
Wars I & II maj; football coach U of 
S 1940-1941; coach Howard Coll & Bir- 
mingham-Southern Coll; ins; died 
Gadsden Ala 11 Nov 1951 

2265-BULL Henry DeSaussure (Dal- 
zell S C); T 269 GD 1914 DD 1950 ATO; 
deacon 1914 priest 1915; ministry in N 
C & S C; rector Prince George Wynah 
Georgetown S C; rector Ch of the Holy 
Apostles Barnwell S C 1953- ; Western 
N C trustee U of S 1924; S C trustee 
1934-1936 1945- ; Barnwell S C 

2266-WALKER John Moore Jr (Ma- 
con Ga); T 268 BD 1913 DD 1941; U of 
Ga BA 1910 PBK SAE; deacon 1913 
priest 1914; ministry in Ga & N C; rec- 
tor St Luke's Ch Atlanta Ga 1931- 
1942; 3rd bishop of Atlanta 1942-1951; 
N C trustee U of S 1928-1931; Atlanta 
trustee 1942-1951; see Who's Who 1950- 
1951; died Atlanta 16 July 1951 

2267-WARD Robert Newton (Ro- 
chelle Park N J); BA 1914 ATO; Gen 
Theol Sem GD 1915 Southern Sch of 
Div BD & ThD; World War I; deacon 
1914 priest 1915 deposed & entered 
Congregational ministry serving in Mi- 
ami Fla; died Provincetown Mass 5 Feb 

2268-WARD Guy Turner (Martin 
Tenn); KA; died 

2269-T U T T L E Robert Trezevant 
(Dallas Tex) ; DTD; World War I; Fed 
Emergency Recovery Adm; died Ok- 
lahoma City Okla 12 June 1934 

2270-TALIAFERRO Harry Nicholas 
(Union City Tenn); KS; resident sec 
Security Ins Co; Standard Bldg At- 
lanta Ga 

2271-STEVENS William Smith Jr 
(Charleston S C); BA 1914 KA; World 
War I; sec-treas William M Bird Co 
(wallpaper & paint); 29 Savage St 
Charleston S C 

2272-O'NEILL Rue (Dallas Tex); 
DTD; lumber business; Box 1161 Dal- 
las Tex 

2273-FITZGERALD Richard Harry Jr 
(South Pittsburg Tenn); KA; World 
War I 1st It U S Army; journalist Knox- 
ville S Pittsburg Nashville & Memphis 
Tenn; state news ed Chattanooga 
Times; Jasper Tenn 

2274- ADAMS Lawrence Smith 
(Jacksonville Fla); left immediately 
after matriculation; Washington & Lee 
U; died Jacksonville 25 Apr 1940 

2275-BOWDEN Carleton Goldstone 
(St Louis Mo); BA 1914 PDT; New 
Coll Oxford U BA 1919 MA 1924; 
Hoover's relief staff & English & U S Ar- 
mies World War I; Patrick Seed Co 
Boise; Rhodes Scholar; died Denver 
Colo June 1952 

2276-CARTER Ben John Jr (Meri- 
dian Miss); KA; Merchants & Farmers 
Bank Box 641 Meridian Miss 

2277-C OBBS Beverly Woodfin 
(Montgomery Ala) ; BA 1914 SAE; Tu- 
lane U MD 1919; phys (tuberculosis); 
3203 Bankhead Ave Montgomery Ala 

2278-HOWELL Samuel Withers 
(Chattanooga Tenn) ; KA; asst person- 
nel mgr Wheeland Co; World War II; 
340 Beck St Chattanooga Tenn 

2279-COBBS Nicholas Hamner 
(Montgomery Ala); BA 1915 SAE; 
Harvard U MBA 1925; World Wars I 
& II; brig gen U S Army (ret); see 
Who's Who 1950-1951; Box 1762 Del- 
ray Beach Fla 

2280-COCHRAN William Granville 
Morris (Dallas Tex); PDT; ins broker; 
World War I; died Dallas 1927 

2281-OWENS James Newton (Mul- 
berry Fla); BA 1912 MA 1916; Burritt 
Coll; instr math & physics U of S 1915- 
1918; Okla Baptist U HHD 1953; one 
time dean Tennessee Polytechnic In- 
stitute; prof emeritus modern lan- 
guages Okla Baptist U; 413 W Frank- 
lin Shawnee Okla 

2282-TOWNSHEND George (Sewa- 
nee Tenn) ; T 272; Oxford U BA; dea- 
con 1905 priest 1906; assoc prof Eng- 
lish U of S 1910-1916 & asst dir U ex- 
tension dept 1910-1912; onetime canon 
St Patrick's Cathd Dublin Ireland; 
Ripley Mt Anville Rd Dundrum Co 

2283-SPARKMAN George Eugene 
(Columbia S C); ATO; U of N C; 
World War I; Columbia S C* 

2284-WILLIAMS John Sharp III 
(Yazoo City Miss); PDT; ins Jackson 
Miss 25 yrs; Miss ins commissioner 
1936-1944; died New Orleans La 29 Jan 

2285-HAMFF Christian Frederick 
(Paige Tex); MA 1911; Southwestern 
(Tex) AB; U of Chicago 1906-1908; U 
of Leipzig 1912-1913; U Calif 1914- 
1917; instr modern languages Sewanee 
Mil Acad 1909-1910; instr mod foreign 
languages U of S 1910-1911; prof Ger- 
man Emory U 1917-1950; prof German 
& Spanish LaGrange Coll 1950- ; see 
Who's Who 1954-1955; 1290 Emory Cir- 
cle NE Atlanta Ga 

2286-DEKLE John T (Marianna 
Fla); PDT; died 

2287-ORR James Calvin (Winchester 
Tenn); Cumberland U BA 1903 DD 
1928; onetime minister Winchester 
Presbyterian Ch; pastor 1st Presby- 
terian Ch Rockwood Tenn; died Nash- 
ville Tenn 14 Mar 1947 

2288-MacCALLUM Robert Nelson 
(Mt Vernon N Y) ; T 296 BS & GD 1916 
KS; deacon 1915 priest 1916; ministry 
in Tenn Ga Tex & S C; St John's Ch 
Odessa Tex 1948-1953; N Tex trustee 
U of S 1921-1925; chaplain World War 
I; Rt 1 Box 108 Bel Air Md 

2289-POLK Newton Napoleon (Nash- 
ville Tenn); Vanderbilt U 1907-1909 
Sigma Chi; Tracy City; U S Army ret 
1939 It col; died Baltimore Md 15 May 

2290-ENDSLEY Charles Ross (Win- 
chester Tenn) ; Cumberland U BA 1908 
Maryville Coll LLD 1941; pres Tennes- 
see Mil Institute; see Who's Who 1954- 
1955; Sweetwater Tenn 

2291-GREER William Alfred (Win- 
chester Tenn); Kenyon Coll BS 1897 
Bexley 1900 Gen Theol Sem STB 1916 
Columbia U MA 1918; deacon 1900 
priest 1901; rector Ch of the Holy 

Cross Kingston N Y 1935-1942; died 
Wallkill N Y 8 Sept 1953 

Entered Easter Term 1911 

2292-ANDERSON Guy Townsend 
(Calvert Tex); A 2543 KA; cotton 
planter; died Waco Tex 13 June 1935 

SUMMER 1911: No matriculants. 

Entered Advent Term 1911 

2293-SWIGGETT Levin Bain (Sewa- 
nee Tenn); A 2129 DTD; died at Se- 
wanee while a student 12 Apr 1912 

2294-PIGGOT Charles Snowden (Se- 
wanee Tenn); A 2216 BA 1914 DSc 
1947 PBK SAE; U of Pa; Johns Hop- 
kins U PhD 1920; research geophysi- 
cist Carnegie Institution Washington D 
C 1925-1947; U S Mil Establishment 
1946-1949; chief U S sci attache U S 
Embassy London 1949-1951; research 
assoc Yale U 1952- ; World War I It 
U S Army 1916-1919; World War II 
capt U S Navy; memb Nat Acad Sci; 
see Who's Who 1954-1955 & Am Men 
of Sci; 2200 Decatur PI NW Washing- 
ton D C 

2295-L OARING- CLARK Charles 
William (St Louis Mo); A 2323 DTD; 
killed in action in France with British 
Army July 1915 

2296-HOLT William Therrel (Wood- 
land Calif) ; A 2532 T 285 PDT; deacon 
& priest 1915; chaplain U S Navy 1920; 
chaplain & instr Sewanee Mil Acad 
1926-1930; comdr & chaplain U S Navy 
World War II; vicar St Paul's Mission 
Oroville Calif 1951- ; Box 349 Oroville 

2297-MINER Edward Arthur (Win- 
chester Tenn); A 2540; builder; P 
Box 576 Apopka Fla 

2298-REYNOLDS William McKenzie 
(Sumter S C) ; A 2571 BA 1915 ATO; 
U of S C LLB; atty Reynolds & Rey- 
nolds; World Wars I & n; It col U S 
Army; 3 Law Range Sumter S C 

2299-HAMILTON William Black- 
shear (Shreveport La); A 2593 BA 
1915 SAE; Tulane U (law); atty; World 
War I; 211 1st Nat Bank Bldg Shreve- 
port La 

2300-FOWLKES Henry Pleasant Jr 
(Franklin Tenn) ; A 2669 PDT; died 

2301-STATON John Walton Jr (Sa- 
luda N C); DTD; died Chattanooga 
Tenn 3 July 1913 

2302-ADAIR Munsell Lee (Marshall 
Tex); died Shreveport La about 1927 

2303-LUEDEKING Carl Christian 
(Ferguson Mo) ; BS 1916; chemist Cer- 
tain-Teed Products Corp Buffalo N Y; 
died Lafayette Ind 16 Jan 1943 

2304-HAGAN Frank Eugene (Nash- 
ville Tenn); PDT; J Walter Thompson 
Adv Agency Chicago; World War I; 
570 Neff Rd Grosse Pointe Mich 

2305-WALKER Robert Coulter (San- 
ta Fe Tenn) ; BA (valed) 1915 MA 1916 
KS; acting asst prof biology U of S 
1915-1917; U of Cincinnati MD 1924 
asst prof bacteriology there; phys & 
artist; World War I; died Santa Fe N 
M 11 Aug 1947 

2306-NOE Israel Harding (Wilming- 
ton N C) ; T 309 BA 1916 BD 1917 SAE; 
ministry in N C Ga Tenn; dean St 





Mary's Cathd Memphis 1921-1937; dea- 
con 1916 priest 1917; rector St James 
Ch Memphis 1939- ; Box 438 Memphis 
1 Term 

2307-OSSMAN George (Cleveland 
O); T 305 GST 2 BA 1916 BD 1917 DD 
1952 ATO; deacon 1916 priest 1917; 
ministry Ky Tex Ala & N Y; World 
War I chaplain U S Army 1918-1919; 
rector Monumental Ch Richmond 
1931-; Ky trustee U of S 1918; Tex 
trustee 1922-1923; 4810 Monumental St 
Richmond 26 Va 

2308-GRACY David Caldwell (Aus- 
tin Tex); DTD; U of Tex BA & LLB 
1916; atty & pres Gracy-Travis Ab- 
stract Co; died Austin Tex 26 June 

2309-DAVIS Murray Bell (Fayette- 
ville Term); BS 1914 PDT; Vanderbilt 
U MD 1918; phys & surg; World War 
I; died Nashville Term 22 July 1952 

2310-H O R N E R Clarence Herman 
(San Antonio Tex); T 298 DTD; Gen 
Theol Sem 1915-1916; Brown U DD 
1946; deacon 1916 priest 1917; World 
War I YMCA France & French Army; 
ministry Tex & N Y; mssy China & 
prof St Paul's Sem Wuchang 1920- 
1925; rector Grace Ch Providence 
1937- ; 85 Cooke St Providence R I 

2311-McCLOUD Ned Bills (Lynnville 
Tenn); KS; World War I; died Lynn- 
ville 28 Aug 1937 

2312-GERHART Willis Piedmont 
(Clarksville Tenn) ; T 289 BA 1914 BD 
1915 DD 1947 KS; Southwestern Pres- 
byterian U; deacon 1915 priest 1916; 
ministry in Tenn & Tex; World War 1 
chaplain U S Army; prof Bible & act- 
ing chaplain U of S summer 1948; rec- 
tor Church of the Heavenly Rest Abi- 
lene 1920- ; N Tex trustee U of S 1926- 
1928 1939- ; 1350 Highland Abilene Tex 

2313-SPARKMAN Carl Otto Witte 
(Charleston S C); Coll of Charleston 
ATO; World War H It comdr U S Na- 
vy; 64 Tradd St Charleston ISC 

2314- SANDERS Archibald Campbell 
(Ritter S C) ; KA; U of S C; died be- 
fore 1933 

2315-McCLANAHAN Walter Lee 
(Lewisburg Tenn) ; PDT; pres McClan- 
ahan Oil Co Mt Pleasant Mich; then 
independent oil producer; died Sea Is- 
land Ga 24 Dec 1949 

2316- WREN Frank Lynwood (Martin 
Tenn); BA 1915 PBK KS; World War 
I; Peabody Col MA 1925; U of Chicago 
PhD 1929; prof mathematics & head 
dept Peabody Coll 1930- ; see Who's 
Who 1954-1955; George Peabody Coll 
for Teachers Nashville Tenn 

2317-JONAKIN Seisel Neuton 
(Nashville Tenn); BA 1913; Vanderbilt 
U 1910-1911; U of Tenn 1913; teacher 
Wentworth Acad 1913-1915 Miami High 
Sch 1915-1917 Morgan Sch 1920-1924; 
mgr Property Management Dept Fer- 
ger Bros Chattanooga; 1301 Sharon 
Circle Chattanooga Tenn 

2318-PARKER Vona Lloyd (Gibson 
Tenn); SAE; died 

2319-MORELOCK George Leslie (Se- 
wanee Tenn); BA (salut) 1913 PBK 
KS; Millsaps Coll LLP 1937; asst in 
history U of S 1912-1913; gen bd lay 
activities Methodist Church 1922-1949 

ret; see Who's Who 1954-1955; 6100 S 
W 49th St Miami Fla 

2320-McGOODWIN Robert Lea 
(Franklin Ky) ; BS 1916 PDT; Nebras- 
ka Salesbook Co Little Rock; writer; 
Box 406 Little Rock Ark 

2321-M E A D O W S Marion Talbot 
(Ruston La); BA 1914 KA; La Poly- 
technic Institute ME 1909; taught at 
coll in Brazil; U S Chamber Com- 
merce Argentina 1923; M T Meadows 
y Cia (cotton) 1923- ; Sarmiento 459 
Buenos Aires Argentina 

2322-HAM Oliver Floid (Caddoa 
Colo); DTD; U of Colo; died 

2323-COOKE Singleton Charles (San 
Francisco Calf); PDT; Leland Stan- 
ford U 

2324-GREENE Ward Storrs (Atlanta 
Ga); SAE; writer & gen mgr King Fea- 
tures Syndicate; World War I; see 
Who's Who 1954-1955; 225 E 45th St 
New York N Y 

2325-GILLESPIE John Jacob (At- 
lanta Ga) ; PDT; pres International Fire 
Equipment Corp; World War I; Rm 
1236 101 Park Ave New York N Y 

2326-CURRY Ancel Carlyle (Key 
West Fla); T 306 BA 1916; World War 
I Sewanee Ambulance Unit 

2327-NOLLE Alfred Henry (St 
Charles Mo); MA 1912; U of Mo BA 
1911 U of Berlin BS in education; U 
of Pa PhD 1915; instr modern lan- 
guages U of S 1911-1912; prof foreign 
languages & dean of faculty South- 
western State Teachers Coll; 116 W 
Matthews St San Marcos Tex 

2328-ECKERT George John (Mem- 
phis Tenn); SAE; George J Eckert 
Cotton Co; died Memphis 15 Feb 1946 

2329-GRIFFIN David Burton (Houma 
La) ; KS; onetime treas Export-Import 
Bank; auditor Anacostia Nat Bank; see 
Who's Who 1948-1949; 3707 Farragut 
Ave Kensington Md 

2330-ALVES James Jr (Henderson 
Ky) ; grocer; 1005 S Green Henderson 

2331-DEXHEIMER Paul (Chattanoo- 
ga Tenn) ; PDT; World War I; Somer- 
set Ky 

2332-TOLLEY Robert Lee (Colum- 
bus Tenn) ; KA; O B Andrews Co (pa- 
per mfr); World War I; 1636 Berkeley 
Circle Chattanooga Tenn 

2333-CAPERS Ellison Jr (Summer- 
ton S C); KA; Clemson Coll; state 
hotel inspector Columbia S C; World 
War I; killed in auto accident Dec 

2334-DINKINS Pat Candler (Atlan- 
ta Ga) ; Ga Institute of Tech; BA 1915 
SAE; World War I; Dinkins-Davidson 
Hardware Co Atlanta Ga 

2335-FAULKNER Thomas Howard 
Jr (Helena Ark); SAE; U of Ark; He- 
lena Wholesale Drygoods Co; Helena 

2336 -R O D D Y Turney Benjamin 
(Tracy City Tenn); BA 1916 MA 1918 
DD 1931; Presbyterian minister; 673 
Hudson St Memphis Tenn 

2337-OTTMANN Donald Radebaugh 
(Atlanta Ga); A 2520 T 284 BA 1915; 
deacon & priest 1916; U of Hawaii MA 

(education & psychology) about 1933; 
teacher Iolani Sch Hawaii* 

EASTER TERM 1912: No matriculants. 
SUMMER 1912: No matriculants. 

Entered Advent Term 1912 

2338-COULSON Henri William (Se- 
wanee Tenn); A 2462 DTD; Woods- 
field O* 

2339-EGGLESTON Joseph Gardner 
(England Ark); A 2502 PDT; field mgr 
Tuinucu Sugar Co Cuba 1919-1929; U 

5 Forestry Service; supt dining halls 

6 dormitories U of S 1930-1933; mgr 
Sewanee Union Theatre & Sandwich 
Shop 1942-1946; died Oak Ridge Tenn 
16 June 1946 

2340-MARSHALL Garrett Davis (Mt 
Sterling Ky); A 2519 SAE; farmer & 
onetime sheriff; died Mt Sterling 18 
June 1929 

2341-MORRISON Truman Aldrich 
(Ensley Ala); A 2588 SAE; pres Mor- 
rison Cover Co; 94 Country Club Blvd 
Birmingham Ala 

2342-HEYWARD William Smith 
(Charleston S C); A 2568 KA; Sum- 

merville S C* 

2343-PALMER Ray (Houston Tex); 
A 2569 SAE; World War I 

2344-CORTES Henry Cornelius 
(Houston Tex); A 2584 SAE; bd di- 
rectors & exec in charge research Mag- 
nolia Petroleum Co; 4328 Windsor 
Parkway Dallas Tex 

2345-WHITED Frank Thayer Jr 
(Shreveport La); A 2582 KA; pres 
Frost-Whited Investment Co; Box 1125 
Shreveport La 

2346-CURTIS Walter Wells Jr (Co- 
lumbus Ga); A 2687 SAE; died Co- 
lumbus 25 July 1934 

2347-PARKER Reuben Sherman 
(Stillwater Minn); A 2685 SAE; em- 
ployed Ft Bliss Tex; World War I; 
3700 Fort Blvd El Paso Tex 

2348-NELSON James Algernon 
(Birmingham Ala) ; A 2645 PDT; World 
War I; regent U of S 1932-1935; Stock- 
ham Pipe & Fittings Co Birmingham 

2349-KIRKLAND William George 
(Quitman Miss); A 2657 SAE; Kirk- 
land Lumber Co; died Quitman 1950 

2350-HAMILTON David Philip 
(Shreveport La); A 2651 SAE; pres 
Root Petroleum Co (1929-1948); World 
War I; Box 1123 Shreveport La 

2351-MURPHEY Arthur Gage (Ma- 
con Miss) ; asst cashier Merchants & 
Fanners Bank; World War I Sewanee 
Ambulance Unit; Macon Miss 

2352-JONES Edgar Luke (Chatta- 
nooga Tenn) ; owner Edgar L. Jones 
Ins Co; World War I; Johnston Bldg 
Charlotte N C 

2353-BODDY Donald Welles (Chat- 
tanooga Tenn); KS; 604 Shannon Ave 
Chattanooga Tenn 

2354-CHAFFEE Charles Clarence Jr 
(Chattanooga Tenn) ; SAE; exec min- 
ing companies; World War I; 1204 
Warm Springs Ave Boise Idaho 





2355-CLARKE Francis Wadsworth 
(Maysville Ky); BA 1915 KS; Har- 
vard U MA 1916; ptnr Clarke Bros 
(consulting engrs); 246 W 3rd St 
Maysville Ky 

2356-BOWDEN Paul Delafield (Cue- 
ro Tex); T 320 BS 1916 DTD; Va Theol 
Sem BD 1919; deacon 1918 priest 1919; 
ministry Tex & Va; rector St James 
Ch Warrenton Va 

2357-MOORE Cecil Ulrich (Gardner 
Tenn) ; BA 1914 KS; Peabody Coll MA 
1948; teacher; Atwood Tenn 

2358-SLEEPER Benjamin Risher 
(Waco Tex); BA 1916 KS; U of Tex 
(law); atty Sleeper Boynton & Ken- 
dall; World Wars I & II; 404 Liberty 
Bldg Waco Tex 

2359-SHELDON Arnold Kennedy 
(Rockport Tenn) ; DTD; Elks Club San 
Antonio Tex 

2360-MILLER William Waverly 
(Benton Ala); BA (valed) 1916; RFD 
3 Fleetwood Pa 

2361-BOSWELL George Elmer (Phil- 
adelphia Pa); U of Pa BA 1916; Pac 
Div Sch STB 1919; deacon 1918 priest 
1919; rector St James Ch 1929- ; 829 
Radcliffe St Bristol Pa 

2362-HUDKINS Edgar Fernando 
(Martin Tenn) ; BA 1915 KS; MA U of 
Louisville 1947; teacher Spanish & Ger- 
man duPont Manual Training Sch; 
World War I; 1478 S 1st St Louisville 

2363-HINMAN William Burch (At- 
lanta Ga); ATO; Harvard U; died World 
War I when ship on which he was sea- 
man was torpedoed off Irish coast 2 
Nov 1918 

2364-BEATTY Daniel Troy Jr (Ath- 
ens Tenn); T 321 BA 1916 DTD; Mem- 
phis Law Sch LLB 1922; trust off 1st 
Nat Bank; World War I; Box 84 Mem- 
phis Tenn 

2365-BARNWELL Thomas Choate 
(Plandome N Y) ; SAE; salesman Hoff- 
man Roberts Cordage Corp; ambulance 
service World War I; 19 Marwill Place 
Roslyn Hgts N Y 

2366-FORD Allan Peter (Dyersburg 
Tenn); KS; World War I; 7505 35th 
Ave Apt B-ll Jackson Hgts New York 
N Y 

2367-BILBRO Willliam Caldwell Jr 
(Murfreesboro Tenn); KA; Vanderbilt 
U MD 1918; prof Vanderbilt Med Sch 
1919-1929; phys & surg; med dir re- 
gional Red Cross Blood Center 1952- 
1954; died Nashville Tenn 20 Aug 1954 

2368-BOWDEN Edwin Turner (Mar- 
tin Tenn) ; BA 1916 KS; col U S Army 
(ret) ; World Wars I & II; 3219 Gunston 
Rd Alexandria Va 

2369-MORRISON William Joseph 
(Chattanooga Tenn); SAE; ins; 212 
High St Chattanooga Tenn 

2370-WALLACE Edward Bruce (Go- 
liad Tex); DTD; Okla trustee U of S 
1942-3945; pres & mgr Youngblood Ho- 
tel; Youngblood Hotel Enid Okla 

2371-AIKEN John Morgan (Charles- 
ton S C); ATO; World War I; 3718 
Vaughan Blvd Ft Worth Tex 

2372-NELSON Charles (Nashville 
Term); BS 1916 DTD; pres Nashville 
Trust Co; World War I It U S Army; 

regent U of S 1932-1935; died Nashville 
29 July 1946 

2373-BAYLY Philip Turner (Atlanta 
Ga) ; KS; employed by Pinellas Co; 
Red Cross dir World War II; 2415 1st 
St Indian Rocks Beach Fla 

2374-SANDERFER Paul Clifford 
(Trenton Tenn); BA 1921 KS; instr 
math U of S 1921-1922; agt Gulf Life 
Ins Co; World War I; 118 S Bartow 
St Cartersville Ga 

23'75-RUSSEY John Wesley Jr (At- 
lanta Ga) ; BA 1916 DTD; World Wars 
I & II; It col U S Army (ret); 209 
Thilly Ave Columbia Mo 

2376-WARE William Franklin (Tren- 
ton Ky) ; farmer; Trenton Ky 

2377-GERHART Nathaniel Vogle 
(Clarksville Tenn); KS; merchant; 
World War I Sewanee Ambulance Unit; 
Taylorsville Ky 

2378-DOTY Roland Ward (Grenada 
Miss); KA; asst treas Central Surety 
& Ins Corp; World War I; Box 207 
Kansas City Mo 

2379- WILEY John Fain (Knoxville 
Tenn) ; atty; Ridgemont Rd Johnson 
City Tenn 

2380- WILSON John William (New 
York N Y) 

2381-RANSOM Robert Jerod (Rich- 
mond Tex) ; DTD; farmer & rancher; 
World War I nat guard; Richmond Tex 

2382-ROSS Claudius Arville (India- 
napolis Ind); T 307; Ohio Wesleyan U; 
deacon 1919 priest 1919; ministry Miss 
& Ark ret 1933; died Monteagle Tenn 
16 Jan 1951 

2383-WAGNER Gilbert Charles 
George (Woodside Long Island N Y); 
taught math N Y high school 25 yrs; 
died Leonia N J 10 May 1951 

2384-LENOIR David Gaillard (Ho- 
ratio S C); DTD; acct Lee & Moise 
attys; 207 Haynsworth St Sumter S C 

2385-CRAWFORD James Albert Jr 
(Memphis Tenn); SAE; v pres Citizens 
Bank & Trust Greenville Miss; died 
there 27 Nov 1950 

2386-COBB Randolph Howell (Or- 
lando Fla); PDT; U of Fla LLB 1917; 
atty Fidelity Title & Guarantee Co; 126 
N Rosland Orlando Fla 

2387-CURRAN John Cecil (Dublin 
Ireland) ; phys; Near East Relief New 
York (1926) 

2388-PERNOT Henri Charles Ste- 
phens (Van Buren Ark); SAE; 1711 
Ravenna; Wilmington Calif 

2389-ERWIN Paul Lancaster (Troy 
Tenn) ; ATO; Troy Tenn 

2390-TURNEY Tom (Winchester 
Tenn) ; 2214 Peachtree Rd N W Atlanta 

2391-WILBURN James Frederic Jr 
(Pickens Miss); KA; Pickens Miss 

2392-SCHLEMMER Norman Charles 
(Austin Tex) ; BA 1915 KA; U of Tex; 
pres Citizens State Bank & landowner; 
World War I; "Elmhurst" Kyle Tex 

2S93-HAMMOND William Clement 
(Griffin Ga) ; DTD; World War I; com- 
mercial pilot; killed in airplane acci- 
dent Bartow Fla 15 Jan 1931 

2394- SCOTT Joe Marley Jr (Ripley 
Tenn); BS 1917 ATO; Scott Motor Co 

(Ford); N Tex trustee U of S 1948-; 
World War I; Box 1111 Dalhart Tex 

2395-FANNING Jesse G (Winchester 
Tenn) ; PDT; Grady New Mex 

2396-HARRIS Jerome (Chattanoga 
Tenn); BA 1916 BD 1918; Gen Theol 
Sem 1919; deacon 1918 priest 1919; vi- 
car St John's Ch Springfield Gardens 
Queens N Y 

2397-FAUCETT Lawrence William 
(Chattanooga Tenn); T 297 BD 1915 
DTD; U of Chattanooga BA 1911; 
Rhodes Scholar St John's Coll Oxford 
U MA 1922; deacon 1915 priest 1916; 
dir physical culture U of S 1913-1914; 
asst prof English U of S 1920-1922; 
mssy to China; faculties St John's U 
Yenching U China & Aoyama Gakvin 
Tokyo; Robert Coll Istanbul Turkey & 
U of London; ret 1939; author; 5153 
Don Pio Dr Woodland Hills Calif 

2398-WEATHERLY William Wallace 
Watson (Gulfport Miss); SAE; Spring 
Hill Coll; ret; spec stu SATC unit 1918; 
804 E Beach St Gulfport Miss 

2399-MITCHELL Charles Clyde (Co- 
wan Tenn); Winchester Normal Coll; 
Ouachita Coll BA; U of Tex MA; prin- 
cipal elementary sch; 2424 Hazel St 
Texarkana Tex 

2400-ATKINS Josiah Harrison (Sel- 
ma Ala); U of Ala; fire ins; died At- 
lanta Ga 3 Feb 1949 

2401-PARSHLEY Anthony Roberts II 
(Hertford N C) ; T 290 PDT; U of N C 
King's Coll London; Va Theol Sem 
deacon 1918 priest 1919; World War I 
ministry NH RI NC; rector Ch of 
Good Shepherd Pawtucket; 490 Broad- 
way Pawtucket R I 

2402-BIRMINGHAM William Edward 
Jr (Trenton Tenn) ; KA; Vanderbilt U; 
owner furniture & appliance store; 306 
College St Trenton Tenn 

2403-BANKS Alfred John Gayner 
(Pierce Tex); T 291 PGD; King's Coll 
London 1904-1907; Weltmer Institute 
Dr Suggestive Therapeutics 1923; dea- 
con 1914 priest 1915; ministry in Tex 
& Calif; founder Fellowship of St Luke 
& ed Sharing (monthly magazine on 
Christian healing); author; W Tex 
trustee U of S 1921-1923; died Redlands 
Calif 30 June 1953 

2404-HUNTER Sam Douglas 
(Shreveport La) ; SAE; oil operator & 
banker; 916 Jordan St Shreveport La 

2405-DOBBINS Robert Taylor (Gal- 
latin Tenn); DTD; asst football coach 
U of S 1916; teacher & coach Howard 
Coll & Murphy High Sch Mobile Ala 
1925-1945; World War I Sewanee Am- 
bulance Unit; died Mobile 6 July 1945 

2406-MEEK James Thomas (Mem- 
phis Tenn); KS; Union U; Covington 
Tenn; died 

2407-DALTON Joseph Nicholas 
(Winston-Salem N C) ; DCL 1949; Va 
Mil Institute BS 1912 KA; commandant 
cadets Sewanee Mil Acad 1912-1916; 
World Wars I & II; maj gen U S Army 
(ret); see Who's Who 1946-1947; Rob- 
ert E Lee Hotel Winston-Salem N C 

2408-McCLUNG John Robinson 
(Jewell City Kans); MA 1913 SAE; 
Kansas A&M Coll; ins; 495 E Santa 
Clara St San Jose 12 Calif 





2409-W I L S O N Charles Bernard 
(New York N Y); MA 1913; Cornell 
U BA; instr modern languages U of S 
1912-1913; died Brooklyn N Y 30 Aug 

2410- WHITE Leroy Gerald (New Or- 
leans La) ; La State U 

Entered Easter Term 1913 

2411-BETHEA Henry Croom (Fauns- 
dale Ala); A 2630 BS 1917; certified 
pub acct; 2008 Dry den Rd Houston 5 

2412-B A L D W I N William Owen 
(Montgomery Ala) ; A 2634; Marion In- 
stitute BA 1914; U S Naval Acad BS 
as of 1918; banker & publisher South- 
ern Farmer; World Wars I & II comdr 
U S Navy; 1250 S Perry St Montgom- 
ery Ala 

2413-LEGARE Julien Stockton Keith 
(Forkland Ala); A 2666; died Fork- 
land 16 Dec 1947 

2414- CHAPMAN Leicester Charles 
(Sherman Tex) ; A 2586 PDT; mgr re- 
gional off Vet Admins; World Wars I & 
II; Vet Admins Los Angeles 25 Calif 

2415-GUENARD James Hortaire 
(Lake Providence La); A 2678; clerk 
of court & recorder East Carroll Parish 
La; died Lake Providence 17 Sept 1948 

2416-FRITTS King Crutchfield 
(Chattanooga Tenn); ins; Lookout Mt 

2417-CRAVENS DuVal Garland (Se- 
wanee Tenn); MA 1914 KA; Agr & 
Mech Coll New Mex BS in Mech Engr; 
taught there; govt supt schs Puerto 
Rico 1899; taught St Alban's Sch 
Mooney Sch & Carlisle Mil Acad; supt 
Sewanee Mil Acad 1912-1932; faculty 
there 1932-1946; see Who's Who 1938- 
1939; died Sewanee Tenn 30 June 1946 

2418-RINER Dan Harold (Macon 
City 111) ; PDT; capt U S Army (1935) ; 
World War I; Bloomington 111* 

2419-STAAB Hermann Adolph Julius 
(Sewanee Tenn); BA &. MA 1914; U of 
Halle; instr Sewanee Mil Acad 1911- 
1913; taught German U of S summer 
1913 & French summer 1914; Converse 
Coll 1912-1918; prof French U of N C 
1918- emeritus; died Chapel Hill N C 
Apr 1955 

2420-WARD James Cooper (Center - 
ville Tenn); Nashville Tenn; died 

Entered Summer Term 1913 

2421-ROBERTSON Archibald Boone 
(Fayetteville Tenn) ; U of Chattanooga 
BA 1934; math teacher Central High 
Sch; 17 N Seminole Dr Chattanooga 

2422-MORELOCK Maurice Melvin 
(Haynesville La); Cumberland U; atty 
& oil promoter; Haynesville La 

2423-MITCHELL John Clinton (Win- 
chester Tenn) ; Peabody Coll BS & MS; 
supt schools Murfreesboro Tenn 1918- 
1947; died Murfreesboro 30 May 1950 

2424-DURR John Wesley Jr (Mont- 
gomery Ala); U of Va BA 1912 PBK; 
v pres Jemison-Seibels Inc (ins) ; 
World War I It U S Army; 2521 S 15th 
Ave Birmingham Ala 

2425-BEARDEN Ellis Miller (Fay- 
etteville Tenn) ; T 310 BA (salut) 1915 

MA 1916 BD 1919 DTD; deacon & priest 
1917; chaplain & instr Latin Sewanee 
Mil Acad 1930-1950; rector St Luke's 
Ch Cleveland Tenn 

Entered Advent Term 1913 

2426-FARISH Robert Davis (Sewa- 
nee Tenn & Mayersville Miss); A 2442 
SAE; Circle Oil Co; World War I; 2240 
Commerce Bldg Houston Tex 

2427-BURTON Harold Cook (Po- 
mona Calif); A 2537 PDT; World War 
I; 237 W 12th Claremont Calif 

2428-COLLINS Robert Emmett 
(Birmingham Ala); A 2644 PDT; Col- 
lins Co Birmingham; died 

2429-BUCHEL Theodore Otto (Cuero 
Tex) ; A 2628 BS 1918 PDT; city comp- 
troller & mgr utilities; W Tex trustee 
U of S 1924-1928; World War I; Cuero 

2430-BYERLEY Frank Jr (Lake 
Providence La); A 2631 BS 1919 PDT; 
sec police jury East Carroll Parish; 
World War I; Lake Providence La 

2431-FERRIS Royal Andrew Jr (Dal- 
las Tex); A 2668 PDT; ret; World Wars 
I & H It col U S Army; 703 1st Nat 
Bank Bldg Dallas Tex 

2432-WOODALL Harding Chambers 
(Covington Ky); A 2671 BS 1917 SAE; 
Nat City Co of N Y 1925-1935; Harri- 
man Ripley Co (investment banking) 
v pres 1948; World War I maj U S 
Army; 63 Wall St New York N Y 

2433-GREEN James Cyrus (Nanilla 
Ind); A 2754 SAE; salesman; World 
War I; 224 E North St Greensburg Ind 

2434-BAKER Emmett Home (Dalton 
Ga); A 2707 BA 1917 KA; Mercer U 
LLB 1922; pres Yellow Cab Co Macon 
Ga (ret) ; Atlanta trustee U of S 1933- 
1953; World War I; 1815 Hardeman 
Macon Ga 

2435-HOLT James Marks (Montgo- 
mery Ala) ; A 2738 BS 1916 SAE; World 
War I; Montgomery Ala* 

2436-FORT Walter Vinson (Waco 
Tex); A 2737 PDT; ins; World War I; 
2906 Parrott Ave Waco Tex 

2437-BARNEY Raiford Ward (Glos- 
ter Miss); A 2745 SAE; died 

2438-MAJOR George Alexander (St 
Louis Mo); A 2757 T 335 BA 1916; dea- 
con 1918 priest 1919; ministry in N J; 
died New York N Y 29 July 1935 

2439- BARNES Robert Hayward (Eu- 
taw Ala) ; A 2525 PDT; hardware mer- 
chant; World War I; Montevallo Ala 

2440-R E Y M O N D Dalton Shaffer 
(Baton Rouge La); KS; La State U 
B Mus 1925; novelist & screen writer 
Metro- Goldwyn-Mayer Warner Bros & 
Disney; 2205 Benedict Canyon Dr Bev- 
erly Hills Calif 

2441-BRIDGES Wyley Allen (Cor- 
nersville Tenn) ; KS; World War I; 1412 
17th Ave S Nashville Tenn 

2442-BREWSTER Walter Rogers 
(Mobile Ala); BA 1917 ATO; Tulane 
U MD 1921; phys & surg New Orleans; 
World Wars I & II comdr U S Navy; 
1326 Foucher St New Orleans La 

2443-R O B E R T S Thomas Daniel 
(Gracey Ky); BA 1917 KS; ins; World 
Wars I & H (capt U S Army); 301 E 
16th St Hopkinsville Ky 

2444-MORRIS Herbert Brooke (Paw- 
huska Okla); BA 1916 ATO; Epis 
Theol Sem BD 1923; deacon 1923 priest 
1924; ministry in Okla Minn & Tex; in 
charge St Philip's Ch 1943- ; Okla trus- 
tee U of S 1934-1938; World War I; 
1115 Hammond Ave San Antonio 10 

2445-MORRIS Frederick Miller 
(Pawhuska Okla) ; BA 1917 ATO; treas 
diocese Va; E Okla trustee U of S 1919; 
Okla trustee 1920-1921; 4406 Park Ave 
Richmond 21 Va 

2446-FUQUA James Bennett (Milan 
Tenn); ATO; Milan Tenn 

2447-FOREMAN John Otey (Mari- 
anna Ark) ; ATO; farmer & county 
judge 1935- ; Marianna Ark 

2448-GLOVER Mortimer Worth Jr 
(Mobile Ala); BA (salut) 1916; Va 
Theol Sem; deacon & priest 1920; min- 
istry in S C Fla Ga & N C; rector St 
James' Ch Wilmington N C 193"6-; E C 
trustee U of S 1937-1945 1955- ; regent 
1955- ; World War I; Wilmington N C 

2449-ORR Gilbert McWilliams (Co- 
lumbia Tenn); KA; columnist Nashville 
Banner & authority Tenn walking 
horse; Cumberland U (law) ; magis- 
trate & clerk Maury County; died Co- 
lumbia 10 May 1949 

2450-OROZCO Pedro Enrique (Lima 

2451-MURPHY Joseph Raymond 
(Huntingdon Tenn); T 323 BA 1917 
DTD; pres Murphy Malone & Green 
(wholesale hardware) ; N Tex trustee 
U of S 1935-1947; World War I; Box 
90 San Antonio Tex 

2452-THOMAS Wilmer Jones (Gre- 
nada Miss); KA; World Wars I & II 
(It U S Navy); Princeton U; 218 Au- 
dubon Blvd New Orleans 18 La 

2453-WILSON Grover (Hickman 
Ky); died 

2454- VICK Kyle Alfred (Waco Tex); 
PDT; U of Tex (law) ; atty; state legis- 
lator Tex; 1408 Amicable Bldg Waco 

2455-SCHUMAKER August Henry 
(Houston Tex); SAE; U of Tex; pres 
Bering-Cortes Hardware Co; World 
War I; died en route Calif to Houston 
3 Sept 1947 

2456-G A N T T Joseph Skinner 
(Winnsboro S C); KS; died in France 
World War I 1917 

2457-McIVER George Elliott (Savan- 
nah Ga); SAE; Benedictine Coll; U S 
Shipping Bd Charleston S C 1920; 
Hinesville Ga* 

2458-CROWNOVER Solomon L (Al- 
to Tenn); BS 1917; Peabody Coll MA; 
supervisor schools; World War I; Pla- 
quemine High Sch Plaquemine La 

2459-CHAMBERLAIN Park Lewis 
(Clarendon Tex); ATO; U of Tex 1914- 
1916; rancher Clarendon Tex; died 
Canyon Tex 13 Sept 1954 

2460-BLUM Albert Harold (Green- 
ville Miss); Va Mil Institute; Nelms & 
Blum Co; World War I; Box 492 
Greenville Miss 

2461-BETHEA Morrison Eugene 
(Williamston N C); BS 1917; Presby- 
terian Coll of S C; 2611 Woodbine Rd 
Winston-Salem N C 





2462-BARRY William Shelby Jr 
(Greenwood Miss); KS; Va Mil Insti- 
tute; Barry & Brewer Ins Agency; Box 
413 Greenwood Miss 

2463-BARKSDALE William Robert 
(Grenada Miss); KA; World War I; 
Jonestown Miss 

2464-SMPTH Austin Wheeler (Win- 
crester Term) ; BS 1918 MA 1928; Tenn 
State Normal Sch; acting prof history 
U of S 1927-1928; dean Tenn Polytech- 
nic Institute; Cookeville Tenn 

2465-H URT Thomas Fogleman 
(Chapel Hill Tenn); died there 1944 

2466-WRIGHT Wallace Moe (Chat- 
tanooga Tenn) ; Va Mil Institute; Cum- 
berland U LLB; atty; died Annapolis 
Junction Md 15 Dec 1918 

2467-W RIGHT Edward Edwards 
(Sumter S C) ; Ga Institute of Tech 
ATO; cotton broker (ret); World Wars 
I & II (army); 220 N Washington St 
Sumter S C 

2468-SPEER Everett Shake (Waco 
Tex); KS; World War I; 2226 Anniels 
Rd Dallas Tex 

2469-HOLMEN Elmer Seigfred (Cad- 
illac Mich); ATO; Cornell U BS 1918; 
pres System Bible Co; World War I; 
257 S Elm Beverly Hills Calif 

2470-COVINGTON William Olin 
(Centerville Ga); ATO; U of Detroit 
LLB; atty; World War I; Port Huron 

2471-BRUCE Merlin Knox (Elkton 
Tenn); BS 1917 PDT; production mgr 
Compania Rayonera Cubana; World 
Wars I & II col U S Army; Apt 172 
Matanzas Cuba 

2472-BARNWELL St Julien Mazyck 
(Sumter S C); ATO; civil engr; Sum- 
ter S C 

2473-TEMPLE William Jr (Texar- 
kana Ark); SAE; died 

2474-SCHNEIDER John Thomas 
(Cedar Hill Tenn); BA 1917 ATO; 
World War I & aide to Gen Pershing 
1919-1924; Harvard U LLB 1925; taught 
law U S Mil Acad 1934-1935; depts 
interior & commerce; 1st asst anti-trust 
div dept justice 1953- ; see Who's Who 
1954-1^)55; 6636 32nd St N W Washing- 
ton 15 D C 

2475-STYRON Arthur Herman 
(Wilmington N C); ATO; U of N C; 
exec off Belgian Food Relief Antwerp; 
Peace Commission Paris; Am Red 
Cross Greece; Gen Theol Sem; deacon 
1923 priest 1925; ministry in N Y Pa & 
R I; U S Navy World War I; Roxbury 

2476-LANNOM Robert Joseph 
(Humboldt Tenn) ; U S Naval Acad BS 
as of 1918; San Diego State Coll AB 
1953; World Wars I & II; rear adm 
U S Navy (ret) ; World Solar Aircraft 
Co; Box 488 Del Mar Calif 

2477-COWAN Albert Brown Jr (Wa- 
co Tex); PDT; World War I; died 

2478-BARNES William Elias Jr 
(Memphis Tenn); DTD; W E Barnes 
Inc; World War I; 1944 Madison Ave 
Memphis Tenn 

2479-TRAGITT Horatio Nelson Jr 
(Rolla Mo); T 294 GD 1916 DD 1949 
KA; Columbia U BA 1913; U of Mont 
BEd 1935; deacon 1915 priest 1916; 

ministry in Mo S D Minn Mont N D 
Ore & Calif; rector St Michael's Ch 
Alturas Calif 

2480-WALTON Basil Manly (Mor- 
ganton N C) ; T 292 DTD; U of N C; 
deacon 1916 priest 1918; ministry N Y 
Tex & Fla; rector St Andrew's Ch 
Jacksonville 1930- ; 315 Fla Ave Jack- 
sonville 6 Fla 

Entered Epiphany Term 1914 

2481-STEEL John Albert Jr (Fay- 
ctteville N C); ATO; Trinity Coll 
[Duke U]; supt Baskerville Builders; 
World War I; R Rt 14 Knoxville Tenn 

2482-RUCKER John Harry (Temple 
Tex); KA; U of Tex; World War I; 
died Temple 11 Jan 1947 

EASTER TERM 1914: No matriculants. 

Entered Summer Term 1914 

2483-WALKER Joseph Rogers 
(Beaufort S C); T 324; deacon 1918 
priest 1919; ministry S C Miss Ala Fla 
& Va; in charge Ch of the Prince of 
Peace 1949- ; Holy Trinity Ch Onancock 

2484-PERRY James Young (Green- 
ville S C); BS 1920 SAE; atty Colum- 
bia S C; mgr Sky Valley Sch & Camp; 
Upper S C trustee U of S 1934-1935 
1939-1940; World War I; Zirconia N C 

2485-ROSEBOROUGH Ruskin Ray- 
mond (DeLand Fla); Stetson U BA 
1915; 527 W Wisconsin St DeLand Fla 

2486-RO BERTS Albert (Nashville 

Entered Advent Term 1914 

2487-GOODMAN Rexel (Cary Miss) ; 
A 2621 SAE; U of Tenn MD 1928; 
comdr U S Naval Med Corps; World 
Wars I & II; Cary Miss 

2488-PALMER Charles Alfred 
(Houston Tex); A 2641 SAE; World 
War I; Stowell Tex 

2489-WESTBROOK Hiram Whitting- 
ton (Waco Tex); A 2755 PDT; 600 W 
Ave C San Angelo Tex 

2490-BARROW Dodge Trader (White 
Haven Tenn); A 2648 SAE; realtor; 
operated school cafeterias Memphis; 
World War I; died Memphis Tenn 26 
June 1954 

2491-MERIWETHER John Bestor Jr 
(Demopolis Ala); A 2725; mfr rep 
Peters Branch International Shoe Co; 
World Wars I & II; Box 630 Nacog- 
doches Tex 

2492- COCHRAN James Henry (Aus- 
tin Tex); A 2830; KA; World War I; 
3008 University Ave Austin Tex 

2493-PYLE Forest Barnett (Claren- 
don Tex); A 2727 PDT; West Pyle 
Cattle Co; Box 457 Rt 56 El Paso Tex 

2494-BELL Percy Lee (Greenville 
Miss); A 2803 KA; cotton planter 
Greenville; died 9 Apr 1937 

2495-TALLEY Lynn Charles (Tay- 
lor Tex); A 2782 KA; wholesale gro- 
cer; died Taylor 19 May 1947 

2496-BROWN Charles Oliver Jr (Co- 
lumbia S C); A 2807; Carrollton Ga* 

2497-PHINIZY Stewart Jr (Augusta 
Ga); A 2798 SAE; Phinizy & Phinizy 
(cotton) ; World War I Sewanee Ambu- 
lance Unit; 101 8th St Augusta Ga 

2498-KAYE Samuel Jr (Columbus 
Miss) ; A 2806 SAE; World War I capt 
U S air force; died Columbus Miss 12 
Mar 1939 

2499-JAMES Ashby Minor (Austin 
Tex); A 2795 KA; World War I; Aus- 
tin Tex 

2500-HINTON Harold Boaz (St 
Louis Mo); A 2804 BA (salut) 1917 
SAE; Vanderbilt U MA 1920; World 
Wars I 1st It & II col U S Air Force; 
N Y Times staff 33' yrs; author; see 
Who's Who 1950-1951; died Washing- 
ton D C 12 Mar 1954 

2501-GALE William Dudley III 
(Nashville Term); A 2777 BA 1920 
DTD; Gale Smith & Co (ins); Tenn 
trustee U of S 1947- ; regent U of S 
1947-1953 1955- ; World War I; 223 3rd 
Nat Bank Bldg Nashville Tenn 

2502-BENNETT John Caldwell Jr 
(Nashville Tenn); DTD; pres Louis- 
ville Flying Service World Wars I 1st 
It Air Force & II col U S Air Force; 
Ky trustee U of S 1946-1951; Bowman 
Field Louisville Ky 

2503-CRUDGINGTON Robert Lin- 
coln (Knoxville Tenn); BS 1918 DTD; 
U of Cincinnati MD 1924; phys (Obg); 
World War I; 2508 Auburn Ave Cin- 
cinnati O 

2504-SELLERS Cecil Gray (Mem- 
phis Tenn); SAE; pilot Pan-American 
Airways China Branch; World War I; 
died airplane crash Pacific Ocean 12 
Jan 1938 

2505-WORTHAM Eben Alexander 
(Greenville Miss); BA 1918 KA; ice 
mfr; Lynwood Blvd Nashville Tenn 

2506-LEFTWICH William Groom 
(Aberdeen Miss); DTD; investment 
broker Leftwich & Ross; World War I; 
Box 298 Memphis Tenn 

2507-EDMOND Neil Smith (Waco 
Tex); PDT; It col U S Army (ret); 
World Wars I & II; 805 Elizabeth Rd 
San Antonio Tex 

2508-T ULLIS Rogers Bethune 
(Montgomery Ala); BS 1919 DTD; civil 
engr; World War I Sewanee Ambu- 
lance Unit; Box 749 Montgomery Ala 

2509-GAMSBY Cameron LeBreton 
(Ocala Fla); 173 Liberty St Braintree 

2510-LYMAN Dean Belden Jr (New 
Haven Conn); BA 1920 ATO; NYU 
MA 1929; U of Va PhD 1932; prof & 
chr div of English Literature Adams 
State Coll; World War I; Alamosa 

2511 -HARR Lee Bryan (Johnson 
City Tenn); DTD; E Tenn State Nor- 
mal Coll; head Vet Admins Hosp; 
World Wars I & II It col U S Air Force; 
Mountain Home Tenn 

2512-M A R T I N Edmund Howard 
(Charleston S C); ATO; gen ins agt; 
Box 375 Ocala Fla 

2513-McCUISTION Harry McFatter 
(Paris Tex) ; DTD; Tulane U MD 1927; 
phys (roentgenology); World War I; 
505 6th St Sioux City 13 Iowa 

2514-SHANNON Ralph Nesbit (Cam- 
den S C); BA 1919 SAE; v pres 1st 
Nat Bank; World Wars I & II (It U S 
Army) ; Upper S C trustee U of S 1941- 
1944; died Camden 11 July 1948 





2515-DuPREE William Edmond (Wa- 
co Tex) ; SAE; Quinn Engineering Co 
(air conditioning); 311 E 72nd St New 
York 21 N Y 

2516-ROULHAC John Saunders 
(Memphis Tenn); SAE; atty dept agr; 
World War I; died Memphis 1947 

2517-MANTZ Herbert Leslie (West 
Plains Mo); KS; Washington U BA; 
Jefferson Med Coll MD 1920; phys (tu- 
berculosis) & pres nat tuberculosis 
assoc 1948; died Kansas City Mo 14 
Dec 1953 

2518-HARRISON Grover Cleveland 
(Ft Worth Tex) 

2519-PALMER William Whyte (Ben- 
nettsville S C); BS 1919 DTD; Cia 
Anon Cigarrer Bigott Suos Caracas 
Venezuela; World War I capt aviation; 
killed Mar 1934 

2520-TROUSDALE Charles Eastman 
(Montgomery Ala) ; certified pub acct; 
World War I; San Pedro Calif* 

2521-ELLERBE Frank Rogers (Ben- 
netfsville S C); ATO; professional 
baseball Washington 1919-1920 & St 
Louis 1921- ; World War I; Latta S C 

2522-SENNING Carl Earle (Spur 
Tex) ; v pres Safety Service Stations 
Inc; 610 Oakcliff Blvd Dallas Tex 

2523-FIELDS John Samuel (Dyers - 
burg Tenn) ; died there 1944 

2524-TURNER Paul Charles (Mc- 
Donough Ga); onetime Turner & 
Semmes; Atlanta Ga* 

2525-PEARCE Henry Wynne 
(Orange Tex); KS; Tulane U MD 
1924; phys; World War I; Box 659 
Orange Tex 

2526-STONEY William Shannon 
(Charleston S C); T 344 GST 8 BS 
1920 BD 1922 SAE; U of S C; deacon 
1922 priest 1923; ministry S C Fla N C 
& Ala; World War I Sewanee Ambu- 
lance Unit; rector Grace Ch Anniston 
Ala 1942-1955; Ch of the Ascension 
Ha good & Holy Trinity Ch Stateburg 
S C 1955- ; Western N C trustee U of 
S 1936-1941; Ala trustee 1955; Hagood 
S C 

2527-STONEY Christopher Louis 
(Columbia S C); BS 1917 SAE; U of 

5 C; salesman E I duPont Co; World 
War I 1st It; died Laurens S C 15 Feb 

2528-McCORMICK James Edward 
(Memphis Tenn); KS; World War I; 
673 E Parkway S Memphis Tenn 

2529-GRIFFITH Robert Sherrill 
(Mayfield Ky); DTD; Ga Institute Tech 
BS 1919; dist mgr Gen Electric Co; 
died Atlanta Ga 27 May 1953 

2530-ARNOLD David Christopher 
(Texarkana Ark); KS; atty Arnold & 
Arnold; died Texarkana 10 Oct 1936 

2531-B A R N E S Charles Raymond 
(New York N Y); BA (valed) 1917; 
City Coll of N Y; Columbia U MA 
1920; Gen Theol Sem BD 1922; deacon 

6 priest 1920; ministry in Pa; Trujillo 
Ciudad Dominican Republic; died 27 
July 1938 

25?2-CHIPMAN John Jr (Pascagou- 
la Miss); BS 1920 DSc 1940 PBK DTD; 
U of Iowa MS 1922; U of Calif PhD 
1926; World War I; prof metallurgy 
Mass Institute Tech; memb Am Acad 

of Sci; see Am Men of Sri & Who's 
Who 1954-1955; 19 Lorena Rd Winches- 
ter Mass 

2533-WOODMORE Thomas Britton 
(Bethpage Tenn); Middle Tenn State 
[Teachers] Coll BS; business mgr 
there; Murfreesboro Tenn 

2534-BOYD William Edgar (Chatta- 
nooga Tenn) ; SAE; Hollywood Calif* 

2535-McISAAC David Bruce (Chat- 
tanooga Tenn); SAE; World War I; 
Kershaw S C 

2536-HOYE Herschel Bain (Alderson 
W Va) ; KS; certified pub acct; 34 Sea- 
man Ave New York N Y 

2537-MABLEY Thomas (Winslow 
Ark) ; Kenyon Coll BA 1919; Va Theol 
Sem; deacon 1922 priest 1923; rector St 
Stephen's Ch 1940- ; 215 N 7th St Terre 
Haute Ind 

2538-C LARK Harry Everenden 
(Rossville Ga) ; SAE; World War I Se- 
wanee Ambulance Unit; freshman foot- 
ball coach U of S 1922-1931; head foot- 
ball coach 1931-1939; pres Bank of Se- 
wanee & mgr University Supply Store; 
Sewanee Tenn 

2539- WILBUR Eugene Elmer (Look- 
out Mt Tenn); Elks' Home Bedford 

2540-HODGE Robert Francis (Chat- 
tanooga Tenn); BS 1919 ATO; World 
War I Sewanee Ambulance Unit; 200 
Ridge Ave Chattanooga Tenn 

2541-CLARKE Horace Burt (Mays- 
field Ky); KS; U of Ky BCE; ptnr 
Clarke Bros & Co (consulting engrs); 
246 W 3rd St Maysville Ky 

2542- CHAPMAN Gibson Taylor Jr 
(Uniontown Ky); treas & sales mgr 
Red Spot Paint & Varnish Co; 747 E 
Chandler Ave Evansville Ind 

2543-PATON Noel Edward (Fayette- 
ville N C); ATO; U of N C; owner 
photography shop; World War I Sewa- 
nee Ambulance Unit; Box 837 Fayette- 
ville N C 

2544-GRONERT Henry Clarence (St 
Louis Mo) 

2545-MAYFIELD William DeCaraine 
(Waco Tex); PDT; ins; World War I; 
3501 Chateau Ave Waco Tex 

2546-HARRIS Edward Bledsoe 
(Washington D C); BA 1918 ATO; 
Ecole Libre des Sciences Politique Pa- 
ris; mgr travel agency; Va Theol Sem; 
deacon 1932 priest 1933; rector Varina 
Parish RFD 5 Richmond Va 

2547-ARNOLD Paul Mitchell (Ev- 
ansville Ind); PDT; U S Army; oil 
business 1940; World War I; Long 
Beach Calif* 

2548-RAY William Stratton (Aiken 
S C); ATO; Furman U; mgr Conn Hos- 
pital Service Inc for Hartford; World 
War I; died Hartford Conn 3 Mar 1950 

2549-F ARROW George Granger 
(Shelby O); DTD; realtor Mansfield 
Realty Co; 1986 Park Ave W Rd Mans- 
field O 

2550-McLEOD Frank Hilton Jr 
(Florence S C); Va Mil Institute; lab- 
oratory technician; World War I 2nd 
It; died 21 Aug 1932 

2551-INGE George Lake (Meridian 
Miss); BA 1919 KA; Columbia U MD 
1926 DSc 1933; phys (Or); World War 

I U S Army overseas; 14 Hillvale Cir- 
cle Knoxville Tenn 

2552-ALLEN Percy Anderson 
(Nashville Tenn) 

2553-RUTH Charles Leon Jr (Mont- 
gomery Ala); ATO; Columbia U OptD 
1921; optometrist Ruth & Sons; World 
War I; 1551 Gilmer Montgomery Ala 

2554-PARKER Albert Lynn (Chatta- 
nooga Tenn) ; ins inspector; World War 
I; 406 E 5th St Chattanooga Tenn 

2555-FORSYTH Augustine Warner 
Lewis (Baltimore Md); T 311 DTD; St 
Stephen's [Bard] Coll; deacon 1917 
priest 1918; ministry La Tenn & Mich; 
St John's Ch; 6152 Ridge Rd Oscoda 

2556-KELLER Harry Frederick 
(Philadelphia Pa) ; T 300; Temple Coll; 
deacon & priest 1917; rector St John's 
Ch Johnson City Tenn 1922-1949; died 
there 3 Apr 1949 

2557-NELSON John Millard (St 
Louis Mo); T 301 KA; deacon 1917 
priest 1918; ministry Mont Minn Ky 
Ind Conn; rector St Paul's Ch Kent 
County 1948- ; Ky trustee U of S 1929- 
1937; Easton trustee 1950-1952; regent 
1931-1932; RFD 2 Chestertown Md 

2558-DICKEY William Cox (Atlanta 
Ga); World War I 

2559-SMITH Henry Clark (Scotland 
Neck N C); T 280 BD 1915 DD 1943; 
U of N C BA; deacon 1913 priest 1915; 
rector All Saints' Ch 1925- ; 3505 Castle 
Reagh Place Riverside Calif 

Entered Epiphany Term 1915 

2560-TRAMMELL Leander Niles 
(Marietta Ga); A 2742 KA; onetime 
pres & chr bd Nat Broadcasting Co; 
television exec; alumni trustee U of S 
1946-1948; regent 1935-1937; see Who's 
Who 1954-1955; World War I; 6650 
Roxbury Lane La Gorce Island Miami 
Beach Fla 

2561-JOHNSTON James Morgan 
(Cleveland Tenn); A 2643; casket mfr; 
World War I; N Bragg Ave Lookout 
Mt Term 

2562-ROWE William Evans (Austin 
Tex); A 2667; commercial agt St Louis 
Southwestern RR; 1603 Woodlawn Blvd 
Austin Tex 

2563-HERRING William Douglas 
(Houston Tex) ; PDT; Texas A&M Coll; 
onetime oil business Cisco Tex; World 
War I; Box 747 Kilgore Tex 

2564-MOSS Richard Olney (Llano 
Tex); World War I; died Chickasha 
Okla about 1951 

EASTER TERM 1915: No matriculants. 

Entered Summer Term 1915 

2565-REID Allious Clarence (Gray's 
Chapel Ala) ; onetime teacher St An- 
drew's Sch St Andrews Tenn; teacher 
Huntland High Sch; World War I; Bel- 
videre Term 

2566-T A Y L O R Garland Stewart 
(Petersburg Tenn); BA 1917 PDT; 
Tenn Valley Bank; World War I; 
Florence Ala 

2567-FONTATNE Henry Lamar (Ly- 
on Miss) ; Lyon Coahoma Co; Lyon 





2568-MATHEWS John Joseph (Paw- 
huska Okla); "Blackjacks"; Box 1027 
Pawhuska Okla 

2569-COULTER Thomas Clayton 
(Millington Tenn); died 

Entered Advent Term 1915 

2570-M E A N S William Martin 
(Charleston S C); A 2635 PDT; real 
estate & ins broker William M Means 
Co; World War I; 36 Meeting St 
Charleston S C 

2571-BERRY George Smith Jr (Abi- 
lene Tex); A 2823 SAE; landman Sin- 
clair Prairie Oil Co; World Wars I & 
II It col U S Army; 2406 Speedway 
Wichita Falls Tex 

2572-CHEATHAM Joseph William 
(Walls Miss); A 2868 KA; tactical off 
Sewanee Mil Acad 1918-1919; World 
War I; killed in auto accident near 
Memphis Tenn 1 July 1919 

2573-DIETZ Lawrence August (Hill 
City Tenn); A 2877; capt U S Army; 
World War I; died Orlando Fla 3 Aug 

2574-LEAR James Hamilton (Yazoo 
City Miss); A 2840 KA; Memphis Co- 
ca-Cola Bottling Co; World War I; 
1957 Union Ave Memphis Tenn 

2575-SAUNDERS William Hardin 
(Courtland Ala); A 2842; U S Naval 
Acad; Colo State Coll BA 1927; Colo 
Teacher's Coll MA 1931 PDT; football 
coach Colo State & Denver U; farmer 
& cattle raiser; owner Troy Plantation 
Grenada Miss; died there 13 Mar 1950 

2576-ROYALL Willis Calhoun 
(Montgomery Ala); A 2849; U of Ala 
AB 1919; Columbia U LLB 1923; atty 
Vet Admins Regional Off; 2724 Wil- 
shire SW Roanoke Va 

2577-TILLETT Wista Lamar (Dech- 
erd Tenn); U of Tenn (law); atty; 
World War I; Hamilton Trust Bldg 
Chattanooga Tenn 

2578-BETTLE Harold Edward (Mem- 
phis Tenn); BS 1920 DTD; regional 
group exec Gen Motors Overseas Ope- 
rations; World War I Sewanee Ambu- 
lance Unit; 1775 Broadway New York 
N Y 

2579-SPENCER Charles Douglas 
(Jacksonville Fla); withdrew during 
1st week of session 

2580-PITNER John Russell Jr (Chat- 
tanooga Tenn); owner Pitner's (dry 
goods & clothing); 380 Ringgold Rd 
Chattanooga Tenn 

2581-FERRILL John Pickett (Bates- 
ville Ark); BS 1917 KS; Arkansas 
Coll; planter & merchant Shoffner 
Ark; Albert Pike Hotel Little Rock 

2582-SCHUMACKER John Bering 
(Houston Tex); BS 1920 SAE; v pres 
Bering-Cortes Hardware Co; World 
War I SATC; died Houston 14 Nov 

2583-SLOAN Burton Jay (Texarkana 
Tex) ; asst div engr St Louis South- 
western RR 33 yrs; World War I; died 
25 June 1953 

2584-SLOAN George Willis (Texar- 
kana Tex); World War I; Vet Admins 
Center Biloxi Miss 

2585-WILLIAMS Frank Wheeler Jr 

(Meridian Miss); KS; state agt U S 
Fidelity & Guaranty Co & Fidelity & 
Guaranty Fire Corp & Albany Ins Co; 
Meridian Miss 

2586-SMITH Robert James (Jesup 
Ga) ; R Rt 6 Box 332 Savannah Ga 

2587-WEBB Charles William Jr (An- 
derson S C) ; T 338; Clemson Coll; dea- 
con 1925 priest 1929; Order of Holy 
Cross 1925; teacher St Andrew's Sen 
St Andrews Tenn; World War I SATC; 
died West Park N Y 6 May 1944 

2588-KENNEY Oliver Hazzard Perry 
(Chattanooga Tenn) 

2589-LeMAY David John (Sherman 
Tex) ; KS; Las Vegas Nex* 

2590-AVENT James Munroe (Nash- 
ville Tenn); PDT; exec asst Standard- 
Vacuum Oil Co Shanghai China ret; 
comptroller U of S 1949-1952; World 
War I; Sewanee Tenn 

2591-WHATLEY George Croghen Jr 
(Birmingham Ala); PDT; 909 Cotton 
Ave Birmingham Ala 

2592-POOLEY Edward Murray (Pen- 
sacola Fla); KS; World War I; ed El 
Paso Herald-Post 1937- ; see Who's 
Who 1954-1955; El Paso Tex 

2593-FRILICK James Wiggans (Me- 
ridian Miss) ; Meridian Miss 

2594-GRIGGS Walter Allen (Meri- 
dian Miss); PDT; World War I; died 
while in U S air service Mineola Long 
Island N Y 12 Oct 1918 

2595-BURKHALTER Samuel Mc- 
Ginnis (Greenwood Miss); KS; World 
War I; Atlanta Ga* 

2596-NATION Hugh Edward (Blos- 
som Tex); DTD; World War I Sewanee 
Ambulance Unit; Blossom Tex 

2597-TREANOR John Bell Jr (Crag- 
gie Hope Tenn); ins Kingston Springs 
Tenn; World War I SATC; died King- 
ston Springs 26 May 1955 

2598-MARTTN Samuel Cecil (Com- 
fort Tenn) ; World War I Sewanee Am- 
bulance Unit; St Andrews Tenn 

2599-MATSON Robert Culbertson 
Hayden (Memphis Tenn); BS 1920 
DTD; Nat City Bank; World War I; 
55 Wall St New York N Y 

2600-McGEHEE James Edward 
(Memphis Tenn); SAE; mortgage 
banker pres James E McGehee & Co 
Inc; World War I pilot U S Army; 228 
Chickasaw Parkway E Memphis Tenn 

2601-MOORE Julien Kendrick (Wa- 
co Tex); KS; World War I Sewanee 
Ambulance Unit; Southwestern Life 
Ins Co; certified life underwriter; 3800 
Chateau Dr Waco Tex 

2602-MARTIN Lorenzo Woodhouse 
(Frankfort Ky); Washington corres- 
pondent Louisville Times; 1025 Na- 
tional Press Bldg Washington D C 

2603-TAYLOR George Wallace 
(Franklin La) ; BS 1919; World War I; 
Box 66 Gulfport Miss 

2604- JENNINGS Oscar Jackson Jr 
(Murray Ky) ; DTD; ptnr Charles 
Freedman (fruit & vegetable grower & 
shipper) 1927- ; World War I; Imperial 

2605-CHISOLM Oliver Beirne 
(Charleston S C) ; ATO; The Citadel; 
Scudder Stevens & Clark (invest- 

ments) ; investment counsel U of S; 
World War I; 1 Wall St New York N Y 

2606-JONES Edward Reynolds (San 
Diego Calif); T 323; Nashotah House; 
deacon 1914 priest 1915; rector Trinity 
Ch 1925- ; World War I; Yazoo City 

2607-PAYNE Virgil Leroy (Green- 
ville Miss); BS 1920 KA; U of Tenn 
MD 1924; phys (OALR) ; 802 W 5th 
Ave Pine Bluff Ark 

2608-CARTER George Thomas (Me- 
ridian Miss); KA; mortgage loan bro- 
ker; Box 819 Ft Lauderdale Fla 

2609-FOOSHEE George Malcolm 
(Dayton Tenn) ; BA (valed) 1918 PBK 
KS; Harvard U LLB 1921 Christ Ch 
Coll Oxford U BCL 1924; Rhodes Schol- 
ar; atty Donovan Leisure Newton & Ir- 
vine; alumni trustee U of S 1954- ; see 
Who's Who 1954-1955; 2 Wall St New 
York N Y 

2610-BAMBERG Francis Marion 
(Bamberg S C); ATO; Wofford Coll; 
mgr Southeastern dept Standard Acci- 
dent Ins Co; died Atlanta Ga 15 Mar 

2611-PAINE Laurence Beverley (Me- 
ridian Miss); BS (valed) 1919 KA; 
onetime teacher Gulf Coast Mil Acad; 
owner & operator L B Paine Oil Co; 
mayor Meridian 1949-1953; 4926 22nd 
Ave Meridian Miss 

2612-DAVTS Willis Ringo (Ashland 
Ky); SAE; Yale Scientific Sch 1917- 
1918; World War I; coal business De- 
troit Mich many yrs; died there 11 Oct 

2613-RAINSBURY Joseph Herbert 
( Bernards ville N J); Trinity Coll; ret; 
875 N E 134th St N Miami Fla 

2614-LAMOND Bertram Bruce 
(Washington D C); T 317 BA 1916 
ATO; Trinity Coll; It U S Army World 
War I; died 

2615-BAKER Joe Clark (Decherd 
Tenn); BA 1919; Vanderbilt U; atty; 
Masonic Bldg Harlan Ky 

2616-WOODS James Albert Jr (Shel- 
byville Tenn); SAE; Southwestern 
Presbyterian U; Armour Fertilizer 
Works 1929-1934; Chilean Nitrate Sales 
Corp pres 1939-1945; v pres W R Grace 
& Co 1945-1947; pres Wilson-Toomer 
Fertilizer Co 1947-1950; pres Commer- 
cial Solvents Corp 1950- ; pres Associ- 
ated Alumni 1944-1948; alumni trustee 
U of S 1943-1948; regent 1945-1951 & 
1953- chr 1955- ; World War I U S Ma- 
rine Corps; see Who's Who 1954-1955; 
260 Madison Ave New York 16 N Y 

2617-HALL William Pike Jr (Shreve- 
port La); KA; Centenary Coll; Tulane 
U; Columbia U BL 1922; atty; memb 
state senate 1924-1932; World War I 
Sewanee Ambulance Unit; died Shreve- 
port 16 Dec 1945 

2618-WOODSON Burbank Palmer 
(Temple Tex); DTD; Vanderbilt U 
MD 1923; phys (OALR) ; World War I; 
817 Scarbrough Bldg Austin Tex 

2619-JONES Carroll Lee (Nashville 
Tenn); DTD; World War I; Nashville* 

2620-ROLSTON Howard William 
(Fairbanks Alaska); U S Mil Acad; 
World War I 





2621-FEATHERSTONE William Ray 
Jr (Cedar Hill Term); ATO; salesman 
Wm R Moore Dry Goods Co Memphis 
Term; World War I Sewanee Ambu- 
lance Unit; 102 Park Place Pine Bluff 

2622-GARLAND Alexander Charles 
(Montgomery Ala); ATO; World War 
I; died in service Oct 1918 

2623-CARTER James Conrad (High 
Springs Fla) ; BS 1920 PGD; Temple U 
MEd 1942; instr Spanish Teaneck High 
Sch; 432 Sagamore Ave Teaneck N J 

Entered Epiphany Term 1916 

2624-SANDERS Robert David (Meri- 
dian Miss); KA; Mercer U 1916; Miss 
A&M Coll 1917; textile exec Jackson 
Miss; World War I; see Who's Who 
1954-1955; died Kosciusko Miss 25 Sept 

2625-COPE Thomas Pym Jr (Ger- 
mantown Pa) ; U of Pa; archt; exec dir 
Unitarian Service Committee; Silver 
Hih Rd Lincoln Mass 

2626-COLE Alexander Hunt (Ripley 
Miss); U of Miss; realtor; 823 Buffalo 
St Corpus Christi Tex 

2627-FARRAR Sydney Clifton (Mc- 
Donough Fla); DTD; owner Fire & 
Casualty Ins Agency; World War I; 
2209 Warren Rd Ft Worth Tex 

2628-ADAMS Prentice (Dublin Ga); 
U of Ga; mgr Standard Oil Co State 
of Fla; World War I; died Marianna 
Fla 11 Mar 1934 

Entered Easter Term 1916 

2629-WALLACE Jerry (Russellville 
Ark); T 318; U of Ark; deacon 1917 
priest 1918; ministry in Ark 111 & Ariz; 
rector Grace Ch Tucson 1946- ; 819 N 
Stone Ave Tucson Ariz 

2630-THOMAS John Wesley M 
(Nashville Tenn); PDT; U S Naval 
Acad; World War I; 314 Conestoga Rd 
Wayne Pa 

Entered Summer Term 1916 

2631-HOPPE Lewis David Jr (Mari- 
etta Ga); A 2796; U of Va MD 1920; 
phys (Pd) ; World War I; 184 Peachtree 
Battle NW Atlanta Ga 

2632-HICKERSON Joseph Roy (Co- 
wan Tenn); BS 1920 KS; teacher Se- 
wanee Mil Acad; Chattanooga Coll of 
Law LLB 1922; state ct of appeals 
1942- ; special judge supreme ct Tenn 
1942; see Who's Who 1940-1941; Win- 
chester Tenn 

2633-WIDNEY Charles Leonidas 
(Chickasha Okla) ; T 345 GST 31 BA 
1920 BD 1922 ATO; deacon 1922 priest 
1923; ministry in Okla Tenn & Ga; rec- 
tor Otey Parish Sewanee 1930-1941; 
asst rector Trinity Ch Columbus 1952- ; 
Okla trustee U of S 1924-1930; 1312 E 
10th St Columbus Ga 

2634-VAUX Cleland Huger (Colum- 
bia S C) ; SAE; forest engr; World War 
II pilot; 1607 Royal Bank Bldg 675 W 
Hastings St Vancouver British Colum- 
bia Canada 

2635-ESTES Louis Shultz (Atlanta 
Ga); BS 1919 KS; dir Estes Surgical 
Supply Co; World War I; 311 Wilton 
Dr Decatur Ga 

2636-ABBrTT William Henry (Hop- 
kinsville Ky); U of Va; div of indus- 
trial research State Coll of Washing- 
ton; 1601 Charlotte St Pullman Wash 

Entered Advent Term 1916 

2637-SWOOPE Charles Carter (Mur- 
i'reesboro Tenn); A 2749 SAE; World 
War I SATC; cotton business; died 6 
Nov 1951 

2638-KALMBACH William Chase 
(Shreveport La); A 2787 KA; Kalm- 
bach-Burckett Co wholesaler & mfr 
grains feeds & seeds; Box 37 Shreveport 

2639-PYLE Horace Theodore (Clar- 
endon Tex); A 2765 PDT; West-Pyle 
Cattle Co Sanderson Tex & ranching 
Logan N M; World War I SATC; died 
Amarillo Tex 19 Sept 1950 

2640-DAMERON George Robert 
(New Orleans La) ; A 2838 SAE; Baton 
Rouge La* 

2641-STONE Thomas Walter (Cedar- 
town Ga); A 2869 KA; World War I; 
died Hot Springs Ark 27 June 1931 

2642-HAMMOND Charles (Americus 
Ga); A 2845 BA 1920 KA; onetime staff 
Nat Broadcasting Co production dept; 
industrial relations asst Gen Tel Co of 
Calif; onetime Trans-World Airlines; 
It U S Army World War I; 838 2nd St 
Santa Monica Calif 

2643-HOWERTON Jack Woodworth 
(Cuero Tex); A 2905 KS; publisher 
Cuero Daily Record & v pres Cuero 
Publishing Co; World War I SATC; 315 
1st St Cuero Tex 

2644-B ELL John (Murfreesboro 
Tenn); A 2908 KS; Washington & Lee 
U LLB 1921; atty Knight & Bell; World 
War I SATC & World War II; Box 1288 
Tampa Fla 

2645-WHITEHEAD John Randolph 
(Albany Ga); A 2867; pres Independ- 
ent Water Co Inc; 318 Pine St Albany 

2646-K NIGHT Charles Wrenshail 
(Decatur Ga); transferred to Vander- 
bilt U a week after matriculation; BA 
there 1920; property management; 104 
Williams St Huntsville Ala 

2647-ELAM James Alexander (Bun- 
ker Hill Tenn) ; BS 1924 KS; U of Ky 
MA 1930; teacher & coach Louisville Ky 
Male High Sch; World War I; Rt 1 
Corydon Ind 

2648-LEWIS Thomas Lorton (Green- 
ville S C); SAE; Joe McAllister & Co 
(securities); World War I; 8-b Lewis 
Village Apts Greenville S C 

2649-PARKER William Lafayette 
(Shelbyville Tenn); PGD; cashier Peo- 
ples Nat Bank; World War I SATC; 
Shelbyville Tenn 

2650- MINOR Charles Launcelot 
(Newport Ark); BA 1920 DTD; Co- 
lumbia U LLB 1924; gen atty Southern 
Pacific RR 1944-1950; regent U of S 
1936-1937; World War I SATC; died 
New York N Y 13 Jan 1950 

2651 -DE BRUYN-KOPS William Jr 
(Charleston S C) ; BS 1920 ATO; World 
War I SATC; New York N Y* 

2652-HOLT David Eldred (Mobile 
Ala) ; T 346 BA 1920 BD 1922 KS; dea- 
con 1922 priest 1923; ministry in Miss 

Tenn La Tex & New Mex; rector Ch of 
the Good Shepherd; World War I; Sil- 
ver City New Mex 

2653-DEUPREE James Edward 
(Memphis Tenn); SAE; sales mgr 
Fisher Lime & Cement Co; World War 
I; 632 Spring St Memphis Tenn 

2654-BRADLEY William Woodson Jr 
(Cedar Hill Tenn) ; grocer Nashville 
Tenn; died about 1930 

2655-WAKEFIELD Henry Smith 
(Petersburg Tenn); ATO; It US Air 
Force World War II; Petersburg Tenn 

2656-DRYDEN Daniel McKisick Jr 
(Petersburg Tenn); ATO; World War 
I; died 

2657- GRAY David Whitney Jr (Lou- 
isville Ky); PDT; agt for Chicago in- 
dustrial relations firm Louisville; kill- 
ed in auto accident between Madison- 
ville & Louisville 5 Mar 1949 

2658-MEDFORD David Lowell (St 
Andrews Term); personnel off Tenn 
Valley Authority Watauga Steam Plant; 
World War I; Watauga Tenn 

2659-DEARBORN John Gorman (Bir- 
mingham Ala); BA 1920 ATO; pres A 
R Dearborn & Co (realtors) ; World 
War I SATC; alumni trustee U of S 
1952-1954; Ala trustee 1955- ; 411 N 21st 
St Birmingham Ala 

2660-SORY Bailey Brown Jr (Cedar 
Hill Tenn); BA 1920 KA; Vanderbilt 
U MD 1925; phys & surg; World War 
I SATC; 151 S Country Rd Palm Beach 

2661-IKARD James Polk (Alto 
Tenn); Cumberland U LLB; atty; 
World War I; 6320 6th Ave St Peters- 
burg Fla 

2662-BROMBERG John Louis (Mo- 
bile Ala) ; ATO; legal dept Vet Admins; 
pvt U S Army World War n; Mont- 
gomery Ala 

2663-CHAPMAN Burt Ward William 
Warren (Prattville Ala) ; Southern U; 
cashier Lee Memorial Hosp; World War 
I Sewanee Ambulance Unit; 1433 Cot- 
tage St Ft Myers Fla 

2664-BLAIR Alfred Farnell (Mont- 
gomery Ala) ; KA; construction; World 
War I SATC; Atlanta Ga* 

2665-REES Harold (Hal) Bynum 
(Fayetteville Tenn); SAE; World War 
I; died Parris Island S C 29 Nov 1918 

2666-EDENS William Allen (Cowan 
Tenn); Safety Trailways Inc (bus 
line) ; 820 T St NE Washington 18 D C 

2667-HAMILTON James Linton 
(Tullahoma Tenn); J L Hamilton En- 
gineering Co; World War I; Box 3728 
Charlotte 3 N C 

2668-LEWIS Charles KelleyJr (Mem- 
phis Tenn); KA; U of Tenn MD 1924; 
phys (OALR) assoc prof OALR U of 
Tenn; World War I SATC; died Mem- 
phis 26 Aug 1954 

2669-PALMER Horace William Jr 
( Bennetts ville S C); died there 1940 

2670-P A L M E R Winfree Murray 
(Bennettsville S C); Imperial Tobacco 
Co; Rocky Mt N C* 

2671-NASH James Edgar (Wilming- 
ton N C); BS 1920 PGD; gen freight 
agt St Louis San Francisco RR; 813 
Frisco Bldg St Louis Mo 





2672-C AEDWELL Edgar Parmeie 
(Wilmington N C) ; U of Va MD 1923; 
phys (ALR); 965 Broad St Newark 2 
N J 

2673-BRALY Harold White (Nash- 
ville Tenn) ; PDT; ins examiner; World 
War I: 420 N Flora St Los Angeles 

2674-WHITAKER Kenneth Griffin 
(Chattanooga Tenn) ; SAE; admins asst 
Chattanooga Electric Power Bd; World 
War I; 6th & Market Chattanooga Tenn 

2675-TURNER George Nelson Jr 
(Pulaski Tenn); letter carrier Pulaski; 
437 E College St Pulaski Tenn 

2676-R OUNTREE Lee Chestlev 
(Sherman Tex); PDT; Va Mil Insti- 
tute; cotton broker; World War I; 43 
Union Ave Memphis Tenn 

2677-CAMPBELL Claude Colin Jr 
(Decherd Tenn) Cumberland U; World 
War I SATC; died 

2678-GULLICK Guy Adolphus 
(Greenville S C) ; U of S C; judge pro- 
bate ct; World War I; County Ct House 
Greenville S C 

2679-BROWN Newton Albert (Cuero 
Tex); DTD; Interstate Brokerage Co 
(food) ; World War I; 2421 St Anthony 
St San Antonio Tex 

2680-PITNER Robert Howard (Chat- 
tanooga Tenn); BS 1920 ATO; pres W 
F H Schultz Co of N Y & co-owner 
Engelton Development Co Chattanooga; 
World War I SATC; E Brainerd Rd 
Chattanooga Tenn 

2681-JOYNER Quintard (Pine Ridge 
Agency S D); PDT; Racine Coll; N Y 
U LLB 1923; atty for Am Sugar Refin- 
ing Co; World War I; 120 Wall St New 
York N Y 

2682-BURTON Paul Lowe (Dallas 
Tex); KA; mfr rep bldg materials; 
World War I; 363 Larchmont San An- 
tonio Tex 

2683-ELLIS John William (Meridian 
Miss) ; KA; World War I; Box 152 Key- 
stone Hgts Fla 

2684-PATTERSON George Dan (Be- 
noit Miss); KA; World War I SATC; 
farmer; died Benoit 15 Aug 1936 

2685-BARRET William Morris 
(Shreveport La); SAE; St John's Coll; 
Tulane U BS 1923 EE 1932; pres Wil- 
liam M Barret (consulting geophysic- 
ists); see Who's Who 1954-1955; 1431 
Dalzell St Shreveport La 

2686-WREN Wendell Flowers (Mar- 
tin Tenn); KS; southern mgr John 
Hancock Mut Life Ins Co; World War 
I SATC; 423 Clairmont Ave Decatur 

2687-B INGHAM Roger Sherman 
(Talladega Ala) ; BA 1920 KS; Harvard 
U LLB 1923; atty; Talladega Ala 

2688-MARION Robert Jr (Pineville 
S C) ; World War I SATC; St Stephens 
S C 

2689-AN DREWS Charles Hollman 
(Dallas Tex); KA; World War I; died 
while in army 1918 

2690-KING William Yancey (Dallas 
Tex); KA; World War I; Wichita Falls 

2691-CHATHAM Robert Carleton Jr 
(Tulsa Okla); KA; World War I; one- 

time auditor City Savings Bank & 
Trust Co; Caddo Parish Service off La 
Dept Vet Affairs; 426 Columbia Shreve- 
port La 

2692-KNOEFEL William Rudolph 
(Sewanee Tenn); BA 1920; MD U of 
Louisville 1895; phys Hot Springs Ark; 
World War I SATC; died 

2693-MITCHENER James Carr (Cas- 
talian Springs Term); T 326; died 

2694-LYMAN Charles Vernon (El 
Paso Tex); PDT; Emory & Henry Coll; 
World War I; Hotel Scharbauer Mid- 
land Tex 

2695-MANLEY George Munro 
(Nashville Tenn); T 329 SN; Vander- 
bilt U; 1918 priest 1919; Otey Parish 
Sewanee 1918; not now in ministry; 223 
Hillcrest Ave Madison Tenn 

2696-BAILEY Cliff Ernest (Dayton 
Tenn); BA 1920 DTD; World War I 
SATC; 225 W Va Ave College Park Ga 

2697-BAILEY James Preston (Sewa- 
nee Tenn); BS 1920 KS; U of Calif 
PhD; geologist Standard Oil Co; World 
War I SATC; 7463 Franklin Hollywood 

2698-GRESHAM Richmond Clinton 
(Spartanburg S C); T 330 KS; Mercer 
Coll BA; World War I; Box 297 Mt 
Berry Ga 

2699- MADIERA Dashiel Livingston 
(St Petersburg Fla); SAE; Ala Poly- 
technic Institute; World Wars I & II; 
rear adm U S Navy ret; ptnr Brown 
Madiera & Co (investment brokers); 1 
Wall St New York N Y 

2700-LEATHERBURY Douglas Bag- 
well (Mt Pleasant Tenn); T 331 DD 
1949 PGD; deacon 1918 priest 1919; min- 
istry in Fla; rector St Mark's Ch Jack- 
sonville 1922- ; World War I; 4114 Ox- 
ford Ave Jacksonville 5 Fla 

2701-deGRAFFENRIED Joseph Sto- 
vall (Albany Ga); BS 1918 SAE; U of 
Ga; investment broker Shields & Co; 44 
Wall St New York N Y 

2702-WOODSON Turner Ashby 
(Vicksburg Miss) DTD; Columbia U 
MD 1924; phys; 1208 Castlewood Ave 
Louisville Ky 

2703-MONTGOMERY Albert Waller 
(Spartanburg S C); Wofford Coll 1914- 
1916; died 

2704-COLBOURNE Cuthbert Walter 
(Nashotah House Nashotah Wise); 
BA 1918 SAE; Nashotah House; deacon 
before entrance at Sewanee priest — ; 
rector Teversham; Cambridge England 

2705-DUKE Llewellyn Brittain 
(Georgetown Tex) ; SAE; U of Tex; atty 
& gen counsel wages & hours div U S 
Dept Labor; died Waco Tex 6 Dec 1944 

2706-WILLIAMS Paul Frederick 
(Laurel Del); T 332; Va Theol Sem; 
deacon & priest 1918; ministry in Tenn 
Md Miss & N Y; rector St Michael's 
1950- ; Easton trustee U of S 1953- ; The 
Rectory St Michaels Md 

2707-SUYEKUNI Akira (Waimanolo 
Oahu Hawaii) ; Waseda U Japan MA 

Entered Epiphany Term 1917 

2708-BRADFORD George King Jr 
(Rayne La); Tulane U BBA 1925; ret; 
World War I; Rayne La 

2709-BASS Robert Leslie (Decherd 
Tenn); U of Tenn LLB; atty; World 
War I; Shelboume Towers Knoxville 

2710-BRATTON James Henry (Dech- 
erd Tenn); BA 1927; Terrill Coll; 
teacher Franklin County High Sch ret; 
Decherd Tenn 

2711-CONWAY Charles Duncan (Os- 
ceola Ark) ; BS 1922 DTD; Chattanooga 
Coll of Law LLB; sales mgr Gen Mo- 
tors Export Co New York; pres Caribe 
Motors Inc 15 yrs; World War I Sewa- 
nee Ambulance Unit and World War II 
U S Coast Guard; Box 2272 San Juan 
Puerto Rico 

2712-ROBERTS Prewett (Mansfield 
Mo) ; U of Mo; instr Sewanee Mil Acad 
1916-1917; engr Fed Bureau Pub Rds; 
2101 47th Ave San Francisco Calif 

2713-COATS John Rea Jr (Jones- 
town Miss); KA; U of Miss; 216 Bel- 
videre Ave San Antonio Tex 

2714-MARTIN Frank Marion (Go- 
liad Tex); PDT; U of Tex LLB 1921; 
atty; Goliad Tex 

2715-M c G A N N O N Angus Edward 
(Nashville Tenn); KS; Vanderbilt U 
1916-1917; Ontario Canada* 

2716-CARRUTHERS Louis Leaville 
(Memphis Tenn); SAE; Vanderbilt U; 
pres & gen mgr Carruthers & Son 
(lumber); World War I; 3922 Walnut 
Grove Rd Memphis Tenn 

2717-BARROW Robert Church (Co- 
lumbia Tenn); KS; Trinity Coll 
[Duke]; realtor; W 7th St Columbia 

EASTER TERM 1917: no matriculants. 

Entered Summer Term 1917 

2718-FOX Witt (Culleoka Tenn); Rt 
3 Culleoka Tenn 

Entered Advent Term 1917 

2719-DuBOSE Marion St John (Se- 
wanee Tenn); A 2825 BS 1921 SAE; 
Wake Forest Coll & U N C (law) ; atty 
DuBose & Orr; World War I SATC; 
Legal Bldg Asheville N C 

2720-WRIGHT Albert Jr (Havana 
Cuba) ; A 2865 SAE; New York N Y* 

2721-ATKINSON William Currier 
(Winchester Tenn) ; A 2879 DTD; Chi- 
cago Musical Coll & Louisville Conser- 
vatory of Music; pres Army & Navy 
Acad 1923-; World War I SATC; Carls- 
bad Calif 

2722-DuBOSE David St Pierre (Se- 
wanee Tenn) ; A 2893 SAE; U of N C 
BSEE 1921; engr Gen Electric Co; 
Indus engr & v pres Durham Hosiery 
Muls; World War I SATC & World 
War II maj U S Air Force; Box 310 
Durham N C 

~ 2723- WOODS Granville Cecil (Shel- 
byville Tenn); A 2907 SAE; pres Vol- 
unteer State Life Ins Co; World War I 
SATC; alumni trustee U of S 1949- 
1951; see Who's Who 1954-1955; Chat- 
tanooga Tenn 

2724-TRAWEEK Chase Ewell (Miles 
City Mont) ; A 3002 PDT; onetime Fire- 
stone Tire & Rubber Co; cattle ranch 
owner; World War I SATC & World 
War II capt U S Air Force; Springer- 
ville Ariz 





2725-HOBBS Douglas Brown (Tul- 
lahoma Tenn); A 2915 BA 1920 PGD; 
research metallurgist Aluminum Co of 
America 1923-1929 pub rel & advertis- 
ing dept 1929-1949; World War I SATC; 
died New York N Y 11 Oct 1949 

2726-SCHWING Calvin Kendrick 
(Plaquemine La); A 2946 SAE; treas 
Schwing Lumber & Shingle Co Inc; 
World War I SATC; Box 8 Plaquemine 

2727-ISBELL Joe Russell (Houston 
Tex); A 2950 KS; World War I SATC; 
3209 Montrose Blvd Houston Tex 

2728-MARTIN Charles Stuart (Nash- 
ville Tenn); A 2954 KA; chr bd Mc- 
Kesson-Berry-Martin Co (wholesale 
druggists); World War I SATC; Tenn 
trustee U of S 1922-1930; died Nash- 
ville 20 July 1946 

2729-TREAT Cornelius Parker (Han- 
nibal Mo); A 2937 PGD; World War I 
SATC; Hannibal Woodworking Co; 2928 
Garfield Ave Hannibal Mo 

2730-BURCH Duncan Cooper (Mem- 
phis Tenn); A 2945 PDT; Washington 
& LeeU; Columbia U LLB; atty; World 
War I SATC; died Sheridan Wyo 6 
Jan 1932 

2731-COOPER William Henry (Shel- 
byville Tenn); A 2944 SAE; 1212 West- 
moreland Dr Baton Rouge La 

2732-BURCH John Calvin Brown 
(Memphis Tenn) ; A 2957 PDT; Merrill 
Lynch Pierce Fenner & Beane (invest- 
ment brokers) ptnr 1951 -; World War 
I SATC; Box 256 Memphis Term 

2733-HENRY Patrick Jr (Birming- 
ham Ala); A 2960 PDT; World War I 
SATC; died near Vicksburg Miss 9 Oct 

2734-HOGE Lyman Paul (Sewanee 
Tenn); A 2904 BS 1921; engr Tenn 
State Highway Dept; engr Pride & 
Fairley; World War I SATC; 4300 Tenn 
Ave Chattanooga Tenn 

2735-QUINCEY Hateley Jennings 
(Douglas Ga); A 2958 BA 1920 PDT; 
atty Quincey & Quincey; World War I 
SATC; 222 Gaskin Ave Douglas Ga 

2736-BOYD Miles Case (Tracy City 
Tenn); A 3017 

2737-HARPER Thomas Preston 
(Texarkana Tex); BS 1923 KA; U S 
Dept of Labor; World War I SATC; 
died Jacksonville Fla 29 Oct 1952 

2738-ALLEN Robert Julian (India- 
nola Miss); SAE; Tulane U; died 
Greenville Miss 21 Apr 1950 

2739-CARNEY Robert Spencer (Rip- 
ley Tenn); ATO; certified pub acct Oli- 
ver P Cobb & Co; World War I; 500 
Colonial Rd Memphis 17 Tenn 

2740-WRIGHT George Leslie (Green- 
wood Miss); DTD; head of staple cot- 
ton dept Weil Bros Co Memphis; World 
War I SATC; died Washington D C 12 
May 1940 

2741-SATTERLEE Charles Capers 
(San Antonio Tex) ; T 349 GST 148 BA 
1921 BD 1923 DD 1955 KS; deacon 1923 
priest 1924; ministry in S C & Ala; 
rector Ch of the Advent Spartanburg; 
Upper S C trustee U of S 1934-1935 
1954- ; chaplain U of S summer 1952; 
Ch of the Advent Spartanburg S C 

2742-HEATH Stewart William Jr 
(Winnsboro S C); ATO; Clemson Coll; 
Compania Textilera Ariguanabo S A 
Fabricantes de Tejidios Bauta Cuba; 
World War I SATC; 610 Palmetto St 
Spartanburg S C 

2743-M INTER James Gordon Jr 
(Beaumont Tex); KS; World War I 
SATC; Sears Roebuck & Co; died 
Beaumont Tex 24 Feb 1952 

2744-SHELTON George Henry 
(Nashville Tenn); PGD; Kingsport 
Press; World War I SATC; died Kings- 
port Tenn 30 Aug 1948 

2745-WHALEY Henry Hugh Bay- 
rard (Little Edisto S C); BA 1921 
DTD; traffic mgr Strachan Shipping Co 
Mobile; World War I SATC; 3500 Old 
Shell Rd Spring Hill Ala 

2746-BALL Robert Wilson (Charles- 
ton S C); ATO; Med Coll of S C MD 
1927; phys (pub health) ; World War II 
It col med corps U S Army; Dept of 
Health Columbia S C 

2747-BANCKER Evert Abram III 
(Atlanta Ga) ; BS 1922 KA; Emory U 
MD 1925; phys (internal med); World 
War I SATC; 919 Doctors Bldg At- 
lrr.ta Ga 

2748-TATUM Robert George (Knox- 
ville Tenn ; T 339 BA 1921 DTD; dea- 
con 1921 priest 1922; ministry in Tenn 
& Ga; Christ Ch Brownsville Tenn 

2749-VAUGHAN William Watkins 
(Selma Ala); DTD; owner VaughanOil 
Co; World War I SATC; 1124 High- 
land Ave Selma Ala 

2750- WALLACE Hamilton (Nashville 
Tenn); KA; Norvell & Wallace Lum- 
ber Co; World War II It comdr U S 
Navy; Box 178 Nashville Tenn 

2751 -HARD Charles Frederick (Bir- 
mingham Ala) ; BA 1922 DCL 1941 PBK 
ATO; U of N C MA 1924; Johns Hop- 
kins U PhD 1928; dean Sophie New- 
comb Coll of Tulane U; pres Scripps 
Coll 1948- & sometime provost Clare- 
mont Colls; World War I; see Who's 
Who 1954-1955; Claremont Calif 

2752-WOOLFOLK Charles Marion 
(Montgomery Ala); BS 1921 ATO; U 
of Iowa MS 1923; H Y Carson Plating 
Co Tarrant Ala; World War I SATC; 
2735 Hanover Circle Birmingham Ala 

2753-GINNAVAN William Jiles Jr 
(Montgomery Ala); Baltimore Coll 
Dental Surg DDS 1924; dentist; World 
War I SATC; 502 Shepherd Bldg Mont- 
gomery Ala 

2754-BROWN Frederick Davis Jr 
(Natchez Miss); BS 1921 SAE; invest- 
ment Securities Inc; World War I 
SATC; Natchez Miss 

2755-H UGHES William Murrell 
(Winchester Tenn) ; Cumberland U 
LLB 1920; atty; World War I France; 
1316 Hamilton Nat Bank Bldg Chatta- 
nooga Tenn 

2756-WASSON Benjamin Franklin Jr 
(Greenville Miss); SAE; U of Miss; 
author; World War I SATC & World 
War II yeoman 3/cUS Navy; 1505 S 
Washington Ave Greenville Miss 

2757-HARBISON Joe Bell Jr (Green- 
ville Miss); KA; A S Gypsum Co; 
Greenville Miss 

2758-HARBISON Richard Nelms 

(Greenville Miss); KA; pres Harbison 
Co; World War I SATC; Box 111 
Greenville Miss 

2759-EDWARDS Felix Zollicoffer Jr 
(Sherman Tex); BS 1922 PDT; banker 
& dept of justice Sherman Tex; Austin 
Coll; died 20 Feb 1951 

2760-KOCH Lyon William (Green- 
ville Miss); KA; planter Lone Pine 
Plantation; World War I SATC; Box 26 
Greenville Miss 

2761-GREET William Cabell (El Pa- 
so Tex); BA (valed) 1920 PGD; Co- 
lumbia U MA & PhD 1926; head 
English Dept Barnard Coll; U of Mont- 
pellier & Aix-en-Provence Fulbright 
lecturer 1950-1951; see Who's Who 
1954-1955; ed American Speech; 168 W 
86th St New York 24 N Y 

2762-JORDAN Donald Clifford (Wil- 
liamstown N C) ; World War I SATC 

2763-LYNN William Harris (Ripley 
Tenn) ; Southwestern Presbyterian U; 
onetime chief deputy clerk U S Dist 
Ct; 390 Holmes Circle Memphis 11 

2764-NOLEN Frank Edward (Flor- 
ence Ala); PDT; King Coll; George H 
McFadden & Bros; World War I SATC; 
El Paso Tex 

2765-GREAVES Stephen Arne Deca- 
tur (Canton Miss) ; planter; Canton 

2766-BRAND Lewis Mead (West 
Point Miss); KS; World War I SATC; 
Haynesville La 

2767-SHOOK Allen Gilliam (Win- 
chester Tenn) ; postmaster; Winchester 

2768-CLARK Rufus Anthony (Win- 
chester Tenn) ; surveyor; World War f ; 
1362 Monroe Ave Memphis Tenn 

2769-ERWIN Thomas Henry (Win- 
chester Tenn); died Chicago 111 

2770-HUSKE John (Fayetteville N 
C); ATO; World War I SATC; hard- 
ware business; 113 Magnolia Ave Fay- 
etteville N C 

2771-DRIVER David Miller (Win- 
chester Tenn); BA 1922 SN; Columbia 
U MA 1930 PhD 1942; head dept for- 
eign languages Henderson Coll; 1410 
Evans St Arkadelphia Ark 

2772-DOSSETT Walter Brown (Wa- 
co Tex) ; KS; Baylor U; pres Cameron 
Compress Co & Southwestern Compress 
& Warehouse Co; World War I SATC & 
World War II maj U S Air Force; Tex 
trustee U of S 1931-1933; 1503 Colum- 
bus Ave Waco Tex 

2773-HARGRAVE Thomas Exam 
(Falls City Neb) ; BA 1921 ATO; Little 
& Hopkins Inc (investment service) ; 
World War I SATC; 410 Reynolds Ar- 
cade Rochester 14 N Y 

2774-LAWHON Zack Rufus Jr 
(Shreveport La) ; SAE; pres Lawhon & 
Baker Inc; World War I SATC; Alex- 
andria La 

2775-COVFJIT George Jr (Meridian 
Miss); KA; dir highways State of La; 
World War I SATC & World War II; 
Box 1028 Baton Rouge La 

2776-HARTON James Edward Jr 
(Dyersburg Tenn); BA 1921 KS; Co- 
lumbia U LLB 1924; atty; World War 
I SATC; 438 S Blvd Los Angeles 5 





2777-GRIZZARD Marion Leslie (Co- 
wan Tenn); BS 1920 PGD; oil distri- 
butor & realtor; Box 1447 Lakeland Fla 

2778-MARABLE John Hartwell Jr 
(Cowan Tenn) ; Chattanooga Coll of 
Law LLB 1925; atty; World War I; 
Tracy City Tenn 

2779-AVES Henry Damerel Jr (Sea- 
brook Tex); KA; Gen Foods Corp 
1921-1944 mgr Maxwell House (coffee) 
1942-1944 Houston; World War I SATC; 
died Houston Tex 23 Oct 1944 

2780-HITER Leonard Mathis (Bend- 
er Ark); H R Park & Co; World War 
I SATC; Merigold Miss 

2781-DAVIS Normal Paschall (New 
York N Y); SAE; Fed Reserve Bank; 
3'3 Liberty St New York N Y 

2782-GATES Sterling Atherton (Bat- 
on Rouge La); KS; World War I 
SATC; lab asst Esso Standard Oil Co; 
1975 Stanford Baton Rouge La 

2783-HERRING John Bisland (Wax- 
ahachie Tex) ; Trinity U; U of Colo BA 
1928; realtor; 723 Culbertson Dr Okla- 
homa City Okla 

2784-SCHNEIDER William Frederick 
Henry (Louisville Ky) ; BA 1920 DTD; 
U of Ky; World War I; died Louisville 
Ky 1925 

2785-MacKENZIE Maurice Russell 
(Thibodaux La) ; Harvard U BA; one- 
time instr Riverside Jr Coll; Riverside 

2786-W ARING Charles Witte 
(Charleston S C); BA 1920; Coll of 
Charleston; U of Pa LLB 1922; atty; 53 
King St Charleston 2 S C 

2787-McCARTY Nick Hinds (Jack- 
son Miss); DTD; Miss A&M Coll; 
planter; Al & Lloyd Parker Co; World 
War I SATC; San Benito Tex 

2788-SKIDMORE Fletcher Lee (Win- 
chester Tenn) ; SAE; munitions factory 
1918-1919; Am Olympic team 1920; 
salesman; 3751 S 5th St E Salt Lake 
City Utah 

2789-HAGAN William Ramsey 
(Nashville Tenn); PDT; Hagan & Ha- 
gan (ins & real estate) ; World War I 
SATC; 410 5th Ave N Nashville Tenn 

2790-RENNOLDS Erwin Edwin 
(Fayetteville Tenn; died Ky 

2791-SHAPARD David Green (Shel- 
by ville Tenn) ; PDT; owner Shapard 
Chevrolet Co Manchester Tenn; died 
there 31 Jan 1955 

2792-RAINEY Louis Rogers (Syla- 
cauga Ala) ; Ala Polytechnic Institute; 
owner Rainey Heating Co (contract- 
ors); World War I SATC; died Mont- 
gomery Ala 30 July 1954 

2793-BARNES Jodie Lemuel (Fay- 
etteville Tenn); U of Tenn 1918-1919; 
colporteur evangelist; 2800 Carter Ave 
Ashland Ky 

Entered Epiphany Term 1918 

2794-COUNCIL Harold Thornton 
(Greenville Miss) ; KA; planter Cedar 
Lane Farm; World War I SATC; 1406 
Main St Greenville Miss 

2795-CAMPBELL Charles Rogers 
(Shreveport La); SAE; Ga Institute 
of Tech; pres Charles R Campbell Co; 
4532 Livingston Ave Dallas Tex 

2796-ROGERS George Bradshaw 
(Birmingham Ala); World War I 

EASTER 1918: No college matriculants. 

SUMMER 1918: No college matricu- 

Entered Advent Term 1918 

2797-BAILEY Thomas Laval (Sewa- 
nee Tenn); U of S C AB 1917; U of 
Calif MA 1921 PhD 1926; instr geology 
& botany U of S 1917-1918; consulting 
geologist; see Am Men of Sci; World 
War I SATC; 223 Crisman Ave Ven- 
lura Calif 

2798-HARRIS Dudley Peete (Mari- 
anna Ark) ; A 3033 KS; onetime mayor 
of Marianna; gen mgr D P Harris & 
planter; World War I SATC; 215 Park 
Dr W Memphis Ark 

2799-FLOURNOY Robert Willis Jr 
(Ft Worth Tex); A 2888 PDT; died 12 
Aug 1945 

2800-CUNINGHAM William Battle 
(Gallaway Tenn); A 3103 DTD; farm- 
er; World War II; Mason Tenn 

2801-HUTTON John Davidson Jr 
(Shelbyville Tenn) ; A 3045 SAE; High- 
land Ct Shelbyville Tenn 

2802-McNEAL John Phelan (Birm- 
ingham Ala); A 3050 SAE; U of Calif 
Los Angeles; mech engr Southwest 
Welding & Mfg Co Alhambra Calif; 
1233 Sanborn Ave Los Angeles Calif 

2803-MERRITT John Abercrombie 
Jr (Pensacola Fla); A 2929; Wesleyan 
U Psi Upsilon; ship agt & custom house 
broker Pensacola Shipping Agency; 
World War I SATC; Box 1309 Pensa- 
cola Fla 

2804-PARK Thomas Rutherford 
(Merigold Miss); A 3080 BS 1922 KA; 
merchant & planter; died Merigold 
about 1952 

2805-SCOTT Charles Cobb (Mem- 
phis Tenn); A 2932 DTD; grocer 28 
yrs & owner Scott's Nat Brands Store; 
World War I SATC; died Memphis 
Tenn 5 Sept 1946 

2806-SMITH S t u t s o n (Nashville 
Tenn); A 2995 PDT; pres Stutson Smith 
Ins Agency; World War I SATC; died 
Nashville 2 Feb 1941 

2807-COX Howard Bland (Reno 
Nev) ; A 2912 PDT; World War I SATC; 
San Francisco Calif* 

2808-HARRISON Thomas Gustavus 
(San Antonio Tex); A 2847 PDT; 
World War I SATC; co-owner H & M 
Appliance Co; 612 Main St Kerrville 

2809-HUME Foster Jr (Nashville 
Tenn); A 3011 PDT; sales rep Cham- 
berlain Co of Am; World War I SATC; 
died Atlanta Ga 13 Sept 1953 

2810-HAYNSWORTH Knox Living- 
ston (Greenville S C) ; A 3119; died 13 
May 1943 

2811 -KELLY John Connally Jr (Wa- 
co Tex); A 3110 KS; World War I 
SATC; Harrisburg Pa* 

2812- AN DREWS Edwin Norment 
(Dayton Tenn); A 2901; onetime gen 
mgr Southeastern Ice Co Lake Worth 
Fla; World War I SATC; Delray Beach 

2813-WELLS John Oscar (Miles City 
Mont); A 3054 PDT; stunt man Para- 
mount Studios Hollywood Calif; World 
War I SATC; died 7 Aug 1947 

2814-WILLIAMS Arthur Arnold 
(Memphis Tenn); A 3009 DTD; exec 
v pres Memphis Bd of Trade; World 
War I SATC; 3358 Highland Park Ave 
Memphis Tenn 

2815-CARR John Buckley (Birming- 
ham Ala); A 2959; W B Leedy & Co 
(real estate) ; World War I SATC; 3005 
Highland Ave Apt 1 Birmingham Ala 

2816-WOOLWINE Emmons Hicks 
(Tullahoma Tenn); A 2882 BS 1922 
PDT; U of Pa (archt) 1922-1926; archt 
Woolwine Harwood & Clark; World 
War I SATC; died Ft Walton Fla 3 
Oct 1951 

2817-BOWEN David (Des Arc Ark); 
A 2920 PDT; World War I SATC; Des 
Arc Ark 

2818-BONHOLZER Albert Andrew 
(Tracy City Tenn); A 2975; Coca-Cola 
Bottling Co; World War I SATC; Tracy 
City Tenn 

2819-ADOUE Jacques Poindexter 
(Houston Tex) ; A 3022 SAE; U of Tex 
BA 1922 LLB 1924; World War I & 
World War II maj U S Army; atty; Rt 
1 Montgomery Tex 

2820-PISE David Allison (Goshen N 
Y); A 3156; World War I SATC; died 
New York N Y about 1937 

2821-HUFFMAN John Clinton (Shel- 
byville Tenn) ; A 3047 SAE; U of Tenn; 
owner John C Huffman Appliance Co; 
World War I SATC; 808 S Brittain St 
Shelbyville Tenn 

2822-B A I L E Y Seaton Grantland 
(Griffin Ga) ; A 3090 BS 1924 KA; tex- 
tile exec; World War I SATC & World 
War II It U S Navy; Box 2 Griffin Ga 

2823-GUERRY LeGrand Jr (Colum- 
bia S C) ; BA 1923 PDT; World War I; 
salesman; 4004 Linwood Ave Colum- 
bia S C 

2824-SESSUMS Alexander Cleveland 
(New Orleans La) ; BA 1922 SAE; assoc 
ed Finance Magazine; World War II It 
U S Army; Suite 3110 20 Wacker Dr 
Chicago 111 

2825-DECKER Austin Wheeler (San- 
ta Fe Isle of Pines) 

2826-PHILLIPS Robert (Meridian 
Miss); BA 1922 PGD; sports columnist 
Birmingham Post-Herald; Birmingham 

2827-OAKLEY Ralph Sidney (Beau- 
mont Tex) ; World War I SATC 

2828-HALL Charles Howard (Beau- 
mont Tex) 

2829-HERIN Henry Mercer Jr 
(Hurtsboro Ala); ATO; Columbus 
Bank & Trust Co; 2617 Marion St Co- 
lumbus Ga 

2830-SHACKELFORD Cary Peyton 
(Charleston S C) 

2831-MITCHELL Cotesworth Pinck- 
ney (Charleston S C) ; World War I 
SATC; killed auto accident Sept 1925 

2832-B A M B E R G Joseph McGee 
(Bamberg S C) ; KA; Duke U; World 
War I SATC; Bamberg S C 





2833-FLOWER Clarence Sprigg 
(Alexandria La); KA; grad La State 
U 1922; distributor outboard motors & 
small boats many yrs Calif; World War 
I SATC & World War II It comdr U S 
Navy; killed in hunting accident 1953 

2834-B RABSON John M i 1 1 er 
(Greeneville Term); U of Tenn 1919- 
1920 SAE; Little Falls Paper Co; Corn- 
wall-on-Hudson N Y 

2835-CROWNOVER Winfield Scott 
(Winchester Term) ; business (ret) ; 
World War I SATC; 5732 9th Terrace 
Miami 34 Fla 

2836-CAROTHERS Eugene Stuart Jr 
(West Point Miss); KS; died West 
Point Sept 1930 

2837-SHERIDAN William Joseph Jr 
(Chattanooga Tenn); U of Mich MD 
1924; phys & surg; World War I SATC 
& World War II It col U S Army; 1807 
Hixson Pike Chattanooga Tenn 

2838-GERNER Charles Frederick 
(Houston Tex); KA; Gerner Lumber 
Co; died Tex Oct 1933 

2839-PAYNE Beckwith Benjamin Jr 
(Winterville Miss); BA 1922 KA; dir 
B B Payne & Co (gen merchandise) ; 
died Winterville 6 Sept 1926 

2840-J O R D A N Mortimer Harvey 
(Greenville Miss); Miss A&M Coll; 
Jordan Furniture Co; Box 402 Green- 
wood Miss 

2841-PAYNE Malcolm Luther (Win- 
terville Miss); BS 1922 KA; pres Miss 
Realtors Assoc; 223 Robertshaw Green- 
ville Miss 

2842-GARNER John Berry (Alto 
Tenn) ; postal supv; World War I 
SATC; 607 Wedgewood Nashville Tenn 

2843-BICKHAM Horace Mann (Vi- 
vian La) ; Box 302 Vivian La 

2844-HUCKABAY Harry Hunter Jr 
(Vivian La) ; bus mgr Baton Rouge 
Gen Hosp; World War I SATC; 2045 
E Lakeshore Dr Baton Rouge La 

2845-COLEMAN Frederick Compton 
(Selma Ala); Ala Polytechnic Institute 

2846-MERSHON Edward Ralph (Eto- 
wah Tenn); BS 1922 DTD; Harvard U 
(business) ; agr economist Washington 
D C; died there 1934 

2847-FARMER Jesse Douglas (Nash- 
ville Tenn) ; farmer; World War I 
SATC; Buffalo Valley Tenn 

2848-DOYLE Samuel Pleasant 
(Shreveport La); SAE; World War I 
SATC; Little Rock Ark* 

2849-BREWSTER Harry Cynl 
(Shreveport La); SAE; World War I 
SATC; died 1919 

2850-BILLEITER Charles Reesman 
(Shreveport La); World War I SATC; 
oil leasing & drilling; 1701 Marshall St 
Shreveport La 

2851-MORRIS Marr (Pawhuska Ok- 
la); ATO; onetime Standard Oil Co 
Calcutta Ind; 3660 Mayflower Place 
Nashville 4 Tenn 

2852-WTTHERSPOON John Alexan- 
der Jr (Nashville Tenn); PDT; v pres 
3rd Nat Bank; World War I SATC; 
Sutherland Ave Belle Meade Nashville 

2853-SCHWING Samuel Poynter Jr 

(Plaquemine La) ; PDT; importer; 
World War I SATC; 1308 W Beach 
Pass Christian Miss 

2854-THOMAS John William Jr 
(Shelby Miss); KA; Shelby Miss 

2855-ELAM Clyde Houston (Frank- 
ewing Tenn); World War I SATC 

2856-LUCKETT Clinton Lee (Green- 
ville Miss) ; SAE; asst mgr Chicago 
Mill & Lumber Co; World War I SATC; 
Greenville Miss 

2857-WREN Thomas Allen (Martin 
Tenn) ; KS; benefit assoc of RR em- 
ployees; 5002 N Ashland Ave Chicago 

2858-SCOTT Julius Frederic (Thom- 
asville Ga); T 357 DTD; World War I 
SATC; died Lakeland Fla 15 Feb 1927 

2859-P O W E L L Howard Mitchell 
(Decherd Tenn); PGD; U of Tenn; 
World War I SATC; ptnr Powell Hard- 
ware Decherd; Winchester Tenn 

2860-TANNAHILL Robert Nicholson 
Jr (Greenville S C) ; KS; The Citadel; 
World War I SATC; 1111 Granger Rd 
Syracuse N Y 

2861-JOSEY Don William (Beau- 
mont Tex); KS; World War I SATC; 
3625 Maplewood Dallas Tex 

2862-MYERS Galatain Fredric 
(Beaumont Tex); KS; World War I 
SATC; in business Beaumont; killled 
in auto accident early summer 1921 

2863-McDANIEL Clyde Harton 
(Decherd Tenn); World War I SATC; 
chief clerk field accounting Tide Wa- 
ter Associated Oil Co; Box 243 Robin- 
son HI 

2864-HELMS James Reding (Nash- 
ville Tenn) ; T 340 BA & GD 1921 BD 
1922 SN; U of Chattanooga; deacon 1921 
priest 1922; ministry in Tenn Ariz New 
Mex & Calif; rector St Clement's Ch 
1946- ; World War I SATC & World 
War II chaplain (maj) U S Army; 2909 
Hope Huntington Park Calif 

2865-B A I R D Kenneth McGregor 
(Nashville Term); BA 1922 KA; World 
War I SATC; died 

2866-GRISARD Wiley Parker (Win- 
chester Tenn) ; pharmaceutical mfr 
Anasarcin Chem Co & Dawson Phar- 
macal Co Winchester; died Phoenix 
Ariz 8 Mar 1955 

2867-HIRSIG James William (Nash- 
ville Tenn) ; SAE; Vanderbilt U; found- 
ed Hirsig Auto Supply Co Nashville & 
later v pres a business Jacksonville 
Fla; World War I SATC; died Nash- 
ville 12 Mar 1948 

2868-DENNEY Samuel Rogers (Mi- 
lan Term); 562 Liberty St Milan Tenn 

2869-DENNEY Robert Clinton Jr 
(Milan Tenn); Bethel Coll; died 

2870-DODD Paul Frazier (Fredrick) 
(Martin Tenn); KS; U of Tenn 1921- 
1922; sales & sales promotion (cosmet- 
ics) ; Paris Tenn 

2871-DRENNEN George Smith Hous- 
ton (Birmingham Ala); ATO; Drennen 
& Co (dept store); real estate; World 
War I SATC; 411 N 21st St Birming- 
ham Ala 

2872-D REN NEN Charles Edward 
(Birmingham Ala); ATO; Drennen 
Hardware Co; World War I SATC & 

World War II capt U S Air Force; 3095 
Sterling Rd Birmingham Ala 

2873-AMACHER Fred (Belvidere 
Tenn); Emory U; Methodist minister; 
died in Ga about 1946 

2874-TIBBS Homer Harrison (Nash- 
ville Tenn); World War I SATC 

2875-DOUGLAS Richard Mansfield 
(New Orleans La); A 2702 T 356 BA 
1922 BD 1924 SN; ministry in Tex & 
La; deacon priest ; in charge 

St John's Ch Minden La; died Shreve- 
port La 21 Nov 1932 

2876-SIMMONDS Jackson Donald 
(Beaumont Tex) 

2877-ABEL James Anderson (Day- 
ton Tenn); World War I SATC; 318 
Marlboro Ave Chattanooga Tenn 

2878-MANNE Julius (New York N 
Y) ; World War I SATC 

2879-COUGHLAN William (Birm- 
ingham Ala) ; ATO; asst mgr Sinclair 
Oil Co Chattanooga; World War I 
SATC; died Chattanooga Tenn 5 July 

2880-SHELTON Lewis Porter 
(Greenville Miss); KA; World War I 
SATC; died 1921 

2881-FALLER Preston Fidel (S 
Pittsburg Term); ATO; Clark Truck 
Tractor Co Seattle; World War I SATC; 
1921 Minor Seattle 1 Wash 

2882-EMBREY Louis Owen (Win- 
chester Tenn); World War I SATC; 
Northern 111 Coll of Optometry OpD 
1922; optometrist; Laurel Miss 

2883-GRAHAM George Granville 
(Memphis Tenn); DTD; U of Tenn 
DDS; dentist; World War I SATC; 
killed in auto accident Memphis 1 Mar 

2884-SEWALL Alexander Randolph 
(Shreveport La) ; Centenary Coll; U S 
Army; World War I SATC & World 
War II; col U S Army; Headqtrs 6th 
Army San Francisco Calif 

2885-NOLLAU Milton Elmer (St 
Louis Mo); T 358 BA (valed) 1922 
PGD; Washington U; administrative 
asst federal court; World War I 
SATC; 5540 Pershing Ave St Louis 12 

2886-BAILEY Ralph Cash (Shreve- 
port La) 

2887-MARTIN Clarence Hanford 
(McComb Miss); PGD; U of Ala AB 
1922; atty; Bay Shore Royal Hotel 
Tampa Fla 

2888-MAINS John Richard (West 
Point Miss); KS; Am Snuff Co; World 
War I SATC; Nacogdoches Tex; died 
near Rayville La May 1950 or 1951 

2889-CARRUTHERS Thomas Neely 
(Collierville Tenn); T 389 GST 43 BA 
1921 BD 1929 DD 1940 KS; Princeton 
U MA 1924; deacon 1925 priest 1926; 
instr English U of S 1924-1926; 10th 
bishop S C 1944- ; S C trustee U of S 
1944- ; World War I SATC; see Who's 
Who 1954-1955; 138 Wentworth St 
Charleston S C 

2890-MONROE William Paul (Hunts- 
ville Ala) ; farmer; World War I SATC; 
601 Randolph St Huntsville Ala 

2891-SCHROEDER Joseph Lawrence 
(Shreveport La); SAE; World War I 
SATC; Taft Tex* 





2892-DAVIDSON Philip Grant Jr 
(Greenville Miss); D Litt 1954; U of 
Miss BS 1922 MA 1925 U of Chicago 
PhD 1929; prof hist Agnes Scott Coll 
1928-1942; dean Vanderbilt U 1942- 
1951; pres U of Louisville 1951- ; PBK; 
see Who's Who 1954-1955; U of Louis- 
ville Louisville Ky 

2893-MIMNAUGH John Lautye Jr 
(Columbia S C); KA; World War I U 
S Naval Reserve; died 

2894-SATO Toshio (Gunzan Korea); 
Washeda U Tokyo Japan 

2895-CHANEY Van Boddie (Rose- 
dale Miss); KA; World War I SATC; 
Rosedale Miss 

2896-GRAHAM Owen McDavid 
(Huntsville Ala); KA; U of Term; 
World War I SATC; died about 1948 

2897-HUTCHENS Morton McAllister 
( Huntsville Ala) ; U of Ala; World War 
I SATC; 303 Williams St Huntsville 

2898-B RODNAXGeorge Taylor 
(Memphis Term) ; KA; pres Brodnax 
Jewelry Co; World War I SATC; died 
Memphis 4 Feb 1939 

2899-LEONARD Robert Lee (Mem- 
phis Term) ; KA; World War I SATC 

2900-HALL Lewis Miller Jr (Mem- 
phis Term); KA; World War I SATC; 

2901-HERVEY Harry Clay Jr (Pen- 
sacola Fla) ; A 2827; explorer & author; 
spec stu SATC unit 1918; see Who's 
Who 1938-1939; died New York N Y 12 
Aug 1951 

2902-BEATUS Carl (Memphis Tenn) ; 
U of Tenn; 567 Summit St Memphis 

2903-CANALE Lawrence Joseph 
(Memphis Tenn); World War I SATC 

2904- GARTH William Willis (Hunts- 
ville Ala); Va Mil Institute; World War 
I SATC; Franklin St Huntsville Ala 

2905 -BOND Percy Franklin (Cleve- 
land Miss) ; farmer; World War I 
SATC; Pace Miss 

2906-SILLIMAN William Thomas 
(Pulaski Tenn); World War I SATC; 
ins; died Los Angeles Calif 10 Apr 1923 

2907-H OLDEN William Robert 
(Memphis Tenn); A 3068 DTD; farm- 
er; World War I SATC; 1779 Kendale 
Memphis Tenn 

2908-WILLIS Henry McDonald (Tul- 
lahoma Tenn); PGD; World War I 
SATC; Morristown Tenn* 

2909-PALFREY WilliamTaylor 
(Franklin La) ; U of Ala BS 1905 SAE; 
onetime cashier City Nat Bank; World 
War I SATC; 2142 Government Bldg 
Baton Rouge La 

2910-M c M U R R E Y Jim Conner 
(Houston Tex) 

2911-BERTELSEN Henry Clarence 
(Swaledale Iowa) ; Des Moines Coll BS 

2912-DOUGLASS Hiram Kennedy 
(Florence Ala); T 334 BA 1920 SAE; 
Ala State Normal BA 1913; Columbia 
U; Oxford U B Litt 1921; deacon & 
priest 1922; canon St Mary's Cathd & 
rector Ch of the Good Shepherd Mem- 
phis Tenn 1929-1937; now ret; Flor- 
ence Ala 

2913-PIERCE Gordon Decatur 
(Brooklyn N Y); T 342 GD 1921 KS; 
City Coll of N Y; N Y U 1917-1918 & 
1923-1924; deacon 1921 priest 1922; rec- 
tor Trinity Ch; Newton Conn 

Entered Epiphany Term 1919 

2914-HARWELL Samuel Knox Jr 
(Nashville Tenn); BS 1921 KA; Da- 
vidson Coll; Neely Harwell & Co 
(wholesale dry goods); died Nashville 
22 Aug 1944 

2915-DARLINGTON Harold Milton 
(Louisville Ky) ; A 2989 

2916-PHILLIPS Joseph Hunter 
(Memphis Tenn); A 3210 PDT; dist 
sales mgr Shell Petroleum Co Atlanta; 
head J H Phillips & Co (investments) 
Memphis; died there 23 Jan 1941 

2917-C RAVENS James Rorick 
(Houston Tex); KS; Princeton U BA 
1922; ptnr Cravens & Dargan (ins) ; 
World War II maj U S Air Force; Box 
1660 Houston Tex 

2918-T S C H U D Y Philip William 
(Memphis Tenn); PDT; 146 Lafayette 
Memphis Tenn 

2919-WILLIAMSON Robert Chap- 
man (Memphis Tenn); DTD; cotton 
factor; World War I SATC; Miss trus- 
tee U of S 1944-1947; died Greenwood 
Miss 2 Oct 1948 

2920-KELLY Paul Rue (Dallas Tex) ; 
PGD; onetime Huey & Philp Hardware 
Co; 2805 Stanford Dallas Tex 

2921-HEMPHILL Vassar Dewey 
(Valley Wild Miss); DTD; farmer; 
RFD Greenville Miss 

2922-MOORE Charles Carroll Jr 
(Chattanooga Tenn); World War II 
T/sgt U S Army; Murfreesboro Tenn* 

2923-WILKES Claud Cecil (Durant 
Miss); ATO; pres Claud Wilkes & 
Wilkes Farms Inc; Durant Miss 

2924-THOMPSON Gustave (Brook- 
lyn N Y) 

2925-HELM George Meredith Jr 
(Helm Miss); A 2997 SAE; J G Lusk 
& Co; 203 McAllister Greenville Miss 

Entered Easter Term 1919 

2926-TULLIS Clayton Thurmond Jr 
(Montgomery Ala); A 2999 DTD; U of 
Va; salesman Nat Carbon Co; Box 
6222 Charlotte 7 N C 

Entered Summer Term 1919 

2927-HOWARD Laurence Branch 
(Nashville Tenn); Vanderbilt U BA 
1920; Yale U LLB 1923; Tenn state 
senator 1932-1934; atty Hume Howard 
Davis & Boult; World War H maj U S 
Marine Corps; Am Trust Bldg Nash- 
ville Tenn 

2928-KEEBLE John Bell Jr (Nash- 
ville Tenn); Vanderbilt U BA 1921 
PDT; Yale U LLB 1924; atty & sr memb 
Keeble & McGugin; died Nashville 14 
Oct 1947 

Entered Advent Term 1919 

2929-FITE Frank Green Jr (Nashville 
Tenn); A 3061 PDT; Elliston Place 
Nashville Tenn 

2930-CHEEK Elbert Alston Jr (Can- 
ton Miss); A 3182 SAE; Percy Gal- 

breath & Son (ptnr & appraiser) Mem- 
phis Tenn; died there 12 Oct 1948 

2931-RAINES James Marion (Long) 
(St Louis Mo); A 3194 KS; Baylor Med 
Coll MD 1936; phys FAMA; see Who's 
Who 1953; 2002 Proctor St Port Arthur 

2932-SCHWING Edward Beymoth Jr 
(Plaquemine La); A 3088 SAE; sec 
treas Schwing Lumber & Shingle Co; 
Plaquemine La 

2933-SLOAN Paul Lowe Jr (Nash- 
ville Tenn); A 2978 KA; v pres Cain- 
Sloan Dept Store; Nashville Tenn 

2934-COBBS Wiley Tunstall (Annis- 
ton Ala); A 3164 BS 1923 SAE; sec 
treas W P Acker & Co (ins) ; Anniston 

2935-EVANS Winston Gill (Shelby- 
ville Tenn); A 3048 BA 1923 SAE; Pur- 
ity Dairies; 3125 Long Blvd Nashville 

2936-FRIERSON John Burton Jr 
(Shelbyville Tenn); A 3172 PDT; pres 
Dixie Mercerizing Co; Chattanooga 

2937-HELM Gay Coleman (Helm 
Miss) ; A 2998 SAE; mgr & bookkeeper 
for Ford tractor dealer; Box 43 Hern- 
don Va 

2938-McLEOD John Blount (Lum- 
berton N C) ; A 3052 PDT; U of N C; 
Elm St Lumber-ton N C 

2939-MINOR Alcorn Ferguson (New- 
port Ark); A 3036 DTD; v pres Phil- 
lips & Ferguson Ins Co; Newport Ark 

2940-NEVILLE Shepherd Spencer Jr 
(Scooba Miss); A 2961 

2941-SEARCY Emory William (Grif- 
fin Ga); A 3211; 355 E College St Grif- 
fin Ga 

2942-SCHOOLFIELD Stephen 
Hughes Jr (Mullins S C); A 3220 BA 
1923 PDT; U of S C LLB 1927 PBK; 
atty Washington D C; World War II 
comdr U S Navy; S C trustee U of S 
1935-1941; died Washington 2 Apr 1951 

2943-TENISON Smith Jr (Nashville 
Tenn); A 3081 PDT; Lynwood Blvd 
Nashville Term 

2944-TOMLINSON Frank Roane 
(Pine Bluff Ark); A 3129 BS 1923 PDT; 
died 25 May 1946 

2945-WARE John Davis Dabney (Se- 
wanee Tenn); A 2859; U of Va MD; 
phys; died while interning at Johns 
Hopkins Hosp Baltimore Md 23 Feb 

2946-WOODWARD Gaston Mitchell 
(Durant Okla) ; A 3032 KS; U of Okla 
BS; agt Great Am Ins Co; 2913 Cum- 
mings Dr Oklahoma City Okla 

2947-JOHNSON Joseph William (Se- 
wanee Tenn); A 3062 BS 1923; agt 
State Farm Dept Am Ins Nashville 
Tenn; died there 28 July 1950 

2948-FARNSWORTH Robert Attwell 
(Pascagoula Miss); A 2993 DTD; Box 
214 Pascagoula Miss 

2949-SNOWDEN Thomas Day (Mem- 
phis Tenn); A 3167 SAE; banker & 
realtor; Nat Bank of Commerce 1852 
Central Ave Memphis Tenn 

2950-STURDIVANT Benjamin Wil- 
liam (Memphis Tenn); A 3171 BS 1924 
DTD; planter; Glendora Miss 





2951 -ROGERS Nathaniel James Jr 
(Montgomery Ala) ; A 2872 DTD 

2952-HERRON Turner Scott (Wichi- 
ta Falls Tex) ; A 2897 PDT; 255 Kim- 
brough Memphis Tenn 

2953-DEVALL Frederick DuMontier 
Jr (Memphis Tenn) ; A 3186 KS; credit 
mgr Automotive Finance Co; 1830 S 
Dupre St New Orleans 19 La 

2954-McKAY William George (Se- 
wanee Tenn); A 3235 DTD; onetime 
McKay Bros (hardware) Evanston 111; 
Box 2181 Delray Beach Fla 

2955-BOYD Wilson Lawrie (Ft Worth 
Tex); A 2931 SAE; U of Va BS 1923 
MS 1924; 2249 5th Ave Ft Worth Tex 

2956-HUNT John Ferriss (Nashville 
Tenn); A 3035 SAE; former treas 
Nashville Banner; World War II It 
comdr U S Navy; 705 West view Ave 
Nashville Tenn 

2957-GRUBBS Allen Enholm (Eu- 
ta w.Ala); PGD; planter; Eutaw Ala 

2958-NEVILLE George Waddell (Me- 
ridian Miss); BA 1923 KA; George 
Washington U LLB 1929; atty Munter 
South & Neville; asst to admins Fed 
Housing Adm 1934-1937; died Wash- 
ington D C 20 Jan 1954 

2959-ELLIOTT Joseph Harry (Ya- 
zoo City Miss); PGD; pharmaceutical 
salesman; died New Orleans La 15 May 

2960-LINTHICUM Thomas Gray 
(Atlanta Ga); T 376 BS 1923 PGD; agt 
Am Fore Ins Group; Box 1680 Atlanta 

2961-WILLEFORD John Farley (Pine 
Bluff Ark); BA 1923 SN 

2962-BELL Edmond Lawson (Lake 
Providence La) ; KA; U of Tenn; one- 
time salesman Lake Providence Hard- 
ware Co; 4107 Horatio St Tampa Fla 

2963-STEVENSON Horace Lee 
(Jacksonville Ala); Jacksonville State 
Teachers Coll BS 1933; U of Ala MA 
1940; asst prof hist Jacksonville State 
Teachers Coll; Jacksonville Ala 

2964-MITCHELL Robert Halfyard 
(Tullahoma Tenn); BA 1923 PGD; 
Harvard U MBA 1925; certified pub 
acct; 34 Muskogee Rd Atlanta Ga 

2965-WERNER James Kennedy 
(Tracy City Tenn); DTD; coal broker; 
World War I Sewanee Ambulance Unit; 
1230 Duane Rd Chattanooga Tenn 

2966-MILEM Jackson Allen Jr (Sike- 
ston Mo) ; SN; U of S Calif Sch Phar- 
macy; owner Amazol Co (med & surg 
supplies) ; 1025 Washington Blvd Los 
Angeles Calif 

2967-CALVIT Montfort (Alexandria 
La); PGD; onetime mgr Bamama 
Trading Co; 4103 Sherwood Rd Jack- 
sonville Fla 

2968-HTLSMAN Agnew Hodge Jr 
(Albany Ga); SAE; Princeton U AB 
1923; Cumberland U LLB 1929; atty 
Coca-Cola Co; 3045 Peachtree Dr At- 
lanta Ga 

2969-STRAIN James Raymond (Tu- 
pelo Miss) ; Miss A&M Coll; pres & mgr 
Tupelo Oil & Ice Co 1951- ; N Green St 
Tupelo Miss 

2970-TURNER Malcolm Ellsworth Jr 
(Atlanta Ga) ; PGD; Emory U DDS 

1924; dentist; 1882 Mt Vernon Rd Dun- 
woody Ga 

2971-GAUNT Robert Marshall (Al- 
lendale S C) ; ATO; mfr rep; 3716 Bel- 
fontaine Houston Tex 

2972-A N D E R S O N Alvin Albert 
(Greenville Miss) ; Johl & Bergman Co 
(shoes) ; Greenville Miss 

2973-MILEM Charles Russell (Sike- 
ston Mo); SN; Mass Institute of Tech; 
farmer; 819 S Main Ave Sidney O 

2974-CROSSLIN Jack Stanford Jr 
(Waco Tex); Baylor U 1918-1919 

Hunter (Yazoo City Miss); BA 1921 
DTD; U of Miss; U S Vet Facility; 
Biloxi Miss 

2976-BROWN Francis Craighill 
(Pensacola Fla); BA 1922 PBK PGD; 
Va Theol Sem BD 1925 DD 1950; prof 
Church History Central Theol Sch 
Shanghai China 1928-1930; rector Em- 
manuel Ch Southern Pines N C; dean 
Sch of Theology U of S 1949-1953; prof 
Berkeley Div Sch 1953- ; see Who's 
Who 1954-1955; 38 Hillhouse Ave New 
Haven 11 Conn 

2977-ROBINSON Benjamin Drew 
(Pensacola Fla); died there 19 Apr 

2978-MORGAN John Henry (Gran- 
iteville S C); T 374 BA 1923 BD 1925; 
deacon 1925 priest 1926 ret; ministry in 
S C N J Ga La Miss & Pa; rector St 
Luke's Ch Chester Pa; 4 W Hinkley 
Ridley Park Pa 

2979-P IERCE Ralph Valentine 
(Shreveport La) ; St John's Coll; asst 
chief clerk Ark Fuel Oil Corp; 3015 
College Shreveport La 

2980-McGIMSEY Robert Hunter Jr 
(Alexandria La) ; composer; Holly- 
wood Calif* 

2981-MATHEWES David Andrew 
(Spartanburg S C) ; KS; C P Mathewes 
(cotton); 318 Cotton Exchange Bldg 
Memphis Tenn 

2982-NELSON Albert Langston (Na- 
cogdoches Tex); SAE; U of Tex MD; 
surg; 211 A Main Nacogdoches Tex 

2983-SMITH Buford Colclough 
(Georgetown S C); BS 1923 KS; fire 
ins; 227 S Edisto Ave Columbia S C 

2984-SANFORD John Wesley (Rip- 
ley Tenn) 

2985-COUNCIL Kenneth K (Green- 
ville Miss); KA; died 

2986-ALLEN James Swayne (Mem- 
phis Tenn); T 359; Va Theol Sem BD 
1925; deacon 1924 priest 1925; ministry 
in Tenn Tex & Mo; rector Christ Ch 
St Joseph Mo 1941-1955; St Andrew's 
Ch Kansas City 1955- ; Tex trustee U 
of S 1929-1930; 1420 Huntington Rd 
Kansas City Mo 

2987-C ROWNOVER Hal (Alto 
Tenn); entomologist State of Ga; Box 
172 Cairo Ga 

2988-GUERRY Edward Brailsford 
(Charleston S C); T 369 GST 80 BA 
1923 STM 1952 SAE; U of Pa LLB 
1926; Va Theol Sem BD 1932; deacon 
1932 priest 1933; ministry in S C Va & 
N C; rector St James' Ch James Is & 
St John's Ch Johns Is 1946- ; World 
War II chaplain & maj U S Army; The 
Rectory RFD 5 Charleston S C 

2989-R AMSAY John Woolfolk 
(Memphis Tenn); PGD; West Tenn 
State Normal Coll; Memphis Law Sch 
LLB; pres Ramsay Austin Cotton Co; 
Box 1200 Unit 1 Memphis Tenn 

2990-GUERRY Moultrie (Charleston 

5 C); GST 70 BA 1921 PBK SAE; Va 
Theol Sem BD 1925 DD 1944; deacon 
1925 priest 1926; ministry in S C Tenn 

6 Va; chaplain & prof Bible U of S 
1929-1938; rector St Paul's Ch Norfolk 
1938-; alumni trustee U of S 1955- ; 901 
Greenway Ct Norfolk 7 Va 

2991-DuBOSE William Porcher (Co- 
lumbia S C); BA 1923 PDT; ins; Box 
1077 Columbia S C 

2992-EVANS Theodore Isaac (Chat- 
tanooga Tenn); ATO; 1288 Duane Rd 
Chattanooga Tenn 

2993-BARTLETT William (Owens- 
boro Ky); DTD 

2994-MURPHY Horace Lennon 
(Knoxville Tenn); KS; died 

2995- J A C K S O N William Oren 
(Monteagle Tenn); BS 1923; Columbia 
U MD 1927; phys; Box 457 Avoca N J 

2996-WELLS George Baker (Colum- 
bia Tenn); SAE; agt Fed Mut Ins Co; 
128 Cleveirvine Ave Greenville S C 

2997-WILSON Buford Gray (Nash- 
ville Tenn) ; BS 1923 DTD; v pres Jack 
M Bass & Co (investments); Suite 500 
315 4th Ave N Nashville Tenn 

2998-ROSE James Valentine (Chat- 
tanooga Tenn); ATO 

2999-M c C L U R E Malcolm Eastland 
(Nashville Tenn); KS; Oakland Calif* 

3000-PAN Panos (Merigold Miss); 

3001-PARKE Frank Herbert (Little 
Rock Ark) ; KS; onetime Parke-Harp- 
er Printing Co; Box 191 Little Rock 

3002-MANNING John Adger (Sum- 
ter S C) ; SAE; U of S C BA 1922; U 
of Va LLB 1925; realtor atty & planter; 
427 Saluda Ave Columbia S C 

3003-DOUGLAS John Tucker (St 
Francisville & New Orleans La); A 
2701; Bains La 

3004-PLUMMER William Gardner 
(Mobile Ala); grad U S Mil Acad; It 
U S Army; killed in air accident March 
Field Calif June 1929 

3005-BROWN William Meade Jr 
(Louisville Ky); T 390 BA 1923 BD 
1927 PBK ATO; deacon 1927 priest 
1928; ministry in Tex & La; rector St 
Paul's Ch 1950- ; 140 Albany St Shreve- 
port La 

3006-PICKERING William Albert Jr 
(Little Rock Ark); KS; Los Angeles 

3007-HARWELL Robert Ewing 
(Nashville Tenn); BS 1923 KA; pres 
Neely Harwell & Co (wholesale dry 
goods) ; 324 Public Square Nashville 

3008-MASON Meredith Sandburg 
(Decherd Tenn); PGD; Times-Pica- 
yune New Orleans La 

3009-SPAULDING James Herbert 
(Alto Tenn); onetime asst v pres Ham- 
ilton Nat Bank 1929-1946; sec South- 
land Preserving Co; 14 Sweetbriar Ave 
Chattanooga Tenn 





3010-GUNN William Cecil (Alto 
Tenn); BA 1923 SN; worked in Chat- 
tanooga; killed in automobile accident 
Signal Mt Tenn 25 Dec 1923 

3011-HEAD William Campton (Max- 
well Tenn) 

3012-HELVENSTON Reginald Heber 
(Live Oak Fla) ; BA 1922 PGD; ins 
broker; World War II capt U S Ma- 
rine Corps; 3629 Dartmouth Dallas 5 

3013-POPE Leroy (Hernando Miss); 
A 3072; Antioch Coll & The Sorbonne 
Paris; writer foreign news for radio 
div United Press; UPA Bldg 220 E 42nd 
St New York N Y 

3014-METCALF Richard Eugene 
(Nashville Tenn) 

3015-BRAND Dudley Vernon (West 
Point Miss); KS; real estate; World 
Wars I & II; Hobbs N M 

3016-FRAMPTON Henry George (St 
Petersburg Fla) 

3017-PERKINS Albert Noble (An- 
niston Ala) ; KS; U S Naval Acad BS 
1924; U S Navy 30 yrs; World War II; 
ret as capt 1954; Manor Dr Warring- 
ton Fla 

3018-RINGGOLD Jonas Huber Jr 
(Russellville Ky) ; SAE; Bethel Coll 
Ky; died Denver Colo 5 Oct 1922 

3019-WHITAKER Harry Howe Ruth 
(Philadelphia Pa); SAE; 134 Bartlett 
Ave Charon Hill Pa 

3020-M a c B L A I N Raymond Earl 
(Philadelphia Pa); T 391 BA 1924 BD 
1927 SN; deacon & priest 1927; ministry 
in Miss N C & Fla; rector St Mark's 
Ch Starke Fla 

3021-McCORMACK John Handford 
(Batesville Ark) 

3022-MOORE Claude Bentley Jr 
(Cuero Tex); DTD; sales mgr Seven 
Up Bottling Co; Cuero Tex 

3023-LYMAN Guy Campbell (New 
Orleans La); BA 1923 SAE; dist mgr 
Union Central Life Ins Co Colo Wyo & 
Neb; died Denver Colo 3 Jan 1943 

3024-MITCHELL Allston Thomas 
(Charleston S C); KS; Taylor & Col- 
quitt Greenville S C; died about 1947 

3025-PERKINS Thomas Joseph Jr 
(Simmesport La) ; RR Off United Fruit 
Co Tela Honduras* 

3026-MOORE James Phillport (Cue- 
ro Tex); DTD; died 

3027-LONG Frederick Harry (Mem- 
phis Term); PDT; ins broker; 19 S 
Evergreen St Memphis Tenn 

3028-SHOTWELL William Ira Jr 
(Houston Tex); Southwestern U Tex; 
Covina Baldwin Park Calif* 

3029- COLLINS Joseph Lawrence Jr 
(Greenville Tex); Burleson Coll Tex; 
BA 1922 KA; mgr Greenville Tex hotel; 
rancher; died Dallas 22 July 1944 

3030-MURRAY Richard Oliver 
(Decherd Tenn) ; DTD; ins; died Dech- 
erd 23 Nov 1947 

303'1-BURNETT Henry II (Paducah 
Ky); T 341 PGD; died Chicago 111 29 
May 1920 

3032-HICKS Don Ami (Waco Tex); 
DTD; Baylor U; Hicks Printing Co; 
2029 Jackson Dallas Tex 

3033-RATHER Gordon Smeade (Lit- 
tle Rock Ark) ; BA 1923 KA; ptnr Ra- 
ther & Beyer (ins & bonds); Ark trus- 
tee U of S 1942-1950; alumni trustee U 
of S 1955- ; 4938 E Crestwood Dr Little 
Rock Ark 

3034-TAYLOR Marion Arch (Shreve- 
port La); SAE; La State U LLB; atty; 
died Shreveport about 1925 

3025-DENNEY Joseph Fowler 
(Knoxville Tenn) ; KS; Charleston Hall 
Oak Ridge Tenn 

3036-MARSHALL William Robert Jr 
(Tullahoma Tenn); PGD; U of Tenn 
(grad) ; city engr Tullahoma; died there 
22 July 1953 

3037-TYE Hiram Clark Jr (Jackson 
Miss); Millsaps Coll; employed by 
Standard Oil Co; died Pickens Miss 20 
Aug 1937 

3038-KNIGHT William Jackson (He- 
lena Ark); BA 1921; U of Ark; atty; 
1527 Commerce Bldg Houston Tex 

3039-BENTON William Goitein 
(Clarendon Ark) SN; owner Benton 
Lumber Co; Clarendon Ark 

c040-GALBRAITH Hugh Barnett 
(Georgetown S C); ATO; U of Va; 
realtor; 1352 1st St Louisville Ky 

3041-RULE Lewis Blang (Knoxville 
Tenn) ; T 343; U of Tenn BA; Colum- 
bia U MA; Gen Theol Sem STB; dea- 
con 1922 priest 1924; ministry in N Y; 
asst St Agnes' Chapel New York N Y 
1930-1941; died 5 May 1941 

3042-GRACEY Donald (Clarksville 
Tenn) ; SAE; Southwestern Presbyteri- 
an U; 611 Madison St Clarksville Tenn 

3043-W I N T R O W Herschel Gale 
(Decherd Tenn); Cumberland U LLB 
1924; oil business; World War I; 119 
Almont Ave Standish Mich 

3044-WILSON Will James (Flora 
Miss); KA; planter Jackson Miss; pres 
Jones Wilson Milling Co Flora Ice & 
Coal Co & Air Conditioning Inc; died 
1 Feb 1949 

3045-MOORE Benjamin Allston (Un- 
ion S C) ; U of S C SAE; U of Va LLB 
1925; World War n It U S Coast Guard; 
atty Moore & Mouzon; S C trustee U of 
S 1932-1949; 1 Broad St Charleston S C 

3046-MOORE Maurice Augustus Jr 
(Union S C); BS 1923 SAE; U N C 
MA 1928; English fac U of S 1929-1931 
assoc prof 1934- ; acting Organizing Sec 
Assoc Alumni 1943; Sewanee Tenn 

3047-McCULLOUGH William Marvin 
(Sewanee Tenn); PGD; U of Ala; cat- 
tle breeder Orleton Farm & printer 
Orleton Press; Russell Cave Rd Lex- 
ington Ky 

3048-NICHOL William Lytle Jr 
(Nashville Tenn) ; PDT; Cook & Nichol 
Inc (bldg & builders sup); 440 N De- 
catur Memphis Tenn 

3049-ALLEN Forrest Francis; SAE; 
Columbia U; owner yacht business 
New York N Y 30 yrs; 1213 Calif Ave 
Tuckahoe N Y 

3050-HARRIS Seale Jr (Birmingham 
Ala); ATO; Va Mil Institute; Johns 
Hopkins U MD 1927; phys & teacher 
Vanderbilt U Sch of Med; while serv- 
ing as maj U S Army World War II 
died Brisbane Australia 22 Dec 1943 

Entered Epiphany Term 1920 

3051-WHARTON George Franklin Jr 
(New Orleans La); T 348 GD 1924 
DTD; Tulane U; deacon 1923 priest 
1924; mech & elect engr; ministry in 
La; rector Ch of the Good Shepherd 
Lake Charles 1929-1950; rector St 
John's Thibodeaux & Christ Ch Na- 
poleonville 1950-1954; died Thibodaux 
La Feb 1954 

3052-DANCE Robert Roy (Algood 
Tenn) ; died 

3053-LITTON James Cooper (Mem- 
phis Tenn); PDT; onetime Paramount 
Publix Corp; 1618 Goodbar Memphis 4 

3054-LAWRIE Donald James (Mem- 
phis Tenn) ; PDT; Lawrie-Stewart Cot- 
ton Co; West Memphis Ark 

3055-McNAIR Stephen Duncan 
(Jackson Miss); Millsaps Coll; died 
Clarksdale Miss 13 Aug 1952 

3056-WARTERFIELD Charles Wes- 
ley (Union City Tenn); PDT; pres 
Warterfield Grain Co Union City & v 
pres 1st Am Nat Bank Nashville; B-5 
Glencourt Apt Nashville 5 Tenn 

3057-PAYNE William (Greenville 
Miss); A 3124 KA; World War II capt 
U S Air Force; killed in air accident 
England 12 Oct 1944 

3058-WALLACE John Carter (Okla- 
homa City Okla) ; KS; killed in auto 
accident Clairmont Tex 12 Nov 1947 

3059-RICHARDSON Ryan Maclin 
(Athens Ala) ; Vanderbilt U; B H Stief 
Jewelry Co; Nashville Tenn 

Entered Easter Term 1920 

3060-DIXON Francis Samuel (Nat- 
chez Miss); Tulane U MD 1932; phys 
FAMA; Natchez Sanitorium Bldg 
Natchez Miss 

3061-SEEBER George Kennedy Jr 
(Waterloo Wise); PGD; Racine Coll; 
treas Roach & Seeber Co (wholesale 
grocers & importers); World War I; 
Houghton Mich 

3062-HOOPER Lloyd McKee Jr (Sel- 
ma Ala); U of Ala PDT; onetime Ala 
state unemployment cmssn Montgom- 
ery; 1918 Ridge Ave Montgomery Ala 

3063-SCHUMACHER Carl Wellers 
(Houston Tex); SAE; Bering-Cortes 
Hardware Co; 2041 Sul Ross Houston 

3064-SUTHERLIN John Haskins 
(Shreveport La); KA; St John's Coll; 
onetime Sutherlin Barry Co New Or- 
leans La* 

Entered Summer Term 1920 

3065-MATTHEWS John Benjamin 
(Sewanee Tenn); T 362 BA 1923 BD 
1925 MA 1929 KS; deacon 1926 priest 
1927; ministry in Fla Kans & Mo; asst 
rector St Paul's Ch 1945- ; World War 
I; 4330 McGee St Kansas City Mo 

3066-PARKERSON Claude Robert 
(San Antonio Tex); St John's Choir 
Coll Sussex England Ch Army Train- 
ing Coll London 1904-1907 U of Sas- 
katchewan Canada 1907-1910; deacon 
1921 priest 1923; chaplain N Y State 
Reformatory; died 25 Dec 1942 





3067-JARRATT William Vincent 
(Winchester Tenn) ; U of Chattanooga 
BL 1921; surgical supplies; 206 5th Ave 
W Springfield Tenn 

3068-TUCKER William III (Ripley 
Tenn) ; Vanderbilt U; merchant ginner 
& ptnr Chrevolet agency; Ripley Tenn 

Co-ed 1-O'NEILL Lorena (Franklin 

Co-ed 2-MEEDS Charlotte Marie 
(Meridian Miss); U of Ala BS 1921; 
Meridian Miss 

Co-ed 3-H E S S E Y E 1 1 a Catherine 
(Decherd Tenn); Peabody Coll BS 
1921; U of Tenn MS 1940; now Mrs 
Thomas Hunter Decherd Term 

Co-ed 4-CALDWELL Mary Hollow- 
ell (Ft Smith Ark) ; Clara Conway In- 

Co-ed 5-WHITLEY E Maude 
(Springfield 111); St Agatha's Sch 
Springfield 111 

Entered Advent Term 1920 

3069-NAUTS William Boone Jr (Se- 
1 wanee Tenn); A 3003 BA 1923 ATO: 
asst v pres Central Hanover Bank & 
Trust Co; 70 Broadway New York N Y 
3070-HATFIELD Jack Leas (Evans- 
ville Ind); PGD; Indiana U & U S 
Calif; Pasadena Players; 12 yrs dir 
Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre Indi- 
anapolis; dramatics dir Scottish Rite; 
5347 College Ave Indianapolis Ind 

3071-EWING Majl (Evansville Ind); 
BA 1923; Harvard U 1923-1924; U of 
, Va MA PhD 1929 PBK; asst prof Eng- 
, U of Calif Los Angeles; see Who's Who 
, 1954-1955; 601 Woodruff Ave Los An- 
' geles Calif 

3072-WILLIAMS Thurman Hurd Jr 

(Chickasha Okla) ; U of Okla LLB 

! 1926; atty; onetime U S Dept of In- 

' terior (Indian affairs) ; Okla trustee U 

i of S 1939-1941; Wewoka Okla 

3073-METCALFE Edmund Kearney 
; (Metcalfe Miss) ; BS 1924 ATO; Farmers 
Tractor Co; 103 Broadway Greenville 

3074-ROGERS Granville Gladstone 

Jr (Atlanta Ga) ; T 375 BS 1925 BD 

1927 KA; deacon 1927 priest 1928; min- 

; istry in Ga & Fla; rector All Saints' Ch 

; 1952- ; summer chaplain U of S 1949; 

1228 Hendricks Ave Jacksonville Fla 

3075-CUMMINGS Naur ice Grant 

i (Houston Tex); KA; Southwestern U 

Tex 1919-1920; v pres Nat Sup Co 

\ 1940-; see Who's Who 1954-1955; 1619 

North Blvd Houston Tex 

3076-NICKEL Herman Frederick 
(Jacksonville Fla); 28 E Bay St Jack- 
sonville Fla 

3077- COLE Donald Edward (New 
York N Y) ; PGD; died 1922 New Ro- 
chelle N Y of shrapnel wounds re- 
ceived in World War I 

3078-WARD Benjamin Franklin (Lit- 
tle Rock Ark) 

3079-MOREHEAD Lemuel Yerger 
(Sidon Miss) ; atty; World War II capt 
U S Army; Box 571 Greenwood Miss 

3080-BROWN Carl Franklin (Win- 
chester Tenn) ; Nat Life & Accident Ins 
Co; Country Club Lane Hopkinsville 

3081-BUTLER Clifford Jerome (Ard- 
more Okla); PGD 

3082- WILLS William Garland Jr 
(Jackson Miss) ; BA 1924 KS; agt N Y 
Life Ins Co; 1241 N Congress St Jack- 
son Miss 

3083-FRIEND Robert Craig Jr 
(Shreveport La) ; KS; Friend-Piper 
Furniture Studio; Shreveport La 

3084-KENT Amos (Kentwood La); 
BS 1924 SAE; pres Amos Kent Lum- 
ber Co Kentwood La 

2085-BENTON Greene Jr (Nashville 
Tenn) ; A 3029 BS 1924 PDT; agt N Y 
Life Ins Co; World War II maj U S Air 
Force; 1119 3rd Nat Bank Bldg Nash- 
ville Tenn 

3086-WALLACE William Joseph III 
(Nashville Tenn); A 3331 BS 1924 PDT; 
Norvell & Wallace (lumber dealers) ; 
701 Hamilton Ave Nashville Tenn 

3087-LINDAMOOD Edward Coleman 
(Columbus Miss); DTD; Martin Mar- 
ble Works; 1808 Kenmorle Dr Jackson 

3088-STIVERS Robert Lawrence 
(Greenville Tex); BS 1924 DTD; one- 
time purchasing agt Industrial Indem- 
nity Co; 22 Josepha St San Francisco 

3089- COOKE John William Jr (Wer- 
linman Miss); BS 1924 ATO; planter; 
1774 S Parkway E East Memphis Tenn 

3090-FREYER Egbert Barrows (Sa- 
vannah Ga) ; A 3072 BS 1924 DTD; La 
State U MS 1926 Johns Hopkins U PhD 
1927; chemist in charge technical con- 
trol Spencer Kellogg & Sons Inc; Apt 
B-2 1022 Delaware Ave Buffalo N Y 

3091 -PRUDE John Maxwell (Colo- 
rado Tex); DTD; owner "Apes" (plas- 
tic co); 1210 Devon Corpus ChristiTex 

3092-SMITH James McKinney (Bir- 
mingham Ala); ATO; pres Traffic Safe- 
ty Engrs & Town & Country Industries; 
World Wars I & II; 1002 N Duval St 
Tallahassee Fla 

3093-COLLINS Leighton Holden 
(Greenville Tex) ; BS 1923 DTD; Bur- 
leson Coll Tex; Harvard U (grad sch 
business) ; ed Air Facts; 30 Rockefeller 
Plaza New York N Y 

3094-WARWICK Everett Loomis 
(Memphis Tenn); A 3267 PDT; one- 
time ptnr A J Warwick & Co (cotton 
brokers) Memphis; 829 SW 3rd St Mi- 
ami Fla 

3095- J OHNSTONE Henry Fraser 
(Nicholasville Ky); BS 1923 PBK SN; 
U of Iowa MS 1925 PhD 1926; prof 
chemical engr U of HI 1937- ; see Who's 
Who 1954-1955; 802 Delaware Ave Ur- 
bana 111 

3096-DINWIDDIE Robert Robin 
(Moorhead Miss) 

3097-KELLEY Rogers Caswell (Hen- 
rietta Tex); PGD; U of Colo (law); 
atty; memb Texas state senate; World 
War II It U S Air Force; Edinburg 

3098-WARD Frank Watson Jr (Mem- 
phis Tenn); PGD; planter; 108 Rose 
Rd Memphis Tenn 

3099-MILLER Virgil George (Or- 
lando Fla); BS 1925 ATO; police force; 
Miami Beach Fla 

3100-FOSTER William Moses Jr (Wa- 
co Tex) ; onetime archt draftsman New 
Orleans La; Binghamton N Y* 

3101-COOK Edwin Preston (Ensley 
Ala); Birmingham-Southern Coll; one- 
time Pan-Am Life Ins Co; 2501 Monte- 
vallo Rd Birmingham Ala 

3102-JONES Francis Crawford (Hol- 
ly Springs Miss); A 3112 KA; World 
War II pvt U S Army; 992 E H Crump 
Memphis Tenn 

3103-ROBISON Charles Lanier (Hol- 
ly Springs Miss); KA; pres Merchants 
& Farmers Bank; Holly Springs Miss 

S'104-MAYER Emanuel Francis Jo- 
seph (now Emanuel Rothschild) 
(Chicago 111); U of Chicago BA U of 
Minn PhD; author; c/o American 
Consulate Guadalajara Jalisco Mex 

3105-KENDALL Francis Drake Jr 
(Columbia S C); A 3282 DTD; Ana- 
stasia Fla* 

3106-GALE George Jackson (Nash- 
ville Tenn); A 3230 PDT; U of Mich 
AB 1924 LLB 1927; atty Trabue Hume 
Howard Davis & Gale 1941-1946; died 
Nashville 14 Aug 1946 

3107-JONES Frank Parker (Newport 
Ark); cafe owner; 803 3rd St Newport 

3108-YANDELL William McBride 
(Greenwood Miss) ; A 3260 SAE; Vance 

3109-OAKES Sam Houston (Riesel 
Tex); KS; died 

3110-CLARKE Lloyd Willis (LeMars 
Iowa); T 363 BA 1925 SAE; U of Minn; 
Va Theol Sem BD 1928; deacon 1928 
priest 1929; ministry in Ga Ohio Ky & 
Minn; dean St John's Cathd 1945- ; 318 
W Silver Ave Albuquerque New Mex 

3111-CUSHMAN Robert Brookman 
(Racine Wis); 1131 Fiske St Pacific 
Palisades Calif 

3112-PAXTON John McNutt (Green- 
ville Miss); KA; 1025 Washington Ave 
Greenville Miss 

3113-H O P P E R Eugene Newcomb 
(Sewanee Tenn) ; T 353 GD 1924; dea- 
con & priest 1924; rector St James' Ch; 
Shelbourne Towers 21st St Knoxville 

3114-SWIFT Milton Joseph (Amaril- 
lo Tex) ; T 352; Simmons Coll; deacon 
1920 priest 1923 deposed 1945; Savan- 
nah Ga* 

3115-EVANS Charles Horace (Chat- 
tanooga Tenn); ATO; owner G H Ev- 
ans & Son (lumber) Chattanooga; died 
there 16 Sept 1954 

3116-COLLINS John Charles (Ft 
Worth Tex) 

3117-COBB John Jefferson (Kelso 
Tenn); T 350 GD 1923 DTD; Bethel 
Coll Ky; antique shop Memphis Tenn* 

3118-HUTTON George Norman Jr 
(Hickory N C); A 3099; U of N C; 
Hutton & Bourgonnais; Hickory N C 

3119-THOMPSON Norman Nathaniel 
Jr (Memphis Tenn) ; PDT; asst city tax 
assessor; 4150 Kriter Lane Memphis 

3120-HAZLIP John Kirkland Jr 
(Greenville Miss) ; SAE; onetime Na- 
varro Oil Co; 1008 Mich St Midland 

3121-SKINNER John T [now J T] 
(Greenville Miss); A 3026; Skinner 
Cotton Co (factors) & realtor; World 





War II; 1481 Canal Ave Greenville 

3122-BEGG George William (Spar- 
tanburg S C) ; Wofford Coll; Briarwood 
Ct Spartanburg S C 

3123-JACKSON Robert Wayne 
(Monteagle Tenn); T 377 BA 1924; Gen 
Theol Sem 1924-1927; deacon 1927 
priest 1928; ministry in Tenn Tex & 
Canal Zone; rector Epiphany Ch 1946- ; 
World War II chaplain U S Navy; 114 
Jefferson St New Iberia La 

3124-SNOWDEN George Logan Jr 
(New York N Y) 

3125-CHENOWETH Henry Poyntz 
(New Orleans La); A 2971 SAE; asst 
mgr Union Terminal Warehouse; Jack- 
sonville Fla 

3126-STICKNEY Joseph Bryan Jr 
(Greensboro Ala); A 3076; pres City 
Hardware Co & farmer; Greensboro 

3127-BAIRD James Russell (Evans- 
ton 111); KA; sports dept Times-Pica- 
yune; New Orleans La 

3128-HAMILTON Mayo Wetmore 
(Carrizo N M) ; DTD; Box 775 Santa 
Fe N M 

3129-LeMASTER John Nathan Jr 
(Ridgeway S C) ; KS; Columbia Lum- 
ber & Mfg Co; Upper S C trustee U of 
S 1954- ; 301 S Waccamaw Ave Colum- 
bia S C 

3130-McCRORY Carl White (Tulla- 
homa Tenn) ; Ins Investors Syndicate; 
756 W Peachtree NW Atlanta Ga 

(Drexel Mo) 

Merritt Andrew 

3132-SCOTT Thomas Miller (Ripley 
Tenn); ATO; capt U S Army; Nat 
Guard Armory Ripley Tenn 

3133-HOYT Asa Limon Jr (Birming- 
ham Ala); ATO; salesman; 2904 Va Rd 
Birmingham Ala 

3134- WAKEFIELD Francis Bryan Jr 
(Apalachicola Fla) ; T 360 BA 1923 GD 
1924 BD 1926 DTD; Ala Polytechnic In- 
stitute; U of Fla; deacon 1924 priest 
1925; ministry in Fla & Ala; rector All 
Saints' Ch 1945- ; Fla trustee U of S 
1935 1937-1945; 276 Woodland Mobile 

3135-CARVER Marshall Hampton Jr 
(Natchitoches La); KS; La State Nor- 
mal Sch; owner abstract business; 409 
Jefferson St Natchitoches La 

3136-POWERS William Kromar (Mt 
Pleasant Tenn); BS 1924 KS; 5603 
Hamilton Ave Cincinnati 24 O 

3137-KIMBROUGH Hunter South- 
worth (Greenwood Miss); PDT; Miss 
A&M Coll; ptnr Grace & Kimbrough 
(ins) ; 515 W Portland Phoenix Ariz 

31?8-ELLIOTTE John Wesley II 
(Saulsbury Tenn); BS 1924 DTD; one- 
time animator Walt Disney; 1555 Ele- 
vado Los Angeles Calif 

3139-FRASER Hugh Wilson Jr 
(Georgetown S C); BS 1924 KS; v 
pres Citizens & Southern Nat Bank; 
196 Peachtree Way NW Atlanta Ga 

3140-SHOOK George Allen (Win- 
chester Tenn); BA 1924 DTD; v pres 
Twin Seam Mining Co; 1st Nat Bank 
Bldg Tuscaloosa Ala 

3141-WINTROW Harold Dumont 
(Decherd Tenn) ; 206 W South St Ak- 
ron O 

3142-COOKE Lewis Series (Jackson 
Tenn) ; SN; U of Tenn; Ola Ark 

3143-DONOVAN Cornelius Edward 
Jr (Waterloo Wis); SN; Marquette U 
DDS 1925; dentist; 906V 2 Main St Jeff- 
erson Wis 

3144-H ARRIS Eugene Owen Jr 
(Nashville Tenn) ; A 3140 BS 1924 PDT; 
Harris-Davis & Co (wholesale dry 
goods) ; died auto accident Nashville 
26 Oct 1953 

3145-GAMMAGE Shockley Cyrus 
(Meridian Miss); KA; Miss A&M Coll; 
Magnus Mabee & Reynard (essential 
oils); 16 des Brosses New York N Y 

3146-BUJAC Etienne de Pellissier Jr 
[screen name CABOT Bruce] (Carls- 
bad N M); A 3461; screen actor Holly- 
wood Calif; World War II It U S Air 
Force; Rome Italy* 

3147-G IBBONS Jack Hubbard 
(Memphis Tenn); BS 1927 PDT; 1700 
S Washington Ave Marshall Tex 

SH48-SNELL Leroy Warren (Marlin 
Tex) ; KS; onetime collector internal 
revenue; 123 Amelia St Lafayette La 

3149-HAZLIP Steve Power (Green- 
ville Miss) ; A 3148 SAE; div mgr Reed 
Roller Bit Co; Box 1016 Midland Tex 

3150-MORROW Ernest Lane (Deca- 
tur Ala); gen contractor E L Morrow 
Construction Co; 1901 Clearmont Mo- 
bile Ala 




Rt. Rev. Charles C. J. Carpenter, D.D., 647 Idle- 
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(Trustee from Sewanee Military Academy has re- 

(Elected by Trustees) 

Rt. Rev. R. Bland Mitchell, Chancellor, Ex Officio, 

(1956), 300 W. 17th St., Little Rock, Ark. 
Rt. Rev. Frank A. Juhan (1957), 325 Market 

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Dr. Edward McCrady, Vice-Chancellor, Ex-Officio, 

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Rt. Rev. Middleton S. Barnwell, D.D. (Georgia), 

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Rt. Rev. Charles Clingman, D.D. (Kentucky). 

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1021 Lincoln Circle, Winter Park, Fla. 


Edward McCrady, Ph.D., Vice-Chancellor and Presi- 
Gaston S. Bruton, Ph.D., Dean of Administration 
Charles T. Harrison, PhTX, Dean of the College 
of Arts and Sciences 

Rt. Rev. Edmund P. Dandridge, D.D., Dean of 
the School of Theology (Acting) 

Rev. George M. Alexander, Dean-Elect of the 
School of Theology 

John M. Webb, Ph.D., Acting Dean of Men 

Rev. Massey H. Shepherd, Ph.D., Director of the 
Graduate School of Theology 

Col. Craig Alderman, U. S. Army (Ret.), Super- 
intendent, Sewanee Military Academy 

Qreat Institutions are 
built by Requests 

Have you put Sewanee 
in your Will? 



Vol. XXI, No. 4 

^^^^^ November 15, 1955 

The Vice-Chancellor's Page 

The Rt. Rev. Frank A. Juhan, Bishop of 
Florida since 1 924, announced his resignation and 
retirement at General Convention in Honolulu to 
become effective February 1956. Bishop Juhan 
is the senior active Diocesan of the Protestant 
Episcopal Church in this country, having served as 
Bishop of Florida for more than thirty-one years. 
Upon resignation he will devote himself chiefly to 
the interests of the University by continuing as 
Chairman of the Sewanee Centennial Fund and 
will in the near future make his home at Sewanee. 

Approximate parallels of this act have occurred 
before. When Sewanee was in the planning stage, 
Bishops Leonidas Polk of Louisiana and Stephen 
Elliott of Georgia actually built and occupied 
homes on the Mountain. In 1866 Bishop Charles 
Todd Quintard of Tennessee built a home at 
Sewanee and before and after his tenure as vice- 
chancellor made Sewanee a principal interest. In 
1867 Bishop William Mercer Green of Missis- 
sippi and in 1869 Bishop Alexander Gregg of 
Texas built homes here. Both of the Bishops 
Wilmer (Richard Hooker of Alabama and Joseph 
P. B. Wilmer of Louisiana) considered themselves 
for a time residents of Sewanee. Bishop John 
Freeman Young took out a leasehold and named it 
the Florida Reserve but never built on it. Bishop 
Thomas Frank Gailor of Tennessee maintained 
permanent residence on the Mountain from 1883 
until his death in 1935. Bishop Albion W. Knight 
was resident as vice-chancellor from 1914 to 1922. 
Bishop John N. Galleher of Louisiana had a resi- 
dence at Sewanee where Johnson Hall now stands. 
His son-in-law, Bishop Davis Sessums, occupied 
this house for many summers. 

Bishops R. W. B. Elliott of West Texas and 
James Craik Morris of Louisiana considered Se- 
wanee "home" and are buried here. Bishop 
Charles B. Colmore of Puerto Rico was reared and 
consecrated at Sewanee. Bishop Hunter Wyatt- 
Brown of" Harrisburg spent much of his retirement 
here. Bishop William Alexander Guerry of South 
Carolina owned a Sewanee home for many years. 

Sewanee's present chancellor, Bishop R. Bland 
Mitchell of Arkansas, owns a home on Alabama 
Avenue to which he plans to retire in due course. 
And finally, the devoted dean of the School of 
Theology, the Rt. Rev. Edmund P. Dandridge of 
Tennessee, who retired from his diocese to take 
the helm at St. Luke's when it was a center of 
stormy controversy, is a resident on the campus 
and, we hope, a permanent one. 

Thus Bishop Juhan's decision to come to Se- 

wanee is not unique but there is something special 
about it. From the time he came from West 
Texas Military Academy to the Mountain in 1907, 
Frank Juhan belonged at Sewanee. He served as 
chaplain at Sewanee Military Academy. He im- 
parted his keen athletic intuitions and abilities to 
cadets and undergraduates — he was one of Se- 
wanee's most versatile athletes (football, base- 
ball, boxing, and track) coaching both University 
and Academy teams — and the only one ever to 
enter the boxing ring with a world's champion, 
Bob Fitzsimmons. 

Unfortunately it may never be possible to prove 
statistically Bishop Juhan's most remarkable claim 
to distinction. He has probably sent into the 
Episcopal ministry more young men than any 
other living person. When he pioneered the idea 
of the diocesan summer camp in 1924, he made 
Florida a seed-bed for the priesthood. He long 
ago learned to take philosophically the "raids" 
which other bishops made on his budding minis- 

Besides his effective recruiting for the ministry 
he has won the all-time championship for sending 
students to Sewanee. At no time since he finished 
in 1911 has there been a year in which he did not 
have one or more students at Sewanee who had 
been sent by him. He sent his two sons to Se- 
wanee and his daughter, son-in-law, and two 
grandsons now live on the Mountain. There are 
at present nineteen Bishop Juhan Scholarship men 
enrolled in the College and Theological School. 

From the beginning of the Five Million Dollar 
Campaign in 1 946 Bishop Juhan worked side by 
side with Dr. Guerry. In 1948 on the death of 
the Vice-Chancellor, Bishop Juhan succeeded to 
the chairmanship of the Guerry Memorial Cam- 
paign and then the Sewanee Centennial Fund. 
Since World War II the endowment of the 
University has increased from approximately 
$1,000,000 to almost $6,500,000. 

Before Bishop Juhan's marriage he courted at 
Sewanee a lovely young summer girl named Vera, 
whose love for the domain equalled his own, and 
still does. A wag recently said, "I won't believe 
that the Bishop is really retiring to Sewanee until 
the announcement has been Vera-fied." Well, it 
has been, and he will actually move here perma- 
nently this spring. 

Cordially yours, 


E W A N E E 

zA L U M N I ^(\e W S 

Building Program 
Largest in History 

Regents Name Gymnasium 
For Bishop Julian 

Construction underway now at Sewa- 
nee constitutes the largest building 
program in the history of the Univer- 
sity, it was observed by J. Albert 
Woods, new chairman of the board of 
regents, following their session of No- 
vember 3-4. Crews are pushing ahead 
on three projects which will total $1,- 

Sessums Cleveland Hall, on which 
concrete, steel and stonework have been 
completed to the first floor, will cost 
$260,000. The gymnasium (see pages 8 
and 9) was begun this fall with a $160,- 
000 swimming pool between the old 
Shaffer and Simkins gymnasiums. At 
the November meeting the regents gave 
the signal to go forward on the main 
part of the building, at an estimated 
cost of $675,000. At the same session 
they named Sewanee's largest struc- 
ture the Frank A. Juhan Gymnasium. 
The St. Luke's project, discussed else- 
where on this page, added $375,000 to 
make the record-breaking total. 

Beside these major jobs, there are 
also other sounds of progress on the 
Mountain. Lake O'Donnell is nearing 
completion. The 520-foot dam is almost 
finished and the reservoir, formerly 
thickly forested, is cleared in anticipa- 
tion of the forty or so inches of rain 
which should fill it by late spring. From 
the dam to the upper end looks like 
a mile but surveys show it to be less 
than a half. 

(ContiniLed on page 16) 

St. Luke 's Renovation 
to be Complete 

St. Luke's is going ahead with a $375.- 
000 program of enlargement and reno- 
vation following action of the regents 
on November 4. In June the board 
authorized letting of bids for the job 
but when costs proved almost half 
again higher than estimates, the reno- 
vation of the old building was delayed 
while Brice Construction Company of 
Birmingham began the addition of two 
floors above the new wing. Now the 
renovation project has been reinstated. 
$218,195.29 is in hand, and high hopes 
are held that the inflow of gifts will 
prevent borrowing to finish the job. 

When the building is completed, the 
auditorium will be unchanged and the 
bookstore will be returned from its 
present incongruous hibernation in 
Tuckaway dining room. The dean's 
offices will become ladies' lounge and 
kitchen, with administration rooms go- 
ing back to their former location in 
the south end of the old building. Above 
the new wing will be a two-story li- 
brary with reading, cataloguing, and 
seminar rooms. The stacks will be in 
the old building at the second floor 
level. The top floor of the new wing 
will be a dormitory. 

Most controversial change in the ren- 
ovation of the 1878 structure is the 
abandoning of the suite floor plan. The 
living room with two adjoining bed- 
rooms — three rooms for two men — will 
be displaced by the more conventional 
arrangement of two men to a room. 

Central corridors on each floor will 

stretch the length of the building and 

the time-honored exercise of running 

from the third floor down to the first 

(Continued on page 16) 

Michaux Nash Heads 
Associated Alumni 

The Rev. Alexander D. Juhan, '40, and his jather, the Rt. Rev. 
Frank A. Juhan, '11. are the only jather and son currently 
serving on Sewanee's board of trustees. 

W. Michaux Nash, SMA '22, College 
'26, has become national president of 
the Associated Alumni. The head of 
the Empire State Bank of Dallas suc- 
ceeded to the office vacated by the 
resignation of John B. Greer of Shreve- 
port in July. Greer filled for two years 
the unexpired term of Charles McD. 
Puckette and then was elected for a 
four-year term. Meantime, in 1954, the 
alumni made the presidency a two- 
year term. Greer, to carry out the spir- 
it of the new ruling, relinquished his 
post to the first vice-president, Nash, 
who now will serve the unexpired two 
years of the last four-year presidency. 

After graduation from Sewanee Mili- 
tary Academy, Mr. Nash entered the 
University and received a B.S. degree 
in 1926. He was a member of Delta 
Tau Delta fraternity. In World War II 
he served in the coast guard. His son. 
W. Michaux Nash, Jr., attended SMA. 
His brothers are Edward C. Nash, '31, 
and Robert I. Nash, '27, both of Kauf- 
man, Texas. 

J. C. Brown Burch, '21, of Memphis, 
is now first vice-president and Moul- 
trie Burns, '31, Camden, South Caro- 
lina, is second veep. In the office of 
recording secretary, the Rev. Alfred P. 
Chambliss, '40, Monteagle, was reelec- 
ted for a two-year term, while DuVal 
G. Cravens, Jr., '29, succeeded Doug- 
las L. Vaughan, '35, as treasurer. The 
alumni secretary was given a new ha- 
lo with the title of executive director, 
a concession to current trends of ter- 
minology in alumni circles. 

November, Ninetee>i Fifty-Five 

o^ewanee <^Alumni J\Qws 

Sewanee Alumni News, issued quarterly by Ui» 
Associated Alumni of The University of the 
South, at Sewanee, Tennessee. Entered as second- 
class matter Feb. 25, 1934, at the postoffice at Se- 
wanee, Tenn., under the Act of March 3. 1879. 

NOVEMBER 15, 1955 
Volume XXI, No. 4 

Member American Alumni Council 

Arthur Ben Chitty, '35 Editor 

E. N. Chitty Associate Editor 

Francis X. Walters. '56 

St. Luke's Editor 

The Associated Alumni Officers 

W. Michaux Nash, '26 President 

J. C. Brown Burch, '21 . . 1st Vice-Pres. 
Moultrie Burns, '31 - - 2nd Vice-Pres. 
Rev. Al P. Chambliss, '40 - - Rec. Sec'y 
DuVal G. Cravens, Jr., '29 ..Treasurer 
Arthur Ben Chitty, '35 

Executive Director 

Committee Chairman 
Stanyarne Burrows, '29 . - Admissions 

James G. Cate, Jr., '47 Classes 

E. Ragland Dobbins, '35 Regions 

Malcolm Fooshee, '18 - . Foundations 

St. Luke's Alumni 
Rev. Robert F. Cowling, '50, President. 

Sewanee Military Academy 

Edgar T. McHenry, Jr., '52, ..President 

Three Choices 

The acid test of defeat is being ad- 
ministered to Sewanee's amateur sports 
program. A rigid code of "no salaries 
to players" is again under fire but this 
time with the ghosts of sixteen foot- 
ball losses passing the ammunition. 

At the time Sewanee started its pres- 
ent program, it had three choices. It 
could attempt to remain in the "big 
time" and rub the stings of defeat 
with the salve of an uneasy conscience. 
Or it could follow the admirable ex- 
ample of Emory and forthrightly aban- 
don intercollegiate football, concentrat- 
ing on intramural sports. Sewanee chose 
the most difficult path, an effort to 
continue intercollegiate sports, but on 
the basis that all scholarship awards 
would consider the students' college 
capacity and his need but not his physi- 
cal prowess. 

Up to this time there have been no 
regrets. There has been virtually no 
student, faculty, or alumni opposition. 
If Sewanee can now sustain defeats 
and still stand fast by its convictions, 
and if its players and their supporters 
can try just as hard in their respective 
fashions to win, Sewanee will indeed 
prove its mettle. ABC. 

A pologies 

On the Cover 

Walter Bryant, '49, director of ath- 
letics, shows plans for the Juhan Gym- 
nasium to Bishop Frank A. Juhan, '11, 
and Coach Ernie Williamson. The scene 
is the excavation between the Shaffer 
and Simkins gyms for the swimming 
pool. Onlookers are Regent Alfred 
Hardman, '46, and James Godwin, whose 
Atlanta firm, Ayres and Godwin, are 
architects for the expanded building to 
be named in honor of the bishop. 

The Alumni News apologizes for an 
error in the May issue. An organ in 
memory of James Craik Morris, Jr., '28, 
is to be installed in Grace Church, Tal- 
leyville, Delaware. The hymnals in his 
memory were dedicated at the chapel 
of St. Andrew's School, Middletown, 

The Alumni News also wishes to 
correct and apologize for two errors in 
the Centennial Alumni Directory, Ma- 
triculation Register, Part I, which ap- 
peared as the August issue. Dr. Miles 
A. Copeland (Medical School No. 831) 
is not deceased but is practicing medi- 
cine in Birmingham, Alabama. James 
Donald McCormick (College No. 2075) 
is alive in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He 
is secretary-treasurer of the Calaveras 
Land and Timber Corporation with of- 
fices in the Michigan Trust Building. 

On Homecomings 

At Sewanee the fall football game- 
homecoming is different. In the college, 
homecoming is primarily an opportun- 
ity for the undergraduates to have 
the festivities as other universities 
do; a "big" game, parades, contest for 
queen, and dances. Most alumni con- 
tinue to consider Commencement with 
its class reunions, fraternity alumni 
meetings, official alumni gatherings — as 
well as dances and receptions — the time 
to return to Alma Mater. For Sewanee 
Military Academy the homecoming is 
especially a parents' occasion, though 
a number of alumni do return then and 
annual business is transacted. For St. 
Luke's the fall celebration of St. Luke's 
Day provides a noted speaker and an 
opportunity for the resident seminary 
family to meet with the alumni. 

Alumni Giving 

Gifts from alumni have assumed a 
new significance in the American col- 
lege scene with the advent of grants 
to educational institutions by corpora- 
tions and a large number of founda- 
tions. The contributing record of the 
alumni is a primary consideration. A 
college with a poor record is assumed 
to mean little to the people who know 
it best — its alumni. 

Perhaps half of the living alumni of 
Sewanee have made some contribution 
to the University, but only 20 percent 
are contributing each year. The num- 
ber of alumni contributing may well be 
the deciding factor in a grant to the 
University of the South from a cor- 
poration setting up an aid-to-education 
program. The University is now being 
asked each year about the sources of 
its gifts by the Council for Financial 
Aid to Education which has wrought 
such a marked change in the attitude 
of businesses and private foundations 
toward contributions to education. 
What will Sewanee's record be this 
year? Is your name on the contribu- 
tors' list printed on pages 10 and 11? 

The class of 1895 made a particularly 
interesting sixtieth anniversary gift to 
the University in June. One member 
sent a dollar for each of the sixty years 
he has been away from Sewanee. An- 
other sent a paid-up insurance policy 

Mr. Kay den Retires 

Professor Eugene M. Kayden of the 
economics department has retired from 
active teaching to devote himself to 
translating Russian classical poetry and 
prose. Upon his retirement the board 
of regents adopted an expression of 
gratitude for "his unsparing devotion 
to the profession of teaching, his never- 
ending search for the truth in his broad 
fields of study and instruction, his 
stimulation of the minds of his stu- 
dents (which) contributed greatly to 
the high standing of this University in 
the academic world." 

3n jWemortam 

Mrs. George M. Baker 

Mrs. George M. Baker died at her 
home at Sewanee on the evening of 
October 20, having suffered a heart 
attack as she descended the stairway 
at her home to lock the front door. She 
and Dean Baker returned to Sewanee 
this fall after their summer home in 
Collinsville, Connecticut, was inundated 
by a hurricane-borne flood and they 
were rescued by helicopter. 

Mrs. Baker, the former Grace Edith 
Mahl, was married to Dean Baker in 
1903. They had lived in Sewanee since 
1914. Burial was in Hartford, Con- 
necticut, following services in All 
Saints' Chapel. Among Mrs. Baker's 
survivors is a nephew, E. L. Mahl, '41. 

Mrs. Baker's interest in the students 
will long be gratefully remembered. 
Her home was always open to them 
and she maintained ties of friendship 
by correspondence with many alumni. 
The death of this "Christian gentlewo- 
man" was a sad occasion for the Moun- 
tain and the alumni. 

Bishop Henry Phillips 

The Rt. Rev. Henry D. Phillips, '04, 
retired bishop of Southwestern Vir- 
ginia, died June 29 following an ulcer 
operation in Boone, North Carolina. He 
had been living in Columbia, South Ca- 
rolina, where he served as rector of 
Trinity Church from 1922 until his con- 
secration in 1938. 

From 1915 to 1922 he was on the fac- 
ulty at Sewanee, serving as chaplain, 
professor of English Bible, and rector 
of Otey Memorial Parish. During his 
chaplaincy the Order of Gownsmen was 

Henry Phillips was one of Sewanee's 
great athletes. He was an All-South- 
ern guard in 1902, 1903, and 1904. For 
several years he served as one of Se- 
wanee's football coaches. From 1919 to 
1922 he was president of the Southern 
Intercollegiate Athletic Association. He 
was a member of Delta Tau Delta. 

He is survived by Mrs. Phillips and 
three daughters, Mrs. S. J. Slate of 
New York, Mrs. O. B. Mayer of Co- 
lumbia, and Mrs. G. S. McDowell, Jr., 
of Charleston. 

with the University as beneficiary, ''the 
first policy I ever took out." Another 
has made Sewanee a principal legatee 
in his will. The Rev. Caleb B. K. Weed 
is the indefatigable leader of the class 
of 1895. 

The Sewanee Alumni News 

On the Mountain 

At the Vice-Chancellor's reception at Commencement are shown J. Albert Woods, 
'18, and Gen. L. Kemper Williams, '08, respectively new and retiring chairmen of 
the board of regents, with Chancellor R. Bland Mitchell, '08, and Vice-Chancellor 
Edward McCrady. 

Woods Named 
Chairman of Regents 

J. Albert Woods, '18, former presi- 
dent of the Associated Alumni, was 
elected chairman of the board of re- 
gents in June. He is president of Com- 
mercial Solvents Corporation and has 
had a distinguished career in industry. 
Both of his sons, G. Albert Woods, '44, 
and John W. Woods, '54, came to Se- 

The board of trustees elected four 
new members of the board of regents 
at their annual meeting. The Rt. Rev. 
Girault M. Jones, '28, bishop of Lou- 
isiana, replaced the Rt. Rev. John M. 
Hines, 'St), at the end of Bishop Hines' 
six-year term. New clerical regent is 
the Rev. Mortimer Glover, '16, suc- 
ceeding the Rev. George M. Alexander, 
'38, now dean-elect of the School of 
Theology. Lay members of the board 
of regents are W. Dudley Gale, '20, of 
Nashville, serving his second term, and 
R. Morey Hart, '34, of Pensacola, Flori- 
da, succeeding Gen. L. Kemper Wil- 
liams, '08. and Herbert E. Smith, Jr., 

New Faculty Named 

New members of the college faculty 
this fall are assistant professors Hugh 
H. Caldwell, philosophy, Marvin Good- 
stein, economics and business, Fred- 
erick H. Harris, political science, Dr. 
Stanley E. Thames, political science and 
history, and Lt. Charles C. Paty, air 
science. Instructors are James T. Cross, 
mathematics, and William H. Archer, 
Spanish. Horace Moore is a new coach 
in football and wrestling. 

Dr. John M. Webb, associate pro- 
fessor of history, is acting dean of men, 
during the absence of Dr. Robert S. 
Lancaster, who is teaching political 
theory and comparative government at 
the University of Bagdad on a Ful- 
bright lectureship. 

At Sewanee Military Academy, in 
addition to the new superintendent, Col. 
Craig Alderman, newcomers on the fac- 
ulty include the Rev. Frank V. D. For- 
tune, '32, chaplain, and the following 
instructors: Elihu Root Monica, mathe- 
matics, James E. Dezell, Jr., '55, mathe- 
matics, Sloan Jobe, Latin, Walter 
Keske, French, and Richard J. Corbin, 
'55, English. 

FacultyTrusteesElected Tuck away Inn Open 

For the first time trustees represent- 
ing the various faculties of the Uni- 
versity were elected. For St. Luke's the 
trustee is the Rev. Claude Sauerbrei. 
College faculty members elected were 
Roy Benton Davis and Eugene M. Kay- 
den. Mr. Kayden has since retired from 
active teaching and the faculty has 
nominated Dr. Stratton Buck to take 
his place. The Sewanee Military Acad- 
emy trustee was Col. H. B. Roberts be- 
fore his resignation to join the faculty 
of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute. 

Tuckaway is open for visitors al- 
though its dining room is temporarily 
a theological library. Mr. and Mrs. Tho- 
mas R. Waring, Jr., assure Sewanee 
friends that accommodations through 
the school year and throughout the 
summer will be available with an as- 
sortment of dining possibilities, includ- 
ing Gailor student commons, the snack 
bars at the Supply Store and Thomp- 
son Union, two cafes in the village, and 
a half dozen restaurants in Monteagle. 
Please, they urge, make reservations in 

St. Luke's Day 

Thirty alumni from ten dioceses reg- 
istered for St. Luke's Day, the annual 
homecoming of the School of Theology. 
The program officially began with Eve- 
ning Prayer at St. Luke's Chapel on 
October 17. The Rev. W. O. Cross of 
the seminary faculty was the preacher. 
A banquet followed at DuBose Con- 
ference Center. Over 200 persons at- 
tended including the Vice-Chancellor, 
the deans of the college, the faculty 
of St. Luke's, alumni and students and 
their wives. The Junior Class skit di- 
rected by Jim George of Upper South 
Carolina was then presented. 

Wednesday morning began with a 
celebration of the Holy Communion at 
St. Luke's with the Rev. V. O. Ward 
officiating. The annual lecture was 
given by the Reverend Edward Jacobs, 
rector of St. Michael and All Angels 
Church, Cincinnati, Ohio, who spoke on 
'The Relation of the Modern Liturgi- 
cal Movement to Twentieth Century 
Piety." Briefly, Father Jacobs traced 
the history of the liturgical movement 
from its beginnings to its present day 
role. Then he stressed throughout the 
whole address the necessity for one to 
view the Liturgical Movement not as 
a particular form of churchmanship, 
nor as a new form of churchmanship, 
but rather as a means whereby the 
traditional conflicts arising over church- 
manship could be resolved. The unity 
of the Church could be more visably 
enhanced and strengthened if the move- 
ment could influence the rest of the 
Church to UNITE around the Euchar- 
ist rather than belabor the traditional 
partisanship which has erected an al- 
most insurpassable polarity between 
those who "go to Morning Prayer" and 
those who "hear Mass." The Christian 
Family around God's Board — the com- 
munity's offering to God — is the central 
unity of our worship, and NOT a par- 
ticular service, which, through contro- 
versy, has arisen to satisfy partisan 
needs, whether it be Morning Prayer 
or Solemn High Mass. 

At the business meeting the alumni 
decided to retain until the St. Luke's 
meeting at Commencement, 1956, the 
present officers, the Rev. Robert F. 
Cowling, '50, president, the Rev. David 
B. Collins, '48, vice-president, the Rev. 
George B. Myers, '07, secretary, and the 
Rt. Rev. E.P. Dandridge,H'38, treasurer. 
F. X. W. and W. L. S. 

College, Academy 
Have Homecomings 

The weekend of the Washington and 
Lee game, November 11-12, was chosen 
for homecomings for college and acad- 
emy. The resulting crowd occupied 
every available space on the Mountain, 
with students moving out of Hunter 
Hall to provide quarters for dates. 

The academy homecoming featured a 
football game with Westminster School 
of Atlanta on Friday afternoon, two 
dances, and a luncheon for alumni and 
parents. The college homecoming was 
marked by the first dance at Gailor 
Hall, a Dixieland jazz concert, a torch- 
light parade Friday night, decorated 
fraternity houses, and a parade with 
floats Saturday afternoon. 

November , Nineteen Fifty -Five 

With Alumni Chapters 

Col. Alderman and the Ragland Dobbins' at Atlanta 



Pictured at the October Founders' 
Day meeting of the Sewanee Club of 
Atlanta are the guest speaker, Col. 
Craig Alderman, new superintendent of 
Sewanee Military Academy, and the 
president of the chapter, E. Ragland 
Dobbins, '35, and Mrs. Dobbins. Sixty- 
nine persons were present. Lt. Gen. 
Alvan C. Gillem, '14, introduced Col. 
Alderman, who served under him. in 
World War II. The next meeting of 
the club will be held November 20. All 
friends of Sewanee in Atlanta are in- 

Coastal Carolina 

The Carolina Coastal Chapter cele- 
brated Founders' Day with a dinner on 
October 28 at the Fort Sumter Hotel. 
The speaker was Dr. Ben F. Cameron, 
'42, director of admissions. 

New officers elected were Edward R. 
Ball, '51, president; John Gass Bratton, 
'51, vice-president; and J. Addison In- 
gle, '50, treasurer. A committee on 
student admissions has been appointed, 
consisting of Berkeley Grimball, '53, 
deRosset Myers, '41, Edward Ball, Louis 
Lawson, '42, Dr. Frank Ball, '41, John 
Bratton, and Miss Mary Green, GST'54. 
The committee has arranged several 
showings of the Sewanee color slides 
to groups of young people in Charles- 


The Nashville Sewanee Club elected 
new officers in October at a meeting 
at the Maxwell House and planned a 
football trip to the Mountain for the 
Washington and Lee game on Novem- 
ber 12. William D. Hail, '48, succeeded 
James W. Moody, Jr., '42, as president. 
New vice-president is James L. Perry, 
Jr., A'37, and secretary-treasurer is 
Clay Bailey, '50. The Club has been 
particularly interested in student re- 

Memphis alumni met on September 
24 after the Southwestern game at the 
Saddle and Spur Club. George G. 
Clarke, '48, secretary of the chapter, 
was in charge of arrangements. Un- 
fortunately, the primary purpose of the 
gathering was defeated along with the 
Sewanee football team. There could be 
no celebration of victory as Southwest- 
ern captured for the second time the 
trophy named in honor of Edmund Or- 

Alumni meet in 

At the General Convention of the 
Episcopal Church in Honolulu in Sep- 
tember, seventy-five Sewanee alumni, 
trustees, and other friends gathered at 
a Chinese restaurant on the night that 
seminary dinners were held. The Rt. 
Rev. Girault M. Jones, '28, bishop of 
Louisiana, was toastmaster. Speakers 
included Dr. McCrady, Bishop Juhan, 
and Hinton F. Longino. 

Southern California 

The Southern California Chapter held 
an alumni dinner at the Miramar Ho- 
tel, Santa Barbara, on September 24 
and invited many friends of Sewanee 
and alumni returning from the Gen- 
eral Convention in Honolulu. The Rev. 
George J. Hall, '34, was toastmaster, 
and the Rt. Rev. Frank A. Juhan, '11, 
was the speaker. Other alumni pres- 
ent were W. C. Atkinson, '21, Col. H. 
T. Bull, '01, president, E. Lang Cobb, 
A'07, Mrs. Alfred I. duPont, H'45, Mur- 
ray Hawkins, '11, Frank K. Lord, '99, 
the Rev. Henry C. Smith, '15, Gen. L. 
Kemper Williams, '08, and A. J. W. 
Yarbrough, A'19. 

On the following day Sewanee Sun- 
day was observed at All Saints'-by- 
the-Sea. Bishop Juhan preached and 
the Rev. Mr. Smith assisted the rector, 
Dr. Hall, in the service. Many alumni 
attended. The offertory was given to 
the Sewanee Centennial Fund. 

New York 

At the 1955 annual business meeting 
of the John H. P. Hodgson Chapter of 
the Alumni of the University of the 
South the following officers were elec- 
ted: John H. Duncan, '41, president for 
a second term; Dr. William Cabell 
Greet, '20, vice-president; W. Gilbert 
Dent, '54, secretary, and Ashby McC. 
Sutherland, '42, treasurer. The execu- 
tive committee consists of the chapter 
officers ex officio and Quintard Joyner, 
'20, Dr. Phillip W. DeWolfe, '41, and 
Thomas K. Ware, Jr., '43. The meeting 
of the chapter was held at the Univer- 
sity Club, long the scene of Sewanee 
alumni gatherings. The membership of 
the chapter includes alumni resident in 
Greater New York and nearby states. 

The annual dinner of the chapter for 
1956 will be held somewhat later than 
usual, in April, with the Vice-Chan- 
cellor among those present. Also of 
interest to New York alumni will be 
the service at the Cathedral of St. John 
the Divine on National Christian Col- 
lege Day in April, with Dean-elect 
George M. Alexander, '38, of the School 
of Theology as preacher. 

Matriculation Register 
Published in A ugust 

The second section of the Centennial 
Alumni Directory appeared as the Au- 
gust issue of the Sewanee Alumni 
News. Edited, as was the first geogra- 
phical section, by Mrs. Helen A. Petry 
with Mrs. E. N. Chitty, the Matricula- 
tion Register, Part I, listed every per- 
son who attended the medical or law 
schools and every college student from 
the opening of the University in 1868 
to 1920. The biographical sketches in- 
cluded place of residence at time of 
entrance at Sewanee; departments of 
the University attended with degrees 
and fraternities; other colleges and de- 
grees obtained there; occupation; ser- 
vice in World Wars I and II; official 
connections with the University as 
member of faculty or staff, boards of 
trustees or regents; listing in Who's 
Who; present address or date and place 
of death. 

There were matriculated in the medi- 
cal department 1601 persons from its 
opening in 1892 to its closing in 1909. 
The law department enrolled 168 per- 
sons from 1893 to 1909, most of whom 
also attended the college. There were 
3150 college matriculants in this period. 

Several corrections have been re- 
ceived and others are welcomed by the 
editors. The 1956 section, the August 
Alumni News, will contain the second 
part of the Matriculation Register, list- 
ing college students from 1920 on, all 
theological matriculants, the Sewanee 
French School, recipients of honorary 
degrees and honorary members of the 
Associated Alumni. The third part of 
the Matriculation Register will list stu- 
dents of Sewanee Military Academy. 
The 1957 section of the directory will 
list alphabetically all matriculants, fac- 
ulty, and trustees. 

The Matriculation Register was sent 
to all alumni who have contributed to 
the University since 1950. Others may 
obtain copies by making a contribution 
to the Sewanee Centennial Fund. 

The Sewanee Alumni News 

Lamb, Logan Elected 
Honorary Alumni 

New honorary members of the As- 
sociated Alumni elected by the Alumni 
Council were T. Kelsey Lamb of Beau- 
mont, Texas, and Sheridan A. Logan 
of New York. Mr. Lamb is the parent 
of two Sewanee men, Thomas K., Jr., 
'51, and James Payton, '55. He is a 
lay trustee of the University from Tex- 
as. Mr. Logan is the secretary of the 
George F. Baker Trust and has shown 
much interest in Sewanee and the men 
who have been awarded Baker Schol- 

Associated Alumni Plan New hook 
For Officers, Classes, Chapters 

Old TimersMeetinJune 

The Old Timers of the classes be- 
tween 1908 and 1911 held their annual 
reunion at Commencement, an event 
which has become one of the tradi- 
tional features of the program. They 
and their friends gathered at Tucka- 
way on June 10, followed by dinner 
at Claramont in Monteagle. Kenneth 
McD. Lyne, 09, president of the group, 
served as toastmaster. On the program 
for toasts or speeches were Thomas A. 
Cox, '09, Eric Cheape, '10, Thomas P. 
Stoney, '11, Frank A. Juhan, '11, and 
Frank M. Gillespie, 11. The group 
agreed with Mr. Stoney's suggestion 
that Sewanee needed more accommo- 
dations for visitors. Sewanee songs, in- 
cluding "Sewanee Men Both Young 
and Old" and "Go Round the End 
Again, Skinny," were sung and the 
meeting was adjourned to Commence- 
ment, 1956. 

Big news at the annual alumni busi- 
ness meeting June 11 was a sweeping 
revision of the organizational structure 
of the Associated Alumni. The changes 
take place at three levels: national, 
class, and local. The national officers 
take on specific duties implied by their 
new titles. The president escapes re- 
modeling but the vice-presidents are 
scarcely recognizable. There will be 
separate vice-presidents for (1) Classes, 
(2) Regions, (3), Student Admissions, 
(4) Bequests, (5) Church Support, and 
(6) Capital Funds. The last will pro- 
bably be subdivided into (a) Individual 
Giving, (b) Corporation Support, and 
(c) Foundation Support. A vice-presi- 
dency may be created for St. Luke's 
but no action was taken at the June 

Final action on the new posts will not 
be taken until a second reading of the 
constitutional amendment next June 
but meantime temporary chairmen are 
being appointed by President Michaux 
Nash. James G. Cate, Jr., '47, has 
accepted chairmanship for classes. E. 
Ragland Dobbins, '35, has been named 
chairman for regions. Stanyarne Bur- 
rows, '29, is the new chairman for ad- 
missions. He will work closely with the 
regents' chairman for admissions, R. 
Morey Hart, '34. Malcolm Fooshee, 18, 
has accepted responsibility for founda- 
tion support and other vacancies are 
in process of being filled. 

In the class organization, three offi- 
cers are to replace or work with the 
present class leaders. There will be a 
Class President, a Class Secretary, and 
a Class Editor, for all classes back to 

1920. Officers will be elected by pres- 
ent methods: class balloting or ap- 
pointed by the Alumni Council. 

The first class to elect these officers 
was 1955 with William T. Doswell, class 
president, Frank C. Bozeman, secretary, 
and Leonard M. Trawick, editor. The 
Alumni Council elected John W. Woods 
leader for 1954. Acting appointments 
as class leader have since been accepted 
by John B. Greer, '08, and Ralph Ruch, 
'35, replacing Bishop R. Bland Mitchell 
and E. Ragland Dobbins. These are sub- 
ject to ratification by the Alumni Coun- 
cil next June. 

Perhaps the most far-reaching change 
in the alumni organizational structure 
will be in the emergence of the new 
"Sewanee Club" to replace the "Alum- 
ni Chapter." With the possible excep- 
tion of the New York chapter, which 
is in a class by itself, most alumni 
chapters will probably follow the new 
pattern which suggests a base of mem- 
bership broadened to include, besides 
alumni, wives, parents of alumni or 
students, Episcopalians, or any friends 
of Sewanee. Programs will include 
anything lying in the general area of 
Christian education. The clubs will 
have intellectual as well as social and 
promotional objectives. Ragland Dob- 
bins, in charge of this phase of reor- 
ganization, brings to his post the spe- 
cial qualifications of having just set in 
motion the new type of Sewanee Club 
in AUanta. A Nashville group under 
the leadership of James W. Moody, Jr., 
'42, has also passed the experimental 

k. tfe* 

The classes of 1934, 1935, 1936, and 1937 held the largest joint reunion at Commencement. Shown above are many of the per- 
sons attending the luncheon on June 11 at the home of the alumni secretary. This gathering was followed by an afternoon 
lawn party at the home of Douglas L. Vaughan, '35, treasurer of the University. 

November, Nineteen Fifty-Five 











Athletics should be started early 

Space Quadrupled 

The new Juhan Gymnasium will be longer than 
a football field! The sandstone structure, 336 feet 
by 112 feet, will enclose the two present gyms, a 
considerable economy ?.n total cost, and will ap- 
proximately quadruple their floor space. The 
Shaffer Gymnasium, nearer Texas Avenue, was 
built in 1903 with the largest gift coming from 
trustee John Dalton Shaffer of Ellendale, Louisi- 
ana. The Ormond Simkins Field House, on the 
edge or the Sewanee Ravine Garden, was built in 
1927 and named for the great athlete of 1899. 

The two-story entrance of the enlarged building- 
will face east on Texas Avenue. Trophies will be 
displayed in a large lobby with another trophy 

room adjacent in which will be mounted the Gor- 
don Clark collection of photos of Sewanee teams, 
complete for football and almost complete for 

Basketball Arena 

On the left will be athletic offices and on the 
right rest rooms. Upstairs will be facilities for 
visiting athletes and coaches and a physical edu- 
cation classroom. The lobby will open on the 
basketball arena which will have seats for 1,248. 
Unde" the basketball floor there will be a rifle 
range, a projection room for strategy sessions, and 
storage space for athletic equipment. 

Proceeding west from the basketball court, one 
enters the second floor of the Shaffer gym which 
is to lie completely remodeled for wrestling and 

The Sewanee Alumni News 





continued through life . . . Plato 

gymnastics. The first floor will include swimming 
locker rooms and a ladies 1 room. 

Swimming Pool 

West of the Shaffer gym — between it and the 
Simkins gym — the excavation is already almost 
complete for the swimming pool, 75 feet by 44 
feet, with rim on a level with the first floor of 

The Simkins gym will remain largely as it is, 
with the present basketball court serving for vol- 
leyball and indoor tennis. The varsity will use 
the basement level for locker and shower rooms. 
A central heating plant, built in 1947 by Dr. 
Guerrv, is large enough to heat the whole build- 

The total cost of the new sections and reno- 
November, Nineteen Fifty-Five 

vations is about $675,000. Because of the two 
present buildings, the final structure will be valued 
at about $1,000,000. In a latitude where approxi- 
mately one third of the school year is held in 
weather too severe for outdoor sports, the gym- 
nasium assumes a position of heavy responsibility 
in student morale and health. The new Juhan 
Gymnasium, with its modern design, should give 
Sewanee athletes facilities as good as the best to be 
found in a school of its size. 

Memorials Invited 

One half of the estimated cost is in hand in the 
Sewanee Centennial Fund Alumni are invited 
to make contributions toward its completion. In 
particular will memorial gifts be welcomed, with 
rooms named for persons designated by the donor. 

Preliminary List of 1955 Contributors 

$168,048 given by or in Memory of 547 Alumni by November 1 

Note: This tabulation does not include all 1955 donors to the 
Sewanee-All Saints' Foundation who will be included in the 
year-end listing. 

* Donor deceased or memorial 

H. M. Garwood* 

John H. P. Hodgson* Endow- 
ment Fund 
Dr. J. Houstoun Johnston 
C. P. Mathewes 

Hon. Joseph B. Jones 

A. Sessums Cleveland* 
W. D. Cleveland, Jr. 

Henry T. Soaper 
James C. Watson 

Spruille Burford, Jr. 
Very Rev. J. Wilmer Gresham 
Dr. R. M. Kirby-Smith 
Rev. Henry E. Spears 
Rev. Caleb B. K. Weed 

A. G. Blacklock 
Rev. Thomas P. Noe 
R. S. Rust, Jr. 
Dr. O. N. Torian 
Dr. William Weston 

Richard W. Hogue 
Thomas C. Mather 

Rev. Walter E. Dakin* 
George C. Edwards 
Judge Bayard B. Shields 


Rev. Francis W. Ambler* 

Frank K. Lord 

Dr. Maurice Rosier* 

Very Rev. Raimundo deOvies 
Dr. J. G. deRoulhac Hamilton 

Preston S. Brooks, Jr.* 
Col. Henry T. Bull 
Dr. James T. Williams, Jr. 

Rt. Rev. Walter Mitchell 

Rev. Dwight F. Cameron 
G. Bowdoin Craighill 
Herbert E. Smith 
Dr. J. Bayard Snowden 

Dr. J. Gant Gaither 
Capt. W. J. Hine 
Raymond D. Knight 
W. W. Lewis 
Courtenay T. Lindsay* 
Rev. George M. Macdougall 
Dr. John R. Sheldon 

Rev. Emile S. Harper 
Rev. H. L. Hoover 
Rev. Wilmer S. Poynor 
Rev. Prentice A. Pugh 
Stanley H. Trezevant 
Rt. Rev. Hunter Wyatt-Brown* 


William G. deRosset 

Bower W. Barnwell 
David R. Dunham 
Ford P. Fuller 
Rev. Joseph H. Harvey 
Rev. Lyttleton E. Hubard 
Rev. George B. Myers 
T. W. Palmer 
Charles McD. Puckette 
J. W. Scarbrough 
S. M. Sharpe 


Earl R. Greene 

John B. Greer 

Sorsby Jemison 

Rt. Rev. R. Bland Mitchell 

Thomas A. Cox, Jr. 
Kenneth McD. Lyne 
Rev. Newton Middleton 
Silas Williams* 

George W. Baltzell 
Alexander Guerry* 
Benjamin D. Lebo 

A. L. Browne* 
Ben F. Cameron 
Frank M. Gillespie 
Rt. Rev. Frank A. Juhan 
Dr. James T. MacKenzie 
Rt. Rev. J. M. Stoney 

Frank N. Green 
Major Phil B. Whitaker 

Edmund Armes 
Dr. G. L. Morelock 
John E. Puckette 
N. Hobson Wheless 
A. R. Williams 
Col. George W. B Witten 

Rev. Henry D. Bull 
Marion T. Meadows 
Harry N. Taliaferro 

Rev. Ellis M. Bearden 
William B. Hamilton 
Rev. William T. Holt 
Rev. Clarence H. Horner 
William M. Reynolds 

Troy Beatty, Jr. 
Henry C. Cortes, Sr. 
Gen. Joe N. Dalton 
Roland W. Doty 
D. P. Hamilton 
Arthur G. Murphey 
Rev. George Ossman 
Col. John W. Russey 

Dr. W. Rogers Brewster 
Merlin K. Bruce 
Leicester C. Chapman, Jr. 
Frederick M. Morris 
Joe R. Murphy 
Joe M. Scott. Jr. 

John C. Bennett, Jr. 
Harry E. Clark 
Malcolm Fooshee 
Rev. Edward B. Harris 
W. G. Leftwich 

James M. Avent 
O. Beirne Chisolm 
Louis S. Estes 
L. B. Paine 
Edward M. Pooley 

William M. Barret 
John Bell 

Dr. John Chipman 
John G. Dearborn 
Quintard Joyner 
C. V. Lyman 
Dr. B. B. Sory, Jr. 

George K. Bradford 
Rev. Moultrie Guerry 
Lyman P. Hoge 
Rev. Capers Satterlee 
Calvin K. Schwing* 

Albert A. Bonholzer 
J. Rorick Cravens 
R. H Helvenston 
Bob Phillips 
A. A. Williams 
John A. Witherspoon, Jr. 

Leighton H. Collins 
Dr. F. S. Dixon 
Dr. Majl Ewing 
J. Burton Frierson 
Rev. Edward B. Guerry 
Edwin A. Keeble 
Maurice Moore, Jr. 
Frank H. Parke 
Rev. Francis B. Wakefield, Jr. 
Buford G. Wilson 

Hugh W. Fraser, Jr. 
Dr. Egbert Freyer 
Shockley C. Gamage 
Rev. George H. Harris 
Rev. Eugene N. Hopper 
Marion W. Mahin 
Keith Short 
Rev. George F. Wharton* 

Roland Jones, Jr. 
Fred B. Mewhinney 
Wilson Norfleet 
Rev. E. W. Poindexter, Jr. 
John E. Woodley 

W. A. Barclay 
George H. Barker 
Dr. Arthur N. Berry 
Rev. E. Dargan Butt 
N. Hamner Cobbs 
Gilbert B. Dempster 
Rev. James M. Dick 
David S. DuBose 
Elliott D. Evins 
Robert A. Haggart 
W. Michaux Nash 
Benjamin V. Pearman 
Alex H. Pegues, Jr. 
Curtis B. Quarles 
Daniel D. Schwartz 
Dr. M. R. Williams 

Dr. Frederick H. Bunting 
Robert P. Cooke, Jr. 
Earl B. Guitar 
Rev. Durrie B. Hardin 
Dr. James Robert Sory 
Rev. William S. Turner 

Robert M. Bowers 
Joe Earnest 
Kirkman Finlay 
Rt. Rev. Girault M. Jones 
Paul A. Tate 
George Wallace, Jr. 
Henry O. Weaver 

Alfred T. Airth 
Charles Edward Berry 
R. A. Binford 
Charles M. Boyd 
Malcolm C. Brown 
Franklin G. Burroughs 
Stanyarne Burrows, Jr. 
John H. Cleghorn 
William M. Cravens 
William B. Dickens 
Frederick R. Freyer 
James F. Griswold, Jr. 
Keith M. Hartsfield 
Thomas O. McDavid 
Francis C. Nixon 
Robert P. Shapard, Jr. 
Dr. C. H. Sory 
Warren Way 
Dr. Leslie J. Williams 

Dr. William J. Ball 
Clinton G. Brown. Jr. 
William B. Craig 
Jackson Cross 
Charles C. Dudley 
Clarence Faulk 
Dr. Thomas N. E. Greville 
Rt. Rev. John E. Hines 
Dr. Thomas Parker 
Dr. Lance C. Price 

Rev. G. W. Goodson 
Duncan C. Green 
C. Richard Kellermann 
Dr. R. N. Long 
Rev. Alfred St. John Matthews 
Jack W. Sayles 
Rev. Eldred C. Simkins 
Rev. David Yates 

James E. Butler 
Rev. Wood B. Carper, Jr. 
Carlisle S. Page, Jr. 
William T. Parish, Jr. 
Royal K. Sanford 

Rev. Olin G. Beall 
Dr. C. Benton Burns 
Dr. Randolph C. Charles 
Bayard M. Cole 
Rev. Theodore P. Devlin 
Dr. DuBose Egleston 
Robert W. Fort 
Thomas B. Henderson 
Rev. Hedley James Williams 

John P. Castleberry 
Dudley C. Fort 
Joseph E. Hart, Jr. 


The Sewanee Alumni News 

Preston Huntley 
James P. Kranz 
M. Charles Stone 

Dr. Croom Beatty, 111 
Rev. Lee A. Bellord 
Arthur Ben Chitty 
E. Ragland Dobbins 
Walter H. Drane 
Rev. Edward H. Harrison 
John A. Johnston 
Quincy B. Love 
Julian P. Ragland 
Ralph H. Ruch 
Dr. James E. Thorogood 
Rev. Fred Yerkes, Jr. 

Rev. Cecil Alligood 
Rev. Ralph Bridges 
Frank J. Chalaron 
Rt. Rev. Alfred Cole 
G. Bowdoin Craighill, Jr. 
Rt. Rev. R. E. Dicus 
John R. Franklin 
Maurel Richard 
Col. Edmund Kirby-Smith 
Herbert E. Smith, Jr. 
Rev.. Louis O'V. Thomas 
Rev. Harry Wintermeyer 

Richard W. Boiling 
Rev. Colin R. Campbell 
Rupert M. Colmore, Jr. 
William S. Fleming, III 
A. T. Graydon 
Dr. Walter M. Hart 
Theodore C. Heyward, Jr. 
Rev. Norman F. Kinzie 
Very Rev. C. P. Lewis 
Rev. B. A. Meginniss 
Dr. Benjamin Phillips, Jr. 
Rev. H. Wyatt-Brown 

Rev. Lawrence Berry 
Jefferson D. Copeland, Jr. 
Frank M. Gillespie, Jr. 
Dr. Daniel R. Gray, Jr. 
Norwood C. Harrison 
W. W. Hazzard, Jr. 
Rev. W. R. Haynsworth 
Dr. Thomas V. Magruder, Jr. 
Hendree Milward 
T. T. Phillips, Jr. 
C. O. Prince, Jr. 
James Ragland 
William Wilkerson 

Ben Philips Donnell 
Rev. James L. Duncan 
Rev. Aubrey C. Maxted 
Lt. Col. Leslie McLaurin, Jr. 
Edwin H. Reeves 
Rev. Robert W. Turner, III 
Rev. Russell W. Turner 

Rev. W. Prentiss Barrett 
Dr. S. T. Beasley 
Walter Robert Belford 
Rev. Alfred P. Chambliss, Jr. 
William C. Duckworth 
William M. Edwards 
Rev. F. Newton Howden 
Rev. Alexander D. Juhan 
Rev. Richard A. Kirchhoffer, Jr. 
Rt. Rev. lveson B. Noland 
Robert G. Snowden 
M. D. Cooper Stockell, Jr. 
Rev. C. H. Tisdale 
James P. Willis 
Dr. Richard H. Workman 

Rev. David J. Coughlin 
John H. Duncan 

Marshall J. Ellis 
James V. Gillespie 
Winfield B. Hale, III 
Rev. William L. Jacobs 
Rev. George C. Merkel 
Charles F. Wallace 

Rev. Paul Dodd Burns 
Stanhope E. Elmore, Jr. 
R. M. Fairleigh 
Dr. Sterling Garrard 
Louis R. Lawson. Jr. 
C. Caldwell Marks 
Richard B. Park 
Armistead I. Selden 
Dr. Bayly Turlington 
E. N. Zeigler 

Robert F. Bartusch 
William O. Beach, Jr. 
Rev. W. Armistead Boardman 
Rev. Alexander W. Boyer 
Frederic H. Butts 
Paul E. Davidson. Jr. 
W. T. Donoho, Jr. 
William C. Grayson 
Dr. Edwin B. Herring 
Rev. Irwin Hulbert 
T. Ray Jones 
R. Critchell Judd 
Dr. Charles H. Knickerbocker 
William W. Shaver 
Rev. Milton L. Wood 

Rev. Grover Alison, Jr. 
Rev. Charles J. Child, Jr. 
George S. Herscher 
Neil W. Platter 
Rev. Roddey Reid, Jr. 
Edward K. Sanders 
Rev. David J. Williams 

Tohn A. Giesch 
Rev. R. Lansing Hicks 
Douglass McQueen, Jr. 
William Nelson, II 
John F. Scott, Jr. 


George Gillespie* 

Rev. Charles E. Karsten, Jr. 

John Coming Ball, Jr. 
O'Neal Bardin 
Dr. Albert P. Bridges 
James G. Cate, Jr. 
Rev. Charles T. Chambers, Jr. 
Rev. Kenneth E. Clarke 
Rev. Miller M. Cragon 
L. P. B. Emerson 
Neely Grant 
Dr. William R. Nummy 
Jesse Martin Phillips 
Rev. George E. Stokes, Jr. 
Dr. John F. Waymouth 
Porter Williams. Jr. 

Rev. James R. Brumby, III 
George G. Clarke 
Rev. George C. Estes 
Dr. Allan D. Gott 
Donald M. Johnson 
George Q. Langstaff 
Rev. Frank E. McKenzie 
William C. Morgan 
H. Kelly Seibels 
Rev. Martin Tilson 
Dr. Calhoun Winton 

G. Dewey Arnold 
Robert M. Ayres, Jr. 
Walter D. Bryant, Jr. 
William Buck 

Dr. William G. Cobey 

George C. Connor 

Joseph D. Cushman 

Rev. Robert L. Evans 

John P. Guerry 

Rev. George E. Haynsworth 

Rev. Roderick H. Jackson 

Rev. J. R. Lodge 

Harry C. McPherson 

Edward D. Putman, Jr. 

William F. Rogers 

Rev. Gregory A. E. Rowley 

Dan D. Scott 

Rev. Robert S. Snell 

Rev. Leslie E. Wilson 


W. Alan Babin 

Rev. Jack Marion Bennett 

Charles M. Binnicker, Jr. 

Dr. Wyatt H. Blake, III 

Rev. B. H. Cowger 

John David Crews 

Joel T. Daves 

Leroy J. Ellis 

Charles P. Garrison 

G. H. Hamler 

G. Selden Henry, Jr. 

Lewis H. Hill, III 

Thomas A. Lear 

Rev. John H. Lembcke, Jr. 

Leonard B. Murphy 

Thomas Francis Pickard 

Harold M. Prowse 

Richard E. Simmons, Jr. 

Gordon R. Tyler 

David G. Wiseman, Jr. 

Allen L. Bartlett 
James B. Bell, Jr. 
Rev. G. P. Mellick Belshaw 
John G. Bratton 
William T. Cocke, III 
Rev. Jack W. Cole 
Joseph C. Donaldson 
Rev. J. Powell Eaton 
Rev. W. Thomas Engram 
Charles W. Hall 
Rev. D. Holmes Irving 
Robert Milroy McKey, Jr. 
Julian F. Neill 
Herbert A. Philips 
Philip H. Smith 
Rev. F. C. Stough 
Paul K. Uhrig 
Rev. George Wharton, Jr. 
Russell H. Wheeler, Jr. 

Richard Allin, III 
Rev. James W. Anderson 
C. Garnett Ashby, Jr. 
Hugh C. Brown 
Rev. Edmond L. Browning 
Lowndes Butler 
Rev. Sanford Garner, Jr. 
Coleman Goatley 
Edward W. Heath 
Rev. Lewis Hodgkins 
James L. C. McFaddin, Jr. 
Rev. John R. McGrory, Jr. 
Albert N. Minor 
William Brown Patterson, Jr. 
Robert L. Watson 
Thomas H. Whitcroft 

Kenneth A. Kerr 
Lewis S. Lee 
James H. Mcintosh 
Robert C. Mumby 
Charles M. Sample 
John E. Soller 
Thobum Taggart, Jr. 
Homer W. Whitman, Jr. 

November y Nineteen Fifty-Five 


R. Thad Andress 
B. Eugene Baker 
William Frank Bridgers 
John T. Broome 
Wade G. Dent, III 
Gene P. Eyler 
Paul J. Greeley 
Charles M. Griffith 
Robert N. Hall 
Robert B. Kemp 
Charles M. Lindsay 
George L. Lyon 
Samuel W. McAneny 
Rev. Albert A. Nelius 
Joel Wilson Pugh 
James D. Rox 
William H. Savage 
James M. Seidule 
Joe P. Smith 
Laurence S. Snelling 
W. Webb White 
John W. Woods 

Joseph D. Anthony 
Herbert D'Alemberte 
William T. Doswell 
Robert L. Ewing 
Roger W. Jordan 
J. Payton Lamb 
James P. McHaney 

Harry L. Babbit 
Albert W. Nisley 

Charles F. Russell 
Jackson C. Sibley 

W. Anthony Gray 


Kappa Sigma Fraternity 


Contributions from V-12 alum- 
ni are listed with Classes of 
1943, 1944, and 1945. 


Rev. Roelif H. Brooks 

Rt. Rev. E. P. Dandridge 

Mrs. Alfred I. duPont 

Dr. James A. Farley 

Dr. Norman Foerster 

Dr. Lewis B. Franklin 

Rt. Rev. Everett H. Jones 

Hinton F. Longino 

Rt. Rev. Henry Irving Louttit 

Rev. Albert H. Lucas 

Edmund Orgill 

Rt. Rev. Noble C. Powell 

Dr. Horace Russell 

Dr. Charles M. Sarratt 

J. A. Setze* 

Rev. James R. Sharp 

Rev. M. Bowyer Stewart 

Mrs. George A. Washington 

Rev. H. W. Wells 

Victor R. Williams 

Rt. Rev. John D. Wing 


Dr. Herbert S. Alden, '18 

Richard A. Belford, '22 

Douglas M. Bow, A'13 

Reading D. Bulluck, Jr., '24 

Lt. Robert Burns, '44 

George B. Cash, '46 

E. S. Boynton Ferris, '04 

H. W. Foote* 

S. Walton Jackson, Jr., '38 

Dr. John A. Kelk, '49 

Alex H. Major, '95 

Dr. R. J. Muelling, Jr., '43 

Lemon G. Neely, '37 

Alfred W. Negley, '43 

(Continued on page 12) 


About Sewanee Alumni 

Gait her Heads 
Kentucky Doctors 

Dr. J. Gant Gaither, '04, of Hopkins- 
ville became president of the Kentucky 
Medical Association in September. He 
has served as president of the board 
of trustees of the local hospital for 
fifteen years. For many years he was 
a lieutenant- colonel in the medical re- 
serve corps. He has been a vestry- 
man, lay reader, junior and senior war- 
den in Grace Church. In August, 1954, 
he was heard on the radio program, 
This I Believe. In announcing his new 
office, the Journal of the Kentucky 
association spoke of Dr. Gaither's well- 
known vigor, wisdom, most pleasing 
personality and keen sense of humor. 

Carolina School 
Honors Poynors 

A school in Florence, South Carolina, 
has been named the Wilmer S. and 
Mamie S. Poynor Junior High School 
in honor of Sewanee's alumnus of the 
class of 1905 and his wife. Mr. Poynor 
was rector of St. John's Episcopal 
Church there for twenty-eight years 
and his wife taught history and Eng- 
lish in the high school for about twenty 
years. A recent article described "Par- 
son" Poynor as a "very active man . . . 
giving spiritual guidance, hope, cour- 
age, comfort, and joy" to those whom 
he meets. 

Who's Who Lists 
Six More A lumni 

Six alumni will be listed for the first 
time in the next edition of Who's Who 
in America. They are J. C. Brown 
Burch, '21, resident partner of Merrill, 
Lynch, Pierce, Fenner, and Beane in 
Memphis; Dr. Ralph L. Collins, '28, of 
the faculty of the University of Indi- 
ana; J. Burton Frierson, '23, president 
of the Dixie Mercerizing Company cf 
Chattanooga; Henry F. Holland, '33', as- 
sistant secretary of state for Latin 
American affairs; Dr. Siert F. Riepma, 
'33, president of the National Associa- 
tion of Margerine Manufacturers; and 
Austin W. Smith, '16, retiring dean- 
registrar of the Tennessee Polytechnic 
Institute at Cookeville. 

Duncan Elected 
Kapba Alpha 
Knight Commander 

National president or knight com- 
mander of the Kappa Alpha Order is 
the Rev. James L. Duncan, '39, elected 
at the convention in August. He is rec- 
tor of St. Peter's Church, St. Peters- 
burg, Florida, and a member of Sewa- 
nee's board of trustees. 

Outdoor Drama 
Presented by 
Caldwell, Harris 

A new version of the "Sam Davis 
Story" was presented at the home of 
the Confederate boy hero in Smyrna, 
Tennessee, in October, with Sewanee 
men as author and director. The script 
was written by John W. Caldwell, '49, 
author of "Florida Aflame" and a mem- 
ber of the faculty of the University 
of Louisville. The director of the two- 
hour drama was Eugene O. Harris, III, 
'51, now in charge of the Little Theatre 
at Clearwater, Florida. 

Puckette Named 
SNPA President 

Charles McD. Puckette, '07, was elec- 
ted president of the Southern News- 
paper Publishers Association on Octo- 
ber 4. He was formerly managing edi- 
tor of the New York Evening Post and 
later assistant to the publisher of the 
New York Times. He is now general 
manager of the Chattanooga Times. 
From 1948 to 1951 he was president of 
the Associated Alumni and is now a 
member of the board of regents. His 
father, the late Charles McD. Puckette, 
'79, was editor of the New Orleans 

1895 Has 60th 

Dr. R. M. Kirby-Smith, '95. was the 
only member of the class on the Moun- 
tain for the sixtieth anniversary at 
Commencement. He is looking at the 
class gift of $17,565 in cash and bequests. 

MacKenzie Honored 
By Southern Chemists 

Dr. James T. MacKenzie, '11, techni- 
cal director of the American Cast Iron 
Pipe Company in Birmingham, received 
the 1955 Southern Chemist award of the 
American Chemical Society's Memphis 
section in recognition of his researches 
in metallurgical chemistry. The award 
is given annually for distinguished ser- 
vice in the chemistry profession in the 

Kershaw Seen 
On TV 

Rev. Alvin L. Kershaw, '44, may well 
be known to more Americans than any 
Sewanee alumnus since William Craw- 
ford Gorgas died in 1920. In six TV 
appearances on the Revlon "$64,000 
Question" he made a solid hit with a 
vast audience with his astonishing 
knowledge of jazz, its origins, and its 
disciples. From Satchmo to Sackbut, he 
had the answers. 

On his fourth session, when he an- 
swered the $16,000 question, he almost 
surely was assisted by A Man Named 
Luke. That particular Tuesday was St. 
Luke's Day and some 250 alumni and 
students of the School of Theology had 
deserted ailing St. Luke's Hall for Du- 
Bose Conference Center in Monteagle 
for their annual gathering. When the 
victory of "the Reverend" was an- 
nounced, there was a storm of ap- 
plause. With such support from St. 
Lukians on St. Luke's Day, it would 
have been unthinkable for a graduate 
of St. Luke's to have missed. 

Kershaw combined sincerity and dig- 
nity in his espousal of jazz as an in- 
digenous and thoroughly respectable 
component of American culture. He 
carried with him the riotous cheers of 
his college congregation at Miami Uni- 
versity, Oxford, Ohio, as well as the 
sanction of his communicants at Holy 
Trinity, and the approving nod of his 

Mr. Kershaw's success is reminiscent 
of the sensation created by his fellow 
alumnus Ellis G. Arnall, '28, a few 
years ago when that former governor 
of Georgia amazed the experts on "In- 
formation Please" with his classical 


(Continued from page 11) 
Richard B. Newhall, '37 
Charles L. Patten, '45 
Jesse L. Perry, Jr., '37 
James H. Peters, '47 
Charles M. Seymour, '99 
James W. Shook, '90* 
John A. Skipwith, '72* 
John W. Spence, '35 
R. J. Thiesen, '04 
Richard O. Werlein, '42 
James McConnell Young, '57 


The Sewanee Alumni News 

With Sewanee Classes . . . . 

George H. Williams, '92, SAE, is 
vice-president of the Monrovia, Cali- 
fornia, Savings and Loan Association. 
He previously served as president of 
banks in Muskogee, Oklahoma, and 
Pueblo, California, and as city treas- 
urer of Muskogee. 

Frank K. Lord, '99, ATO, has served 
as volunteer advisory coach at the 
Long Beach, California, high school in 
football, baseball, and track for the 
past eighteen years. He has compiled 
a set of basic rules for kicking, pass- 
ing, and receiving in football. 

Thomas J. Lee, '12, is a retired dis- 
trict agent of the Farmers Insurance 
Company. He has served as district 
commander of the American Legion. 
He is now living in Little Rock, Ar- 
kansas, though his permanent address 
is Merigold, Mississippi. 

Troy Beatty, Jr., '16, DTD, is senior 
vice-president and trust officer of the 
First National Bank of Memphis. He 
heads the trust faculty of the School 
of Banking of the South at Louisiana 
State University. 

J. Thomas Schneider, '17, ATO, has 
returned to the private practice of law 
in Washington, D. C, after serving as 
assistant secretary of commerce (in- 
ternational affairs) and with the anti- 
trust division of the department of 

C. Frederick Hard, '22, ATO, was 
awarded the honorary degree of doctor 
of laws by Tulane University in May. 
He is president of Scripps College, 
chairman of the Tulane board of visi- 
tors, and a senator and chairman of 
the qualifications committee of Phi 
Beta Kappa. 

Dr. H. Fraser Johnstone, '23, head 
of the chemical engineering division 
at the University of Illinois, has been 
given the Army Exceptional Civilian 
Service decoration in recognition of his 
services as consultant to the Army 
Chemical Corps from 1946 to 1954. Dr. 
Johnstone served as chairman of the 
Chemical Corps Advisory Council. 

Brinkley S. Snowden, '27, SAE, has 
for several years been devoting a prin- 
cipal part of his time to speaking 
throughout the country on the subject 
of missions in India. From 1935 to 1939 
he was a missionary in the Singareni 
coal fields region, working with "un- 
touchable" Christians. 

Robert B. Sears, '32, is a feature 
writer and copy reader on the Roa- 
noke, Virginia, Times. 

Dr. Dick Taylor, '32, PKP, is presi- 
dent of the Renaissance Conference of 
the South Central Modern Languages 
Association. He is associate professor 
of English at Tulane University. He 
has held fellowships from the General 
Education Board and the Ford and Car- 
negie Foundations. 

Dr. Douglass G. Adair, '33, PDT, is 
now professor of history at Claremont 
College in California. He held the same 
position at the College of William and 
Mary, where he edited the Quarterly. 

Dudley C. Fort, '34, PDT, is chair- 
man of the Shakerag Hounds Hunt 
Committee in Atlanta, where he is also 

president of the Sons of the American 
Revolution. Last spring he hunted in 
England with twelve different packs 
of hounds. 

W. Harding Drane, '35, SAE, has 
formed a new company to codify and 
publish codes of ordinances for munici- 
palities. The Walter H. Drane Company 
is located at 10660 Carnegie Avenue, 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

Frank R. Morton, '35, has returned 
to the merchant marine after a year 
ashore in North Africa and Italy. His 
permanent address is 3614 Florinda 
Avenue, Houston, Texas. 

Samuel L. Allen, '37, SN, is general 
manager of the New York Life Insur- 
ance Company's office in Charleston, 
South Carolina. 

Alex Guerry, Jr., '39, SAE, is the 
president of the Southern Lawn Tennis 
Association, and Alex Wellford, '34, 
SAE, is an advisory commiteeman. Mr. 
Guerry is secretary of the Chattanooga 
Medicine Company and treasurer of 
WDEF Broadcasting Company. 

Frederick R. Morton, '42, DTD, is 
teaching Spanish at the University of 
California at Riverside, newest unit of 
the University, now beginning its sec- 
ond full year of operation. 

James J. Sirmans, '42, is a publi- 
cist with Warner Bros. Pictures in New 
York, and serves as director of pub- 
licity for the Producers' Council and 
press representative for the 4th Street 

William Shelby Wilson, N'43', is an 
inspector for the International Har- 
vester Company in Covington, Tennes- 

Dr. Allan D. Gott, '48, PGD, is doing 
fertilizer research for the Virginia Ca- 
rolina Chemical Company in Richmond, 

Calhoun Winton, '48, PDT, received 
his Ph.D. in English from Princeton 
University in June. He is on the fac- 
ulty of Dartmouth College. 

William A. Chenault, '49, is pros- 
pecting for uranium in the hill coun- 
try near Elizabethtown, Illinois, and 
hopes that a dome there will produce 
a valuable yield. 

John P. Guerry, '49, SAE, defeated 
John Strang, '49, in August in their 
fifth meeting in the Chattanooga men's 
singles tournament. Guerry has won 
four of the five matches beginning in 

John Rison Jones, '49, SN, has re- 
ceived a renewal of his Fulbright schol- 
arship for research in France. 

Edwin M. McPherson, '49, PDT, has 
become a senior associate of Lester E. 
Knight and Associates, consulting en- 
gineers in New York. 

Clifton H. Morgan, '49, is now nur- 
sery supervisor with the Mississippi 
Forestry Commission. His headquarters 
are in Jackson. 

M. Eugene Morris, '49, SN, is assist- 
ant in radio and television for the 
National Education Association and is 
working on a master's degree in com- 
munication at American University in 

Parker F. Enwright, '50, SN, is on 

the staff of the dean of men at the 
University of Miami. 

John Gass Bratton, '51, ATO, has 
been promoted to the position of rec- 
ords clerk in charge of cotton imports 
at the North Charleston Port Termi- 
nals, Charleston, South Carolina. 

Nicholas Biddle Willard, '51, SN, is 
a sales technician for the Borden Com- 
pany in New York. 

George Dexheimer, '52, BTP, is trav- 
eling the Central Missouri territory for 
Certain-teed Products and makes his 
home with his mother in Columbia, 

The Rev. Mercer-Logan Goodson, '52, 
was ordained deacon on June 21 at 
Weslaco, Texas. He is now in charge 
of a church at Carrizo Springs, Texas. 

John C. Fletcher, '53, PDT, is presi- 
dent of the student body at the Vir- 
ginia Theological Seminary, and Tho- 
mas D. Bowers, '53, ATO, is president 
of the missionary society there. 

John E. Soller, '53, BTP, is teaching 
in the Department of Government of 
the College of William and Mary, hav- 
ing completed studies in Germany as 
a Fulbright scholar. 

Alfred J. Guntherberg, '54, works for 
the guided missile establishment at 
Huntsville, Alabama, and visits fre- 
quently Beans Creek, Tennessee, where 
his mother operates the only cedar fau- 
cet factory in the world. Thomas J. 
Guntherberg, '42, is an air force cap- 
tain in Germany. 

J. Righton Robertson, Jr., '54, KS, is 
serving as assistant to Sewanee's di- 
rector of admissions, Dr. Ben F. Cam- 
eron, '42, KA, while awaiting call to 
active duty with the air force. He 
completed a year as a Fulbright scholar 
at the University of Montpellier, 
France, in August. 

Lee B. Sayre, '55, KS, is teaching 
English and history at the Savannah 
Country Day School. 

S. Emmett Lucas, Jr., '56, is in the 
sales and services department of the 
Birmingham, Alabama, Publishing 

William C. Coleman. '42, is vice-presi- 
dent of the Citizens and Southern Na- 
tional Bank in Charleston, South 

Novembe", Nineteen Fifty-Five 



John W. M. Thomas, '19, PDT, to Mrs. 
Wharton Sinkler, II, on August 10. They 
are living in Wayne, Pennsylvania. 

James Hamilton Fraser, Jr., '29, SN, 
to Angelica Van Buren Simpson on 
August 6 in Columbia, South Carolina. 

Dr. Robert Erwin Robards, N'43, to 
Beverley Jean Peterson on June 24 in 
Council Bluffs, Iowa. He is a physi- 
cian in the public health service. 

William Taylor Watson, III, N'43, to 
Mary Pierson Fitch on September 10 
in New York. He is a graduate of 
Vanderbilt and former student and in- 
structor at the Wharton School of the 
University of Pennsylvania. He is with 
the Otis Elevator Company. 

Raymond A. Blevins, Jr., N'44, to 
Suzanne Dawson on May 14 in Knox- 
ville, Tennessee. He is in the sales 
division of R. J. Reynolds Tobacco 
Company in Winston- Salem. 

Elmer David Davies, Jr., N'44, to 
Lucy Lee on September 9 in Pulaski, 
Tennessee. He is a graduate of Van- 
derbilt and the law school of Tulane 

Harry C. Hewson, '44, ATO, to Su- 
sannah Gaines Lucas, SS'52, on August 
20 in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Lt. (j.g.) Peter W. Robinson, A'48, to 
Frieda Elizabeth Southwick on August 
10 in All Saints' Chapel at Sewanee. 
He is an instructor at the Naval Acad- 

Robert M. Ayres, Jr., '49, SAE, to 
Patricia Ann Shield on September 10 
in San Antonio, where he is in the 
investment banking business. He and 
Mrs. Ayres visited the Mountain in Oc- 

Lamar B. Cantelou, '49, SAE, to 
Katherine Ann Dexter on August 20 in 
Sheffield, Alabama. He is a forester 
with the Hiwassee Land Company. 

Joseph D. Cushman, Jr., '49, SN, to 
Mary Susan Livingstone on July 16 at 
Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan. 

Dan Dryden Scott, '49, PGD, to Faye 
Jean Marks on May 26 in Fayetteville, 
Tennessee. They are living in Nash- 

The Rev. Jack M. Bennett, '50, PGD, 
to Patricia Jean Glass in October in 
Kannapolis, North Carolina, where he 
is in charge of St. James' Church. 

Charles P. Garrison, '50, A, to Dulce 
Anne Ashton on June 11 in Tampa, 
Florida. He is loan officer at the First 
Federal Savings and Loan Association 

James W. Gentry, Jr., '50, SAE, to 
Margaret Leland Anderson on June 25 
in Memphis. He is a law student at 

Stephen S. Chandler, III, '51, SAE, to 
Jeanne Karen Fisher on August 27 in 
Edmond, Oklahoma. 

The Rev. Charles L. Keyser, '51, SN, 
to Christine Dearing Crutchfield on 
August 6 in Jacksonville, Florida, 
where he is in charge of the Church 
of the Holy Cross. 

Claude M. Scarborough, Jr., '51, SN, 
to Sarah Jane Carpenter on June 30 
in Kaiserslautern, Germany, where he 
was on the judge advocate's staff. 

The Rev. Alan P. Bell, '52, DTD, to 
Lucy Lundie Lenoir in August in Ne- 
wark, New Jersey. 

Fred W. Erschell, Jr., '52, DTD, to 
Beverly Lynn Helmbold on May 28 in 
Ft. Thomas, Kentucky. 

Stuart F. Gast, Jr., '52, BTP, lo 
Emily Adams Cook on August 27 in 
Washington. He is serving in the army 
at Ft. Myer, Virginia. 

C. Joseph Hughes, '52, KA, to Iris 
Dawn Coble on October 8 in Tulla- 
homa, Tennessee. He is connected with 
the U. S. Treasury Department in At- 

Lt. (j.g.) W. Buford Dickerson, II, 
'53, PDT, to Donia Frost Craig in July 
in Nashville. He is on duty with the 

Lt. Stanton Caywood Gunby, '53, 
ATO, to Joan Houston King in Septem- 
ber in Pascagoula, Mississippi. He is 
in the naval reserve. 

Edward Phelps Helvenston, '53, PGD, 
to Sara Lucile Clemens on July 30 in 
Dallas, Texas. He is studying for the 
degree of doctor of philosophy in 
chemistry at the University of Texas. 

David G. Jones, '53, ATO, to Anne 
Elise Mullinax on August 20 in Nash- 
ville. He is a student at the School of 

Charles M. Sample, '53, PGD, to 
Peggy McBride on July 16 in Nashville. 
He is a graduate student at the Uni- 
versity of Tennessee, following two 
years of active duty with the army. 

Charles McC. Lindsay, '54, to Phyllis 
Bullerman of Clarendon Hills, Illinois, 
on May 7 in Paris, where both were 
students at the Sorbonne. He is con- 
tinuing graduate work at the University 
of Iowa. 

Lt. Hugh Mallory, III, '54, PDT, to 
Virginia Angie Suttle on June 4 in 
Suttle, Alabama. 

Lt. David M. Palmer, III, '54, PDT, 
to Grizelda Green on September 17 in 
College Park, Georgia. 

Waddell F. Robey, Jr., '54, ATO, to 
June M. Morton on October 22 in 
Charleston, South Carolina. 

Lt. Joseph W. Swearingen, III, '54, 
KS, to Nona Catherine Stokes on July 
14 in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is 
serving in the air force. 

Lt. T. Manly Whitener, Jr., '54, BTP, 
lo Elizabeth Ann Byrum on October 7 
in Greenville, South Carolina. He is 
stationed at Donaldson Air Force Base. 

Sam Jones Albritton, Jr., '55, PGD, 
to Mary Brooks McKenzie on August 
27 in Chattanooga. He is a dental stu- 
dent at the University of Tennessee in 

Samuel A. Boney, '55, PDT, to Marcia 
Lois Kline, SS'49, on August 6 at Otey 
Parish Church in Sewanee. He is a 
student in the School of Theology. 

Robert B. Foster, Jr., '55, DTD, to 
Beverly Anne Hatchett on June 13 in 
St. Luke's Chapel at Sewanee, follow- 
ing his graduation. 

Charles B. Guy, '55, BTP, to Jean 
Winn Fuller on September 3 in Nash- 

Edward McCrady, III, '55, ATO, ;o 
Sally Kelso Buck on October 8 in All 
Saints' Chapel at Sewanee. They are 


Thomas Garland, son of John G. Kir- 
by, '35, on August 5. The Kirbys live 
in Alexandria, Virginia. He is a pro- 
curement supervisor for the marine 

Augustus Tompkins, Jr., son of A. T. 
Graydon, '37, SN, on September 30 in 
Columbia, South Carolina. 

Louise Chappell, daughter of Alex 
Guerry, Jr., '39, SAE, on June 6 in 

Sarah Jane Fenton, daughter of the 
Rev. F. Newton Howden, '40, on March 
9. He is rector of St. Luke's Church, 
St. Albans, Vermont. 

Constance Walden, daughter of the 
Rev. Richard S. Corry, '41, SAE, on 
April 23 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

Jane Ware, daughter of Stanhope E. 
Elmore, Jr., '42, KS, on August 9. The 
Elmores live in Dothan, Alabama. 

Belton Townsend, son of Eugene N. 
Zeigler, Jr., '42, DTD, on June 13 in 
Florence, South Carolina. 

Thomas Bidwell, III, son of T. B. 
Walker, Jr., N'43, on August 28 in 
Dallas, Texas. 

Margaret Elizabeth, daughter of the 
Rev. Moultrie H. McIntosh, '47, ATO, 
on August 20 in Hartsville, South Ca- 
rolina, where he is rector of St. Bar- 
tholomew's Church. 

Rebecca Crane, daughter of John A. 
Bragg, '49, PGD, on August 10. 

Larry Joseph, son of Joseph D. Eze- 
chel, '49, SN, on July 4. The Ezechels 
live in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey, 
where he is a newspaper advertising 

Anne Walker, daughter of Samuel H. 
Howell, '49, PDT, on July 5 in Greens- 
boro, North Carolina, where Mr. How- 
ell is on the staff of the Greensboro 

Whitney Gray, daughter of John H. 
Haggard, '51, BTP, on June 1 in Nash- 

John Whitaker, son of Oliver P. Lu- 
ther, '51, DTD, on July 6 in El Paso, 
Texas. Mr. Luther has returned to the 
college after naval service. 

Catherine Armstrong, daughter of 
Philip Hardy Smith, '51, on September 
22 in Talladega, Alabama. 

Robert Mark, son of the Rev. Edmond 
L. Browning, '52, last summer in 
Corpus Christi, Texas, where Mr. 
Browning is assistant at the Church of 
the Good Shepherd. 

Clay Lawrence, son of the Rev. Joe 
Routh, '53, on September 13 in Men- 
ard, Texas, where Mr. Routh is in 
charge of Calvary Church 

John Ralph Ansell, Jr., son of John 
R. A. Patston, '54, on May 8. Mr. 
Patston is a student at Nashotah House. 

Scott Gerard, son of the Rev. Howard 
B. Kishpaugh, '55, on August 17 in 
Ocean Springs, Mississippi, where Mr. 
Kishpaugh is in charge of St. John's 

living in Chattanooga, while he awaits 
call to active duty with the air force. 

Burrell O. McGee, '56, SAE, to Anne 
Ross Gee, daughter of Joseph J. Gee, 
'28, on August 6 in Carrollton, Missis- 
sippi. Mr. McGee is a senior in the col- 

Paul D. Massey, '57, ATO, to Mar- 
guerite Abernathy in Corinth, Missis- 


The Sewanee Alumni News 

Men in Service 

Edmund Kirby-Smith, '36, SAE, has 
been promoted to colonel and serves 
at the Pentagon. 

Dr. Francis H. Holmes, '37, SN, has 
been transferred from Los Angeles to 
the Naval Hospital, Great Lakes, Illi- 

Lr. Col. Leslie J. McLaurin, '39, 
PGD, is stationed at Spandahlem Air 
Base in the Eifel Mountains area of 
Germany. He has been serving as 
commander of the 32nd Tactical Re- 
connaissance Squadron. His wife and 
two children are with him. 

Chaplain (Capt.) W. Armistead 
Boardman, '43, ATO, has received an 
air force commendation ribbon for ser- 
vice in Japan from 1953 to 1955. The 
citation mentioned his outstanding abil- 
ity, boundless enthusiasm, personal 
courage, and high sense of responsi- 
bility. He is now stationed at Sampson 
Air. Force Base, New York. 

Edward G. Nelson, '52, PDT, has re- 
turned to Nashville after serving for 
two and a half years in Japan. 

Ens. Joseph B. Kilbride, Jr., '53, KA, 
is still stationed in London, England, 
and has been able to make several trips 
to the continent. 

Robert J. Lipscomb, '54, KA, attended 
the naval officer candidate school in 
Newport, Rhode Island, last summer. 
He then attended the naval supply 
school in Athens, Georgia. 

Lt. William H. Savage, '54, SN, is 
stationed at Scott Air Force Base, Illi- 
nois, with a technical training squad- 

Lt. Leonard Wood, '54, BTP, has 
been transferred from Maiden Air 
Force Base, Missouri, to Laredo, Texas. 

Lt. Ray Terry, '55, PDT, won the 
golf title at Langley Air Force Base in 

Edwin I. Hatch, '33. is now a vice-presi- 
dent oj the Alabama Power Company 
in Birmingham. He formerly was one oj 
the senior members with Martin, 
Blakey and Hatch, attorneys, in Mont- 


Maj. Frederick H. Sparrenberger, '97, 
SAE, died February 5 in Seattle, Wash- 
ington, where he lived for many years. 
He was a retired army physician. 

William M. Barnwell, '98, ATO, died 
June 28 at his home in Abbeville, 
South Carolina. For twenty-six years 
he was on the staff of the South Caro- 
lina senate, serving as state highway 
right-of-way agent when the legisla- 
ture was not in session. From 1923 to 
1938 he was a Sewanee trustee from 
Upper South Carolina. He is survived 
by two sons and a daughter. 

Alfred Newell King, '99, SAE, died 
May 7 in Chattanooga following an ex- 
tended illness. During World War I he 
was a civil engineer with the U. S. 
Army in France. He operated the Davis 
Blueprint Company in Nashville until 
his retirement seven years ago. He had 
no immediate survivors. 

J. Don Alexander, A'OO, died May 6 
in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He was 
founder and president of the Alexander 
Film Company, producer of advertis- 
ing film for theatres and television. He 
and his brother had also engaged in 
the manufacture of airplanes, fertilizer, 
and building material. He is survived 
by his wife, two sons, and his brother. 

Dk. John A. Wall, '00, died in May, 
1955, in Houston, Texas, where he had 
been living in retirement. He is sur- 
vived by a daughter and a son. 

Maj. Gen. Vivian Collins, A'Ol, died 
in August in St. Augustine, Florida. 
He was a graduate of the St. Louis 
College of Pharmacy and Allied Sci- 
ences and Stetson University. From 
1928 until 1947 he was adjutant gen- 
eral for the Florida National Guard. 

The Rev. Charles W. B. Hill, '01, 
died in November, 1954. He had been 
living in San Antonio. He was a re- 
tired army chaplain holding the rank 
of lieutenant-colonel. 

Ringland F. Kilpatrick, '01, DTD, 
died on November 4 in Spring Lake, 
New Jersey. He was a builder and 
real estate investment broker in New 
York. In Sewanee annals he is known 
as a back on the football team of 1899. 
He is survived by Mrs. Kilpatrick, a 
son, and a daughter. 

Dr. Powell K. Lewis, '01, died in 
April. He practiced medicine in Spen- 
cer, Doyle, and Ravenscroft, Tennessee, 
and since 1921 in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. 

John B. Scruggs, A'06, died Septem- 
ber 4 in Memphis. He was an inspector 
and bookkeeper at the U. S. Engineers 
Office until his health failed several 
years ago. He is survived by his wife. 

Dr. Ellis Goodloe, '09, died August 
2 in Chattanooga, where he was an eye, 
nose and throat specialist. He is sur- 
vived by a son, A. E. Goodloe, Jr. 

Dr. John E. Powell, '09, died last 
summer in Gautier, Mississippi. He was 
a graduate of the Memphis Hospital 
Medical College. 

Dr. Robert E. Seibels, '11, died in 
Columbia, South Carolina, on May 30. 
He was a graduate of the University of 
South Carolina and Columbia Univer- 
sity. He is survived by a son, E. 
Grenville Seibels, II, '43, SAE. Another 
son. Dr. Robert E. Seibels, Jr., '40, 
SAE, died several years ago. 

Calvin K. Schwing, '21, SAE, died 
October 24 following a heart attack in 
New Orleans, where he had gone on 
business. He was president of the 
Schwing Lumber and Shingle Company 
in Plaquemine, Louisiana. He is sur- 
vived by his wife, a son, and a bro- 
ther, Edward B. Schwing, '23, SAE. An- 
other son, Calvin, an alumnus of the 
Sewanee Military Academy, was killed 
in a boating accident several years ago. 

Dr. William J. Battle, DCL'22, died 
October 9 in Rocky Mount, North Ca- 
rolina. He had spent sixty-two years 
in the service of the University of 
Texas and was interim president from 
1914 to 1916. Upon his retirement in 
1949 he was named professor emeritus 
of classical languages. He was a grad- 
uate of the University of North Ca- 
rolina and of Harvard University and 
was one of Sewanee's most devoted 
honorary alumni. 

Kingman Mercer Brittain, '54, KA, 
was killed in an aircraft accident at the 
Greenville, Mississippi, Air Force Base 
on September 28, in his last training 
flight prior to graduation the next day. 
He was a graduate of Florida State 
University and was married in June to 
Faye Carroll Pittman of Dania, Florida. 

Julius A. Setze, who was made an 
honorary member of the Associated 
Alumni in 1948, died May 16 in Au- 
gusta, Georgia. He was a banker. He 
was a trustee from the diocese of 
Georgia and had served on the board 
of regents. He is survived by his wife 
and a daughter. The University has re- 
ceived $5,000 as a bequest from Mr. 

Lt. William B. Abbott, air science 
instructor at Sewanee for several years, 
was killed August 31 when his jet 
trainer crashed in Georgia. He was on 
two weeks' active duty at the time of 
the accident. He is survived by his 
wife and two children. 

Pugh Elected 
Trustee Emeritus 

The Rev. Prentice A. Pugh, '05, was 
elected trustee emeritus of the Univer- 
sity by the Tennessee diocesan con- 
vention in January. The last person to 
hold this title was the Rev. S. B. Mc- 
Glohon, '87, long-time trustee from the 
diocese of Georgia. Dr. Pugh retired 
this spring after serving for more than 
thirty-five years as rector of the Church 
of the Advent in Nashville. 

As We Went to Press . . . 

Edmund Orgill, honorary member of 
the Associated Alumni nnd r>ast chair- 
man of the hoard oj regents, won a 
sweeping victory in the Memphis may- 
oralty race in November with a strong 
advocacy oj the council-manager sys- 
tem oj municipal government. 

Sewanee welcomed Washington & 
Lee to its football schedule by hand- 
ing the Generals a 12-0 defeat on No- 
vember 12. Like Sewanee, W&L had not 
won a game this season. For the Tigers, 
a sixteen-game losing streak was bro- 

November, Nineteen Fifty-Five 


Victorious Life 

Printed below are excerpts jrom the 
Founders' Day Address of the Rt. Rev. 
R. Bland Mitchell, Chancellor of the 
University, given on October 11 preced- 
ing the laying of the cornerstone of 
Sessums Cleveland Hall. The dormitory 
is being built on University Avenue 
across the street from the Supply Store 
and next to the home of Dr. R. W. B. 
Elliott, '94. Portions of the address were 
printed in the October Sewanee News. 
The complete address may be obtained 
upon request to the Vice-Chancellor, 
Sewanee, Tennessee. 

It is my privilege this morning to 
illustrate what I have been trying to 
express by pointing to a beloved son 
of Sewanee whose name and memory 
we honor today, Alexander Sessums 
Cleveland — ideal Sewanee man, perfect 
Sewanee gentleman, consecrated Chris- 
tian and Churchman, a lover of this 
place and an embodiment of what the 
Founders envisioned. 

"Mr. Sess" (as he was affectionately 
known to many of us) came to Sewa- 
nee in 1886 at the age of 15, entering 
the Sewanee Grammar School (now 
Sewanee Military Academy), and in 
spirit he never left the place during the 
sixty-seven years which followed. 
Coming up into the University he took 
his B.A. degree in 1893. He was a 
leader on this campus, as he was in 
the world at large in after years; cap- 
tain of his military company, member 
of the Hardee baseball team (intramural 
contests in those days were between 
the Hardees and the Sewanees), half- 
back on the first Sewanee varsity foot- 
ball team which in 1891 played Van- 
derbilt's first football team and began 
Ihe classic athletic rivalry between 
these two institutions; and incidentally 
passed his classes creditably and took 
a few medals in stride. 

My earliest memory of "Mr. Sess" was 
at Sewanee's semi-centennial celebra- 
tion in 1907 when we students watched 

The Cleveland brothers looked like this 
at the Sewanee Grammar School in 

a parade of the "old grads" down Uni- 
versity Avenue — and at their head, with 
the grace and agility of a modern ma- 
jorette, was Mr. Sess Cleveland wield- 
ing as his baton a 2 x 4 scantling which 
probably came off of somebody's fence 
along the line of march. 

Mr. Cleveland was blessed with con- 
suming zeal and a contagious enthusi- 
asm. No one could withstand the charm 
of his personality and the power of his 
high principles in life. He understood 
what Sewanee meant and he personi- 
fied it with fiery zeal. He literally lived 
Sewanee. Every chance he got, from 
youth to old age, he was back on this 
Mountain to drink afresh from the foun- 
tain of inspiration and idealism which 
made life more abundant for him. He 
influenced countless boys to come here; 
he was in the forefront of every move- 
ment for the upbuilding of Sewanee. 
He poured his heart and his substance 
into this place. He served in official 
capacity as a Trustee and a Regent of 
the University; but supremely and al- 
ways he served. 

With the motivation he derived from 
Sewanee, he became a great civic leader 
in his native Houston. On the side he 
and his brother, Mr. W. D. Cleveland, 
who was here in Sewanee with him, 
conducted a highly successful mercan- 
tile business; but his main business was 
in serving his fellow man. He served 
on the Houston school board for 18 
years, first as its secretary and then 
its president; he was a trustee of Rice 
Institute for 24 years; he headed the 
Red Cross in Houston during World 
War I; he served as president of the 
Chamber of Commerce. Indeed, as one 
Houston newspaper expressed it at the 
time o r his death in 1954, he helped 
build the city of Houston. 

Back of it all, giving direction and 
momentum to his life and service was 
his dedicated commitment to the Chris- 
tian way of life through the medium 
of the Episcopal Church. He knew Him 
in whom he believed and he walked 
humbly with his God. He was a Sun- 
day School superintendent for many 
years; he served on the vestry of his 
Parish and the Standing Committee of 
his Diocese. No call to the service of 
the Church was ever unheeded by him. 
His was a victorious life in the confi- 
dence of a certain faith. 

It is most fitting that we rear here 
in Sewanee stone a memorial to his 
n' me — in Alexander Sessums Cleveland 
Hall, made possible by the generosity 
ct his widow and children. But the en- 
during monument to "Mr. Sess" is in 
1hc realm of the spirit, in the power 
of an ideal realized and lived as he 
learned it at Sewanee and which he 
poured back into Sewanee many-fold. 

Alexander Sessums Cleveland — ideal 
alumnus, noble and gracious soul. Know 
him and you will understand better 
what the founding fathers saw in their 
vision: "the noblest work of God — a 
man," a Sewanee man, another in the 
never failing succession of benefactors 
and Founders. 

St. Luke's Renovation 

(Continued from page 3) 

and back up to the third to get to the 
next room will no longer be necessary. 
All faculty members, for the first time, 
will have private offices. 

No longer will campfires in the cen- 
ter of the floor be needed to keep ink 
from freezing in fountain pens. A new 
central heating plant will pipe copious 
jets of steam to every room. If this 
year's eighty-three seminarians can 
somehow survive the privations of tem- 
porary Selden and the rigors of last- 
gasping Powhatan, their successors will 
at least have to invent new excuses if 
caught with their assignments down. 

Classes from 

1920 to 1957 

Please Return Promptly 

Our Inquiries for 

Biographical Information 


Centennial Alumni Directory 

1956 Section 

Building Program 

(Continued from page 3) 

At. Jackson-Myers Field, the Univer- 
sity airs! rip, manager Wendell F. Kline 
reports that the Percival Elliott Huger 
Memorial Hanger is almost finished. 
Half of the $16,000 cost is being paid 
by the federal government. The largest 
gift from an individual came from the 
wife of the late Percy Huger. 

At the top of the hill above the vil- 
lage, Sewanee Public School is getting 
a $50,000 addition for its cafeteria and 
gymnasium. The present stone school 
was built by the Sewanee Civic As- 
sociation during the depression because 
the state could not construct schools 
on private property. Recently the land 
was given to the County of Franklin 
and the new addition is paid for by 
the county. 

Still another building project is in 
the offing. St. Mary's School for girls 
at the southeast corner of the domain 
will shortly begin a $150,000 addition to 
its classroom facilities. 

Early action is anticipated, according 
to Mr. Woods, on the long-delayed 
completion of All Saints' Chapel and 
on the badly-needed renovation of sev- 
enty-year-old Walsh Hall, both of 
which are a part of the Centennial 
building program. 


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